Ps Daniel ministering at the altarPs Daniel with Rev Fred Nile and others at ConferenceDear Family & Friends in Christ,

We just experienced another glorious weekend with the Lord pouring out His mighty anointing upon many broken and wounded precious souls in Sydney & Melbourne!

Pr Rex Douglas was mightily used by the Spirit of God at the CTFM base in Melbourne (Hallam) to minister deep healing and restoration (body, soul and spirit) to many Christians from many different nationalities, denominations, churches, and backgrounds, who came with generational problems that had caused many deep wounds in their lives.

Glory to God for these precious souls who received tremendous deliverance from demonic spirits and inner healing from deep routed emotional problems as the Holy Spirit ministered mightily to them through Pr Rex from the USA!

Pr Daniel ministered in Ryde in Sydney at an AOG church where people united as the Body of Christ from 24 different churches to hear the word of God. The Spirit of God moved most powerfully at every single service with many incredible testimonies of people being mightily touched by the Lord’s presence, healed and set free from depression!

One young lady who came to the altar for ministry was set free from many demonic spirits as she screamed and shouted aloud. This really surprised most of the congregation as they had not seen anything like this in their churches. Many youth were so touched by the power of God that they were shouting for joy as they shared their life transforming testimonies!

Pr Daniel stated, “It was glorious! When the Holy Spirit took over, it sounded like a mini riot had broken out! We are certainly in a revolution of the burning love of Jesus for a mighty reformation of Australia and the nations! God is rising up a remnant of bold and courageous warriors who will rise up out of the pew and disciple the nations for the King of kings and the Lord of lords!”

It is with great joy to announce that we have yet another new Rise Up Australia (RUA – God has given us victory over our enemies) prayer meeting starting this Sunday 26th September at 5.30pm in Ryde in Sydney. The RUA prayer meeting will be on every 4th Sunday at 5.30pm at Shepherds Bay Community Centre at 3 Bay Drive Meadowbank (in Ryde), Sydney. Please contact Pr Lynton at or 0425 290 690 for more details.

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden
Catch the Fire Ministries

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    I have my spiritual father in AUSTRALIA called PETER DYBA and his family, he has been a blessing to me ,after attending one of the powerful meeting, ministered by powerful servants of the MOST HIGH GOD like PST.DOUGLAS,in Melbuorne and PST .DANIEL in Sydney, he forwarded this powerful works of GOD,to me in AFRICA the country KENYA. The meeting was, AWEEKEND OF HOLY SPIRIT FIRE IN SYDNEY AND MELBOURNE. This is very encouraging and very pleasing indeed.I am very happy that the LORD JESUS AND GOD THE FATHER is using you so mighty. I am also happy to hear about your prayer meetings which will start this Sunday 26-September at 5.30pm and on every 4th Sunday at 5.30pm. I am a younger preacher in Kenya. GOD BLESS YOU AND AUSTRALIA as you gain victory over your enemies. YOURS IN CHRIST FRED JUMA WASIKE.EAST AFRICA KENYA.GOD BLESS AUSTRALIA, GOD BLESS KENYA TO WIN OUR ENEMIES.AMEN, AMEN.

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