Cuban Churchby Teresa Neumann : Nov 17, 2010 : Mission Network News

Because music is such a major part of Cubans’ lives, many musicians are coming to Christ as well.

(Cuba)—Cuba is seeing one of the fastest church growth rates in the world, so much so, that the Southern Baptist International Mission Board (IMB) says there aren’t enough churches to hold all the Believers.

As reported in Mission Network News, church growth in Cuba is surpassing the speed of construction for houses of worship, which leaves some of the congregations worshipping in houses, garages, yards or on rooftops.

According to the report, an IMB team discovered that—because music is such a big part of Cuban life—one of every five people is involved in music in some way and as a result, many musicians are coming to Christ.

In 1960, Cuban Baptist churches numbered 210. Growth was slow over the next three decades, increasing that number by just 28.

However, within the last 20 years, a church-planting movement began sweeping the island nation. Today, according to the IMB, the number of Cuban Baptist traditional churches, missions, and house churches exceeds 6,200.

A similar phenomenon in Asia revealed a critical need for trained and Scripturally-grounded leaders for these new Christians. Without the proper training, the risk of heresy grows. The leaders also find they need tools to cope with the other needs of their burgeoning congregations. So, IMB missionaries regularly form teams help train and disciple new leaders.

This team also discovered another close tie-in that helps the church: music. It’s a big part of life in Cuba. An estimated one of every five people is involved in music in some way.

When the church-planting movement gained steam, leaders saw many musicians coming to Christ. It made sense to develop schools that would teach musicians to grow as disciples and to use their skills in leading worship. As a result, these 50 train about 1,000 Cuban Baptists each year.   

Ask God to keep the pipeline full of church leaders in the making. Find ways to resource them through our Web site.

Join in praying for Cuba through “50 Days of Prayer for Cuba,” a seven-week prayer guide featuring stories, photos, and prayer requests. It’s available in English or Spanish.

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    we commit ourself to pray for the nation of Cuba, there is any chance to go there in a short term mission?

    Our mother tong is Spanish.

    Jose & Shirley.

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