People at the Altar on Sunday 13th Feb 2011CTFM Leadership Team Thanking the LordDear family & friends in Christ,

1) A few months ago CBN ( Christian Broadcasting Network) from the US, a very well known Christian TV station which reaches the world through God TV channel sent a crew to document some of the miracles at the CTFM in Melbourne.

The founder of this TV station is Pat Robertson a very well known man of God who is being used mightily by God around the world through his TV network. We thank God for the opportunity he gave us to be on this TV station proclaiming the miracle working power of God in Australia, to the whole world.

Attached is the link to the 5 minutes broadcast on CBN. I Hope you will be blessed.

2) Yesterday Sunday the 13th of Feb 2011 we at CTF Apostolic Centre celebrated our first birthday as a church in Australia. Under the covering of CTF Ministries leadership and Pr Daniel, and  with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit, we have seen in the past year, many people healed, delivered and set free by the power of God.

We are so excited, this baby church with a real heart for worship has around 220 people from 30 nationalities in attendance every Sunday.  At CTF Apostolic Centre we are very committed to seeing people fall in love with Jesus through worship and solid teaching from the word of God, so that in turn they can love others and draw them into the kingdom of God.

Yesterday at church the presence of God was so awesome that people were at the altar on their knees, and some others who were unable to stand were lying prostrate on the floor weeping and soaking in the anointing.  There were many prophetic words released from the throne room of God to the  people.

Pr Daniel said, “ it is so good to know when you come to church that you can actually have an encounter with God. This certainly helps many to keep their flame alight right through the week. I thank God that on Sunday people have such a great opportunity to go to church wherever they are and experience the Almighty Presence of the Lord.

I pray that every Christian at least once a week will get to a church where the Spirit of God is moving, as without the Spirit of God it only becomes a ritual rather than an experience with Jesus”.

3) This coming weekend our services are Friday night prayer meeting 7.30pm, Sunday morning service 9.30am and Sunday night service 6.30pm at 23 Melverton Drive Hallam (Mel 96:G2).

May God bless you,

Elizabeth ryan
Catch the Fire Ministries

12 Responses to “CBN Miracles broadcast link/ CTF Church First Birthday Celebration”

  1. 1 Anon

    Happy Ending!

  2. 2 Ps Victor

    I have received your mail and I have gone throuh the email which you have wrote to me thank you so much and may the good God bless you with all you team we love you all. May the Great God and our Lord, Jesus Christ strengthen your hands in His work.


    we are still informing you the children of the almoghty God keep on praying for our needs and also we have an evangelism crusade also praying for us God to strengthen us for his kingdom restotation.Amen

    We will continue to keep in touch.

    Yours in His Vineyard

  3. 3 Jean & John

    Congratulations and bless yo ufor all that our God does through you.

    Jean & John
    (Sunshine coast)

  4. 4 Bishop Nzishura


    Congratulations since we are far we can not be with you but we will pray for you and come to visit us in Burundi Please.

    May God bless you

    Bishop Nzishura

  5. 5 Adi Kuncoro of Indonesia

    Greetings of love in Jesus Christ the Lord …

    First I give thanks to God who still allows me to enjoy His mercy to the
    I thank Pastor Danie team that send news and news about services and
    activities of Pastor Danie.
    I feel a burden of prayer for the brothers in all over the world. I am aware as
    a child of God to not selfish in the interests of yourself and just pray for my
    nation, namely Indonesia

    For that I am thrilled with the letters that go through my email, and understand
    there are plans that will continue in the Lord fulfilled in every event in the

    I would also say Happy Birthday first
    at Catch The Fire Church is due on 13 February 2011. Hopefully future services
    increasingly become a blessing for the nation ….. Amen

    And once again I say thank you for the email that has been sent through my email
    …. Thanks

    God bless you

    Adi Kuncoro of Indonesia

  6. 6 Fredrick

    Am very happy for your mail and am going i have printed all the copies and i have given to my friends in christ and they are really blessing us all, and the Lord will please you richly since am praying for you always for more grace upon your blessed.

  7. 7 Jenny

    Thank you. From Jennifer who lives in Epping. Over a one hour drive to go to your church in Hallam.

    But will come as much as I can. I love the emails, please keep them coming. This is my favourite church I have ever been to. God bless Daniel, Jesus’s Chosen Servant for Australians.

    Thank you again and I am proud to be part of this Church. I have been 4 times now. See you all again soon. I love you all. Jenny

  8. 8 Kay

    Dear Family in Christ,
    Thank you for this informative email – it was great reading!!

  9. 9 Paula

    To Pastor Danny and the Catch the Fire team,

    I would like you all to know what an incredible transformation has taken place in myself over the months I have been attending your ministry. Although I could not regularly attend your meetings -shift work, the times I did certainly had a huge impact. As I will no longer be living in Melbourne I will not be able to attend your Church.

    The last time I was this committed to Christ was when I was first saved, and then a couple of years later went off to do a Discipleship Training School with Youth With a Mission.

    I would especially like to thank Pastor Danny for his proudly outspoken commitment to freedom of speech and especially freedom to speak about Jesus. I found it quite insulting when I first went to the meetings and I interpreted Pastor Danny as being very anti-Muslim. After I read his book, Worship Under the Sword, I began to realize just how hoodwinked the Australian populous had become – especially myself. Thank you Pastor Danny, and Salt Shakers, for not being afraid of “telling it like it is”.

    Thank you also to Elizabeth and Cheryl, who prayed through my financial desert with me until I had the answer that was the best for myself and the children. Thank you also for praying for my wonderful teens, especially David.

    May God bless you all,


  10. 10 Patricia

    The CBN footage is great! Someone by the name David who attends the Szabo fellowship, just spoke to me and said that the Australia Day prayer meeting at the Springvale townhall was excellent with the combination of speakers and Donny Swaggart.

    God bless

  11. 11 Lina

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Thank you for your regular encouragements and news.
    It is always an encouragement to see your perseverance and passion for God’s righteoussness to be established in Australia.
    May God’s empowering grace continues to strengthen you, Ps Daniel and team.
    The word of God this morning was from Zephaniah 3:16-20 “Do not fear, Zion, let not your hands be weak, THE LORD YOUR GOD IN YOUR MIDST, THE MIGHTY ONE, WILL SAVE (CEV translation: wins victory over victory).” Amen.

  12. 12 Jan

    Pastor Daniel,
    You are unbelievable. And certainly amazing the way you pray for all over the country and the world. God is amazing for what He is doing through one man. We others can be so lax, yet we benefit from all you do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I bless you, my brother in Christ.

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