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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

United In Prayer At RUA Meeting

Dear family & friends in Christ,

On this Friday the 6th of August we will be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Rise Up Australia national prayer movement which has been rapidly spreading across the land of Australia bringing hundreds of praying Christians from many churches and denominations to their knees to cry unto the Lord for our nation’s transformation!

With more than 60 locations having RUA prayer meetings each month, this interdenominational prayer movement under the leadership of Pr Daniel through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, has brought back a culture of fervent prayer to the church, which was desperately lacking.

Pr Daniel stated, “In the year 2000 while I was ministering in Ethiopia, the Lord gave me a strategy to transform Australia through United Prayer, Fasting and Repentance by 2020. I praise God we have now reached the halfway mark and 10 years of corporate prayer has certainly shifted the spiritual climate over Australia. I believe the next 10 years will bring a great harvest into the Kingdom of God.”Australia For Jesus!

I thank God for the many prayer movements in our nation that the Lord is moving through. RUA is a ministry wing of CTFM and has taken a stand to lead the way in corporate repentance for the Body of Christ, to pray in Spirit and in Truth, to breakdown demonic strongholds, and to destroy the works of the enemy, in order for our nation to experience a radical reformation through the manifest glory of God’s presence. I want to see my generation rise up and fulfil God’s prophetic plans for Australia and the nations in preparing the multitudes to meet the Bride Groom King, Jesus our Lord and Saviour, who I believe is coming back very, very soon!”

There will be a very special focus on the Federal Election, as we expect some Christian Candidates standing for election to be present at the meeting.  They will be given the opportunity to share for a few minutes and then we will pray for them and the election.

We invite all to come and join us on this night in Melbourne at the CTFM base in Hallam from 7:30pm – 10pm, followed by an all night prayer meeting.  At both prayer meetings we will storm heaven in united prayer for the upcoming election!

Every Saturday our youth service is at 5pm.

Be encouraged to also join our weekly Sunday services at 9.30am & 6.30pm.

All the services will be held at Catch the Fire Ministries Apostolic Centre at 23 Melverton Drive, Hallam   (Melways Ref: 96 G2)
Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden
Catch the Fire Ministries

14 Responses to “A Very Special Invitation To The 10th Anniversary Of RUA Prayer Meetings / Praying For Federal Election 2010”

  1. 1 Colleen

    Dear Ps Danny

    We at Revival Fire Praise and Worship Band here in Kingston Beach Tas want to join with you for praying for the elections and all that Catch the Fire are standing for. God bless you for your leadership at this time in history .


  2. 2 Paul & Hilary

    Dear Ps Danny,

    Congratulations! This is a wonderful milestone that speaks of both the Lord’s faithfulness and yours. Paul and I are so blessed to have been able to be part of this journey with you, and are so grateful for all you have taught and imparted into us, bless you..

    I’m so grateful to know that you will be coming up to pray in Canberra on Aug 14th.

    Paul & Hilary

  3. 3 Sue

    Hello. I moved to Sydney from the USA a few years ago and have been looking for a group of like minded believers to pray and minister with. I was excited to read your recent letter concerning the political climate and upcoming elections. I recently attended a meeting in Illinois with Chuck Pierce who is also a prophetic voice over there. I want very much to be involved with people committed to seeking God in prayer and His Word, hearing His voice for this hour and advancing His Kingdom.

    Since you are located in Victoria, I am hoping you can recommend some local churches and/or ministries here in Sydney that have the same heart and calling to prophetic intercessory prayer and worship.

    Thanks in advance and may God bless you!


  4. 4 Pastor Victor

    Thank’s to king of king’s and to the Lord of Lord for this Great moment that he has given to you with Catch Ministry to dedicate to his presence to put the sackloths to pray for the Australin Country. God is in control doing his mighty miracles to the land. Greet all the entire catch family of God.may the Almighty Father bless all.

    yours in the Kingdom of God

    Pastor Victor

  5. 5 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Danny, Thanks for all your emails. We have just returned from a short holiday and I am now trying to catch up with everything. Praise the Lord I am well. However, Audrey could be better. Praise the Lord He is our Healer and so we trust Him for each day as it comes. He is faithful and true to His Word. I don’t know whether you have heard it but according to a cousin who rang me tonight Bob Brown is saying that if they have balance of power they will attempt to bring in sharia law. I don’t know whether you have heard that one. After mentioning it he has kept quiet about it.

    Love and assuring you of our prayers.

    Audrey & Maurice

  6. 6 Lawrie, Wendy and Peter

    Hi Danny,

    We are unable to be with you in the flesh but we are certainly with you in the Spirit and look forward to getting back to Melb to see you once again.


    Lawrie, Wendy and Peter

  7. 7 Ann

    Dear Ps Danny,

    I would like to recieve your weekly/monthly catch the fire newsletter I am standing with you in raising up this great southland of the Holy Spirit for the Kingdom of God.

    Thanking you,


  8. 8 Pastor Daniel

    Dear Beloved Minister

    I am happy To read about you. You made me Encouraged to and Understand that we all Face the same Enemy Satan and The Kingdom Of satan,also knowing that where you are, you are causing and Sending the Light Of The Word Of God, being The Salt and Reflecting Christ In Every Point. I pray God Bless you and lead you In Victory Daily,as you fullful The Work He has Called you To do,We are In rough time When an Enemy ,is Against The Church But we in all Points are Victorious, For No weapon Formed against us Shall Prosper,and He( Christ) Is Building His Church (Sons) on a rock that the gates Of hell Will Never Prosper thank you,your website is good and Blessing

    I am Pastor Daniel I am The senior Minister Of the Voice Of God Churches in E, Africa,I am Leading 16 Churches in Three Countries that is In Kenya,Uganda,Tanzania,Icould like To be in touch with You

    Pastor Daniel

  9. 9 Johnwesely

    Dear Bother Danny,
    Greeting’s in Jesus name. Praise God,Glory to God.I am very happy to read about you and your spiritual encouragement to us.
    I am Pastor johnwesely I am the Word of God ministries in INDIA. our vision to reach GOSPEL at un-reached remote .villages .
    may God bless you richly.

  10. 10 Lorelle

    Dear Pastor Danny & team,

    The Holy Spirit reminded of this prophecy that Sid Roth read out when Kathie Walters was on his radio show.

    1930 Prophecy England.

    There shall come a breath,

    And the breath shall bring the wind,

    And the wind shall bring the rain,

    And the rain shall bring the floods, and the floods, and the floods shall bring the torrents and torrents and torrents.

    So shall they be saved, like falling leaves from the migthty Oak, swept by a hurricane in a great force.

    Arms and legs shall come down from heaven, and there shall be no ebb.

    Love Lorelle

  11. 11 Ken

    Thank you for your invitation. Sorry we can’t be there being way up in Q’land but we are rejoicing with you.

    Sincerely (Pastor) Ken

  12. 12 Bing

    Thankyou for being obedient to the Lord’s leading. We shall join you this evening for prayer & take the high ground in our area which is the Youyang on the 14th. We believe for a fine outdoor weather for the ascent. God bless

    Sister in Christ

  13. 13 Andrew from Tasmania


    My name is Andrew and I am the owner of I would love to post some of your blogs onto Prophetic Room that I receive from you via email or RSS. So I am asking if you are happy for me to do this. My aim is to encourage other Christians in the Lord and build the body of Christ. If you would like to, I also invite you to create an account at Prophetic Room and post content there as I believe that this would encourage other believers.

    God bless. Your work is an inspiration to many.

    Your brother in Christ,

    Andrew from Tasmania

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