Andrew StromDear family & friends in Christ,
1) Charisma Magazine has published a great article about CTFM and what God is doing in Australia. Attached is the link. Hope you enjoy it.
2) Pr Andrew Strom from New Zealand, a world known and outspoken Revivalist preacher will be ministering this Sunday the 27th Feb at CTFM at the 9.30am & 6.30pm services at 23 Melverton Drive, Hallam.  Mel 96:G3.  He will also be speaking this Tuesday night  22nd February from 7.30pm at the same venue.

3)  Urgent prayer is needed for people living in Western Australia for God’s protection from cyclone Carlos and also the flooding.
God’s many Blessings,
Elizabeth Ryan

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  1. 1 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Elizabeth, Thanks so much for this and the reminder to pray for Western Australia. God bless. Audrey & Maurice.

  2. 2 Martin


    And I saw the throne of God and a river of Living Water flowing out of it.

    While reading a book in the village (Surprised by the Voice of God), I came across a statement saying that Australia had never had a revival in her history. No sooner had I read this sentence when I was completely overwhelmed by the Spirit. I suddenly found myself in tears and praying for the lost souls in Australia with a longing I had never felt before for this country. This experience was already unusual for me because I am not the emotional type and it only happened to me a few times in my 44 years. As I was crying and praying I saw a huge tidal wave coming out of the blue in the North-east of Australia . The wave was very high – like mountain and it came and swept over the entire east coast of Australia and left nothing dry. There wasn’t single town or city on the entire east coast that wasn’t affected. The water, however, was not ordinary water, but rather water the people could breathe, and those who breathed in the water became alive like never before. It was living water!

    The wave rolled over the entire east coast of Australia and I knew instantly that this water is the Holy Spirit who will visit Australia , and the visitation will have historic proportions. There will be a revival like never before in history sweeping through Australia.
    When I got back to the centre I still kept thinking about this vision because it had been so vivid. I decided to share it with a prophetic friend of mine to check it out and get his opinion whether this could have been of the Lord or if it was just my mind playing tricks on me. Then something happened that startled me even more. I had told John my vision wrongly – I said that I saw the wave going from north to south all the way to Tasmania . When I had finished telling John the vision he said, “Firstly, Martin, I can affirm that this vision was of the Lord because as you were telling it, I just saw the end of the vision. I said, “What do you mean, you saw the end of the vision?” He said, “I saw the Wave breaking down in the south of Australia.” He saw the wave down south just north of Melbourne and then saw it breaking and crashing over the south coast.

    Now the amazing thing is, that I had actually told him the vision wrongly, but he didn’t know that. I said that the wave went all the way down to the most southern point of Australia , when in fact that was not what I had seen in my vision. I saw the vision a few times rolling over east Australia but I only saw it up to some point between Canberra and Melbourne, then the vision finished. I had just assumed that the wave would probably continue all the way down. John didn’t know this when he told me that he saw the end of the vision. I then told him that I had actually never seen the end of the vision and as we shared and talked about it we found that the vision the Lord had given to John started precisely at that point where mine had ended.

    We were both very encouraged by the way the Lord had spoken to us and gave me the assurance that I was looking for, that this vision was indeed from the Lord.


  3. 3 Dylan

    Dear friends,

    On my web page, I have dedicated a page to a little-known move of God that took place in northern New South Wales in the late 70’s / early 80’s. Photos, audio, and video footage available! A story of hundreds of lives transformed and delivered from drugs, occultism, and a devastating new age lifestyle. An inspiring look at what God accomplished with willing and obedient vessels, full of His Spirit…and it’s our own recent history!

    Go to and click on the “True Vine” page. You’ll be blessed.



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