Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Ministering in Rockingham, WA, PerthMinistering in Rockingham, WA, PerthDear family & friends in Christ,

At CTFM the last 2 years have seen the beginning of our dreams come alive in Australia after much prayer and fasting!

For the past 10 years we have been crying out to the Lord in intercessory prayer for His supernatural anointing to be poured out all across this Great South Land to see Australia come back to Jesus through a Holy Ghost Revival of God’s Mighty Miracles, Signs & Wonders!

Well once again the Spirit of God moved most mightily in Rockingham WA (one hour from Perth) in a small church where Pastor Daniel ministered over the past weekend. Every meeting with 70-80 people went on for more than 3 hours with people absolutely soaking in the presence of God, as the Holy Ghost fire and mighty hand of the Lord radically transformed people’s lives!

Some people travelled a long way to get to the revival meetings and were so blessed as the Holy Spirit ministered to every single person through Pas Daniel with words of knowledge, prophecy, healing, and miracles! Many who received the prophetic words were shouting for joy, as they saw the love of God for each person present at the meetings!

One lady testified, “My husband kicked me out of the house and threw the keys in the garden. So I picked the keys up and went off to work. I got back home on Friday night and went to bed. My husband came home late that night. I was not sure what he would do, but praise God he had come to church and got touched by the power of God. Thank you Pastor Daniel my husband is a changed man now and our marriage is restored.”Another lady said, “I was just about to give up on everything and did not even want to come to church, but glory to God, He has completely changed me and given me direction through you Pastor Daniel. I will never look back now.”

Another one of the highlights was that many men started testifying and weeping at the altar under the presence of the Holy Ghost.  One man shouted “Jesus I will go for you all the way. I love my nation. I am a true Aussie, but I must say Pastor Daniel you are a true Aussie too. I have never seen anyone with such a love for Australia. Thank you brother for standing for us.”

One lady testified, “10 years ago Pastor Daniel picked me out of the crowd at a service in Perth and prophesied over me that my prayers were going to be answered and that I should not worry. He did not know that I was praying for my husband’s salvation as he did not go to church and did not want me to take the children to church. I thought to myself, I wonder when that will happen, but glory to God the very next day after Pastor Daniel prophesied, my husband told me that he wanted to go to church. He then went on to accept Jesus and today we all worship Jesus as a family in this church.” Interestingly enough, Pastor Daniel stayed with this family on the weekend in Rockingham. What a mighty God we serve!

On Sunday night there was such a Holy Ghost explosion at the meeting that people were shouting, laughing and weeping in the presence of God! Almost everyone wanted to share a testimony and many did so. The Pastor of the church stated, “I am so excited to see my congregation set
alight for Jesus.  Many of my people who will normally never get up in front at the altar, did so today for the first time have done so with great joy!”

Pas Daniel stated, “I almost cancelled my flight to stay back a few more days in this Holy Ghost revival, but due to other important commitments in Melbourne I had to return. There is certainly a new wind of the Holy Ghost blowing through our land. In my time serving the Lord in Australia, I have never seen so many people healed, delivered and set free through our ministry by the power of the Holy Spirit. Serving the Lord in Australia in the past 2 years has been the most exciting time in my life! I give all the glory to God for the great things He has done, is doing, and will continue to do!”

CTFM has now launched another RUA prayer meeting in Rockingham starting this month. Please contact Pr Jamie on 0427 427 316 or for more details. Now almost every month we are seeing the birth of a new RUA prayer location somewhere in Australia. Glory to God this is great as more prayer will certainly pull down the strongholds of the enemy and bring down God’s glory upon our land!

Click the following link to read an article that appeared in the local newspaper in Rockingham:
We believe with all our heart that this is the time for Australia’s salvation, revival, reformation, and transformation!

Let us all step out to reap the Lord’s harvest and prepare the Bride for the Bridegroom’s soon return!

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden
Catch the Fire Ministries

8 Responses to “Revival fire falls in Rockingham WA as people are radically transformed”

  1. 1 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Jason,

    We rejoice to hear what the Lord is doing.

    Love and prayers.

    Audrey & Maurice

  2. 2 Kurt

    The Lord has truly sent you Pastor Danny,

    You came at the perfect time. Even though I live in a Christian home, I never really ‘got it’.

    You came right when I needed you to and I can now see the grace of God.

    Thank you

    Kurt (12 years old)

  3. 3 Cathryn Roberts

    G’day whomever. It was with great joy that I read the Rockingham revival. On 8/5/10 my soon to be saved husband, Ray, and I travelled again to remote areas of our great nation. I prayed the prayers and built 1 altar to God (Durba Springs, Durba Hills, Well 17, Canning Stock Route, WA) according the leading of the Holy Spirit. I also am very passionate for our great and sensational land here in Australia and its territories. Ray and I have travelled extensively in Australia and we both truly love our country. I was wondering if there were any plans for any meetings here in either Ipswich or Brisbane, Qld, for Pastor Daniel and his team to come and minister what the Lord God Almighty has for us here in Godsland (Queensland). Hoping to hear a favourable reply. Thanks greatly to Pastor Daniel, his family, his church families etc. for being obedient to God and the rejoicing he must have at the great beneficial outcomes of the meetings he attends. God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called. Cathryn

  4. 4 Evelyn

    Hi Jason,

    Please will you pass onto Ps. Daniel how wonderful it was to be in his meetings here in Rockingham, Perth.

    It just felt like ‘old times’ to me and yet the glorious presence of God has so increased in his ministry.

    The Lord touched so many hungry lives through this time.

    I am constantly in awe of Danny’s humility and ‘down to earth’ approach to the Body of Christ.

    He is such a ‘SAFE’ man of God to be around – no pretense or pride….glory to God!

    It was great to watch the Jerusalem DVD and see my precious friend Rosalie there – please give her a big hug from me will you and tell her ‘Well done girl!”

    I’ll be attending the Jason Westerfield conference in Berwick next week and hopefully can squeeze in a visit to your meetings, or extend my stay to do so.

    Love and blessings from the West.

    In His Revival Glory


  5. 5 Bishop Nzishura

    Much greetings to you in His name it was nice to hear from Daniel what the Lord is doing in this days this women was happy to have her husband again.

    Beloved it will be good if you will come and visit us in Burundi our president is a christian and he will be happy to see you coming here in December he will have a big crusade if you want come i can ask him to invite you.

    Am planing to visit your country again and be in your church at least one week at any time send your invitation we will come I and my two pastors though you were not there I was blessed by your church two month ago come please to preach in my churches and in my country.

    May God bless you

    Bishop Nzishura

  6. 6 Cathryn

    Hi there friend. I would like to receive your emails, so please can you put me on your email mailing list.

    The light of God surrounds us, the love of God enfolds us, the power of God protects us, the presence of God watches us, wherever we are, God is and all is well. Bless you abundantly,


  7. 7 Trevor

    Shalom Jason,

    Last night was really anointed with the power of the Holy Spirit being released mightily. We had 16 people a the meeting. There was a real hunger for the Lord and after an awesome worship time, I brought a message on Prayer the Real Battle and then onto a lively time of prayer.

    One of the ladies received prayer and healing for her eyes.

    We are going to see momentum gain across the Hunter with prayer alters being raised in homes and churches and more RUA meetings in various places.

    WE want more of Him.



  8. 8 Olivier Agnin

    shall God bless u pastor in Jesus lord name
    i would like to participate at your revival time soon

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