Posted: Wednesday, June 30, 2010 
by JERRY GOLDEN, The Golden Report

There is a very large naval force that has come together in the Persian Gulf and surrounding Iran.  The USS Carrier Harry Truman has pulled into the area loaded for bear.  Israel and the US have grouped bombers and fighter jets in many countries in the Middle East, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan and others.  Over the past week USS warship have went through the Suez Cannel, as have Israel subs all capable of launching a Nuclear Attack.  And if Iran has already obtained or developed a nuclear warhead this thing will certainly go nuclear bringing the world into a global war.  In fact, if Iran goes to the nuclear option Israel will have no choice but to take out Syria, Hezbollah (now all of Lebanon) and the Hamas in Gaza, and also Egypt if it tries a sneak attack, in short order or face terrible civilian causalities. 

While most people are concerned and closely watching the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and justly so, all hell is about to break lose around the world if Iran is attacked.  Another decoy or if you will smoke screen is the change of command in Afghanistan that has also found 24/7 coverage in the media news.  To put it bluntly, folks we are in deep trouble and if you haven’t made your peace with the Prince of Peace Yeshua you are in even worse trouble, if you haven’t prepared and stored some water and food, made some arrangements for your family all I can say is shame on you.  If you are Jewish and you haven’t bought that air plane ticket to Israel, shame on you as well. 

We always hope and pray that once again this is just the kid shouting wolf, wolf but I am afraid the wolf is here, and all that fire power now gathered in the Persian Gulf is far greater than anything we have ever seen in the past, this is just plain serious and explosive.  It is very obvious that Iran cannot be threatened or bluffed, and sanctions have no effect, leaving only the military option, so here we go.

My first thought was to send you this information so you can make an intelligent assessment or do your own research to verify this information.  My second thought is, oh God I am so sorry that we don’t haven’t done better in preparing to save Jewish lives, that we still don’t have the larger boat, please be with us as we move out trusting you to do Your Will Your Way with what you have supplied us with for without your hand on us we can do nothing.  I pray that if you have been called to this Ministry and have been holding back that you release the funds right away.  If you are a faithful supporter I thank you and I know God cannot lie (Gen.12:3) I ask you to kneel before God and ask Him what you should do for this Ministry and for your family while it is still possible.

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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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