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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

L to R - Ps Daniel, Margaret (healed from cancer), ZinaBrian sharing his testimonyDear Family & Friends in Christ,

We at CTFM have been crying out to the Lord for years to see the supernatural release of His healing power. We thank God we have being seeing a trickle of it in the past 2 years but we know that this is going to increase. We are praying for mighty rivers of healing to flow in Jesus Name!

The Father’s Day weekend was great!  Many fathers who came for the meetings were mightily touched by God. There was also the launch of a new CD titled “ Highly Lifted Up” by one of the CTFM Worship Leaders,  Bro Ola. People were so blessed by listening to parts of the CD.

Below are 2 powerful testimonies  shared at the CTFM base on Sunday the 5th of September 2010.

2) Two Weeks ago Ps Daniel received a call from a lady who wanted him to pray for her husband Brian, who was rushed to hospital in a critical condition, and was on life support in the ICU at Cabrini Hospital. 

Later the same day she called again and told him to somehow get to the hospital and pray for Brian as his condition was much worse and that the doctor told her he might not make it through the night. That evening Ps Daniel went along with Nevin from the CTFM team to the hospital to pray.

Ps Daniel stated, “When we rang the bell at ICU, the nurse told us that Brian was unconscious and gave us the impression that we are wasting our time. I told the nurse, that I am a Pastor and have come at the request of Brian’s wife to pray for him. After a bit of muttering the nurse told me through the intercom that there were 2 visitors, once they go, that we can come in.

After a few minutes the visitors came out, they were Brian’s niece and husband. They wanted to know who we were, and then said to us that Brian had been unconscious for the last few days and that he would quite possibly not make it through the night. We thanked them and went in.

We asked the nurse to direct us to the room, she was very agitated, but showed us the room. We were expecting to see an unconscious man as we walked towards that room but what we saw was the back of another nurse talking to a man sitting up on the bed. We could not see the man’s face. Since we were told that Brian was unconscious just 45 seconds before we went to this room, we walked out looking for Brian in the other rooms but we could not find him.

So we went back to the same nurse and asked her as to where he was. Now she was very unhappy, but pointed at the same room. Lo and behold it was Brian who was sitting up!  After being unconscious for a few days, God woke him up just for about one minute.  Brian recognised me, thanked me for coming and after that he did not know anything.

At this point I anointed him with oil and prayed for life to return in Jesus name. I think the other nurse thought that we were a bit nutty.

The next day his wife called me and said that there was tremendous improvement overnight. Mind you, this was the night he was not supposed to get through! Three days later she called us to say that Brian has miraculously got so well and strong that they had discharged him from hospital and that he was at home!  Praise the Lord!

One week after he was discharged she called me to come for some counselling. I wanted to talk to Brian, but he had gone to work driving his car, Glory to God!  This man with his wife were at church on Sunday sharing his testimony of his miraculous recovery from near death by the grace of God.

His wife said that the Specialist told her that they are shocked that Brian survived and is doing so well, as no one they know of has come through this condition that Brian was in, and it was in fact the first in Melbourne it had happened! Glory to our mightly God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords!  What a mighty God we serve!  

2) A team of intercessors from CTFM travelled to the western suburbs to join in and pray with the RUA group there on 17th August. Sister Zina from CTFM had been approached by a lady who was diagnosed with bowel cancer, around 5 weeks before that day. The CTFM team surrounded the lady, laid hands on her and rebuked the cancer out of her body and prayed for her healing.

On Sunday this lady shared her testimony. She said, “When I was diagnosed with bowel cancer a few weeks ago, my whole world fell apart but on the 17th of August when these prayer warriors prayed for me, I immediately begin to feel something happening in my lower abdomen area. The feeling was very uncommon and I knew that Jesus was touching me.

The following Friday I went for a check up and the Doctor told me after checking my reports, that he did not know what had happened to me, but there was no trace of cancer.   I was so happy and excited.   I told him that Jesus has healed me. The Doctor seemed very confused, as in one hand he was holding the notes from before, which clearly showed that I had cancer and in the other hand he had the report, which said that there is no cancer!  Hallelujah!

I give all the glory to Jesus, He has given life back to me. I want to share my testimony everywhere I go. Thank you Jesus and CTFM”.

Pr Daniel stated, “ I believe we are beginning to see our Mighty God destroying the spirit of cancer in and over Australia. In the past few months we have seen at least half dozen people completely healed from cancer. All glory to God.  No one can deny it when someone is healed of cancer, especially when there are reports from before and after prayer. I am trusting God to give the demon of cancer the final death punch very soon. I believe this will release a multitude of souls into the Kingdom of God”.

For those of you in the Melbourne area, you are welcome to join us this Friday 10th Spetember at 7:30pm for our weekly intercessory prayer meeting for Australia’s transformation.

This Sunday Pastor Daniel will be preaching at both services on 12th September at 9.30am & 6.30pm.

All the services will be held at Catch the Fire Ministries Apostolic Centre at 23 Melverton Drive, Hallam   (Melways Ref: 96 G2)

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes, 

Elizabeth Ryan
Catch the Fire Ministries

 Prayer for FathersBro Ola launching the CD

29 Responses to “2 Powerful testimonies of Healing from Cancer & near death”

  1. 1 Peter



  2. 2 Muriel


    I seek prayer by the team for a pastor locally who is sufferng from tumors all over his body and also from Parkinson’s Disease.

    PLEASE PRAY this afternoon a praying couple of men are praying with him at 2 pm.

    Will you add your prayers for this man of God who the whole locality are talking about and watching, even the Christians are watching.

    Please pray for the men who pray today one a pastor himself who has suffered for the sake of the GOSPEL AND a younger man whom God blesses amazingly and who glorifies Jesus in his life.

    Thank you,


  3. 3 Sheree

    Praise Jesus, such wonderful stories and very uplifting as we also pray for healing for our 3 year old autistic child x

  4. 4 Lorna

    Dear Elizabeth,

    I am Lorna …I once went to your church to accompany friends who invited me to your church. I went with them and I accompany the couple to the front for healing…When prayer was said by the guest pastor I fell with my head falling first and not my knees. A lady usher prayed for me but I felt that my head was swollen. I went to the doctor and the CT scan was normal, praise the Lord….After 4 months and up to now, I felt that my hearing was affected… I went to a hearing test and ear specialist…. no damage on my ear drum and middle ear but I can detect 60 decibels on my right ear while the left ear is normal. I believe that Jesus has healed me…MAY I REQUEST THAT YOU INCLUDE ME IN YOUR PRAYER FOR COMPLETE HEALING OF MY HEARING…..ON MY RIGHT EAR….

    In Christ,


  5. 5 Dot

    Hi Pastors Daniel, Jason and Elizabeth
    Not only has the trickle began to increase – it’s flowing. The Holy Spirit is waking Australia up with miraculous healings – we must keep plugging into our Heavenly Father and we will see miracles even greater than those of the Acts of the Apostles.

    Your experience below is not too dissimilar to miracles I’ve seen.
    1 After a priest refused to pray my friend, Pat’s mother who was in a deep coma and brain dead, she asked me to go to her. At the door the nurse in charge said that only relatives were allowed in. She then asked, “Are you a relative, or a minister?” I shook my head, then the Lord said, “You’re a minister.” After telling her that I was a minister, the head nurse reluctantly let me in. Remembering that two are better than one, I prayed that someone would join me. Praise God, Pat’s mother’s nurse was spirit filled. We prayed, but nothing happened. An hour later, Pat’s mother sat up in bed, demanded a cup of coffee and a shower. Afterwards, she went back into the coma. The next day Pat rang me to say they were going to take the life supports off. After praying that they wouldn’t, one doctor refused to. Later that day, Pat’s mother got up, walked to the bathroom and had a shower. She was discharged the next day and some time later gave her heart to the Lord Jesus Christ.
    2 The same week, an ex-prisoner rang asking me to pray for his mother (Mrs Burt) who was in a deep coma and given 5 minutes to live. Following the phone prayer, she sat up, demanded a cup of coffee and a shower. She was discharged the next day and later gave her life to the Lord.
    3 Some months back, my husband Ken who had suffered bad surgery was out to dinner with 3 of us, Margaret, a nursing friend, Fred, a hospital general hand (non-Christians) and me (a former nurse). He wasn’t feeling well, got up and stumbled. His colour was grey. We sat him in a lounge chair where his pulse stopped and he stopped breathing, in other words, he had died. I shouted three times, “In the name of Jesus, be healed.” My friends told me not to be hysterical. After a worrying few minutes, he took a deep breath and recovered enough for an ambulance team who came ten minutes later to take him to hospital for monitoring. He is now fit and well.
    4 A few weeks Graeme, the father of one of my violin students came to the lesson with his arm in a sling. I didn’t feel led to pray then, but the following week when he said that the doctors had informed him that his tendon had snapped beyond repair and that he would never be able to use his arm again, I was led to pray. About 2 weeks later he rang to say that God had healed him, that the doctors were totally amazed. His muscles had grown their own tendons (absolutely impossible without God) and that he could lift heavy weights again.
    5 Last week a lady in a healing meeting was healed of carpal tunnel syndrome.
    6 Jason, my 7 y-o grandson was instantly healed of a nasty virus, and the list goes on.
    7 Many of my students have been healed from minor to major anomalies, Praise God – All glory to Him.
    Yes, the Holy Spirit is at work in Australia. These are but a few testimonies I’ve experienced. Thank you. I was overjoyed to read your similar testimony.

    God Bless you – from Dot

  6. 6 Sharon

    Dear Sis Elizabeth

    Thanks for sharing these 2 testimonies, it was encouraging to read them and know the power of God.

    My name is Sharon and I am from Sri Lanka. I am married and having a daughter of 3 years old.
    Me and my husband have been wanting to have a second child. But unfortunately in Mar 2009 and in Feb this year I had 2 miscarriages and now I have fear even if I try for another one whether I have to go through it again, or whether I will get a normal child. I also have fear because of my age, as I will be 41 in November and fear of so many other things. But I know Our God is a God of impossible. Even our 1st baby is a miracle child. When all Doctors said we cannot have children in the normal way, God gifted us a beautiful daughter, she is Victoria . We want to try for our 2nd child, please pray that God will give me the strength to come out of all the fears and he will bless me to have a healthy pregnancy and will bless us with a perfect normal healthy child.

    I would appreciate if you can pass this to Pastor Daniel and CTFM team and request them to pray for me.

    Thank you and God bless you.

  7. 7 Ranesh


    Just wanted to let u know that I look forward to your updates about what God is doing out there and am always encouraged by the testimonies shared in your newsletter about our awesome God.

    I had the privilege & blessing of hearing Ps Daniel preach at our church (Calvary) when he visited Sri Lanka recently.

    Looking forward to hearing more of what God does out there in the days and months ahead.



  8. 8 Janet B

    Hi Saints:

    You encouraged me to write of a miracle that happened up north! (Can’t be more specific but will see Pastor Daniel at Kingaroy & tell him more details. A certain elderly lady was sent home to die with a very large tumour! She told the doc that she had a Higher authority to go to & she did! Next Sunday I prayed for her (not knowing),no high folluting prayers, just very simple! Phone call from Pastor a few days later said she was in hospital! Had passed the tumour out through the bowels in the bed in the middle of the night! (very biblical) Its not what goes in the mouth that defileth a man but what goes out through the draught! We laid the bible on her tummy (Jesus) & asked for a complete cleansing! She was well enough to pray for her own son! Don’t know the end of the story But HE DOES.

    Janet B

  9. 9 Helen

    Would your team please pray for my family,my 90 year old Father is dying,he has had a slight stroke and he has parkinsons disease.My Dad is a christian,he was a freemason but I prayed him out of that organisation a few years ago. Two of my 6 Sisters are not talking to each other this has been going on for a few years to cut a long story short my dear old Dad is very sad at the moment all he wants is reconciliation and restoration of our family.I want all of my remaining 5 sisters who aren’t christians to give their hearts to Jesus,my mother is a christian and she is grieving for her husband of 66 years of married life.I would appreciate your team standing with me in prayer for my family.
    Blessings in Jesus,

  10. 10 Rosemary

    !!! Hallelujah !!!

    Yes who’s report shall we hear God Almighty report always !!! Amen!!!

    Every day we will give the devil a very good punch on his face and shame him on his powerless tricks.

    Lets give our God more of adoration and praise for ever more.

    Shalom be with you family



  11. 11 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Elizabeth, We rejoice to hear how the Lord is using Danny and the team. We continue to uphold Danny and the team before the Throne of Grace. Blessings.

    Audrey & Maurice

  12. 12 Cheryl

    Hi Jason here is a good report for you!

    I took a phone call to pray in agreement with a lady living near East Maitland and she told me that she works with the abused children in her church. She said you visited with Trevor and prayed over a 10 yr old boy, Aiden, who has been abused in the worst way. She said she was amazed that he even allowed you to touch his head, but he just stood still in the Lord’s presence and received Jesus that day. Aiden shared his experience with her later. PTL for such a wonderful report and the many more you probably don’t even hear about.


  13. 13 Lorelle

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    Now that Prophet Dr Owuor has released a prophetic word regarding Australian earthquake & tsunami, I can now share with you the most exciting vision I have ever seen – for your encouragement.

    15/7/09 I saw the Lord in the clouds. I saw a “glory blanket” lowered by angels over Australia. It was like parachute material. It didn’t cover the coasts. Red lights lit up all over inland Australia. It only covered, at a guess, 100km inland from every coast. I have had many visions about the “heart” of Australia. It will be a “phenomena” where rivers will literally flow in the desert & trees (rainforests) will spring up. Alongside this will be a massive revival. (Isaiah 41). People will be drawn to the “heart”, to revival and those who do not come will suffer calamity on the coasts. I saw what these calamities were. I cannot help wonder, why the coasts? but read in Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel & Daniel about the coastlands. I saw fire rolling in the sky and Messiah. Fire sat on a round domed building (3 domes). I saw a silhouette of a man holding up his arms to shield himself. I also saw a glory ball of light above true Christians. (Joel’s army).

    On Saturday 29 August 2009 I saw Angels stretching the Glory Blanket & pegging it down. The tent peg that I saw was bigger than a man-very huge. I heard the word “tabernacle”. I saw the Angels stretching the Glory Blanket over a town, then a red dot on a map & the name of the town. As they were pegging it down, I saw a white mist swirling around the tent peg. It was full of life and a white arm came out and grabbed the tent peg & wrapped around the tent peg very tightly- becoming immovable. It was a swirling, living, white thick mist. (Holy Spirit).

    I asked the Lord why the tent peg looked old (it was a rusty, thick, metal peg) and not a new shiny one. He said it is the prayers of all the saints. I know that in this particular town, prayers for revival have been prayed for generations- back to the 1800’s.

    Before I saw the Glory Blanket coming down on 15 July 2009, I got this word (on 7/7/09) which is a warning to the Church in general, but also literal regarding the coasts of Australia.

    I saw waves on the beach & someone playing on the sand. The waves became fierce. Storm coming.
    “The time for playing is over. Draw deep inland, deep into my presence, holy, solemn. The undesirable places will become desirable. As you draw into me, you will be satisfied & I will provide from the depths of the earth for you. The wonders of creation. Seedtime & harvest time, only the harvest will overtake you. My plan for you is far more satisfying than anything you have dreamt of or designed in your own flesh. Day of wonder. Day of awe. Day of repentance. As you separate unto me you will wonder how you before survived outside my thick glory. You will be in awe of the mysteries I reveal to you. In my holiness you will be in humble repentance.
    Those living for pleasure (playing on the beach) shall be taken by surprise. The storm is coming. The beaches stink.

    1 “Keep silence before me, coastlands! Let the peoples replenish their strength! Let them approach; then let them speak. Let us assemble for judgment. 10 Don’t be afraid, for I am with you; don’t be distressed, for I am your God. I give you strength, I give you help, I support you with my victorious right hand. 18 I will open up rivers on the barren hills and wells down in the broad valleys. I will turn the desert into a lake and dry ground into springs. 19 I will plant the desert with cedars, acacias, myrtles and olive trees; In the ‘Aravah I will put cypresses together with elm trees and larches. 20 Then the people will see and know, together observe and understand that the hand of ADONAI has done this, that the Holy One of Isra’el created it. “ Isaiah 41 CJB

    In Christ (the Anointed ONE),


  14. 14 Chinnu

    My mother’s name is Mrs. Nirmala. She is suffering from Marginal Zone Lymphoma. She has undergone 6 chemotherapy sessions and the treatment was over on 2-Aug-12 but cancer has relapsed in Sept. Now she has
    grown very weak and has developed breathing problem and all her blood & chemical (Calcium, sodium & potassium) levels are instable. She has been admitted to Acute Medical Care Unit twice this month. She is
    still in hospital, doctors are unable to start the chemotherapy again as she is very weak at the moment.

    Please pray for her. Pray that our lord Jesus Christ leads my mother into good heal and bless her with his divine healing.

  15. 15 mukesh more

    hi, praise the lord
    please pray for me to heal my weight loss & weakness in body
    please pray to forgive my sin & to recover my health.
    please pray


  16. 16 kingsley mike

    pastor pls I need urgent prayer! I have a very big tumor on my left upper thigh and its affecting my movement,pls join me in prayer for healing from God fast so that this won’t cost me my life. God bless you all!

  17. 17 Cynthia Brown

    Please pray for dear Friend of mine who is stricken with cancer his name is Robert dillard pray for his healing. Thank you and may god richly bless you your church and mimitery.

    Cynthia Brown.

  18. 18 Welda

    Please pray for my sister, Laura Valentine who suffer from cancer and will undergo her chemo next monday. Pray that the power of healing from our almighty God, Jesus Christ will cleanse her body from cancer forever. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

  19. 19 Juliet Sakindi

    Praise the Lord Pastor Daniel and the CTFM prayer warriors,

    Am from Uganda and have just read the amazing testimonies. In that light, please pray for my mother who is battling with cancer. I know with God there is nothing impossible and i believe with your prayers, God can restore back her health. Her name is Stigmata Barwogeza. God bless you mightly for allowing the power of the Holy Spirit to use you mightly.

  20. 20 manju koshy

    hai Praise the lord ,i’m 34 years old suffering from cancer sread many other organs as what CT scan report says on treatment still done with 2 sessions of chemo 9 & 5 each.Il believe in jesuschrist ,definately he will do a miraculous work in his time.I have 3 kids pray for my family as well.
    Praise the lord .want to be touch in with.

  21. 21 Julie Bates

    Would you mind praying for my son and I. I donated a kidney to him five years
    ago. I am now suffering from advanced breast cancer. Thankyou for your attention. J

  22. 22 Chandrika R

    Dear Pastor,

    My Mom (Irene Rodrigues) has been recently diagnosed of Metastatis Melanoma Cancer in the liver, spleen,neck, lung & spinal chord. Please pray that Jesus our mighty healer heals her completely & miraculously. I believe God can heal her through his miraculous touch. Please pray for her. We have been shattered with this news as she has been attacked by sicknesses over sickness since the last 3 years.
    We are from India and live in a place called Mangalore.

  23. 23 Solomon

    I am suffering from bulge discs on my cervical n lumber region. Its giving me great deal of trouble numbness, tingling, weakness of muscle on my leg n hands and lower back. Please pray that i be healed by his grace.

  24. 24 deepshikha

    plz pray for something that is wrong in the right side of my body acid reflux throat oesophagus cysts in gums etc etc please pray for my miraculous healing

  25. 25 Rachel

    Wow what a wonderful God we serve plz can u pray for me to be healed from hiv i believe God is able to do abundantly bse his the same yesterday, today and forever i am an intercessor in my church and choir member i believe i got the deadly virus when i was still in the world, i got this shocking result 2 months back
    i am believing for amiracle.

  26. 26 sultan

    I have been suffering from illness for over 12 years, reading the testimonies give me hope. I hope the Lord will hear me and heal me. Please pray pray for me please.
    Thank you God Bless

  27. 27 Nirmal kumar

    Praise the Lord
    Please pray for my mother M.Gajalakshmi . she has been diagnosed Metastatic Carcinoma Cancer PET CT Shows it spread into many parts Neck,left kidney,liver .I believe in God Jesus .Surely He heals my mother cancer.So please pray for my mother to heal

  28. 28 Shirish Pole

    My brother Shirish Pole aged 65 is suffering from cancer for the last so many years.The initial cancer was in the lungs and then it went to the neck and the doctors doubt that it has now erupted in the brain. He is alive today due to the prays of pastors and believers. Please pray that Jesus completely heals him and uses him and his family as a testimony

  29. 29 Rebecca Adeyemo

    Please pray that God will heal me completely of breast cancer. I am lifted by the testimonies

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