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Julia GillardDear friends and family in Christ,

Following is an article that appeared in The Australian National Newspaper on July 13th, 2010 titled ‘Religious Right’s attack on the PM’.

Praise the Lord for the increasing positive media coverage as Pastor Daniel has already done several radio interviews in VIC, NSW & WA as a result of this article.  Please read the following article and forward throughout your church, ministry, business, network, and additional spheres influence for the Kingdom of God.

Religious Right’s attack on PM – The Australian National Newspaper – July 13th, 2010

A MELBOURNE preacher has savaged Julia Gillard as being unfit to be Prime Minister because, if elected, she would live out of wedlock.

In the first public attack on the Prime Minister over her self-proclaimed atheism, Danny Nalliah, head of the Catch the Fire Ministries, has described Ms Gillard as unfit for her office because she is “anti-God, pro-abortion” and bereft of Christian values.

Warning that Ms Gillard would “destroy our Judeo-Christian heritage” Dr Nalliah, in a statement released yesterday, also accused Ms Gillard of being a liar and a leftist.

“On the other hand, Mr Tony Abbott is openly Christian, pro-life and has very good moral values,” Dr Nalliah wrote. “The choice is clear as to who we should vote for and save Australian from the leftist, socialist agenda.”

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Keep praying for righteousness to exalt this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit! Australia for Jesus!

17 Responses to “Religious Right’s attack on PM (The Australian Article) – Quoting Pr Daniel”

  1. 1 Babette

    Dear Danny,

    Congratulations on your courage is saying what needs to be said.


  2. 2 Ilona

    I am delighted that we finally have a voice in Australia that is not afraid to speak up regarding our Christian heritage. I would dearly love to have that voice and so would like to support Ps Danny in all his endeavours.


  3. 3 Mary

    Although I agree with the points raised by Pastor Danny regarding Julia Gillard, I am not convinced that public denunciation is the best approach. As far as I’m aware Jesus only used this kind of approach with the Pharisees and other people who claimed to be something they were not. Julia Gillard is quite open about her unbelief and for this we should be very thankful. At least it is clear who to vote for! To me, this approach doesn’t seem to be “speaking the truth in love”. (Eph 4:15)

  4. 4 Ewan

    Well done Danny. What an indictment on Australia’s Christian ‘leaders’ that you appear to have been the only one to have publically mentioned the fact that Gillard is living in sin and what a reproach that is to our nation. Were they being a good Christian witness, groups like the ACL for example, rather than congratulating Gillard should have been highlighting her living arrangements as being an appaling example for any leader let alone for the Prime Minister!

  5. 5 Trevor

    Shalom Custodians of a Godly Australia,

    This article is from a man of God who is prepared to stand in the gap and speak the truth (Ps Daniel). Away with the hypocrisy of political correctness, it is from the devil. We need all Christian Pastors and other Christian leaders to be as forthright. Without strong leadership in Christendom Australia and the world is lost.

    Let us unite together behind the Lord Jesus and not bow to anyone else. We are either for Jesus or against Him, by our words and our actions.

    We need to pray and love Julia Gillard into the Kingdom and she accepts Jesus as her Savior, otherwise she will continue to undermine our nation with her socialist/communist dogma, which is evil. There is only one other organisation that is worse than hers and that is Islam, because it tries to make out it is a peaceful organisation. Just look at all the hot spots in the world, most of them are perpetrated by Islam.

    Blessings and power,


  6. 6 Neyome

    Dear Pastor Danny

    Thank you for this email.

    We are earnestly praying for you and your ministry.

    May the lord keep you safe and use you miraculously towards his marvelous word.

    God bless you and your family

    Best regards


  7. 7 Ewan

    Well done Danny. What an indictment on Australia’s Christian ‘leaders’ that you appear to have been the only one to have publicly mentioned the fact that Gillard is living in sin and what a reproach and poor example that is to our nation.

  8. 8 Bob

    Hi Danny

    Well said. Ms. Gillard is an affront to every christian in the land. She calls herself a non practising Baptist. God says that he who is not for me is against me. Perhaps we should pray for her to have a confrontation with Jesus. It is not too late for her to be saved. We need good Christian leaders.

    Maybe you should get Catch the Fire to support Tony Abbott’s election campaign. Money for school uniforms is nothing more than an attempt to bribe Australian families to support Labour in the election. Well she is spending the 2012 years income to make this bribe, so what do we have to give up to make it come true



  9. 9 Bro Lakdasa

    Thanks for the info.

    Praise God for God’s servants who stand up for christian values uncompromisingly. We will up hold you in prayer. God bless

    Bro Lakdasa

  10. 10 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Jason,

    Thanks for this. I was a bit surprised that Danny went as far as this. However, on the other hand I can’t say I disagree with what he has said.

    Love and prayers.

    Audrey & Maurice

  11. 11 Ian

    Onward Christian soldiers and Keep sticking the boot in Danny!


  12. 12 Bavani


    I was so excited to receive my first e-mail from ‘Catch the fire Ministries’. Thanks so much for sending across the latest updates with regard to Pastor Danny’s ministries in Australia.

    Looking forward to receive more emails and please remember me in your prayer!


    Kind Regards


  13. 13 Rob

    We need a Christian Leader the Lead the Christian Ship


  14. 14 Jessica and melissa

    Well done Danny-keep preaching gods word as Jesus is our lord!


    A bad example and role model for our girls.

    Tony Abbott is a Family loving man with strong christian values.

    Tony Abbott for PM!

  15. 15 Melissa



    CHRISTIANS cannot vote for a leader who does not personally honour the institution of marriage, which is the basic social unit we live in, who does not take an oath on the Bible (but swears on her own undertaking) and who is a member of Emily’s list, a pro-abortion women’s lobby group that tried unsuccessfully to bring in the same late term abortion lawS .

    The FEDERAL election campaign has begun in Victoria with christians organising leaflet drops/e-mails etc in 3 marginal electorates-DEAKIN,MCEWAN,AND COORANGAMITE.

    focus on family values and labours political corectness which Australains are sick of



  16. 16 Gaye

    Can you please add me to your mailing list? Thank you, and thank-you for keeping up the good work!!

    I came across you when I was an elder at a Church in Brisbane, but lost track when I changed email addresses and moved to South Australia. I have not been “fit” – I have a deteriorating memory issue due to surgery I had 50 years ago – I have always thanked God for the good work done at that time, but the un-noticed damage has only come to light in the last few years. My ability to be productive in the community has diminished as my confidence has also deteriorated, but I can and do pray. I now live in “victory” at Victor Harbor, SA, but can always do with positive input!!

    I have just read the email about Rudd/Gillard, etc, and I thank-you for the wisdom and guidance on how to pray! I look forward to receiving more of your words and I pray for you and your family to continue your good work and for continued protection.

    With every blessing, Gaye

  17. 17 Kingsley & Grace

    Awesome stuff!

    Thank you for staying on the front line.

    Kingsley & Grace

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