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Avigdor Liberman meets with Kevin Rudd in JerusalemDear family & friends in Christ,Flooding of Biblical Proportions

It is 11.50pm on Friday night the 7th of January.  You might wonder what I am doing in my office at this time.  Well we are all at the all night prayer meeting at the CTFM base.  We started the prayer meeting at 7.30pm and would be  finishing at 6am but this issue was so urgent, I thought I must  get the info out to you as soon as possible, so that we can repent on behalf of Australia.

Around 8pm on Friday night the 7th of January we had a strong prompting by the Holy Spirit to repent on behalf of Australia. As we started doing so, I was reminded that every time America went against Israel, there was disaster in the land and this has been documented over the years.

Then at once I was reminded of Kevin Rudd speaking against Israel in Israel on 14th December 2010.  It is very interesting that Kevin Rudd is from QLD.  Is God trying to get our attention?  Yes,  I believe so.

Also the Lord said to us, “ I will humble Australia and bring her down on her knees. As she has taken pride in my blessing, and man has taken the glory and not given it to Me”.

Right now (12.30am – just after midnight) around 40 intercessors are crying out to the Lord and repenting on behalf of what Rudd has done against Israel. When I opened my email to write to you, I found the following email in my inbox and was amazed as to how God spoke to us about the same issue.

I have pasted below an article that some media are running with – BUT – only Bill Koenig has picked up the “spiritual ramifications” of this event & has been able to link it to the devastating floods in Queensland….Kevin Rudd’s home state! 

Here’s the link to the original story from Bill Koenig  (scroll down to find the article)

Australia’s Rudd urged Israel to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and open all its nuclear facilities to UN inspectors

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has wrapped up a visit to the Middle East by telling Israel it should allow UN inspectors into its nuclear facilities.

His comments on Israel’s nuclear program gave Israeli officials an unpleasant surprise, as they were published online during a gala dinner in Jerusalem marking the friendship between Australia and Israel.

In an interview with the Australian newspaper, Mr Rudd not only called on Israel to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), but said it should open all its nuclear facilities to UN inspectors.

Australia flood rescue and relief efforts are under way to deal with what officials have called a “disaster of biblical proportions.”

Australian Coastal City Bracing for More Devastating Flooding –

Zechariah 12:3,9 “And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem”.

Please, Please, Please take some time to stand in the Gap for our nation Australia and repent and pray as in 2 Chronicles 7:13-14.

Your bro in Christ,

Pr Daniel Nalliah

Catch the Fire Ministires



55 Responses to “Are the QLD floods the result of Kevin Rudd speaking against Israel?”

  1. 1 Jennifer

    How many times have I been writing in comments on CTFMs site re the same thing and it seems as though no one has been paying attention to what Yahweh has been saying through me in regards to His beloved Israel, now I opened the website today and found that the Lord has affirmed what He has been saying through me through the placing of the above article re Rudd speaking against Israel and to pray for Australia.

    I have been wondering why Qld has been suffering so badly with floods and have wondered if it had something to do with Israel. Living in NZ I had no idea that Rudd had done it again in regards to doing something against Israel. Rudd is no friend of Israel. If you can cast your minds back to when in May last year he dismissed the Israeli diplomat to Australia over the Israelis using forged or actual Aussie ppts to kill a man in Dubai, that they deemed were a threat to Israel and the world, and if you remember that shortly after Rudd dismissed the Israeli diplomat, that he himself was dismissed from being PM by Gillard. This was not man’s doing it was Yahweh’s doing.

    I have been writing at different times in response to different articles by CTFMs, that Yahweh will treat the nations as they will treat Israel, if they bless her the nation will be blessed, if they curse her and go against her the nation will be cursed. Australia is now reaping the consequences of this foolish man, lost revenue to the tune of billions, possible famine because of food shortage due to ruined crops, possible disease due to sewage and water being affected by the floods. All because of this one man and possibly other like him in the government. God is an enemy of those who oppose Israel; He is a friend of those who bless her.
    Australia had two Prime Ministers one labour and one liberal who backed up and supported Israel, they were Bob Hawke and John Howard, both supported and stood by Israel and because they did Yahweh blessed Australia and they were in office for long periods of time. Now Australia has become arrogant and has gone against their ally and Yahweh will not tolerate this.
    Yes pray and seek Yahweh’s face and repent on behalf of Australia for her arrogance in regards to Yahweh’s people. The time is getting short and Yahweh is acting swiftly very swiftly now in defence of His beloved Israel who is the apple of His eye. Whoever touches her, touches God, literally. It is amazing Rudd spoke out against Israel in Dec and not long after floods have occurred in Qld, Yahweh is indeed dealing very swiftly with those who go against His people.

    They are going against Yeshua whose life blood has been shed on the land of Israel to atone her from her sins along with the rest of the world, by slurring Israel they are slurring Yahweh’s Son Yeshua (Jesus) whose life is literally tied up with His people.
    Pray that God will remove Mr Rudd from any office in parliament and pray that Yahweh will rise up someone who will stand up for Israel with boldness and courage as Foreign Minister to side with Israel against the dividing of the land and the so called pseudo peace treaty. To be like the Canadian PM who stands for Israel in face of opposition.
    Also Yahweh is confirming to me through this article today that he wants me to lead a group in our local church on Israel to correct a lot of misinformation about His people and nation and to root up and pluck up and destroy replacement theology that is rife in the body of Christ and to replace this erroneous teaching with correct teaching and understanding from His word in regards to Israel.

    I have been warning at different times when I have written in response to different articles that Yahweh is judging Australia and that He will judge her in various ways and now He has confirmed what I have written in response to these other articles that what I have been saying has been of Him.

    Please those who are reading this word from me don’t ignore it and don’t ignore what Pastor Danny is saying about praying for Israel and to repent on Australia’s behalf to fast and pray if need be. Please take this seriously, Australia is at the crossroads and God will defer His further judgments against Australia. If Yahweh’s people heed this call to prayer, that those in the church who have a heart for Israel, heed this call and humble themselves and pray, Yahweh will hear from heaven and will heal the land.
    If you don’t heed this call and don’t humble yourselves, Australia will reap the consequences of Yahweh’s further more severe judgments that are going to come upon the land until Australia has been humbled to the point that she realises that Yahweh and Yahweh alone is God and He is the God of Israel and that He rules and not man. That He raises up or He brings down low.

    Also seek the Lord on behalf of yourselves those who read this message individually, for your families and for the churches that you attend whatever denominational label they might call themselves. Please seek the Lord and ask for His forgiveness for having any anti Semitic feelings, towards Israel, any jealousy you might have or any replacement theology you might be holding to. Ask the Lord to show you if there is anything like this in your hearts or if it is in your churches. Humble yourself before Yahweh and cry out to Him on your own behalf, your family and churches behalf. Ask Him what He will want you to do as an individual, family or church to help remedy this wrong and to show love and support to His people.

    Ask the Lord if He may want you to approach your pastors re the wrong teaching of replacement theology in the church that you attend, ask the Lord to give you the words to speak and the boldness to speak the Lord’s message. You pastors also seek the Lord about the church you pastor to lead a public meeting of prayer and fasting of repentance in regards to Israel and to repent of teaching on replacement theology on your own congregations’ behalf and your denomination as a whole. Ask the Lord to show you the truth about Israel and to teach you from His word in regards to her. Ask Him what He will have you to do to right the wrongs you have done to Yahweh Himself, His Son Yeshua and the Jewish people and ask Him to show you how He wants you to support Israel as a church and how to right the wrongs done to the Jewish people through wrongfully teaching that the church has replaced Israel.

    Nowhere in the Bible does Yahweh say that He has replaced His people with the church, we are the grafted in olive branches from a wild olive tree into the natural olive tree which is Israel Romans 11:11-30, and the preaching of the gospel is to the Jew first Romans 1:16. We as the Gentile believers are to provoke the Jews to jealousy to want to serve and know their Yahweh again, to point them to Yeshua who died on the cross for them. We through our close walk with their Yahweh are to make them jealous of our relationship with Him. However the way the church conducts itself and is arrogant towards the Jewish people why would they want to come anywhere near us and we are not attractive to them by the way we behalf towards them.
    We need to become reconnected to our Hebrew roots, have your forgotten Jesus / Yeshua is a Jew a Hebrew from the Hebrew race, have you forgotten that salvation comes to the world through the Jews. Have you forgotten that our bible is a Hebrew book, have you forgotten that our God is a Hebrew; He is the One that gives the Jews their Hebrew flavour. Have you forgotten that Yeshua is coming back to this earth to rule and reign on the throne of David for a thousand years? Have you forgotten that He will be ruling from Jerusalem as His capital city and that Israel will be the lead nation from which all of the other nations will be blessed during the Messianic reign of Yeshua. Have you forgotten that Yeshua is the Messiah of the Jews first and foremost before He is our Messiah? Have you forgotten that all of the promises outlined in the law, the prophets, the Psalms re the Day of the Lord refers to the coming of the Lord to dwell amongst His people in person to rule from Jerusalem literally.

    Yes these words that are written down in the various prophetic books are literal, when Yahweh talks about Jerusalem and Israel He means the literal Jerusalem and Israel and He is not talking about the church. The church was not in existence then until after Yeshua’s death and resurrection and after the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles in the books of Acts and this was the birth of the church, by the way the church was Jewish in its inception.

    So when the Lord states in the books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Zechariah, Malachi, Hosea, Haggai and various Psalms that He is going to bring His people back from exile where they were scattered amongst the nations, that He is going to turn captivity backward of His people that He is going to beautify and restore Jerusalem and make Israel proposer. He means what He says and that One is going to sit upon the throne of David to rule with righteousness and judge justly with truth and faithfulness. That the nations of the earth are going to come and worship the King in Jerusalem yearly at the Feast of Tabernacles. That the Lord is going to judge the nations and bring them up against Jerusalem so that He will enter into judgment with them in the valley of Jehoshaphat, that people will live a long time and peace and harmony will be on the earth to such extent that animals will dwell safely with each other and with men. That God’s glory will cover the earth as waters cover the sea, that men will know and worship Yahweh by one name. That the law shall go forth from Zion and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. These and more such passages talking about a future earthly kingdom of our God and the Messiah are found throughout scripture none of these things have come to pass. They will be fulfilled only when Yeshua returns to earth to rule and reign physically on the throne of David in Jerusalem.

    God is faithful to His promises and He will fulfil these promises that are waiting to be fulfilled, why is the church happy to believe that He came as a baby and grew to be a man who died on the cross but are not willing to believe that He will physically come to this earth to reign on the throne from the city of Jerusalem. The church doesn’t want to face this fact because it mucks up the replacement theology theories that she carries and of which she better repent of swiftly because Yahweh’s anger is building up to boiling point against the church for holding onto these wicked teachings. If the church does not repent of this whether they be in Australia, New Zealand or any other part of the western world or world in general He will come against her and will smite her with a curse and bring severe judgments against her and shake and sift and winnow her until she repents of these wicked teachings. He will separate the wheat from the tares, those who are for Him and support Him and His people and those who are not . Israel is the dividing point that Yahweh will use to assay and test what is in the hearts of His people to see who is of Him and who is not.

    What makes the church think that Yahweh will keep His promises to them in regards to the covenant of forgiveness Yeshua made on the cross with us and yet expect Him to break His promises that He has made with Israel in times past. The covenant He made with Abraham in regards to the land He swore with an oath fifty five times He gave this promise with an oath. That the land is His but He is giving it to the Jewish people as an inheritance in fulfilment to the promise He made with Abraham that He will give the land to him and his descendants after him. God takes this promise seriously, seriously enough to confirm it with an oath. So if Yahweh keeps these promises to His people, He will also keep the promises He has made to us of forgiveness through the shed blood of Yeshua. Yahweh does not break promises like we do, He keeps His word. If we deny Him, He will deny us; we must treat His words with the respect due them. They are living and alive they are spoken by a Holy God who does not go back on His word but keeps it forever. He is not a man that He should lie or a Son of Man that He should change His mind. We cannot treat Yahweh’s words like man’s words, if we treat His words like we treat man’s words it will be dishonouring to Him. He is the ultimate authority, there is none higher than Him, and we must treat Him with the respect due Him and treat His words with the respect due to Him as they come from His heart.
    Yahweh is just, those who honour Israel, He will honour and take care of them and protect them even when there is disasters happening all around, in the midst of judgments if we hide ourselves in Him and take refuge in His name, He will cover us with His wings and protect us from His coming judgments upon the earth and Australia.

    As I said above if the people of Australia who are called by His name and humble themselves and repent of replacement theology in the church and enmity towards the Jews and jealousy towards then Yahweh will heed the prayers and will heal the land. Yet if people should choose to ignore the warnings given through this article by Pastor Danny and others then Yahweh will bring worse judgments upon the nation of Australia until she has been totally humbled and broken. Yahweh is opposed to the proud but gives grace to the humble. A haughty spirit goes before destruction and a proud spirit befall a fall. Yahweh will deal with the pride of Australia and He will humble her, this is what is starting to happen now.
    She has a choice to humble herself before mighty God and walk God’s ways and allow Him to chastise her as He sees fit or to be broken by harsher judgments. where Yahweh will really humble Australia in every strata of society and bring her to breaking point, even to the point of lifting His hand of protection off her from terrorism and allowing acts of terrorism to take place in her, Yes even to the point of militant Islam rising up and taking control of the govt of the land and having control over the people that Australia will become a Muslim nation. Wake up Australia and pay attention to what Yahweh is doing and humble yourself, fast, pray and repent of your wicked ways. Pastors repent of the wrong teachings that you are teaching your sheep lest I come and remove your lamp stands from your churches and strike you with a curse and shut your churches down and if you do not repent of this erroneous teaching of replacement theology, I will be opposed to you and will become your enemy. If you heed My voice and repent I will bless your churches and I will be with you and support you and will be your friend.

    Congregations heed what your pastor’s say that support Israel and stand with them and stand for Israel, even writing to the media when they speak out against Israel, hold prayer meetings for her in your homes. Let the Israeli diplomat know that you support Israel, get on board with ministries that support Israel, ask the Lord to show you what you can do to help support his people in these last days. When you do these things Yahweh will bless you if you don’t He will come against you and make life difficult for you and will be your enemy rather than a friend.

    One more thing before I finish should Australia be taken over by Islamic militants and don’t laugh, we could be experiencing severe solar storms on the sun in the next 24 months that can cut out all kinds of telecommunications and when this happens the enemies of Australia and any other western country could come in and take over. There are sleepers in the Australian community that are waiting and biding their times to rise up. A lady pastor in the Four Square church in Tasmania in 2004 was warned about these secret armies who are training in Australia to take over the nation. God warned her that these powerful secret armies were in Australia training to take over Australia and He wanted her to warn others so that they could pray that this won’t happen.

    Now because of Australia’s arrogance this could happen and Australia is given one last opportunity to repent and to turn away from her wicked ways and to come back to God. He is now warning the churches to put aside this replacement theology teaching and to repent of it. If the churches do not repent from teaching this then Yahweh will allow the Muslims to rise up and take over the nation. He gave me this word two years ago that Islam will rise up and take over Australia, however when Australia does really repent from her wicked ways and replacement theology teaching Yahweh will heed her prayer of repentance and will raise up a standard against Islam and will drive them back into the sea. This may not happen until His actual return or close to it.

    Anyway what I started out to say, be prepared to go underground church to meet in secret and in groups, be prepared to meet in isolated places, where ever the Lord will have you to meet. Start growing vegetables and stocking food, start hiding good Christian books and bibles, songs, worship songs, dvds good teaching. For one day they will make it illegal to have such things in your homes and they will take your bible off of you and throw you into jail for having them or for being a Christian or worse kill you for your faith in Christ. Those who have large properties and large homes think and pray about having secret rooms put into your homes to hide yourselves, your family or your Christian books, divds, bibles and to hide Jewish people. There is a time coming very soon when you will need to do this, to protect yourselves or if you have a large property with a cave or thick bush, think about using these places to go to if you need to hide from those who are persecuting the church and or to hide Jewish people in so that you can help them on their way to get to Israel somehow. Yahweh may use those with planes to help fly them out of Australia onto the next place or leg of their journey or to get them to sailing ships to sail them to the next part of their journey to get back to Israel. Pray and seek the Lord about what I have written and ask Him to confimr this to you through His word and other means that He may wish to confirm this word to you.

    Don’t laugh this is serious and it is from the heart of Yahweh, do this while you have the freedom to do these things. Maybe Yahweh has been laying the above already on your hearts and you might have been struggling with this and thinking you are nuts. No you are not nuts and Yahweh wants to affirm and confirm to you that what you have been hearing from Him in regards to getting ready for the coming persecution against the church to meet secretly and to have secret rooms built into your home or on your property to hide yourselves as a family and others and the Jews is from Him. Or if you are a pilot and have a plane or you have a boat and Yahweh has been speaking to you about the use of your plane or boat to help His beloved people to escape Australia and to use your aircraft or boat to get them onto the next stage of the journey, yes it is from Him and He will confirm this fact to you in other ways as well. Do not dismiss this word or be tardy to carry it out, time is short and time is of the essence act now while you have the freedom and the financial security to do so. The economic system is going to come under Yahweh’s judgment soon and it will collapse very shortly and what money you have will not be worth the paper it is printed don and they will change the monetary system before bringing in the mark. Act now while you can and ask the Lord to give you wisdom and show you what He wants you to do to get ready for the dark days ahead and how to prepare your home your family your church and how He wants you to prepare to help the Jewish people on their way back to Israel.

    Beware of Radio Frequency Identification chips they may be used in the near future as the mark bearing the beast’s name. These chips can be used to track people down anywhere in the world and they can be used to hunt people out. Don’t take this chip whatsoever in your hand or forehead, if you do it will be a ticket to hell. Over here in Christchurch they are putting these RFID chips into library books, I know because I saw an ad for people to help put these chips into the library stock as a job in the council job section on the internet. This is to put the chips in all of the stock of the Christchurch library. Other libraries around the country may be doing this also. They might be doing this in Australia too I don’t know. If they chip books and animals and even put them in wrist bands to keep track of people with dementia or autism, it will be only a step away to implant a chip in the hand or forehead under the skin.

  2. 2 Mark

    Rudd has done much damage, the mouth is so POWERFUL!
    The floods are part of God’s disappointment in us, we cannot explain how
    God works for the Heathen, so we must taker power! It is for
    everyone’s good!

    Too many evil people in power, time for Christ Centered People to
    stand uP!
    As we go towards the late March Election up here in New South Wales,
    keep the CDP in your prayers.

    It is poss that we could hold the balance of power in the Senate.



  3. 3 Cheryl


    Cheryl here. I’m out at Miles. Your emails are just so spot on thank you for listening to the Father , i went to the same high school as kevin rudd and wayne swan i knew , he needs prayer to his finance. . thanks stay strong.

  4. 4 Peter

    Hi Daniel

    I am not sure about the cause of the floods but I think you are correct about Australia getting into trouble for not giving the glory to the lord for our abundant blessing. We will go the way of Japan, Germany the USA and others who were formally worshiped by the worlds financial media.

    It was only a short time ago that Ireland was worshiped as a miracle economy and now look at how they are humbled.

    China is NOT our economic Saviour or the main stay of the Australian economy and will be our principle downfall and a chain around our neck if our government and the people don’t stop this nonsense.



  5. 5 Ruth

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    Thanks you so much for all the prayers you have offered on behalf of us all, and thanks for this latest email. I’ve been aware of the American/Israel link, but I hadn’t heard this about Mr Rudd. God will not be mocked! Thanks, dear Holy Spirit, for Your input into this situation.

    Keep up the good work,

    God bless,



  6. 6 Ruth

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    Thankyou for bringing our attention to this information re Israel. We have closely followed such episodes worldwide –including the oil explosion in USA in 2010. Interestingly when my husband wrote a letter to the Bendigo newspaper listing the “coincidences” between natural disasters and snubbing Israel, they were never printed. Nor was our report on trip to Israel in 2010 printed in the church news. Perhaps expected in the city. But in a regional newspaper both of these would normally be printed as a matter of course. Furthermore they had sent their photographer to tae a picture of the team that went to Israel for throne room worship on Mt Carmel but they never printed their own picture!!!!

    Again thankyou for bringing our attention to this information.


  7. 7 Shane

    Dear Team,
    I believe very specifically that the Lord is saying that if our present Premier (Qld) and Prime Minister (Aus) do not repent of their lies and cry out to God we are about to see even greater devastation. The nation needs a voice that presents a clarion call to walk as our forefathers did in a fear of God the church needs this voice too from it’s pulpits as a call to righteous worship of our Holy God.
    God bless. Keep up the God work.


  8. 8 Trish

    Dear Pastor Daniel

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    As it says in 1Tim 2:1-4 “First of all, then, I admonish and urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be offered on behalf of all men, for kings and all who are in positions of authority or high responsibility, that (outwardly) we may pass a quiet and undisturbed life (and inwardly) a peaceable one in all godliness and reverence and seriousness in every way. For such (praying) is good and right, and (it is) pleasing and acceptable to God our Saviour. Who wishes all men to be saved and (increasingly) to perceive and recognize and discern and know precisely and correctly the (divine) Truth.”

    We need to mindful of, and pray for our leaders…..whether we agree with them or not, or like them…..they need our prayers.



  9. 9 Barbara

    Good morning Pastor Daniel,

    I just wanted to share with you my experience in the QLD floods.
    My family live in Brisbane and traveled to Tiere for the Christmas holidays. Tieri is just our of Emerald. We too were caught up in the floods and had to wait until the water had dropped so that we could return home for work. The sight of the water was frightening and my heart went out for those poor families who have lost much.
    My grand son told me that he had been marking down how many days and nights it had been raining and he told me that it had been 40 days and 40 nights. This of course prompted me to tell him of the story of Noah which made me think about the course of this flood. I do believe that it is spiritual and that the Lord is telling us to smarten up our act as the Christian Community of leadership in Queensland is appalling.
    Both my husband and I have been employed by very large Christian organization and in both cases treated us in a totally worldly fashion. I have since left and are now working for a non Christian organization and would not go and work in a Christian environment here again as the treatment was so bad.
    My husband is still employed for a very large Christian organization in Queensland and he and his fellow workers are treated in a fashion that is abusive and a sweet house. The workers are bullied, physically push around and their pay is adjusted and reduced at the whim of the employer. My husband only remains there as he is 62 and jobs are very hard to find at this age. If you request a day off or complain you are out on your ear.
    Where has true Christianity gone? How outraged the Lord must be when he see this happening, it is such an injustice to the people. I say shame on these large Christian organization who promote their high and might God given authority, who prance around and stand up in the front of their congregations as thought they are free of guilt.
    Wow this stirs me up in the spirit and makes me mad.

    Just my opinion


  10. 10 John

    Dear Danny
    Your visions and dreams about the Victorian Bush Fires/ in relation to the abortion laws introduced in Victoria.
    What do you think about the Current Floods on the eastern seaboard in relation to Kevin Rudd’s comments about Israel (Genesis 12:3)? Has Rudd’s comments taken away the blessing of the 800 Light Horseman’s relief of Beersheba and brought a curse on Australia ?
    Your thoughts Danny!
    God’s richest blessings

  11. 11 Sherri

    Dear Danny
    I agree with you. The fake mercy ship at Gaza … our Government condemned Israel for attempting to keep that ship out of their waters! I knew it was only a matter of time and Australia would know the condemnation of the Lord against His people!
    We really do need to repent and get back to God’s aganda.

  12. 12 Ray

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    I found this news email most interesting because on the 15th Dec 2010, I sent an email to Kevin Rudd. I had read about his behaviour to Israel, and was quite worried about the consequences of his actions. In my letter I mentioned that GOD blesses those who bless the Jews and curses those who curse the Jews. I also mentioned that GOD usually uses the weather to show his displeasure and that there are records, that I know of, going back to 1938 where he has done this.

    Another scripture that has attracted my attention is from Romans 1 : 18, on to verse 20. In the column explanation it speaks of Natures Revelation.
    We normally associate Romans 1 about homosexuality, but this is the result of not acknowledging GOD and HE has given them over to their sinful desires.

    Many christians believe that global warming and climate change is for real and have not sought GOD’s view. It has been all hatched up to hasten in Global government. Would this not be an insult to HIM that we have not brought HIM into our thinking.

    About our present government. People have not wanted GOD, so we get an atheist Prime Minister. Morals are a disgrace in this country, we get a PM living in adultery, a real good witness to anyone choosing this lifestyle. Looking at GOD’s order in The Bible, is it right to have a woman ruling over us?

    I think you are spot on, we have to repent, as you’ve said, 2 Chron 7:14.
    I will pray about going to Melbourne to attend your church services.
    It would be so good to attend a service and feel the move of the SPIRIT.

    Your brother in CHRIST

  13. 13 Irena

    I have been writing on the Glory of God last few weeks, singing on the Glory and then I had a dream, in it I was being attacked for standing up for the truth of God and all of a sudden Lightening came down and the Glory of the Lord shone like the sun, so that even cars as they passed dragged the light with them and God spoke and said that He looks after His own. 3 nights later, New Years Evening and I was awaken by big bangs and then this Glorious light filled the sky over my home and area in Queanbeyan and it hung around for about an hour, just flickered, it was awesome. my home was bathed in light, People rang into the radio stations who saw this and they called it a Phenomenum, I believe it was God’s Glory to remind us who love Him and speak out His truth regardless, that He cares and watches over us. He doesn’t hurt us, it is the people in sin, who cause it themselves, by not believing, blaspheming and flaunting sin, they are unprotected, God can do nothing, for God c

    annot go back on His Word and so they conemn themselves. Look at Canberra in the year they threw God out of the Schools the big fire storm came, look at the floods, the papers called it biblical proportions, they were right in a way.
    God is love, but if we choose to walk away from His love then we choose to side with the power of darkness, and he waits to destroy as they give him permission to kill mame destroy. God is not happy with the majority of churches, He wants a powerhouse like Pentecost and most are powerless, there is no fire but embers in their members and then they wonder when they leave themselves open for every attack, God is not to blame the people are.
    God waits for a Glorious church, we need to pray for the Fire of God’s presence to so immerse the peoples like it did in the great old revivals. Halleluiah. Psalm 91 needs to be prayed daily, for under His wings we are protected, we go away and do our thing, the hedge is down, satan attacks. Imagine I was browing and your page popped up, so I had to share this with you, praise God, God is Good and He is still i n charge, His Glory covers the earth, but only our pure genuine love for Him, pushes the darkness away. I believe that this New Year 20011 is a year of God’s Glory, I pray so, believe and agree with me. love Irena.

  14. 14 Robyn

    Dear Elizabeth, Pastor Daniel and all staff

    a very happy holy New year…

    I have arrived home from the Rockhampton floods and would ask that you
    keep Rockhampton in prayer over this next week. the vast inland sea is
    mind boggling to see and the flood waters are raging down and into
    streets and parks…the airport needs prayer as the shopkeepers were
    told to pack up all stock and shut their doors as the water would go
    through the building…they are hoping to save the tower and be able
    to land the helicopters from the army base with food drops…..
    Rockhampton has a need for special prayer for the power and annointing
    of the Holy Spirit to break hardened hearts; to bring the love of
    Jesus into the lives of the local tribal people; to heal the
    alcoholism and street bashings with the young people between whites
    and blacks…to bring acceptance that salvation through the Blood of
    Jesus is real…that deliverance through the Blood of Jesus is the
    most real deliverance they will ever experience..

    May God’s mighty blessings be poured abundantly upon you all
    with my prayer for you

  15. 15 Mrs J, NSW

    Dear Pastor Danny and Team,

    A very interesting article once again…and I truly agree with your comments. God will use the weather and the elements to bring people out of their sin. I tried to explain this concept to someone close and they all but rejected the idea. Such is society today, that people cannot bring themselves to the actual words of the LORD Himself as expressed in the Holy Bible. Yet out of destruction, God can bring such glory and blessings, Praise Him.Also Pastor, I would like to hear your thoughts with regards to the many deaths of both bird and fish species in various parts of the globe these past few weeks as reported in the media. God Bless You all at CTF.

  16. 16 Peter

    Israel was happy with Rudd’s stance: WikiLeaks
    Posted ABC Mon Dec 13, 2010 9:18am AEDT

    The latest WikiLeaks cables show Israel’s ambassador to Australia was happy with former prime minister Kevin Rudd’s pro-Israel stance.

    The leaked US diplomatic cables, published in Fairfax newspapers, indicate Yuval Rotem was pleased with Mr Rudd’s support of Israel and his tough stance against Iran’s nuclear program.

    Separate diplomatic cables show Australia’s intelligence agencies were worried Israel might launch a unilateral attack on Iran.

    The Australians expressed concern that Iran’s nuclear program could prompt Israel to launch a military strike and spark a war which would eventually draw in the US and Australia.

    The cables also indicate Mr Rotem was impressed with Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s handling of Australia’s response to fighting in Gaza while in the role of acting prime minister.

    The Israelis told US officials she was far more supportive than expected.

    The documents also suggest Mr Rudd’s condemnation of Iran led the Iranian government to make it harder for the Australian officials at the embassy in Tehran to go about their work


  17. 17 jacob

    What in insightful post.

    Thank you.

    Having recently being cured of homosexuality and shown the way, the truth and the light – i feel blessed at the wisdom showered upon me by the blessed masses who have too being born again. Let the heathens mock Israel, for this can only bring God’s wrath upon them and bring us closer to the rapture.

    I will of course feel mercy upon their souls, and in time I expect my ability to show mercy will be increased by our father but now I stil have awful thoughts of revenge upon these evil people that speak against Israel and the truth.

    I look forward to meeting all my believer brothers after the Rapture and being free of all these heathens and non-believers.


  18. 18 Tom

    As a Christian myself, I’m not going to say that much of what people experience is not relevation from God. But you also know, that not speaking the Truth is sinful. If God is speaking to you, then you’re certain of it, it’s not true simply because you ‘believe’ it. I hope you are right, more importantly speaking the Truth. Enough said.

  19. 19 margaret

    thank you . Ray for sending an email to Kevin Rudd warning him of his actions. I hope he received it and took heed of it.I had no idea of Kevin Rudd’s negative comments about Israel. So that would explain the floods in Queenland. Wow, we certainly need to stand in the gap and repent on his behalf and pray for him to have ‘ the veils stripped off so that he may know the truth and the truth will set him free’.

  20. 20 James

    Pr Daniel,

    For too long the community has not
    understood the deep and true
    challenges facing the world. If we
    keep going sinning we are doomed.

    Yet, there is hope. Everyone must
    open their eyes to the obvious truth and
    ultimately we will be redeemed.

    Amen, James.

  21. 21 Ree

    I agree whole heartedly.

    Thankyou so much for writing this, and brining this to everyone’s attention. Praise the Lord. I’m going to direct anyone I see grieving to this post. I believe that the earth is at serious risk of being forever alone.

    Too long has humanity lived in it’s own ignorance, and strayed away from the light. Too long have people sinned, without a thought for the repercussions. Whilst my every thought and prayer is with the lord’s flock, I cannot help but think that this revelation is washing away mankind’s taint. I cannot help but believe that this cleansing will open the disbelievers eyes to the word of the almighty lord. Praise the lord.

    I hope that QLD, Australia, and the entire world can take heed of these dire warnings, lest the lord must further demonstrate his holy wrath. What does this display say about the amlighty’s power level. Over 9000 people need to repent, and confess their sins if they are ever to be free of guilt. Praise the Lord.

    I cannot thank you enough for all the prayers that you have already offered for all of these unfortunate souls. Today, my son came to me after watching some of the footage. He said to me, ‘I’m 12 and what is this?’ Upon hearing that I burst into tears. I see this kind of wrath being wrought upon the sinners, and I do not want my children to grow up, being able to be lured into these ways

    We need to give glory to the lord for our abundant blessings. The almighty works in mysterious ways, however we all know that he spites heathens for their blasphemy. Praise the Lord. My continuous prayers are with all those effected. I’m sure that there are a lot of emotions within people’s hearts at the moment. Earlier today, I visited my parents, told my mum. She got scared and said, ‘You’re movin’ with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air.’ Bless her and the Lord.

    Amen, Ree Claym.

  22. 22 Dee

    Dear Danny,

    I think you were right about the Vic fires. I asked the Lord about the Qld floods, and I felt he was trying to say he is punishing us for having a heathen for a P.M.
    But he said we could blame the fires in W.A on Rudd’s comments. That’s what he told me, anyway.

    Bless, Dee

  23. 23 Basil

    You are no doubt right in seeing the hand of God in this, as His hand is in everything. However, you cannot say that it is directly Kevin Rudd’s fault. The Lord Jesus refused to attribute individual fault in the case of “natural” disasters, so we cannot profess to be wiser than Him. However, He did say that the purpose of them was to direct thoughts to the need for repentance.
    Further, while we can pray for our land and express sorrow for its wickedness, we cannot really repent for it by proxy. This is a misapplication of scripture, which must always be our final judge.

  24. 24 D Wilson

    Ps Daniel.

    Andrew Bolt’s articles in the Herald Sun are worth a read. His article “Rid us of Rudd” 11.1.11 is very telling. We can pray that the sleeping church will wake up, repent of our many sins, especially ignoring God. I wonder if “sending thoughts and wishes” will satisfy the mourning families. Not one word mentioning God’s comfort, peace, strength has been mentioned from our leaders. Turbulence is ahead for Australia. But it is also a time to do mighty exploits for His glory.

  25. 25 William

    Pastor Daniel, I thank you for your words on this day! Praise be to God! Heathen Rudd, the anti-semitic bastard that wishes to subject God’s land to Man’s law, deserves nothing but scorn and has invited God’s wrath upon him! I have no pity for him, and only have pity for the people who will have to suffer in the floods in order for God’s disdain for such abhorrent attitudes to be made perfectly clear. I have pity for them, but I know that their sacrifices will not be in vain! This destruction is God’s work, and God’s destruction is never in vain!

    Hopefully this will serve as a warning to all the other anti-Israel bigots out there that words in defiance of God’s will have consequences. But they never learn, do they? There will always be haters who want Jews to submit to nuclear weapons inspectors just because they’re Jews. There will be naysayers who deny the clear and undeniable hand of God in His punishment of Queensland for the words and actions of this man born there. And to them, I say that we, the faithful Christians, will have the final laugh. And I can only hope that the rest of them will see the light and join the side of Truth before it’s too late!

    God Bless!

  26. 26 Timaahy

    I prey that Rudd sees this article, and repents of his past errors.

  27. 27 Timaahy

    Gods power should never be challenged… as the leader of a Christian nation and as a Christian himself Rudd should have known omnipotence is no match for sandbags and our godless Australian army. No one wants to see people loose they’re homes but if they don’t listen to Gods word then its sad but the BIBLE is clear about what happens if you reject God.

    In Noah’s time, nothing could prevent the deluge and Noah still managed to get all those animals on the Ark, thanks to Gods will. Sometimes things are so obvious that they can’t be any more obviouser. Why can’t people see the power of the LORD?

    For future reference, Queensland, repent now like you should have repented years ago. We are all effected by Gods wrath when unChristians reject God and make him angry. Don’t be selfish – repent now and save your souls now and spend eternity in heaven, can’t you see that it is the only way? Jesus loves us all but if you reject him you will go to hell. I will prey for you but you are like a kinife in my heart with your godless ways. Pastor Nalliah can help you. Accept him and accept our LORD Jesus and God and let them enter into your heart or you will be DAMNED. And the Holy Spirit to. I always forget to mention him but he is god to. Love Jesus, or damnation awaits.


  28. 28 Timaahy

    James, I have one word to say to you…


    So true. My own message tried to say the same thing. But I didn’t say it quite as well as yours.

    Unbelievable how people reject Jesus.

    Sin must be fought wherever it is found.

    By turning to our LORD, we can be saved.

    Love him, and he will love you back.

    Only then may we know true happiness.

    Worship him, and him alone.

    Surrender yourself to Jesus!

  29. 29 DD

    Yes this is all very true but I wonder/worry about Dubai – a Muslim country – which is doing so well economically. I don’t know why the Lord has rewarded that nation rather than punished it. Troubling.

  30. 30 Lot's brother.

    Dear Daniel
    As a Christian who supports Israel, I think I am
    not alone in noting that the press and the politicians
    in Australia are quick to criticise but rarely do they
    stand up for Israel.
    Australians now see to be paying the price for their
    complete disregard for the teachings of Jesus.
    Unless we turn to Him and repent for our sins, then
    not only will things like this keep happening, we risk
    the future and our children’s future as well.

  31. 31 Ozbeleiver

    Ignorant men don’t know what good they hold in their hands until they’ve flung it away and Rudd is reaping Gods whirlwind and floodsof justice. There will be no happiness because there is no wisdom in Australia, and there is no wisdom but in submission to God. Rudd is talking with Satan, and God will not stand for it. Queensland must repnet now

    Peace in Jesus love

  32. 32 Katie

    Have you considered Satan in all this????

    Prince of the air??

    Waiting to cause destruction and chaos???

    Speaking as you have may turn people AWAY from God, instead of drawing them near

    God is Love, not hate, not inducing fear in a time of utter loss beyond material measure… Yes this may be a sign to us believers and non believers… but seriously come on!! Go and pray for those who are LOST, who may be dying, those in utter emotionally and psychological despair, pray for God to give them strength, hope and healing.

    That counts alot right now, the tough stuff can come after.

    I am saddened that in a time we should be reaching out our hands and hearts, we are banging on about making people repent… perhaps wait a bit before blasting this all over the place… People are looking for HOPE, Show them the hope of Glory which is Christ Jesus. God will deal with the repentant hearts, prompting them and guiding them.

    This is a time where we need to be there for each other, Love others and be the Light to our communities, INSTEAD OF CONDEMNING AND TALKING SO HORRIBLY!!!!

    God is in charge of judging the world, NOT US!!!!

  33. 33 Paper Doll

    Australia has allways been known for it’s harsh environment, droughts, fires and flooding rains because of El Nino or La Nina events which is part of it’s normal patterns, a typical occurance and nothing unusual. I notice a lot of property has been situated in Low line areas prone to flooding and even one family had their home situated right up against a small stream that ended up being a torrant of water. Thus, it makes me wander about Government Planning Ministers & Real Estate on how on earth planning perments in QLD were passed or if they were ever thinking of the well being of their people in the future, especially when it is well known in history for natural disasters such as flooding. In another case, planning in NSW has also gone through in areas that are flood prone as well here, regardless of the knowledge that it is doomed to go under water in the futue at the expense and misery of many people like those poor souls in QLD and most of as all know the Bible saying of “The wise and foolish builders” (Matthew 7:24-29).

  34. 34 Florence

    Dear Jason,
    This report is very sad.
    Let us repent for touching God’s anointed..Israel.
    Let’s pray for God to raise up “sons & daughters” all across Australia’s federal and state govts who love & favour Israel.

  35. 35 Rod

    Bro, Danny,

    I think that the Rudd connection is rather vague but these kind of events are foretold and mostly fulfilled.

  36. 36 tevye

    i wholeheartedly agree, why else would God rain down these monstrosities upon Kevin Rudd’s home state if not to make amends and humble him and the people who voted him and his goverment into power, if not because of the anti-semitism that runs deep in australian society and the persecution of which we have been fleeing for many a generation.
    All we can do is keep true to tradition, keeping our jewish blood and traditions in the righteous and correct faith, and continue to be humble as we encounted constant persecution, knowing our loving God will step in and brutally punish those who step too far against the Jewish people, as has happened here to Kevin Rudd.

    But i humbly ask our God, why stop with Queensland? When Anti-semitism runs worldwide?

    Surely our all powerful God has the power to bring about justice all through the middle-east, staining the sand with blood of the evil anti-semetic palestinians and their terrorist counter-parts whose countries allow this scum of humanity to safetly reside whilst planning their next brutal attack upon the sons and daughters of Israel. Surely the time has come for our all knowing and ever powerful God to rid this scum from the face of the Earth and truly deliver us our promised land, where we will be safe knowing that their are no Arab, or should i say terrorist, neighbours constantly plotting to destroy us and our pure and holy faith and customs.

    for all all this i humbly pray to my all knowing and ever powerful god that he may deliver us,

    your humble servant, Tevye Goldstein

  37. 37 Belinda

    Sad and troubling. Perhaps the floods needed to happen to break a very bad, devastating drought? I live in Ipswich, Qld, and to be honest, no Bible Believing – God Fearing Christian up here is paying much attention as to why this has happened, we are all out lending a hand cleaning up the streets that are affected, baking food to feed the workers and staffing the evacuation centres to feed, clothe and love and care for the new homeless men, women & children of this town. Please, help as much as you can to show Jesus love to others during this time and help grow God’s Kingdom here!

  38. 38 Adam

    Those who belong to Him should embrace this opportunity to love there communities to Him. Jesus has given us the comforter. This is just the beginning. Let’s be always ready to share. Floods are foretold as is hardened, stubborn hearts are also foretold. I pray that as we are broken our hearts will be softened and drawn to Jesus.

  39. 39 James

    Praise the LORD! The floods in QLD have been foretold in the Bible in the story of Noah and the Great Ark. The floods are God’s manifestation of his disapproval of our wicked lifestyles. Now is the time to repent and be acepted into the Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour. The end is near. The world will end in 2012 – there were 12 apostles, school finishes after year 12. This cannot be a coincidence.

  40. 40 J

    Hi all, I’ve been following coverage of the QLD like most people and I have noticed that comments which show any indirect references to to God ” may God bless qld families, people etc” are immediately ridiculed and marked down. Its as if people hate even the thought of a God and if they generally believe that he doesnt exist why does it trigger off such negative emotion????. I myself have sort of drifted off the tracks however I sympathize with Christians in terms of the rising persecution and hate that they face, I am angry with how the world has turned upside down along with all its values and morals, for example adultery/fornication is actually celebrated and marriage is scorned upon like its unnecessary and redundant, honesty as well has lost its place, lying seems a common practice in order to manage relationships.

    The media, the entertainment industries, reality shows thrives on excessive display of materialism and lust, men and women are both constantly advertised as sexual objects for which we are encouraged to consume in order to have a long fulfilling and happy life. Mainstream Psychology although they illustrated the importance of spiritual influence into our lives, they do not highlight the importance of God and thus fail to bring him Glory, and this is scary knowing that if we have personal problems we are forced to find solutions which are shaped by the predominant non theist world view and ironically most of our problems stem from our constant gravitation away from living according to the will of God.

    So I’m waiting patiently for God to show up through whatever means , I feel the world needs to be punished as we are so far off track,I myself am no exceptions as I have followed my bodily desires but I know the Power of God is stronger.I dont care if I get punished as I’ll find solace in the fact that God got his way and that he is Great indeed. The momentum generated by materialisms and living selfishly seems so overwhelming that God will have to rely on devestating acts to wake people up.

    May the will of God be fulfilled in all that we do

  41. 41 Anthony

    Australians have moved away from the Lord, especially those in Sinful Queensland. The stinking muds and broken walls are there wages. We must embrace the majesty of God before the Labour devils are to be cast out, and true respect and Love returned to the order of proper goodness. Your Ministry is a Shining Light of the pure Truth needed if we are going to move back before God as He has been shown to us by the Book as to be the One and Only True GOD of Love and Compassion. Thank-you for providing spirritual guidance for us in these turbulent times. The end is nigh for all unbelievers, as they cringed before God in their roofs. I too prayed for the Flood Peaks to be contained, and the Good Lord Answered our Prayers, saving Brisbane and Rockhampton and Goondiwindi. The power and goodness of God is everywhere and God listends to His chosen ones when we give away our will to Him and his representatives on earth, in Love and Clarity, and Joy!

  42. 42 Melissa

    As a fellow Christian, I do believe God can speak to people, and are happy to accept he may have done so to you, however I have a couple of issues with your suppositions which follow.

    I am not entirely certain of how you managed to link Australia’s pride with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Yes, we as a nation typically take the glory for things that should be God’s. Yes, to an extent this means God has the right to punish us. He always does in everything, yet often chooses to hold his anger and give us time to learn. If he has chosen to give us a lesson I have no real problems with this.

    My confusion is in regard to where the NPT comes in to it. Yes, Israel was once a Holy land and our belief that we are any better is incorrect, but then so is Nuclear Warfare. This is what it boils down to. God values life very highly. I do not understand why he would bring floods against our nation for the attempt to protect life. Yes, some of the motives are wrong, but so are they in everything we as humans do.

    As for the Zechariah quote, we have to remember that whilst the Bible is far more than just a historical text and there are certain areas which foretell thing in the future, we still must remember to read things in context. At the time of this quote Jerusalem was God’s Holy City, a nation he chose unto himself. However after Jesus’ death the promise of salvation was spread to all who believe, not just those who live in Jerusalem. The city itself is but bricks and mortar, and the people within just as able to make incorrect decisions as you or I. That is what it means to have sinful bodies. Calling them on decisions one may think incorrect I do not see as a problem. If there is an explanation as to why they need nuclear weapons to not be inspected then I would like to know, particularly as nuclear warfare affects the lives of many all around the world for generations. These are lives God created and cares about.

    If you can explain the link between God’s message to you and the NPT and where you have gotten it from the Bible I will be most appreciative.

    Yours In Christ,

    P.S. James, with regard to the floods Noah was part of, God promised never to flood the world again. How does this fit with your post (honest question, not meant with any sarcasm)?

  43. 43 Stand Firm

    I appreciate the work you do in trying to stand against the further decay of our society and traditions-I sincerely wish you all the best.

    Unfortunately, you need to realise there is a distinct difference between the modern State of Israel and the Israelites of old who were the recipients of YHWH’s Blessings.

    That being the case, I have grave doubts that the floods were due to Rudd’s personal political views.

    Keep up the great work though!

  44. 44 Chris

    I find it interesting that my post on this issue has been removed, because I accused CTF of chasing its tail, looking for blame. Censorship in action!

  45. 45 Ray

    HI, In a previous email I feel I didn’t explain clearly enough Re Global Warming etc.
    My intention was to point out that I believe Global Warming was invented to hasten in Global Government. Many Christians and churches have not sought GOD about this.
    I must admit I was at first taken in by Al Gores salesmanship with his promtion and accompanying Movie. He picked up a lot of money and even a Nobel Peace Prize and a million bucks to boot. He is so worried about climate change that he bought a mansion right on the waters edge.

    For those who would like a follow up on climate change, check out the following website.
    Grant Jeffrey – World Government & Global Warming Hype. If the site doesn’t run the best it can be veiwed directly from You Tube.

    I have been trying to get various Politicians interested, with no luck. I don’t think the letters get past their minders.
    In numerous places in The Bible, GOD states HE brings the rain, HE witholds the rain.


  46. 46 Lynton

    Hi All

    I received this request and in light of Scripture’s warning in Genesis 12:3 & Numbers 24:9 that the LORD will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel, I am asking if you would consider supporting this petition against the (Greenie/Labor) Marrickville Council who have formerly aligned themselves with terrorist organisations seeking to overthrow the State of Israel by calling for a boycott on all goods made in Israel. We also need to pray for the forgiveness of this atrocious public stance on behalf of all Australia.

    See the attached link and please sign and forward. (comments are optional but not required)

    Warm regards

  47. 47 Jerry

    The Gate Speech of one of the pastor from USA about Israel, and some prophecy.

    Many people never heard a speech like this. In my opinion, it is very interested.

    This pastor has courage and he knows Bible well.

    With Christian love,


  48. 48 true blue

    Kevin Rudd is part of the equation. The Victorian Bushfires and the recent QLD floods including Victoria again are recipients of the wroth of God on this nation. The eastern States are in for a battering. Sadly, NSW and Victoria will be in for a terrible time as we approach that day when this nation will change in ‘one’ day. God is certainly not happy with Mr Rudd and those who wish to drive this nation from its true direction. The Lord’s servants also being mocked and scoffed has not gone unnoticed either. The good news will be that this nation will heed the humbling. There is a great calling for this nation and God will make sure we heed.

  49. 49 David S - Israel National News

    UK and Australia Dream On

    Shevat 14, 5771, 19 January 2011 by David S

    “The answers are getting harder and harder And there ain’t no way to bargain or to barter”

    Blues Traveler

    The international failure to accept the final breakdown of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority was yet again highlighted in the communique issued in Sydney on 18 January 2011 at the conclusion of the Australia-United Kingdom Ministerial Consultations between Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Kevin Rudd and Minister for Defence Stephen Smith, and the United Kingdom’s First Secretary of State and Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs William Hague and Secretary of State for Defence Liam Fox.

    It seems as though both countries were living in a dream world of their own as they solemnly pronounced:

    “Australia and the UK highlighted their strong support for a just and enduring peace in the Middle East based on a negotiated two-state solution where Israel and a future Palestinian state live side by side in peace and security. Both countries highlighted the urgent need for Israel and the Palestinians to return, as a matter of urgency, to direct talks on final status issues, and to refrain from actions which undermined confidence, such as settlement construction. Both countries reaffirmed their practical support for Palestinian institution-building in preparation for statehood.”

    Surely the Ministers were engaging in wishful thinking with no possible hope of their wish-list ever coming to fruition.

    direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority effectively ended, an impotent Quartet comprising America, the European Union, Russia and the United Nations unable to bring the parties together and a raft of countries recognizing or threatening to recognize a non- existent , undefined and undeclared 22nd Arab State between Israel, Jordan and Egypt in flagrant violation of international law.

    – it surely is time to question whether there is any reasonable prospect of ever achieving a negotiated two-state solution between Jews and Arabs pursuant to the Oslo Accords formulated in 1993 and the Roadmap proposed by President Bush in 2002.

    There are those countries such as Australia and Great Britain that apparently believe such a resolution is still possible.

    Yet 17 years of negotiations have only seen the division of the West Bank into three administrative districts and the unilateral decision taken by Israel to evacuate Gaza in 2005.

    The evacuation of Gaza has proved a total disaster ruining the lives of thousands of Jews forcibly removed from their homes, splitting the area proposed for the new Arab state – the West Bank and Gaza – into two separate and separately administered entities with no prospects of reconciliation between the two governing political entities – the Palestinian Authority and Hamas sparking the return of Israel’s army to Gaza in December 2009 to root out the threat posed to Israel’s civilian population by the indiscriminate firing of thousands of rockets from Gaza causing Israel and Egypt to impose a blockade to prevent the entry of terrorists, arms and war materiel into Gaza witnessing an ever increasing level of violence from Gaza and retaliation by Israel
    Gaza and Hamas now appear to have been placed in the “too hard basket” by the international community. Instead it has thrown its weight behind the Palestinian Authority in seeking to resolve the issue of sovereignty in the West Bank and East Jerusalem – a far cry from the two-state solution posited by Oslo and the Roadmap.

    Administrative responsibility for 95% of the West Bank Arab population has been vested in the Palestinian Authority and has indeed begun to see a marked improvement in their daily lives.

    However the continuing refusal of the Palestinian Authority to moderate its political claims to sovereignty in anything less than 100% of the entire territory of the West Bank remains a stumbling block that has precluded any progress at all in resolving the division of sovereignty in the West Bank between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

    There are other impediments to the conflict that have defied resolution and increasingly make it certain that negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority are already dead and buried.

    If countries such as Australia and the United Kingdom still believe otherwise – then they would do well to seek answers to the following questions from both Israel and the Palestinian Authority:

    1. Is the Palestinian Authority prepared to recognize Israel as the Jewish National Home reconstituted pursuant to the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine and article 80 of the United Nations Charter?

    2. Does the Palestinian Authority intend to persist with its demand that every square centimeter of the West Bank be ceded to it by Israel or is it prepared to accept less in exchange for an equivalent land swap by Israel?

    3. Is Israel prepared to contemplate a land swap?

    4. Is the Palestinian Authority still committed to former Arab residents of what is now Israel or their descendants being given the right to return to live there, what would be the appropriate number the Palestinian Authority would demand be given this right and what number would Israel be prepared to accept?

    5. Is Israel prepared to allow the creation of a 22nd Arab State between Israel and Jordan in the West Bank with full and unfettered access and control over West Bank air space?

    6. Is the Palestinian Authority prepared to accept a State in the West Bank with restricted control over its air space?

    7. Is Israel prepared to evacuate and relocate all the Jewish residents of the West Bank?

    8. Is Israel prepared to cede its claims to sovereignty in any part of Jerusalem?

    On any minimal understanding of the conflict – one could not expect answers to these questions that would pose the slightest optimism in believing the negotiated two-state solution has any chance of success.

    The sooner alternative solutions are introduced to replace the failed negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority – the sooner the current dangerous impasse that threatens the resumption of hostilities can be averted.

  50. 50 Kathy

    If Christians do not care about Jews and Israel, what sort of people are we? We love what HaShem loves! and He wants His firstborn son back. House of Israel is northern Kingdom and southern Kingdom in Solomon’s day were split apart, but now He is regathering Judah and Ephraim from amongst the nations where He scattered them, but now wants them in their land Israel! Praise Yeshua! He will bring the 2 sticks or trees together Ez 38:16 to end. Finally He will be One King over them all, and they shall no more be 2 nations divided into 2 kingdoms.

    YHWH said v22 “And I will make them one nation in the land upon the mountains of ISRAEL, ONE KING SHALL BE KING OVER THEM ALL”. Yes, God is bringing in the Goyim-Gentiles, and He’s doing something with the Jews too! This is the One New Man not only spoken of in Eph the New Testament, but here in Ez is the confirmation of the One New Man too! Just felt to share this with you.

    Only God can bring the 2 houses back to Him by His Spirit. The Older son was always with the Father, they kept the Torah- and the younger son went with the pagans, but came back to the Father. He found Yeshua the Living Torah. Joseph a type of Yeshua was not recognizable to his 11 brothers in Egypt, and he had on Egytian clothing etc, but when he took off Egyptian clothing and showed his face to his brothers they recognized him and he wept over them, they reconciled. When we can show the Jews the Messianic Yeshua instead of the Greek Hellenized blue eyed Yeshua, the Yeshua who is a Jew, they will finally recognize him. Very soon there’s going to be a huge breakthrough with Jewish and Christian believers finding out a lot of things we were all taught were incorrect, and then we will repent and then Judah will no longer vex Ephraim any more. They will love one another in HIM!
    Means for Christians to learn their Hebraic heritage, and come out of the Babylonian practices in this hour!!! Do not mix the Holy with the profane and He will receive us unto Himself.



  51. 51 Kevin

    It’s not only for Gentiles anymore, that’s old style, and the Church has got to wake up to the BIBLICAL HEBRAIC ROOTS of our Christian faith.

    Rev 4’18
    “Come out of Babylon” some practices God winked at, because of our ignorance, but now He wants what the enemy stole from the Church in the first Book of ACTS restored, that’s why they were so powerful, they had God’s Festivals, Sabbaths, Hebraic Names…..all until Constantine and all the Catholics changed YHWH’S original pattern. Yes we are born again, and spirit filled, and now the day of restoration is here not only for believers to be restored back to God through Yeshua, but it’s time for the Repairer of the breach, in Is 58:12 breach is non fulfillment of a contract, promise. What God started is going to come into completion in the end, and this is the day and hour it’s happening!

    In Rev 21 speaks of the New Jerusalem, guess what! she has a great wall with 12 gates, 12 Angels at the gates, and on the gates is written the Names of the 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL. Like in the tabernacle in the wilderness on earth so in Heaven – 3 gates on the east, 3 on the north, 3 on the west and 3 on the east which are the tribes. The wall of the city has 12 foundations, and on them are the names of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb. So to enter the city of God one has to come through a Hebrew Gate. SO all Christians or believers in Yeshua who will have eternal life will all one day go through God’s Hebrew Gates with the Names of the 12 Tribes on them!!! And Yeshua Himself from the LION of the Tribe of Judah in Rev 19 :11-16 wears a robe dipped in blood, and His Name is the Word of God. v16 “And He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written “King of kings and Lord of lords”.
    This robe He is wearing is His Jewish Tahlit, and the TzitZit the 4 corners tassle fall on His thigh – the Name of Yahweh entwined in the Tzitzit tassle. Yeshua is Yahweh!!! So one day in Heaven it will be quite a Jewish looking place, so the Christians better start learning some stuff, and not go there ignorant, and say what is that He’s wearing or what does the Menorah mean, it means He is the Living Menorah the Lamp stand spoken of He is the Light of the World and the Living TORAH.

    The Jews have added extra biblical stuff and so has the Christians, so now it’s time to find out what God has been saying in the Tanakh. Lot’s of stuff taught in the Bible colleges has the Greek meaning, but when translated to the original Hebrew means something else. I pray that God raises up men and women in this hour like you with Jewish heritage and brings YHWH’S truths what He meant, until the pagans got to His precious ways and changed even the way Yeshua looks to a blue eyed Western man.

    God will bring His truths in because Issish 40 onwards is all prophetic of the restoration of Israel, and we are all a part of Israel, as we are grafted into the commonwealth of Israel and are now the One New Man Jew and Gentile together in the MASHIACH!

    God bless you in Yeshua,


  52. 52 January 2011 Newsletter (Sid Roth)

    January 2011 Newsletter (Sid Roth)

    Will America Survive 2011?

    In late October 2010, Rick Joyner had the most serious, alarming and graphic dream in his life. He calls the DVD message, Will America Survive 2011? Right after this dream, an Orthodox Jewish rabbi who believes in Jesus, another proven prophet, had a dream that came to the same conclusion. Both dreams and interpretations are included in this special DVD along with retired Lt. General Jerry Boykin’s sobering message on Marxism in America. Then Rick also produced a CD called Preparation For Transfiguration that will help you prevail during these end-time events. Go here to order.

    Recently, my friend Rick Joyner had the most serious, alarming dream of his life. It was also the most specific, real and graphic dream he has ever had. Many of you are familiar with the accurate dreams God gives Rick. His best-selling book, The Final Quest, was based on a series of dreams. The message of his latest dream is crucial for future of the United States. ¬— Sid Roth

    On October 22, 2010, I dreamed I was walking through a log cabin. Every room that I walked through was a different part of America. It was like this log cabin was the United States. Small fires started breaking out on the floor in every room. They were easy for me to stomp out. As I started to leave the log cabin, another fire ignited that I went over to put out. I saw that it had burned through the floor, so I looked through the hole to see if I could determine what was causing these fires. I discovered that the entire foundation of the building was covered in hot burning coals. I knew the cabin was about to go up in flames so I started to turn aside to grab my laptop computer. Immediately, I heard the voice of the Lord say, “You don’t have time for that. Get your wife, and the fire hose, and put the fire out.” The dream ended. When I woke up I was deeply shaken.

    Interpretation: Our national problems are much worse than we realize. The foundation of our nation is being consumed by a fire that threatens everything. The reference to “my wife” represents the church, and she alone has what can put out this fire—the truth. In Ephesians 5:26 we are told that water represents the Word of God, and this alone can save us now.

    I believe that if the preachers and the prophetic voices in America don’t stand up and pour out the truth, our whole nation is about to be lost. And we’ve got to pour the truth on the foundations.

    A week after my dream, an Orthodox Jewish rabbi who believes in Jesus (who I cannot name) had a dream that I felt corroborated mine. The following is an abbreviated version of what he sent to me:

    I had a dream on the evening of October 29 and again during the afternoon on October 30. I saw a giant grizzly bear running rampant through America and the rest of the world, though primarily in the United States. It was large enough that it could swallow a man whole in a single bite. People everywhere were cowering in fear. I watched in horror as it swallowed person after person with alarming speed and left a swath of destruction behind it. As it approached where I was standing, that fear and panic started to overwhelm me, and then suddenly I felt a peace. That was when I noticed the Lord was standing next to me. He said, “Come with Me, you have seen all that you need to here. There is something else you need to see.”

    He took me to what looked to be a classic church with a steeple. When I walked inside, while it still had the feel of a house of worship, it looked more like a hunting lodge filled with trophies. Suddenly I saw what looked at first to be the rampaging bear. Then I realized that, no, this bear was considerably smaller, and while still menacing, it was nowhere near as fearful as the rampaging bear that I had seen. After a moment I realized that it was another trophy.

    As I approached, I saw a plaque at the bear’s feet that said, “The Great Bear of 1929.” Even knowing that it was a long dead trophy, I still stood trembling before this bear. The same fear and confusion seemed to radiate from it as was radiating from the rampaging bear. Again, I felt calm come over me as the Lord stepped up to my side. When I turned to Him, He said, “You need to stand in my peace to see clearly what must be done.” As I looked back at the bear I noticed a rifle in a case next to it. It looked like an old M1 Garrand in 30-06 caliber. When I looked at the manufacturer’s information inscribed in the barrel it said, “Mission and Intercession Armory.” In place of the model number were two verses, “Matthew 6:33” and “Matthew 6:10.”

    As I was marveling at the rifle, an old hunter approached me. He was dressed in a field jacket of WWII vintage. He said, “That rifle is great for killing bears. We used it to take down the Great Bear here. It is available for any who are willing to take it up now. One well aimed shot at the heart is all it takes.” The dream ended.

    In both of these dreams there is an answer to the current crisis. In dreams and visions, bears usually represent fear, or as in this case, a “bear market,” which is actually the result of fear. Though I was not told this in my dream, I felt that the fear that was devouring our foundation, and would soon consume the entire house, was an economic catastrophe. In my friend’s dream, it was a bigger bear than the bear of 1929. Often the time when we wake up from a prophetic dream can have significance, indicating a date, or a Scripture verse. That he had this dream on “the evening of October 29th” also speaks of 1929. This is what we are approaching.

    In my dream the answer was to get the church (my wife), who has the hose, and get her to pour water on the fire. The water that can put this fire out and save the house is the truth. Pastors, preachers, individual Christians, must stand for the truth without compromise, they must proclaim it boldly regardless of the threat, and they must do it now. That I did not have time to get my laptop spoke of how we cannot worry about our own stuff—we’ve got to proclaim the truth.

    In my friend’s dream, the weapon we can use to kill the bigger, more deadly bear we are facing now was the same weapon that killed the bear of 1929—faith in the Lord and His coming kingdom (Matt. 6:10), seeking “first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,” and not worrying about tomorrow (Matt. 6:33-34). The only way that we can do that, as this dream indicated, is to stay close to the Lord.

    The election on November 2nd was important, and a step in the right direction for our nation. Many believers assembled to pray and fast for this election. We should be encouraged by the results. However, the crises we are now facing will not be solved in Washington. Too many times Christians have seen their candidates elected and then relaxed, feeling that things were now going to be okay. They have only gotten worse, if only a bit slower. We should support and pray for our leaders, but what we’re now facing is beyond their ability to handle. Voting is important, but prayer is more important than any vote. Prayer is crucial. And we must add to it the proclamation of the truth. Above all—get close to the Lord.

    One final note—there is no place for fear. Jesus is in total control. God is not up there wringing His hands over all this stuff happening here on earth. If we keep our eyes on Him, we can go through the most intense times the earth has ever known and count it all joy. This is our time. We have been chosen to live in these times. We have the One in us who is much greater than anyone in the world!

  53. 53 EZRA


    Thank you so much for being courage spreading the word of god through out the world especially our neighboring country Australia.This is the time for all the people in this world to repent and serve our lord and savior Jesus Christ as this is our last chance to repent.Pst. your warning is not only for Australia, I believe its for all of us as we have seen with our naked eyes whats is going around in the world today, showing the signs of the end of age as in Mathew 24. My prayer is for God to raise and equip Pastors like you, who are bold enough in this last days to speak out the truth. My request is for all of us to support and pray for Israel in this last days. May, I ask Mr.Kevin Rudd to ask for forgiveness to the lord and the govt. of Israel.

    God Bless,

  54. 54 robert donaldson

    Let us keep on being vigilant in the word and speak out as the Holy Spirit gives us prompting.
    blessings to all these your poelpe Lord.
    Bless Israel and the Jerusalem School at Makor HaTikva.

  55. 55 Lindsay Forsyth

    thank you God for revenge for flooding Brisbane on Brisbane City Council and the Queensland government. Amen
    Iam an exarmy surveyor. 64 yrs. I bought a small tinnie nov 2010 and first launch on Bris. River. Puttering east went under gateway bridge taking 40 photos of heavy rock trucks and tracked excavators building a road out from the golf club side but on the east side of the bridge out right to the centre pylon. I tried to warn people they were deliberately going to flood Bris but they thought I was insane. When I heard the had released water as well as storm and king tide I knew theBCC and Qld gov. Were behind this. They want the land along the river.Beatty and Neuman both had to approved this. Lindsay Forsyth

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