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Balaam’s Donkey
Deception in the Church

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People remember the story of Balaam’s Donkey because the donkey spoke to him when beaten with a stick. They tend to miss the point that it was God who opened the Donkey’s mouth to save Balaam’s life. But for God’s intervention the Angel of he Lord would have killed him.

Pastor Daniel teaches on this story to illustrate the point that today most people don’t fear God, and have little respect for Him. Balaam had used pagan divination to gain his reputation and he did not fear any God, including the God of Israel. God had told him that the was not to curse the Israelite army, but Balaam had divined the fact that the army was too big to be defeated. He should have refused to go with the elders of Moab, no matter what they offered him.

As a pagan prophet Balaam was a specialist in animalistic divination – but he was blind to the seriousness of his position. From that moment on Balaam would truly only do what the Lord told him to do.

Today, people fail to listen to what God is telling them – just like Balaam. Pastor Daniel uses these scriptures to show us the danger of not following God’s instructions. He shows us the fruits of our actions can bring us into condemnation when we compromise the Word of God. Some church leaders today receive the bounty coming from the sins of others, and think that they have clean hands. They are setting a bad example for others by saying ‘it wasn’t my sin so I am OK’. Pastor Daniel shows us that like Balaam, it is never too late to change our direction – once we understand where we stand in God’s eyes.

Balaam's Donkey - Deception in the Church


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