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Parliament House Canberra, AustraliaDear family & friends in Christ,

The last few months have been very exciting and challenging with people from all walks of life entering the debate about the upcoming Federal Election this Saturday 21st August.

I first want to thank you all for your overwhelming support through the many responses we have received. I would love to respond to every email, but unfortunately it is not practically possible, as I too have a family. My motto is Jesus first, family second and ministry third.

A few people have asked me, “Pastor, should we not pray for Julia Gillard’s salvation? Maybe once she wins the election she might become a Christian. Don’t we as Christians have to love her? Nothing is impossible with God.” And the list goes on and on.

Let me say this, we have to definitely pray for Julia Gillard’s salvation, we even pray for Bob Brown’s salvation.

When the election was announced, during that first week, we had one of our RUA prayer meeting in the western suburbs of Melbourne in Ms Gillard’s electorate. Around 20 of us went down to her office, placed oil on the doors and windows, and prayed for an hour around the place.I found myself and a few others weeping for Ms Gillard’s salvation as we were praying for her. My heart is to see every man, woman & child saved. Many Christians get married to non Christians, believing to get them saved, even though the bible says not to be unequally yoked. Unfortunately, in most cases there is a lot of trouble in the marriage and the children pay the price. I have also noticed that the Christian has become lukewarm. In a very few cases the spouse has got born again.

Someone once said, ‘A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.’ We should not make the mistake that most Christians in Germany made with Hitler. Some 85% of German Christians voted for Hitler. Why, because he said and did everything which the Christians liked to hear. I recently read an article from Christian History Institutes that stated that Hitler never closed a church, he banned pagans from school boards, banished pagan literature from the military, and ordered some churches to remove his picture from the altars. The Hitler youth had youth pastors and over 100 Hitler youth camps had bible teaching. The Gestapo raised funds for African missions.

Well we all know that Hitler went on to slaughter millions of men, woman, and children. So what was the problem? We must love everyone but need to discern through prayer as to who and what is from God and what is not from God.  The decisions we make today will determine our destiny and the future of our children.

Many tell me that we need to let the refugee boats come in and love these people and reach them to Christ. Yes, I fully agree with that concept if you can pass the following test.  1) In the last 3 months have you spoken to someone about Jesus? 2) In the last 6 months have you prayed for someone in Jesus name? 3)In the last 1 year have you brought one new person to church?

Let us face reality, we as the church are full of apathy and complacency because we have it all too easy. What is happening in Europe will happen in Australia. In my travel in Europe I was made to understand that the church had the same attitude and said, “oh let these poor people come in.” Europe now is becoming an Islamic continent. If there is no Christian revival, Islam will take Europe.

Do we realise that 8 out of 10 boats mainly carry Muslims from Muslim countries. Yes, they might be or might be not true refugees. But let me tell you, when the rubber hits the road, the birds of the same feather will always flock together.

God can do all things, but we also know He needs a man or a woman to stand in the gap. David, Gideon, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, Elijah, Joseph, all the disciples of Jesus and many others in the Bible were mighty people of prayer, but they all had to take a stand and go through their testing (Fire) before God moved in the land.

We as the church need to pray like never before, but that alone will not help. We need to then act on what we hear from God, even though it might be very unpopular and bring persecution. It is then that we will see breakthrough.

So I humbly challenge my fellow countrymen to rise up and take a stand (take up your cross daily) for Jesus. I pray for the shepherds, that we will be bold to speak the truth even if it hurts and makes us unpopular in the eyes of man. But let me tell you when we stand for the truth, the truth will set people free and their scales from their eyes will fall, and they will accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

God saved me twice from possible execution, I have been hit with stones, eggs, tomatoes and spat at. Many have cursed me including some from within the church. At the beginning of this year I got an email which said, “I hope that you and your family will have an accident and die”.  I rebuked the enemy and prayed for the salvation of the person who sent it as our fight is not with flesh and blood, but with principalities and powers of darkness.

I have seen the blind see, deaf hear, the cripple walk, the dead arise and demons flee in my ministry under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I am still alive because of Jesus and I love to see souls, souls, souls born into the Kingdom of God.

But one thing I know, with a pussy footing church we will not see the victory. The kingdom of God has suffered much violence and the violent shall rise up and take the nations by force. It is through Prayer and Action by standing strong for Jesus we will see the nations come back to Jesus.

Just imagine 2 atheists forming an alliance to lead our nation. Julia Gillard is in a de-facto relationship and Bob Brown is a proud homosexual. Click the following link to read an Australian newspaper article with photo of Bob and his male partner. It is most disgusting.

Recently someone asked me, “What if Ms Gillard gets elected as PM?”

All I can say is, “Lord, have mercy on the shepherds who mislead the flock by not speaking out and giving them Your clear direction because of political correctness.”

May God touch the hearts of everyone as they go to vote, and let the Holy Spirit lead them to vote in a government which acknowledges God.

Many blessings,

Your bro In Christ,

Pr Daniel Nalliah

39 Responses to “Should we pray for Julia Gillard’s salvation?? By Pr Daniel”

  1. 1 Andrew

    Top job Danny,

    Much love


  2. 2 Eunice

    Dear Danny

    Thank you : I do not have time to answer you but thank you and My friends and I remain prayerful – may our Lord keep both you, your family and fellow christians down there safe and rejoicing.



  3. 3 Noelene

    Thankyou Ps Danny for being real

    Ii will continue to pray for you, family ministry and team keeping yopu all covered with the blood of jesus
    thankyou for coming to australia

  4. 4 David

    Hi Pastor’s Daniel and Jason,

    It’s great to hear the work you are doing in the name of the Lord.

    The lord is moving on the street’s of Melbourne, with lives challenged and people being saved.

    Is it scriptural to pray for salvation?

    Jesus said, no one comes to me unless the father draws them

    Thanks & Regards


  5. 5 David

    Pastor Danny,

    Well spoken..

    The Bible does say that “..a little leaven leavens the whole lump..” – how true! We are at war for the nation, in the mighty name of Jesus.

    God bless you


  6. 6 Darilyn

    HI Pastor Danny

    Yeah! saw photo of Bob and his male homosexual partner – makes you feel sick when one thinks about it!

    I hope & pray they & Julia – see the Light 1 day!!

    God Bless

    from Darilyn

  7. 7 Peter

    Dear Danny,

    A good article!

    Interesting to hear you mention the church and Hitler. The facts of the church in that era are most terrible with even a great missionary statesman from Canada visiting Germany in the late thirties and being carried away with the charisma of Hitler – along with almost the entire German church.

    Should you wish to read further on that subject a most excellent book- accompanied with photos, (now out of print though only written in the eighties,) is ‘Hitler’s cross” by Lutzer.

    How easy it will be for the antichrist, eh!

    Bless you for your great labor of love for our Lord and our nation!


  8. 8 Ilona

    Thank God Thank Jesus and thank the Holy Spirit

    You challenge the status quo – you are not afraid to rock the boat

    I read your sentences and they read like all the sentences I write; I too have challenged ministers for their lack of shepherding

    Once I got a vision of the pastor in a rowing boat with his 4 male elders but they had no oars and they were going round in circles, i could see the congregation on the shore some kilometres away – a great distance between them- lost

    I checked this vision with a more experienced mature christian and it was confirmed so i rang an elder and asked if I could bring it to the pastor, the elder said no definitely do not do that as he would deal with it.

    Today i would go direct to the pastor in love but i was unsure what the protocol was.

    Next i had a phone call from the church to be at a meeting at 8pm. Thankfully jim came too as 4 elders and pastor sat there hostile, unkind and had the spirit of my message totally wrong.

    I was bullied, ostracised and rebuked to a degree out of porportion to where my heart was, crying for clarity on the vision

    The elder subsequently died, he was a pharmacist, we went back to the church some years later but the doors of friendship were closed; this happened 12 years ago.

    God’s love is worth sharing
    God’s life is worth living

    Thank you, keep going and feel supported in love


  9. 9 Ian

    I am pleased to read your email as I agree with it totally, many people allow all sorts of people into our lives as to evangelise them only to find them evangelise us quite often to atheism ( I have been there and done that one myself not that I was convinced as I could not live without Christ ). In a perfect country I would be happy to offer asylum to Christians persecuted in countries around the world no matter where they come from as the world is running out of places to where Christians can seek refuge.

    As we see on the TV the many Australian born Australians of Anglosaxon background who not only have embraced Islam but find themselves on the TV stirring the pot on some Islamic issue.

    Keep up the good work and prayer ( maybe prayer for Christians to be blessed with the common sense that Jesus expressed )

    God bless


  10. 10 Liliana

    Der Pastor Daniel – greetings to you and yours – yes, I believe we should pray for Julia Gillard’s salvation, she has heard the Gospel as a child and has gone the way of the world, I have prayed for her even though I am not going to vote for her – but pray, yes. Blessins Liliana

  11. 11 Rhema Talks

    Introducing Mr & Mrs Bob Brown.

    This evil man and his party could be in a position to wield some authority after this election. God help us if that ever happens. The sad story is that some Christians will vote for him to give him that authority. Some of these people could even be in your congregation. It is an indictment on the Church of God that we have failed to warn our people of the evil that Satan is trying to bring upon this Nation through people like Bob Brown. Psalm 9 verse 17 says, “The wicked will be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God”. We never hear the hymn, “Stand up stand up for Jesus ye soldiers of the cross, lift high His royal banner, it must not suffer loss'” – any more. We have forgotten that we are in a war against evil. We have shown the white flag and retreated into our ghettos of wood and stone and settled for a a life and ministry of ease and compromise. May God have mercy on us.

    Rhema Talks

  12. 12 Angel

    This is pretty scary stuff!!!!

    Some concerned Christians have put out this clip which takes less than 3 mins to watch and is very informative and clear, showing where the greatest danger is. Please spare the 3 mins to watch it and feel free if you would like to pass it onto as many as poss so this vital info is available to others for voting and praying purposes

    Your vote counts. Refer to

    God bless you,


  13. 13 Allan

    They only get elected because the majority of Christians are too lazy and careless, to pray.

    God DOES answer prayer……. develop the habit


  14. 14 Caroline

    I have posted one of your letters with a fwd by amanda wells on my fb page and endorsing it keep up the good work pastor danny


  15. 15 Brisa

    I am standing in faith, believing God that He will give us a godly leader on the election day. Praise His holy name!!!


  16. 16 Ben

    Greetings Dr Danny (are you used to Dr yet)

    You said some time ago that the drought has broken.A While ago it
    dawned on me that what ever God does on the earth he will do it
    through a man ( or woman) since he gave man legal title over the
    earth. I thought that if God ordained a drought it would have to have
    been prophesied through some one. I began to see if some one had
    indeed prophesied a ten year drought here in Australia. Not only did
    I find the missionary who prophesied the drought but also when and how
    it would end.

    The gentleman was from traill blazer ministries ( Ian Traill I
    believe) and he first recieved the vision in 1997. He shared the
    vision with some “brothers” who told him that it will not happen and
    it will not happen here.

    Here is the outline of the corresponding prophecy

    As things happen in the natural so shall it happen in the spirit.
    Areas of central victoria and NSW will experience a great drought and
    many will be brought to their knees and the impact of this drought
    will affect the nation.

    This drought is like the labour pains a woman feels when she is about
    to deliver and when the waters break the child is born.

    So will it be when the Spirit of God will pour out in a mighty latter
    rain outpouring.The drought will be broken in such proportion that it
    will be spoken of in Biblical terms such as in the days of Noah. But
    this time Central Victoria and NSW shall experience the highest levels
    of flood waters ever experienced.

    The first sign will be the rivers Loddon and Campaspe will break their
    banks simultaneously and flood major areas of Victoria.

    This flooding for most won’t be a relief from the drought but a further
    blow. There will be a great loss of livestock if they arent moved
    quickly to higher ground as soon as rains come.

    After all of this there will be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit
    throughout the whole nation. Fellowships will be inundated and there
    won’t be enough Pastors and all who have studied the Word will need to
    help in the training of new converts.

    Some words on the edge of the page I have were damaged by water so I
    tried to be as accurate as possible. I have only added one or two words
    to give sense to the prophecy. By and large it is intact.

    I believe that this is in timing with your ordination this sunday and
    another prophecy you have on your site ” can a nation be born in a day”
    I believe that this prophecy I have found to be relatively credible.
    Since we have had a great drought and like you say it seems now the
    the drought has been broken. We also have had flood warnings for the
    Loddon River and lake eppalock here in Bendigo is fast filling and at
    its current rate of flow may very soon be going over the spill way.

    In Short I believe we may be on the verge of one of the greatest
    outpourings of the Holy Spirit we have ever seen on the Earth.( and
    praise God I hope I’m right in the middle of it)I have prayed Lester
    Sumeralls prayer. Lord what ever youre doing I want to be right in the
    middle of it. Its my belief that Gods answered my prayer and that Im
    right in the middle of it.It still hasnt stopped raining here in
    Bendigo and its raining now as Im typing this email to you.

    God Bless you Danny and see you on Sunday

    Yours In Christ

    Ben From Bendigo

  17. 17 Ian

    Love your stuff Pastor Danny. Lord have mercy on your lukewarm Church.


  18. 18 Ian Teh

    May the Lord be with all his servants including the shepherds who render unto God what is God’s and unto Caesar what is Caesar’s

  19. 19 Elisa

    Dear Pastor Daniel

    I really agree for praying for Julia Guillard. Others PM even if they say they are christians , they do not show the faith and the TRUTH of Jesus Christ. They have only a tittle of christians. I am argentinian and the president of Argentina is “christian”, however they legalizaed the same sex marriage.

    Thank you for all the information you are sending, very appreciated.

    Be always blessed.

    I live in Sydney and I wish I could go to your church
    With the love in Christ


  20. 20 Ann

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    I would like to add my voice of gratitude & thankfullness to God for firstly bringing you to Australia to be a trailblazer & Prophet

    for this nation leading the way to encouraging the people of God to rise up & restore our country back to its Judea-Christian roots.

    I heard one Pastor saying God always works through a minority of people to do a marjority of his work, so that he gets the Glory.

    May God Bless You & keep you & your Family safe under the precious blood of Jesus. We love you & appreciate your effort for this

    election & we will give Our Lord all the praise, Honour & Glory.

    Yours in Jesus,

  21. 21 Lorelle

    Dear Pastor Danny & Prayer team,

    As I was praying for the elections a couple of days ago, I saw Julia Gillard. Her face was pulled off and behind was a blind spirit with no eyes.There were search beams of light going around but the thing had no eyes. Then I got “Valley of Vision” which is Isaiah 22. The whole chapter is interesting but this is the main bit I was led to declare with shofars:

    19 “I will remove you from your office, I will snatch you from your post. 20 When that day comes, I will summon my servant Elyakim (means God of raising) the son of Hilkiyahu. 21 I will dress him in your robe, gird him with your sash of office, and invest him with your authority. He will be a father to the people living in Yerushalayim and to the house of Y’hudah. 22 I will place the key of David’s house on his shoulder; no one will shut what he opens; no one will open what he shuts.

    The Shofars declare the destroying of the enemy’s stronghold. I have a great Shofar CD from Chuck Pierce (Glory of Zion).

    Because of the search beams going around, however, I pray for her salvation, because I believe this indicates she is searching.

    Love Lorelle

  22. 22 Joanne

    Hi there, Greetings from Singapore.

    Yes, standing in the gap with our brothers and sisters in Australia re the forthcoming Elections.

    Thank you very much for keeping us informed so we will know how to pray.

    We are excited about the work that is being done In Australia. Also very excited about the move of the

    Holy Spirit in the land. To God be the Glory!

    May the Lord bless Pastor Daniel and the family at “Catch the Fire” Ministries.



  23. 23 Meredith


    I like other Christians believe our Annointed Country – the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit, should be lead by someone who is also Annointed by God.

    I know we are praying that Julia Gillard does not come into office due to her Atheism views, but more importantly, can we just simply also pray that she truely gives her heart to Jesus Christ. If she gives her heart to the Lord, can you imagine what her testamony would be to all unbelieving Australians. But not just pray for Julia, but also for the whole Labour Party.

    The prayers of the Saints will over run the sinners!!!!!

    I am thinking of the message in Acts about Saul who was totally against Christians to the point of persecuting them, then having a miraculous conversion to Jesus Christ becoming many years later a great leader for Christians.

    It appears at this stage our other option is Tony Abbott. We will need to pray he has a really strong revelation of who Jesus Christ is in his life so he can lead our country in the name of Jesus Christ and in His name he will be a strong leader. At least we know that a large number of the Libreral Party do know who Jesus Christ is.

    Just something to pray about

    Yours in Christ


  24. 24 Ewan

    Hi Ps. Danny,

    What you say about the asylum seekers coming by boat is true enough, but I would add that even if one concedes the argument of the religious-left that the church should welcome all-comers and then try and convert them, that would still be irrelevant to the question of how the state should address the issue. The state is not the church and the church is not the state. Each has its own God given role and responsibilities. The state should be concerned with the governing of the nation regarding justice, defense, and border protection, to name a few. The church should be concerned with saving the souls of men and in being salt and light to the society. So the state has a responsibility to protect its citizens from external threat and this is where the issue of asylum seekers becomes one of carefully screening out those who may pose a threat to the state. The state would be abrogating its God mandated responsibility if it were to have an open-border policy in the way that some churchian leftists want it.

  25. 25 Jennifer

    Hi Ps Daniel
    Greetings from Christchurch

    It is with interest that I read the above article esp in relation to Hitler how he appeared to stand for righteousness but was full of wickedness within. It goes to show that God’s people really need to be discerning and I agree with your comment about who and what God wants and about the assylum seekers which I have been aware of the fact that many are muslims and possibly have an agenda to come in and white ant the country to Islamise it.

    Yesterday I was lead to fast and pray for the election, I prayed for the key states of NSW, QLD and WA as I felt lead ot the Lord to do so that these states would have an impact on the outcome of the election. I also prayed for the Lord’s sceptre of iron, His sceptre of righteousness to be extended over Canberra and over the house of parlianment, over the House of the senate and the House of representatives. I asked Him to take up His throne over Canberra and be King over Australia and her governemt to have Australia’s govt on His shoulders Isaiah 9:6, Psalm 2.

    It is interesting that now we have a hung parlianment the first since the second world war. It is interesting because I feel it is saying something not only in the natural but the spiritual and I find it interesting that Israel who is a reflection fo what is going on in not only the natural world but the spritiual world had a hung parlianment as did the UK and now Aust has one and will also NZ have a hung parlianment when she goes to polls next year only time will tell.

    So I am asking the Lord what is He saying by the results of this election as it could quite easily go either way. I feel that He is asking me to make a choice in the way I pray and I said Lord I don’t know how to pray my natural desire is to see Tony ‘Abbott take the leadership and yes if he does the nation will be blessed because he will stand for righteousness but does he have a relationship with Jesus or is just a good man morally and would this be what you want Lord. Would electing him be putting a bandaid over the diseased heart of Australia both secular and her churchs that need to be exposed. That it would put off the day of judgment a little longer and hold up what you really want to do in the nation?

    We are in perilious times and times of great darkness are up ahead if we have Tony Abbott Australia will still be a sheep nation in support of Israel which is good but what does God really want to do to Australia to bring her to Himself and to purge the nation of unrighteousness and sin?

    If Gillard is elected even with an alliance with the Greens and some independants this would bring God’s wrath and judgement upon the nation but out of judgment comes purging and cleansiing and righteousness difficult times causes the people to be challenged to do soul searching to force them to see that there is a God in heaven who will not be mocked who is coming very soon as judge and King to rule and reign in the person of Jesus Christ.

    We all know that in the tribulation that the enemy will rule over the earth and God will allow him to have power over ths saints, what is happening now is the birth pangs which are getting closer together which are leading up to the tribulation which is the birth canal before the kingdom of the Lord is birthed on this earth through much trouble and travail God is travailing now to birth and bring forth His kingdom and nothing will stop it from happening.

    We must remember that YHVH is in control and whoever is finally elected is of His choosing. Even though He gave me a choice to say which person I wanted to see be elected, I said Lord help me to pray by your spirit as I could pray one way but it may not be in accordance with your perfect will. You know what is best for our country so help me to pray your will be done not mine.

    When the people of Judah had a good king all went well for them but when they had bad kings all went terribly for them they were under the curse of the Lord and when a bad king came in the people very quickly forgot their God and served the Baals and other false gods even setting their altars up in the temple which is happening in our churchs today, altars to new age gods and celebrating of pagan deities and even islamising the gospel which is happening in Europe. We need strong men and women to stand in the gap and pray against this and also to go and challenge these people, which I beliieve that one day soon YHVH will lead me to do this very thing to challenge the church about where it is going and who it will serve. God wants to purge His bride and get her ready to be without spot or wrinkle to meet her heavenly bridegroom and yes He will be returning very soon, the hour is almost at hand and we need to be ready.

    It is more than a nation’s salvation that is at stake it is the church itself, God is tired of Lukewarmness and political correctness gone mad. He is tired of a christless church which Lance Lambert had a prophecy about back in 1987 concerning a christless church and we are seeing an apostate church now, not only in Australia but the rest of the western world also. God is going to bring judgment upon His house to purge it, if He is starting to judge His house how great will His judgment be upon the world and we are seeing the start of His wrath and judgments that are coming upon the earth now and within the last few years.

    We are like the time of Jeremiah where he was warning about God’s judgments and the invasion of Babylon but few people listened to what God was saying right up to the time of captivity so will this time be too, God has sent and is sending His last day prophets to warn and rebuke of His inpending judgments upon this earth and His soon return and some people are listening but not all and He will be warning right up until the time the true church is snatched away from this planet to celebrate the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and those left behind will have to face the horrors of the tribulation and some will repent and end up standing up for Christ and be martyred for their faith but the majority will follow the beast and take his mark and will be cast into the lake of fire.

    Yes Australia will be saved in a day but God is testing the hearts of the Australian people and they are at a cross roads and they are without a vision, there is no clear person, voice to lead them to show them what to do, they need a stron man or woman or many such to lead the way, but it won’t be through political parties it will be through people like yourself and others who God has been training up and grooming for such an hour as this to lead and challenge the church and the world of politics. This body of people is the true church which is hidden in Christ and is under His headship whose lives are hidden in Him and they have learnt to die daily and to take up their cross to follow Jesus daily, they decrease so that He will increase. they have a personal intimate relationship with Christ and they spend time alone with Him and they hear clearly what God is saying because God shares His heart with them. They shine forth the glory of God because they reflect the nature and character of God they are holy they are kings and priests they are different they are set apart for God because they have given themselves over totally to God and it shows in their lives. God is going to use this army to bring about His salvation, healing and prophetic speaking forth and intercession for the nation at the grass roots level. He may even send some into the govt to challenge the leaders of the nation and into other areas of govt as well.

    State and church should not be seperated as God is sovereign over all and He is in control and He will bring about His plans and purposes for the nation of Australia even if they may not be very pleasant and down right frightening but if we are walking with Him as our Lord, and King we have nothing to fear as we will overcome the enemy by His power as we are hidden in Him.

    So all I can pray is God’s will be done Lord have your way in who you allow to elect into power in Australia at this crucial time as you know what is best for the nation, for your kingdom’s sake and for righteousness sake to bring this land to You and to allow Your Holy Spirit to be poured out upon the land for revival, even if it may mean judgments to happen on the land or for blessings. Do whatever it takes to break the hard heart of the Australian people, deal with the heart of stone and replace it with a heart of flesh, break the curse of sin and rebellion through which this nation was founded when the First Fleet came to our shores. Come Lord Jesus and be King and Lord of the nation of Australia and turn it around for you, bring the rain of revival and rend the Heavens and come down oh Lord an open heaven bring your refiners fire to burn out the dross and to cleanse and purify this nation from east to west and north to south, bring healing and forgiveness between the white and aboriginal races. May your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven, let the land of Australia become the Great South land of the Holy Spirit in accordance with your heavenly plan and let it come by your means and not ours through the power and might of your Holy Spirit in Jesus mighty name amen.

    Sorry this is a bit long but I asked the Lord what to write and the above just came as I was writing to you.
    Shalom and Blessings in Yeshua’s mighty name

    He is still on the throne do not despair at how the outcome of the election appears to come about, YHVH is working behind the scenes and He will accomplish His purposes in His way and not man’s way. His ways are higher than ours and His thoughts are highter than ours and He sends forth His word to accoplish that which He purposes it to accomplish and it will not come back to Him void. Isaiah 55 last few verses of that chapter. Submit yourself to the divine will and allow YHVH to do what He plans to do for the nation even though it may not be what you hope or expected it to turn out. He is in control, leave it to Him He will bring what He has spoken in times past through various prophecies about Australia. He is mindfull of this land and He cares deeply for this land, her heritage is closly linked to Israel and He is watching over Australia as He is watching over Israel. He will fulfill all His good plans for her and she will see much fruit come to the Lord in these last days. He will raise her up to a place of honour in Him but first He must purge the dross from the nation and this will mean difficult times ahead but once He has purged and refined her He will visit her and bring His blessing upon the nation and many will call upon His name and will be saved. Australia is part of Israel’s destiny she will be a haven for many of Yeshua’s native people the Jews and as Australia blesses them and gives them haven so too will YHVH bless Australia in these last days.


  26. 26 Leigh

    Thank you so much Pr Daniel,

    I so greatful for your love for Australia and thank you for keeping me informed and fired up for righteousness. Every time I read your emails the fire of God burns stronger in my heart for my nation and the people. I am standing in prayer with you. God will be exhalted in our land. God Bless the work of your hands. Keep charging on Pr Daniel.


  27. 27 Jane

    Dear Danny

    I find it very sad but interesting that since Julia Gillard has been Prime Minister we have had far more deaths with our troops than before. I haven’t done the figures but she has been Prime Minister for 59 days and we have had ?4 (not sure of the exact number) since then. With Mr Howard we had very very few and then with Mr Rudd a number but proportionally with the time Julia has been the Head of the Government in this Nation it has increased dramatically.

    Thank you Danny for being a voice in this Nation and standing up for righteousness in the Name of Our King!!!

    Yours in His Love


  28. 28 DEBORAH




    ……I would like to remind you of a visit to CFM earlier this year
    by Ps.Julius Subi from Africa…
    & in particular he testifed that in his region a Satanic Cult rose up
    & oppressed the local citizens to the extent where THE LOCAL PEOPLE
    were living in so much fear & TERROR THAT he & his members decided
    PREACHER OF THE GOSPEL & hundreds of his cult followers became

    LEADERSHIP GIFTINGS & ABILITIES (ie:- Bob Brown & Julia Gillard)
    …WHICH THE ENEMY IS to a considerable extent USING FOR his


  29. 29 Chris

    Pastor Danny,

    To be honest mate i havent read too many of the emails with the footy coaching and business its pretty hectic, but i just read this one and let me tell ya mate its a cracker. You’re a top bloke.

    Bless ya,


  30. 30 Ruth

    The Lord gave me that same word about the violent taking the kingdom a few weeks ago. I couldn’t understand it before these days!! My prayer language changes often now


  31. 31 Christine

    Praise our precious Lord for all His work here in Australia. It’s been exciting to read how the Lord’s people are rising up in prayer and repentance.

    In Christ’s name


  32. 32 Maurice

    Dear Jason, Thanks for this. We do have to be very careful how we vote. We have to make our votes count as it could be very close. God bless.


  33. 33 James

    Please pray for those maning the polling booths for there success in reaching out and finding favor with the general public I will be standing in shepperton country vic and favor amongst the christian as some belive it is a waisted vote but it only was one vote which got hitler in and we would hate to see it happen this time love to you in Jesus our Lord and Saviour


  34. 34 PETER

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    I read your email with great interest. Especially the article by Andrew Bolt. This is someone we need to be supporting in prayer as he is a non-christian voice proclaiming a message that all Christians should be shouting from the rooftops. Unfortunately there are very few christians that are actively moving on this issue.


  35. 35 Jenny

    Thanks so much for your excellent work in exposing the wickedness rampant in our nation….have you realised the Christian Democratic Party is even better suited to be in the balance of power battle in the senate, as it is a Christian party in both candidate and policy, so we will not bow to pressure, because our beliefs are involved. The other party, Family First is by its own admission, not Christian in policy but family friendly. CDP is battling for that same senate seat no. 6 to save our country from the green agenda. The only way to get CDP into the senate is to vote CDP first (preferences to Tony Abbott)….the other way round will not give us any help

    ….Sincerely, Ps. Jenny Whately, CDP candidate for Hse of Reps, Stirling WA

  36. 36 Elwyn

    Take careful note — Family First declares that it is NOT A CHRISTIAN PARTY, thereby denying the Lordship of Christ over itself.

    The Christian Democratic Party is the ONLY CHRISTIAN PARTY in Australia. Jesus is Lord over the CDP!

    Work on it; it will come to you if you think hard – which Party should receive my vote if I want to stay in God’s good books??

    Yours OHMS,


  37. 37 Brian Thompson

    I would like to share from the newsletter of “New Creation Teaching Ministries” re the election.
    “Dear Friends in Christ,
    We write just after the Federal election in Australia……, which looks like it will result in a hung parliament between the major parties, with a number of newer political forces gaining increased power. While these developments are confusing to all and serious concern to some,
    we have no cause to fear under the good hand of our God.
    It is he who sits above the circle of the earth
    and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers…
    who brings princes to naught,
    and makes the rulers of the earth as nothing. Isaiah 40:22, 23

    the Most High is sovereign over the kingdom of the mortals;
    he gives it to whom he will. Daniel 4:17

    it is God who executes judgment,
    putting down one and lifting up another Psalm 75:7
    be assured that the situation in Australia today, despite all human machinations, is from the hand of God, as in patient forbearance with our grievous shortcomings He continues to bring the sun up each morning and to give” life and breath to all things”, not wanting any to perish, but all to come to repentance; as in measured and timely judgment He gives us all over to what is in our hearts, while keeping a restraining hand on the devil’s mischief, in order to bring us as our Father and Redeemer to grace and blessing in the riches of His glory in Christ for all who believe. While rightly concerned and prayerful about who might govern us, let us not be anxious, rather let us,no matter what, proclaim and be faithful to Jesus our messiah and Lord who at this time rules over all the nations, including ours;

    let the mountains be laden with peace
    because of his righteousness
    and the hills also with prosperity for his people
    May he give justice to the poor among the people
    and rescue the children of the needy
    and crush the oppressor….
    All kings shall fall down before Him
    and all the nations do him service Psalm 72: 3-4, 11

    May this be your prayer:
    let all peoples use his name in blessing
    and all nations call him blessed Psalm 72: 17″

    God’s victory and rule over all things right or wrong can surely reassure us?

    In Jesus precious name

  38. 38 Ian Traill

    Dear Ben from Bendigo
    This is Ian Traill who you quoted. Thank you for giving credit.
    I am in Australia at the moment travelling around Churches preaching about the commission of God along with sharing about developments in China. I am in Victorian at the moment.

    I can be contacted through our Web Site which has on it the prophecy you spoke about.

  39. 39 masealake

    What democratic societies should learn lessen from Australia election 2010:
    1. What productive action has PM Julia Gillard in office 100 days?
    Who behind of soaring rents ever stop that fuel city’s poverty for so many years? Found the answer yourself now?
    The Australia historical hung parliament demonstrated the big gap of inequality society between the small educated elite groups who get highest pay by talk feast used mouth work controlling live essential resources of the country in every social platforms against the biggest less educated groups who get lowest pay by hands work squeezed by discriminative policies that sucking live blood from individual poor/less wealth off?
    Voters’ voices do not hear?
    Voters’ pains do not ease?
    Voters’ cries do not care?
    1. Poverty will not be phase out if no fairer resources to share;
    2. Illness will not be reducing if no preventive measurement in real action;
    3. Agriculture will not be revitalize if urbanization continuing its path;
    4. Housing affordability will not be reach for young generation if government continues cashing from young generation debt by eating out the whole cake of education export revenue without plough back;
    5. Manufacture industry will shrink smaller and smaller if no new elements there to power up to survive;
    6. Employability will not in the sustainable mode for so long as manufacture and agriculture not going to boost.
    Ma kee wai
    (Member of Inventor Association Queensland since 1993)

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