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Miracles (DVD)

Miracles – They are Real
You Can Receive Yours Now

Product #044 Price: $15.00 + Postage & Handling (DVD)

Pastor Daniel has put together the best healing testimony service that the writer has ever seen.

Not only did Catch The Fire record this service, but CBN (Christian Broadcast Network, makers of “the 700 Club” TV shows, shown via satellite on Christian Networks such as ‘The GOD Channel’ and ‘TBN’ worldwide) were also there to record for their own TV shows. So you may even see some of these testimonies broadcast worldwide at some point.

Not only did Pastor Daniel present testimonies by people who had experienced miraculous healings from God that he participated in, but more importantly he brought evidence of miraculous healing carried out quite independently, by ordinary members of Catch The Fire. For many months Pastor Daniel has been teaching us that it is our availability that is important – we need no special Blessing from God to see miracles when we pray. Anyone who makes themselves available, with God’s help can minister God’s Healing Grace.

Outstanding! When we hear testimonies it is reasonable to ask where is the proof of what took place. Where is the evidence confirming healing, and freedom from demonic oppression? As testimonies are often used to convince both sceptics and non-believers, it is essential that some independent confirmation of healing be made available.

At this meeting we were treated to many testimonies from people who had experienced physical and mental healing. Many of them brought letters from their doctors confirming that healing had taken place. One lady who had been healed of demonic oppression has since worked voluntarily for Catch the Fire over the past two years, and is well known to many of us, but not too many know how she was when she first came into contact with Catch The Fire.

But unusually, we had three independent medical doctors standing on the platform confirming miraculous healings that had taken place – one on themself, and the other two on patients. One Doctor was so keen to testify that he drove five hours then flew three thousand miles from Western Australia to testify in the meeting about how he tended a patient that he pronounced dead. He confirms tests that he performed to determine that the woman had died. He and other people in the meeting were present when Pastor Daniel with God’s help called the woman back to life on a bus tour of the Holy Land. Another Doctor told how he prayed for someone who was not his patient who had been pronounced dead by two very unhappy physicians. When he prayed the patient recovered, sat up, and started talking to a nurse.

As Pastor Daniel keeps telling us, anyone can do it. You just need to make yourself available to God and he will use you.

Check out some of the Miracles on the sample videos below.

Miracles - They are Real - You Can Receive Yours Now


Samples of the Video

Dr. Glenda Lattimer – Miraculous Healing of Corneal Dystrophy

Betsy – Miraculous Healing of Bowel Cancer

Victor & Mary – Miraculous Healing from Cancer Damage

Able to Conceive Children Afterwards

Brian – In a Coma and only given Hours to Live

Revives from coma to receive Prayer

Home from Hospital in Three Days

Driving to Work within Seven Days

Elizabeth – Off Work for Depression and Swollen Nerves

Demons Cast Out and Miraculous Healing

Coral – Receives Holy Spirit Machine Gun – Speaking in Tongues

Then Receives Creative Miracle – New Eardrum and Hearing

Margaret – Another Case where The Demon of Cancer is Broken

Diana – Died on a Church Bus Trip of Israel – Certified by Doctor

Resurrected from the Dead Through Prayer

Video 1 of 4

Diana – Died on a Church Bus Trip of Israel – Certified by Doctor

Resurrected from the Dead Through Prayer

Video 2 of 4

Diana – Died on a Church Bus Trip of Israel – Certified by Doctor

Resurrected from the Dead Through Prayer

Video 3 of 4

Diana – Died on a Church Bus Trip of Israel – Certified by Doctor

Resurrected from the Dead Through Prayer

Video 4 of 4

Hon Chi – Miraculous Healing from Massive Cancer Growths

Dr John – Prays for a Patient as he Passes

– Later to find out the Patient Was Dead

Patient Resurrected from the Dead Through Prayer

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