Young Woman instantly healedDear family & friends in Christ,Ministering at Apostolic Prophetic Conference in QLD

Glory to God, so much has happened in the past weekend that I don’t know where to start! 

On Friday night at the CTFM base we had Christine Sneeringer from the US who came out of homosexuality by God’s amazing grace. Her testimony mightily touched the hearts of many people. She was so sincere and honest and shared her heart with those who were gathered at the meeting.
Then on Saturday many gathered to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. Oh what a wonderful evening it was just to see our Jewish roots and understand that God has not done away with Israel or the Jewish people, but on the contrary, King Jesus is returning to rule and reign from Jerusalem, Israel on His glorious second coming to planet Earth!

The Spirit of God also used Pr John Chee from the Gold Coast to mightily touch many hearts on Sunday at the CTFM base in Hallam through the anointed Word of God!
Pr Jason ministered in a mighty Holy Spirit revival in Perth over the past weekend in 6 different miracle healing services where many precious souls were born-again, filled with the Spirit, healed, delivered, set free, and radically transformed by an awesome demonstration of the Heavenly Father’s love, power, and manifested shekinah glory presence! Additionally, he ministered the prophetic Word of God regarding the Bride of Christ being ready to rule and reign in the millennial Kingdom of God across the nations of the world at the second coming of the King of kings and LORD of lords to Jerusalem, Israel!

Pr Daniel ministered along with Pr Jane from South Africa at the Prophetic & Apostolic conference in Kingaroy, QLD. There were people from so many diferent churches gathered. Some even came all the way from Geraldton WA (Perth) to receive a touch from God.
God moved most powerfully at every single session. People were just jumping out of their seats in excitement as they heard the uncompromised Word of God preached in Spirit and in Truth. Many were healed, delivered and set free through the mighty power of God!

Come Holy Spirit in Your Power
Many also received the baptism of the Holy Spirit for the very first time and sRising Up Australia 4 Jesuspoke in tongues. One young lady who came up to the altar on Saturday night in response to a word of knowledge from Pr Daniel, stated “I am a mess, I am a mess, witchcraft is affecting me, spirits are attacking me every night. My house if full of evil spirits”.  She definately looked very affected by evil and was sobbing and crying.
 Apostolic Prophetic Conference in Kingaroy, QLD
When Pr Daniel asked her as to what she wanted him to pray for, she just responded, “I don’t know, I don’t know”. at this point Pr Daniel laid hands and started praying for her. She was powerfully touched by God. moments later she gave her life to Jesus and then got baptised with the Holy Spirit and prayed in tongues.
This same girl came to church on Sunday morning and shared her testimony of great victory overnight. You just could not recognise that she was the same girl. as she looked so changed and refreshed by the love and grace of God.
She stated, “I had a major car accident 6 years ago. Many of the bones in my body were broken. I have being living on pain killers and my life has been a mess. But last night Jesus touched me through Pr Daniel. All my pain is gone. For the first time I slept all night without any tablets. I cannot stop praying in tongues. I prayed through my whole house, I prayed through my garden, I prayed over my dogs and I also prayed over my partner for almost an hour. He seemed really shocked. I am going to bring him to church next Sunday. I am healed, thank you Jesus!!!”
What a glorious testimony! Almost instantly God touched and completely changed this young girl’s life. What a mighty God we serve!
Pr Daniel stated, ‘It was a glorious conference. I thank God for people like Pr Lyle and his wife. It greatly encourages me to know that there is a remnant who are not willing to bow down to political correctness, but are willing to go all the way for Jesus.
I see God connecting me with this nameless and faceless generation of mighty warriors from all across Australia. I believe our Mighty King is preparing the remnant to pour out His spirit for a revolution of love and boldness for a mighty reformation”.
On hearing the testimony of this young girl the whole congregation erupted into shouts of victory. What a mighty God we serve!  
This Friday 1st of October will be our monthly Rise Up Australia meeting at 7.30pm, and after that the all night prayer meeting from approx 10.30pm till 6am Saturday morning.
Sunday 3rd October Pr Daniel will be preaching in the morning and on Sunday evening a team from Christian Broadcasting Network (Asian correspondant) will be filming the Service in which 5 people will be sharing their amazing testimonies of healing and deliverance by the power of Almighty God!
Bring your friends and family and the unsaved!  This service will be broadcast on God TV Worldwide and we are praying for the secular media (possbily A Current Affair) to also attend and film the service.
All meetings will be held at Catch the Fire Apostolic Centre, 23 Melverton Drive Hallam Mel 96:G2
Alive in Christ
Elizabeth Ryan

14 Responses to “Holy Spirit Fire falls in Melbourne, QLD & Perth / Many amazing miraculous healings, including a young woman in QLD”

  1. 1 Jenny

    Hi there

    I’m not a recipient of your emails but a friend forwards them to me if she feels they might be of interest.

    Just before the election, I had felt to look at the list of previous dreams and visions of Ps Danny and to take note of the time elapsed between the dream/vision amd the fulfilment. [It was a time of intense prayer and looking for encouragement as the signs in the natural weren’t good]. I noticed that there was quite a gap in time, sometimes years.

    It was never days. Nevertheless, Ps Danny’s record is one of accuracy, so when the apparent victory for the ALP/Greens was announced, I thought back to my search.

    God is never too early or late, so I can only assume that He will do what He does best and surprise everyone by doing the unexpected.

    Recently, I was praying in the Spirit whilst driving along the freeway before the election and I saw momentarily the shoulder of a horse –
    very powerfully muscled, and the horse was galloping. I sensed that there was a rider, though I couldn’t see him, and that he held a banner.

    Later at a prayer meeting I saw it again and (der!) thought maybe I should ask the Lord what it was about. He responded that, as the Lighthorsemen had fought for Israel in 1915, freeing the wells of Beersheba and ultimately Jerusalem, from Turkish (Islamic) rule, so He was fighting for us. And as these ANZAC troups had taken the enemy by
    doing the unexpected, so He would do the same for us!! As I shared this in the prayer meeting, someone else came forward to share that the Lord had spoken to her, saying that He would not leave us as orphans.

    Further, as I left the auditorium, a man approached me, saying that he wanted to confirm what I had said; God had shown him that Australia would be known as a land which would surprise the world by doing the unexpected. We get to take the enemy by surprise!!

    God’s by no means finished with Australia, He always gets the final word.

    We wait with eager anticipation to see what the Lord will do next.


    Abundance of blessings


  2. 2 Janet

    Great Weekend at Kingaroy!

    I havn’t been to anything like that for years~ (of course there aren’t enough gum trees where I go) Thankyou for sparing Pastor Daniel with an old lady bush preacher. Danced, bannered & “carpet timed’ then drove home, singing!

    Love Janet

  3. 3 Jim


    I enjoy reading what God is doing around our nation.

    I get encouragement from reading your newsletters. I find them to be a good inspiration.

    Keep up the good work.

    Christian Regards,


  4. 4 Pastor Victor

    Thank you for the message may God bless you and update you for his New kingdom greet all my brothers in christ there in Australia may God bless you.

    Pastor Victor

  5. 5 Michael

    Hi guys at catch the fire just wanted to show my support and give you spiritual support. God is surely moving in this country and now is the time to fight for what we believe in. I strongly believe God is testing the hearts of Christians whether they are able to stand in him and for what they believe in or live in their comfort zone. God is saying enough is enough we need to rise up and be counted other wise this country will fall apart. We are in need of God more than ever before and also prayer. I stand beside you as a war farer and give you my support spiritually and physically for what lies ahead in this country’s destiny. I will not lay down when the enemy thinks he’s won, God is looking for people willing to stand for this country I am definitely one of them. God is building up an army of angels to help us fight this battle but is looking for the churches to unite under one banner. Other wise we will continue to lose battle after battle. We need to focus on God not on denominations for the denominations are from the enemy and are not of God. I am sick and tired of men and women making Christianity to suit them rather then keeping it true to God’s word. Here’s praying all the best for you all and the whole country.


  6. 6 Ewan

    Hi Ps Danny,

    I think with Gillard having just moved into The Lodge with her boyfriend this past weekend, there exists an opportunity for you to put out another media statement pointing out what a negative example it is to our nation (especially to young people) to have our highest elected official the Prime Minister “living-in-sin” as we used to call it. It seems that no other Christian leader has the guts to say it. They seem to be too PC to do so despite the fact that Scripture records John the Baptiser calling-out Herod for marrying his brother’s wife. Maybe the fact that this eventually led to John’s beheading has them too scared to say something?! Of course the worst that could happen these days is for the media to call them nasty names like “judgmental” or “out of touch” but this would be too much for the many “shrinking violet” pastors we have today.

    Regards, Ewan

  7. 7 Audrey & Maurice.

    Dear Elizabeth, Thanks for this email. We rejoice to hear what God is doing. We are conscious that God is working amongst people of like mind in our church. We are not seeing lives outwardly changed but the presence of God is so real and yesterday had our Dentist home for lunch. He was really open to the Gospel and took away books by Lee Strobel and a tract that clearly explains the Gospel. Praise the Lord.

    Love and prayers. Audrey & Maurice.

  8. 8 Laurie

    Danny, this woman has been mouthing off on Face Book all afternoon so I decided to give her both

    “Marie Lets get some facts right. Pastor Danny had a dream 4 months before the fires and if you
    want to get the facts then read them at and read about the dream
    for yourself. Besides that lets not knock a man of God who has been willing to stand up for our
    freedom of speech. This man along with his friend spent thousands of hours and cost hundreds of
    thousands dollars to fight for ALL Australians. Besides that come to think of it how many people
    have you raised from the dead? or how many have you prayed for that have been healed from a
    variety of diseases? This coming Sunday night CBN news are filming these people and their
    testimonials in Hallam, Victoria if you live anywhere near there perhaps you could go along and
    meet this mighty man of God for yourself.
    Have you ever had men try to behead you with raised swords only to find they cannot bring them
    down because God held their arms up? Have you ever lived in Saudi and been made to watch men
    being beheaded because they looked at a woman.”


  9. 9 Pastor Victor

    Dear Brethrens

    Receive our greeting in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you for the scriptures through your website they are of blessings to us.We had a blessed Lord’s day today and I have some prayer request to put across would you help me to registered the small ministry which we started here in Kenya and ontop of this i like to informed you to pray for me God to give me ability to start the Ophanage that Jehovah Rapha has given me to take care of so my dear bretherens I request in the name of the Father God that if it is possible to you Australian brothrens asist us here in Kenya , but for the Glory of our Lord!. Continue updating your website for our use.Looking forward for you response soon.

    God bless you all!
    pastor Victor

  10. 10 Annastasia

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    Thank you for coming to Kingaroy and teaching us so much. Since you Prayed over me, Not only has my pain eased, my depression and Anxiety is totally gone! something i struggled with for years. Everyone close to me can not believe the change in me and I laugh so much now and I truly believed I had forgotten how to laugh before Jesus touched me through you. Praise God!!! I was full of Demons and didn’t even realise, i thought my life was over and God had no plan for me as i’d let him down too often. I didn’t understand the Love of Jesus until He explained it to me through you Pastor Danny! I speak in tongues now, a lot, EVEN my Parrot is learning it haha. The Bible didn’t make a lot of sense to me until now and I am getting powerful messeges from it now! PEOPLE!!! I’D LIKE TO SHOUT OUT, FORGET ALL THE SECULAR SELF HELP BOOKS, THE BIBLE IS THE ONE AND ONLY BEST SELF HELP BOOK THERE IS! MY SECULAR SELF HELP BOOKS ONLY MADE ME SELFISH AND FEEL SORRY FOR MYSELF AND FEEL INADEQUATE!!!! My Goal now is to become “A Wife of Noble Character” Proverbs 31:10-31 and to spread the word to others so they too can feel what i’m feeling and they too CAN BE SAVED!!!

    Thank You and May God continue to Bless you Forever and Always


    Kingaroy, QLD

  11. 11 Sis Kathy, Bro Danny and Kevin and team

    Dear Bro Jason in the spirit of Elishah!

    We thank God for the wonderful time with you, and how He used you to bring the fire of God to Perth!

    Next day after you left I got a new song called “Fire, Fire, Fire”. Also had a dream of our team doing worship/dance outdoors,and someone took a picture, and it is on a printed email in colour. The dancers never stops 24/7 – 7 or 8 people doing the hora Jewish circle dance, and one of them had a coloured hat on head, and I asked the “Lord who is that, and He said it was me the leader of the group”. This team moves on the printed paper, never seen something like this before. Hard to explain.

    Then I got a revelation of the Shunammite woman in 2 Kings 4:8. Elishah went to Shunem, and the woman and her husband allowed the man of God to stay in their upper room. Later she had a son, and he died, and Elishah raised him from the dead on his bed. It’s like when you Elishah come to Perth-Shunem, you have a upper room, and the son died, well my Son Daniel went away from the Lord, and with you staying in his bed and praying for him, he will come back to God and live for Him. Elijah the prophet is the first one, and Elishah younger prophet got the double portion anointing. See 2 Kings chapt 2.

    I really enjoyed the Israel 60th Anniversay and gave a copy to State Zion council secretary, and will give to leader Steve from Friends of Israel W.A., and the Jewish prayer focus booklets, so they can see how Christians/Messianics love Israel and the Jews. This is provoking them to jeolousy by our LOVE for them, that we have their Messiah Yeshua! He is the Alpha / Aleph (pronounced Alef) the beginning, and Omega / Tav (pron tuv) the ending, Who was and is, and is to come!

    Shalom Sis Kathy, Bro Danny and Kevin and team.

  12. 12 David

    Good Day,

    My country is celebrating her 50 years of independence today. Many things are happening here that calls for all Christians all over the World to be praying for Nigeria. I call you and yours to be praying for us. Many are at risk here and some lives are been destroyed. Some their children are been kidnaped.

    Your prayer is Needed For my country today.


  13. 13 John and Josephine

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Thank you so much for sending us your news letters and the last disc. We always pass them on. This is to let you know that we now are on the net and may be we can be informed by this communication. It is a pity that we do live at Tea Gardens which is very hard for us to join a prayer group. However we have been able to pass on all your information to others. Also we are both well over 70 years of age and even the Lord has been very good to us and we are healthy, travelling far is not easy. We would have love to be in Canberra to claim that city. We are very excited about what God is doing and His outpouring of his grace and love over this nation. A small group of people are trying to reach the youth here which the main line churches find hard to do. They also only have older people in their congregation. They have really tried. Please pray for Tea Garden-Hawks Nest. God bless your ministry and all the people involved. Yours

    John and Josephine

  14. 14 Dot

    Thank you so much Jason for your boldness in bringing my husband Ken into God’s Kingdom. I was amazed when he put his hands up at your meeting. Praise God for the work of the Holy Spirit and for your evangelical gifts. Also, thank you for praying for my wrist. The swelling has receded and the pain is only minimal now. May your ministry go from strenth to strength. God bless you. From Dot – forever grateful violinist.

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