Dear family and friends in Christ,

We received these 2 following emails in the past few days and thought they will encourage you as they have us very much.

Praise the Lord for these 2 Christian ministers who were humble enough and obedient to do what the Spirit of God told them to do.

1) Dear Pastor Danny,

Please bear with this humbled and repentant servant of God as you read the following.

James wrote: “…the prayer of the faith  will save the sick and the Lord will raise him up. And if has committed sins, he will be forgiven. Confess you faults to one another, that you may healed. The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much”

Ps. Danny, you may recall that about 3 years ago I invited you to preach at our Sunday morning  service. You may also recall that I expressed a different understanding to you regarding born-again Spirit-filled Christians being delivered from demons. Well, I still really do not have a clearer understanding of this subject, but I am nonetheless open to receive enlightenment from the Lord on this.

However, more importantly right now, is what the Lord  revealed to me tonight about what was in my heart when my wife and I attended a combined churches minister prayer gathering. 
Well, about an hour into the prayer meeting I felt the Lord convict of judgement that I had been carrying in my heart toward another particular Pastor and their church (I won’t got into any more detail on this) and also toward you, from the time you visited our church. Choosing to obey the Lord rather than resist Him, I confessed before my peers repented of the judgement in my heart toward other particular Pastors and declared that I also need to contact you to do the same.

Ps. Danny, I’m ashamed to admit this, but the Lord has instructed me to humble myself and confess my sin of judgement toward you and seek your forgiveness, which I humbly do now.


I also realise that this conviction actually began last week when I watched a DVD from Catch the Fire Ministries featuring a message by you recorded at a meeting at a CTFM rally in Melbourne where you shared about your recent overseas trip and preached on the power Jesus to heal and mightily change people’s lives. Particularly notable was your testimony of the guy who intended to harm you at a hilltop prayer gathering but 3 months got wonderfully convert by the Lord and filled with the Spirit. No surprise also that I fought watching your DVD for a few days the Holy Spirit so compelled me that it was really no contest. As you shared, preached and encourage those at the meeting, I felt deeply touched by what you shared, but also terribly guilty about how I had so misjudged you in my heart.

Who am I to judge the Lord’s servant. We have different views of certain things, but the one most important thing is that we are brothers and fellow ministers in Christ and we called by the same Lord to serve Him in our respective callings regardless of any difference that we have. Danny, I am truly sorry for my attitude toward you. Please forgive me.

May the Lord continue to use you mightily in preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In His faithful service,

Pastor M

2) Danny, this woman has been mouthing off on Face Book all afternoon so I decided to give her both barrels. Marie, let’s get some facts right. Pastor Danny had a dream 4 months before the fires and if you want to get the facts then read them at and read about the dream for yourself. Besides that lets not knock a man of God who has been willing to stand up for our freedom of speech. This man along with his friend spent thousands of hours and cost hundreds of thousands dollars to fight for ALL Australians. Besides that come to think of it how many people have you raised from the dead? or how many have you prayed for that have been healed from a variety of diseases? This coming Sunday night CBN news are filming these people and their testimonials in Hallam, Victoria if you live anywhere near there perhaps you could go along and meet this mighty man of God for yourself. Have you ever had men try to behead you with raised swords only to find they cannot bring them down because God held their arms up? Have you ever lived in Saudi and been made to watch men being beheaded becausethey looked a they looked at a woman.

Pastor L

17 Responses to “2 very humbling and encouraging emails received at CTFM”

  1. 1 John

    Dear Danny,

    It is interesting the 2 humbling emails, because it shows how God loves even those who carry on about others, enough to speak to them.

    What the Lord shown me through a vision Janet had, that all the mouthing off by Christians at Christians is nothing but hay wood and stubble and therefore of no value when it comes to our own judment (the judgment of the believers).

    But God still loves us. We need to remember that that God loves the difficult people as well (we all seem to be among those ourselves).


  2. 2 Betty from PNG

    Brother Jason,

    The church has stopped believing in the Holy Spirit who performs miracles, signs and wonders. (the promise)

    People even call these experiences demonic. Jesus faced the same challenges.

    Sometime ago I visited three different cases of cancer prayed and saw the patients (ladies) die after that I prayed with them.
    I cried and wished I could see them pull thru those deadly diseases. The Lord comforted me.

    I remember in the early eighties, we walked into the hospitals and emptied beds because we believed in miracle of GOD.
    I told the Lord I want to see people delivered and healed before my eyes again but in a greater measure.

    It also takes corporate faith and prayer with fasting (costly) to see people healed instantly.

    What we do not see the Holy Spirit do with our naked eyes is the part that man has no ability to do allow.

    (Blessed are those who believe yet do not see God)

    Pastor Danny paid the price to get to the spiritual level which man cannot challenge for any reason.

    May God enlarge the hearts of pastors and ministers in His service to see God in a greater and mightier way.

    The beautiful thing about the Holy spirit is, he convicts and repositions men to point of repenting without offending him/her in anyway.

    Remain Blessed


  3. 3 Andrew

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    I too have made judgements in my heart towards you over things which you have said (and I did not agree with at the time) and I ask for your forgiveness.


  4. 4 Anne

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    anyone who sets out to serve the living God, must always expect misunderstandings, people mis-construeing what we say, and mis-reading the intentions of our heart. But in the end, Father God will justify the righteous. You are living proof of this. I dare to obey the Lord in worship with flags out the front in church, and many people tell me I am a poser, and just want people to look at me, not Jesus. If they knew how scary it is for this shy old farm boy, and how unwilling to offend that I am, they wouldn’t say these things, but it is the devil who is giving them these things to say.

    God bless you and yours always Pastor Danny.


  5. 5 David



  6. 6 Ilona

    Thank you so much for keeping me in the loop; since the credentialling I feel like I belong, I sense my place in the Body of Christ and I have renewed energy to go into the market place in Jesus Name.

    One person felt I was following a man eg Ps danny and I said no no i am following Jesus and following what happens through Ps Danny’s ministry because he has his eyes only on Jesus as well.

    Jim and I have decided to sit in on the local liberal party meeting that is starting up in ForestLake partly to bbe in the midst of people and to be better informed about things happening in our nation.

    I started a new group on Saturdays and I have 9 unsaved except for one believer, all Taiwanese people; we read children’s bible stories as well as the bible and we sand the 23rd Psalm and the Our Father prayer as we listened to a children choir.

    It is a privilege to constantly have new faces each year.

    We have not howeevr been able to find a place with the same spirit as at Hallam here in our local area; Arundel New Life Centre was good but it is an hour away.

    May God continue to bless all you do!!


  7. 7 Peter

    Thanks for these mails



  8. 8 Michael

    Dear friend in Christ,

    Greetings from National Christian Prayer Fellowship of Bangladesh.

    Thanks for your mail.If any oPPortunity to become your Ministry Partner. Please remember us and ray for us.

    With Regards

    Michael Ripon Biswas
    Executve Director
    National Christian Prayer Fellowship of Bangladesh

  9. 9 Keith

    Hallelu-JAH !!

    Is this significant relative to the “brethren” coming together in UNITY ?

    We can expect even deeper, greater, and more profound expressions of unity in the approach to the sound of the Trumpet Call.

    We have found a “remnant” in what must be described as an “organic” fellowship. God has bought some key people to this little church and the outreach covers hundreds of square kilometres, particularly in outreach to the indigenous souls. There are several mature aboriginal women saved and baptised with the Holy Spirit, who are living to see their people come to Jesus.

    We should note that Pastor Terri Connell wrote a book some years ago [2003] regarding a Vision she received from the Lord which foretells a “tsunami” move of the Holy Spirit coming over Broom from the Indian Ocean, continuing on over Australia. I have read this with sincere interest, and believe there is sufficient reason and evidence to accept the reality of our God desiring to move both in Judgement and Mercy on our Nation. The title of Terri’s book is “AUSTRALIA You’re Next !”

    Bruce and Terri allow the Lord to have His way throughout the meetings, with everyone having opportunity to function in New Testament fashion.They provide leadership, always to encourage the people to actively participate in the group, and this encourages personal growth.

    Personally I think the recent Federal election result gives cause for us to [perhaps desperately] hope, and trust the Lord of Hosts, Jehovah Zabaoth, Lord of the hosts of heaven and Lord of the hosts of earth to fulfil the desires He has given us for this South Land of the Holy Spirit.

    We praise Him for the boldness and the anointing He is imparting to Pastor Daniel and CTFM at this time, and pray he will continue to magnify his Glorious Name through Daniel, and those who likewise will catch on Fire by the Holy Spirit.

    Yours in His Fellowship, 1Cor.1:9.

    Foundations of Faith.

  10. 10 Chris


    (Extract taken from”Deliverance from the Evil One” found at

    There are very few people who are totally owned or possessed by demons. Many Bible translations talk about people being “possessed” by demons when

    in reality that is not the meaning of the Greek word used. The Greek word in these cases is “daimonizomai” which would be better translated “demonized”. It means to be affected by demons, to be under the influence of demons or to have demons. No doubt a Christian cannot be “possessed” by a demon because Christians belong to God through the blood of Jesus Christ. Whether a real Christian can have a demon is a controversial question to some but for those of us who have been set free from demons after we gave our lives to Jesus it is not so hard to determine. Let us now consider this matter from a biblical point of view.

    Without a doubt, demons are at work in the sons of disobedience (Ephesians 2:2). The truth is, people who are disobeying God are giving evil spirits a right to work not only around them but also in them. This applies also to church members. Peter declared that Satan had filled the heart of Ananias. All Ananias did was pretend that he was giving to God more than he really was. Therefore, anyone who is lying could have their heart filled by Satan.

    Paul told the believers in Ephesus: “Neither give place to the devil” (Ephesians 4:27). This implies that it is possible for a Christian to give place to the devil. There is strong biblical evidence that a Christian doing this will later need deliverance from evil spirits, because they have by their own choices given ground to Satan.

    Although the spirit of a born again Christian is regenerated, recreated and not possessable by evil spirits, the salvation of the soul is a process which is not automatic and requires firstly persistent faith in God, and secondly, knowledge of the truth. It is clear that evil spirits do have access to our minds to inject thoughts of all kinds from time to time. We must be watchful so that we do not accept these thoughts so as to let the evil one build strongholds in our mind that are not pleasing to God. There is a battle for the mind of every Christian. In order to keep demons out of our minds, we must fill our minds with something else. We must be full of the Holy Spirit and full of the Word.

    “When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none. Then he says, ‘I will return to MY HOUSE from which I came.’ And when he comes, he finds it EMPTY, swept, and put in order. Then he goes out and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and dwell there, and the last state of that man is worse than the first.” (Matthew 12:43- 45)

    Every unsaved man is a child of the devil and being a son of disobedience it is a fact that evil spirits are at work in him, If those spirits are forced to leave – either by the fact that the person receives Christ or the Word of God, or by a special operation of the Holy Spirit, they will do exactly what Jesus said they would do in the passage mentioned above. If indeed after the evil spirit goes out, the person’s life remains empty – that is, not full of God’s Word and God’s spirit, there will be a possibility for that evil spirit to enter into that man again – even if he has prayed to receive Christ. Why? Because although he may have confessed Christ, by ignorance or disobeience he denied Christ the first place in his life. He didn’t put the Word first, and he didn’t get really filled with the spirit. Therefore demons can be in Christians, as we know them.

  11. 11 Marie

    To Ps L & Ps Danny, yes I am the Marie everyone here is gossiping about. I was NOT mouthing off on FB, I was as is my right by law giving my opinions especially in regards to black sat being Gods judgment on Victoria of which I disagree completely and btw my husband and I were caught right in the midst of those fores but God proctected us. Ps L you had NO right mentioning my name,in doing so I could very easily take you to court but as it says in GODS Holy Word we are NOT to take our brothers and sisters to court, I obey Gods Word and the reason I did not know about those abortions is very simply, we lived in a very small and I mean small country town,never bought newspapers though did watch tV, we used to watch Today Tonight on channel 7, they did not show anything as far as I know about the abortions,had we known, my husband C and I would have been down there protesting with everyone else. Please do stop and think of where the person you are talking about is coming from… and jusy so you know, here is a wee bit about me…………..ok, now for something that is extremly personal to me and maybe to others, abortion in most states of Australia has been legal for over 30 years and how do I know that? Because when I was only 18 years old and I am now close to 54 I had an abortion and NOT a backyard one either, I admit I was not a born again believer in Jesus at the time but I sure knew about Him,learnt about Him as a child through the salvos and Sunday school, how did I feel after it, like i was a killer,I hated myself, then I married, had emma,sara and david, then fell pregnant again ( Sara & David are twins) twins were only 8 months old at the time, I wanted that baby more then anything but back then was easily led and suffering from post natal depression so yeah I stupidily allowed myself to be talked into another one by my then husband and mum in law and again it was legal, even had my GP and OB telling me to have one and to show you how long ago that was, my twins are now 28 yrs old, you do the math. I went through hell on earth because of what I had done twice in my life, always wondering if my babies,yes babies were with Jesus or not, then I met Colin after I had seperated from my 1st husband, we fell in love and yes moved in together straight away and guess what? we were both married to other people at time though sepertated a long time.And Colin was/is a born again believer in Jesus Christ, he started to teach me about the Lord straight away and i lapped it up, eventually just before we married I gave myself to Jesus,was baptised and yes we got married in a BAPTIST church,(same kind of church Julia was brought up in),we went our merry way and eventually ended up in the outback of Queensland where God powerfully touch us both and we have not been the same since. Would I do things differantly if I had my time over again? As far as the abortions go, Oh YES but now I know they are with Jesus and I have been forgiven. Our God is an awesome,forgiving GOD and I LOVE HIM WITH ALL THAT I AM, even more then I love Colin which is fine by Colin. So as far as abortion being made legal in Victoria, Lawrie it has been for way over 33 years so don’t go preaching things like that to me because I have been through the pain and anguish of loosing 3 babies(one was a miscarriage) and NO it was NOT Gods judgment on me loosing that baby…………GOD bless you all

  12. 12 Marie

    I mean no harm to anyone in what I have said above. God bless you all, Jesus is Lord and I love HIM so much

  13. 13 Frank

    Praise the Lord Jesus, Lord of lords and King or kings.

  14. 14 Carol

    Wonderful and amazing Pastor Danniel
    regards Carol

  15. 15 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Jason, Thanks for this email. I am glad that Dear Brother put things right with Danny. Some of us don’t realise that having a critical spirit towards another Brother can hinder us in our ministry.

    Love and prayers. Audrey & Maurice

  16. 16 Solomon

    PRAISE the LORD! His name is Holy & Awesome Ps 111:9

    Numbers 6:24-26 to you & the family Bro,
    Shalom Christian College

  17. 17 Sue

    Hi Pastor Nalliah,

    My name is Suzanne. My mother has come to visit and has been telling me about your visit to their church in Kingaroy (South Burnett Ministries). You just spoke at a conference that they hold each year.

    I must admit that sometimes I tune out to mum telling me about what happens, but I was very interested when she started telling me about you and your ministry. Lucky for me she had your book too which I have read and through this I have recommitted to the Lord.

    I was wondering if you know of any churches or even prayer groups in Brisbane that are ‘on fire’ for God churches that I may be able to go to. I live in Spring Hill which is very close to the CBD. I have an 18 month old so a mother’s prayer group would be fantastic.

    I would also like to receive your newsletter if that is possible. Mum said that you send them out.

    Your book was amazing and inspiring to read. I wish it was longer!

    Thank you for your time,

    Kind regards

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