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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

CTFM Board with Newly Credentialed MinistersPraying for God\'s Government and Righteousness to Exalt AustraliaDear family & friends in Christ,

1) Firstly, let us thank you all for praying and standing in the gap for the Federal Election over the last few weeks. We have definitely seen the effects of prayer.

However, we all do know that our nation is at a very critical crossroads right now and desperately needs unceasing urgent prayer throughout the Body of Christ to see the formation of a Government which will acknowledge the Word of God.

Starting today Julia Gillard (Labor) and Tony Abbott (Liberals) will be meeting with the 4 elected Independent Members of House of Representatives in order to strike a deal to form a minority Government. Please pray for  Bob Katter, Rob Oakeshott, Tony Windsor, and Andrew Wilke who will possibly decide on who will lead our nation for the next 3 years.

Pray that they will not be deceived by promises of financial gain, but will think of the future of our nation and the next generation. Pray that the Holy Spirit will lead them to support a Government which will bring glory to God and a PM who will acknowledge the name of Jesus.

Please also pray that the Governor General will be unbiased when she makes the decision as to who should form the government, as the media has exposed that the Governor General’s son-in-law Bill Shorten (Labor) was the master mind behind the axing of Kevin Rudd and the putting in Ms Gillard as PM.

2) Yesterday, Sunday the 22nd of August, men and women of God from NSW, SA, QLD, ACT & VIC gathered at the Catch The Fire base in Melbourne for a wonderful time of Holy Spirit anointed praise, worship and to hear the Word of the Lord.

At this very special service the first batch of Ministers of the Gospel under Catch The Fire Ministries in Australia received their credentials.

The place was packed out with family and friends of those who received their credentials as everyone who came was mightily blessed by the presence of the Lord. Pr Daniel preached the anointed Word of God from 1 Samuel regarding Eli the Priest and Samuel the Prophet. He challenged the people of God that if the Priests (Shepherds / Pastoral Leadership of the Church / Particularly the Denominational Leadership) are not willing to move with the Spirit of God and do the will of the Father in heaven, then the Lord will bypass the recognised order (just as He bypassed Eli and spoke to Samuel), in order to fulfil His prophetic plans and purposes for our nation, this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit! 

Pr Daniel stated, “I am so excited that finally the day has come to credential men & woman of God into the fivefold ministry. This is how the church is supposed to be as in Ephesians 4:11-13 (Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Teachers & Pastors).  The Lord does not want the rocks and trees to cry out. If the political correctness continues in the church amongst the leadership, the Spirit of God will have to bypass the recognised order and raise up those like Samuel in the Bible who are willing to stand in the gap to fulfil His plans for our nation and the nations. Oh Lord, we desperately want to see your glory manifested.”

“We are not starting another denomination, but I know for sure that this is a new move of God through which the Heavenly Father will demonstrate His true love to His Sons & Daughters. We want to see this move of God as relational rather than controlled by man. It is very easy to be a natural Christian, but if you are to experience the supernatural realm of the Spirit of God, the spiritual covering you come under is very important.  The supernatural life of Christians cannot function if you are boxed in and not free to let the Holy Spirit move in your life and church.”

This was clearly demonstrated at the morning service when the Holy Spirit fell in the place and many who had never received a hug from their natural father lined up for a BIG HUG from Pr Daniel who ministered with the loving Father heart of God. The altar was full of people weeping as the Heavenly Father touched many, healing them from past traumas and emotional problems.

Many testified, “when Pr Daniel gave us a hug, it seemed like Jesus was holding us in His arms. We feel so free now and feel so much love from the Father in Heaven.”

We at Catch The Fire are so happy to see people getting healed, delivered and set free at every service.


3) This weekend Pr Daniel will be ministering in Canberra this Friday 27th, Saturday 28th, & Sunday 29th August at The New Connection Church at 18 Walder Street, Belconnen. Please contact Pr Glenn at 0414 705 847 for more details.

4) For those of you in the Melbourne area, we welcome you to join us this Friday 27th August at 7:30pm for our weekly intercessory prayer meeting for Australia’s transformation. There will be special prayer for the Government.

Be encouraged to also join our weekly Sunday services on 29th August at 9.30am & 6.30pm.

All the services will be held at Catch the Fire Ministries Apostolic Centre at 23 Melverton Drive, Hallam   (Melways Ref: 96 G2)

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden
Catch the Fire Ministries

15 Responses to “Urgent Prayer for Government / Glorious Credentialing Service at CTFM / Pr Daniel in Canberra this weekend”

  1. 1 Gerri

    Dear Danny i just want to say how amazing it was for me to be there at the meeting on Sunday night it meant so much to me. For years Ive been praying to the Lord to bring Pastors and teachers after his own heart and to see his word lifted up as a standard, i used to pray Lord where are the Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Evangelists. It was a blessing for me to see those people and hear them speak, i felt like i was in a house where every stone was living so to speak. Ive been a believer for 30 years and after leaving a controlling cult 15 years ago Ive been wondering around from church to church, it was so refreshing to see the new testament church in action

    Glory to God for what hes doing

  2. 2 Bhanu Tiwari

    The minute I followed a link to the jaw dropping The End Of Nations article my first thought was this Catch the Fires’s frequenters have to be able to chat about this!

  3. 3 Catherine

    Thank you for this and all the other emails. Yes, we tried to do our bit with regard to praying anf fasting and I am pleased to see the effect our prayers had on the outcome of the election. But, I am glad to hear you are still encouraging people to pray. Our church did not mention anything on Sunday. In fact, I spoke to the Pastor re the result but no one else commented and I went there so excited and thought we would be thanking the Lord collectively which my husband and I did at home.

    So bless, your ministry, Danny. I just wish natural born Australians were as passionate as you are about our country.What a great example you are.


  4. 4 Brian and Rita

    Hi Pastor Danny
    Thankyou so much for all the information you give us. We pass it on to many people who realy appreciate
    knowing what to pray. We are predominantely Lutheran area. Our ministers here do not get so involved unfortunately.
    God Bless you in all that you do. Thankyou

    Brian and Rita

  5. 5 Ian

    I hope many people are on their knees and praying for our Government as we have sneaking into our lives a party who will make the law of the Lord irrelevant in our lives in Australia.


  6. 6 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Jason,

    Thanks for this. We rejoice to hear of the wonderful time on Sunday. We continue to pray on about the election. Love and prayers.

    Audrey & Maurice

  7. 7 Angela

    Dear Pastor Daniel Nalliah,

    My name is Angela and I am writing to you concerning the upcoming Australian election. I write to you specifically as I have been reading through your website “Catch the Fire” ministries. I know the remarkable events you were involved in on Mount Ainslie and the tremendous changes that came about through that intercession.

    Since hearing about Julia Gillard’s rise to Prime Minister I have felt quite burdened as I sense a powerful evil force surrounding her. This is not a ‘feeling,’ rather a knowledge that I have. I believe I have been blessed with the gift of discernment. I have challenged this gift and have had it confirmed that it truly is from God. Certain other Christians I have spoken to have described similar experiences. One particular Christian called me very concerned on hearing about Julia Gillard becoming Prime Minister, saying “She is a witch.” Take from that what you will, but I truly believe there are powerful forces surrounding her. What scares me however is that many Christians don’t see this, and the large amount of support Julia Gillard is receiving unsettles me.

    I have been reading the Bible, praying and seeking God greatly regarding my doubts about Julia Gillard and the upcoming election. I Thought I would share with you what I have heard from God in doing so.

    God continually brought to my attention major Biblical events preceded by great, faithful prayer and fasting. Esther approaching the King is one example, among others. But the one that was repeatedly brought to my attention is that from Mark 9:14-29 and Matthew 17:14-21 – “The Power of Faith over a Demon.” The verse from these passages which was repeatedly brought to my attention is this: “This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting.” I truly believe that prayer and fasting is needed simultaneously to bring about major change in this election.

    After praying on this some more God brought a particular date to my mind: August 13th. On first hearing this date I had no idea it fell on a Friday and even when I did so, I did not recognise the significance of it until I shared God’s leading with my mother. Apparently Friday 13th is widely acknowledged as a very significant and superstitious day. Coincidence? I think not! It turns out that only two days later on Sunday 15th, High Priestess Lizzy Rose ( and her coven are planning to invite Julia Gillard’s energy into their magic circle. Prior to this, I had no idea that this was occurring on the same weekend. Another coincidence? Or is God truly amazing?

    I believe that prayer and fasting should begin on August 13th and continue until Sunday, August 15th (a three-day fast). I believe that for it to be effective it needs to be carried out simultaneously by churches/individuals/prayer groups around the country. Can you imagine what an incredible difference this could make regarding the outcome of this election? Particularly if each day particular topics were focussed on: repentance prayer, intercessory prayer, spiritual warfare prayer, etc.. All being simultaneously prayed for by churches/individuals around the country! Perhaps a website could even be set up to highlight the different topics to be focussed on each day?

    Apart from the above, one other idea that has come to my mind is that were every Church Australia-wide willing to commit to praying, walking around and anointing just one polling venue each, what a difference this could make on polling day!

    God bless you for reading my email. I ask, if you will, that you pray about this. See if you hear similarly from God and if you also feel this is the way forward. I know God will always confirm His will with others if it is meant to happen, and I pray that He will do so with you. If, after you have covered this in much prayer, you also feel this is the way forward I would love to hear back from you. In which case I would then ask if you might help spread the word to other Churches/prayer groups/radio stations, etc. I know you have far greater influence in Christian circles than I do, and if you are willing I would love for your help and to see this prayer/fasting weekend happen! It excites me just thinking about it, and the widespread, positive influence it could have on the outcome of this election!

    Alternatively if you do not believe this is the way forward please share that with me also. I truly want to glorify God in everything and am genuinely seeking His guidance regarding this matter and regarding the upcoming election, hence my writing to you.

    Thank you again for your time,

    God bless you,

    Angela Xx

  8. 8 ilona sturla

    Dear Ps Danny, I really want to say how blessed and honoured I was to be in both your services on Sunday. I am so glad i made the effort to fly down from Brisbane.
    During the morning service I sensed that the spirit of love and unity among the body was something new I had never experienced before. Your call for people to come forward for a father’s hug again was Holy Spirit led. I was staying with a lady who had just said she had never been hugged by her mother or father. I also have not had parental hugging and the asians we minister to also shy away from any close body contact.
    Over the years we have loved them enough to rejoice when they actually come forward to be hugged by us now.

    The credentialling service touched my heart because I believe it was the most biblicily based method and message I had heard and I have really heard the best in my years at Hillsong and Harvest Bible college.

    I have ached for the whole range of gifts to be recognised by the church and not only the pastors. I am sure there are many pastors struggling in their role of pastoring when they should be doing something else.

    Case in point, my husband is an excellent teacher, he can do the job of a pastor but it is not his best gifting, we minister to many many immigrants but our denomination always insistedfor him to do the duty of a pastor till finally he had a breakdown with 7 weeks in hospital. He is happiest in his library studying the word and teaching it and gives me much encouragement with his knowledge.

    Thank you again dear Ps Danny and church family. We promise to pray for you, lift you up and invite you to a stay in our home any time you should need a rest in Brisbane.
    with much love and gratitude, ilona sturla

  9. 9 Nairenge

    I am happy to receive a latter from you here in Kenya Maasai I could like to inform you that our groups are very happy because of your letter there have been no elctricity here and I now know that we are together receive my greetings from my wife and the felowship.I could first like you to credit me by supporting as it is a will of God. The other day I visited Rwanda through Uganda I aslo invite you to visit my country.We are a country that needs much to develop the word of God. We need your help o r through you to get us volunteers.

    Jesus came to the world not for the saved but to seek those who shold be saved. We need your prayer in our dailly endevious.How happy will it be if we meet in Heaven. I could like to visit your country soon as it says in the galatians 19:22 that says, be happy and love on e another by displaying all the fruits of the fruits of the holy spirit ,We also have children wo are not in a better life and if you could help us to help them as the bible says I could be happy very much,


  10. 10 Joce

    dear Australians brothers and sisters in Christ….we are praying for …from across the ditch…so to speak…was in one of your meetings in Canberra back in May…I think…may the Lord Bless you and give you an enabling from Him by His Holy Spirit to set the captives free. With love as a sister In Christ Jesus…from New Zealand.


  11. 11 Nola

    I would like to share with you a dream I had on Sat night last( 21/810). I had been watching the election coverage and confess that I was quite disapointed and in what I term, ‘a pout’ and had switched off the TV and spoke out some of my disapointment and feelings to God at how it was all seeming, at that time, to be unfolding.

    Dream: I was with some one that I know and we were saying goodbye to 4 people that I seemed to know at that time, but realised later that I could not remember who they were, they left to fly off, then I and who I was with decided to ‘follow’ and see if we could see them flying off, in the vehicle we were in, as we sighted them they were in a red plane, not a very big one and the plane was quite low and was struggling to gain hight and was ‘spluttering’, (the engine), it began to come down lower and I noticed flames burning up each side of it, I began to cry out to God to save them, save them! and then as it flew near a dam I cried out, again ” get that plane on the ground Lord, get that plane on the ground”. End of the dream.

    As I began to ponder the meaning of this dream, even while still in a semi sleepy state, I was quite puzzled, but then came the thought, the Labor parties ‘colour’ is red, so on further thought and seeking the Lord about this I believe it could be revealing that the Labor party leadership in government wont ‘fly’, will “not get off the ground”.

    I realise that I am completely unknown to you, so you have no way of being able to ‘check my spiritual credentials’ but I am a very ordinary mature Believer who has, like so many other fellow believers, been praying for this nation and for the election we have just had and for Godly leadership and a ‘turning back to God ‘ for this nation and so am sharing this with you as I have been encouraged to do by a ‘sister, in the Lord’, I do and have received Many dreams and trust that you will receive this in the spirit in which it was sent, All Praise and Honour to our Lord and King, Jesus Christ,

    I am yours in faith and sincerity


  12. 12 Mark

    Pastor Danny

    God bless you for bringing so many people to him from all over the world ! I met you for the first time when you came to Rockingham a short time ago , and you`ve changed my life for ever !

    I`ve never seen someone who stands for what the bible says , and also for what God wants us to stand for , with NO compromise !

    On the night in question , i bought a DVD and a book on some of your experiences around the various countries of the world , and my good friend Mike ( the guitar player ) made up a eight disc DVD set of all your testimonies over that weekend , and my oh my , my family and friends are all waiting for copies , as they have heard so much about the fantastic work you and your team do for God .

    Pastor Danny , i ask you at this time to please keep us in your prayers for our company and families , as this is a very quiet time work wise ! As you can see i`ve attached a brochure of our companys capabilities , we are also accredited , and we hope we can pick up some contracts in the near future !

    God bless you and your family ! And keep doing the good work you do !



  13. 13 Christine

    Hi Jason

    Hi. This is my first communication with you guys at Catch the Fire. It thrills my heart to know that God has many children walking in obedience and are lifting their voices to intercede in Jesus’ name for this nation.

    As I was praying for the leaders of government over this nation (Canberra) the Lord revealed a curse that was spoken over the seat of government of this nation. He gave it to me in 3 parts. The first explained what the curse was, the 2nd what was done, and the 3rd what needs to be done.

    The curse is one that entrenches death into lives and hearts of a nation – to ensure destruction of God’s Word and work in this nation. The curse was enacted through blood drunk in adoration of Lucifer (the Angle of light)
    Cleanse the curse on the blood of Chirst – the Angel of light poured out his blood over Canberra, the seat of government of this nation – the blood that brings death but has the appearance of blood of Life. Break the power of the hidden ones of Lucifer and enforce the the victory of Christ’s defeat of Satan’s authority over this nation.

    The Lord revealed that the hidden is one of those who conducted the ceremony that commissioned Canberra as the seat of government, and that this person hid behind a lie – that he represented Christ, when in actual fact he represented Lucifer.

    I personally do not know this particular history of our nation, so am unaware of the actual event the Lord is referring to.

    While praying in the Spirit, I spent a time “trampling”. I believe that this “trampling” is in light of Jesus’ words in Matthew 16:19, where He speaks of binding and loosing (luo). I believe that the “trampling” was the act of ‘loosing’ Satan’s hold over Canberra, therefore this nation.

    Praise God for His faithfullness to His Word and to His people.

    In Christ

  14. 14 Rod

    Hi Danny,

    I have been continually praying for the election this year and I’d like to share with you some of what God has shown me…

    I want to encourage you that your prayers have been heard! God is in control of this nation and His will is being done right now.

    1. There is a group of kookaburras laughing outside my house, they have been laughing for the last 2 weeks. We normally don’t have kookaburras so I knew it was a sign. I asked God and He gave me and Karen the song:

    “Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree,
    Merry, merry King of the bush is He,
    Laugh Kookaburra, Laugh Kookaburra
    Gay your life must be!”

    God was showing me that He is King of the Australian bush! He is using the 3 independent politicians from the bush to laugh at the plans and schemes of the enemy and the national plans of man that are not His plans.

    2. I do not agree with or endorse all of the Liberal party policies and I really do agree with some of the Labor party policies. However, when I pray, I choose to pray according to God’s will. And when I vote, I vote according to God’s will, regardless of my own personal opinions. Note: I am not saying that those who voted for Labor or Greens voted against God’s will, I am just saying that we must lay aside our opinions and our thoughts when we pray or vote for our nation’s leaders.

    3. God is sifting Tony Abbott through this process. God is weighing and sifting Tony’s heart and some of the people within the Liberal and National coalition are being humbled by God. It is a very positive thing that God is doing. Tony has not been entirely honest in the past. God is forcing many politicians to take stock of themselves and lay aside past grievances and agendas. Let’s pray for this to continue until God is satisfied that they are ready to lead.

    4. There is a LOT of warfare over this election. I have been attacked specifically by witchcraft, voodoo and mind control. A spirit of confusion has been released across our nation both within churches and in wider communities. I was really surprised at how many people (including many mature Christians) said to me on the day before or even the day of the election that they had still not decided who to vote for. On a natural level I can understand that, if they are voting according to what the media says or what the parties themselves are publishing. However surely we as believers do not vote that way. We must rise above the confusion and deceit and pray from heaven towards earth. That His will would be done and His Kingdom would come in Australia as it is in heaven.

    5. I sense that there are parts of the body of Christ in Australia that are praying according to God’s will and there are other parts that do not know what to pray or how to pray because they are confused by their own judgments and opinions (they are eating from the wrong tree!). We need to sound a clear note and pray in unison and unity that the enemy would be overthrown and that all witchcraft, deceit and confusion would cease. That God would elect His chosen leader, Tony Abbott. Heaven is waiting for us to pray this. What we bind on earth will have already been bound in heaven and what we loose on earth will have already been loosed in heaven.

    6. We really, desperately need to cover the independent politicians with enormous amounts of prayer during this week. That they would not be swayed by cunning trickery or deceit, but they would see clearly who God has chosen to lead and make a just choice. We need to pray against the witchcraft that would try to rob Tony and promote Julia. My sense is that if Julia is elected, we will have allowed a cunning, deceiving fox to rule and govern our nation. She is not a godly woman and she will allow many things to happen that God does not want to happen.

    7. I realise Tony Abbott is not perfect and it is not easy for me to support him in prayer.

    P.S. I only see in part so I’d love to know what other people are hearing from God and I’m open to correction also… I’m still learning to hear clearly and communicate accurately what I believe God is saying.

    With love,


  15. 15 Chris

    I do not know if you have references to this Christian Doctor he is becoming more influential and he has very insightful comments on Christian issues for the election


    for his website.



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