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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

This woman was healed of cancer after prayer on 17/10/10 in SydneyDear family & friends in Christ,

The past week has been full of Kingdom action and great excitement in Hallam (Melbourne), Bega & Merimbula (NSW), and Deer Park (Melbourne) as the Holy Spirit continues to increasingly save, heal, deliver and set precious souls free, preparing them for the soon coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in victory, power, and glory!

1) Last week on Tuesday a couple came into Pr Daniel’s office for some counselling as they were about to separate. After he counselled and ministered to them, he laid hands on both and started praying for them. At this point the woman started manifesting with demons.  He then called in a few from the CTFM team and started casting the demons out of her body as she was screaming and vomiting.

Just then he had the prompting from the Holy Spirit to take her into the main auditorium of our church. As we took her in she began protesting saying “No, no” and  refused to go in. As she saw the Cross, the remaining demons started screaming, ‘The cross is burning me”.  Pr Daniel told the demons “look at the Cross, this is where you were defeated at Calvary!”  We took her right up to the Cross more demons left her body as we prayed in the authority of the blood of Jesus.

Then he asked her, (as she was already a born again Christian attending a Pentecostal church for years), “Can you sing a song to Jesus?”  Then she started singing, “My burdens are lifted at Calvery, Jesus is very near”, through her tears.  

Pr Daniel stated, “Tears filled my eyes as I saw a woman just getting touched by God mightily. It is so very exciting to see the demons flee and people getting set free  in Jesus name. We need more of this in Church. Glory to God!”

The woman who could not tell her husbnd ‘I love you” was now able to do so, after she had been delievered from demons. Praise our Mighty God Jesus!

2) On 17th September Pr Daniel ministered in Ryde/Sydney at an AOG church. At this meeting the pastor of the church brought up a young woman for prayer who had cancer. This woman had come to this church for the very first time.  In september 2009 she had lost her right breast due to cancer .  When she went for her yearly check up this Sepetember, the mamogram showed that she now had cancer in her left breast, and she was due for a further tests on 20th September 2010.

At the altar, holding her young son, the woman started sobbing and crying as if her world was falling apart. Pr Daniel laid hands on her and rebuked the spirit of cancer and prayed for  her healing as the woman received a mighty touch from the Lord.  Praise His mighty name!

On 28th October she contacted Pr Daniel with exciting news. She said, “After you prayed for me, for the next 2 days I slept very well, (I have been so troubled and have not been able to have a proper sleep).  I went for my biopsy 3 days after you prayed, and praise Jesus it is all clear!  There is no cancer at all, that which was there a week ago, has just dsappeared!  I am so happy, I want to serve God for the rest of my life”.

What a mighty God we serve!  Pr Daniel stated, “The demons of cancer are now bowing down to the name of Jesus in Australia. They are certainly losing their hold! All glory to our Mighty King Jesus, Saviour and Healer!”

3) Over the past weekend, Pr Daniel ministered in Bega & Merimbula (NSW) where people from 6 churches united for the Holy Spirit revival meetings as the Lord moved mightily in touching and transforming many lives for His glory!

4) All glory to the King of Kings and LORD of Lords as Pr Jason ministered on Sunday 31st October in a mighty Holy Spirit revival outpouring where several hundred people (including many children and youth) gathered at a Samoan church in Deer Park (Melbourne), as many precious souls were born-again into the Kingdom of God, revived by the fire of the Spirit, miraculously healed (in body, soul, and spirit), supernaturally delivered / set free from demonic spirits, and radically transformed by an awesome demonstration of the Heavenly Father’s love, power, and manifested Shekinah Glory Presence! “Shine Jesus Shine Your Heavenly Light and Eternal Glory!”

5) This past weekend at both Sunday services at Catch the Fire Apostolic Centre in Hallam (Melbourne) was an awesome encounter of the Lord power and presence as people rushed forward to the altar in droves, almost the whole church, to receive the Holy Spirit and Fire!  Soon there were people lying all over the floor soaking in His mighty presence and being re-fired and changed for His greater glory and Kingdom! All glory goes to our Mighty King Jesus for all He is doing in all our lives!  Hallelujah!

Alive in Christ,

Elizabeth Ryan
Catch The Fire Ministries Inc

8 Responses to “Cancer healed, Demons flee, Souls saved as Holy Spirit moves mightily in Bega & Merimbula in NSW, Hallam and Deer Park in Melbourne”

  1. 1 Sherrilyn

    Wow, what an encoraging email. Bless you all of you!
    Sherrilyn, Crows Nest, Qld

  2. 2 Evengeline

    Dear Pastor Daniel

    A few girls (all of them were not born here) in Canberra have come to know about this prophecy on Australia and have been standing in the gap and praying and repenting on behalf of Australia. I know you are the voice of Australia, you are the only one who stands up for God and you have a team of intercessors so I’m forfwarding this prophecy to you and your team to pray for Australia and also for the whole of Australia to know about this prophecy and to repent of the wicked ways.

    Thank you pastor Daniel for being a voice of God and standing up for the church.


  3. 3 Dot

    Hi Jason

    Twenty nine years ago I was given 2 years to live by a Cardiologist – Dr/Mr Cumpston. My symptoms were very grave – both heart valves were damaged, as was the bundle of Hiss (nerves) in my heart. A Baptist minister and his team prayed for me days later and the next day I was miraculously healed. Mr Cumston who owned up and said that He didn’t expect me to last 6 months, was amazed. All my colour had returned and the symptoms had disappeared. He recorded this in my notes as a miracle. Ken witnessed this. Later I had over 100 kidney stones in both kidneys and after the doctors gave up on me, a friend prayed for me and they all disappeared in an instant – without pain. The specialised and radiographer recorded it as a miracle. Ken witnessed this.

    Now, thank you for praying for my wrist – I’ve just been to see another specialist and he says that at the rate it is improving I’ll soon be back to normal and be able to play my violin again. I told the specialist about both miracles. He couldn’t deny it. Ken came in with me to see him. Please keep praying for Ken to rise up in the Lord. All praise to our wonderful God.
    Love, thanks and blessings from Dot.

  4. 4 Serene

    Praise the Lord! and all Glory to God! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful and amazing testimony. It is very encouraging. May the Lord’s hand continue to be on the Catch the Fire team.

    God bless,

  5. 5 Apostle RAM

    Absolutely incredible – to God be the glory!

    Apostle RAM

  6. 6 Michael


    Another Miracle just click twice and its legible all Glory to God !!!!

    God works in mysterious ways

    Just concluded meeting over the last 5 nights

    Estimate 200 people (1st time) gave their hearts to Jesus many were what I consider salt of the earth people.

    Many many other were touched revived and refreshed. It’s good to see people really hungry for God

    People came from different churches too

    It was funny to hear at morning prayers how people were praying that Ballarat would Catch the Fire

    Love to all


  7. 7 Daz in Fiji

    Bula Vinaka and G’day mate, from Daz in Fiji.
    There are exciting things happening in Fiji at present. The Word of God is travelling through this country rapidly and the Government is open to it , Praise Jesus. I was in a Pentecostal church on Sunday morning and a 72 year old man got up and testified that his neighbour informed him that witches had been praying to the moon in one of his sugar cane plantations (He owns 4 of them. That is God’s blessing on his life). They do that to curse the harvest and the blessings of God. He said to His neighbour, “I do not care what they were doing there as God is my source and His power is far greater than theirs, or for that matter Satan’s.” There is much need for RUFiji. The young people here are becoming more attracted to the ways of the world and becoming less friendly. There is another young Fijian lady named Suzie that I have been witnessing to. She is a friend of Bronwyn’s, (the Aussie girl from Carlton). Suzie is from the Latter Day Saints Church, but she is very sad. I have been sharing that Mormonism is a false religion and that she needs the real Jesus, the Son of God, co-equal with the Father and Holy Spirit. I pray she will still come to talk with me.
    I witnessed to a Muslim Indian who converted to Islam from Hinduism. I was a passenger in the cabin of his ute, with my friends in the back. (They travel that way here). I challeneged him to call out to Jesus, the only way to heaven. As I was doing this he stopped the ute, turned off all the lights (it was night), stopped the engine and proceeded to look for something behind the seat of the ute. I was wondering what he was doing. I thought he might have been angry with me telling him about Jesus and was going for a gun or something. After a few moments he pulled out a tyre lever. I thought he might attack me, but I was not affraid. He then went to the front tyre and checked the wheel nuts, as his mechanic had done work on the wheel just that day and he wanted to make sure it was secure. I then proceeded to challenge him again to seek the Jesus of Heaven, the Son of God who died for his sins and was his only way to heaven. I informed him that there were no Virgins awaiting him in heaven.
    Please pray for the finances for a HD Video camera and a Multiple DVD burner for the Mission here in Fiji as the Pastor needs to get his message out all over Fiji asap.
    God bless you, Silver and your children, from Daz in Fiji.

  8. 8 Liset parra

    Paul furlong an amazing man saving souls around the world he would love to come to your church, contact me if interested thank you and bless you

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