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Pastor Daniel NalliahDear family & friends in Christ,
I know many of you would be very sad and disappointed at the outcome of the Australian Election. Please take some time to read through this email as I am sure it will encourage and challenge you to continue to stand for righteousness.
Who would have ever dreamed that one day we would have 2 atheists at the top job of running our government in Australia?
I too felt very sad for a few hours, but as I prayed to the Lord, I felt strongly in my spirit that this is not the time to mourn, but to rise up and fight the devil and his demonic powers of darkness even more, so that’s exactly what I intend to do in the mighty Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
There is a famous saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”  In Matthew 11:12 the Word of God says, “The Kingdom of God has suffered much violence, but the violent shall rise up and take it by force.”.
So dear prayer warriors in our Lord Jesus Christ, we might have lost this spiritual battle, but remember we will definitely win the war in Jesus Name, as the ultimate battle and victory belongs to the Lord of Hosts! Truly, He has won it for us 2000 years ago on the Cross through His death and resurrection, by triumphing over death, hell, and the grave!

When we initially lost the court case with the Islamic Council of Victoria at VCAT in 2005, there were many who were very sad and many others who mocked and laughed at us, but I knew that God would give us the final laugh & victory, “not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of Hosts!” (Zechariah 4:6)  All glory to God as we did win the court case 2 years later in Supreme Court in 2007, securing Freedom of Speech and Religion in Australia. God will never put His children who stand for Him to shame!
You got to be fighting continually in spiritual warfare for the God of heaven to manifest His ultimate victory over the enemy on earth! Never ever give up!
I was shocked when I heard that the 2 Independents Tony Windsor & Rob Oakshott were supporting Labor. Hats off to Bob Katter for standing his ground. I suppose that Tony & Rob will soon find out the very big mistake they have made. I wonder whether they will ever get re-elected to Parliament in their electorate??
However, the fact is that we in Australia once again have Ms Julia Gillard as our PM, with her right hand man now being Bob Brown, the outspoken homosexual leader of the Greens. It is a very very sad day for Australia.
I personally want to apologise to anyone whom I might have disappointed by my dream regarding Julia Gillard conceding defeat. I always speak what is in my heart and get into trouble for doing so, but I am sure you will appreciate that I will not say one thing to your face and do something else behind your back.
I honestly thought that the dream I had was from the Lord and so I have not given up hope on it as yet.  It is very likely that the current Gillard Labor Green Government could collapse anytime.  As the American saying goes, “it ain’t over until the fat lady sings!”
However, what I hoped for did not come to pass in this election at this time, so I am very, very sorry.

Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who supported the major prayer assault and sent many emails. Please do not lose heart. Your prayer and action did definitely produce great results. We have definitely taken the backbone out of the Labor party. They definitely now will find it very difficult to get legislation through Parliament as it is a minority Government.
There is another famous saying, “It only takes good men to do nothing for evil to triumph”. It is so sad that so many church leaders did not speak up against the ungodly alliance of Labor’s Julia Gillard and the Green’s Bob Brown, but choose to remain silent because of political correctness. Unfortunately, they are equally to be blamed for putting in place such a wicked Government.
I believe if this current Government continues for 3 years (although I hope not), the true Church of Jesus Christ in Australia will come under severe politcal and social persecution. We as a nation, supported by many church leaders have chosen the path of persecution rather than peace and blessing.
Like in China and other nations where the onfire churches are persecuted, the churches which compromise will be free to operate, but those who stand up for righteousness will be persecuted.  Who knows, we might have to start underground house churches soon in Australia, like in China & Saudi Arabia. Oh, how exciting that will be as I have personally experienced many of them, since I served the Lord in Saudi Arabia with the underground house church movement.
One thing is for sure, under persecution the Church definitely will grow in quality and quantity. So come what may, the Lord’s plans for Australia will be fulfilled through the remnant He has in this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit! Glory to God!
I am ready for the fight and I hope you are. Together, united as the Body of Christ, we will see our nation fulfil her destiny in our time in this generation.
It is very clear that our nation’s government leaders from both sides of politics are not willing or are too scared to mention the name of Almighty God because of political correctness. We desperately need some men and women in Parliament who are honest and upright in the Lord.

In closing let me ask you a very, very important question. If given the opportunity, would you support a political party which will take Australia back to the historic roots of its Founding Fathers, the Ten Commandments, and that will protect our Judeo-Christian heritage??

I really believe that it is time for a true voice of righteousness in our Parliament. If the current trend continues, the Greens will become a major hindrance for Godly values in Government which will affect our nation and all Christians in a very negative way.

Your feedback on this would be greatly appreciated. Please take some time to write at least one line letting us know what you think about it.  
Australia for Jesus!
May God Bless You Mightily in Your Service to Him,
Your Brother In Christ,
Pr Daniel Nalliah

336 Responses to “Australian Election 2010 / We might have lost this battle, but we will definitely win the war in Jesus Name – By Pr Daniel”

  1. 1 Tony

    Dear Ps Danny,

    Maybe your dream was not for this moment, but perhaps it will still be fulfilled in a few months down the track.

    You are a man of God, and a man who loves this great nation.

    We are still behind you.

    May God bless you and all your team.


  2. 2 Dane & Natee

    Absolutely, Ps Danny.

    We support you and Godly values in politics and would support a political party that stood for righteousness in government.

    Dane & Natee
    Canberra (New Connection Church)

  3. 3 Bobby

    “In closing let me ask you a very, very important question. If given the opportunity, would you support a political party which will take Australia back to the historic roots of its Founding Fathers, the Ten Commandments, and that will protect our Judeo-Christian heritage??”


    Also, thank you for your E-Mail’s, they are an inspiration.


  4. 4 Elizabeth

    You’re right Pr Danny, it’s a sad time; as you suggest it’s time to fight and that’s what we will do both individually and corporately.

    I suspected that your dream was not for this time but for a future time, hopefully much sooner than a party’s normal term!

    God is faithful even if his people make big mistakes!

    May God bless and protect you, courageous man of God!

    Elizabeth (Mildura)

  5. 5 Michael

    Congratulations Ms Gillard.

    The Australian people have freely spoken and have chosen you to lead them. May the Lord Guide you into making good and wise choices for us. He changes times and seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. Dan 2.21.

    The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD; he directs it like a watercourse wherever he pleases. We thank you Lord you will continue to do this and we can continue living your gospel which is to be our main aim, without spending too much time on lesser things.

    In That great name of Jesus


  6. 6 John

    My answer is yes,


  7. 7 Colin and Ngaire

    Hi Pastor Daniel,We too believe,that this is just the beginning of the war,and the need to be in strong prayers as the Church.
    We need much discernment in these last days. Satan has been let loose and we are on the offensive!!

    Blessings, Colin and Ngaire

  8. 8 Vicki

    Thanks for the follow up. God is God no matter what happens in the natural.

    I believe we already have three good options for Christian values to be raised in the political arena.. To add anymore is to split the Christian vote and undermine the strength and solidarity of people who have stood strong for years.

    Fred Niles’ group has great credibility in government and the Family First movement is also an emerging voice for Christian values.

    The most successful form of influence I believe we can have is the Christian Lobby Group – this group needs our support as it takes no political sides with either major party but if membership numbers could swell then when they walk into any negotiation it will be recognised they represent a large and growing Christian constituency who should not be ignored. If every Christian in Australia joined and supported this group then it would effectively arm them with the influence and support they need.

    To add another political voice is to create further confusion in the ranks – too many generals and not enough troops behind any one of them to win the battles.

    I would strongly urge you to speak to Jim Wallace of the Australian Christian Lobby Group to see if you can throw your support behind what it is already established and rally the troops behind it.

    My thoughts for what they’re worth


  9. 9 Phyllis

    Thanks for this encouragement.

    I am standing with you all and will keep praying too.

    Thank you for all the work you all do and be blessed.

    We will all hang in there together.

    In His Service together we win.


  10. 10 Patti

    Thank you Pastor Daniel, we do appreciate your heart and hard work to establish the kingdom of God in Australia.

    God bless you and your family abundantly.


  11. 11 Yos in Sydney

    Dear Ps Daniel,

    Yes, we are sad for the result of the election, but we believe in faith that God is under control to protect and bless this nation.

    Yes, we agree that the victory belong to Jesus and we as the church need to pray and stand in the gap for the Lord’s will be done!

    Thanks for your faithfulness in serving the Lord and to speak out God’s word for this nation. Keep the fire burning. Keep raising up and building God’s kingdom.

    See u soon on October. God bless you, the familiy and the ministry there.

    In His service,
    Place Of Hope Sydney

  12. 12 Lois

    Dear Ps Daniel,

    I too sense in my spirit that God has created the seen and the unseen as in Gen 1.2, and the present situation is not over yet. Please keep speaking up for righteousness in this country. You are such an encouragement.

    I sense too that God is getting ready the ‘genderless’ bride and He wants us to pray and love Him like brides and not widows. I am as a widow and felt so encouraged this mornig when I remembered His word that He will not forsake the widow or the fatherless.

    I have lost 150,000 in investments and am seeking the Provider and not the provision. Please pray that I will hope and be anchored in His promises that He will truly never, never leave us or forsake us.

    I do hope one day you will be able to come back to our part of the country.

    God’s richest blessings to you and your family.

    Your sister in Christ,


  13. 13 Michael

    Hi Danny

    I trust that God speaks to you.

    I remember when we attended meetings with pastors in the early days.

    We would come out from them and you would say that we had a glorious victory.

    In my eyes I thought that you would not get the pastors support.

    And what you said eventuated.

    I learnt then that God was using you and that in spite of what appears in the natural God’s plan comes through.

    Gillard has not won.

    Conceding defeat comes in more ways than via a speech.

    She is in an impossible position.

    She cannot get anything through without the full support of the independents.

    What a battle!!!

    That is not winning.

    It’s better for Tony Abbot to be where he is now than where Gillard is.

    I look forward to the Liberals running this country very soon and your prophesy being fulfilled.


  14. 14 Nadia

    I was praying that the Lord would do whatever it took to bring spiritual revival to Australia.Australia is spiritually dead! It needs awakening.

    May the Lord hear my prayers.


  15. 15 Emily

    Pastor Daniel,

    Thank you for your encouragement. I fully support Godly leadership in Australia.

    I find the Greens party ironic as they are aiming to protect the environmnet, but we know from the Bible that godliness brings blessing on the land and wickedness brings a curse on the land. While they are trying to protect the land in the physical realm, in the spiritual realm they are bringing a curse on it by pursuing abortion, euthenasia, homosexual marriage, persecution of God’s people and so on. They have no idea what they’re doing! I understand what Jesus meant when he said “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do” because often we don’t understand the spiritual significance of our actions.


  16. 16 Gavin

    Thanks Danny,

    I will take time to write a few lines. I too share the deep disappointment with the church and Christian dissolve rather than resolve. If the Christian voice spoke as one, and understood the foundational principles of politics and their Bible and voted as God commands them to; we would be in a very different climate.

    I handed out how to vote cards on Election Day and was very, very surprised at how many people had truly not decided who to vote for because they were confused at what had taken place and had sunk into an apathetic state of mind as the two looked so similar in what they had behind them. What also stood out was a spirit of resolve and hardness in people that represent the minority groups that are so vocal today in wanting their sin accepted as their right. They voted with pride as there was a very real sense of hope and faith in them that their time had come.

    Danny, I believe that their time has come. We are a mirror of the United States and as such the abundant wealth and greed that has gripped western culture has shadowed the face of God – he’s still there but there’s a shadow cast over his face that has been allowed to grow ever so slowly over many, many years.

    There is apathy in the Australian Christian body and it will be by persecution that we will be forced to decide who we serve.

    I take hope in the Truth – God is Sovereign and His plan will come to pass no matter what. Our job is to continue to teach the Truth in the words of Paul in his charge to Timothy (1Timothy 6:11-21)

    Blessings for all you do,

    Christian College

  17. 17 Liliana

    Dear friends at Catchthefire Ministry – suspect you will receive a lot of mail re end results of election. My SINCERE commiserations to Ps Daniels as he stuck his neck out and must be feeling shattered after the dream he had re Julia conceding defeat. I also felt that Tony Abbott would win – but of course my ‘circle’ of influence is very small, like my husband/sister and a friend, not like his. I was certain Tony Abbott would win – and win indeed he did, but preferential votes defeated him and the LNP – unfair I think especially for us here in Qld – I also had the no. 3 – even on election night I stayed up and prayed and watched the TV and at one stage they were 3 seats ahead – by morning is was on and off – then the ‘3 Amigos’ came into being – I was certain that Bob Katter would side with the LNP – we lived in Mount Isa, Kennedy electorate for 18 years and voted for his father before him etc – so I couldn’t see him going over to Labor – anyway it looks like a few annoying irregularities will be sorted out of parliament and that I will BE GOOD. The other two sold the country out for ‘internet access’ as if we haven’t got enough. Also I think Tony Windsor was scared there would be another election and he would loose his seat. Also obviously they have no ‘spiritual inclinations’ to vote in what is almost an ‘abomination’ if you don’t mind me saying so. They sure need prayer actually GOD HELP US ALL.


  18. 18 Lynda

    Dear Pastor Danny and Dianne,

    When you sent the email telling of your dream about Ms Gillard giving her last speech as PM… I had a feeling that although I believe this was from the Lord… this may not be the time for it to come to pass. And… so… this seems to be the case. However, like you.. I am not sure that the current situation will last long. Just listening to conversations in the newsagents this morning… not one person off the street was happy with the outcome. I believe that Australia is waking up…and not just the Christians! All things work together for good… and I firmly believe in the sovereignty of God and in Romans 13:1-7 Also of course, one comment was made this morning that the independants still have her ‘over a barrel’ so to speak as they still have the power to swing either way.My prayer suggestion now is that we concentrate our prayers on the salvation of all who lead us, and pray that righteousness will exalt us as a Nation. I hope my comments encourage you. God bless you.


  19. 19 Ilona

    Have a look at the email I have sent off below; I am extremely shaken by the number of Christians I have spoken to who have supported the left wing parties so they can have broadband, or who feel that climate change is reason enough to support such a Godless regime/God dishonouring regime/God mocking regime..

    When their sons and daughters reap what they have voted for it will not be great internet or stable climate it will come with horrors Australia has never seen. From my talks to people it is mainly the sixty plus age group that squirm at what has been accomplished by the devil…we have the memories of left wing government, sickening as they are…

    But we have never had a Godless, God hating government
    Prayer will go out of parliament, same sex couples will be allowed to marry and adopt children and the bible truths will be no longer taught in schools…

    How can we mock a good God? By voting for our creature comforts no matter who hands them to us?

    DO we really believe this government can make a difference to nature?? Global warming was proven to be a smokescreen for other agendas, climate change is the catch phrase of the day for politiacl parties to confuse the ignorant so their true agendas can be foisted on us.

    I feel sick, sick, sick!

    God is the God of the climate and God will rule as to its effects on the nations – we are simply asked to honour God with all our heart and soul, to be in the world but not of the world…

    Why are the Christians not crying out from every corner of the nation?


  20. 20 Ilona

    I feel so sick – Australia – a land without God

    I will say again Christians who support the greens and labour by saying it’s because of the climate change propaganda make me feel sad. How can we agree to a godless couple, and a homosexual running/leading what once was a Christian nation?

    I think the bible talks about God spewing us out of his mouth when we are lukewarm

    Australia deserves to be spewed/vomited out; not only are we lukewarm – we have given an ok to an atheistic mandate to rule our land
    I am speechless
    And I can’t stand by while the Christians want to be politically correct and say nothing

    I am sending this to every media outlet I know

    Let’s hope I get a jail ministry – or shot –

    All would be better than having to watch the devil grin his way on every tv station for the next three years

    You may quote me..

    Love mum, Ilona

  21. 21 Ray and Louise

    Dear Robert / Tony

    I wish to express our extreme disappointment on your choice of party that you have elected into Government. Unfortunately for a pocket full of silver for your own electorates you have sold out Australia by dancing with the Devil (Julia Gillard and Bob Brown). Unfortunately Australia will reap like the rest of the world based on the seed that you have sown. Proverbs 5: 1-14. It is never too late to Repent on what you have done in order to save Australia from the Wrath of God that is still to come. The disasters that are happening all around the world will soon come to our own shores. Victoria is a prime example of a people group turning there back on morality. We have seen the number of disasters that this State has recorded in the last few years.

    I trust that your decisions will protect Australia from what will come if our Government turns its back on Gods Commandments which were the foundations of our Government.

    Concerned Australians
    Ray and Louise

  22. 22 Elizabeth

    Hi Danny,
    Just remembered the additional words that the prophetess used…… Across the way not far from them, was Julia Gillard with body crouching, curled and bowed over (as in foetal position) and head downcast, looking deeply saddened and dejected. ….have now included, below.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

    Hi Danny,

    On hearing that, due to the final decisions of the three ‘rural’ Independents, more specifically Windsor and Oakeshott for Labor, that it was announced that the decision had been made to hand government to the Labor Party and Julia Gillard, I thought very seriously about how you would be affected, as a ‘prophet of the Lord’ about whom this statement (below) was made, via Jason, in email sent 31 August, re the Fed Election outcome…..

    [ 5) Last Friday 27th Aug 2010 in Canberra he had a dream of Julia Gillard giving her final speech as PM, conceding defeat, and then he heard the words ‘it is finished’. On Saturday and Sunday at the services in Canberra Pr Daniel shared his dream with the congregation and prayed for the new government.]

    I know how easily the church crowds can ‘jump on the prophets and accuse them to billy-o’, when something they have announced appears to have not come to pass !

    I wanted to encourage you in some way re this ‘current outcome’ and your dream, so I sought the Lord about it. Even from the time of hearing the news, there was something in my spirit that did not feel disturbed or distressed, as I would normally feel when the devil is boasting of a ‘true triumph’. I felt led to ring a prophetess friend and she revealed a dream that the Lord had given her, last night. I will try to describe it as she related it to me……

    She said….. she saw Wayne Swan walk up to Bill Shorten, both smiling and puffed up in their chests and heads held high (as with the ‘pride’ of victory) as they joined arm in arm. Across the way not far from them, was Julia Gillard with body crouching, curled and bowed over (as in foetal position) and head downcast, looking deeply saddened and dejected.
    My friend’s interpretation, as impressed by the Holy Spirit, was – That Julia Gillard was ‘in power’ as PM for only a ‘split second’ (in time), as she was deposed through the conspiratorial plottings and plannings of Wayne Swan and Bill Shorten, thus enabling Wayne Swan to then take up Gillard’s position of PM.

    As I was pondering and praying about this, I felt impressed with the words – ‘It’s not over yet!’ and was reminded of the biblical pattern of Revelation, Reversal & Restoration (particularly Christ’s death and then His resurrection) and continued to feel an extraordinary peace. I asked the Lord for further confirmation on all this and as I continued to pray, the Lord led me to scriptures in Luke……specifically Luke Ch 11, V53 (KJV) “……..the scribes and the pharisees began to urge [her/Gillard] vehemently, and to provoke [her] to speak of many things, V54 Laying wait for [her/Gillard], and seeking to catch something out of [her] mouth, that they might accuse [her] ”……ie Wayne Swan and Bill Shorten setting a trap for Gillard.
    And then received the scriptures Luke 12: 2&3….ie all that is done in secrecy shall be revealed/ uncovered.

    I believe this ‘skullduggery’ will backfire for Labor, and ultimately bring disillusionment and their defeat. Their promises of ‘stable governance’ will then be seen as rhetoric only, in light of yet another ‘stab-in-the-back’ in the party .

    How all this plays out exactly, I don’t know….but I do know I felt compelled to seek the Lord to encourage you, Danny, and then share what the two of us ladies believe we have received from the Lord.

    I am also a ‘prolific dreamer’ in the Lord….perhaps He will see fit to give me a dream this very night, to enlarge on the issue. I will keep you posted if we receive anything more from the Lord, on all this.

    May the Lord bless you & your family marvellously!


  23. 23 Ben from Bendigo

    Dear Danny

    Thank you for sharing your dream . I have read some adverse press. What people need to understand about dreams is that thay are possibilties not positivilies.Gods not at fault either nor did he make a mistake.Some times considerable effort needs to come from our behalf in terms of travail and prayer. Although we sure did give it a heck of a go. As you said its not over yet by a long shot yet as Gillard will have considerable trouble running the show.

    I will again be standing for the electorate of Bendigo west against Jacinta Allan for the CDP. Any others that wish to take a stand need to contact us at theCDP (christian Democratic Party).

    But take heart Ive read the end of the Book and we win. And they overcame them by the Bolld of the Lamb and the Word of their testimony Rev. 12.11

    Gillard may still need to concede if she cant run the government. So dont throw your faith away.

    The book of Isaiah tell us that in these last days that gross darkness will cover the earth and a gross darkness the people . I believe that this darknesss or lack of illumination or lack of wisdom is what is being spoken about.

    Your in Christ Ben

  24. 24 Rose

    Dear Ps Danny

    Thank you for trying so hard for Australia in this Election but we will have to wait just a little while till your prophetic dream comes to pass and we see the righteous man be given government by an exhausted atheist and her cohorts.

    God Bless and praise Him for the cancer healings.

    Our God Reigns!!


  25. 25 David

    Hello to Pastor Daniel and all the brothers and sisters in Christ,

    A quick reply to the support question. Yes I would support a Christian party which does not compromise its values.
    I have supported the Christian Democrat Party in more than one election.

    I find the Family First Party has some appeal, but they are not called God First, or Christ First, so that is an indication on what there priorities are.

    I find that even though there are well meaning and learned persons in the Greens their leadership and too many of their policies and views are against Gods will and all the God has taught.

    Any party not 100% made up of committed Christians, which includes both the major parties, will never deliver what I look for to represent my interests and views in any parliament state or federal in this country. Even if a government actually acted in accordance with all the sensible ways of running a business type operation it would still only be operating in the wisdom of the wise, but not the wisdom of God who puts the wise to shame.

    Have a great day,


  26. 26 Sam

    Hi Danny,

    Thanks for your email. Bible says “young men shall see vision and old men dreams” in which category are you?…!!

    However, many Christians, Churches and organisations like your’s prayed hard and the result was very close. That is in answer to prayer, because Julia’s power is greatly curtailed and under threat always. Continue to pray for the final victory.

    I just returned from Sri Lanka and participated in services and spoke at various very robust churches. Give me a call when you are free and we will have a talk.


  27. 27 Graeme and Sally

    Good on you Danny. I would not discount the dream you had re Gillard being deposed as the battle is no where over yet. There is a lot of discontent among many people regarding the way things have been handled and many want another poll to be run. We would be in favour of that .It appears that if another poll was run Abbott would win. So be encouraged as this dream can yet be fulfilled. We will indeed be much in prayer for the future.

    Kindest regards to all your family and we can meet up again one of these days.

    Graeme and Sally

  28. 28 Donna in WA

    Dear Danny

    From Albany W.A. A lot of us a feeling sick in the stomach, and very upset.

    What happened Danny!!

    I really wanted to see God Glorified, but I asked God and then 3 times. He actually said to me wait. It made me feel a bit better. And Tony Abbot did point out He still originally won by one seat and 700 votes even though the independants chose different.

    I don’t want us to be judged and I did get a vision of hand and arm coming in and robbing Australia. I felt we need to pray for all the others who voted Labour as well as our churches.

    God bless Donna

  29. 29 Julie from Perth

    I am with you all the way Pastor Daniel,.

    I told someone last night, “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings”

    This morning I read in Proverbs 29:16 “When the wicked are multiplied, transgression increases, BUT THE RIGHTEOUS WILL SEE THEIR FALL”

    I still believe your dream was from God but in His timing.

    Whay a mighty man of God you are.

    Your sister-in-Christ
    Victory Life Centre Perth

  30. 30 Peter

    Agree with you in total, with abortion the single most terrible thing not mentioned at all and mind you when Tony Abbott was asked if he would do anything about abortion his answer was just “no” !!!???

    When will some genuine Christians stand up for parliament !!??

    God Bless,


  31. 31 Brian and Rhonda

    Hi Danny,

    Do not give upon your dream. Just like the servant going to check for rain clouds, when told the rain was coming. We too can continue to ask “has she been defeated yet?” Your vision I believe will come to pass and hopefully this is a further wake up call to the Church of Jesus Christ to stand up, to take back what the enemy has stolen, to put to death the lie, that the church should stay out of politics, it is not biblical and it is time we ran the country again. For His glory and honour.

    We are standing, praying and believing with you.

    Yours Sincerely

    Brian & Ronda

  32. 32 Liliana

    Dear Ps Daniel,

    I have just sent an e-mail commiserating with you after you ‘stuck your neck’ out telling us of your dream and at the same time your e-mail came through. You asked what we thought re Christian representation, would be good but – am thinking of the ‘Family First Party’ whose rep Steve Fielding has been voted out of the Senate and not much else has happened in this election with FFP- and I was sure that the ‘churches’ would back up this party and that there would be good results as most of the rep/people are Christians – so in this present Australian Climate I can’t see much happening to bring us back to the ‘historic roots’ of our founding fathers – I felt this FFP might get a foothold – but it hasn’t – the lies of the Greens have taken over – yes! they will save the planet, wish! – they have pulled the wool over the eyes of the young in schools, fear/scare mongering among the population – as if they could stop anything – all we can hope for is that this present Gov can’t run for 3 years and we go to another election and then thinking people will vote in a conservative gov – but even then we are stuck with the senate – and the GREENS in there. Tony Abbott has been ridiculed for his beliefs over the years, he has been persecuted already! This might be the Gov we need to bring us to our knees in ernest.

    GOD HELP US ALL – but time will tell! Liliana

  33. 33 Katharine

    Hi Danny,

    I have just started to receive your emails, i would like to say a big thank you for your courage to stand up for righteousness in the name of the lord Jesus christ.

    No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, said the LORD.

    Regards, Katharine.

  34. 34 Alan

    I would definately support a party with the Christian values, you mentioned.



  35. 35 Gabriele and the Richter

    We (my family) agree with everything you say! Don’t apologise for the dream… it’s future-tense :-)

    And it gives us hope.

    The enemy would like us to be unhappy and disquieted now, but as you say: “We will rise up and fight the devil and his demonic powers of darkness even more”

    Love, Blessings and Thanks

    Gabriele and the Richter Family

  36. 36 Bethuel

    Greeting Pastor

    I was also very saddenend by the news as i had believed God had sent you that dream and it didnt come to pass but as we know K.Rudd didn’t finish his term of 3 years and Liberal certainly won in population vote and more seats than Labor so just like you said, “Its not over til the fat lady sings.” I believe through prayer we can defeat the plans of the enemy for this country and bring back God-fearing leaders.

    Pastor, please stay encouraged and continue to speak the true gospel without sugar-coating it, it keeps us going as warriors for Christ. As a young man, i want to serve the Lord with all my heart and if persecution comes, then let it be, Jesus is King in my life.

    In Christ


  37. 37 Louise

    Thank you for your email. I think you’re absolutely right – this result should galvanize the Church to her knees, which I guess a coalition result may not have done!

    Please, no apologies for the dream are necessary – as you say, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet and she will yet be delivering that speech – just not yesterday!!

    Thanks also for speaking God’s truth without fear. Enough of the mamby pamby Christianity – I was reading about Elijah and Elisha this morning and they were certainly men who could be direct and who had the word of the Lord for kings!! It’s time for Elijahs and Elishas to rise up!

    Keep up the fight for the Lord – you’ll be so thankful you did when you see your reward in heaven and when you have much more of Him!

    Kind regards


  38. 38 Helen

    Hi Pastor Danny,

    I look forward to seeing you at Kingaroy later this year.

    We have only lost a battle not the war- amen to that.

    Now is the time to organise one or two people in each church to bring information to the members and support them in writing to the relevent representatives and ministers.

    We must make sure that our Christian brothers and sisters know the issues and make their voices heard. Maybe a short time after the Sunday service or the Bible study can be set aside for this. There could be form letters written to be signed and mailed off.
    Databases of email addresses of those who readily volunteer and are willing to send emails.

    I have been doing this with one particular church for a few years and it is very frustrating to find out that only a few out of hundreds actually even acknowledge my email.

    Christians must all stand together and I am seeing Jethro and Moses in Exodus 18. This principle is relevent today.

    God bless and Shalom,

    Helen from Kumbia Qld

  39. 39 Peter and Vivien

    The Lord bless you for the work and the encouragement that your ministry brings to the Body of Christ.

    Even though this goverment has come about, Jesus is building His church, one of power and might, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

    Peter and Vivien

  40. 40 Virginia

    Last night i was feeling defeated and upset about the election outcome, and was angry at the lack of enthusiasm in the Body to continue to pray fervently for Gods will to be done. God would want a righteous leader I know that I know that..

    Anyway i was watching Joseph Prince on tv last night and he was talking about the Abraham blessing, and he quoted the scripture that we all know…Rom 4:13-14 (For the promise to Abraham that He should inherit the world, did not come through the LAW but through the righteousness of faith…. ) if you are under the LAW your faith is voided. because LAW produces fear, BUT we are under GRACE not law. So if SIN is ruling in this land then NOW GOD’S GRACE WILL ABOUND. NOW THERE IS HOPE FOR GOD’S GLORY TO FALL AND REVIVAL TO COME.

    Remember to walk and receive God’s grace for you and your family daily. Australia for Jesus AMEN.


  41. 41 Wendy

    Dear Danny

    I appreciate all your emails as we live out in the country. I thank you for them all. Jusr want to encourage you that the night of the election i was praying and the Lord spoke very clearly to me that Tony Abbot will be the Australian prime Minister. As I wrestled with the result yesterday I believe that God was reassuring me that what has happened is not the final outcome but an exposure that will bring about an overwhelming victory for Tony. But first the greed in men’s must be exposed. I leave this with you to confirm or deny.

    Thanks for all your ministry

    May God encourage you



  42. 42 Andrew

    Dear Catch the Fire and Ps Danny,

    I have not always agreed with the emails you send out. But please let me offer my support by congratulating you all on the effort you put in for the Kingdom of God in Australia. I too was very saddened by the outcome and have not yet given up hope on Ps Danny’s dream. Surely God is faithful to perform His word. Nonetheless I will stand with you and our brothers and sisters from my home town of Cessnock, NSW to keep fighting for righteousness.

    Much love,


  43. 43 Kerry-Anne

    Dear Pr Daniel,

    It is a worry what our leaders will do and the fact that our parliament came to this I think is reflection of longstanding complacency by us all. However, I did pray that GOD’S WILL be done in this election and so I believe the outcome is God’s will (or it would not have been so), for this time. Perhaps it’s a case of “BETTER A WISE TURK THAN A FOOLISH CHRISTIAN” – no doubt Julia has her work cut out for her, especially being a woman that most the powers to be don’t want there. Who would want to work in politics anyway. Kevin Rudd acknowledged our Lord and look what they did to him, even I have suffered persecution for such simple things as being honest before God. My point is that maybe we need more believers coming up the ranks but I fear the ranks corrupt the gemstones and there is our problem. It’s so easy to hide under a rock and as for the media, well – who can trust their moral filter? ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD – somehow, this election has changed our government structure so much that it now looks more like the european model than ever before and maybe THIS is necessary for God’s plan down the track. America blurt out God’s name very other minute but how immoral they have become underneath. God is dealing with us at the core and I am personally excited in what He is doing. One thing I know – almost everyone I know who voted for small parties hoping for a preference swing to Liberal will most definitely be voting for Liberal next time, it will be a landslide – my question is (painfully highlighted by those last two independents), will the Liberal Party be able to hold their ground? Yep, keep praying!


  44. 44 Patricia

    Dear Danny,

    First of all Julia Gillard does not have a mandate or even the support of the nation to be our P.M. Her party got less votes than Liberal and she actually was only voted into the position by the two independents Tony Windsor and Rob Oakshott. I wonder how their constituents voted in actual numbers re Liberal and Labour I doubt they would have given Labour their second preferences and if either of these men had Labour as their first preference then so be it, but if they had Liberals above Labour on the ballot paper then surely they are not voting as their constituents wish or voted.

    There are many who would support a Godly party and many who believed they were doing so in voting for either the Family First Party or the Christian Democrats, though I believe the former, started by Ps Andrew Evans in S.A. is not quite so forthright in saying it is Christian but only has Christians as candidates and stands up for the Biblical values (as do C.Democrats). The reason Ps Evans did not declare it to be out and out “Christian” was so others, who were not Christian but still had the same values, would not feel alienated from the party.

    Here in S.A. Family First has accomplished a lot in the state parliament arena, changing or preventing bad bills from going through the system, but interstate is less known.

    I don’t believe we need another spit in the voting power but maybe the Christian parties should amalgamate to get numbers, they need more financial aid and more people to give out pamphlets at polling booths – this is SO important. We need to educate more people about the hidden agendas of both Julia Gillard and the Greens, so few people know the full Greens policies and yet voted for them because they “support the planet”! Others voted for Gillard because she is a woman and they wanted to “give her a go”!

    People I spoke to before the elections had no idea of the about these agendas but were happy not to vote for them once they were informed. I was amazed the Liberals didn’t seem to target the Greens in their ads as we knew were preferencing Labour. The only ad I saw to speak against the Greens was from a Mt Gambier chap calling his group “Climate Skeptics” and it was a very good ad but with little finance was rarely seen.

    Many want Christian people in parliament but we need to have people with wisdom and that is not so easy a thing to find. We still need to pray for Tony Abbott for this gift.



  45. 45 Donna

    Dear Danny

    Light heartedly, My daughter I thought trust you to think its exiciting to have underground churches.

    God bless Donna

  46. 46 Jeff

    Dear Pastor Danny

    I too am very sad over the lack of Australians to care about righteousness (Righteousness exalts a nation Prov 14:34) when voting, particularly christian leaders. Most seem to think that personality or human leadership is more important than God’s blessings.

    When I read of your dream I felt a stirring in my heart but also that it may take some time to come to pass. On the other hand it may be that we both allowed our desire to see a God fearing leader as PM influence our expectations.

    I will continue to pray for our government and leaders; but more so for God to pour out his Spirit in our land and turn our peoples hearts to Him and open blind eyes and deaf ears to His glorious truth.

    On the question of a new political party…would it be different to Family First or CDP. Generally I would be supportive.


    Nowra NSW

  47. 47 Kim

    Dear Danny

    My husband & I fully support what you are saying about the Labor Green government. We were both born & grew up in Tamworth NSW and we are really shocked that Tony Windsor has supported Labor. We believe that many others will be too.

    I have been really praying that Tony Abbott would win but my comfort is that God is in control and He obviously thinks we must need some persecution before this country will turn around, therefore I am so glad that you are standing up for righteousness. Thanks so much for that – its SO comforting.

    Warm regards

  48. 48 Anton

    Hi Pastor Danni

    I will with my hole heart will support The Gods kingdom minded party.



  49. 49 Mark






  50. 50 Margaret

    I agree and am with you and Almighty God for Australia – we must not let go of our Christian Heritage – which my Grandfather was sent here for., to spread the Gospel. May God give me and other Christians a backbone of steel for Jesus Christ – if we deny Him before men – He will deny us before God our Father.

    Love in Jesus – keep up the good fight. I am waiting to see what our Sovereign God will do – He will not be mocked.


  51. 51 Jennifer Bolton

    Why are you disappointed at the result? This is of the Lord, God spoke to me the other week saying that He wanted me to make a choice about who should win the Aust election.

    After much prayer and thought I asked for Ms Gillard to be elected, you may ask why and I will tell you the reason why. If Tony Abbott was elected, yes the blessing will be there but it will be a band aide upon the situation but it will delay the judgements to come upon Aust and they will be worse than what is about to come.

    To allow Ms Gillard to become PM is to allow God to be God and to have His way in Aust and yes even NZ as I have lived throught the 7.1 magnitude quake, the Lord told me last week that there will be an earthquake in the natural and the spiritual in Christchurch, the quake has happened and we are still being shaken up and the spiritual is about to happen. He also showed me a vision of His iron sceptre of righteousness being planted in Cathedral Square in Christchurch right in front of the Cathedral doors and He will be taking back this city for Himself so that it can and will live up to its name of Christchurch. He is enthroned above the Cathedral and above this city. People have been shown in vision the glory cloud of God in the Cathedral Square pertaining to the great revival that is going to happen in thsi city and I believe that we are now on the thresh hold of this happening. Aust and New Zealand are closely linked in our histories as well as Israel is linked with both Aust & NZ and God is going to move upon both nations as well as Israel in these last days.

    The Lord is very angry with the world and what man is doing on this earth He told me this on Sat morning before the quake hit and His eyes are blazing with anger and the day of vengence and wrath of the Lord is upon the earth. Since the peace talks have started with Israel all of these things disasters etc have started to happen. Don’t dismiss the things happening with Israel as being just over there, what is happening with her is impacting upon the whole earth, all of creation is suffering intense birth pangs, the earth is going through spasms and the kingdom is being birthed through violence. The kingdom is ready to be birthed.

    Yes God is going to start judging Aust going right back to the foundations of the nation at the First Fleet and what people have done with the aboriginal people and what we may have done with the Jewish people in turning away the boat carrying Jewish people in the second world war from berthing and taking these people unto our shores to shelter them instead we sent them back to face the Holocaust. We as a nation need to repent of this. You only need to read the newspapers to see the wicked things taking place in the nation and frankly YHVH has had enough of this it is a stench to His nostrils. These days are like the days of Noah to Him and His Spirit will not strive with man any longer. The Father is about to send His Son for the true church and time is very short the church needs to wake from the sleep of sin and turn back to the Lord. Today is the Jewish New Year and the beginning of the 10 days of awe before Yon Kippor days of repentence. The Lord wants us to fast and wait in awe and silence befoe Him. The time of the gentiles is almost complete

    Yes Ms Gillard is back in as PM but it is for YHVH’s purposes, He will bring righteousness upon the nation in His way not ours, not yours, let Him be God and stop trying to put your desires and wants upon Him, He is the Great I am. He is angry very angry and He wsill have His way in the nation of Australia, let Him be and let Him get on with His work. He knows how best to sift and shake the hearts of men and women, He is seperating the chaff from the wheat, He will do what He pleases, He kills and makes alive, His name is dreadful out of His grace and mercy He will bring people to Himself through the judgments He is going to bring upon the land. He is going to purge and cleanse the land from unrighteousness and he is going to shake people’s belief systems esp in the church. His judgements are going to begin with the house of God 1 Peter 4 and if they are severe with the church how much more severe will they be with the world. we are in the last of the last days and He is ounding the shoffar for war and calling His army to assemble for such a time as this. Are your ready to take this challenge and to answer the call of the Master and to stand in your place, stop mucking around and playing church get into line get into rank, wake up for the trumpet is sounding an arlarm on the holy mountain. The Lord is uttering His voice before His holy army and He will not wait for the stragglers to get their act together. When the jugemenst come He will want His true church to shine like lights in the darkness and to speak forth for YHVH to turn people back to Him in true repentence and yes God does use the heathen people to bring His judgements upon a land and to do His work Just read Jeremisah we are like the days of Jeremiah when the Lord warned and warned His people about the Bablyonian captivity right upt to the time they were carried away into captivity, so too in these days YHVH is warning and warning and will do so right up to the time the true church is snatched away by Yeshua to go with Him into the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and many who are not ready will be left behind to face the wrost time in the world’s History. Wake up church and hear what the Spirit of God is saying to you, we do not have much time left, be ready, watching and waiting and keep you hearts pure, guard your hearts. read Jeremiah ch 6:10 esp but the who of Jermiah ch 6, Hosea 6, Joel 2 & 3, Mahum 1.

    God used the Babylonians and the assyrians to execute His judgements upon Israel because of her wilful turning away from God and following idols which greatly angered and displeased Him and do you think He will let the church get off because they believe in Jesus. No He will not if He dealt severley with His beloved Iserael how much much will He deal severely with the church who has for the most part made light of sin and repentence and only giving lip service to their God and Yehsua who died a horrible death on the cross for our sakes, and now the church has reduced the gospel to a bless me club and a cross less apostate christainity and has turned her back on Israel and tried to replace her Hebrew roots with the weed of replacement theology which greatly angers YHVH.

    We are sinners saved by grace from the Hands of an angry God and He is the same God the God of the Old Testament is the same God of the New see Heb 13:8 Jesus is coming back as judge and King and the Day of the Lord is the day of the Lord Jesus coming back as Messiah to rule and reign on this earth for a 1,000 years a day of gloom and thick clouds and darkness for those He will judge and a day fo joy for those who look for His appearing with hope those that are His. For His people will call upon Him and be saved they look upon Him whom they pierced and mourn as for an only son see Zech 12 -14. Giod will come in answer to their call and save His people we are in the time before the Great Tribulation.

    The time of soft words of love is past now the Lord is speaking forth no shouting forth like a mighty warrior He is on the war path and He will not be stopped. It is His mercy that He has allowed this woman to be PM for His purposes, how long or short her term will be depends upon the Lord and when He has accomplished His purpose through her He will remove her.

    So don’t put your agendas upon YHVH’s agenda, He uses judgements to bring people back to Him in true repentence if they are listening to Him and heeding His voice. This is the reason why God is raising up His prophets and the five fold ministry gifts to point the people back to the fact that there is a God in Heaven who will not be mocked and He wants us to fear Him and to reverence Him this has been lost in the church at large the reverential fear of the Lrod is the beginning of wisdom. Believe you me when you live through a 7.1 earthquake and being awake and in prayer at the time it struck is no laughing matter and you soon realise you are at the mercy and in the hands of an all mighty all powerful God. All I could do was to shout praises to my all powerful all mighty God as the quake was happening and more is yet to come on this city of Christchurch because they need to repent and to turn back to their God. Miraculously and by His grace and mercy no one was killed or seriously injured and we did not have any damage done to our place because My God is looking after us and protecting us and my firends. YHVH is about to bring revival on this city the like of which has not been seen before. In the quake I encountered YHVH the in all of His esence as the I AM that Moses would have met when He met with YHVH at the burning bush. Truly it is a fearful thing to fall into the Hands of the Living God and live.

    Australia will too have revival but first must come the judgement and YHVH will expose all that is hidden in darkness and people think that He does not see but He does and He will bring down the wickednes in High places and He will shake and He will shake until He breaks the stubborn spirit and pride and rebellion will be brought down. He will winnow and sift and shake and seperate the wheat from the chaff. He will judge the motives of the hearts of both the people in the churches and the secular wolrd, He will bring down and He will raise up. He will shake the political powers, He will shake the climate He will shake the states and humble their pride and rivalries and make them humble themselves before God. He has had enough of the wicked bills being passed in parlianment and He will bring these things down in His fierce anger. He will shake the economy everyhting that is not of Him He will shake, everything that is of Him will remain steadfast. Yes we are going through the shaking in NZ even the north island is being shaken as well but the Lord said that we will still experience the shaking but if we are trusiting in Him we will be firmly planted on the rock who is Yeshua and will not be shaken but will help bring others to a knowledge of Him.

    So YHVH”s quaestion to you is for the result of this election whose will were you seeking to see answered. Yours or YHVH’s? we need to be praying like Jesus did in the garden the night before He went to the cross not my will be done but yours o Holy Father. If it is good enough for our saviour to drink from the cup of bitterness and judgment so too must we be baptised with His baptism. Submit yourself to the Divine will and hear and revive see Isaiah 55:3 amplified version in fact all of Isaiah 55 is good to read.

    In fact when I read this email about being disappointed with the election results made me angry you know why because it made YHVH angry, you just wanted your own way and not His, you say you know the times but you don’t the time of the day of the Lord is upon us. Stop being a stumbling block in the plans and purposes of YHVH but repent and seek Him and allow Him to get on with His work. Do you want Aust to suffer a worse fate which she will if you had your way, the judgments when they would eventually come would be worse if they came after Tony Abbott may have been alected and after his term in office and another govt got in that is not quite right the Lord will bring His judgments but much more severe than what He is going to do now in the land. Australia will turn back to her God but only after this time of purging and winnowing has come to pass. Times will be tough but those who know their God will do great exploits in Him and He will protect His people from harm even when they are going through the rought times and are experiencing the shaking He will seperate His people that it will be seen that there is a difference between the people who know and have a relationship with the Lord and they will be protected in miraculous ways and people will want to know how come they are not suffering, that their homes are standing that they are flosrishing like the tree in time of drought Jeremiah 17:7-8, Psalm 1.

    So fear not says the Lord, this is of Me, be not afraid for I will accomplish that which I have planned and purposed for this great nation of Australia, even though the result may not be to you liking it is in accordance with My plans and purpposes that i have purposed for this land. I will use this govt to overthrow, overthrow, overthrow that which is not of Me, I will use this govt to bring down the High and lofty counsels of the wicked, I will bring it about I will judge, I will judge and I will judge and bring to naught that which is not of Me in order for My righteousness to be birthed and brought about in this great nation. For your ways are not My ways says the Lord nor are your thoughts My thought says the Lord, for My ways are higher than yours and My thoughts are Higher than yours and My word will go forth and accomplish that which I send it forth to do it will not return to Me void but will go out and accompolish My will and purpose with power and as you wait upon Me, yes as you wait upon Me with fasting and prayer and be silent before Me in silent and Holy awe I will show you what to do in these coming days of judgment.

    Yes I am raising up an army I am sounding an alarm on the Holy Mountain I am blowing the shoffar to get ready for war in the heavenlies and yes the wicked forces of darkness shall be overthrown and torn down but only as you wait upon me and are geared up and standing in line ready for battle and waiting for the orders of the Commander in Chief do not run ahead of Him but wait upon Him for His orders to move and He will tell you where to go and to whom to speak to and He will accomplish these orders to go with signs and wonders the like of which have never been seen before on this earth nor will be seen again. As my people humble themselves before me and wait in awe and dread upon my command they will go forth in My power and might and under My authority to speak and do my work in these last days. It is only as you wait upon me and walk humbly with me and be prayed up and seeking My face and fasting and being willing to submit your will to My divine will, will you be able to accomplish these works says the Lord the almighty the Holy One of Israel.

    Let those who have ears to hear, hear and heed what the Spirit is saying to you and the churchs at this time. Don’t just take my word as you read the above, but take to YHVH in prayer, read the scriptures and ask His Spirit to confirm to you as to whether or not this word is of Him. If it is which I believe it is from the heart of God Himself He will confirm it through various ways and means.

    Jennifer Bolton
    from Christchurch NZ
    By the way I am an ex patriot Australian, I was born in Bulli NSW and the Lord had laid it on my heart to be praying for the election and praying for Australia, which I have been doing so and I believe the Lord has given me the above words to write to keep your eyes on Him. He does things in the opposite to how we think or feel things should be accomplished. He has given me a prophetic mantle and this is why I have written as I have as this is from the heart of God.

  52. 52 Jennifer Bolton

    To add emphasis to what the Lord had led me to write above, I just checked my emails and recc’d the following word from Andrew Storm re the earthquake in Christchurch and this email was forwarded onto me by a friend who meets with me fortnightly to pray for Israel with others.

    > -Andrew Strom.
    > As many of you know, a major 7.1 Richter earthquake struck the
    > New Zealand city of Christchurch in the early hours of Saturday
    > morning. We had only been in the country for a few days, but we
    > were quite a distance away. Amazingly, nobody was killed – which
    > is seen as a complete miracle. Earthquakes this size have been
    > known to kill hundreds of thousands of people. So we are very
    > thankful to God. Of course, a lot of buildings are quite seriously
    > damaged. And a lot of people are pretty traumatized. (My heart
    > truly goes out to them, because I have ministered to disaster
    > victims before). But at least nobody is dead!
    > I don’t know about you, but I cannot help but see God speaking
    > to the church in the loudest possible terms through this earthquake.
    > The fact that it happened to the only major city called “Christchurch”
    > in the Western world. The fact that it has been prophesied for years
    > that the church will be greatly “shaken”. The fact that a whole lot
    > of older “structures” were wrecked or brought down – but the people
    > themselves survived intact.
    > And I also see that God is speaking to us personally through this
    > disaster. As you know, the “Shaking” of the church is something
    > we have been speaking about for years. In fact, the last article that
    > I wrote before being turned away from the US border two weeks ago
    > was “THE SHAKING is GROWING.” It seems to me (and I cannot
    > see it any other way) that God spun us around and forced us back
    > to New Zealand so we would be here in time for this disaster. We
    > were meant to be here when this “great shaking” came to Christ-
    > church. It simply does not seem credible to me that this can be
    > a co-incidence.
    > Not only that, but Christchurch is the most “prophesied-over”
    > city in New Zealand. Going back decades there are prophecies
    > (some of which we published years ago) that speak about Revival
    > and Reformation coming to that city – or spreading out from there.
    > Of course, these “Christchurch – Shaking” links have been noticed
    > by many around the world. Sometimes people take things to be a
    > “sign” that can be a little dubious. But you can hardly say that
    > about this one! To me, this has “Sign From God” written in neon
    > lights all over it!
    > On our Facebook page, several commented on this. Mary LaRue
    > wrote: “I believe this physical earthquake is an outward showing of
    > what God is about to do spiritually in the House (His Body). A great
    > shaking is coming. It is no accident that the place it hit was
    > Christchurch!” And Maree Crawford wrote: “The earthquake struck
    > when most were asleep and unaware in Christchurch… Next a
    > spiritual earthquake in Christ’s Church which will catch many that
    > are asleep, and unaware. I reread the prophecy this afternoon from
    > February about ‘Earthquake in the Church’ (Phil Buck). I agree…”
    > This event has already changed our own plans. It is certainly not
    > something we can ignore. We had begun to receive invitations to
    > minister in Australia, but I am going to have to put those back
    > while we see what God would have us do here in New Zealand.
    > It seems likely that God may want us to do something like what
    > we did after Hurricane Katrina (bringing teams down, etc). Obviously
    > if we head for Christchurch we are going to have to be very sensitive
    > to the trauma that these people have gone through. But the great
    > thing is that everyone recognizes what a miracle it is that nobody
    > was killed. I believe my Katrina experience may stand me in good
    > stead again here. What an opportunity for the Christians to show
    > forth the love of Jesus to a lost and dying world.
    > Please pray for us, my friends, as God’s specific plans start to
    > fall into place.
    > -Your comments are most welcome at the following website-
    > God bless you all!
    > Andrew Strom.

  53. 53 Paula

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    I am not at all perturbed by the dream from God that you passed onto your congregation:in fact, it is within keeping of His character. It is my conclusion that you have dreams/visions to help you “suffer it out'” until the dream is fulfilled. For example, consider Joseph’s dreams, and mother Mary who “kept all

    these things and pondered them in her heart” (Luke 2:19). If you have a dream from God, be prepared to wait.

    It is my reaction to the election result to understand that the Australian populous must be so revolted by the present government that they want to leave “Egypt” on mass. Moses was not very popular when things went from bad to a plague-ridden-worse as God “hardened Pharaoh’s heart” (Ex 4).

    Just remember, “the kings’ heart is in the hand of the Lord; he directs it like a water course wherever he pleases.” (Prov 21:1).

    Finally, I had a giggle when I read “Hats off to Bob Katter”.

    Yours sincerely,


  54. 54 Brigitte

    Dear Ps Danni,

    Don’t worry God is in control and testing everyone including the saints. But I believe just like Rudd Julia wont last is just a matter of time before her own kind will stab her then get her to resign quicker then Rudd did.

    If not then I know you dont like to hear it then it mean God is feed up with man in position for failing over and over for to many years. Woman didn’t feel the country it was man from generation to generation and now I believe dispise what everyone think God is putting her there to shame all the past and present minister for failing the country, nations and people in doing corrupting things like stealing money from the government , Adultery while still married to their own wife Bob Hawk then when fame hit them their divorce, like Paul keating who later left his wife then became homosexual and on and on nothing but corruption after corruption they use power to get more then giving more to the nations.

    Well my pray is with you for God to interven and not losing hope from seeing someone standing for righteousness and Godbly moral values and Biblical correct standard. But in the mean time we need to trust God that he can do all things in the heart of Julia and parliament house. Who knows Danni maybe this is the time God will move you into the parliamentary house for such a time as this just wait and see.

    Gob bless you


  55. 55 Susan

    Pr Daniel,

    I don’t believe your dream has come to fruition as yet. I believe there is still a battle raging in the heavenlies over Australia.

    I pray and believe Godly men and women have been planted as a new seed crop in this new day and new Government and when the time comes they will bear the fruit of a righteousness and will stand for and feed this spiritually starving nation.

    We should all the more continue to meet together and pray, share and have conversations about what the Lord is saying and doing in individuals lives, in communities, in the natural and spiritual realms…take it to the streets, media and the churches…encourage each other and build each other up! This is not a time to wring our hands and saying ‘Woe is me we have an atheist Prime Minister who shook hand with the devil to do a deal and take the seat of authority over our nation.’

    All authority and power in heaven and on earth belongs to Jesus! No election or lie of the enemy will usurp God’s plan for Australia.
    Fear and anxiety are not in His vocabulary for His children. Perseverance, obedience and faith are and with the same power that raised Jesus from the dead and His very own Holy Spirit in us we have the victory! God’s Kingdom will come and His will will be done on earth… in Australia… as it is in Heaven.

    All Glory belong to our God! Australia for Jesus!

    Blessings in Jesus name…Susan 

  56. 56 John & Jan

    Dear Pastor Danny, Thank you so very much for your courage, I am so encouraged and mobilized every time I read your emails. Like you I was very disappointed of yesterdays outcome and turned to praise and worship. During that time I believe the Lord spoke to me that the next 3 years will be crucial. We the body of Christ in Australia need to pray like never before,there will be increasing floods, fire, earthquakes and great iniquity poured out if we fail to repent and stand in the gap. Pastor, I firmly believe you had a true prophetic dream,it will happen just as the Lord showed you.Please accept this $200.00 as a love gift of our appreciation of you and your family’s ministry, John and Jan (we will send a cheque to you}

  57. 57 Priyanthi

    When Jesus died on the cross, it seemed He was defeated! But was He??? God speaks thru dreams and visions and they will indeed come to pass…. Julia will be defeated in God’s timing… God uses the wicked to refine the righteous… so perhaps Tony Abbott and all the Christians of the nation need to ask God what He is teaching through all this… and yes, those who trust in Him will never be put to shame


  58. 58 Chelsea

    Hi Danny,

    Thanks for your newsletters in keeping us up to date all throughtout the election.I just anted to encourage you in this time. You have done an awesome job in the assault of prayer and fasting in a great time of need for our nation, i also had a dream that Tony abbot would win so only time will tell.
    You are a non compromised warrior for Christ which is rare these days, we are fighting the battle with you, Jesus is King!!!

    Lets continue to destroy the works of darkness every opportunity we get. God bless you and your family for standing up for righteousness and yes alot of the churches are to blame even in our area sadly there were well known pastors saying that it wouldnt matter to Christians that Atheists were running the country shame on them, but there are those true disciples that will stand up and fight, God is raising an Army both in Australia and globally.

    Glory to our king, the devil always over plays his hand, God will be glorified HALLELUJAH!!!!!!

    God bless you

  59. 59 John

    Dear Danny

    Regarding supporting a true Cristian Political Party I would like to point out to you the C D P.which is very active im N S W .
    and W A .and has made a significant contribution , for a conservative M P to be reelected to our Parlement due to their

    Here in W A we have a very active C D P .staff and office, it would be awesome if that could be replicated in all our states….
    Our GOD is an awesome GOD ,HE never promised us a live of ease but HE did promise us HE will never leave us nor
    forsake us,and that is awesome, so lets put our hand to the plough and get on with it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Regards in the name of YESHUA the coming KING,,,,,,,,,,


  60. 60 Linda

    If given the opportunity, would you support a political party which will take Australia back to the historic roots of its Founding Fathers, the Ten Commandments, and that will protect our Judeo-Christian heritage??

    Yes, I would. I was one of the volunteers handing out the how-to-vote forms for Family First and I would be prepared to stand up for anyone else I believe are following our Judeo-Christian heritage. I really believe that it is time for a true voice of righteousness in our Parliament.

    Blessings on you all.


  61. 61 Ps Errol & Shyama

    Hi Pastor Danny & team

    After much prayer for Australia we too are sad at the outcome but we must still pursue and persist in prayer never giving up. Who knows it may change sooner than we think. History & wrold events have changed as a result of faithfulI intercesssors. Looking forward to see you in Sri Lanka in Nov: shall join with our congregation.

    Keep up the great work.

    Love & Prayers

    Ps Errol & Shyama

  62. 62 Gwenda

    Hello Pastor Daniel, I was disappointed but dismayed that Tony Windsor was swayed by the broadband – where is it after the previous election? $45 billion and Julia has to bring this in – no ducking and dodging now. I think Ms Gillard will be in a bit of a vice, not as free as she would have hoped I am sure, and co workers watching her every move. God works in mysterious ways and I pray truth will be very much evident in the next few years and righteousness shining as a very desirable thing.

    Blessings, Gwenda

  63. 63 Ian

    What is a great comfort is that you are not alone in your views on the outcome of the election, We do have to endure some hardships to strengthen us and motivate us to take action. Joseph managed to see the value in his adventure to Egypt when his brothers turned up, Maybe the Lord wants to condition those who vote for the atheists like the prodigal son


  64. 64 Suresh

    Dear Ps Danny

    I admire you for your unwavering stand opposing the election of Julia Gillard. Unfortunately, God does things in His own time it seems. As an Aussie, I did vote for Tony Abbott from Sri Lanka, where I live.

    While you are grappling with demons there, we in Sri Lanka, are grappling with an even bigger demon. Today, the Parliament is expected to give the ok by 2/3 majority (after a lot of Opposition MP’s have decided to support it – you know why!). We are looking down the barrel at a Rajapakse dynastic rule for the foreseeable future, and the unlimited power to appoint every Government key executive – Supreme Court including CJ, IGP, Elections Commissioner, Bribery Commissioner…No prizes to guessing who gets those jobs!

    Please also spare a prayer for us, as the dark forces take over here, and pray that God will have mercy on us, and take us out of this morass at some point soon! With Him all things are possible!

    Yours in Christ

  65. 65 Pastor Francis

    Dear Danny,

    I agree whole heatedly with your sentiments on the government we have at the present time.

    May GOD help Australia!

    your Brother in Christ,

    Pastor Francis
    Church With No Walls Hbt.

  66. 66 Gwendolyn

    In closing let me ask you a very, very important question. If given the opportunity, would you support a political party which will take Australia back to the historic roots of its Founding Fathers, the Ten Commandments, and that will protect our Judeo-Christian heritage??

    I would not only support such a party, but pray for and welcome it.

    Ballarat Christian College

  67. 67 Anita

    I stand by every word you say Danny and have been praying for a Christian Leader. God knows best – its not all over yet – we do not know how log this govt will last, and perhaps this is an opening for all to see. God works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform.



  68. 68 Judith

    Thank you for this email, Has it been sent to Mr Tony Abbott? I think that it does need to be sent to Mr Abbott.

    This writings share a real lot, especially about the churches not speaking out.

    Well done and Thanks for standing strong, Keep the fires burning


  69. 69 Joy

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    As a newcommer to your web site, I am writing to encourage you, and to say to you, IT IS NOT BY MIGHT,NOR BY POWER,BUT BY MY SPIRIT SAYS THE LORD. and to thank you for all that you do for the Body of Christ., and as a part of that body, I would like to encourage you and remind you of the words of Job 22.28, that we shall decree a thing and it will come to pass, therefore, I believe that we must not look at the circumstances which have been presented to us, but to turn our eyes on Jesus, who has a great plan for this country. We are not called the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit in vain, and every declaration that has been spoken into the spiritual realm over this Nation, by intercessors and prayer warriors shall surely come to pass,. Let us not slip into any kind of negative agreement with the enemy. Our God upholds ALL things by the word of His power.Heb.1.3.Remember Danny, Amos.3. 3.8. the Lord does nothing, unless He reveals His secrets to His prophets.and God has not changed, He still speaks to us prohetically as well as in dreams. Your dream is for a little time to come, so be encouraged and fear not. Blessings in His name.


  70. 70 Paula

    Hi Danny,

    I would definitely be interested in joining a Christian political party if you run for parliament. I would have to look at the differences between your party and the CDP, or perhaps there would be only one very strong Christian political party so that Christians are not divided?

    I have a prophetic friend who, years ago, saw warplanes over Richmond, NSW. I believe times will get very tough, with underground churches, and I know it is all fulfilling end-times leading to Jesus return. I also believe the quality of life in Australia will do down-hill quickly now. If churches and families are strong they can influence for God’s glory, but the real battle is about to begin. We will be tested as never before. I understand this is why families are being so attacked, to weaken them into submission to the plans of the devil, but God has been doing a cleansing in His people in recent times, preparing us for the battles ahead. There is a quickening of healings and deliverances. God’s army is being prepared for radical obedience and victory!!

    I encourage you, Danny, to pursue the things God is showing you. I will continue to pray for you.

    Your sister in Christ,

  71. 71 Gabriel

    Dear Daniel ,

    Your are a true champion for the Lord, thank you for your humility and yes both my wife (Tracey) and I will support Rise UP Australia as a political party .


  72. 72 David

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    My ‘one liner’ is to say ‘God be – no -is! – with you’.

    He is also with so many others in this Great South Land who, even with divergent views on many ‘political’ issues have all chosen to stay close to Him in matters of ‘Righteousness’ and ‘Truth’.

    Sincerely, David

  73. 73 Sharon

    Dear Pastor Danny. I also had dreams we would win this election and when I heard we lost, the Lord said don’t give up yet. There was alot of corruption in this election and I think God is going to expose it. Your Sister in Christ, Sharon

  74. 74 Elizabeth

    Even His enemies’ plans for evil are reversed and made to serve the purpose of God (see Gen. 50:20; Rom. 8:28; Acts 2:22-23).


  75. 75 Karen

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

    Pastor Daniel your dream was correct

    Tony did win by votes, the way you prayed for the Liberals to win and the dream was correct as such. Tony 93 Gillard 92. BUT
    It was other peoples choices that altered the outcome, and this is what I was praying for God’s will in the outcome not mans. I would not pray for one party as I would have tied God and His WILL up by doing so!

    Obviously this is God’s WILL

    All I can say is PRAISE THE LORD

    Now will be the beginning of the Spirit rising up in this Great South Land as said by Smith Wigglesworth in preparation for the return of Christ

    Now is the time for Christians to plug into God so strongly and begin being led by the Spirit for the revival to begin


    BRING IT ON GOD as your plans are in heaven may they now be on earth

    Let the battles begin



    Your sister in Christ


  76. 76 Rob

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    I appreciate your zeal and desire for righteousness to reign through Christ in this nation of Australia. The concerns you articulate and your forthright statements about Gillard and Brown are needed in the church.

    I do not believe in a Christian Party in politics. I believe that if you give yourself to prayer and the Word of God, God will use you to speak to the nation, its leaders and people. I believe the church has lacked leaders utterly given to a sovereign Saviour and Lord of history. Consequently we are a laidback mob of Ausies with very little comprehension of God’s holiness and His judgements as they come upon our society. Hence we have these people in Canberra.

    Australia is going down under the wrath of God because her intercessors – the church! (not merely a little group of people so inclined) have not fulfilled the high calling to understand the times and to stand in the gap between God in His holiness and the nation in its way ward carelessness of God and the great salvation provided in His holy Son.

    I see some misunderstanding of your calling and the anointing God has given you. I honour your love, courage and tenacity and zeal but I feel you need some theological reflection which would make you far more effective and less likely to ‘jump the gun’.
    I think it may well be yet that Gillard will have to hand over to Abbott but may God first purge Tony Abbott and make him an honest and worthy leader of this nation under God, not under the ‘church’.

    Sincerely in the Lord Jesus Christ, your brother, Rob.

  77. 77 Barbara

    Dear Daniel,

    Thank you for your email. I can sense your disappointment like mine at the outcome of the Elections.
    You ask if given the opportunity, ‘ would you support a political party which will take Australia back to the historic roots of its Founding Fathers etc’? and my answer is ‘Yes’.

    I am trying to look on a positive side of this result, and there are a few things which stand out.

    1. The outcome was only by one vote. That is a great result when you think of what we could have had…a landside victory for Julia.

    2. P.M. Julia Gillard’s Salvation etc will be high on our list of priorities,where as if she had lost there would not be the same urgency.

    3. As Christians we seem to slip very easily into ‘our old way of life’ not taking much notice of Politics. (Maybe I am speaking for myself.) But this is a wake up call, we must show our true colours and not be hidden or ashamed to stand up for Righteousness.

    You can probably think of other ‘positives’ too but I certainly believe it is time for us to speak up and not be silenced.

    When I was younger I was told that I must not speak of my faith in the work place, it was forbidden. We still did but it was frowned upon. We were told not to force our Religon on others. Even though that was not the case it was thought of as that.

    Now, I am older and look back on those rules which were in place then and imagine what could happen under the new Government now.

    Keep up the good work you have many praying for you including me.


  78. 78 Steve

    Dear Danny,

    I hope you remember me. My name is Steve & I ministered alongside of you as the soloist for the launch of a Rise Up Australia group at Moruya several years ago. I then drove you to Canberra to minister at an evening church service. My good friend Helen Storer was there along with Russell Foley. Last time I caught up with you was at the Assyrian Club, Fairfield Heights for a NACL conference. It was there I gave you a word of encouragement that God was testing you to see if you were willing to speak out against the sin of this nation regardless of ridicule (even from many well-known church leaders).

    I have a question regarding the last few lines of your email. Do you realize we already have a Christian party, namely Christian Democratic Party, which (through the leadership of Fred Nile) has been doing exactly what you have proposed for the last 28 years? I believe God has asked me to challenge you to join CDP in the fight that you have just mentioned. I don’t know whether I’m right in saying this, & I hope that I’m wrong, but I get a feeling that maybe you are considering starting up your own political party. This would be tragic & would split the Christian vote even more so than the Family First party did. I’m sure you are aware of this. In the light of Christians standing together, & for the sake of unity, we want the blessing of Almighty God on our nation. Family First has brought nothing but ridicule & contempt to the Christian vote. They themselves, originally, announced that they were not a Christian party & indeed have followed through by inviting non-Christians to be candidates as well as Muslims. The CDP attempts to only approve mature Christian men & women to represent, not only the party, but God & His Word.

    I truly believe you have outstanding as a man of God, since I have been in your company & sensed the Spirit of God when you have preached. The very first time I met you personally was at a CDP annual convention where you were one of the guest speakers. We were in the lineup in the cafeteria at lunchtime and I spoke to you by the Spirit of God that God had called you to Australia to wake up the Christians. This is even more true today than when I spoke those words. I believe it’s time for you to take a stand for CDP & God will bless you.

    I hope you will prayerfully consider this.

    Your brother in Christ,


  79. 79 Rose

    Yes Ps Daniel, I WOULD support a Godly political leader.

    I am very disappointed too…. But will trust God and continue to pray His perfect plan and purpose for Australia at this time.

    Bless you for being God’s voice in OZ,

    (I’m in Perth at Victory Life Centre)

  80. 80 Anna

    Thank you for your emails

    I strongly believe that your letter today is somewhat premature… One of the Independents is ALREADY starting to be ‘outof sorts’ with the Gillard government!…It won’t take long…. Remember Ps Danny, “Having done ALL, STAND”, and I believe it’s just time to STAND and see the HAND OF THE LORD in this situaltion…HAVE FAITH!

    PS I personally do not appreciate your ‘political correctness’ either. On one hand you’re telling us how we might be heading for the underground churches like in China etc, the next you’re saying “I really believe that it is time for a true voice of righteousness in our Parliament. If the current trend continues, the Greens will become a major hindrance for Godly values in Government which will affect our nation and all Christians in a very negative way”.

    I understand your need to grapple with it and try to work it out, but doin that in this medium in itself can create uncertainty /confusion. Don’t give the enemy any bait to play with! Some of the people who read your emails are not strong yet in the word and in trusting God’s appointed leaders in the church (which by the way, is ANOTHER thing you CRITICISED), why give satan any foothold?

    Love to all in Jesus Most High & Holy Name,

    Anna of the Temple (That’s what the Prophets who’ve met me named me (& they’ve known little else about me!)

  81. 81 Maree

    God Bless you Pastor Danny

    I did get excited with the dream…but i do also believe Julia will be out soon? HOW? Only the Lord knows…He is protecting his righteous Tony Abbott….as this way he will get training and watch Julia fall. He wouldnt of lasted as a minority vote so the Lord has good plans for Australia Amen…with every other country under attach you can see his hand on us…Praise God…but i do agree the Church need to rise up more now than ever, and show who is in charge….The enemy is going down…hahahahahha

    This is the Brides time to show what she is made of….Our daddy is the Creator of the Universe….Oh My Gosh thats Huge
    Its rise up Church or be defeated….If God is for us who can be against us…

    Be very blessed in your obedience to the Lord Almighty…..

    In Jesus Name

  82. 82 Kim

    Dear Pastor Danny & Family

    Thankyou for your encouragement, the first word God blessed me with in my sadness yesterday was ‘We may have lost the battle, but we have won the war’! So I was really encouraged to hear you say that too. God is good. He is Sovereign, and the only reason He would have allowed this to happen is to wake up his church and separate sheep from goats. It’s time to get real.

    In the old testament there were kings who openly pulled down idols and lead a nation in repentance so I have always thought, why not here and now in Australia? I certainly agree that we need strong, gutsy Godly leadership in our nation – the battle has just begun…and we win!! I believe there is a remnant that God is waking up and I had a vision recently of God’s people standing forward into their ranks and line after line a Godly army was awakened. In Nehemiah, each part of God’s people built and restored their part of the wall and that is what I’m seeing. Each part of his church waking up, being restored and humbling themselves in repentance to arise as an army, each one in his position, a mighty and pure force.

    Let it be as you have said Lord…

    Keep the faith

  83. 83 Carol

    Dear Danny

    Thanks for speaking the truth. I have always supported Fred Nile as I believe he is a righteous man and will stand up for what he believes – we need a few more like him. I did vote Liberal this time because I felt they needed the primary vote to give them a chance.

    May the Lord bless you and keep you.

    In His name


  84. 84 Judy

    Hello. Thanks for sending this out today. Like you, I was praying and hoping that your dream was for now. When we heard that Gillard was in again..and Bob Brown was there as well, I confess I got really angry. The words that you spoke here…”It only takes godly men to do nothing for evil to triumph”….are so true. The church as a whole has been caught out.

    However, as I was praying about this this morning I felt that it wasn’t the end!!!

    Our God moves in mysterious ways …His Wonders to Perform…that’s our God. Its still very likely that this government will be so unstable that it will collapse….I’m praying that the evil behind this government will be forced by the power of the Holy Spirit to reveal itself in all its ugliness.Praying for spiritual blindness to be removed.

    I for one would love to see Australia go back to its Christian roots…we so badly need this.

    I just want to encourage you. Don’t back off from sharing your dreams with us. I believe it was from the Lord…it was just the timing. If we continue to intercede and break through…this government WILL FALL before its time is up.

    WE need to pray for Tony Abbot..and his party.. cover them with prayer..and pray for open doors for them.

    Thank you for sharing so much with us all. I for one get so much encouragement from it all.




  85. 85 Kevin

    I too felt very sad for the country of Australia but…

    God our father is still in charge and his purposes will happen. Let the righteous praise his holy name.


  86. 86 Patricia

    Dear Pastor I am saying Amen to your email about the election. I believe if your dream is from God then it will come to pass. I am praying that it will so let me encourage you. The measure that Ms Gillard has meted on her former leader will be the measure that will be given to her. Standfast the games have only just begun.

    Standing with you in prayer,


  87. 87 Ewan

    Hi Danny,

    I agree we may yet see Gillard concede defeat in some manner long before the next election is due. Also, we don’t just have an atheist in the top job but one who is “living in sin” no less!

    I also strongly agree that all the PC pastors who refused to stand against the godless agenda of Labor and The Greens, are partly responsible for this outcome.

    I support your call to support only parties that “will take Australia back to the historic roots of its Founding Fathers, the Ten Commandments, and that will protect our Judeo-Christian heritage.” Even the Coalition parties are pretty lukewarm when it comes to standing up for Christian moral values these days.

    Regards, Ewan.

  88. 88 Denise

    Praise be to our God who knows all things. The prayers of a righteous man Avail Much. Our prayers have been heard and as the saying goes “it ain’t over until the fat lady sings.” I don’t hear any singing as yet. This is the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit. AMEN! and again I say AMEN!


  89. 89 Ray

    Dear Daniel

    In answer to your question Yes I would support a political party which will take Australia back to the historic roots of its Founding Fathers, the Ten Commandments, and that will protect our Judeo-Christian heritage??

    It is about time that we started such a party to work for the return of the Foundations of our Nation.

    How about calling it “The Australian Foundation Party”

    We should not push Christian Titles in the Party Name but emphasis Christian and family values as the aims and objectives of the Party. We need to have an alternate for the Green and other minor party vote in all states.


  90. 90 Olive

    Dear Danny, even as I prayed about the outcome and for victory for Tony Abbott who really won the election, I felt a warning in my spirit, this would be too hard to take on this parliament for Tony Abbott at this time . He would be attacked ferociously by the Labour/Greens. I believe the Lord knows what is best and we will yet see your dream fulfilled as the present govt. self-destructs and people realize just what the Greens stand for. God bless Olive

  91. 91 Amanda

    Hi Danny,

    Im with you guys on the moral decay of what was once a good country to live in Australia.. Im sadened to think the worst is yet to come. As a married woman my husband and I have know children and the IVF didnt work for us nor did the other options presanted to us at the time. It grieves my heart that now homosexual’, and Lesbians will be able to marry and be eligbile for what was once medical intervention to help childless couples concieve is now used to make families for same sex couples.. This will always be my strong sticking point. I think Australia could learn a lot from African countries in regards to this issue. Unfortunetly we here are to apathetic and have the she’ll be right mate attitude. Therefore if it feels good do it after all at the end of the day its your life your decision and your choice!! I can only pray that before 3years is up God would step in so as we can revote again and hopefully the Australian population will see what a stuff up Julia Gillard and team have made..


  92. 92 Fran

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    Everything you stand for in the name of Jesus just brings a tear to my eye. May God bless you and your family always and Yes to the answer to your question.

    May you be truly blessed.

    Kind regards


  93. 93 Joy

    Dear Danny,

    I would encourage you to keep pressing on the upward way and the answer to your question is YES every time.

    Tony Windsor called it a “Wicked Dilemma” when making his decision. Righteousness exalts a nation.

    Love & blessings always.


  94. 94 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Danny, Thanks for this. However, I am not disappointed as Greater is He that is with us than he that is against us. The battle is not over yet and I can’t see the new government lasting. I don’t believe you can have the Greens on one side and two Independants (formerly Country Party) on the other. How can Julia Gillard keep them all happy??? I believe as we continue on in prayer we will yet prevail and the Lord will get the greater victory. Love and prayers. Audrey & Maurice.

  95. 95 Nev

    Hi Danny – I was up all night with a very bitter feeling until I actually said ‘Father why have you forsaken us?’ and it was then that I was reminded of a previous time when those words were spoken – so this is not without a significant precedent, and as He had then, God has a plan now, and shall bring it to fruit . In the mean time we know that, while we all want His will to hold fast in this nation, and that while the heathen will have a season – however long – we are comforted in our distress in that as we hold fast to Him, nothing shall by anymeans harm us. God bless you and your team mightily as His Word stands forever – Nev

  96. 96 David

    Hi All

    I would definitely support a political party which upheld our Judeo-Christian roots. It was really Costello/Howard that talked about our roots and stood up regarding sharia law and the threat of Islam. Everyone seems too afraid to say anything this day in age.

    I would even consider being a candidate as I feel Christians do not have the voice they once did. Family first started well but appears to have lost their voice and got caught up in the politics.

    David , son of Michael & Elizabeth

  97. 97 Bob

    Hi Daniel,

    My wife and I would definitely support a CHRISTIAN RIGHTEOUS GOD HONOURING AND GOD FEARING political party both with our vote and financially.

    Every Blessing

    Bob and Topsy

    Albany WA

  98. 98 Jean

    Dear family and friends in Christ

    I have been receiving emails from you over the past months regarding the email below. I fully understand how you must have felt yesterday as I too felt similar. I was expecting the result to be as it is, because this Nation has not repented of its secular ways. Your dream, Pastor Daniel, may not have come to fruition at this point in time, but we must exercise patience, continue to pray and not give up, as you have encouraged us.

    Unfortunately, my local Church in Devonport, Tasmania is quite apathetic about political matters and I repent on their behalf. My local Church is also going through a time of review. Our Rector has resigned due to the continual ungodly attacks upon him. Australia as a whole Nation needs to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to us about the direction in which we are going, because God will allow us to have the choices we make, no matter what they are. I repeat, I repent on behalf of my local Church and I look forward to the day when your dream becomes a reality, because pride always rises high before it concedes its defeat and becomes humble before Almighty God.

    In answer to your question below about parties supporting a political party, etc… It is difficult to answer yes or no because we have had and continue to have minority parties rising up, and they are not always very successful. The example I have in mind is Family First. I am inclined to say, that it is probably better to select Christians for the major parties once the voters have come to the conclusion that repentance towards God is important for good Gvernment. We have a long way to go in this Nation, but God ….
    God’s blessings on the Ministry He has placed you in.

    In Christ’s Name, Jean.

  99. 99 Peter

    Hi Ps Danny and team, Yes yes yes – we would support a fair dinkum christian party to take us back to our Christian Heritage. In this house hold there are 5 adult supporters, willing to support in prayer, actions in handing out leaflets on polling days (as we did for Wendy Francis for Senate in Qld – unsuccessful!) – and also some financial support. My 2 grandfathers both fought in WW1 in the trenches in France – both returned home and lived long lives, with some suffering because of gas, but God had His hand on them!! They fought for righteousness, freedom and our mighty way of life, and I am sure they would both turn over in their graves if they saw what is happening to Australia now!!

    I too cannot belive that we, as a nation are now “led” by a homo and a commo!! These truly are the last days.

    Keep up the great work, may God continue His blessings upon you, love, in Jesus name, Peter

    PS please continue to pray for me because, at the age of 61, in now have multiple sclerosis!!

    Stinkin’ devil – he thinks he’s got me, but I will not give up!! I’ve read the last page of the book!

  100. 100 June

    God bless you Ps Danny,

    I agree with your viewpoints. It’s about time the church spoke the truth and stood for the uncompromised Word of God. Righteousness exhalts a Nation. When the righteous rule the people rejoice. It will be interesting to see what happens now. I hope the true church rises up even more and the that the Holy Spirit saturates the earth to bring about His will! God is Good all the time. All the time God is Good.

    Praise the Lord.

    Keep it up, at least you speak the truth in your heart Danny. God looks at the heart. :)

    Love and Blessings


  101. 101 Liz

    Hi Danny, I would vote for a govt. that support the Judeo Christian Heritage, do not be discouraged as there was human choice in the decision.

    God does give us free will and the three independents chose the way they won’t to.

    Just let us see though, God will not be mocked either and he may have a longer and bigger plan that what we can see at the moment.

    We have been praying also but no prayer is wasted.

    Thank you for all your effort many people are encouraged by your fervour and passion for Christ and this country.

    I think Jesus is coming soon and I had a student come to Christ 1st thing today just came in and said he wanted to pray a prayer to have Jesus in his heart just walked in.

    The angels would have been rejoicing.

    Be encouraged we all think you all are wonderful, keep up the fight as we will too.


  102. 102 Ruth

    YES, Danny!! We voted for the Christian Democrats in the senate but would rather something like you describe.


  103. 103 Heather

    Dear Pr Danny, thank you for your on going newsletters. They are very encouraging & give us country folk in outback WA hope for the future.

    Of course we desire for a political party to take Australia back to its roots founded on the 10 Commandments & Judeo-Christian heritage. We support the Christian Democratic Party & are hoping that the Family First & CDP will combine in the next elections & get more Christians working together. I feel we must unite.

    Bless you heaps brother, Heather.

  104. 104 Valarie

    “If given the opportunity, would you support a political party which will take Australia back to the historic roots of its Founding Fathers, the Ten Commandments, and that will protect our Judeo-Christian heritage??”



  105. 105 Steven

    Dear Ps Daniel,

    I am always encouraged by your emails and agree totally with what you have said. We do have the ultimate victory in Jesus and every prayer in his name over this past few months will greatly impact upon this country. As you wrote I am only encouraged more to “rise up and fight the devil”. As for your dream, I hope and pray that it will still come about some how. I really respect you in the lord and know you are an amazing man of God. For me this is not based on whether you get everything right all the time (no one does) but because of your uncompromising character and integrity in preaching the true Word of God. I long to be more like that myself and I know that I can through Jesus.

    May God bless you, your family and your team,


  106. 106 Viki

    Dear Pastor Danny, I believe Australia is really blessed to have in you a prophet to shake us up and point the way. No doubt your vision of Julia G. accepting defeat will happen in God’s timing.
    May God bless you richly,


  107. 107 Jacqui

    Dear Ps and team,
    thankyou for your insight and honesty. I stand with you for Austraila for Jesus


  108. 108 Trevor

    Greetings in Jesus’ name, Pastor Daniel! Proverbs 14:34 says, Righteousness exalts a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. Up until the Howard Govt., one of the questions we asked intending immigrants to our country was, What is our system of Law and our Constitution based upon? And the answer in the information booklet given to the applicant was, Judeo-Christian ethics. Our Government recognises and acknowledges our Christian heritage. We need to ‘trumpet’ this to the Australian people. Give credit where it is due. And I say that this formal acknowledgement of our roots gives us licence to be most bold in our demand for righteous laws and government. Fight the good fight, Pastor Daniel. In our Saviour’s name, Trevor

  109. 109 Barbara

    I thought this might be good for some people who haven’t had to go through disappointment before.

    —– —

    Dearly Beloved:


    Consider the words of a very godly man from history. This man said of the Lord, “I am the man that hath seen affliction by the rod of his wrath. He hath led me, and brought me into darkness, but not into light…. He hath hedged me about, that I cannot get out: he hath made my chain heavy…. When I cry and shout, he shutteth out my prayer” (Lamentations 3:1-8).

    Jeremiah’s words here speak for many believers as we face our own trying crisis. At such times it seems God has shut the heavens and our prayers are lost. Yet if we do not believe in Holy Ghost timing, we will never understand why our prayers seem delayed. The truth is that each of God’s promises will rise up to test us unless we rest in his timing.

    Scripture says of Joseph, “Until the time that his word
    came: the word of the Lord tried him” (Psalm 105:19, my italics). Joseph sat helpless in prison at the time, and his trial of waiting broke his heart. Consider his pathetic plea to the cupbearer who was about to be released from the same
    cell: “Think on me when it shall be well with thee…and make mention of me unto Pharaoh, and bring me out of this house”
    (Genesis 40:14). He was crying, in essence, “Please, sir, when you go free, talk to Pharaoh about me. Help me get out of this awful place!”

    Some readers would ask where Joseph’s faith was. This man was so close to God he could interpret dreams and mysteries.
    Why didn’t he just rest now, praying in trust that God would deliver him? The answer is Joseph was being tried by God’s Word.

    God knew all the time he was going to deliver Joseph. Yet his servant had to be tried by the Word for his faith to mature unto life. You see, we can read God’s Word, pray it and preach it, but until it is tested in us it will not produce life.

    Right now you may be severely tested by God’s Word. You’ve seen him answer many prayers in your lifetime, but now you face a longstanding unanswered prayer. Your sorrow, tears and travail have seemed to go unheard. After all this time you see no evidence of an answer.

    We must stand on every promise, praying fervently in faith.
    Then we must wait on God, trusting him to do what is right in his time and his way. This patient waiting is the most difficult matter of all. You can be sure the Lord means it when he declares, “I am with you. I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

    Do not think Jeremiah gave up in despair. In the midst of his trial, he remembered that God was full of compassion and tender mercies: “This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope. It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every
    morning: great is thy faithfulness. The Lord is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him. The Lord is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh him. It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord…. For the Lord will not cast off for ever: but though he cause grief, yet will he have compassion according to the multitude of his mercies”
    (Lamentations 3:21-26, 31-32).

    Your heavenly Father has bottled every tear, received every cry, listened attentively to every request. If you are going through a hot furnace of affliction, you can know he stands there with you. God has a purpose for everything he allows.
    And for every difficult trial he gives special grace.

    Our thanks to all who remember our missions to the poor, fatherless, widows and orphans around the world. For information on these many outreaches visit our website:

    In Christ,

  110. 110 Vanessa

    Dear Ps Daniel,

    When I heard the broadcast yesterday afternoon, regarding the 2 independants vote for Gillard Labor Green Government I felt sick and very dissapointed. I just couldnt watch anymore.

    I asked God what are you doing?.. have we not prayed fasted petitioned You. But His ways are our ways. So we Christians, MUST continue to rise up and bring our petitions to God in the name of our Saviour, for our Nation and government that will honour God, His Son and His Word.

    The sad thing is many Christians dont understand or know what the Word of God says. Many believe politics and religion should be serparated. They dont understand or both to investigate each parties policies. They are blinded spiritually.

    Yes I would support a political party which will take Australia back to the historic roots of its Founding Fathers, the Ten Commandments, and that will protect our Judeo-Christian heritage??

    God Bless you in His Name


  111. 111 Julie

    Hi Pastor Danny, I still believe with all my heart your dream was from God and it will be fulfilled just as you saw it, either
    now, or in a little while. I was disappointed last night and this morning, but then after meeting with my prayer group
    we believe that God has all this exactly where He wants it. Yes we may be persecuted, and we need to remain (or become)
    strong and walk that straight road with Him, listening to His every Word. He will lead us through this. We are the victors.
    I still am encouraged that we ARE the great south land of the Holy Spirit. His covenent He does not break nor does He alter
    that which has gone forth from His mouth. Also, His favour from the light horsemen delivering Israel in the 1st world war is
    still there for us.
    Nothing takes God by surprise, even if it takes us by surprise.
    Thanks for your wonderful ministry to us with the emails you send us. blessings and love Julie

  112. 112 Christine

    Dear Danny and all at CTFM. Thanks for your encouraging email. I woke this morning feeling tired of having to battle but the Lord said to me ‘ you have to keep on fighting, this is not a time for letting your weapons get slack.’ So I spent time in Praise and worship, and affirming that I would stay in the battle. So I’m with you and certainly pray for a Godly Government. However, even though the outcome was disappointing, I do trust the Lord that He is in charge and He is working things out. I think Government at the present time & in the current position is going to be a real ‘bottleneck’ and a very hard place for the Independants. My personal view…..I can’t say from the Lord …but maybe He’s giving me the thought is that the Government will last 12-18 months and then a more Godly Government would have much more majority to rule. Perhaps that is what your dream is about.
    Bless you Ps Danny and team. Thankyou for all that you do for Australlia in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Yours sincerely, Christine

  113. 113 Arlene

    Yes! And not only “honest and upright in the LORD” but BOLD. We need BOLD righteous men and women of God, they are coming, through the next generation, even currently being raised up into politics, Daniels for God. The current generation are paving their way in prayer, in fact their way is being BATHED in prayer, so that they will arise and move like a mighty rushing river!
    Proverbs says the “righeous ARE bold as a lion” not will be, might be, but ARE.
    Personally, I watched with interest, knowing in my spririt that Ms Gillard would be MP, so this announcement, as sad as it is for Australian Christians, came as little surprise. And so, we will have NO FEAR of bad news, for we trust in our Lord Jesus Christ. God is raising up an army, unafraid, of what man says, of what the governement says, of what any thing or any one BUT the LORD says.
    Mighty blessings

  114. 114 Serene

    God bless u Pastor Daniel for having the courage to admit that you were wrong and for apologizing in public.. Not many men have the courage to do that, and certainly even less pastors or those in leadership would be willing to admit that they were wrong. I’m very encouraged by your humility and courage to say “sorry”.

    In regards to your question “In closing let me ask you a very, very important question. If given the opportunity, would you support a political party which will take Australia back to the historic roots of its Founding Fathers, the Ten Commandments, and that will protect our Judeo-Christian heritage?? “, I would have to answer yes. However, that political party must also have true christian values, be transparent, have capable leaders, have good policies, and be trustworthy. At the moment, it does not seem like there is a political party like that, and it is always our prayer that one day, a political party full of people who are Holy Spirit filled and true Jesus believers, would arise and lead the country via Jesus way.


  115. 115 Meryl

    Dear Pastor Daniel,
    Thanks for standing up for God and godly government. Your dream my well be fulfilled in the near future. I certainly hope so. It is so sad to think that in this election Australia has made a strong statement against all that God holds dear. I copy below the draft of my letter to Mr Abbott.
    God bless you,

    Dear Mr Abbott,
    It looks like you have been dudded and very badly dudded, and in the meanest, most excruciatingly painful way. I can hardly believe the so-called process those country guys put you through. It isn’t an election result, it is a ‘selection’ like they were choosing a breakfast cereal. It was also a rejection of all they have previously stood for, and of the values which our country was founded and built on. At least Bob Katter wasn’t going to be ‘bought’.
    Australia now has an ungodly alliance between people and parties that stand for all that God considers vile. May this terrible outcome help you to seek God’s wisdom anew and recommit yourself to fighting for what is right and godly. The ungodly sneer and make fun of people who stand for Biblical truth, but sadly for them, they are deluding themselves if
    they think they are winning. God will work His purpose out and we can hope and pray that members of the current government will not bring Australia under God’s judgement by continuing to deny Him and refusing to honour what is right and good. May God have mercy on them and on our country.
    Your gracious manner in conceding ‘defeat’ has very much impressed me and many others. May God give you grace to keep honouring Him and working for the real good of Australia.
    Yours sincerely,

  116. 116 Diana

    Dear Pr Danny,
    Thank you, I have been encouraged by your election reports. While we are disappointed I feel it may not be long and changes will come due to the closeness of the call.
    Bless you all down there in Melbourne from me here in Brisbane at present.
    Love to you all and blessings

  117. 117 Win

    Thankyou pr Danny for your emails they are very encouraging. I would be encouraging all Gods people to pray for Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd. GOD has a purpose and a plan for these two and for the country of Australia and i believe it is unfolding as he has purposed it to be. May we continue to be strong in our GOD and pray that he use this government to serve his kingdom. Amen

  118. 118 Heather

    Dear Catch the Fire Ministries,

    Yes I would support a true Christian Political Party. It is time for the Body Of Christ to be united and get behind a Christian Party and really learn a lesson from what has happened!


  119. 119 Bernie

    Hi Ps Danny,

    God is still on the throne. He is always faithful and just full of mercy and grace.
    Politics and will come and go but the Word of the Lord stands forever.

    Keep on doing all the good you are doing.


  120. 120 Valerie and David

    Dear Ps Nalliah,

    We have appreciated so much being part of your email “inquiries” and the passion with which you are serving “our Lord”. We pray God’s continuing favor, blessing and protection over you and your family as we realize you are on the “front lines” in the spirit realm. We first heard you speak at our church (Revival Life Centre, SYD ~ Pastor Ruth Harvey) a couple years ago. It was obvious then, that you are truly ministering under the annointing of the Holy Spirit.

    Thank you so much for taking a stand for righteousness and speaking forth the truth–especially during this latest political battle. You are one of the few prophetic voices, in this hour, who are on the pulse of what the Lord is wanting to say and do in this nation!!! Thank you for not compromising the gospel in the name of political correctness.

    Yes, we would definately support a party aiming to raise a standard based on Judeo-Christian values, the Bible etc. We’ve been deeply saddened to speak with many Christians, whom during this election, seemed to be asleep spiritually. Truly we are in a spiritual battle. The stakes are very high. We cannot sit back passively. This country is in great danger spiritually and we can “see it”. Thank you for sounding the alarm and asking Christians to wake up and fight through prayer, fasting etc. Keep up the good fight of faith as you have been doing so faithfully.

    Thank you for your encouraging words from Matthew 11:12 “The Kingdom of God has suffered much violence, but the violent shall rise up and take it by force.”. We have been in mourning too over the outcome of the elections, so your words were very encouraging. We will continue to partner with you in prayer in hopes to see, “God’s kingdom come and his will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” (Mt 6:10)

    May you be blessed abundantly for your uncompromising stand for righteousness.

    In much prayer and faith,

    Valerie and David

  121. 121 Linda

    Dear Pr Daniel,
    I have followed your comments, dreams and aspirations regarding the political future of this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit for many months now. I stood on Mount Ainsley and prayed and worshipped with you and the Saints before the election, and I weep with you all now at the events of yesterday. This email has encouraged and challenged me – again. I was also encouraged by a Christian brother yesterday, who saw my distress and reminded me of Jesus’ words in John 16:33 “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” And so I believe that once the people of this country, who voted for the Gillard/Brown allegiance, realise how they have been deceived, they will once again long for a Government established and run by Godly people according to Biblical principles.
    I was very disappointed that the Christian Democrats weren’t better supported. They need to have a stronger representation if they are to have any chance of winning seats at any level of Government. To answer your question, “If given the opportunity, would you support a political party which will take Australia back to the historic roots of its Founding Fathers, the Ten Commandments, and that will protect our Judeo-Christian heritage??” My answer is ABSOLUTELY! When are you registering with the electoral commission?!
    Throughtout the last election campaign, I kept thinking how wonderful it would be if you and Col Stringer got together to run this nation!! Yes, I also have big dreams which may or may not be from God. Whatever you’re planning, you can count on my support.

    May God continue to richly bless you and those you love.

    Your Sister in Christ,

  122. 122 Jan

    Thank you so much Pastor Dani.
    I believe it’s not over yet! You wait and see, your dream will be correct. Give it months to a year! Then it is finished.
    Yes I sure would support “a political party which will take Australia back to the historic roots of its Founding Fathers, the Ten Commandments, and that will protect our Judeo-Christian heritage??”
    God bless you,
    PS: My friend Virginia Smith from Canberra, who attended 3 of your recent meeting there, also would support a truly Christian Party. She looks forward to seeing your dream become reality in the not too distant future. As she doesn’t have a computer, she’s asked me to forward this message on to you. Advance Australia Fair!!!


  123. 123 Kevin

    Pr Daniel

    I very definitely support a political party that will fight for the return of Christian values, etc. In fact, I would want to be actively involved on the stage. Keep up the good fight, God Bless.



  124. 124 Tina

    We all know God is in full control. And nothing is impossible with him. So rejoice in the name of the Lord and watch what’s in store for Australia.
    May God bless u all
    Love from
    Tina (Calvary Sri Lanka.)

  125. 125 Kingsley and Grace

    I believe that if we focus on lifting up Jesus Christ – only He can save – in the ‘wilderness’ (Australia with J Gillard at the healm) and look at Him – Jesus Christ – attentively, expectantly, with a steady and absorbing gaze, Australia will live and walk in the goodness of God – Numbers 21/9

    Kingsley and Grace

  126. 126 Anslem

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    I had the opportunity of meeting you for the first time during your last visit to Sri Lanka this year when you preached the word at Calvary Church, Kirilapona, I even attended the evening service that Sunday as I was touched deeply by your message.

    It is how I gave my email address to receive your spirutual messages.

    We may have dreams and visions, but the timing for the answers to be revealed is in God’s hands. We may sometimes in our eagerness and usual human hurry may come to conclusions in haste thus advancing God’s time to sooth our anxiety. I believe that your vision will come to pass. This hang parliament canot last long because it does not have our Lord’s blessing.

    Let us therefore continue to pray in faith that God will reveal His plans at the right time for “The Battle Belongs to Him”

    With love and blessings


  127. 127 James

    Dear Danny,
    We have been following your remarks in all your emails, and we agree all the way, we also have stood many times as a candidate for the CDP. so we will continue to support them.
    Re the idea of burning a sacred book, maybe they could include all sacred books and see which doesen’t burn. c/f Elijah.on Mount Carmal.

    all our Christian Love in the Lord


  128. 128 Ps Peter

    Dear Danny,
    of course I would support a party that takes us back to our roots. That’s why I have always voted CDP since I served as it’s Sydney CBD city co-ordinator in 84 when we saw three senates seat won by the then CTA – under Fred Nile. The church has gone backwards since then. Maybe the prosperity and the it’s all about me gospel has something to do with it. Anyhow, if persecution will take the church forward, then Hallelujah! Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyhow, hopefully the damage will not be irreparable from this election result and Christians may start to be united. I like you, get upset by the likes of Pastor Mark of Melbourne commenting on Julia’s atheism not presenting as a problem for him. If his father, Kevin Connor is still alive, I’m sure he would be horrified.

    No problems about the dream. And yes it may well still be fulfilled.
    The Lord has seen all ourt heart felt praying and it will not go unrewarded nor unanswered. Thank you very very much for your great dedication in all of this.

    Ps Peter (Presbyterian Pastor)

  129. 129 Sharon

    Hi Danny,

    Thanks for spending the time in writing such a wonderful open letter. When you emailed us about the dream you had where Julia Gillard was defeated and the words “it is finished” – I did not feel in my spirit that the time was right for this dream to be fulfilled. The words, “it is finished” have some bearing. I am hoping that at the end of Julia’s period in govt. – Jesus will return.

    My daughter has her first prophetic dream this year, where she was with her school friend, when the earth started to crumble all around them. They went to a nearby church for refuge and were locked in, with many other Chrisitians. They went up one floor and suddenly Jesus appeared with stairs leading to heaven. Jesus asked people to “come” but many refused. My daughter thought this was strange i.e. to reject Jesus and His gift of eternal life, bearing in mind the earth was being destroyed. My daughter, her friend and the other Christians then went up the stairs towards heaven. My daughter asked Jesus who locked them in the church. Jesus replied “Satan” (this also speaks to me of people being locked into religion as opposed to the freedom found in a relationship with Jesus). Jesus indicated to my daughter, that those left behind, went to hell, although they were given a chance of accepting his offer of a life in heaven (forgiveness of sin, true repentance = eternal life).

    My daughter saw the earth destroyed and when she arrived in heaven, she recognised our Pastor’s wife and strangely Grant Denyer (TV celebrity – who believes in God but is not a Christian at the moment). My daughter saw a beautiful fountain and shops surrounding it with gold paths leading to many places. She said heaven was huge. I asked her how old she was in the dream, she said she was looking at things, not herself. So I asked her, how old her school friend was (who is also not a Christian – yet). She said her friend was about 16 years of age. This dream happened in May, 2010. My daughter’s friend is only just 13. Hence in 3-4 years, Jesus may return. Coincidentally, in 2014, there will be 2 lunar eclipses happening on Jewish festivals i.e. 15.4.2014 (Passover) and 8.10.2014 (Feast of Tabernacle). Another 2 eclipses will happen in 2015 i.e. 4.4.2015 (Passover) and 28.9.2015 (Feast of Tabernacle). NASA refers these 4 lunar eclipses within a 2 year period as a “tetrad”. For more information on eclipses etc. refer

    Please feel free to add this dream and contents to your website and for the encouragement of your emails contacts on your database.

    In respect of the political party, we already have Christian Democrats and Family First. Having said that, I would recommend a “non-Christian policitical party name” – perhaps your Jewish contacts would like to be involved in creating a new wholesome party?



  130. 130 RoseMarie

    Dear Pastor Daniel

    As I always say nothing is wasted with our Lord Jesus Christ he uses all things and situations and turn them around for His own glory and He allows no one to upstage Him, so all things work out just as He planned, what we see as a lost battle it’s just that only a lost battle after all we know how the war ends.

    We do live in the end times after all where lawless and unrighteousness will reign, but only just for a short period of time, as scary as it seems it’s exciting to witness such events as these, cause for to me it’s a sign that Jesus is just around the corner Amen

    Now we fight and stand firm and stay grounded in Him the King of kings Lord of lords of all the Heavens and earth, so what shall we fear. (nothing) The devil and all his followers have to fear for their time is running out, he knows it and that’s why his digging in, and where he dig’s we build, we build for Jesus.

    regards RoseMarie

  131. 131 Ps John & Maggie

    Ps. Daniel,
    We are with you all the way; you have confirmed our thoughts on the outcome. It’s time the sleeping giant (the Body of Christ in Australia) wake up and do something, including repenting for the sins of this nation and of our forefathers in the faith. Let’s march forward with more gusto!
    Your brother in Christ.

    Ps John & Maggie.

  132. 132 Lynn

    Dear Danny, Thanks for your email of encouragement. I don’t believe it is over yet , I have sent you this prophetic word for Australia by Lynne Klomp which she received in2009. The part that says “Fear not when a defining moment in this nation seems to say that the promise is lost” can be applied to this nation right now. I believe your dream was of the Lord and is yet to be fulfilled. I certainly am continuing in warfare, maybe the Lord is just allowing more time for us to apply extra needed warfare.
    God bless you


  133. 133 Vani Houghton





  134. 134 John

    I do think like you and am praying that christians will arise at this time and not sit back and watch! We are to be door keepers but have allowed the heathen to rule and reign. How sad for Australia. However let us continue to pray for our leaders that they may govern wisely. Sometimes God can use ungodly leaders to bring a nation to repentance. This maybe the time for Australia to turn from our wicked ways and to turn to God for mercy.

    Luv and blessings,


  135. 135 Wendy

    God will look after us all, and we will rise about all this again. God Bless, love Wendy.

  136. 136 Gaye

    Dear Pr Nalliah – Thank you for your on-going encouragement and call to prayer. I, like many others, have been disappointed by the end result of the election, but I know that God is our fortress and our shelter. I have been trying to remember some of the history of our Prime Ministers over the years.

    I thought you may be interested in some statistics.

    There have been 27 Prime Ministers, serving 32 seperate terms of office.

    Deakin served 3 separate terms of 7 mths; 3yrs & 4mths; and 11mths.

    Fisher also served 3 seperate terms of 7mths; 3yrs & 2mths, and 1yr & 1mth.

    Menzies served one term of 2yrs, and a second term of 16yrs – he is our longest-serving PM by a long shot!

    Howard managed 11 yrs and 9 mths. This would definitely make him the most sucessful of recent times – more than 40 yrs since Menzies. (Ooh – that makes me feel old!!) Other more recent hanger-ons were Fraser – 7 yrs and 4 mths and Hawke – 8yrs and 9 mths!

    Overall, the average term has been 5 yrs and 7 mths.

    I found this to be very interesting. It goes to show that there is nothing certain in politics, but perhaps what is most interesting is that our most stable goverments recently have mostly been Liberal – Hawke being the exception. Apart from his obvious charisma, this may be explained by the sense of “inclusiveness” that Hawke portrayed so well. He wanted everybody to be his friend, and everybody wanted to be his friend! He also portrayed the “larrikin” so well, which would also appeal to the younger ones!

    I wonder if you think I have been “waffling”? I am beginning to think that myself, but I believe God wanted me to share this with you, so I will send it anyway! I appreciate your work and your words very much, and I wish I was able to connect with your meetings, but as I am now living in South Australia, it is not easy at the moment.

    May God continue to bless you and your ministry.


  137. 137 Zona

    Dear Pastor Daniel,
    I must admit I was very upset when the result came through.
    I will be really honest I was good and mad,then like you I felt it was no time to mourn,3 weeks ago God said to me”let not your heart be troubled,neither be afraid,you look around at everything and say things are so bad and I say yes and they are going to get worse,look to Me.”
    Now I am trusting God and I believe He will deal with the evil as long as we trust in Him to do so.
    I have passed around your email of the dream and we firmly believe it is of God because you did not mention the time this would happen and we believe it will.God will not be mocked.
    I do appreciate all your emails and I pray as much as I can for your prayer points.
    We have the victory greater is He who is in us than He who is in the world.God bless you Ps. Daniel.

  138. 138 Leonie

    Dear Pastor Danny

    Yes I was shocked at the outcome yesterday in parliament but I just felt, the battle is not over. Satan thought he won when Jesus died but on the 3rd day He rose victorious. We have to believe that with our continued prayers that this nation will come under Godly rule and righteousness, that the darkness that is over our nation will fall, that deception will be revealed. We have to keep praying that our churches would speak out and tell their people they should be voting for Christian government instead of many sheep wandering without a shepherd to guide them into truth.

    As Prime Minister Julia Gillard said yesterday “so let’s draw back the curtains and let the sun shine in, let our Parliament be more open than it was before.”, when she said “let the sun shine in” I sensed and said – yes “let the Son shine in”, let God’s glory invade and reveal the darkness and let Jesus come in to our Parliament, and when His glory comes, no darkness can stay. So lets see the curtains of darkness be drawn back, let the glory of God come in/the light of Jesus invade and cause Parliament to be more open to the plans and purposes of Almighty God and how we govern this nation of Australia – the Great south land of the Holy Spirit. Amen. As for your dream, Pastor Danny I believe it is in the future and will come to pass.

    Yours in Christ

  139. 139 Colleen

    God is still in control and He is Sovereign Lord – I believe that He has allowed this to happen for plans and purposes that only He knows about and those plans and purposes will eventually be accomplished to His Glory……”His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are higher than ours”…………….He is a BIG God and can work through even athesists and homosexuals for His perfect will to be carried out!…………..So let us praise and exalt our God for what has happened………..He is bigger than this government and “can work all things together for good”. Because HE is in charge, we can expect only good things to happen………….Let us therefore tell the devil that this is not a defeat but a triumph so let us praise our God Who is King of Kings and Ruler over all rulers………… a great evangelist once said: “He always works more behind our backs then in front of our faces”…………….Colleen

  140. 140 Paul

    Ps Danny.
    Don’t give up on your dream, everything is for it’s own time. This is a very fragile arrangement, and when the labour party strategists, and union bosses start trying to pressure the independants it could all come undone in a moment. We may yet hear Julia Gillard say “It is finnished.”
    It is time to press in to God.
    God Bless

  141. 141 Rosina

    Dear Pastor Daniel I am not happy with the outcome of election but believe Australia belongs to God not Gillard and Brown we continue to pray and believe for righteousness to prevail in our nation. Our Heavenly Father is still on the Throne and hears all our prayers. My Prayer is that God moves mightly in Australia very soon He is our hope. Bless You Rosina

  142. 142 Tan

    Maybe because your team went to pray & anoint oil in her office, that is why GOD gave her what she asked for. Did your team pray for Liberals or go their Head office in melbourne to anoint them with oil? Maybe Christians should co-operate & start a Christian Coalition Party, so mature committed Christians will elect someone to Parliament. Family First got a seat was a result of this. But why not join forces with Fred Nile, & the other Christian party? Some of Family First policies are not impressive these days. Hence, some christians have discontinue their memberships.

    Trouble has started already for the government. I am sure you know the news announcing Independent now unsure Labour’s mining tax, etc. Maybe we should pray for another election soon so the country people can vote for Liberal. They are disappointed with the 2 Ind. who sided Labour. The Opposition can call another election at anytime as the new govern. is sure to stumble due to faction. Hopefully the power broker will try to take her job & stir up trouble. or the rudd’s fans will not co-operate with ‘them’.

    Your dream may come to pass when she will concede defeat from her own Labour cabinet. Maybe GOD wants you to ahve patience for the dream to come true. GOD is in control. He will judge all of us. something good will come out of this pol;itical tragedy.

    You are right, the Western philosophical system & political correctness have blinded those leaders. But it all come down to our own maturity & commitment to Christ. Some leaders have no knowledge of God. They are like running “Like father like son” business take over the ministry when the old one retires.


  143. 143 Kim

    Dear Danny,

    I would gladly support such a party but don’t we already have this in the Christian Democrats? The Liberals also have two godly leaders in Tony Abbott & Julie Bishop. To raise up another party might just split the Christian vote.

    Just as the Communist party groups joined up with the Greens to get more political influence, perhaps more “Catch the Fire” people should join Fred Nile’s group.

    Thank you for your inspirational courage in standing up for Jesus. I hope your dream of Julia Gillard comes to pass.

    God Bless,


  144. 144 Karen

    Dear Danny,

    The attached tri-fold conference brochure is for your interest. You very graciously prayed with me in your office during that terrible heat wave in Melbourne last year for a small and struggling organization providing advocacy, aid and prayer to the persecuted church, Tears of the Oppressed. Your prayers were encouraging and so powerful – I don’t believe that it is entirely a coincidence that they were cut short by our having to evacuate the building because of a fire drill!

    Tears of the Oppressed is now officially registered as CHRISTIAN FAITH AND FREEDOM based on that wonderful declaration of Jesus in Luke 4:18-19. Since we put Christian back into our name, the Lord’s blessings are flowing so freely and we rejoice at His goodness!

    The attached tri-fold brochure of our Faith and Freedom conference is for your interest. We feel very blessed to have speakers leading our conference who have earned international recognition for excellence in research into human rights abuse and world-wide trends in the persecution of the church. Most importantly, they inspire, equip and encourage Christians in this country to wake up! and stand strongly for Christ in advocacy and in prayer.

    If you wish to share this information with others, we would be deeply grateful.

    With sincere thanks and abundant blessings upon you and your own amazing ministry! What a great blessing you are to this nation!


  145. 145 Ammy

    Hi Daniel, I will at last be coming home this week to SA. Love your declarations and believe with all my heart we need to stand up and proclaim who we are in and through Him. Here in Holland above me on the wall is the declaration “Australia Great South Land of the Holy Spirit”
    I have learnt in life that through Him who is in me(us) makes me (us) more than a conqueror.
    We are as fire in His hands.
    love ya and stand with ya through Him who gives us more than enough.


  146. 146 Lorraine

    A work colleague and I had a discussion last week on predicted outcomes of the election. He believed Julia Gillard would be Prime Minister (although he did not want her to be), I believed that we would have to run another election because of a hung parliament, however I told my colleague of your dream. We agreed that we would know this week who was right. However, yesterday afternoon and this morning we discussed all three predictions, and believe that all three prections may still be right. My colleague was right when he said that Julia Gillard would be declared Prime Minister. However, we do not know how long this new government will be able to run the country. Perhaps there will need to be another election when disagreements arise within the House of Representatives. If any Independants or Greens ever cross the floor on isssues we may still have a hung Parliament, have to return to the polls, and maybe Julia will be one day giving a speech conceding defeat to the Coalition…..Lorraine

  147. 147 Lionel and Lyn

    Some Darling Downs farmers in Queensland said they would vote green because their farms are under threat from mining.
    Neither Labour or LNP seemed willing to listen. Most of these would have voted National for generations.
    Please keep praying
    God Bless you

    Lionel and Lyn

  148. 148 Michael & Lyn

    Hi Danny,

    Thank you for your encouraging words. I too believe that we as a church will come under incredible persecution as we go forward with Jesus.

    I am waiting for the church to speak up concerning righteousness, purity, and holiness. Very few seem interested in holiness.

    Yes, I would support such a political party but I fear most Christian would not vote for such a party. They are too interested in the $. Righteousness and holiness is not really in their vocabulary.

    May Jesus Bless you, Michael and Lyn

  149. 149 Helen

    Dear Ps Danny,

    I thought to share some thoughts of my journey in this election. I do not have the complete understanding
    but know that God is in control.
    The Lord had me call an Esther fast in this time. It was only very few of us but He told me not to undermine our capacity in Him.
    The Lord made it clear to me that the fast was beyond the election, it was to release His Word and Glory.
    Later I awaited of the news as to who would be PM. As soon as I learnt of the outcome the Lord said “Place your trust in Me.”
    He brought me to a Word in the book of Acts 1:23-26.

    In this account there was a decision as to whether it would be Justice or Matthias who would become an apostle.
    They cast lots to determine who of the two were to be appointed.
    I felt God was using this as a parallel I saw clearly that this is how it was in the election. There was a choice between two leaders and the independents were a picture of the lots.

    I believe the Lord’s wisdom is being outplayed. I believe He is weighing the heart of His people.
    I was so exhausted in the warfare of that time that the Lord told me to take rest and not to worry anymore.
    I believe the Lord wants us to depend on Him for righteousness in this nation even if we don’t have a christian leader.
    The Lord shows to me almonds that speak of awakening and I believe He is awakening us into a complete understanding of His working.

    Thank you for your letters they have encouraged me and it is awesome to hear what God is doing.
    May you be Blessed

  150. 150 Victor

    Dear Bro:Daniel.
    I salute you once more in Jesus Name while Am in hope that you are fine in lord likewise to me and Even the all Entire church also doing well in the lord only giving hope again that the battle is not for you and even the church but is for the lord Ephesins 6:10 we are still going on asking the lord to give the australin cauntry way Even the whole guarverment must go down to worship the most high God

  151. 151 Geoff

    Pastor Danny
    Copy of email sent to Tony Windsor MP

    Dear Mr Windsor,
    I am a 61 year old farmer from Jandowae on the Darling Downs with some 45 years experience in rural industry. I have chaired a primary producer cooperative, an RIRDC advisory committee and have many years service to United Graziers and then Agforce as well as local organizations including 25 years in aged care. So I am writing with some experience and some authority.
    I was extremely concerned with two statements that you made during your press conference when you announced your support for Julia Gillard.
    The lesser statement indicated the National Partys failure to look after the bush. I would point out that my electorate is Maranoa and our local member , Bruce Scott, does an absolutely amazing job in looking after the needs of an electorate that takes in 40% of Qld. Your fellow independant, Bob Katter, looks after another 40% of the state and he also does an admirable job.
    The other point that you made was that the broadband issue convinced you to back Labour. I am currently emailing you because we have not had a landline for the past four days. Consequently no phone and no fax. This happens regularly with prolonged wet weather. We have no mobile service where we live even though we are only 16 kilometres from town (most frustrating).
    I have wireless internet as this is the only quick service that is available. Satellite and dialup are too slow.
    Wireless is expensive but that is how it is. Your fibre optic cable broadband will be useles to people on properties as Telstra is our only provider and they have told us that they will never renew our fifty year old copper lines. (By the way, we query Telstras charges regularly and are usually right).
    For the past ten years I have also pastored a local Christian church and during this time have had to minister to several people who were suicidal. (Thank God each time successfully). My wife and I regularly counsel peole with drug, alcohol and abuse problems.
    So I was flabergasted and angered (and I am a usually placid person) when you indicated that broadband was your main concern. You see Mr Windsor, I believe that there are a lot more important issues than what type of broadband the country will have. As a Christian pastor, I am concerned that you and Mr Oakroote have placed in government two leaders, Ms Gillard and Mr Brown, who have formed an alliance, who are self proclaimed atheists to govern a country which was founded on Christian principles and values.
    When some 658397 more people voted for the Coalition than Labour and the Coalition won more seats than Labour, I believe that you have denied the Australian people their legitimate government. I would urge you to uphold the principles and values that have made this country great.
    Yours sincerely,

  152. 152 Susan

    Dear Ps. Danny,

    Yes, I would support a political party that would have the courage to stand for truth and righteousness, stand for our Judeo-Christian heritage, the Ten Commandments and also be able to give good logical laws based on God’s word. God’s Word is very logical when you look at why He said things to His people. They were for their protection and blessing. Practical as well as faith based. Not religious doctrines that don’t make sense.


  153. 153 marcia

    Hi Danny
    I know our Lord is in control and i pray we will leave it to HIS Will. Lets pray if she is our PM then we cant get her out but she can fail!! Go is the judge not us..lets remember that..
    She has admitted to being brought up in the church, and there is a saying “don’t let Christian’s turn you off Jesus” I don’t believe we all that attend church knows we have to have a relationship with God and we have it with The Church and that is what turns people of Jesus. My pray at the moment is that God’s light shines through julia gillard and in the not too distant future she will see
    His truth come to light. He loves us all and he doesnt want to lose any of us maybe this is where she will find Him again. Amen

  154. 154 Scott


    I will support a political party which will take Australia back to knowing Jesus as LORD and Saviour.
    Bring on the day!
    God Bless,

    Scott, Culcairn

  155. 155 Kim

    Dear Daniel,

    Thank you for your honesty. Being honest and taking risks is a part of life we all need to do. I think you are right now is the time to fight. It is not one against flesh and blood but against spiritual principalities.

    The one thing I was thinking is that you and Robert have a lot in common. You both seem to be a prophetic voice to the nation. I thought and was wondering if you maybe you two could work together? I believe that just as God is one we are called to be one and we should try to work together regardless of things that have often divided us.

    I hope you don’t mind me suggesting this and maybe it is not necessary but I felt to mention (my little act of honesty & taking a risk)



  156. 156 Adrian & Lena

    Dear Ps Danny,

    We also were saddened and disappointed with the Election outcome.
    As believers in the Lord Jesus, we stand together with your views on this matter and believe that your dream will come to pass.

    Adrian & Lena

  157. 157 Maureen

    May God continue to use you Pr Daniel as you speak out in such a clear way. Much of the contents in this letter is what has been in my heart also. I agree that unless our Churches and people stand up and speak out in the name of Jesus they will be merely considered another opinion and overlooked. There is power in the name of Jesus I agree and miricles, in loving God with our whole heart, soul and mind and strength. and loving all mankind as Jesus did.

    Thank you from Maureen

  158. 158 Don

    G’day Danny (and Jason)

    Thanks so much for taking the time to put your thoughts in writing.

    I’ve heard through the grapevine that the independants know they will probably be voted out at the next election and want to pro-long the next election as long as possible. Julia Gillard gave them the best chance at this. Tony Abbott would have realised the political situation was not a good one and gone for an early election as soon as his government were in front in the polls. As the Labor government goes down in the polls we are stuck with them for a while but not forever.

    I had a dream about being at the MCG on Grand Final day and watching my team Collingwood win. The following week a friend won two tickets and asked if I’d like to go to the Grand Final as his guest. Could my dream come true? Maybe….. I don’t think I’ll ever get to go to the Grand Final again though.

    In time you will hear Julia Gillard conceding. Just not right now.


  159. 159 Dee, Kerry, and Issy

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    Dream or no dream, you are a precious gift to the body of Christ here in Australia. All that you have done regarding this election and the advancement of the Body of Christ in Australia has been Godly and annointed. I personally know of another strong Christian man with the gift of prophecy who also dreamt that Tony Abbott would be elected. I’m sure that this would have been the perfect will of God for a Godly nation but we don’t know what other spiritual barriers were behind the scenes. If so many of the Body of Christ were deceived and voted Green and Labour along with the ungodly, this also was a powerful force for the Kingdom of darkness. As you say, it’s not over and perhaps God has a work to do in his body that requires that we are a lot less complacent. You know the famous ‘she’ll be right, mate’ attitude that Aussies are famous for? We have met a lot of people, even non-Christian conservatives who are starting to wake up and get alarmed. It’s taken these past years of a destructive Labour government to begin to wake them up. God can and will get mileage out of this election result. His number one goal is the building up of His own body. You have rallied the intercessory arm of the Body of Christ in this nation like few others have. You have led groups to high places to take them in the name of Jesus. We will only really know in eternity what has been accomplished (and is yet to be) through this.

    Our family will continue to pray for you daily and give thanks to the Lord for you!

    God bless,

    Dee, Kerry and Issy

  160. 160 Fae

    Dear Pr Danny

    You did not put a time on your dream – who says it may not yet come to pass.
    Anyway I know our Lord will vindicate you against all attacks

    And the answer to your question – yes, yes, yes, with God’s help I would support such a party – and thankyou for remaining in Australia in obedience to the Holy Spirit

    Yours, because His, Fae

  161. 161 Michael

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    I write this email in support of your request of feedback on whether I would support a political party that stood for a return to Judeo-Christian values. The answer is “yes” I would definitely support a party that stood for theses values. And I know that many thousands and possibly millions of Australians would support it as well. I am not sure whether you would remember my name but I am the guy who played guitar
    for the Praise and Worship at New Creation Fellowship Center in Rockingham. Greetings in the Name that is above all Names.

    It is not just Christians who recognise the decline in morality in this country but non-Christian ordinary Australian folk see this as well. I work with these people and many of them I have spoken to seem resigned to things changing for the worst. I have encouraged them to believe that they have the power to make a difference in this country for the better. I would certainly support this type of political party. It is very unfortunate that the wider Christian Church does not seem to have the will to speak up for righteousness sake.

    The Christians in this country need a champion like David. You have already with the help of the Lord slayed Goliath. Its time now for you to lead the army into battle and fight the good fight of faith. Pr Danny I believe that you are the David for this country at this time. I believe that just like David that you are a man after God’s own heart and that whatever you choose to put your hand to the Lord will give you the victory.

    So for me I will support the party if you lead it. Maybe a name such as the Righteousness Party would be good. I believe we need to not be afraid and stand against the forces of darkness. This name will clearly spell out what we stand for.

    God Bless you Pr Danny and may you lead us all in righteousness in the power of the Spirit


    JN 14:21 Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves me. He who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love him and show myself to him.”

    JN 14:23 Jesus replied, “If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching. My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.

  162. 162 Angelina

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    Like yourself, both my prayer partner and myself have felt such a strong burden for this election and the ramifications that this will have to this nation and our Christian heritage.

    The Lord spoke clearly to me when I read your first email about 5weeks ago – He said – “these things need not be while the church is still on the earth – pray”. I carried this burden heavily and prayed everyday – with the purpose that “righteousness exhaults a nation…”‘

    When I heard the news yesterday of the outcome – I felt such peace in my spirit, and felt the Lord say, that things are not yet finished with.

    Concerning your dream – you saw Julia giving a speech – but there was no time frame to this.

    TheLord continually keeps reminding me of Haman who was so determined that he was going to kill every Jew and built the gallows to hang Mordecai – he wanted these gallow built so high – he was going to make such a spectical of this event – yet at the last minute when all seemed impossible – God turned it around.

    I am so convinced that God Almighty is in control of this situation – our prayers have achieved much, for this woman wanted a mandate to govern and rule – she has been denied this and is accountable for her actions.

    The Lord has given us 2 prophecies (through fellowship) that we His church, are to rise up and be diligent and awake more than ever in these last days.

    We carry you continually in prayer, that you maybe strengthen and encouraged in your faitfullness to the Lord’s work and calling.

    The Lord bless you


  163. 163 Sylvia

    Dear Ps Danny,

    Yes as you have said i also am saddened but more so perplexed about The election result.
    There have been many praying that God’s will be done during this election…so we have the Labour party in. Does the bible not say that God is the one who installs those in power? Hence, my perplexity! But… God will have his way as you say as long as we continue to fight in prayer!

    Yes, I would definitely support a God fearing party!

    Do you have any contact with Col Stringer? He has the same passion to see Australia rise up ffor the Lord.

    Thankyou and bless you,


  164. 164 Lorraine

    Dear Danny

    Thank you for all that you have done to participate in waking up the churches and mobilizing the army of God to seek righteousness and to be very much involved in every aspect of life in this nation, particularly in the governmental realm at all levels.

    I am not disappointed by your words or dream. I see with all the dreams you have had that they have come to pass, but not immediately. I think we were all hopeful that this dream that you had would be different and would come to pass immediately, but that is not how God has revealed things to you in the past. In His timing so this too shall come to pass.

    I have closely – until going on a TV fast for the past few months – been watching the “tea party movement” in the US which I am sure you are familiar with. They are not a third party as such but they are calling the parties – especially the so called Republican / conservative party – to be accountable and return to the values to which they were once loyal. They have been getting involved in politics again, putting their names up for nomination on the Republican primary ticket and are capturing votes and the actual nomination for the upcoming November elections. I know politics in the US is vastly different from here, but we can often get a glimpse into things that may be key for here.

    One of the men at my church ran on the Liberal National Party ticket against Wayne Swan and although he won the primary vote, he fell behind in the 2 party preferred count and unfortunately Mr Swan is back. He believed God was calling him into politics and only a few short months later the election was called. The inroads that were taken in such a short time proved the hand of God was upon him and that being a part of a major party is something we should consider. I believe we can be more effective if we infiltrate what should be our conservative party – the Liberal / National party. Too many progressives and people on the left have hijacked both parties, which in the case of the LNP leaves us with really no true conservative party. I think we need to regain the ground and redig the wells in existence wherever possible – if we truly want representation in government and not just be another name and party on a ballot sheet – and then go to work meeting people and getting to know the true heart of the electorate. I am led to believe there are still conscience votes on moral issues in the LNP which leaves room for Christians to take a stand and make a difference and not have to compromise. I am not aware of anything that would hinder a Christian from taking part and standing as a member of the LNP. (Perhaps it would be good to try to locate the original platform of the Liberal / National party to see if there are Godly foundations there).

    I do believe that what people want to see in government is someone who is visible, someone who is honest, who is concerned and can relate to those things the constituents are concerned about. Someone who has insight and wisdom and integrity and all in all show the fruits of the Spirit – even when they don’t really know that what they are truly asking for – it is obvious to us that they are wanting a man/woman of God. Telling them that that is what they need normally won’t work. They need to see it first in action. They want people with compassion and love for their fellowman, a true statesmen, who is more concerned about doing what is right in the sight of God and man and not concerned about getting re-elected, building his/her own empire or selling out to globalism – all a compromise for the purpose of furthering his/her own interests. We need a lot more truth coming out of Canberra and a lot less spin. When a Godly man/woman in office, anointed with governmental authority, collides with an earthly issue, we should see the Kingdom of God at hand every single time. This brings the righteousness of God into the open and know it or not, the people are happy. We desperately need representatives in government who are Christians and who show it best not just by their words, but more importantly in their actions, in their lifestyle, in their love and passion for God and all people. I believe this will most likely occur if we use the vehicles already in existence and be a shining light in the darkness.



  165. 165 Kees

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    Thank you for the leadership you are providing at this time. A Christian Party? Fred Niles party is doing a fine job, why not get behind him? Family First is a disappointment and a write off.
    Keep up the good work,

    God bless you. Kees.

  166. 166 Robyn

    Hi Danny Nalliah and Catch the Fire Ministries

    I encourage you to keep the faith and know that what God showed you will come to pass! The timing that you thought was now, was not Gods timing, and we now wait for God’s Mighty Power to come and show us His Way.

    I too was very very disappointed, gob=smacked and shocked that those two Country Independents backed Labour for very obscure reasons and now it is coming out that Tony Windsor (in his speech yesterday) and it was on Lateline on Channel 2, that he didn’t back Coalition for the reason that they could possibly go to the election before the three years was up if they saw the Polls were favourable for them, and he thought they would then win strongly, which meant that he, Tony Windsor, would not have his three years that he selfishly wants for himself, and therefore is not getting the respect he would have wanted, as it points to the fact that he didn’t keep the National interest of the country at his heart.

    Keep up the prayer and fighting the enemy.

    Yours in Christ


  167. 167 Ps Lyle

    Dear Danny

    Very well written.

    Ps Lyle

  168. 168 Evans family

    I would support a Christian / Biblical based party.

    Evans family

  169. 169 Andrew

    Dear Danny,

    I would support a party that would take us back to our Christian Roots.

    As I have been thinking and praying about our nation’s situation it is clear to me we are losing the battle in our universities. They have been overtaken by left wing theorist. There are professors who believe in our Judo-Christian heritage and aren’t necessarily Christians but have been forced out of our universities. I know one who lives in Germany and would come back to Australia if he were sponsored. He wants to spend the nest 2 years in writing a manifesto on the way forward for our nation.

    While its great to have Christian groups at universities we need to be teaching from a conservative (biblical) perspective in the main subjects. Even many Christians who go to university end up with a left wing view. All our school teachers, journalists and social science teachers are taught this philosophy.

    To change our nation I think there has to be a 3 pronged attack.

    1 The Gospel has to get stronger and clearer.

    2 We need to bring back Conservative (biblical) teaching to our universities. This can be done.

    3 We then need laws that back up this. Politian’s willing to bring these laws. If we get 1 & 2 right then this one should flow on naturally.

    Blessings Andrew

  170. 170 Melanie

    Yes I would support such a party and also promote it, we will overcome the darkness with light. Our foundation is the Word of God.


  171. 171 Dylan

    Dear Ps Danny,

    Thanks for your email, bless you heaps brother and all involved in your ministry.

    Please don’t feel badly about sharing your dream, I too agree that the current Gillard government is very ‘unstable’ (despite all the rhetoric about how the main priority was to be stable government) and may topple very soon. The natural government would have been the Liberal/National coalition with the three conservative independents – instead we have an unlikley alliance of Labor, far left Greens, and conservative independents. This difficulties in managing this unlikely alliance may yet see Gillard conceding defeat in the not too distant future, as per your dream. Anyway, whatever happens, you are active in destroying the devil’s kingdom, Danny, and I only expect perfection from those who don’t dare to do anything. They venture nothing…and gain nothing.

    Just so you know, your recent calls to action helped mobilise my family and I and it’s as though praying about this election has sparked somewhat of a personal revival for us. To be sure, I felt that it was clear which way we were to pray so I prayed for a Tony Abbott victory and have felt a strong anointing to pray (unlike what I have experienced previously). We called a prayer/praise evening at our house and we found ourselves also praying for the long-anticipated revival that will sweep through this great South Land of the Holy Spirit.

    We were led to pray along these lines:

    1. that as the king in the book of Esther was unable to sleep, so also these independents would be unable to sleep until they made the right decision

    2. that their Christian family members would have access at this time and influence them for good (I wondered when I saw Windsor’s mum giving him some “words of wisdom” if that was a direct answer to prayer)

    3. that each independent would dig deep and act in the best interest of the nation and according to whatever Christian values they may have and that they would not be swayed by personal advantage

    4. that key members of the Coalition would experience personal revival at this time (particularly if they are Christian) and we prayed specifically for Abbott, Howard, and others in the Coalition.

    5. we bound the devil in his attempts to destroy this country and declared and called forth the God-given destiny of the nation as the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit

    While I was deeply disappointed at the two independents’ decisions yesterday (I was listening in the car and was ready to jump out and dance on the street if they voted Coalition), I make the following observations that I believe are at least some of the answers to the prayers and intercessions of God’s people around Australia and abroad:

    1. Bob Katter split with the block of three independents and in so doing weakened the grip Labor would have on power

    2. In a way, the government in its current state may be like the ‘poison chalice’. It will quickly become ‘on the nose’ as these godless, self-seeking politicians attempt to govern in what seems to many Australians to be an illegitimate government (although I acknowledge that according to our electoral system it is legitimate). We may see broken deals/promises, self-centredness, and general logistical difficulties make this government untenable and therefore spark another election. If Abbott steers a steady course, he would be swept into power on the back of the government’s disunity and disintegration.

    3. Many Christians have been stirred by this course of events, realising how far we have wandered off politically and are now mobilised in prayer and personal revival. May we continue to fan the flame and usher in revival.

    God bless,

  172. 172 Lyn

    Hello Pastor Danny –

    I was sent your letter by a friend, and I would like to comment by satying – Yes I have voted and will continue to vote for Godliness at leadership level.

    And I will continue to believe and pray for righteousness in Government.

    We must not be moved by the recent results. As a midwife, I was taught that anything can happen in obstetrics, and it is also true that anything can happen in politics. Just look at how Kevin Rudd was removed – suddenly, without an election. This could also happen to our present leadership.

    As we continue to stand, rebuke and bind the enemy from operating through people to bring down this nation, and instead loose the Spirit of God, righteousness and Godliness – we can expect to see amazing things happen.

    God forgive us for not being unified in prayer, for not seeking God as to what His will is here in this land and for allowing evil sinful things to be made legal.

    If we the ‘salt and light’ don’t do it, then who will???



  173. 173 Angela

    Dear Pastor Daniel, I too was sad and disappointed for a short time, but not nearly as much as I might have expected. Almost immeadiatly I was aware of an underlying hope and confidence in God. Often things are not what they seem, I can’t say I understand it, but God’s ways are always above ours, and just as Jesus’ death seemed like defeat, in actual fact it was the greatest victory in history. There is huge opportunity for God’s intervention and glory to be seen, as long as His people keep praying. Thankyou for sharing your heart and dreams and hopes for Australia, I am continually encouraged and appreciate it immensely. Another great saying is “Timing is everything” and God’s timing is perfect. I’m confident we will see that speech. A political party honouring God’s commandments statutes and heart is a welcome consideration, Australia for Jesus, Jesus for Australia. God bless you and strengthen you. Angela

  174. 174 Bev

    Yes, Danny, I would support such a party. Blessings. Bev

  175. 175 Ps. Jenny

    Dear Ps. Danny….I think your dream was from God and given because God knew the election result would seem like a defeat to the Christians who have been praying….I think God is telling us the ultimate result will be what you dreamed….however, I think it will also involve allowing the Australian people to see what the greens and Labor are really about….so the defeat will be a far greater one than just scraping in as we might have done yesterday. On Mon. night at Prayer for Israel, I read the following verses that seemed to stand out . This was before the election result was known.
    Ps 92 : 5-9 and Ps.94: 16-23 NKJV.

    I was a candidate for the Christian D.P. in WA this last election….this party does stand already for what you were writing about…it has a totally scriptural platform. However generally speaking, its office-bearers have not had the experience described in Acts 2….which is its only drawback as I see it. This is not a criticism on my part, just informing you. Please keep on telling us your dreams….you are a blessing sent by God to our nation Ps. Jenny

  176. 176 Rosie

    Hello Pastor Danny

    I will definitely support a leader or party that espouses Christian values and is not scared to do so.
    You have no need to apologize. God is proud of you leading the people to pray. I think a lot of Christians have fallen into a feeling of apathy. I did ask my church leaders if they would call the congregation to prayer however they decided that praying for our leaders on a Sunday was enough. Whilst i love my church I was a bit disappointed with this outcome. Imagine if all God’s people only prayed on Sundays.

    I still believe that your vision will come to pass, but in God’s perfect timing.

    Thank you for being such a mighty man of God.



  177. 177 Janelle

    Thank you dear Brother In Christ for your stand, your boldness and commitment to the Lord first and then to this your adopted nation of Australia. I to was sad when I heard the result but the words, ‘God is sovereign, kept going through my head. Maybe this will wake us up as I know for myself, I am more determined than every to speak up for my God and fight this warfare, as we really are in a battle. I continue to pray for you that you will walk close to the Lord and He will use you for His kingdom and His glory.

    Bless you and your family

    your sister-in-the Lord


  178. 178 Suzanne

    Your the man Danny

    You have my vote


  179. 179 Abigail

    To Ps Danny,

    Although I am upset with the new Priminister, I do not blame it all on you. There is another fight coming and just like your win in court 2007, we will take that place of victory and win this battle.

    I think you are right, we must not give up hope and we also must make sure that GOD has the final say in this matter.

    Thanks Ps Danny for everything, for encouriging us and for letting us know that in all situations GOD is in control.

    Thank you brother in christ


  180. 180 Pastor Alan

    Dear Danny,

    No matter what, God still on His throne, and I would certainly support a christian political party who did not compromise the word of God and declare His Lordship and rightousness. It’s not over till it’s over, and it’s not over yet by a long chalk, I believe this government will be fortunate to last a year, and if we keep praying and keep those angels working on our behalf, they definately won’t. This is not a defeat, but a set back, which should make us all the more determined in spiritual warfare, we only have to fight the fight of faith because God has won the battle.


    Pastor Alan of Voice of Victory Church

  181. 181 Neita

    Dear Pr Daniel

    Like you I am grieved at the turn out , I guess we as a church need pressure to cause us to be become the holy warriors we are meant to be, on a whole the church is to laid back and afraid to stick there neck out as you say. I think we need to pray for the coalition on a whole to recognize the importance in standing strong for Godly principles Warren Truss did, he was not happy with one of the points given by the independents recognizing the indigenous people before prayer in parliament. God first before any body so good on him. The other thing I think we as Australians need to examine our history and deal with it, repentance, seeking forgiveness from our Aboriginals, after all I think God will pour his Spirit on them first and they will impart it to us. Just some ideas I need to pray more about it to get more understanding myself all I know is that God is swelling my heart towards our indigenous people most of there mess is our ancestors fault. Well I guess we take this blow get up and keep fighting God is after all in control, God bless Neita

  182. 182 Amanda

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    For too long many Australian Believers have declined to fight under the false premise of not mixing ‘religion and politics’. It is a battle we are in which cannot be fought from the sidelines.

    To truly be ‘in the battle’ we need to get ‘back in the game’.

    I salute catch the fire teams across Oz for being in the game, and declaring God;’s word and heart to this nation and these people.



  183. 183 Trisha

    Hi Danny,

    Initially I was sad and disappointed regarding the election results however I am encouraged by your honesty and humility regarding your response. Your words to never give up have inspired a continuance in prayer. Also taking into consideration that the timing could be out in regard to the dream therefore I will not give up and will continue to fight in prayer. You have my support!


    Living Hope Christian Fellowship Blaxland NSW

  184. 184 Coral

    Dear Pastor Daniel, God bless you for standing up for what you believe. I have to admit that I find this all very confusing, did we not do enough, did we not believe enough ( me personally) it is very disappointing that we as a church don’t care about who leads our nation or what their values are. Thank God that it is all in His hands that’s all I can say. Keep up the good work Pastor Daniel and the CTF team, even if we didn’t see God’s (obvious) hand at work here this time, we have seen it before and we will see it again, Praise Him for that, many blessings love from Coral

  185. 185 Jacqui

    Dear Pastor Daniel Nalliah

    I was so pleased to receive your newsletter via my friend Vanessa. It echoes my sentiments exactly and encouraged me to press on after feeling such disappointment at the forming of the new Government.

    In it you said :

    “Like in China and other nations where the on fire churches are persecuted, the churches which compromise will be free to operate, but those who stand up for righteousness will be persecuted. Who knows, we might have to start underground house churches soon in Australia, like in China & Saudi Arabia. Oh, how exciting that will be as I have personally experienced many of them, since I served the Lord in Saudi Arabia with the underground house church movement.”

    I was in the underground house church movement myself from 1985 to May 1991. It was the most exciting time in my life being part of the underground church. We saw God move in miracles, signs and wonders in an amazing way – I have not experienced anything like it since we left and became part of the traditional church in Australia.

    My husband and I went through the entire Gulf War in Riyadh, and were deported for our Christian beliefs. I had the privilege of leading a Saudi woman doctor to Jesus, and for that we were deported. We lost everything as we had to leave in haste. Praise the Lord she is still alive and still a radiant Christian, despite much persecution. I spoke with her in February PTL

    In your newsletter you declared :God will never put His children who stand for Him to shame!

    You asked a very important question :

    In closing let me ask you a very, very important question. If given the opportunity, would you support a political party which will take Australia back to the historic roots of its Founding Fathers, the Ten Commandments, and that will protect our Judeo-Christian heritage??

    My reply is a resounding YES!!

    You said in your newslette:

    I honestly thought that the dream I had was from the Lord and so I have not given up hope on it as yet. It is very likely that the current Gillard Labor Green Government could collapse anytime. As the American saying goes, “it ain’t over until the fat lady sing

    Personally, I am not concerned your dream did not come to pass YET. I believe it will.

    My Pastor, an anointed South American man of God from Argentina, prophesied at our Prayer Meeting last night that a new Government will be formed by December of this year. So indeed, as the Americans say, it ain’t over until the fat lady sings
    God bless you as you continue to do His work.

    Central Coast

  186. 186 Michelle

    To Pr Daniel

    I think the question you asked is very important.
    I know that my husband and I would definitely support a government that will protect our Judeo-Christian heritage.

    Blessing to you

  187. 187 Kiran

    Dear Pastor,

    Yes I will support such a party.



  188. 188 Alfons and Tanya

    Dear Ps Daniel, yes we were disappointed as well at the outcome of the election,we think the dream you had is still to come to pass,it will be very hard for Labor to govern the way things are at the moment in Canberra. There does need to be a strong christian voice in Canberra as there seems to be ungodly parties rising up more and more, and we need to break the takeover of the enemy in Canberra,thank you for your email. Alfons & Tanya

  189. 189 Lynne

    Prophetic Word for the Nation

    Before the birth pains even begin, Australia gives birth to a son. Who has ever seen anything as strange as this? Who ever heard of such a thing? Has a nation ever been born in a single day? Has a country ever come forth in a mere moment? But by the time Australia’s birth pains begin, her children will be born. Would I ever bring this nation to the point of birth and then not deliver it? asks the Lord. No! I would never keep this nation from being born, says your God. (Isaiah 66:7-9 NLT)

    The Lord is calling His midwives, yes, I say midwives, those that I have trained with special skills to bring forth life. From across the nation I am calling you and I would have you activate those skills now. Wait on me. Wait on me. For I am the Divine Doctor who has the expertise to birth my plans in the nation of Australia. You must move now. You must come now. You must leave your domestic duties and come to me now. Night nurses, night nurses, we need nurses on night duty! I need you now for I am birthing a new thing in this nation. No longer will there be still births and aborted dreams. I am coming to bring this nation to life. The contractions are coming quickly now; daily, then hourly for my purposes. Hold firm to the promise that Australia is destined to be the great South Land of the Holy Spirit. For it will be so; and my coming will blaze as the noonday sun.

    Fear not when a defining moment in the nation seems to say that the promise is lost. So it was at Calvary. Was it not the women that held the promise most tightly during my three days in the tomb? To those that know me, my resurrection power will be evident at that point in the life of the nation. Australia will seem to die in a day, but my resurrection power will be activated at this point. My love is enfolding you at this time, hemming you in, guiding you hour by hour, day by day. Do not faint or grow weary, but let my joy strengthen you.

    Your general nursing skills will be required beyond this point to bring healing and hope to the many sheep that have no shepherd. Make room for the sheep that have laboured under shepherds that have not learned their skills from me. Nurture people through their shock and pain with my love. Dear ones, I love you. My face is shining upon you. Thank you for your fragrant offerings of love to me.

    Love JC.

    This word, wrapped in Gods love, was given to Lynne beside the road in a sudden and unexpected rain shower at Cudlee Creek, South Australia at 11.20am on Wednesday 13 May 2009.

  190. 190 Rev Peter

    Dear Daniel

    I write not so much to comment on your message, but to confirm to you my constant prayer: that we will have as a Prime Minister a person who loves and puts full trust in the Lord Jesus. That is my prayer for Julia Gillard. May God grant me the length of days to see this come to pass. But even if I do not see it, I have faith that our merciful God will bring Julia Gillard back to the faith of her childhood, and will then give her growth as a Christian woman.

    Blessings and peace


    The Rev’d Peter Rose
    Parliamentary Christian Fellowship of Australia

  191. 191 Catherine and Bevan

    Ps. Danny,

    Thank you for the encouraging email.

    Yes, my husband and I would support the right kind of political party – one that gives glory to God and His Son, Jesus, and with people who are in it for that reason to bring these values into Australian Government. One, supported by people with no personal ambitions and grandstanding.

    Catherine and Bevan

  192. 192 Andrea

    Dear Ps Danny Jason & Team; God is on the move. Parts of USA are having a wonderful revival regardlesss of whom is President. God is looking for God pleasers not man-pleasers. Praying for all leaders in Govt – as this is what we r told to do. Blessings, Andrea.

  193. 193 Lidia

    “If given the opportunity, would you support a political party which will take Australia back to the historic roots of its Founding Fathers, the Ten Commandments, and that will protect our Judeo-Christian heritage??”

    Yes of course! Sadly I know many people wouldn’t. But my family and I would support such a party.

    Thank you for your email Danny. Yesterday I felt like wearing black for a year to mourn for our country. But today I decided not to give in to sadness. It’s not over until it’s over so we’re still going to keeping praying for Australia no matter what! God is good!


  194. 194 Bruce

    Dear Danny

    Just a short note to encourage you in the stance you took in the recent election, and the dream you had regarding Julia Gillard. I think I met you many years ago, when I was preaching at Lighthouse church in Keysborough. Way back in 1992, the Spirit of God said to me, “Tell John Howard to prepare to be Prime Minister.” At the time, he was a rather ungainly opposition leader, vilified by the press and ridiculed by the cartoonists. In obedience to the Lord, I wrote to Mr. Howard, explaining what God had said to me. I still have a copy of my original letter and his gracious reply. In my naivety, I expected the word of the Lord to come to pass immediately. I was confused and embarrassed when he contested the following election against Bob Hawke and lost! I thought that I must have got it wrong, although deep in my heart I knew that I had heard the voice of the Lord. I said nothing about it for almost 3 years, until the word of the Lord started to stir in my heart. Then in 1995, Howard once again became opposition leader in a bloodless coup, replacing the rather inept Alexander Downer. In December, 1995, during a prayer meeting in our home in Mornington, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me and I prophesied, “Within 3 months, John Howard will become Prime Minister.” After I uttered the words, I wished I could have fallen through the floor! At that stage, an election hadn’t even been called! But remarkably, at the beginning of February, Paul Keating called an election at one month’s notice, and of course the rest is history. John Howard became the second longest serving Prime Minister in Australia’s history.

    This experience taught me an invaluable lesson regarding spiritual timing. One day with the Lord is like a thousand years of our time. As we see in the Bible, God speaks as if a thing is going to happen immediately, when in fact, it could actually come to pass months, years or even centuries later. I also prophesied in 1997 that Kevin Rudd was going to become Prime Minister because of John Howard’s pride and his refusal to hand over power to Peter Costello, when the word of the Lord had instructed him to do so on at least two occasions. As we know, this also came to pass, with John Howard not only losing the election but also his own seat in Parliament.

    I say all this to make the following point: I believe that your dream regarding Julia Gillard will come to pass, but not in the timeframe you expected. I also share your concern and grief over the ungodly alliance between the Labour Party and the Greens and the Independents. However, for what it’s worth, I felt the Lord say to me that they are building a Tower of Babel, and that as we pray, God will come down and bring confusion and disagreement, and ultimately disperse them (in other words, we will see a collapse of the alliance and an early election). Remember, man proposes but God disposes.

    In the meantime, keep up the good work, and may the Lord encourage your heart.

    Your brother in Christ,

    Word of the Father

  195. 195 Graeme

    Dear Pastor Danny

    While I too was disappointed at the decision of the 2 independants I am aware that their current decision may wok to our advantage.

    As far as I am aware these independants will only guarantee support for the Gillard Government in the event of a no confidence motion and the passage of their budget.

    She will not have an easy time getting controversial ore ungodly legislation through the lower house unless the independants support it. She may have to negotiate her way through and modify every bill her party presents to the parliament.

    The fact that these independants have gone against the majority of the electors Australia wide, but particularly in their own electorates, should work in against the ALP in both the Victorian & NSW State pending state elections, and should also work against support for independents in these elections.

    When the next federal election is held the electorates are likely to be very decisive in their support fpr the coalition.

    The fact the Labor are very good at making promises but very bad at delivering those promises will work against them where the support of the independants is concerned. How long will these 2 men be prepared to wait for delivery of the promises made to them before withdrawing their support?
    God bless you


  196. 196 Susan

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    I too was suprised that Labour won the election, but God is never late or early. I think that it is yet to come.

    Did you notice on the tv that in many states of Australia had storms, gales, floods, Victoria being the worst hit this week? I wonder if God is expressing his opinion?

    I am but a beginner in dream intepretation and have had them confirmed by Rozi under John Paul Jackson’s umbrella (American) I had a dream on 3-7-2010 actually it was 3 short dreams, all with a similiar meaning.

    summary of number 1 and 3 – a move of God in the Body of Christ – ‘that those in leadership are unaware of the big move of God that going to happen and aren’t prepared to launch out in the deep with Him, so they find themselves in danger when this move starts. Their vision will be obscured which will hinder their ability to follow closely after God. Their hearts are unguarded and unprotected.

    In Dream 2,God is showing me that He loves His Son and has great compassion – I thought the church. That we should pray for the leadership.’

    I am wondering if it was for the election or the church or both?


  197. 197 Cecily

    Dear Ps Daniel

    Thankyou for you email.

    Initially, I could not believe that Labour had sort of been returned.

    Then I spent time pondering prophecy in the Bible – what had to be fought for, eg. Daniel’s intercession and fasting for the prophecy in Jeremiah about Israel’s return to Israel to be fulfilled; and many in Ezekiel where he spoke or acted as the Lord bid him and then rested in that.

    My conclusion at present is that your dream re Julia Gillard will come to pass, but when?

    Again, in Ezekiel the Lord in a way kept giving Ezekiel similar words to speak to the people, again and again – wanting the people to repent and return to the Lord. There was nearly always a period of time between the words being spoken out by Ezekiel and when they came to pass. But come to pass they did.

    I was reminded that you have told us, Ps Danny, that the Lord spoke to you in Ethiopia to return to Australia and start prayer movements throughout the country and that by 2020 this nation will have turned to the Lord.

    My pastor in Brisbane, Matt has been commissioned to hold a solemn assembly in Brisbane in 2012 in line with the movement “The Call” which will possibly be on Australia Day.

    So with these different timings, what is going to be happening when?

    I appreciate your ministry so much, Ps. Daniel. It is wonderful to have a man in the land to ‘stand in the gap and intercede for the nation so that the Lord does not destroy it.’ I keep reminding the Lord of this.

    I am going to the Assembly in Kingaroy this month and am looking forward to your ministry and the whole gathering very much.

    God bless you and yours ever so richly.



  198. 198 Lyn

    Yes Danny I am sad and I refuse to watch the news as I do not want to see that woman gloating. But… I still believe in your dream Danny, it just maybe for a time in the not to distant future, when she cannot run government and is forced to the polls. It will only take someone to retire or resign that will send us back to the polls.

    Do not lose heart Danny.

    God Bless you

  199. 199 Sandy

    Hi Danny, Jason & Jenny,

    If given the opportunity, I would definitely support a political party which will take Australia back to the historic roots of its Founding Fathers, the Ten Commandments, and that will protect our Judeo-Christian heritage.

    Love In Jesus our Lord


  200. 200 Margaret

    Hello Danny,

    Thank you for the email.

    Last night God woke me saying “Margaret, if you lost a tennis match what would you do? You’d get up and practice harder. So that’s what we do; we just keep praying.


  201. 201 Carol & Clyde

    Yes, I was devastated for a short while but I keep remembering a word I heard from God on sunday morning. The word was “Grace.” May God’s grace be over Australia. Yes, He hasn’t seen fit to let Tony Abbott be our Prime Minister and personally I am ashamed that a woman living with a man will inhabit the Lodge even for a short time, but God’s grace is greater than it all.

    My son suggested that a minority govt could have a short life and that not much could be achieved, except by stealth and deceit, and this would actually do Tony Abbott some good. After all the people of Australia, looking at the percentages, basically voted for him and not for Gillard. So who knows what God can bring out of this.

    Watching the 2 independents give their support to Gillard I felt they were totally naive and with no understanding of the real issues involved, and that this would be the death of their political career. Listening to talk back radio a few minutes later people were so angry about it, and also, having just had a trip outback of NSW, I was amazed at how many people were angry with the labour govt. So who knows what God has in mind as we keep praying. As you said it isn’t really over and a minority govt has many tangles that God can allow to happen. Maybe the people of Australia have to come to a place of complete disgust with them and this will help bring about revival as people are still generally speaking, content with their lot. Desperation can be a way to revival.

    May God bless you in what you are doing. Carol (& Clyde) from Brisbane.

  202. 202 Coral

    I am not surprised at all but I believe in what God can do. I still believe God’s will will be done. Let’s all join our hearts in lifting this nation to our King…


  203. 203 Kim

    Pastor Daniel, Jason and all the RUA Family,

    I read the letter with interest and I still feel encouraged and ready for a Fight. I like that saying about the” tough get going”, because unfortunately it takes a physical, personal threat for some people to realise that something is wrong and to get motivated.

    I have already told you my opinion about Standing Up for Australia with a Righteous new Party, and I’m…….IN.

    God Bless You Daniel and the Crew. Yes this battle is temporarily lost, but it Cannot last.
    God will not allow these Ungodly people to Rule for long. I know this in my Spirit as no doubt you do too.



  204. 204 Deborah

    Dear catch the fire team, I too havent given up on danny’s dream, it could be a Julia gilliard further on down the road, that is the first thought I got when i heard the other two independants gave her government their support, time will tell. I was also a bit disapointed in our church for not standing up and giving clear direction about the election, afraid of offending someone, we did have a brother from the mainland come and talk about what to expect if labour and greens were voted in, but only about 10 in our church turned up to listen, very disapointing. All I can say, God help us all. Deborah

  205. 205 Robert and Tania


    in response to the question about supporting a christian gov OFF COURSE,

    we voted for the CDP, in NSW , rV fred nile group.

    The guy that ran for the seat of robertson goes to our church.

    We are open to ideas if God has a plan.

    God Bless

    keep up the good fight

    Robert and Tania

  206. 206 Ps Geoff

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    I am writing to thank and congratulate you on the firm stand that you have taken over the election crisis. I would encourage you not to despair over your recent dream because it may yet come to pass. It took two years for your Rudd / Gillard dream to happen and your Gillard /Abbot dream may not take that long.

    I have followed this election closely and have followed your advice in preaching it in church. We even saw dedicated Labour voters change their vote when told of Gillard and Brown’s atheism.

    Figures from the ABC election website show that the coalition (Liberal, LNP and National combined) received 658397 more votes than Labour. The coalition is in front in the two party preferred vote and won 73 seats to Labours 72.

    I believe these figures show that the people of The Great Southland of the Holy Spirit did indeed elect Tony Abbot and the coalition to power only to be denied by the actions of two men who have been totally deceived.

    We therefore have an illigitimate government in power. I pray that these two men will have their eyes opened to their error of judgement.

    I am encouraging our intercessory prayer group to continue to pray for a “Damascus Road experience” for Julia Gillard and Bob Brown because God loves them too.

    Stay strong and God bless you, Danny

    regards, Geoff (Pastor Jandowae AOG)

    p.s. near Dalby on the Darling Downs. We were at your Dalby meeting some months ago.

  207. 207 Helen

    Dear Danny and friends, I praise the Lord Jesus Christ for your stand in this election, like you was praying for the election of Tony Abbott and felt very sad and disturbed yesterday, but felt the Lord remind me that today is today and it is important that we continue to pray for this country, thanks for the e-mails they have certainly encouraged me to pray and stand for this country,God Bless you Danny as you continue to make a stand for the Lord Jesus Christ, will continue to pray for you and your family and ministry, God Bless, Helen

  208. 208 Irene

    Dear Danny

    Thankyou for all you do for the Lord in Australia. I thank God that He sent you to us. I feel that your dream was of the Lord and that it will not be too long before it comes to pass. I would say to you how important it is that, no matter what the circumstances seem to be in the natural realm, you continue to speak out the dreams, messages etc that come through you.

    I feel the Lord is saying to you, at this time, “well done, good and faithful servant”.

    Many blessings,


  209. 209 Hazel

    Hi Pastor Danny & Team,

    Congratulations & Thank you for Breakthru,obedience, unified Teamwork, spoiling principalities & wicked rulers in high places that became evidenced in the natural through the votes. When we sow to the Spirit we will reap of the Spirit, not the flesh or the devil! You were/are the Leader being Light & Salt for Christians to see & follow in the darkness. God’s Delays are NOT His denials. He has His timings to expose His Works & we must accept that. Yes I was disappointed but not for long because I encouraged myself in the Lord & remembered ALL the many confirming words encouraing scriptural ongs He gave me & others & God is not a man who should lie not suck us in with a carrot! I was devasted with the 2007 result especially when Christians Fast & Pray only to be told by other Christians that they voted for Labor! What happened to Righteousness. Anyways God healed me, renewed my strength & did something New in me for this election & gave me an assignment & faith to carry it out. I knew that His prophecies & acts/dreams may not be fulfilled immediately & Christians could call us ‘nuts’. But so did Noah, Abraham & David Yonggi Cho! If I considered others opinions or failure that cancels my faith & response!

    God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him! We must honour His Word & stand to seek first His Kingdom, His will & Righteousness to come to our nation.

    I have found in my walk of obedience that when He does not answer me the way I thought He would, it is my responsiblity to believe, obey & allow Him to be Soveriegn/Lord of my life by answering when & how He chooses. His own son says, Not my will but your will be done. To me this is the work of the cross which is absent from Christian teaching today. This is the path you & Daniel Scot took & were the Light & example to encourage us. No apologize necessary!!

    So when Daddy decides to answer Hazel’s prayers & acts of obedience he does exceedingly abundantly more than I had asked & hoped for & it is made obvious to others without their knowing what trial took place If we faint not, in due season we will see His reward & we will laugh at the Mocking spirits & declare This is our God! Thats our reward. What He has done in me in this season is more important than the answer because it will come, but He makes us grow from strength to strenth, faith to faith & glory to glory as a mighty Army.

    Must go! This is more than a line! Be Blessed & encourage yourselves as David did because God has a greater plan & in the meantime I love Him & worship Him more & more. Glory to God.


  210. 210 Anthony McGregor

    Psalm 14:1-3 The fool says in his heart there is no God. This Government of fools will be seen for what they are in due time.

    Dont forget we have a Vic State election looming also. Brumby has got to go!

    God bless you.

    Anthony McGregor

  211. 211 Rose

    Praise JEHOVAH and Greetings In JESUS CHRIST; Howdy Folks

    Pastor Danny; If you ever send a letter like this again I will personally belt you over the head with my Bible. There will always be a Rainbow in the Heavens and in our HEARTS . UNITED we stand, divided we fall. And THOUSANDS of CHRISTians are United in the Body Of CHRIST. No Weeping or Wailing, cause’ that’s what the devil wants us to do. Yes there are to many CHRISTian’s in Australia who do not speak out on ABBA father’s Behalf or My BeLoved Brother JESUS CHRIST. Proverbs 17:15—ANYONE who justifies the wicked and ANYONE who CONDEMS the RIGHTEOUS are both an abomination–exceedingly–disgusting and hateful–to The LORD ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH Of Armies.


    We have just had a Wee Hick-up. We have already WON the WAR because THE MOST HIGH GoD Of ALL Creation Is In Charge Be ENCOURAGED FOLKS, Be In COURAGED. We Have The VOCTORY In CHRIST JESUS & We Are VICTORIOUS In JESUS CHRIST. In My 10 Bibles, JESUS Declares, We have ALL VICTORYS.

    “NOTHING Is IMPOSSABLE”, DeClares JEHOVAH. And if JEHOVAH Says so then it’s the TRUTH. AMEN.

    JESUS CHRIST DECLARES in Luke 1:37–” KING JESUS Says, ” With Man This Is IMPOSSIBLE, But With LORD GoD ALL Things Ar e POSSIBLE “. Glory Hallelujah. JESUS Says ALL

    Folks, That Sure Makes My Heart, Soul, & Spirit Sing. SONG; ‘Be EXAULTED O LORD GOD Above the Heavens, And Let Your Glory Be Over ALL AUSTRALIA’.

    Luke1:37. The Mighty Powerfull Arke–Angel Of JEHOVAH SAID; ” For NOTHING Is IMPOSSIBLE With GoD “.

    We Pray, Sing, Dance, Clap, Rejoice, Speak, Think, and so forth In VICTORY, AND VICTORIOUS IN JESUS CHRIST ALWAYS.

    Glory Hallelujah O! Great JEHOVAH. YOU are worthy of ALL the Glory, Honor, Exaultation, Love, Reverence, Thanksgiving, Loyality, and Worship. Hall EL u JAH, Hallelujah, Hallelujah. In JESUS Name Amen: Be Encouraged. GoD Bless You ALL.


  212. 212 Anne

    Yes it is saddened by who got into government but like u say through mail the fight is not finished yet and yes lots of churches silent but they will reap too it saddens me to see how the churches are not being vocal but then eventually they will be dealt with so brother Daniel am willing to stand with you, you have sure been a blessing to me when u were in ACT again so lets fight the good fight of faith it is never finished until God says so stay blessed Anne

  213. 213 James and Raeleen

    Good morning Danny

    Never before have I seen so many people interested in a election, even my children waited with bated breath to hear the outcome, my stomach was in knots and just like you I too was very sad at the outcome but I have to believe that God has still got his finger on this situation. Sometimes when God doesn’t answer our prayers in the way we think He should doesn’t mean He hasn’t answered our prayers. He sees and knows the beginning and the end as I know you know this. We have to trust in Him with all our heart. I believe that this outcome will bring true Christian believers to their knees and maybe some that don’t believe and I feel this is where the Lord wants us. When things are going ok Australians have the attitude ‘she’ll be right mate’ but when their not going so good we get on our knees.

    Please do not be sorry for sharing your dream you are a true man of God and you will be truly honored for that.

    James and myself will stand along side of you and continue to pray with you.

    Our Friday night RUA pray meetings are quite powerful and the presence of God is very strong, last Friday we even had a deliverance hallelujah

    Love and Blessings

    James and Raeleen

  214. 214 Meryl

    Dear Col and Jan,

    I totally agree. Prayer is needed and Christians need to be challenged like never before to stand up for truth and righteousness. I feel that now is the time for us all to write to Ms Gillard and Mr Brown and encourage them to seek the God they currently deride, and to Mr Abbott to ask him to recommit himself to fulfilling God’s purposes.

    I have written letters which I plan to post today, and included a copy of Mr Abbott’s to my local member Kelly O’Dwyer (a Christian). I copy them below for your interest. They may not even look at them, but if enough people wrote, surely they would have to start to take notice.

    Just an idea, but I feel that it is necessary to encourage people to take stock.


  215. 215 Anna

    Hi Danny

    Yes too am very sad. I prayed together with our Pastors of our Church here at Victory Life. Our Pastor stands for this nation with such fervency like yourself.

    I too belive that its not all over. The normal man /woman in the street seem very dissapointed as well! As for the rural community I can say they too will be extremely dissapointed.

    I believe God will use this and people will be crying out even more.

    Keep up the good work, you haven’t disspointed anyone, you just stood for righteousness and thats what we are called to do!!!!!

    Yours in Christ!


  216. 216 Pastors Alan & Bev

    Danny far from over yet, with all the Christians praying and the country waking up to what an election really is, God is turning it all to good. Feel the country will benefit greatly.

    Still cant believe the Christian point of view nevers comes across from viewers or media, 2 Athiests leaders joining, both living ungodly (anti-christian), this doesn’t get mentioned, also both standing for ungodliness and removing Christianity and all it stands for. Met a lady recently she says I like Julia Gillard (what has that to do with the country’s future) hope she gets in. I said I am a Chrisitan so never do I want her to get in, after I had told her how ungodly she was and such a bad mentor for our grandchildren etc. and the move against Christianity she was shocked. People dont understand. They go for the personalities not the issues that go with the people.

    God bless you keep working in the field God will turn it all to good. See you in Feb. if not sooner.

    love in Jesus THE GOVERNMENT IS ON HIS SHOULDER Pastors Alan and Bev.

  217. 217 Pam

    Hi Pastor Danny

    I was shocked at the outcome myself. It is indeed a sad day for Australia.

    However we are more than Conquerors in Christ Jesus – Romans 8.28

    And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

    Jesus can also turn evil unto good.
    Genesis 50:20

    But as for you, you thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.

    Cheers Pam

  218. 218 Bill

    Our New Government

    After around 17 days, we finally have a new government in Australia. The three Independents at last made their decision. Bob Katter wisely stayed true to his roots and went with the Coalition while the other 2 Indies went with Labor, thus giving Julia Gillard the 76 seats she needed to form government.

    There is much that can be said about this result. It tells us much about so-called Independents showing us their true colours. It tells us about an electoral system which can frustrate the will of the majority. And it tells us that plenty of instability and uncertainty lies ahead.

    That the two Independents effectively betrayed their electorates and robbed the Australian people of their preferred party is a great cause of concern. Both have shown their real allegiances by siding with Labor. Recall that in Windsor’s seat, New England, only 8 per cent of the vote went to Labor. And in Oakeshott’s seat of Lyne, Labor received only 13 per cent. So why in the world did these two side with Labor?

    The two actually spilled the beans on this. Windsor gave his reasons as to why he went with Labor. He said if he went with the Coalition, Abbott was more likely to return early to the polls, and” I think he would win”. But Labor, he said, “are more likely to be here for a longer period of time if they can’t go back to the polls in a hurry”.

    And Oakeshott, who is already now looking for a cabinet position in the Gillard Government, said Labor had “got more to lose” from an election. As Andrew Bolt remarks, “That’s right: the independents had just admitted they were foisting on voters the party most did not want. And it’s true. Labor won fewer votes, fewer seats of its own and less of the two-party preferred vote.”

    Or as Janet Albrechtsen put it, “It’s a novel theory of democracy, almost as brazen as Stalin’s theory that it’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.”

    The raging ego of these two Independents has been on full display in the past few weeks, and we will only get more of it in the months ahead. Power-hungry Labor-stooges seems about the kindest thing we can say about the pair. They will certainly not be treated well by their electorate the next time around, following this appalling betrayal.

    Indeed, it is a sad day for democracy when 700,000 more votes go to the losing party. In fact, this has been an exceptional result. Julia Gillard is the only Australian Prime Minister to twice win the top job without the majority of Australians voting for her.

    And the idea that somehow this deal will result in stable, enduring government is a pipedream. Not only is Labor racked with internal divisions, hatreds and factionalism, but working now with the even fruitier Greens, and some erratic Independents, will be a disaster in the making.

    It may be unlikely indeed that this non-democratically elected government will last a full three years. And when the next election does take place, it may well spell disaster for this outfit. Says Albrechtsen, “Voters must surely be thinking one thing: bring on that next election. On that score, Tony Abbott should be clear that the election campaign has begun. The last election was a sham, thanks to the independents. Windsor and Oakeshott now own the Gillard-Green government. They will be held accountable for their undemocratic decision today and the decisions made by Gillard and the Greens in the future.”

    Or as Bolt remarked, “An early election is yet possible, and the demand for one may become irresistible. If it does, it can only be because this Government is seen as one without a mandate. As one that’s merely bartered its way into power with men deaf to the wishes of voters, but not to the siren of their own ambition. As one that’s proved to be as inept, still, as it seems illegitimate now. Already the next election for Labor threatens to be a greater disaster than the last. So Abbott may cry today, but will relish tomorrow

    Spiritually speaking

    As to some biblical reflections, several things can be noted. My take on this election all along has been that if the Coalition would get in, we will have simply received God’s mercy. But if the Labor-Green machine got in, we would have got we deserve – God’s justice. Now we will have our most leftist and secular government ever.

    Scripture makes it quite clear that “righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people” (Prov. 13:34). That plenty of big-ticket sins will be high on the agenda is already clear. Julia is perhaps our most pro-abortion PM ever, and Green’s leader Bob Brown has already said that same-sex marriage will lead his list of demands.

    When you have a direct assault of some of God’s most pressing concerns, the right to life, and the institutions of marriage and family, then it is hard indeed to get much righteousness in circulation. And the religious left can spare us their mantra of social justice.

    When we allow 100,000 unborn babies to be slaughtered each year, there is certainly no social justice there. Indeed, it is the height of unrighteousness and ungodliness. And that we will have in abundance with two hard-core atheists now ruling our land.

    Scripture speaks much about the importance of having wise rulers. Yet with two atheists at the helm, we now have a nation run by a couple of fools (God’s verdict: Psalm 14:1; 53:1; Romans 1:21-23). We can certainly continue to pray for our leaders, as we are exhorted to do (1 Tim. 2:1-2). And recall that the outcome of those prayers is to live lives “in all godliness and holiness”.

    That will certainly become much harder under this secular-left regime. Indeed, to seek to do so in the public arena will means increasingly to face the wrath of the powers that be. More and more anti-Christian legislation will now be passed under the Labor-Green machine, with hate crime laws and other nefarious bills much more likely to now be introduced and passed.

    Thus we will need to pray more and seek God more than ever before. Things may well get much worse before they get better. Persecution of true believers is now even more likely under this new ungodly regime. Be forewarned – biblical Christians are now under greater threat than in any other recent time in Australian history.

    It is said that we get the government that we deserve. Australia is certainly overripe for God’s judgment. We may well have gotten what we deserve from God. But we can still bear in mind the words of Habakkuk 3:2: “In your wrath remember mercy”.

    We deserve his justice and his judgment, and this election outcome may well be part of that. But we can still plead for his mercy. And we need to pray that more than ever, a carnal, apathetic and sleeping church will finally wake up and start acting as the salt and light it was always meant to be.

    We also need to bear in mind that it is ultimately God who is in charge of the nations. None will last forever. They are there for a short period of time, and God can quickly and decisively move to change the state of play here. Indeed, recall passages such as the following:

    “God drags away the mighty by his power; though they become established, they have no assurance of life. He may let them rest in a feeling of security, but his eyes are on their ways. For a little while they are exalted, and then they are gone; they are brought low and gathered up like all others; they are cut off like heads of grain.” (Job 24:22-24).

    Keep praying. Keep seeking God. And keep his eternal purposes in mind. We need not wallow in despair here. Sure, we can grieve with godly grief for this downward turn of events. But God will have the last word on all this. After all, the governments rest upon his shoulders.

    So now is not the time to despair or give up. Now is the time to redouble our efforts, and seek to see righteousness in fact exalt this nation.

    Bill M.

  219. 219 Elizabeth

    Hi Danny,
    Some further impressions, in short……..Again, it won’t last!….It’s not over yet! The Lord will have the victory (as His people sustain/increase the pressure in the heavenlies)! He is confusing the language of the Babylonian enemy (Labor coalition), and the Tower of Babel will come crashing down! In the meantime, the Lord is doing a ‘purging/cleansing work’….in the people (church & other) and the systems. Everything will work together for good and according to His purposes. Praise The Lord!!

    The Lord bless you wonderfully…Elizabeth

  220. 220 Fayre

    There is still the state election and there is much praying to be done before we are overtaken once more by these people that either knowingly or unknowingly are playing out the devil’ will. We may not have won that battle but I knew as much from the minute he said that homosexual’s make good parents. The Lord will not be mocked and it is time for Tony to go and for some one else more in control of his mouth to take over. Now not later.

    Regards Fayre

    PS do not worry God does have it in hand and sometimes he likes to make them fall from a very high position.

  221. 221 Lorelle

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    Timing is everything in dreams and prophecy. It ain’t over yet!!!!!! Hold onto His WORD in faith.

    Happy ROSH HASHANAH 5771 & Yom TERUAH! (Feast of trumpets). We prayed last night on this open portal (God’s appointed times- Moeds) and the prophetic word flowed. What Announcements & Joy! Australia is in for a SHAKING as never before. Anything not founded on Him will be SHAKEN. I saw people falling out of parliament-dropping to the ground. This LAND belongs to the LORD.

    I had a dream a couple of nights (before the independent’s announcement). It was Julia Gillard and Bob Brown doing a political walk about. Julia was wearing bright orange pants & a hot pink/magenta sloppy top(mis-matched). Bob Brown was wearing a bright orange woollen suit jacket. He had his finger in the mouth of a Christian (revolting) who was wearing a tailored red jacket (blood/anointing). I believe he will try something to do with the mouth of the saints. (Intrusion). However, The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds!!!!!

    The SHAKING is coming.

    In Christ (Anointed ONE),


  222. 222 Randell

    Question: If given the opportunity, would you support a political party which will take Australia back to the historic roots of its Founding Fathers, the Ten Commandments, and that will protect our Judeo-Christian heritage??

    Answer: Yes I would!



  223. 223 Anne

    When u Ps Daniel was here in Canberra almost 2wks ago we said RUA we have victory over the enemy then we need to keep believing that cause we do maybe this nation has had a setback for this time but God will still have His way He is the ultimate and this Nation will come back to Jesus and yes am sick & tired of the church not speaking up that must surely grieve the Fathers Heart too many “dead churches out there” and if I have grieved someone with what I said then so be it ause God wants the churches to become a voice not silent. The churches need lots of prayer too but the Father will have His way and thank u once again Ps Daniel for yr message at Canberra on the Saturday nite which finally gave me the answer of what God wanted yr a mighty man of God and yr doing His work no matter what anyone says. The Fathers voice is above all blessings Anne fr Canberra

  224. 224 Pam

    Hi Pastor Danny

    I forgot to say that I sent that email to Tony Windsor and also one about a bill of rights for Auatralia but not the UN model, copy enclosed.

    I found this on the net, the people are having a conference in Sydney tonight, a friend told me about last night, thought you might be interested in the prophecy as it is Rosh Hannah in the Jewish New Year.

    Cheers Pam

    c.c. copy of email to Tony Windsor MP

    Dear Tony

    A barrister friend of mine suggested that I buy the book by Geoffrey Robertson on The Tyrannicide Brief as I was doing my family history, Oliver Cromwell was a friend of the family. The book is fascinating and interesting reading about people who set themselves up as king, devastate a country, increase taxes, and impose unjust laws on them, and they themselves are accountable to no-one!

    However, when I was in the bookshop I noticed Geoffrey Robertson’s other book titles, including “The Statute of Liberty: How to Give Australians Back Their Rights”, “Crimes Against Humanity: The Struggle For Global Justice”, “” and “The Justice Game”.

    Noting that Australia does not have it’s own Bill of Rights, I was wondering if you could also bring this up with the other Independent’s at this crucial time in Australia’s history.

    I have enclosed a couple of articles for your consideration.

    Many thanks.

    Pam Hewit

    Saturday 4.9.2010

    Dear Tony

    I came across this article on the internet today and thought that you might be interested in what has been hidden from the people of Australia.

    Cheers Pam
    PS We do not want the UN Bill of Rights only one with freedom and liberty for all Australians including freedom of speech under Christ Jesus.

    Prepare for increased blessings in the midst of increased calamities! by Patricia King

    The two-day Biblical festival, Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah) begins Thursday, September 9, and is celebrated through Friday, September 10. Rosh Hashanah literally means “head of the year,” and is commonly referred to as the Jewish New Year, being the first day of the Jewish calendar. It refers to the Wedding of the Messiah to His Bride and is also known as the Coronation of the Messiah.

    10 days after Rosh Hashanah is the most holy day in the biblical calendar – Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement), referred to as “The Sabbath of Sabbath’s.” This year, The Day of Atonement is from sunset on September 17, 2010, to nightfall on September 18, 2010.

    In Jewish history and culture the 40 days prior to The Day of Atonement was spent repenting before God for any ways that displeased the Lord. On Rosh Hashanah, the records were opened and the priests would determine if a person’s works merited rewards and blessings from the Lord. If the works of an individual were not aligned to righteousness, then they would have until the Day of Atonement to make things right. On the Day of Atonement, the fate for the year was set.

    Jesus has fulfilled our righteousness now before the Father as a gift. He has taken our punishment – our judgment. Oh how glorious! Yet, we know that our choices bear consequences. When we align with God and His ways, we are blessed; when we walk contrary to His ways, we suffer for it. What we sow, we reap.

    For the next 12 months, I believe that the body of Christ will be blessed. We are sowing into a glorious year (the best year we have ever experienced) through our prayers, worship, repentance, and obedience.

    A Time to Receive Special Words from the Lord

    The Lord always speaks a special word to my heart around Rosh Hashanah and grants me promises for the New Year. Whatever promises He gives me at this time of year marks my entire year. The promises become a theme.

    This coming year is a time to draw very close to His heart. It is time for the Bride to make herself ready. It is a time to repent from ways that are contrary to His love. It is time to be on the alert as shakings continue in the earth. We are called to be true Kingdom people and faithful, passionate, lovers of our King. We are a people who are neither ensnared by or in love with the world. We are separated unto Jesus, our Bridegroom King, awaiting His return with great expectancy. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken, but we are of a Kingdom that cannot be shaken!

    A couple of months ago, I felt some prophetic alarms in my spirit concerning some further calamities that will be taking place in the earth. The shakings will continue in the next 12 months and it will be a glorious time for the Body. He is hiding us in the shadow of His wings. We are abiding in His shelter safe and sound in His love. There are judgments in the earth against the enemy’s works. The judgments of God are for us and not against us. We will come into greater freedom as we follow Him, and we will not be touched by the shakings in the world. Our hearts are safe in Him. We will arise and shine in this hour.

    May each of you be blessed beyond measure this month and … Happy New Year!

    “You have crowned the year with Your bounty, and Your paths drip with fatness.” Psalm 65:11 NAS

    Signed By Patricia King

  225. 225 Karl

    As I have learn’t in Bible College recently, only a minority (9%) of so called born again Christians truly have a biblical world view which would explain why parties like The Christian Democratic Party and Family First performed so poorly. Until The Holy Spirit brings widespread conviction I honestly don’t think a party that you are proposing would be well supported, although I would support it!



  226. 226 Geraldine

    Hi Daniel,

    For many years I’ve tuned out when politics comes on the TV because it’s seems so unGodly and not acheiving anything,
    but now after reading your letter I am ready to make a stand and speak God’s truth into our nation.

    We are in desperate need of good laws inthis country, for our Judeo-Christian heriage to be re-established and for Godly men and women to rise up.

    Count me in. I’m ready to do whatever and whever the Lord leads me; to be a Politician repreesnting Jesus or working behind the scenes.

    I’m right behind you and your team,

    your sister in Christ,


  227. 227 Chris

    I do not know if you have references to this Christian Doctor he is becoming more influential and he has very insightful comments on Christian issues for the election


    for his website.



    Subject: A challenge to Pastors and Leaders

    Dear friend, thankyou for your feedback and support. Please forward to your leaders and friends as appropriate. Lachlan.

    A challenge to Pastors and Leaders

    In Victoria: unrestricted late-term abortion, unrestricted eugenics, legal compulsion of doctors to act against their conscience – significantly due to the influence of Emily’s List of which Prime Minister Julia Gillard is a founder.

    If it is absolutely clear that a political party leader is deliberately leading the country in an anti-God direction, can we trust that leader or that party in other non-God areas?

    In 2008 it became fully legal in Victoria for babies to be aborted for readily correctable abnormalities (such as cleft lip) right through to term and even for sex selection if the abortionist and just one other doctor agree.

    In Victoria according to official government figures for 2007, 52 aborted babies were “accidentally” born alive and then registered as neo-natal deaths.

    What is it that we don’t get? When in our attempt at perfection we eliminate all that are imperfect e.g. at 34-weeks of pregnancy by partial-birth abortion when scissors are put in the back of the baby’s head and its brain is sucked out so that the skull will collapse and there is an easier delivery through the birth canal – this procedure having the “advantage of delivering a dead baby”? And this execution requires no anaesthetic.

    Not only has Victoria passed the most liberal abortion laws in Australia but in that legislation is the Section 8 provision to force doctors – even when such is against their deeply held convictions and conscience – to refer for abortion when asked by a patient. Now it is one thing to pass a law that permits evil but it is something more to pass a law that compels evil.

    Such is the influence of Emily’s List. This extremely pro-autonomy (seemingly at the expense of any consequences to society), pro-choice (read pro-abortion), pro-euthanasia organisation boasts of the great victory with unrestricted abortion through to term “free of harassment” as a result of the Victorian abortion legislation in which all amendments were defeated. This legislation was introduced by MLC Candy Broad, a founder of Emily’s List. The webpage also boasts of having helped elect 139 Labor women in parliament.

    And Julia Gillard is also described as a founder and wrote its constitution*.

    And remember it was reported last year that the Federal ALP Conference had upheld the Marriage Act but quietly in the background a whole section was deleted in the federal ALP Policy Statement including “marriage is between a man and a woman” and the statement that future same-sex union “should not mimic marriage”. What does that say about ALP future direction in this area and being led by a woman who does not believe in God or even marriage for herself let alone what deals she might have to make with the Greens to get other legislation passed?

    And in the face of (probably essential) deals with the Greens can we rely on her to defend Christian chaplains in schools or our right to choose Christian teachers in our Christian schools?

    Will Church Leaders speak up and give a lead? Will you help your people to understand the times so that they know what to do? Much has been written about the Christian vote but the 2010 Federal election is a pivotal year in that the good/evil parameters are clearer than ever before. This is now a time for the church to inform.

    Please encourage your people to further look at these issues on the Christian Values Checklist and to support The Canberra Declaration.

    Lachlan Dunjey for other background also see

    *The Making of Julia Gillard Jacqueline Kent, Penguin Viking 2009

    PS. An immensely practical point! Please help people to understand when voting for a minor party candidate to put that person [1] on the voting slip and the major party of choice [2]. Should the minor candidate not win the vote goes on at full value. Major parties will sometimes change policy or select candidates that represent similar values in order to gain these preferences. And as you may know I would have been in WA upper house since 2005 if only 91 people voting for Liberal had put me [1] and Liberal [2]. That was in God’s hands and I have no regrets but it is a good object lesson on the importance of understanding the preferential voting system.

    PS2. If receiving this or forwarding on in print form see electronic version for links to all references

    Lachlan Dunjey

    It is one thing to pass a law that permits evil but it is something more to pass a law that compels evil. We have not been here before in a civilised society.

  228. 228 Wendy

    Dear Ps Daniel,

    I admire your tenacity that you show to all who are watching you. I support you and CTF team for your dedication and effort. Your emails are always so encouraging, always pointing people to King Jesus.

    Your dream from the Lord just might be for the ‘corridor of time’. I believe we have interesting days ahead with the current government as there is lots of selfish agenda’s in hearts.

    I would definitely support a political party that stood for righteous and for the protection of our Judeo-Christian heritage.

    God Bless


  229. 229 Penny

    Do not lose heart Australia , we are still the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit. Yes Ps. Daniel, I would support and did support a Godly mandate for this nation. We Have the Victory, through Christ Jesus our Lord, even though it doesn’t look like it. I believe your dream will come to pass, in God’s perfect timing!

    Never Never Give Up. Bless you and your family, and team.


  230. 230 Robyn

    yes praying for you Pastor Daniel and for righteousness and right order to overcome this land…for the Lord to shine His torch….and what I get is that we, the Christians of this country are still being cleaned up our hearts have been made lukewarm with good living, we think we are righteous and have been walking with the Lord and to a degree we have been but the truth of the matter is that we have not been desperate; we have not always fought hard for the cause of Jesus nor did we realise just how important our witness was in years past..but I feel He is bringing us into a new order and a new level of awareness of the importance of the hour and the importance of each undertaking and encounter we have with people whether it is someone we know or someone we casually talk to in a bus or a train…He is ordering our days and bringing about his purposes in this hour.
    Bless you and your family

  231. 231 Calum Young

    So only one question remains for me

    When will you return again to the nations capital to guide us in channeling our prayers and faith at parliament?
    Possibly another spiritual assault on Mount Ainslie is required sooner than expected?

  232. 232 Gwen

    Yes, Ps. Danny, we are in definite need of a strong Christian political party. I would definitely support that. Thank you for your strong stand for Christ, and your uncompromising stand against the corruption of society. We all need to learn from your example and be more outspoken about God’s word and His will and purpose for this nation. God bless and protect you and your family.

  233. 233 Lorraine

    Dear Danny

    Thank you for all that you have done to participate in waking up the churches and mobilizing the army of God to seek righteousness and to be very much involved in every aspect of life in this nation, particularly in the governmental realm at all levels.

    I am not disappointed by your words or dream. I see with all the dreams you have had that they have come to pass, but not immediately. I think we were all hopeful that this dream that you had would be different and would come to pass immediately, but that is not how God has revealed things to you in the past. In His timing so this too shall come to pass.

    I have closely – until going on a TV fast for the past few months – been watching the “tea party movement” in the US which I am sure you are familiar with. They are not a third party as such but they are calling the parties – especially the so called Republican / conservative party – to be accountable and return to the values to which they were once loyal. They have been getting involved in politics again, putting their names up for nomination on the Republican primary ticket and are capturing votes and the actual nomination for the upcoming November elections. I know politics in the US is vastly different from here, but we can often get a glimpse into things that may be key for here.

    One of the men at my church ran on the Liberal National Party ticket against Wayne Swan and although he won the primary vote, he fell behind in the 2 party preferred count and unfortunately Mr Swan is back. He believed God was calling him into politics and only a few short months later the election was called. The inroads that were taken in such a short time proved the hand of God was upon him and that being a part of a major party is something we should consider. I believe we can be more effective if we infiltrate what should be our conservative party – the Liberal / National party. Too many progressives and people on the left have hijacked both parties, which in the case of the LNP leaves us with really no true conservative party. I think we need to regain the ground and redig the wells in existence wherever possible – if we truly want representation in government and not just be another name and party on a ballot sheet – and then go to work meeting people and getting to know the true heart of the electorate. I am led to believe there are still conscience votes on moral issues in the LNP which leaves room for Christians to take a stand and make a difference and not have to compromise. I am not aware of anything that would hinder a Christian from taking part and standing as a member of the LNP. (Perhaps it would be good to try to locate the original platform of the Liberal / National party to see if there are Godly foundations there).

    I do believe that what people want to see in government is someone who is visible, someone who is honest, who is concerned and can relate to those things the constituents are concerned about. Someone who has insight and wisdom and integrity and all in all show the fruits of the Spirit – even when they don’t really know that what they are truly asking for – it is obvious to us that they are wanting a man/woman of God. Telling them that that is what they need normally won’t work. They need to see it first in action. They want people with compassion and love for their fellowman, a true statesmen, who is more concerned about doing what is right in the sight of God and man and not concerned about getting re-elected, building his/her own empire or selling out to globalism – all a compromise for the purpose of furthering his/her own interests. We need a lot more truth coming out of Canberra and a lot less spin. When a Godly man/woman in office, anointed with governmental authority, collides with an earthly issue, we should see the Kingdom of God at hand every single time. This brings the righteousness of God into the open and know it or not, the people are happy. We desperately need representatives in government who are Christians and who show it best not just by their words, but more importantly in their actions, in their lifestyle, in their love and passion for God and all people. I believe this will most likely occur if we use the vehicles already in existence and be a shining light in the darkness.



  234. 234 Debra

    Hi! Pastor Daniel

    In answer to your question, a resounding YES!

    Also, be encouraged that you are in God’s perfect will, and I believe that the fulfilment of your dream is yet to come.

    May God bless you and your family mightily as you continue to stand up for truth, justice and righteousness.

    In Yeshua’s mighty & precious Name

  235. 235 haffie (heaven on earth)


    Nothing to worry or be sad about Pr Danny and the beloved body of Christ. God is in control of everything and PM Julia Gillard aswell as Bob Brown will be defeated in the mighty name of Jesus!! Righteousness will rule in this nation as the body of christ continue to cry out to God.

    Pr Danny you are an amazing blessing to this nation, melbourne victoria and the body of Christ. THANK GOD FOR YOU!

    If God has spoken to you it will surely come to pass in Jesus name (let us stand in faith). Its not time for us to put our head down but its time to lift it up.

    Let us REJOICE and give thanks to God……..Halleluyah!!

    The battle is not over its just beginning…AMEN

    We will NOT be defeated and we will NOT quit!

    Thank u Jesus

  236. 236 Helio

    Hi Danny,

    First of all, thank you so much for your boldness and your zeal to see the kingdom of God being expanded in this country through the precious gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Secondly, thank you for apologizing in relation to the dream with Julia Gillard conceding defeat. It is very rare to see church leaders acknowledging mistakes because they fear they will be deserted. As for me and my family, those who humbly acknowledge their mistakes gain our full respect.

    Lastly, back to your question about a political party which will take Australia back to the historic roots of its Founding Fathers, the Ten Commandments, and that will protect our Judeo-Christian heritage. My advice on this subject is to steer clear from it. Here’s my reasoaning:

    God is not siding up with any political party. I’m always reminded of the incident with Joshua when he saw a man (angel) standing in front of him with a drawn sword in his hand. Joshua asked him “Are you for us or for our enemies?” “Neither,” he replied, “but as a commander of the army of the Lord I have now come.” God doesn’t side up with men but we need to side up with Him. I will not entrust myself to Greens, Labor or Coalition for that matter. Jesus never entrusted himself to man because he know what was in them. I am concerned that in our zest to see changes in our nations we are resorting to political alliances. Friends, this is not the way to bring about changes to this nation.

    I’ll tell you whom God is siding up with: His son Jesus Christ. He said at the mount of transfiguration “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” As believers of the Gospel, we are included in Christ and consequently sit at the right hand of God in heavenly places in Christ. Jesus has been made head over everything for the church, which is His body. That means He is pleased with us, his Church. It is through the Church and not through a political party, that changes will be made. The real battle does not happen at parliament house in Canberra, but in the heavenly realms. See, our battle is not against Bob Brown but against “the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Whatever happens in the natural happens as a result of our victory in the heavenlies in spiritual warfare. Our weapons are not carnal but spiritual and powerful to destroy strongholds of wickedness in this country. There are people despairing about the Greens and Labor and what have you. But listen, Church of God, to Jesus all power and authoriy has been given. God has placed all things under his feet and appointed Him to be head over every thing for the Church. That’s the position the church has in Christ. It is unreasonable to despair over of the balance of power of the Greens in the senate when we know that Jesus has all power. I don’t care about majority of any natural political power – Jesus is above all. Our God is after spiritual MPs to take their seat in the parliament of the heavenly places. God has seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus. God’s intent is that through the church, not a political party, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms.

    Danny, the Lord is using you for the spiritual battle. Continue in it and don’t be distracted by politics otherwise you will be deceived and lose your focus. Don’t get me wrong, each one of us has a calling. If we happen to have a Christian in parliament let him shine for Jesus, if there is a believer who is a doctor, engineer, cleaner, office worker, public servant, let them serve God faithfully in that capacity. But it is only as believers come together as a church in the full fear of God that we will see change. To put our trust in political parties to bring godliness to this country will result in failure.

    Please keep up the good work and may the church of Jesus Christ rise up in this hour.

    Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.


  237. 237 valerie

    Dear Ps Daniel

    If the churches had taken a strong stand in this election we would not have been in this position today.

    We have got the Government we elected (though not all of us elected Labour).

    This country will go down rapidly because of unrighteous leaders. BUT then God will raise a STANDARD (Pastor Daneil).

    God has called Pastor Daniel to stand for Parliament under the name R U A. and the Glory of God is going to be revealed.

    We will trust God, He knows the beginning from the end.

    God Bless you

    Love valerie

  238. 238 Mark

    I was worshipping GOD yesterday morning as I often do.
    Alone on the piano I was looking out as i praised GOD for His Love and Presence
    in my life.

    As I was looking out the big window before me, at the forest I live next to, i noticed the wind whip up momentarily.
    It was as though the only tree that was moving was the one before me. The others behind were still.
    I felt it was saying look at me and not the others around it, but it puzzled me.
    Then I felt the Holy Spirit had just visited me, and then moved on to the next as the wind eased.
    It was as though the Holy Spirit was the only thing that was really moving (like that Tree) It was mysterious but beautiful.

    I ask you to take some time to thank GOD for a righteous government on what will possibly be a very decisive
    day for our Nations future today.

    Pray for Tony Abbott, Julie Bishop, Rob Oakeshott, Tony Windsor, and Bob Katter. These people are deciding right now.

    I pray that the Holy Spirit visits you as you cry out to Him today (if He has not already). The signs are evident of things unseen.
    The signs of these times are to be experienced and enjoyed.

    Be sensitive to the fact that GOD is watching not so much the heathen of this Nation, but more His followers, for agreement.
    He is asking us to dig deep and show Him that we need every piece of Him.
    He is asking us “Who do you want as your governing Leader?” we have the deciding vote, He gives it to us every election!
    I ask for you to not be deceived but over-joyed that this one and only GOD we serve would take time to touch us
    in His beautiful Way and see if we are willing participants in:


    I Love you as my christian co-created, and have loved standing with you, shall we continue? (Sounds much better than moving forward!)
    GOD answers prayers, looks for agreement within His Body, and chooses Leaders at the stroke of HIS SWORD.

    GOD Bless your Prayers and thank you for standing together on this GLORIOUS DAY!

  239. 239 Bro Victor

    Greeting you in Jesus Name while i’m in hope all are fine in the Lord,shame to us only sharing more greeting with you.we and the all entire church give murch greeting to share with the fellow believer I believed that our God is not a man that he should lie if our God says yes nobody that will stand against to his word that coming from his mouth Read in the book of Numbers19:19.God bless you.Keep in touch.
    Bro Victor

  240. 240 Paul

    Dear Danny,

    God bless you. We received an article written by you a couple of weeks before the election in which you spoke about the fiasco of Kevin Rudd’s Prime Ministership and the way many Christians were deceived by his “fruit salad” Christianity.

    We believe you are a credible voice for the Lord Jesus in this nation and we want to encourage you and let you know that we have prayed for you much in recent weeks, asking God to give you an important voice in the nation. May the message that you bring be heralded far and wide.

    Please check out our website to know us a little better. We knew of your stand in Victoria a few years back and admired you. We personally know Daniel Scot in Brisbane. He has been to our centre to share with us.

    Look forward to hearing from you,


  241. 241 Lilian


    In the name of JESUS, we cover Australia with the Blood of JESUS. We ask for giant warrior angels to protect our nation. As your war club and weapons of war we break down, undam, and blow up all walls of protection around all witches, warlocks, wizards, Satanists, sorcerers, and the like, and we break the power of all curses, hexes, vexes, spells, charms, fetishes, psychic prayers, psychic thoughts, all witchcraft, sorcery, magic, voodoo, all mind control, jinxes, potions, bewitchments, death, destruction, sickness, pain, torment, psychic power, psychic warfare, prayer chains, incense and candle burning, incantations, chanting, blessings and hoodoo, and everything else being sent to our city, or our people in our nation, or any DELIVERANCE Ministries way, and we return them to Jesus and we bind them by the Blood of Jesus, and we cut and burn their ungodly silver cord and lay lines, in JESUS’ Name.

    We break every curse of the wanderer and the vagabond. We break the curse of rebellion, disobedience, and not obeying the Word of the Lord. We command selfishness and greed to loose people in JESUS’ Name. We break the curse of the nation, the things that we have tried to build under ourselves, the kingdoms and possessions. We break the curse off our fields, lands and inheritance. We break the curse off the fruit of our bodies, off our children, and our generation. We break the curse off of the increase of our wealth, the things we have done, and the blessings of our land.

    We break the curse off our going out and our coming in, our sitting down and our rising up. We break the curse off our basket and storehouse in the Name of JESUS. We break every curse that Satan has set up to bring defeat into our generation man.

    We command all lawlessness and rebellion to cease in the Name of JESUS. We break the curse of confusion. We command the spirit of confusion, the spirit of Babylon, the harlot system, that whorish nature, that flirtatious woman that goes a whoring after other gods, to loose us right now in the Name of JESUS. We go back ten generations and break that hold on our lives. We come against that Babylon curse. We come against all the rebuke and blasphemy, every curse of damnation that has been spoken upon our bloodline for ten generations. Everything that took away ourselves worth, we command it broken.

    We come against the spirit of destruction, all the perishing and quickening. We command this curse of destruction to be loosed off of our generation in the Mighty Name of JESUS. We command the curse of evil, all the backbiting, the slander, the contention, the anger, the hatred, to come out in JESUS’ Name. (You are the priest in your tabernacle. God causes this by the Name of JESUS taking effect in you.)

    We come against every pestilence. We break the curse of poverty and command that spirit to loose us. The things that have been stolen from us, we command them to come into obedience to the Word of God. We break the curse of the thief and the liar, incest, illegitimacy, and sodomy. We come against the spirit of pride and self-righteousness. Religious spirits, we command you to loose us.

    We break the curse of consumption and fever, inflammation, fiery heat and sword and drought, blasting and mildew that would pursue us till we perish. we come against all diseases and infirmities, the pneumonia virus, in the Name of JESUS.

    We command the curse of brass, not hearing, no sight, no vision to be broken. We break the curse of blindness and godlessness in our generation in the Name of JESUS.

    We command condemnation, you will loose us in the Mighty Name of JESUS. We break the curse of powdered soil and dust from the heavens and the spirit of destruction. We break the curse that causes us to be struck down before our enemies. The spirit of failure, no vision, I command it to loose us. We break the curse of death, premature death. We break the curse of boils, blood diseases, tumours, in the Name of JESUS. We command the curse of cancer to be loosed from our bodies. We command bitterness, bitter roots, resentments, unforgiveness to loose us. We break the curse of molestation and frigidity in the Name of JESUS.

    We break everything that would make us the tail, the man beneath. We come against depression, insanity, and retardation and we command it to loose us.

    We break the curse of scurvy, itch, all skin diseases, and things that don’t heal, herpes, and psoriasis. I come against the spirit of torment in itches, nervousness. We break the curse of shingles, madness, and insanity. We break the curse of blindness, no spiritual insight, physical. We come against the spirit of dismay, dismay of mind and heart, the spirit of despair, anguish, depression, and we command you to loose us in JESUS’ Name

    Everything that has been allowed to bruise our life, we now cancel it. We call Heaven and earth to witness that we will not be bound with the curse of poverty any longer. we come against the thief who comes in and robbing from us, taking the things that are precious and robbing us of good.

    We break the curse of lust, promiscuity, adultery, fornication, bestiality, and perversion.

    Your assignment is cancelled. The spirit of fantasy, the daydreamer, We break your hold in JESUS’ Name

    We break the curse of all witchcraft and all mind control. We command every spirit on our city to loose us in the name of JESUS. We break the curse of the false prophet, false teaching, things that we have listened to and taken into our being. we command all false teachings and errors, to be broken and out of our life in JESUS’ Name. We repent before You, Lord, and I ask You to show us from here on in, what is right in Your sight, in Your Word.

    We break the curse of unbelievers, unbelievers in our household, that mixture in the house from the mother, the father, the children, the wife or husband. We break the curse of laziness and I command the spirit of passivity to loose us in JESUS’ Name.

    We command the witch and the warlock, the generation man that has been infiltrated with these things to go in the Name of JESUS. We break the curse of Jezebel. we call that theatrical spirit that has to be seen and heard loosed in JESUS’ Name.

    We break the curse of verbal abuse and physical abuse. We come against that spirit of abuse and We break the curses of damnation in JESUS’ Name.

    Lord. I give our vessels to you, we give you our being to you and we surrender to you, Lord. Come on in JESUS and take every area that we’ve emptied out. we give it to you, Lord, in JESUS’ Name. Amen

    Read the Armour of God Ephesians 6:10-24


  242. 242 Robin

    Praise God, Praise God, Praise God. How wonderful to be alive and see
    these things come to pass. God bless each and every one of you for the
    work you have done in this land. Together with Jesus, our Messiah, we
    honour and bless you.

  243. 243 Christine

    Hi Jason

    Hi. This is my first communication with you guys at Catch the Fire. It thrills my heart to know that God has many children walking in obedience and are lifting their voices to intercede in Jesus’ name for this nation.

    As I was praying for the leaders of government over this nation (Canberra) the Lord revealed a curse that was spoken over the seat of government of this nation. He gave it to me in 3 parts. The first explained what the curse was, the 2nd what was done, and the 3rd what needs to be done.

    The curse is one that entrenches death into lives and hearts of a nation – to ensure destruction of God’s Word and work in this nation.
    The curse was enacted through blood drunk in adoration of Lucifer (the Angle of light)
    Cleanse the curse on the blood of Chirst – the Angel of light poured out his blood over Canberra, the seat of government of this nation – the blood that brings death but has the appearance of blood of Life. Break the power of the hidden ones of Lucifer and enforce the the victory of Christ’s defeat of Satan’s authority over this nation.

    The Lord revealed that the hidden is one of those who conducted the ceremony that commissioned Canberra as the seat of government, and that this person hid behind a lie – that he represented Christ, when in actual fact he represented Lucifer.

    I personally do not know this particular history of our nation, so am unaware of the actual event the Lord is referring to.

    While praying in the Spirit, I spent a time “trampling”. I believe that this “trampling” is in light of Jesus’ words in Matthew 16:19, where He speaks of binding and loosing (luo). I believe that the “trampling” was the act of ‘loosing’ Satan’s hold over Canberra, therefore this nation.

    Praise God for His faithfullness to His Word and to His people.

    In Christ

  244. 244 Ps Joh

    This morning while praying, God told me: “My child, the end-time clock is
    ticking…and it will come to pass what is unavoidable…no one can stop or
    prevent it from happening.” And further on the Lord said to me:
    “My coming is very close at hand, know the signs and be prepared…”

    “The markets worldwide will come crumbling down, raw materials and gasoline
    will become scarce, and there will be famines and unrests in the western
    world. The old world economic powers will be seized by chaos. This scenario
    will become much more terrifying, as you may have seen it in any science
    fiction film. In the Near Eastern countries there will be an explosion like
    you have never seen before. The entire world will experience an outbreak of

    And then the Lord told me: “However you, My children, must not be afraid of
    all these storms and clouds of darkness. I still am in total control over
    everything and have the last Word and all that are MINE will I protect and
    will bring them to a secure place at the last possible moment.”

    He kept on saying: “Look at all My messages that I have given you in the
    past. I am not doing anything without early warnings. They are just like a
    chain of pearls, they replenish each other and shall function as ample
    preparations for the grand inferno to come. You already have received early
    warnings, hence there is no reason for you to be surprised and terrified as
    everything has to come to pass for that the mighty and particularly the
    masses will see and realize that it is I who is in charge in this world,
    says the Lord.

    You, as the ones that belong to Me, that have obeyed my Word I will protect
    Myself. I will give you strength on a daily basis, indeed will strengthen
    you daily, will guide and supply you with all that you are in need of to
    survive. In these critical times you will indeed and very obviously realize
    that I am with you at all times and that you can count on Me and my

    Because you are the chosen ones and have been prepared for this and the
    “Thereafter”. When all of this will be over (has happened), your great life
    moment will come and you will enter into your calling and will fulfill my
    tasks that I have prepared you for. Therefore, My children, be steadfast,
    keep strong and unwavering never being shaken by no one.
    My child, only look up to Me, count only on Me and you will begin to live a
    total different life already here on earth. The world is frightful for you,
    but be of good cheer, for I have conquered the world.
    My promises will stand and hold true, says the Lord!”

    Read these prophecies and compare them with the actual daily news and actual
    daily political development.

    The savvy man builds his house on a rock (ref. to Matt. 5,24-27)

    God bless You

    Pastor Joh

  245. 245 Patricia

    Apostle Daniel and Ps Jenny & Ps Jason

    Here I am working away and this is what the Lord is saying that Catch The Fire Ministries is going to explode into FLAMES!!!

    An apostle has the authority to ENGAGE the enemy in combat and shout the enemy down and defeat the enemy! You are an apostle and CTFM is RUA!

    Use your authority! Use your authority! The bride in the last days is given the same authority AS the Groom!

    Exciting days…These are the last Days of the Lord!

    God bless

  246. 246 Keith

    Dear Ps Daniel

    Thank you for replying to my questions about Gods judgement. The bible seems really quite clear about it; I find it difficult to understand how some people can deny it. To me it appears that the biggest battle for the church at the moment is for us all to be of one mind and Spirit.

    In Christ Jesus,


  247. 247 Deborah

    Please pray and agree God the father thru jesus christ will pour out his
    true spirit on all flesh. to have the greatest harvest in the history of
    christianity the world has ever witnessed or known. thank you


  248. 248 Fayre

    I ask you to read this story on our dairy industry and to look at this story about a ship the Chinese are using. To have a parliament at the mercy of a few men with only their electorate in mind is just not in the national interest. I hear that Bob Katter repeats the word God and God Bless but we as a nation cannot sustain 60 million as he says, in fact we should only bringing in about 50,000 per year to keep our identity as a Christian nation and although he says we have just about the same amount of people in our centre as when we first colonised might be correct but then our core is a desert and new immigrants want to live on the outer limits in cities. Legally we cannot stop this. We should also make the time it takes to become a citizen as long as it was in the past so we can deport them. Why keep people that do not want to live within our laws?

    Going back to the polls is the only way and it need not cost a fortune just use God’s Word and it will be done, because He says that if we have the faith of a mustard seed we can do anything as we are more than overcomers.

    The power that God gives is power to serve. For ‘Whosoever of you will be the chiefest, shall be the servant of all’.

    ‘He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength’.

    Regards Fayre

    The www no is not the Chinese ship story so please read that too. The people of N.Z. are now saying they have the Chinese over there buying up their farms too. That will put us at the mercy of them if we do not be more vigilant.

    My nephew Tony Speak is the project manager of Webb Dock and they are spending billions to put in more space for container ships such as those and for cars which will wipe out our car industry no matter what they are telling us.

    The Chinese are trying to take one third of that dock just as Patrick’s do. They can import anything they like and we will have very little knowledge of it. I wrote to Tony Abbot and to Peter Costello that we should be putting more x-ray machines in place around the country to look for contraband and illegal migrants but it has been ignored in all the who ha of the election. It is very important to protect these places and what comes into the country at all cost.

  249. 249 Dylan

    Dear Ps Danny,

    Thanks for your email, bless you heaps brother and all involved in your ministry.

    Please don’t feel badly about sharing your dream, I too agree that the current Gillard government is very ‘unstable’ (despite all the retoric about how the main priority was to be stable government) and may topple very soon. The natural government would have been the Liberal/National coalition with the three conservative independents – instead we have an unlikley alliance of Labor, far left Greens, and conservative independents. This difficulties in managing this unlikely alliance may yet see Gillard conceding defeat in the not too distant future, as per your dream. Anyway, whatever happens, you are active in destroying the devil’s kingdom, Danny, and I only expect perfection from those who don’t dare to do anything. They venture nothing…and gain nothing.

    Just so you know, your recent calls to action helped mobilise my family and I and it’s as though praying about this election has sparked somewhat of a personal revival for us. To be sure, I felt that it was clear which way we were to pray so I prayed for a Tony Abbott victory and have felt a strong anointing to pray (unlike what I have experienced previously). We called a prayer/praise evening at our house and we found ourselves also praying for the long-anticipated revival that will sweep through this great South Land of the Holy Spirit.

    We were led to pray along these lines:

    1. that as the king in the book of Esther was unable to sleep, so also these independents would be unable to sleep until they made the right decision

    2. that their Christian family members would have access at this time and influence them for good (I wondered when I saw Windsor’s mum giving him some “words of wisdom” if that was a direct answer to prayer)

    3. that each independent would dig deep and act in the best interest of the nation and according to whatever Christian values they may have and that they would not be swayed by personal advantage

    4. that key members of the Coalition would experience personal revival at this time (particularly if they are Christian) and we prayed specifically for Abbott, Howard, and others in the Coalition.

    5. we bound the devil in his attempts to destroy this country and declared and called forth the God-given destiny of the nation as the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit

    While I was deeply disappointed at the two independents’ decisions yesterday (I was listening in the car and was ready to jump out and dance on the street if they voted Coalition), I make the following observations that I believe are at least some of the answers to the prayers and intercessions of God’s people around Australia and abroad:

    1. Bob Katter split with the block of three independents and in so doing weakened the grip Labor would have on power

    2. In a way, the government in its current state may be like the ‘poison chalice’. It will quickly become ‘on the nose’ as these godless, self-seeking politicians attempt to govern in what seems to many Australians to be an illegitimate government (although I acknowledge that according to our electoral system it is legitimate). We may see broken deals/promises, self-centredness, and general logistical difficulties make this government untenable and therefore spark another election. If Abbott steers a steady course, he would be swept into power on the back of the government’s disunity and disintegration.

    3. Many Christians have been stirred by this course of events, realising how far we have wandered off politically and are now mobilised in prayer and personal revival. May we continue to fan the flame and usher in revival.

    God bless,


  250. 250 Peter

    Dear Daniel

    I write not so much to comment on your message, but to confirm to you my constant prayer: that we will have as a Prime Minister a person who loves and puts full trust in the Lord Jesus. That is my prayer for Julia Gillard. May God grant me the length of days to see this come to pass. But even if I do not see it, I have faith that our merciful God will bring Julia Gillard back to the faith of her childhood, and will then give her growth as a Christian woman.

    Blessings and peace


  251. 251 Sandy

    Dear Pastor Daniel

    I felt I should share this, that I regard that your dream concerning Julia Gillard is like an Ishmael and that Isaac is still to come.

    So awesome to be a part of Catch The Fire Ministries and the body of Christ.

    Bless you and everyone at Catch The Fire Ministries


  252. 252 Howard & Kate-Anne

    G’day Danny,

    Thanks for your honesty in your last email in the wake of the
    (in)decisions of our independent candidates in the lime light. I’m
    sure that many will agree with me when I say they took way too long to
    make the wrong decision.

    Here’s some food for thought;

    Using the figures quoted from, please humour me to zone in
    on the results of the three electorates of the independent candidates,

    Bob Katter’s electorate of Kennedy gave him 46.7% of their votes, the
    runner up was Liberal/National at 26.6%, then Labour at 20.2%, other
    parties gained less than 5%. Given these figures, we can conclusively
    say Kennedy is definitely not a Labour stronghold. Did Bob’s decision
    to support the Coalition reflect the wishes of the majority his
    electorate? Given the figures above, I believe we can confidently say

    Robert Oakeshott’s electorate of Lyne gave him 47.2% of their votes,
    the runner up was the Nationals at 34.4%, then Labour 13.5%, other
    parties gained less that 5%. Given these figures, we can also
    conclusively say that Lyne is definitely not a Labour stronghold. Did
    Robert’s decision to support Labour reflect the wishes of the majority
    of his electorate? Given the figures above, I believe that we can
    confidently say no.

    Finally, Tony Windsor’s electorate of New England gave him 61.9% of
    their votes, the runner up was the Nationals of 25.2%, then Labour at
    8.1%, other parties also failed to reach 5%. Given these figures, we
    can also conclusively say that New England is definitely not a Labour
    stronghold. Did Tony’s decision to support Labour reflect the wishes
    of the majority of his electorate? Given the figures above, I believe
    that we can confidently say no.

    Robert Oakeshott and Tony Windsor’s decision to back Labour indicates
    to me that they have already proven themselves incapable of truly
    representing the majority of their constituents. By succumbing to the
    apparent biggest “Lolly Jar” that Labour can dangle in front of them,
    they have lost sight of representing their people to the government
    and have crossed the line where they have now become just the
    government’s representative to the people instead.

    In electorates that show that they are not a Labour stronghold, if the
    voters knew that their vote for an independent would in reality be a
    vote for Labour, the independent’s political career would have come to
    a grinding halt. I believe that Oakeshott and Windsor have abused and
    betrayed the trust that their voters have given to them. If we do end
    up having another early election, I say bring it on as I am curious to
    see just how much these two individuals have shot themselves in the

    Also, the other contributor to the unclear outcome of the election I
    believe were the 600,000 people who failed to bother to vote properly.
    Yes, 600,000 informal votes, that is absolutely staggering! This
    figure has approximately doubled since the 2007 election. If we have
    another early election, perhaps some of these people will re-think the
    contribution that their indecision has made to the political mess that
    we are in and redeem themselves the next time they go to the polls.

    Quite some time ago, a very trusted friend from the Salvation Army
    gave me a little list that says the following;

    The world needs men . . . . . . .
    1. who cannot be bought
    2. who’s word is their bond
    3. who put character above wealth
    4. who possess opinions and a will
    5. who are larger than their vocations
    6. who do not hesitate to take chances
    7. who will not loose their individuality in a crowd
    8. who will be as honest in small things as in great things
    9. who will make no compromise with wrong
    10. who’s ambitions are not confined to their own selfish desires
    11. who will not say they will do it because everyone else does it
    12. who are true to their friends through good report and evil report,
    adversity as well as in prosperity.
    13. who do not believe that shrewdness, cunning and hard headedness
    are the best qualities for winning success
    14. who are not ashamed or afraid to stand for truth when it is
    15. who can say “no” with emphasis although all of the rest of the
    world says “yes”

    Given the above, the scoreboard reads, Bob – 1, Rob – nil, Tony – nil.

    You have our permission to circulate the above letter.

    Take Care & Blessings,

    Howard & Kate-Anne

  253. 253 Paul

    Dear Friends

    Please read this forward from Pr Daniel Nalliah.

    Pr Daniel Nalliah was the man who thought the case with the Islamic Council of Victoria at VCAT in 2005.

    Thanks to Daniel and Jesus who works powerfully through him 2 years later in the Supreme Court in 2007, he secured for us Freedom of Speech and Religion in Australia.

    PRAISE JESUS FOR THE JOSHUAS & CALEBS of our modern day.

    Please read on.

    Love from Paul

  254. 254 Caleb + Yanru + Family

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    Thank God for having your voice in this desert!

    We see you as a bold and true Christian, having a burning heart for the kingdom and like a “pitiful” prophet from Old Testament.

    We adore you as a brother in Jesus Christ, for your courage and sense of responsibility for this kingdom.

    Dear Brother, the Lord knows you, and I believe you will take heart like you used to. I also believe the Lord will be with you and enjoy your collaboration, adoration and friendship to get His will done and bring His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

    As for the question, my answer is YES, I WILL.

    I pray that the Lord lift you up, anoint you, strengthen you and bless you in a higher level! And you will be mightily used like He has never used you before!

    I also pray that the Lord cover you and your family with His blood, dispel all the darkness, fill you and your family with love, joy and peace, set you and your family free and bless your family abundantly!

    Please allow me to be bold enough to share you my impression while praying for you and your family, I saw you and a few others (unknown) climbed out of a chimney. The chimney was black inside. And I thought about Psalm 40:1-2.

    Thank you indeed my dear Brother/Pastor!

    Caleb Yanru Family

  255. 255 Lucy

    Dear Ps. Daniel Nalliah,
    You have such a good spirit………You are John the Baptist in this last days…………You are Prophet Daniel in the New Testament….I bellive with all my heart that Labor and Green are building up their goals and dreams on the “shaking and sandy ground………
    Anything that can be shaken will be shaken in this last days………the prayers of the righteous avails much……….
    And Australia has more than 10,20 ,30,40,50,100,200,300,3000,…..righteous men and women of God……………And the Kingdom
    of God is withen us and that cannot be shaken………
    Watch and see God will fight this battle for Australia………..God will Not allow Australia to be govern by man or woman that their way is
    contrary to his ways and commands….for Australia bears His Name: THE GREAT SOUTH LAND OF THE HOLY SPIRIT…….
    Lets continue to pray and see God’s Hand move in such an amazing way that no man knows about for His ways are not our ways
    nor His thoughs our thoughts…….
    I believe GOd is turning our water into wine soon and very soon. He is behind the scene watching and in just a moment God
    is turning things around…………..I am so excited about this mistery………….And the whole world will be amazed and all glory to
    Jesus and Jesus alone………Hallelluyah.
    A big God Bless you and your ministry……….May you prosper and be in health and so as your soul prospers!
    Your sister-in-Christ.,

  256. 256 Ray & Patricia

    Ray & Patricia

  257. 257 Barry and Ros

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    On Election eve as RUA coordinators we called a meeting in our local
    RSL hall to pray for the election that was to be held the next day. We
    were blessed to have more than double our usual number attend the
    Prayer meeting, it was a wonderful time of prayer and worship. At the
    conclusion of the meeting there was a united feeling that no matter
    what the outcome we needed to be even more earnest in praying for our
    nation and it’s leaders. I strongly believe this to be so in view of
    the outcome we find ourselves with, also your dream could be fulfilled
    at a later time as our current opposition may need to strengthen
    itself over time in opposition. We also need to strengthen ourselves
    as warriors perhaps through adversity in some way and become more
    united throughout the body of Christ. Yes we should be led by Godly
    leaders that will stand up for our Christian heritage,God’s word, and
    Godly principles, we have been praying for people such as this to be
    raised up in the not to distant future.

    Thanks Yours in Christ
    Barry and Ros

  258. 258 Ray

    Hello Paster Daniel

    My name is Ray and i want to share a word from GOD,
    about Julian Gillard.
    On the day of election i was praying as i walked into the election
    booth. As i was waiting in line to vote, there was a sudden change
    in the atmosphere.I saw GOD’S cloud of glory fall and touched everyone
    in the room.I don’t know anyone else notice,but i do know that GOD touched
    people in there.When i left and started walking down the street, GOD spoke
    to me and told me say goodbye to Julian Gillard. I believe that what GOD said
    to be true,although doesn’t it look like it .I’m still getting strong messages that Julia
    will fall on her own sword. I hope this might be an encouragement to you.

    Your brother in Christ


  259. 259 Maree

    Thank you for the email, likewise we felt dissapointed, but I feelt God gave me
    Psalm 37. And I feel we as Christians need to get serious.
    God bless

  260. 260 Dawn

    Yes Danny, Thank you for such an open heartfelt letter. Let us not be backward in coming forward in saying the name of God Almighty, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in our every day conversation with everyone in our sphere of influence, and not backward in coming forward to show our strong belief in God’s Holy Word the Bible – without compromise. And keep praying that those in Parliament who personally profess the christian faith will be strong and willing and able to speak out strongly in favour of the values that we learn from the Bible. God is still in control.

  261. 261 Andrew

    Dear Danny,

    Thanks for the email of 8/9/10.

    If given the opportunity, would you support a political party which will take Australia back to the historic roots of its Founding Fathers, the Ten Commandments, and that will protect our Judeo-Christian heritage??

    This is a very important question you have asked. No doubt, we would support such a party. But whether such a party should be formed, is a separate question.

    I honestly doubt whether Australia needs another political party. That should not be our first focus, in my opinion. Yes, Australia needs change politically, but the much more important change that must take place is spiritual change, and this must begin in the Church. Those that want to be active politically can certainly be so, within the parties that are with us now.

    We have socialism in the nation, along with feminism, atheism and the other forms of humanism, because these are all finding a happy home in the hearts of God’s people.

    The church has become dependent on government handouts, which has always been a dangerous and deadly circumstance for the church to be in. “Christian” schools are a classic case. Our independence is thus compromised. I have witnessed at first hand, the corruption which enters in when the Church takes government money. God’s Word no longer matters.

    He that takes the king’s shilling, does the king’s bidding. This has happened too many times in Church history.

    Many people speak about prosperity, but only a small percentage of the Church tithe. But it is tithing which releases ministers to preach, and enables the Church to take much more responsibility in the community.

    The Church (of which I am a part), professes to be godly, but we have made room for all manner of evils in our midst. We have an adulteress in “The Lodge,” because there is adultery in the heart of God’s people. This would not have happened 100 years ago. Where is the salt and the light?

    If the Church does not change, and show itself to be obedient to the gospel, what hope is there for the nation?

    In my opinion we are at a time when “judgment must begin at the house of God” (I Pet.5:17). The Church has to clean up its act. Then, we can hope and pray that God will use us as instruments of His righteousness in the nation, pointing people back to Him.

    I have thought and written about these issues for many years, Danny.

    God bless,


  262. 262 Calum

    Dear Pr/Daniel

    After the shocking results of this election, I am wondering if there will be any action planned in Canberra in the immediate future?
    Another spiritual offensive on mount Ainslie?, I feel the need for this more than ever.

    It is obvious that we need to join together and pray for a turn around for our great nation?, please get back to me

    Loyally, Calum

  263. 263 Ian

    To Pr Daniel Nalliah,

    I have just read your letter re the election result in Australia. You asked for feedback from people interested in a political party that was founded on our Judea-Christian heritage. I am keen to know. God Bless You.


  264. 264 Danny

    Dear Catch the Fire,

    I’d definitely support such a party!


  265. 265 Annette

    Dear Daniel you are definitely are the true Daniel of the bible and I pray right now for your protection. I believe your dream was real and will be fulfilled but may take some time to happen and like you I know when we storm the heavens there is much opposition and so this new government is just indication to keep storming the heavens as he is working mightily to pull this government down in just sheer frustration getting legislation through parliament. I am so glad that I have met you @Oasis church in Bendigo. You have prayed for me to give up alcohol 14th March and am still being obedient to the Lord even though I find it a struggle at times. My struggles are minute to what I know you experience and so I stand with you in prayer for this great land of the holy spirit. We will not be moved. We prayed for our nation and government at Newcastle at the Aglow conference and I felt in the spirit that we were making a big difference we just can’t see the results yet. God bless and keep you and your family safe. Annette

  266. 266 Sue

    Dear Ps Danny, like you, we are devastated to see the fact that Australia is to be governed by an atheistic, compromising government.The Facts are..BUT the Truth is… God knows what He is doing! The facts are overtaken by the truth! God is in control- that’s the truth!Our Christian Heritage is still what this nation was built on. We as Christians must be strong in the days ahead, and never compromise the truth. The Great Revival in this land is drawing closer, regardless of what the enemy tries to do to stop it!
    Be encouraged, not discouraged, to stand for what is the truth, in these trying times.
    We know the end of the story- God is Sovereign over all!


  267. 267 Jill

    Dear Danny
    Maybe it is time for Rise Up Australia to become a Political Party for the Lord Jesus Christ.
    Blessings Jill

  268. 268 jenny

    Dear Pastor Danny and team,
    I would like to add my thanks for all the prayers and work you did leading up to the election and in the days of indecision. I was challenged by you to be more prayerful and I will continue to pray for our government. Thanks for your news and links as well, they are very useful when you are in regional areas.
    God bless your team,
    Yours sincerely,

  269. 269 patrick

    dear catch the fire team,
    the result to that election should not surprise us at all. Right before the election I could see that Julia would win the election as Mr Abott was so focussed on her that he forgot he should be focussing on his agenda and be bold instead of playing the meek. But that is not the only reason- Like pastor Danny professied himself PERSECUTION is coming and persecution had to come for many who are in spiritual coma to waken up. Lets hope they would now but it comes with a big cost and those that are already awake need to grow stronger because things will get better after. bless you guys

  270. 270 Susan

    Dear Pr. Daniel,

    re the dream of Julia Gillard, yes the hope for the future aspect of it. If given the opportunity I would want to support a political party which will take Australia back to the historic roots of its Founding Fathers, the Ten Commandments and that will protect our Judeo-Christian heritage.

    Blessings, Susan

  271. 271 Jennifer

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    I too felt the disappointment with election result very keenly .I enjoyed the fast you called, and I really claimed the victory and when it didn’t come I didn’t know where to put myself, literally. Not long after that I had a sense that these next few months were to be a training ground for Tony Abbott, and my burden lifted. Maybe your dream was not for this present time but further down the track. I pray the peace of God mightily on you and your family, with abundant blessings, Jennifer

  272. 272 Sylvia

    Many Christians seem ignorant or indifferent to the election or perhaps unable to adopt change

    I stood for the Christian Democratic Party in the recent 2010 election simply because i wanted to ‘stand up and be counted’

    I received a lot of verbal support and a lot of support from the local CDP group but was greatly saddened as the total number of votes that i received was just over 1000 – sad because that is really not indicative of the number of Christians in the electorate. I realise that many felt that votes to the CDP “would not amount to anything” and that many expressed a concern that i would block votes for the Coalition but with the preferential system – a vote for CDP is a vote for the coalition

    I never stood to ‘go anywhere’ but wanted to also promote the urgency of getting votes for the Senate candidate Paul Green who also sadly missed out on obtaining a seat.

    In the Riverina electorate Family First also received over 800 votes without an existing member who lived in the community that was standing for the seat. I wonder if it is all in the name. Family first has very similar policies to the CDP but do not openly profess to be Christians

    God bless


    CDP candidate Riverina electorate

  273. 273 Hills

    Thank you for being so honest, re your dream, it is hard to comprehend why this has happened, maybe, we as a nation, have been given the govt we deserve, I hope not, I pray that it becomes a real excercise of our faith and endurance through prayer, as God works in our hearts as a people to realise how destructive a govt that is born out of deceit can ruin a nation, pray for Gods mercy towards us, that we may run the race to obtain the prize.

  274. 274 Chris

    PSALM 37:7
    7 Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for Him;
    Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way,
    Because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass.
    8 Cease from anger, and forsake wrath;
    Do not fret—it only causes harm.

    9 For evildoers shall be cut off;
    But those who wait on the LORD,
    They shall inherit the earth.
    10 For yet a little while and the wicked shall be no more;
    Indeed, you will look carefully for his place,
    But it shall be no more.
    11 But the meek shall inherit the earth,
    And shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.

  275. 275 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Danny, Thanks for this. We will continue to press on in the work of the Lord. Although I am not so good today. We are still more than conquerors through Him who loved us and gave Himself for us. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord I am now 80 and am not giving up until the Lord takes me Hom to be with Himself. Love and prayers. Audrey & Maurice

  276. 276 Rebecca

    Dear Danny,
    I had a vision of Tony Abbot standing up straight and powerful and Julia much lower distressed i believe God will work it out for good , our churches have to wake up out of our slumber. We just have to keep praising The Allmighty God and put our trust in Him, not what we see in the natural. Blessings Rebecca

  277. 277 James

    Thank you for your correspondence again praying for your family as you have requested james tells us to concider it all joy and his spirit is stirring me to laugh as he stirred me to laugh when he showed me our enemy satan the laughter has gone on for years what a victory look at his representatives thats funny Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! thats really funny sin is no joke and niether is there fall but he can never win .HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  278. 278 Maggie

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    Like a lot of people i was dissappointed with the result, but as you commented “it’s not over till the fat lady sings” As for your dream, sometimes our timing and God’s are different, this situation now, may just be for a season.

    There is a movie coming up later this year called “Season of the Witch”…….could be prophetic!!!!!

    Kind regards to you and Maryse

  279. 279 Kirsty

    I believe this election has served as a wake up call for politics in Australia. No longer can evil have its way in its exclusive little political environment as EVERYONE is now alert to the political arena: not just the ungodly! Ps Danny, I’m sure your dream was from the Lord. You won’t be waiting long for its fulfillment as Australia is, at heart, a God Fearing Nation! We shall be back to the polls in no time. The government is on His shoulders. But this government?.. not for long!


  280. 280 Andrew

    Hi Danny.

    My wife Cindy and I were at some meetings in Labrador on the Gold Coast between July 30 and Aug 4th of this year. The meetings were held at Yaweh Adonai Church where they had a visiting Prophet from Kenya whose name was Dr David Owuor. This man is a modern day John the Baptist. He preached heavily upon Holiness and Repentance.
    Anyhow, i wanted to share two links with you from the meetings as he was sharing how the Lord has given him two prophetic words (and visions) concerning the east coast of Australia and also the North east coast of Australia in regards to earthquakes and Tsunamis.

    If you are interested in who he is and want to find out more about his prophetic words from the Lord, here is the website:


    Here is the full prophecy to Australia given by Prophet Dr Owuor in Australia early August 2010. There were two parts to it given on different days of the conference. They were transcibed direct from the recorded CD message from session 7 and session 1.
    Prophecy given by Dr Owuor 03/08/10 (session 7)
    “The time is coming when the Lord is going to open Heaven over this land, and the Holy Spirit is going to manifest a lot of works, the healing of people, delivering of people, regardless of where. But listen precious people. There is an earthquake coming to this land. The Lord spoke with me about a HORRIFIC EARTHQUAKE, AN HISTORIC EARTHQUAKE TO VISIT AUSTRALIA.
    And I was there myself, I don’t know I guess you know how the Lord speaks to His prophets. He puts me in the earthquake, I also ran for my life today and the buildings collapsed on me, so I know what people will feel like on that day. And then, on the western horn the north west corner of Australia, He pushed the ocean, the earthquake pushed the ocean. And I see a huge wave a huge high speed wave, its a mountain of water pushed by the earthquake.
    And the Lord said “THIS LAND MUST REPENT”. The time to engage in sexual sin by the beaches is over because the Lord has sent me here now. Remove false prophecy from the church. Especially false prophecy, that one must be removed because its confusing the church at this hour. I can only speak for the Lord and the Lord He is righteous. Again, there is going to be a historic earthquake now that I have said it here. I see the buildings collapse and people cannot get away, and I see a lot of deaths. Yesterday He showed it to me and today He spoke to me about it, just a few hours before I came when He slayed me, and I went to sleep and He showed it to me again. AND THEN THE EARTHQUAKE CAUSES THAT HUGE PUSH OF WATER A MOUNTAIN OF WATER LIKE SO MANY STORIES HIGH, AND PUSHED, A TSUNAMI IS COMING PLEASE REPENT.
    DONT HANDLE THIS CARELESSLY LIKE THE PEOPLE OF HAITI DID. Please don’t do that. Don’t start prophesying on top of it He will strike you. The Lord has spoken period. Let us prepare for the coming of the King. He has healed people here, He has loved people here. He is a good God, He wants to love people, He wants to heal the land. But let us return to righteousness, because this is the moment for Christ to be enthroned in this land Even within the leadership, but let the church begin by repenting
    I have seen a horrific earthquake visit this land, tremendous historic, don’t handle this with carelessness, I warn you precious people, the Lord has spoken with me, don’t fool around with this one. Haiti fooled around The people of Chile fooled around Kenya fooled around Yushu China fooled around New Orleans fooled around before Katrina, 1 month and 9 days before when we sent the messages and they said people here don’t believe that because they say there are many satellites that watch this nation, but it came to pass.
    So don’t fool around with this, IVE SEEN A LOT OF DEATH AND PEOPLE BURIED These places He took where even the stairs hit me and buried me, so I had no way out, I had to be dug out, today. I am speaking as it has happened and when these things come to pass, then you shall know that the mouth of the Lord, He has spoken here. Then you shall know that the prophet of the Lord has walked here. Don’t take this carelessly, please I beg you, I plead with you. May the Lord bless you, that you may harken unto (hear) His voice.”
    Prophecy given by Dr Owuor 31/7/10 I have come to announce the controversy (see point 4 below) between Jehovah and the church in Australia, unless you repent it is going to be horrific. This is the eastern side of Australia … correct? Ive have seen the ocean failing to stop. Around all these places. Yesterday He showed it to me TWICE. He and said “If they don’t repent, tell them that the ocean will fail to stop”. It is the same who went and warned Haiti, Chile and Yushu China, and Katrina 1 month and 9 days before it happened. Then everybody laughed and said `do you know how many satellites we have watching of the United States of America, it will not happen`. But on the day it happened, every word to the letter was fulfilled. Listen, why don’t you rebuke sin in your churches.
    Prophet Dr Owuor also prophecied: – Haiti earthquake of Jan 2010, 2 months before it happened, called the nation to repent from sin, 300,000 died – Chile earthquake & tsunami of Feb 2010, 13 months before it happened, called the nation to repent from sin, 1300 died – China Yushu earthquake of April 2010, 6 months before it happend, called them to repent from worship of idols and eastern religions, 2500 died – Kenyan murderous violence of 2007, 2 years before it happened, called them to repent from complacency with sin, hundreds died in ethnic violence & chaos, and many went into refugee camps – Global Financial Crisis which started in Oct 2008, 1 month before it happened, saw the release of the Black horse of Rev 6 – He also prophecied Hurricane Katrina, and the 2004 Asian tsunami – His Future prophecies are war in Korea, war between Israel & Iran, earthquake in Namibia, earthquake & floods in California, and an earthquake in Sweden
    Prophet Dr Owuors website –

  281. 281 Helen

    Dear Pastor Nalliah,
    I would like to take this opportunity to stand with you for our great nation Australia,. I would like to take the opportunity to stand with you for a political party that would take it’s roots back to the ten commandments.
    Blessings in Jesus
    ps I have been forwarding your emails to quite a few of my friends that I know would stand with you in prayer for a righteous government and below is a friend who would like to stand with you as well,she wanted me to forward this email on to you.

  282. 282 Dr Kildare Jonas

    Greetings Rev Dr Daniel,

    I have been watching for a while and now think it is the right time to speak.

    You should stand up as a cantidate for elections and be a winner. This is the way people will be able to vote for someone who is not afraid or for sale.

    You can be the one that makes the apostolic difference in the parliament so that the great revival will be coming as we know that it will. It will change things in the heavenlies.

    This is what I think you must be doing.

    Keep being very brave

    Dr Kildare

  283. 283 ilona sturla

    The Greens are men in suits yet their true agenda is Mardi Gras, at least they take their clothes off there and show their true value system. I wonder how many votes the Greens would get if they turned up at the polls in their Mardi gras costumes? Again I say climate change is the biggest con job the deceived have believed – while we look to worry about climate we are ignoring the mandate God gave us – do not be anxious for anything, the birds eat the flowers grow.

    Let God be God and deal with the climate; the world will end one way or another, so stop voting for climate issues please.

  284. 284 Peter and Tessa

    Thank you, Pastor Daniel for your uncompromising stand on the Word of God. Thank you for your boldness in standing up for righteousness against the tide of evil and evil intent in high places. My wife and I would certainly love to see a political party that would take the nation back to our historic Judeo – Christian roots, on the Ten Commantdments and the Word of God in general.
    We will pray for you and your family, that He will give you clear direction.
    Peter and Tessa (Sorell, Tasmania)

  285. 285 Christine

    Hi Pastor Danny

    Yes, I would support a poitical party that would return Australia to its historic roots of our Founding Fathers. “Bring it on!”

    I too was shocked at the final outcome which has put Labor into power again, but continue to pray that as God’s people continue to rise up and take to their knees that our Lord’s victory will prevail.

    In Christ

  286. 286 John


  287. 287 John

    Hi Ps Daniel,

    I know you had a dream of the Gillard Government will loose power
    and I feel that will still happen maybe not today but soon.

    Man’s thinking is not our Lord’s thinking so I praise God that there
    will be a day that his will will be done.

    Im looking forward to seeing the Lord to doing HIS work.


  288. 288 Kay

    Dear Ps Daniel,

    Thank you for your insight about the election. I too believe that this government will not last the three years as God is still on the throne.

    God bless,


  289. 289 Deidre and Terry

    Gday Pastor Daniel

    “…In closing let me ask you a very, very important question. If given the opportunity, would you support a political party which will take Australia back to the historic roots of its Founding Fathers, the Ten Commandments, and that will protect our Judeo-Christian heritage?? …”


    Do we have a strategy yet? Sounds like the perfect fit for what the country needs.

    Deidre and Terry

  290. 290 Pam

    Thanks for your heart of warm love and compassion, and for praying for Julia’s and Bob Brown’s Conversion. How we all need our wonderful God, and how we need to model His love for all people and lift the standard of truth and mercy in our Nation. God bless you dear team. Pam

  291. 291 Robin & Tom

    Yes we are one hundred percent with you.

    Robin and Tom

  292. 292 Sally

    Dear Pastor Daniel

    Thank your messages I pray for you, your family & team everyday

    I believe the dream you had will come to pass [maybe a year on? ]

    Blessings love from Sally

  293. 293 Barbara

    When will the church understand that the antichrist and one world government has to come to power world wide until Christ returns? Of course we prayer but from Revelation we know that Christians are going to be confronted with taking the mark of the beast. How soon I am not sure. The soon prepared Bride must cleanse ourselves from works of the flesh. It is futile to think that we can alter the ultimate timing and Godly plans of the Lord. Let us stop pretending that we can change the plan that God already has in place for these end times. Then we don’t need to apologize to anyone.


  294. 294 Helen

    Dear Pastor Nalliah,

    I would like to take this opportunity to stand with you for our great nation Australia. I would like to take the opportunity to stand with you for a political party that would take it’s roots back to the ten commandments.

    Blessings in Jesus


    ps I have been forwarding your emails to quite a few of my friends that I know would stand with you in prayer for a righteous government and below is a friend who would like to stand with you as well, she wanted me to forward this email on to you.

  295. 295 Larraine

    Dear Pastor Nalliah,

    Thank you for your email. I appreciated your honesty and integrity in addressing the recent dream you had of Julia Gillard acknowledging defeat. I must admit I was extremely disappointed when the announcement was made. However, I would like to take this opportunity to endorse your commentsregarding supporting a political party that would take Australia back to the historic roots of its Founding Fathers,
    the Ten Commandments and also one that will protect our Judeo-Christian heritage. Thank you for your example of standing for righteousness in the face of darkness and opposition.

    Yours in Jesus,

  296. 296 Kirsty

    I believe this election has served as a wake up call for politics in Australia. No longer can evil have its way in its exclusive little political environment as EVERYONE is now alert to the political arena: not just the ungodly! Ps Danny, I’m sure your dream was from the Lord. You won’t be waiting long for its fulfillment as Australia is, at heart, a God Fearing Nation! We shall be back to the polls in no time. The government is on His shoulders. But this government?.. not for long!


  297. 297 Trevor

    Shalom Pastor Daniel,

    Thank you for your email and its heart felt messages.

    It is extremely disappointing that the 2 conservative independents would align themselves with such evil as the Labor/Greens alliance. They have sold their souls for personal aggrandisement. This is the biggest mistake of their lives and a diabolical travesty. I wrote to each of the three and enclosed the Christian values check list and pointed out to them that the NBN is redundant technology and most households will not be able to afford to connect to it. It is already known that the $43billion cost is likely to exceed $100billion and cost each household at least $3,000 to sign on.

    This 2010 election has been a total farce and packed with lies, deception and one upmanship. To have a situation where the conservatives received nearly 700,000 more primary votes than Labor and not be the government is a strong indictment against our system.

    I am with you totally to stand up and fight the devil, because we have the authority and power to be victorious against the evil one. Matthew 11:12 should be our war cry. We must never ease up as he is a dirty fighter and has no idea of fair play.

    As the Green’s are totally in the clutches of satan, Labor will not be able to get any good legislation through the Senate. It will be a disastrous government to our nation great cost.

    I will continue to pray that our politically correct pastors, ministers and priests will have the scales removed from their eyes and start behaving like real men of Yahweh. We need to see individually repent of their sins and cleanse themselves of all idols and every sin and commit to the Lord and become flames of fire for Yeshua.

    We need to have the majority of the members of the House of Reps and the Senate to be born again and spirit filled Christians who are bold and totally on fire for the Lord.

    We certainly need a political party that is for victory against the powers of darkness. I have supported Fred Nile since 1975 and he has been a tower of determination. But I feel that CDP is probably past its prime. Their vote has been declining for some years now and their results in this election has been very disappointing.

    I will stand with you in taking the fight to the enemy and with a Christian party. The name of which will be vital.

    I will continue to pray for you and your family and CTFM an RUA.

    Abundant blessings,


  298. 298 Rebecca

    You did things in the right order. Pray as if everything depends on us, and trust is if everything depends on God.

    I don’t agree with the Christians who just layed down their (praying) arms and assumed Australia had to go through persecution in order to be woken up to revival. That is putting God in a box and saying that He only has one way of working, through persecution.
    For one thing, like Bill M. says, nowhere in the Bible does it tell us to pray for persecution.
    Secondly, we’ve been told to pray for many things: godly leadership, their wisdom, so we can have peace in our land, etc. He can wake up the Church by His Holy Spirit wind sweeping through, by prayer for revival, and repentance and a return to prayerful dependance on God.

    Now with the result we have we keep praying the way He taught us to pray. If he chooses to use persecution, He has been preparing us that this may come. But He’s the One who decides if and how and when, etc.

    Prophecies often come in telecsope, with the immediate, near and far fulfillment. As said by so many already, your prophecy has already been partially fulfilled and we wait to see if it will be further fulfilled in the way we would expect it to be seen, which may not be how it will actually be seen, but nevertheless fulfilled.

    In the meantime, to obey how we are to pray, I agee with the parliament chaplain that we need to pray for Julia Guillard to kneel before Jesus in adoration and surrender, and therefore true fulfillment. And pray for her to to have wisdom and courage to stand against ungodly ideas and pressures.

    And of course, we continue to pray all the many things that we are told to pray for; workers in the harvest, including godly parliamentarians, etc.

    We’re thankful for your strong and humble voice!


  299. 299 Calum Young

    I support the messages that are being posted on this wall.
    I feel there is a strong desire and capability for action to show our opinions of the Labour/Green government.

    A Gathering or protest in Canberra?

    What does everyone think?

  300. 300 Joseph

    This is a country living under the protection of God.
    Looking around the world, can we possibly deny this?

    We are blessed in so many ways!
    We should give thanks to Jesus that we are spared from the poverty that we see in other countries.
    So should we give thanks that our unemployment is the lowest in the developed world.
    Even the (so called) greatest Christian country in the world; USA, is suffering from poverty.

    Yet we are not, brothers and sisters!
    Can we not see the miracle of Jesus and his benediction at work in Australia??
    God’s hand was surely at work when he devised an election split down the line.
    God’s hand was surely at work when he put a Green in power for the first time ever in the lower house.

    These things are not accidents, to think so is to deny God’s will.

    I don’t understand what God has instore for us, but I respect his decision to make it so.
    And I’m not fearful of the future,
    Because I trust God!


  301. 301 Joseph

    BTW, please pray for my Mother-in-law, Frances, who sufered a stroke last week and is still waiting for a diagnosis.
    Also please forgive me for posting my petition for prayer in a political environment.


  302. 302 Pastor Felicity

    To Pastor Daniel,

    I am reminded of Elizabeth who I recently met at Mt. Ophir near Rutherglen couple weeks ago who said she sang the Sunday school song to you “Dare to be a Daniel”, she knew it was prophetic for you, particularly with you calling yourself Daniel instead of Danny. You were faithful to do what the Lord laid on your heart to do, and even though Julia Gillard has scraped into power, it was a praise worthy effort by all those seeking to overthrow that possibility.

    However we are not fighting flesh and blood, but the rulers and princiipalities of wickedness in high places that seek to operate through those not surrended to the Lordship of Jesus Christ (regardless of party loyalty).

    I believe there is a call to pray more than ever for our government as a whole. The role and opportunities for scrutiny & accountability with the Opposition Coalition and Independents “balance of power” makes for either a very unstable way ahead for all concerned, or possibly a very real God-given opportunity for greater acknowledgment and dependence on the Lord for Him to work in many hearts, exposing underlying agendas, challenging ungodly legislation, making the nation face serious issues regarding it’s overall destiny….

    When Barbara Miller recently brought her Word for the Nation of Australia at the July CTFM Hallam meeting, the Lord made it clear that there are stormy waters ahead but He is in control of all things and to not fear but press in to Him all the more… He uses all things and situations to ultimately fulfil His plans and purposes.

    Regardless of what side of the political fence our members of parliament sit, it is foremost for each and every one who confesses Jesus Christ as Lord, to be strong and courageous, to uphold that which is good and honourable in the Lord’s eyes, to strongly oppose any ungodly legistlation, to speak life, justice, wisdom and insight into challenging issues, and always an “influencer”, shining His light… even to impart His order and alignment of His plans and purposes into any “open” colleagues. A mighty task!

    This will take much strength and conviction as the days grow darker, but God will use the willing vessels as they make themselves available and seek His kingdom and His righteousness above all other voices and what might seem good in the eyes of men.

    The body of Christ must not grow weary in its intercession for all in governmental leadership and resonsibility. God is bringing a re-grouping into His army for the battles ahead, and in all things He is building (stripping) His Church to be the true warrior bride for these end-times. Hallelujah!

    Be encouraged in your assignment to be a prophetic voice to this nation, to raise up apostolic ministry for the equipping of the saints, storming heaven with cries for justice and mercy, reaching out practically to a needy world, standing with the Nation of Israel, being a true example of a godly husband and father, “daring to be Daniel”, a lover and worshipper of the true and living Lord Jesus Christ, seeking to glorify your heavenly Father in all that you do.

    We bless you Pastor Daniel.

    Love in Jesus,

    Shalom blessings to you and all your family,

    Pastor Felicity & Shalom Worship Centre, Merrigum

  303. 303 Jean

    I like you Pastor Danny am so sad at the election results and to have 2 atheists leadingour government.

    My husband and I have spoken at how disappointed we are that the pastors must not have given direction to their flocks in specific ways to vote for the coalition, what we perceived to be led by a man who loves you, though never did mention you in the campaign. We morally have been devastated after all the prayers.
    We continue to stand with Jesus who can and does bring good out of all things if we trust in Him.

    Keep standing up as you do, it is appreciated by so many! and right now we need your encouragement too.


  304. 304 Bruce

    Dear Danny,

    Thanks for your faithfulness and fervour. It is disappointing that Labour & the Greens have power but maybe things need to get worse to waken the sleeping church. God is still in control so He will work to bring good out of this.

    May the Lord continue to use you and guard and keep you and all your loved ones.

    Bruce, Dalby Qld (the bloke in the wheelchair)

  305. 305 Caroline

    I know the chances of anyone reading really reading this email are very slim, no we havent lost the election, the Lord places in power the one He wishes to lead us sometimes to punish our nation for their sins. How many of us repented for our nations sins and prayed that in Gods mercy He would forgive us the nation, for our sins, i dont need to list them , and be merciful and grant that we be blessed with a righteous leader.

    i am expecting that the government will stumble along for a while and possibly end up with a double dissolution of goverment and that is when your prophecy of Julia Guillard after another election will say it is over will come to pass. i do not believe your prophecy was false which some will say, just the time is not yet. for years i have been given the prophecy of Ezek 33:2-7. Your duty as a watch man is to keep doing as you are doing.

    i rejoiced when you started the anointing and equipping your own pastors for ministry and wept in private as i realised i could not be one. i have supported your ministry for years with prayers and pray i will continue to be able to do so. but i am usually the one sitting quietly at the back on the rare occasions you may be in our area. i was blessed that you were this year. and was blessed to be able to take one of my friends along with me.

    tc and continue the work God annointed you to do in Jesus name


  306. 306 Nicole

    You are right not to give up. God has a way of leaving things until the 11th hour. Your dream can still come true this year. It’s very possible for a double dissolution to occur if supply doesn’t get through, we go back to polls or votes re-counted. God has stuff we can’t imagine. I don’t believe all that prayer & fasting went unheard. And yes. Did vote for Christian party. Are you thinking of standing for parliament? You have my vote!
    Love your email updates.
    Keep up great work.

  307. 307 Nancy

    Pr Daniel, I have just read your recent email regarding the election outcome, and want to encourage you so much!! Julia Gillard has not been elected. She is a usurper. This is the word that came to me.

    I truly believe, as do some of my friends, that she and her government can be prayed out of office and replaced by the peoples choice as voted. We want a group of people who will govern under the Lord Jesus Christ. Through God we will do valiantly!! God bless you Pr Daniel, I still believe your dream was correct and will come to pass. Thank you for speaking it out. Blessings from Nancy

  308. 308 JOHN


  309. 309 John

    Dear pastor DANIEL,

    I have a lot of admiration for the work you do, the passion you display within the body of Christ…as a good servant of God.
    Please just for a moment consider how you affect those who look up to you as well as the works/voice of the Holy Spirit when you get ahead and allow your own emotions to control you instead…

    Be well my dear brother and repent so that He who is in control may use you as he desires.

    I and those who love the Lord Jesus pray for you and those around you so the Fire ministers to the nation. Will you and all around you please allow the Fire to burn (Do not became just allow).

    Lots of love,
    P.S. This elections event; is a sign of the times and it is a definite sign of things to come in this land.
    This nation needs to repent. We need to turn back to God in obedience and surrender to His will.

    “Who would have ever dreamed that one day we would have 2 atheists at the top job of running our government in Australia?”

    My message to all in the body of Christ: Leave politics to politicians – it’s their job . Proclaiming the name of Jesus and His kingdom come – it’s ours.

  310. 310 Irene

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    My family and i support your ministry and agree with everything you stand for. We would definately support a Government who stands for all you mentioned in the email. Please don’t be hard on yourself about the dream…i believe it will be fulfilled in time.

    God bless you and your family my brother.


  311. 311 Carolyn

    Dear Pastor Daniel

    I too share your saddness and disappointment regarding the appointment of Labor as the ruling government over this wonderful country of ours. Despite this we still are the lucky country, but for how long?

    I can only agree. Yes! It is time christians take a stand and start becoming more active not only spiritually (prayer) but physically (write/meet with local members etc or join a political party). We have to become more active, a louder voice, before christianity is removed from our schools, hospitals etc and before it is shut into a box making it illegal to express our beliefs.

    In regards to your dream, thank you for sharing. If you are certain it is from God, then it most likely is, perhaps it isn’t the time. This still could happen.

    I have been praying for God’s direction as to how I can be a voice for God in our nation. I know I cannot make a difference unless I am doing the work God wants me to do, not what I want to do. I am prepared to step up and out but again, am seeking God’s direction in this. I too am also praying for boldness, strength and confidence, that nothing will hold me back in standing up for Christ.

    If all goes well for Labor then another Federal election is 3 years away. We can make a huge difference in that time if we all continue to pray for our nation – pray God will touch the lives of our leaders that their hearts and lives will be changed – that the truth will be revealed.

    I request that you continue to frequently organise and partake in “prayer assaults” upon Canberra and this nation.

    Bless you Pastor Daniel for all the wonderful work you do.

    Your sister in Christ,


  312. 312 Anne

    Dear Danny and Team,

    We too were disappointed to start with, but then we realized just how much ground was won back just because we prayed. We also believe that it will be rocky road from the group there now and better for them to fall over and cause a new ballot instead of Tony falling over because the independents are not going to be reliable and adhering to one group as they will go with who ever pleases them. Not a good way to live. God is in control. Blessings, Anne

  313. 313 Jo Petrovic

    Dear Pastor Daniel
    Your apologies were humble and sincere and we appreciate your desire to walk uprightly before God and mankind. However I also believe that the prophecy is still valid; just like so many OT prophecies that were for a future season. Though the outcome was so disappointing and a total fiasco democratically, it may be just the wake-up call Australia needs. It won’t be long before Ms Gillard’s true colours become all too apparent and Australia will rise up and unanimously vote her out! God is still on the throne! PTL!

  314. 314 Judith

    Dear pastor Danny,

    I would gladly support a Christian political party.


  315. 315 Lin

    DEAR DANNY!!!!



    In fact I will even help you with your Campaign Strategy!!!…You sound Hot to Trott!!! the anointing of God is all over you on your Radio Broadcasts you could even have your Own T.V. Show on C31 and its equivalent’s Interstate. I’m more than sure you would get 80% at least of the Christian Vote and and a large % of the Non-Christian Vote if you ran for the SENATE..People are sick & tired of Lying Politicians & Fake Leaders ..!!!


  316. 316 Judy

    Dear Ps Daniel,

    It was certainly a sad day when it was announced that Labour would govern. The newspaper headline said it all ‘good luck Australia’ Although I don’t believe in luck I agree with the journalists sentiment.

    I too know that God is much bigger than Gillard, Brown and Labour. It is a concern but He is in control.

    I would support a Christian party and have done so with Family First. I helped hand out ballot cards for them and I did express my concern that Family First doesn’t really convey what the party is about. A lot of people think it’s only those with families. Then of course there’s the Christian democratic party. Do you think another Christian party will be likely to have success?? If God is in it then of course the answer is yes, but if it’s just a good idea then no. I will always vote for a Christian party and I do not understand why so many other Christians don’t.



  317. 317 Marianne

    Yes, I would. But we desparately need statesmen and women of high
    calibre who have been given much wisdom and common sense like Daniel
    in the Bible. That is what I am praying for.
    Bless you for the stand you are taking.
    Marianne Kingston, Tasmania

  318. 318 LFN

    A word of encouragement for Danny Nalliah concerning his ‘Julia” dream.

    If God gave you a dream,hold fast to it, You thought it was of God enough to put it into print. Anything could happen with this present

    parliament. Yes it would seem bad news, two atheists leading this nation. and Julia’s grin is getting bigger! But we are not to doubt God and His wisdom. Our faith must be strengthened to wait on God to the end, in this case the fulfillment of your dream. Keep praying we have not lost the battle yet, don’t be discouraged. Keep your eyes on God and not what is happening in Canberra. God is truly testing us. I say again


    You’re a true man of God Danny, and Australia needs you, and many more like you. GOD BLESS YOU


  319. 319 Laraine

    Dear Pr Daniel, I thank you so much for your Godly leadership and Yes I certainly would support a political party that stood for Godly principles and righteousness, love and blessings,


  320. 320 Lucy and Sandy

    Hello everyone; Just a quick note to say YES if given the opportunity, we would support a political party which will take Australia back to the historic roots of its Founding Fathers, the Ten Commandments, and that will protect our Judeo-Christian heritage?? And thank you all for all your efforts and keeping us informed.
    Yours sincerely, your friends in Christ,

    Lucy and Sandy

  321. 321 Christine

    Dear Ps Danny,

    Thank you for your emails and passion for Christ. It is wonderful to be able to hear your love for Christ shining through!

    In relation to the dream you had, I must admit that on first reading the email one of the first thoughts that went through my mind was that prophecy often works outside of our known time and space as it operates from the spiritual world rather than the physical, as I believe you may also understand.

    As soon as Julia Gillard became PM a number of months ago I knew then that she would call an early election and that she would win that election. Additionally, I have also heard from many prophets around the world that she would win this election, which also sparked a thought on the timing of the interpretation of the dream.

    That doesn’t mean to say that the dream you had was incorrect, because as I mentioned above, prophecy does not always occur in our timing as we see it, but can often occur later down the track. Many people will give up on personal prophecies because the word does not seem to ever come about. However, it is often at those times that they will see the fruit of the word given many months or years earlier, such as what happend with Joseph in the book of Genesis.

    In summary I would like to encourage you that the dream may occur, however it may be at one of the next few elections.

    As in Romans and 1 Peter (see below, also Colossians 3) I will continue to pray blessing upon the current government and also for God to be able to speak into their lives and, who knows, with the incredibly big God that we serve, the current government may well be able to initiate some righteous laws and policies over the next few years.

    Warmest blessings in Christ Jesus!


    Romans 13:1-10 (NIV)
    Submission to the Authorities
    1Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you. 4For he is God’s servant to do you good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword for nothing. He is God’s servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. 5Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also because of conscience. 6This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing. 7Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.

    Love, for the Day is Near
    Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law. 9The commandments, “Do not commit adultery,” “Do not murder,” “Do not steal,” “Do not covet,”[a] and whatever other commandment there may be, are summed up in this one rule: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”[b] 10Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.

    1 Peter 2:13-25 (NIV)
    Submission to Rulers and Masters
    13Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every authority instituted among men: whether to the king, as the supreme authority, 14or to governors, who are sent by him to punish those who do wrong and to commend those who do right. 15For it is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish men. 16Live as free men, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as servants of God. 17Show proper respect to everyone: Love the brotherhood of believers, fear God, honor the king.

    18Slaves, submit yourselves to your masters with all respect, not only to those who are good and considerate, but also to those who are harsh. 19For it is commendable if a man bears up under the pain of unjust suffering because he is conscious of God. 20But how is it to your credit if you receive a beating for doing wrong and endure it? But if you suffer for doing good and you endure it, this is commendable before God. 21To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps.
    22″He committed no sin,
    and no deceit was found in his mouth.”[e] 23When they hurled their insults at him, he did not retaliate; when he suffered, he made no threats. Instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly. 24He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed. 25For you were like sheep going astray, but now you have returned to the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls.

    Colossians 3:22-24 (NIV)
    22Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything; and do it, not only when their eye is on you and to win their favor, but with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord. 23Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, 24since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. 25Anyone who does wrong will be repaid for his wrong, and there is no favoritism.

    “11For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is His love for those who fear Him;

    12as far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us.”

    Psalm 103:11-12

  322. 322 Paul

    Yes to your question.


  323. 323 Christine

    I did not vote for Labor and will continue not to vote for them.

    I agree about having a true voice in our government as well I definitely
    don’t want ungodly government I did have a lot of spiritual warfare as
    well and fought as well maybe not hard enough it’s to do with celestial
    beings Jezebel and Ahab we are dealing with and as you know Freemasonry.
    I have a prayer that we can pray for this but pray as for our country
    Australia. Instead of (me) put people abiding in Australia.

    Holy Creator God, in the name of the true Jesus Christ and in accordance
    with Jude verses 8-10 (NIV) I ask you to move back all evil celestial
    beings and forbid them to torment, harass, intimidate or retaliate
    against me or any part of me whether in the body or outside the body. I
    further petition you to prevent these beings of whatever rank from being
    allowed to send any level of spiritual evil as retaliation against any
    of us here or our families, ministries or possessions. I am trusting
    you, my Sovereign Living most high God to make it safe for us to live
    work play sleep rest here or where ever we are today in the name of the
    true Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour.

    In addition, I exercise delegated authority from the Risen Living Lord
    Jesus Christ over all the lower levels of evil spirits and demons who
    have been assigned to me by any of the higher evil celestial beings.
    All such spiritual beings are to be bound and separated from every human
    part of the person, whether perceived to be in or out of the body. They
    are not to transfer power to any other spirits or call for
    reinforcements and are to remain bound until dismissed. I forbid them
    to torment, harass, intimidate or retaliate against me, I do these
    things in the name and authority of the true, living Jesus Christ of
    Nazareth, rejoicing that my name is written in the Lamb’s book of Life.

    Yours sincerely


  324. 324 Bing

    Brother Daniel

    Yes, I’ll support such a party.

    God be with you & blessings

    Sister in Christ


  325. 325 Margaret

    Hi Pastor Daniel

    Thank you for your mail and thank you for being the Mighty man in God that you are.

    God will Bless you and your family for all the encouragement you are giving, to not only Christians but also to this nation of Australia.

    I beleive we need to pray that Julia Gillard, and that other person, who is a homosectual will see the light, and be convicted of the wrong they do.

    I pray that Julia will become Born Again! Or she will at least return to her Baptist upbringing, the message of John the Baptist and Jesus will touch her heart. Love the sinner but not the sin eh?

    May God touch the government especially any who are Christians that they will vote against any un Godlyness, and, they will come against any unrightiouseness within their midst.

    God bless you and your family once again.


  326. 326 Pamela

    Dear Ps Danny,
    In answer to your question re a party that would take Australia back to it’s historic roots of it’s Founding Fathers, YES! Return to principals of the Ten Commandments, YES! One who would protect our Judeo-Christian heritage, YES! YES! YES!

  327. 327 Joy

    Yes I would support such a party


  328. 328 Rose

    ALMIGHTY MOST HIGH GoD DECLARES: ” What Are The Desires Of Your Hearts My Children “,? ” Read My WORD And You ALL WILL See For YourSelves That MY WORD Asks You-MY Child, WHAT ARE THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEARTS “? ”

    So SH-ALL MY WORD Be That Goes Forth Out Of MY MOUTH: {It- MY WORD} SH-ALL Not Return To ME Void {Without Producing Any Effect, Useless}, {BUT It- MY WORD} SH-ALL ACCOMPLISH That Which I- JEHOVAH Please and Purpose, and {It–MY WORD} SH-ALL Prosper In The Thing For Which I-JEHOVAH Sent It-MY WORD “.
    ” MY Child, You Either BELIEVE MY WORD Or You Do Not “.
    ” You Cannot Have Faith One Day and Not The Next Day “.

    “And It Is MY WILL That What I Have Spoken WILL Come Forth and Be Successful”.
    “And When You Pray The Above WORDS I-JEHOVAH Have Spoken, You–MY Child Are Coming Into AGREEMENT With ME-JEHOVAH And What I have Spoken WILL BE Activated”

    Glory be to JEHOVAH Always–and ALL ThanksGiving to HIM. HallELhJAH. Folks, Please Read what The WORD OF JEHOVAH Is Saying To you ALL. Sure there is & has been aweful sins in AUSTRALIA THE GREAT SOUTH LAND OF THE HOLY-SPIRIT, BUT; there are many-some of us who are repenting every day for our sins, and the sins of AUSTRALIA & Israel’s sins, AND I HUMBLY SAY IN JESUS NAME I AM ONE.

    Be Encouraged Folks. Let The Joy Of The SOVEREIGN LORD ALMIGHTY GOD BE YOUR AND OUR STRENGTH. {MIRACLE WORKING POWER} In JESUS CHRIST AMEN: I have been listening to many knews reports since the elections and there’s GREAT turmoil within the corrodiars of parliament house in Canberra.


    My understanding is; that–Julia Gillard and/or any labour polly cannot leave to go overseas and–or go to interviews and so forth iff they do not have permission from the Liberals. One other labor female who’s having a baby will be home on leave, will not be there to vote. Labor does not have the so called power they thought and believed they would have had. Hallelujah JESUS.

    Glory BE To JEHOVAH Folks. I wonder why a woman would run for a federal seat when she is having a baby. To just run for a seat in any election and one wins WOW! check out ALL the FREEBIES one gets and it ALL comes from the TAX–PAYERS POCKET. GREED IN SOME CASES. ALWAYS REMEMBER–Abrahamn A Mighty man of JEHOVAH,
    PLEADED with JEHOVAH about saving a sinful city and JEHOVAH LISTENED to him. Please read the history of it in your BIBLES which is the WORD OF JEHOVAH.

    SHALOM Folks In JESUS CHRIST; BE ENCOURAGED. Pastor Danny’s dream/vision is coming to pass, BUT not in the way we see dreams/visions turn out sometimes. There are a few others who have had a vision that Julia Gillard speaking that they have lost. And it’s ALL coming to PASS. Glory Be TO JEHOVAH.

    From The Daughter Of THE MOST HIGH GoD And The APPLE OF YOUR EYE:

  329. 329 Rose

    Priase JEHOVAH. Greetings In JESUS CHRIST Folks; I am trying to read ALL the POSITIVE Letters from ALL of JEHOVAH’s Children, and the Letters are so ENCOURAGEING. Glory Hallelujah ABBA Father.

    Folks, May I ENCOURAGE many of you to run for a seat in the State and Federal Elections. Try for a Sert in the SENATE. Very IMPORTANT. I will be able to help anyone who wants to choose to run for a seat in Parliament.

    I Saw and heard on the knews Monday-28-2010 in Perth W.A; that there’s are moslum who has a seat in Parliament. SAINTS: THIS IS A WAKE UP CALL. HOP ON INTERNET AND PLEASE READ WHATS GOING ON AROUND THE WORLD, BEFORE IT’S TO LATE.

    Read the knews papers, listen to knews on radio, watch docuementarys, listen to talk-back radio and be involved. BUt please don’s gorget your PRAYERS and Bible Reading. As JEHOVAH comes FIRST. AMEN: GLory HalleluJah To JESUS CHRIST.

    Our Elite S.A.S Soldiers in The Australian Army will be training and/or will be training with the Indonsian so called elite army. That’s one of the Biggest, dangerous Mistakes, AUSTRALIANS have ever made in years VERY DANGEROUS AND STUPID. One does not jump into bed with the devil NEVER EVER. I will be writing to the Federal Minister for Defence.

    Indonsia has the largest muslom popularted country in the world? Go to Internet and read the HISTORY of what happened in TEMOR. It will shock you ALL, Especially many of you young Folk.Glory Be To JEHOVAH and ALL Thanksgiving

    CHRISTine’s Letter is VERY POWERFUL and I will print it out and say as a PRAYER
    every day. Be ENCOURAGED Folks to do the same AMEN: satan/devil has tried to steal my BeLoved Children over the years and I have had to fight the GOOD fight of FAITH. In the Begining of my fight I did not have and know about JEHOVAH & JESUS & The HOLY-SPIRIT as I do now. It was only and only after I became BAPTISED Full Emersion in water and was Baptised with The FIRE OF The Most HIGH GoD and became a TRUE BLUE AUSSIE PENTECOSTIAL. GLORY HALLELUJAH TO JEHOVAH AND JESUS CHRIST.

    Apart from CHRIST JESUS Dying for my sins; there’s one thing; NOTHING, NO THING Greator, More Awesome, More Joyfull, and TRUELY Exciting than to be A TRUE PENTACOSTAL and to be a Diciple of CHRIST. HalleluJah. May JEHOVAH Bless You ALL & Us and make HIS FACE Shine upon Us and Rain down HIS GLORY, GRACE, MERCY, LOVE, AND PROTECTION UPON ALL HIS CHILDREN NOW, IN JESUS CHRIST NAME AMEN: Be ENCOURAGED Folks.

  330. 330 Ps Peter

    Dear bro. Daniel,

    I have just re-read the word you had about Julia Gillard . It may still come to pass as you said but in HIS timing!

    Sometimes we do get the timing wrong but what is said will happen.

    God Bless your work for the Kingdom

    Ps. Peter “True Vine” Ministries

  331. 331 nadia

    Dear Pr Daniel Nalliah,

    I have just read through this email now and it has encouraged me, we must stand together as the army of God in our nation.

    Isaiah 62
    1 For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent,
    for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quiet,
    till her righteousness shines out like the dawn,
    her salvation like a blazing torch.
    2 The nations will see your righteousness,
    and all kings your glory;
    you will be called by a new name
    that the mouth of the LORD will bestow.

    Love and blessings in the name of our Jesus
    nadia (tamworth, nsw)

  332. 332 Margaret

    Yes Pastor Danny – I would.

    It is interesting that you are saying what I think you are saying- that maybe a new political party needs to be created that is NOT politically correct??????

    During this time of uncertainty I experienced fleeting thoughts about becoming more involved in politics myself- something I would never have considered or thought of in the past- I didn’t allow myself to dwell on these thoughts- but reading your question has brought those thoughts back to me.

    Maybe the Holy Spirit is prompting many other others also?
    Is it possible a truely God-fearing political party could rise up & take it’s rightful place on the Australian Political scene- drawing people back to their Christian roots & heritage??
    Pastor Danny- could this be really possible?

    Thankyou again for you righteosness & fear in God- we are so blessed in our nation to have you here- you are such an example of courage & tenacity for me.

    God Bless you,

  333. 333 John & Joan

    Dear Jason,

    About a month ago Ps Daniel put out an Email asking for feedback re a comment on the possibility of supporting the emergence of an ‘ alternative political party ‘ in support of bringing God’s Righteousness back to this nation of Australia.

    I can’t locate the Email so my wording is not quite as he put it, but my husband and I would love to see and support a party who will stand up for Godly principals however this might be worked out in practise.

    John and Joan

  334. 334 B.R.

    Dear Pastor Danny, it is with great respect I write to you concerning a vision I had while in my night sleep.

    I am from Adelaide and have just recently been in a prolonged season of prayer with fastings,Last weekend praying for 2 straight nights and days with a few others.

    I wish to share this vison I had in my sleep last night.

    I saw Tony Abbott in a light blue cotton shirt and across his shirt in white was the number 18 and I heard a voice say 18 months,I believe that the Lord is indicating that prayer be sent up specifically aimed at the heart of the independents and that we cocntinue to pray for an early election.Brother Danny I believe that by Gods hand we possible may see one of the independs turn forcing an early election,natural this is all that has to happen.

    In fact I believe that this night vision is a prophetic vision given from the Lord that in 18 months Australia will be going back to the polls and there will be a new priminister and it will be Tonny Abbott. I humbly sunmit this to you. I believe the Lord has shared this with me and believe that the Lord is able with great blessing and love in the lORD.


  335. 335 Ray

    Fighting Spiritual Attack

    I listened to the ABC to-day where Penny Wong was attacking the financial management credibility of the Liberal Party election promises to discredit the Liberal party in opposition in the publics eye.

    To understand the reason behind this attack it is necessary to understand the Governments agenda that it is trying to sell to the public at large.

    As we are all aware the previous Government was full steam ahead on its Climate Change policy with the need to introduce Carbon trading and other measures to save the planet from pending doom.

    It is interesting to understand that in 1993 the Club of Rome is reported to have adopted this strategy as a means of panicking the World into action in order to quickly achieve its goal of a single World Government and single world monetary system.

    While other nations have seen their economies collapse Australia has been the odd one out. This changed when Labour was elected to Government over three years ago when it over reacted to World events and placed this Nation into debt.

    The overall Club of Rome initiative is to place every nation into socialism with total Global control. This aim has existed for almost 70 years since the end of world war two.

    Through political correctness the world has been silenced in its ability to speak out against the moral decline in our society and the ability to combat the ever-increasing violence within the world. While the world is fighting against terrorism it is permitting terror cells to be planted within every nation which will have a dramatic impact thought the world when the order is given for a simultaneous world-wide attack.

    Again based on political correctness we are not allowed to speak against the political extremists who are growing in number within our society.

    Political parties such as the Greens have been allowed to flourish based on their claim of caring for the environment rather than their true platform of legislating moral decay within our society.

    It is time that as an Opposition the truth of the Governments agenda of:

    1) Promoting a one World Government and Monetary system be exposed which is why Kevin Rudd is so close to the UN;
    2) Driving the economy into debt to achieve the above objective;
    3) Accepting boatloads of asylum seekers who are based on more terror cells within our cities. These people do not accept our values any way of life;
    4) Promoting moral decay by legislating the wishes of the Greens;
    5) Expose the Greens for what they really stand for; and
    6) Expose the lie of global warming and its imminent threat to world as a man made scare tactic, which has no substance other than to achieve World Dominance.

    We are living in unprecedented times within world economics and policies. It is time Australia and its Asian allies stood together to fight the Global control that the EU and the current American administration is trying to impose on the World.

    As Australians we have always understood that we live in the lucky country, which is called the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit. We must as a nation stand up for the Religious Beliefs and Principals that our Government and its Laws were built upon.

    There is a need to overhaul our Judiciary, Law Makers and our Media to ensure that our laws are used correctly and the truth is told. In addition there is a need to repeal the concept of Political Correctness, which has invaded our society to benefit minority groups to push their agendas.

    It is not too late but we must as a Nation stand up and fight against our enemy, which is opposed to our way and quality of life.

    Electric Power Pricing

    Having worked in the Electricity Industry I have seen the impact that successive Labor Governments have had on the ability to reliably meet future power and similarly water demands to a growing population within Australia.

    The push for Competition and Globalisation, which commenced in the Australia and the world some 30 years ago was instigated by the Club of Rome. The aim was to make the world dependent on each other such that a financial collapse of any country would have significant effects on other trading partners.

    Globalisation and Competition forced prices down with the result that money to replace aging assets was withheld especially by Government Regulators to stop logical asset replacement.

    Australia as a society has inherited aged assets that are no longer capable of guaranteeing reliable supply. Suddenly the Government announces significant price increases for not only electricity but also water to prompt people to reduce their demand.

    There has been an attempt by Governments to introduce Time of Use pricing to reduce demand, which has failed. The latest price increases have been blamed on Regulators being required to increase price to replace aged assets rather than the Governments accepting blame. In fact in hindsight it is recognised that the Club of Rome, which was concerned about the earths resources being able to support an ever increasing population orchestrated this event not only in Australia but world wide.

    By denying resources to populations there is an immediate limit on supply thus an economy can collapse.

    While the 60% price increase coupled with a carbon tax is being stated by Government as being out of their control it needs to be recognised that:

    1) Aged infrastructure cannot be replaced quickly since there are limited skilled resources and equipment manufacturers to do the necessary work. No matter how much money is made available the work cannot be achieved.
    2) The price of energy sold consists of approximately 50% for energy generation and 50% for the distribution of energy. A 60% price increase if fully given to the distributors would represent approximately a 400% increase in the annual budget to undertake asset replacement work, which is not realistic.
    3) It is obvious that not all of the price increase will go to replace aged infrastructure but will be used by Government as a taxation windfall.

    The supply of essential services such as electricity and water should be taken out of the hands of a competitive market and placed back into the hands of responsible Engineering Management to restore the services on a Planned not Market driven basis. Economic management of essential services has failed our nation since it has left a fragile aged system, which is not guaranteed to meet future requirements thus leading Australia into third world conditions with socialist government control.

    It should be recognised that the World Bank was the major driver in respect to competition and globalisation which links it with the Club of Rome’s control.

    Labor Government

    The recent removal of a Prime Minister by its Caucus was difficult to understand. The true circumstances I believe was based on Kevin Rudds inability to convince the World that they should take Climate Change seriously. Julia Gillard as a known Socialist replaced Kevin to drive the Club of Rome’s agenda to include Australia in its World Economic reform by having our economy collapse.

    Kevins appointment as Australia’s representative to the UN confirms his continued role to cooperating with those involved in forming a one World Government.

    The introduction of a carbon tax and the limitation of carbon emissions to pre war levels would destroy the Australian economy thus making it easy to socialise.

    While pre election promises by Gillard stated that there would not be a carbon tax, she has since winning office reversed this promise and is talking up the need for the tax.

    As stated above the notion of increased carbon emissions creating a world disaster is simply a scare tactic, introduced by the Club of Rome for its end plan for Single World Government. This lie must be exposed. In fact statistics show world cooling over the last 10 years rather than warming. The earth cooling, rather than warming has been hidden from public knowledge by the media.


    As an Opposition the above truths need to be confirmed and exposed to the public before Labor exerts its power to cause our economy and our freedom to collapse based on an ideology of world domination to create a sustainable world for its ruling elite.

    Truth must prevail over the deception being issued from our Government.


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