Witnessing the Good News of Salvation in JesusGospel for Asia – November 16, 2010

Ajay Chattopadhyay’s parents want nothing to do with Jesus Christ. In fact, they persecute their son for his faith in the Lord. But that was not always the case.

When Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Jyoti Banerjee shared the Good News with Ajay and his parents, all three chose to leave their traditional religion and follow Jesus. When Ajay decided he wanted to learn more of God’s Word, Jyoti encouraged him to attend a Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college.

Problems arose after Ajay enrolled in the Bible college. His relatives joined together, threatening Ajay’s parents with certain “inevitable consequences” if they did not reject their new faith. Because of continuous pressure, they turned their backs on Jesus and returned to their former faith. Ajay, shocked, began crying out to the Lord for them.

When Ajay returned home for vacation, he discovered that the religious teachings of their old faith had captured his parents’ hearts again. They tried convincing him to abandon Jesus, too, but he refused. He implored them to understand their need for Jesus. Angry, they forced him out of the house and told him not to come back until he had given up his faith in Christ.

Crushed, Ajay began staying at a friend’s home. In the following days, his father returned to heavy drinking, as he had done before asking Jesus into his life. As their lives unraveled even more, Ajay’s parents became even more zealous in their religious practices.

Ajay could no longer enter his parents’ home. His entire village developed a hostile attitude toward Christianity and adopted strict rules to prevent more people from choosing to follow Jesus.

Ajay continued praying fervently for his parents and eventually completed his Bible college studies.

Although he suffered overwhelming anxiety because of his parents’ condition, his leaders comforted and encouraged him to stay the course.

In spite of his heavy burden, Ajay continues serving the Lord on the mission field. He enthusiastically shares the love of Jesus with people who don’t know Him. He has also participated in various ministry activities, such as Gospel tract distribution, children’s ministry and home prayer meetings. And he faithfully prays for his parents to turn their eyes toward Jesus.



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