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Pastor Daniel NalliahKevin Rudd and Julia GillardDear family & friends in Christ,
It is so great to be back home in Australia.  I am sure we all know that there is no place like home.  Our time in Israel, Jordan, Sri Lanka & Malaysia was fantastic. While I was in Sri Lanka I heard the shocking news that Kevin Rudd was no longer the PM but Julia Gillard had taken the top job.
I received many emails asking me what I thought about it and what’s going to happen to Australia with a self confessed Atheist as Prime Minister.   Sorry for not getting back to you before, but I was so very busy since returning from overseas and have also been reading many articles about this issue and seeking God’s wisdom before making any comments.
As you all know by now I tell people, ‘what they need to hear and not what they like to hear.’   Let’s give credit where it is due.  Unlike Kevin Rudd, at least PM Gillard has been honest in telling the people that she DOES NOT BELIEVE IN GOD.   However, is this the beginning of the end for Australia ??  This will depend on how you vote at the next election which could be anytime between now and November 2010.
In October 2009 we at CTFM carried out a spiritual warfare prayer assignment with the help of many other prayer warriors on Mt Ainslie in Canberra and around 30 other mountains across the country. We specifically prayed for rain, the breaking of the drought and that there would be no major bush fires.  Then we stretched our hands over federal parliament and prayed for ungodly leaders in parliament to be removed and righteousness to be restored.Glory to God, the rains which started just after we prayed have continued up to date and in most part the drought is over, with no major bush fires last summer. Just within 2 months after the prayer assignment we saw the removal of the ungodly opposition leader of the Liberal Party Malcolm Turnbull and the defeat of the Carbon Emission Treaty (Global warming) which dealt a major blow to the agenda of the UN in Copenhagen to create a One World Government.
Then within 9 months the removal of PM Kevin Rudd from Labor party, who came into office with a mighty glow and slogan ‘Kevin 07’ with the magic word “CHANGE”.  For me he was a greater deceiver who deceived many, especially many Christians.
Now I wish to take you back to Federal election in 2007 when God gave me a clear prophetic word that Kevin Rudd was not God’s man for Australia.   If we Christians had PRAYED & ACTED IN UNITY, we would had been given a coalition government once again with John Howard & Peter Costello as our leaders.
Many Christian Leaders believed that Kevin Rudd was God’s man for the hour and promoted him as many Christians voted for Labor in that election.   Unfortunately, due to a lack of spiritual discernment by much of the Church , Kevin Rudd was elected as PM.  He was not God’s choice, but the people’s choice.  God gave the people what they asked for, just like the nation of Israel in the Bible when they asked Him for a king, and He gave them one much to their detriment.   I am sure it is very clear right now that Kevin Rudd was not God’s choice as he could not even serve ONE TERM as PM of Australia.
After the 2007 election, many in the body of Christ decided to mock and ridicule me and said that I had not heard from God.  I suppose now it is common sense for all to know as to who really heard from God and who did not hear from God.  Let us deal with this reality as all who voted Labor in the 2007 election have today put in place the worst Atheist Prime Minister you can think of ie Julia Gillard to lead our nation of Australia.
You cannot simply believe just because someone says ‘I am a Christian’ and goes to church every Sunday that he or she is a Christian.  Just because you go to McDonalds every day does not make you a ‘BIG MAC’.   So how do you know who is a genuine Christian?  The bible says you will know them by their fruits, so we need to check the fruits of that tree (the life of the person) and then find out their true nature.

Mr Rudd just before Federal election 2007 refused to acknowledge that Jesus is the Son of God.  This was clearly broadcast on SBS news when the spectator at the Footy Finals asked him the question 3 times, ‘Is Jesus the son of God?’ First he did not answer, the 3rd time he responded, ‘I go to church on Sunday’.
Unfortunately, from day number one when Rudd came on the scene I knew he was not fair-dinkum.  A few months after he was elected I had a vision at one of our weekly intercessory prayer meetings, that Julia Gillard came behind Rudd and stuck a knife in his back and Rudd fell to the ground, then she took over the government.  Immediately I shared the vision with my team and we prayed about it.
It is most interesting to note that some 2 years later this is exactly what has happened.  In a sense I feel sorry for Rudd but unfortunately when you deceive people you receive back what you sow.
So where do we go from here? 
I think God in His amazing grace has given us another chance with a clear cut distinction between the two leaders.   Even for those who do not pray or discern, the facts are so clear.  Tony Abbott is a Godly man with good moral values.  I have spent time with him personally and I know that this man produces good fruits as he is very keen on protecting Australia’s Judeo-Christian heritage.
At the other end of the scale, we have Julia Gillard who is openly anti-God, Pro-Abortion, Pro-Homosexuality, wants Christian Chaplains out of schools, refused to take the oath on the bible and the list goes on.   She will also most probably pass the carbon emission treaty and pass laws to stop Christian evangelism (Bill of Rights). She is currently living in blatant sin, as she is not married but living with her partner. What a terrible role model for the next generation. I am shocked that we have a PM who would possibly move into the lodge with her partner. Possibly this has never happened in the history of Australia.
Let’s also look at what happened after the last election in 2007 when the parliamentarians were sworn in. ONLY 5 members of Labor took the oath on the bible out of all labor members in federal parliament.
Whereas in the Liberal National coalition 70-80% took the oath on the bible and 60-70% brought their own bibles.   I think this gives us a clear cut mandate as to whom we should vote for.
Is Tony Abbott perfect? The answer is NO.  Neither am I or you for that matter.  Nevertheless, with the Coalition government we would achieve much more in order to protect our Judeo-Christian Heritage.
If you still say ‘I will vote Labor’ that is your choice.   That’s the freedom we enjoy in a democracy, but I must say  you definitely cannot be a Christian who has a proper relationship with Jesus if you vote this way.
I believe if the church Prays & Act’s wisely, the way God removed Malcolm Turnbull and Kevin Rudd, He will also remove Julia Gillard. For if we have Julia Gillard elected as PM the church for sure should get ready for PRISON TIME.  We can choose to have Revival through blessing or persecution.

“Ahab summoned all the people of Israel and the prophets to Mount Carmel. Then Elijah stood in front of them and said, “How much longer will you waver, hobbling between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow him! But if Baal is God, then follow him!” 1 Kings 18:20-21

I pray that in the 2010 election we will PRAY & ACT wisely and not make the mistake we made in 2007.   God has promised us a decade of harvest ahead of us.   Let’s vote in a government which is Godly and will help Righteousness to exalt the nation and bring the harvest in.
May God Bless You Mightily.  I am sure I will have a great response for this email.  Yes, I am willing to cop the flack because I love you, and it is only the plain truth which will set you free.
Your Brother In Christ,
Pastor Daniel Nalliah

80 Responses to “New Prime Minister / Mount Ainslie / Election 2007 – By Ps Daniel Nalliah”

  1. 1 Robyn

    Dear Danny

    I am writing from work so am limited in what I will say. I want to thank you for such a clear answer. So many of the Scriptures you have quoted and the context to those Scriptures relate directly to things I believe God has said to me concerning our Government.

    Your words are so encouraging and I thank you for once again for taking a stand for this Great Nation.

    If my people… the battle is Mine says the Lord. Amen

    Love and God Bless


  2. 2 Christopher

    Ps Danny

    You are a champion, the body of Christ needs more people like you that will stand strong to our Christian beliefs and not waiver to please and tickle the ears of its followers.

    I pray that God blesses and protects you and your family

    With Love


  3. 3 David & Dawn

    Pastor Daniel,

    Well spoken.

    God bless you

    David & Dawn

  4. 4 Dawn

    Thank you Danny for having the intestinal fortitude (guts) to state is all so clearly.

    God bless you, In christian love,


  5. 5 Marianne

    Well said Danny!

    You are a true prophet of God! Blessings to you and your precious family!

    I would so much like to attend your church..but I live in Sydney.



  6. 6 Pastor Heather

    Thank you for this message, Daniel.

    I am going to print it and put it on the notice board in the church hall so that many others will read it. We will also present it to our next Rise Up Australia prayer meeting on 17 July.

    May God continue to bless you, your family and your ministry.

    Pastor Heather

    Kangaroo Island

  7. 7 John

    All I can say is Amen and Amen, and that our Lord is in control.


  8. 8 Barbara

    Thank you. I did not vote for Kevin Rudd. And I certainly won’t vote for Julia Gillard. One of the problems as I see it, is that women will vote for Julia Gillard because she is a woman and they want to see women glorified. Sad, but true.

    Keep up the good work.

    God bless you in your ministry.


  9. 9 Rose

    Thank you for the uplifting response – may we who call ourselves followers of Christ rise up with a backbone and vote righteously before God Who sees all.

    May He protect and encourage you as we join together to pray and vote in righteousness to exhalt Australia The Great Southland of the Holy Spirit

  10. 10 Trevor

    Shalom Pastor Daniel,

    Thank you for your timely and detailed email. You are right a Christian who is really born again and Spirit filled would not vote for Labor. Labor has never been the answer. If we look back over the times when Labor has been the government we will see how much harm they did to our nation both physically and Spiritually.

    Labor are taking kudos for the state of our economy, more lies. Our nation was governed into a very sound position by the Liberal/Nationals. It will not be long before we see the trouble Labor have created with their unnecessary stimulus spending which has produced massive wastage and corruption.

    I pray that you will always seek Yahweh first as you now do and remain true to Him. Please never compromise the truth of the Word. Australia desperately needs Christian leaders who are strong and moving in the Spirit. Australia would not be in the mess we have if Christian leaders had indeed been strong leaders and stood firmly for righteousness.

    I received information that Gillard comes from Cwmgwrach a town in southern Wales. The English meaning of that name is “The Valley of the Witch”. The town’s symbol is a witch and the football team has a witch on their Jersey’s as do the uniforms of the school children. No wonder she is an Atheist. At our prayer meeting last Thursday we broke the spirit of witchcraft off of her and covered her in the Blood of Yeshua. My church is now going to continue praying for her to become convicted of accepting Yeshua as her Saviour.

    When Kevin Rudd was made prime minister I became convicted that Gillard would stab him in the back. It will be a wonderful day for Australia when she accepts Yeshua as her Saviour.

    Blessings and great Godly strength to you dear brother,

    Be encouraged,


  11. 11 Margaret

    Dear Pastor Danny

    I just want to say I agree with your comments below whole heartedly. Thank you for having the courage to stand up for what you believe and for leading the way. I for one do not want Julia Gillard or any other person who is not a true believer in the Lord Jesus to be PM of this great country. It is sad that too often we christians settle for electing someone just because they seem to be a nice person. May God give us all wisdom and discernment to see beyond the appearance and be led by the Holy Spirit to vote for God’s choice.

    Thank you again for speaking out.

    May the Lord bless you and your family


  12. 12 Ps. Gazza

    God bless you Pastor Danny for having the guts to call it as it is.

    Your brother in Christ always,

    Ps. Gazza from Toowoomba

  13. 13 John


    Onya Daniel.

    Some hard hitting points in there. Sometimes I wish that everything would just work out without me having to do anything. I think my potential complacency is found in many many people across Australia, who for some reason or another put themselves under a Christian banner. I do not know how such people will stand on the day of genuine trial, where we are mocked, ridiculed, beaten and persecuted because we wear the powerful name of the Son of God as a banner over our lives. Just like I am tempted to hope everything will turn out ok without my own active movement regarding the nation’s politics, when the days of genuine trials come to Oz, the temptation for many will be just to simply deny Jesus, to be inactive in our FAITH, and to just let things slide.

    This is not the devotion that the Father requires, and such response does not lead to the blessing of God. He is such a loving God who desires our holiness, that we be set apart for only HIm, that when we turn our backs on Him whether specifically or subtly through inactivity, His fair punishment is often severe and devastating.

    If that is what it takes in order that some will rise and call on His name, surrender to the yoke of His discipline, and pursue His presence, which goes before us preparing the way, then let such times come.

    Our nation needs to repent. Oh God, that we would repent, turn from our wicked ways, and follow You. The love of God is so powerful, His grace so rich that I know His desire is for every person – from Julia GIllard to Melbourne’s homeless. That we would see a flood of activity, of spreading the gospel to the poor, opening the eyes of the blind, setting the oppressed free, declaring the favourable year of the Lord….Australia is not lost.

    I hope we do not have to decline into persecution in order for those who know God and allow His spirit to work in them to finally step out and show love to those around. May we make the most of every opportunity, every day. What a great and marvellous God we serve.

    Thanks for pushing on. Continue to follow the Flame of His Presence in your day to day life.


  14. 14 Elke

    Dear Ps. Daniel Nalliah,

    I have never replied to your emails before, probably because I did not want to add to the amount of mail you get. Now I feel that I must reply, even if only briefly.

    Thank you for your letter and all the ministry that the Lord is doing through you and CTFM. Thank you for your humility, boldness and obedience. It gives me courage and is a wonderful example of what true humility and love is…

    I was in Timor Leste in November 2007 with a friend, and we had therefore voted early. I still remember to this day how we found out the election result. While in the local market a Timorese police officer approached us, thinking he had good news to deliver, and smilingly informed us of Australia’s new Prime Minister “Kevin Rood”… We were dismayed and grief-stricken in front of the dear man, knowing that many were deceived… Let us keep praying for the church to wake up from its apathetic slumber and mediocrity…

    May the Lord keep on blessing and strengthening you all,


  15. 15 Cathy

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    I LOVE this email! You have said EVERYThing I have been saying since before the last federal election. I am still shaking my head in disbelief at the amount of undiscerning Christians who voted for K Rudd. And now because of that we have an atheist PM. I will pass this on to all Christians who still…(UNBELIEVABLY) are criticizing Tony Abbot!!

    Keep up sending out the Truth!!


  16. 16 Judy

    Amen to this and amen……..

    Judy from tasmania

  17. 17 Kim

    Dear Pastor Danny

    I have just read your article re Kevin Rudd…..

    I want to encourage you on in the Lord for your stance in the affairs of our Country. So glad you are here and really appreciate your Godly influence as an Australian.

    Thankyou for the further recent insight re the political scene…..and I agree with your sentiments.

    In essence I was very grieved when Kevin Rudd came in, and I know other Christain leaders who were as well. Kevin chose to please man and not God.

    Let us continue to pray for the establishment of the Kingdom of God here in our Nation, and a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit in every household and family.

    You are a real blessing Danny….keep going….keep fighting the fight of faith!

    Lots of Love and encouragement


  18. 18 Bernie

    Well done Ps Danny,

    Keep up the good fight, you are seen from your fruit and actions in your own life.

    Proud to be associated with you. Thanks for your honesty.


  19. 19 Ewan

    Well said and good advice Ps. Danny.

    Keep up the great work.



  20. 20 Pat

    Great information and I am all the way with you.


  21. 21 Ian

    God bless you Pastor Danny!

    Even 1 week before the webcast of Abbott/Rudd, our senior pastor’s wife, who we all love, got up in front of the church with a pro-Rudd, pro-his wife spiel.

    He was always a pretend Christian. I have copped my share of flak for daring to say this, as he was nurtured for a time in our church here in Canberra. We shall indeed know them by their fruit.

    If Kevin was dragged before a court with the accusation “you have been caught being a Christian”, the prosecution would then have to present evidence to back their claim. Kevin would need more than a regular camera shot of him leaving an old sandstone church in Brisbane to cut it.

    Obama’s supporters told people during the run-up to the US elections, “we are Christians too”. He would have to be God’s judgment on that once-great country.

    Let us cry out to Father God for his mercy for this wonderful nation, for He surely gives people the leaders they deserve.

    Love in Jesus


  22. 22 J

    Dear Pastor Nalliah,

    Thank you for this email and for being so direct and honest. These are the FACTS and I think you are being very gentle in your email because things are much worse than what you have stated. The undermining of our democracy and Christian heritage which have provided boundaries for all who live in this country are being wiped out.

    This government has swooped in for the kill so to speak and they have acted very swiftly to dismantle our laws, values and our Australian culture that has held us in good stead until now. The SAME THING has been happening in Europe and America and it is NO COINCIDENCE.

    Everyone needs to get their heads out of the sand and stop pretending everything is O.K. Christians especially need to grow up spiritually. There seems to be an attitude of denial and refusal to listen to anything that doesn’t seem nice. They want the honey but not the truth of what is on their doorstep.

    If people don’t know what else to do (besides praying) then they should start by writing letters and sending emails to their politicians to oppose those who represent the decline of decency, democracy and Godliness in this country and similarly send letters and emails of support to those in government who are attempting to uphold our rights and our constitution which is based on Christian values.


    From the day Kevin Rudd came into office he began signing treaties and agreements to support the one world agenda. People are yet to see and understand the ramifications of what he has done. The deliberate waste of our hard earned money is part of this agenda to bring us in line with other countries whose economies have been ruined. This makes us vulnerable to the IMF and world banks and for a massive global financial collapse and takeover.




  23. 23 Joy

    Dear Danny,

    I think you might have missed the statement that Mr Rudd made after he became PM and it was something to the fact that he wouldn’t be consulting God for the decisions he made for the country – that was his big mistake.


  24. 24 A

    Glory, We are blessed and not cursed

  25. 25 Pat

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    Be encouraged! Many stand with you and will pray and vote as you have urged.

    God will not be mocked and I shudder when I think of the audacity of some of the statements I have read recently.

    May God keep you in His Hand.


  26. 26 Dave

    Dear Ps Danny.

    AMEN! Thanks for sharing.

    Welcome back home, mate.


    Kind regards.


  27. 27 Anita


    Thank you for this email which is so informative. I still continue to pray for a Christian Leader for Australia, both Federal and States. God will hear our prayer. I also uphold Sri Lanka.

    Thank you for all that you do.

    God Bless You.


  28. 28 Jill

    Dear Danny

    If God is for you who can be against you.



  29. 29 John

    Thanks Danny. I agree with your sentiments.


  30. 30 Kim

    This is good! How can I put it on my facebook so my Christian friends who voted Rudd in can also get a chance to read it so they can get the chance to vote like God wants them to.



  31. 31 Peter

    Pastor Danny

    I read you loud and clear and agree with this mail

    Bless you


  32. 32 Gerredina

    In reply to Barbara. I have been talking to non-Christian women who are very progressive in their thinking and, hallelujah, they will not be voting for Julia Gillard either just because she is a woman. Lets just hope that we will not get the situation here we saw in America, where so many people voted for Mr Obama in order not to be labeled racist, including church members.

    Thank you Pastor Daniel and your team for standing up for the truth and telling it as it is. We can only thank God that Ms Julia is honest enough to state her case clearly and not ‘hide’ behind a christian facade as both Mr Rudd and Obama did, knowing that would help their vote.

    Keep up the prayer and pull down the altars of communism, abortion, one-world government, homosexuality and anything that is against the clear Word of God.

  33. 33 Nathan

    Dear Ps Danny,

    I know you’ll “cop the flack” because of these words, but I also know that someone has to stand up for the truth, and often in this age, that means ridicule. So please be encouraged, not by me and these words – because I know you’re doing it for Jesus – but I strongly believe that Jesus would be pleased with your stance, as He often stood for his convictions against the religious leaders of the day.



  34. 34 Sharon

    Dear Ps Danny,

    Thank-you so very much for the clarification that your email has given me. Like yourself, I too have always felt oddly uncomfortable with the labour party being in power. Even though it seemed that kevin Rudd rescued our nation from the GFC, I believe that it was Satans work and it was designed to lull us all into a false sense of security. Ready for the Big attack that undoubtably will come when through our ignorance we will have allowed the Hand of God to be removed from this land.

    This may well be our last opportunity to collectively gather and seek the Lord for the right way to go, and then to take our stand as a Christian Nation, seek forgiveness for our ignorance, move away from this trend of pleasing the minority groups ( mostly always to the disadvantage of the majority), and move into the future that God intended for each one born of or into this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit.


  35. 35 Schnitzer

    Amen, amen and amen!!!


  36. 36 Steve

    Hi Ps Danny.
    You Rock.
    I wish i had the Guts and determination you have.
    Hope My Bros and Sisters in Christ Get with the program and get rid of the SOCIALIST party or perish.
    It’s that simple.
    God Bless Bro.

  37. 37 jeanne

    Welcome home to you and your family, Pastor Danny, and thankyou for sharing some of the amazing miracles of your Mission in Israel with us.

    I agree with everything you have said about the terrible predicament we now find ourselves in with an atheist, pro-abortion Prime Minister, (who is on ‘Emily’s List’), and openly living in sin.

    In 2005, a friend of mine received many Messages from Jesus about the Great South Land of the Holy Spiriit which have been published in a book entitled “Australia”, and discerned to be from God by the (then) Bishop of the N.T.

    Although most of the Messages are beautiful and speak of Australia soon becoming on fire, from shore to shore, with the Love of the Holy Spirit, one of the Messages from Jesus troubled us and we didn’t really understand what it meant : “AUSTRALIA, YOU ARE ON THE ROAD TO OBLIVION”.

    I think I can see what this may mean now if Australians, most of whom have their “roots” in Christian ancestry, wilfully choose a Prime Minister who openly declares she does not believe in God, has no problem with the killing of unborn babies, and no respect for Christian marraige, amoung other anti-Christian beliefs.

    I agree with you that our choice in the next election will declare, like never before, if we stand for or against God.

    We may be in for a rough time over the next few years, but thankfully we all know that the King of Heaven and Earth wins in the end, and I certainly want to be on His side, along with all the Angels and Saints in Heaven! We are in very good company, and plenty of the Blessed in Heaven had a pretty rough time on earth too.

    (I am also praying for Julia, as know Jesus loves her and died so that she might have Eternal Life as well).

    Bye for now and God Bless,


  38. 38 Janet

    I totally agree and support you with this email Pastor Danny.



  39. 39 Simon

    Thankyou Danny.

    I’m glad to hear from a leader who makes a clear stand for righteousness even at the risk of disputes and unpopularity. I’m strongly challenged to do the same. Will pray for you, your ministry and our coming election.


  40. 40 Alan

    Hi Pastor Danny and friends in Christ Jesus.

    You have my support with all that you have said below.

    GOD Bless you and your ministry!


  41. 41 Liliana

    Dear Pastor Daniel

    Apart from the Word of God never has a truer word been spoken – the people got what they asked for – and now it’s time to pray and listen, but as you said, the answer is simple, if you are a Christian you will know what to do, the choice is simple.

    Bring it on. God bless you all at Catch the Fire.

    Thanks heaps


  42. 42 Tony

    Well written Ps Danny…..the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    Keep up the good work.


  43. 43 Daniel

    We are ready to catch the fire. Oh, in the Glory, in the Glory. See you in
    Kingaroy soon.

    Love, your brother Daniel

  44. 44 Janet and Neville

    Dear Pastor Danny Nalliah,

    Just wanted to thank you for your email. I agree with all that you have said and know you are discerning with wisdom from Holy Spirit.

    I pray that many more Christians would seek discernment leading up to the election. I am not so sure about the average voter who could be likely to vote Greens being unsure which way to go and not seeking God’s wisdom. I believe many Australians are not aware of what is behind the Green Party fully and what they stand for especially the young voters.

    I too, am annoyed at the fact that many Australians due to culture vote by tradition and do not look at the party’s values and motives as they change.

    Many see Mr Abbott as perhaps a Religious Christian with values and standards? It is known also he was voted in by apparently 1 vote by his team. We also cannot conclude that Mr Abbott when elected will have full support for all he puts forward. That would be something to pray about, the loyality of his party and devotion as a team to look to him as their Leader. No Strife and honor within I pray.

    Personally I think he has strengthened in character through being in Leadership. Unfortunately many look at the personality instead of the strength of character and fortitude. I pray that Mr Abbott’s mouth would not get him into any quarrels with the media and enemies while we wait for the election.

    Much Appreciated your thoughts.

    Janet and Neville

  45. 45 Dee

    Pastor Danny and team,

    Thank you so much for having the courage to say it as it is. The Lord stood up against the Pharisees of His day all the way to the Cross. We in Australia are so blessed to have you here.

    God bless,


  46. 46 Michael

    Thanks Pastor Danny for your non compromising stand and for a light for the church in this generation.

    God Bless, and keep up with all your good work.


  47. 47 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Danny,

    Thanks for this email. I know who I will be voting for in the next election and it wont’ be Julia Gillard. The only thing in her favour is that she supports Israel.

    Do you know where Tony Abbot stands on this issue? As you know both America and England have gone downhill since they have stood against Israel.

    Mind you a large number of US Senators have supported Israel but then again Barak Obama is similar to Kevin Rudd in many ways.

    Trust you are all well and God blessed your ministry this last weekend.

    Blessings. Audrey & Maurice

  48. 48 Shane & Kim

    Dear Pastor Danny

    Since you said you will have a huge response to this email, then let me be one to say THANKYOU!!

    You have no idea how refreshing it is to hear some blunt truth in the church, and to apply this life we live to our nation’s leaders, after all, God was always central in national leadership in the bible, and He is of course wanting us to be involved and wise in this issue.

    Personally I felt great grief in my spirit when Kevin Rudd was voted in, all I could say was ‘have mercy on us Lord’. Let’s hope Australia is not deceived again in being caught up with feeling great about having our first female Prime Minister. I’m with you Ps Danny in saying, ‘Wake up Church and Arise!!’

    Keep fighting the good fight brother. You are appreciated and our family prays for your family. Thankyou for all your hard work.

    Shane & Kim

  49. 49 Margie

    Thank you for all your comments. I so appreciate you always bringing forth the truth for us to read and pray for. Im most grateful also for the HOPE that I have also received regarding the promise of 10 years of harvest and that Julia Gillard can be removed from her position. Wasnt it just so frustrating when the Howard government wasnt returned to power? I just couldnt believe it and couldnt understand why the church did not pray and vote the correct way. Im hoping this time people will respond in a Godly way and pray your email gets to as many people as possible.

    Thank you so much Pastor Daniel for always saying it how it is. Dont ever be silent!

    Regards, Margie

  50. 50 Kay

    Dear Friends,

    Great to know that you are safely home again and yes! I couldn’t agree with you more!

    I would be amazed if there are Christians out there who don’t think along the same lines as you and we certainly need to PRAY! PRAY! PRAY!

    I do belong to some Prayer Groups (two) and both of them, someone has always prayed to our Lord for Julia Gillarad to be moved by the Holy Spirit to be convicted and converted to love our Lord God our Heavenly Father, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit!! What a turn around that would be but of course it doesn’t stop there, as you mentioned in your email – only a small percentage swore on The Bible when they took office. We should repent to our Lord for them and ask please Lord, that He doesn’t turn away from the people in Australia.

    Amazing to think that Pastor Danny actually saw JG with a knife to KR’s back!!

    May the Lord bless you all and reveal His plans to you again and again!!


  51. 51 Pastor Rose

    Dear Pastor Danny

    Thanks for your clear cut uncompromising direction to the body of Christ and always being willing to speak out for what is right. Can I suggest, however, that you could take it a step further and encourage Christians to vote for their Christian Democratic Party candidates in the House of Reps if they have one standing in their electorate and also (and especially) in the Senate. Many people are under the misconception that if they vote for the CDP candidate and they do not get it in, its a wasted vote, so they should vote one for one of the major parties. That, however, is not true. If you place CDP first and then give your second preference to say the Libs, and CDP does not win the seat, the second preference vote becomes a full vote for your second preference candidate. If all the Christians understood this I am sure we would have a lot more Christian representation in parliament as people would not be afraid to waste their vote on someone who they think may not have as good a chance of winning and someone in the major party.

    I have to admit that I only recently understood this myself, having just had it explained to me by a member of our congregation who is standing for CDP in the electorate of Bennelong, NSW (John Howards former seat which fell to Labour entirely due to the Greens preferences). I am happy to find out more information about how the voting system works if you think it would help.

    Sincerely yours

    Pastor Rose

  52. 52 Graeme

    Dear Pastor Nalliah

    I am in full agreement with you. During the 2007 election campaign Kevin Ruded actively portrayed Prime Minister Howard as being loose with the truth and being very clever, deceiving the people He is not the first one in History to do that. When I heard his comments I immediately thought about the similar comments the Chief Priests and Pharisees made about Jesus and thought Mr Rudd was putting Mr Howard in very good company.

    In the normal course of my daily Bible reading I just happened to be reading in 2 Chronicles about Queen Athaliah in the same week that Julia Gillard became the Prime Minister. I do not believe that this was without significance.

    God bless


  53. 53 Ros

    Dear Pastor Nalliah
    It is no coincidence that I stumbled on your site today and read your message. God has clearly drawn me here. I so needed to see your words. I did not vote for Labor and never will, I look at many of those people at all levels of government and see evil! Lies and deceits and my heart aches that I feel so powerless as I watch this wonderful country being taken in steep decline with so many people not even realising it. I am constantly praying for Tony Abbott to become our leader and will uphold you also in my prayers as you counsel our fellow Australians.
    May God bless you and us all!

  54. 54 Sally

    To our fellow christians,


    As a part of our way to defend our christian faith,christians across the country will be reading the following at there services this weekend in response to PRO-ABORTIONIST ATHEIST JULIA.

    Feel free to join us as christians unite around the country praising our lord.


  55. 55 Colin J

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    God Bless you sir for having the intestinal fortitude (guts) to lead this action of spiritual warfare against our Godless leader. I am sure that with continual Prayer War waged by yourself and your spiritual soldiers that God will have no choice but to turn the election back to a godly leader, regardless of how many Australian voters have been duped by the tricky lies of the atheist. Only one thing trumps a vote – prayer!

    Yours in Christ,


  56. 56 Susan

    Dear Ps. Danny,

    Thank you for your email which was forwarded to me. It is surely time for the church to wake up and vote for righteousness at the next election.

    As you said so well, we must vote out the labor government and the Christian vote is essential to do this. Prayer is what changes things as we call upon God to bring this nation into its destiny. Yet we the people of God must use wisdom and not be lulled to sleep by the clever words and hidden agendas of the current PM. We are called to be awake, watchmen on the walls and sounding the alarm.

    God Bless you.

  57. 57 Fellow Praying Christian

    I was a labor voter all of my life until the Lord stirred me very sternly before the elections in 2001 to vote for John Howard and liberal were voted back in.I am amazed at how many Christians are only looking at face value, but equally i am seeing alot of Christians really looking for signs of Godly leaders. You have spoken clearly and i witness in my spirit this to be true. I do not have any peace about Julia Gillard but God commands us to pray daily for our leaders and therefore He will raise up or take out who needs or doesn’t need to be there. God bless you and your ministry.

    Fellow praying Christian

  58. 58 David & Debra

    Thank you Danny

    David and Debra

  59. 59 Pat

    Praise God for a man who hears from God and acts on it. I say a loud Amen to all he has shared here. I too have been praying that Christians will have wisdom and discernment at the next election and we don’t see God’s judgement come down on Australia.

    Surely it will if we allow an atheist as our PM!

    It is hard to go against the flow; but how much more awful to go against God. I would rather stand with our God and receive persecution than stand with the mockers and receive His judgement.

    Please email this on to Pastor Daniel Nalliah in support of his stand for godly rule.


  60. 60 Susan

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    That’s very encouraging. Thanks for your reply and most of all thanks to you and your intercessors we can praise God on this subject.


  61. 61 Rosemarie



  62. 62 Hazel

    Hi Danny & Team,

    Thank you for being ‘ a voice in the wilderness’ for us! Thank you for being Truth & speaking truth. My heart needs a Leader like yourself because we are preconditoned to ‘silence’ but we have no Man locally to lead the way in the church. Now we have no Godlike man to lead our nation. I apologize on behalf of our AOG churches for not standing with the truth you speak & represent. My heart is greatly concerned for the future of our nation also. I was devasted after losing the last election, after 21day P&F with Indigenous Prayer Network, & that ‘Christian friends’ could vote for Labour when they knew that only righteousness exalts a nation. The ‘wind’ was knocked out of my sails for prayer & trust again & it is only been renewed in past 6 months. I believe many Christians do not do homework about leaders in politics & implications resulting from their unGodly decisions. People perish for lack of knowledge but not only are they to blame for passivity but Church leaders should make available information or Speakers to enlighten congregation if Leaders lack the guts! If we the Light lack guts then the church & world remain in darkness. Not that I promote having a Jezebel spirit & come out of submission. In fact I have made known your email & availability to my Leadership. Be Blessed & encouraged Danny as you are a Blessing & encouragment to us!


  63. 63 Anne

    Thanks Ps Danny for making that stand for this nation and for how God is using you, you are a voice for this nation and you will say how it is which a lot of Leaders from the churches dont Id admire your gutiness and strength for not backing down and for standing and believing what God has placed in your heart. Churches across Australia need to ‘wake up’ to ‘rise up’ to take that stand and start fighting the good fight of faith instead of churches burying their heads in the sand and not acknowledging what is going on in the nation. I had to repent myself to the Lord as I was not aware about Kevin Rudd but since reading your email and checking into politics I have learnt a little more as I was one that voted Labour due to me not knowing much at all. Im so happy that we have a Soverign Lord that forgives ignorance which I believe I had. Praise God for what He is doing in our Nation and that we as the body of Christ rise up and pray, pray for the right people to be voted in hallelujah

    Blessings to you

  64. 64 Leanne

    Thank you SO SO MUCH for this email – I heard so many Christian leaders – Especially Godly ones who should have discerned better saying how Kevin Rudd was a Christian – but God kept telling me to look for fruit and I had that horrible feeling in my spirit knowing that Kevin wasn’t portraying ANY fruit of the Chrisitan walk – I have received much criticism & judgement for my views from my Christian friends – I am disturbed by the amount of pentecostal Christians who vote labor and just can’t see – now we know where the church is at – alseep in denial and confused.

    Always praying with you and thanking God that you make such a difference. I pray the people of this land see that we are now as a nation on the edge of a cliff – persecution will come strong and fast if we allow Julia Gillard to rule our land for another term.

    Bless you all


  65. 65 Ian

    Please do not send me any emails regarding political issues in Australia. It is appalling for a person to say if you vote one way or another that you cannot be a Christian. If these people were about the Fathers business and not about politics then the country would be in a better position.

    The effort to manipulate people to voting one way or another is not a Biblical principal. I think it is important for every individual to take responsibility for whomever they vote in and I think many Christian who say we should vote a certain way, fall into the antichrist position.

    God puts governments into power. This attitude is detracting to the greater work of saving the lost. Get enough people saved and watch the governments change its polices.

    The approach in these letters, that are sent on, are not well thought out, as they are trying to pull people away from the Father’s business. Preach, teach and heal was the example Jesus set to get people saved.

    Be about the Father’s business.

    I hope you see that my focus is very different to some.



  66. 66 Yvonne

    This is a great email!

    I wish there was a way that it could be more widely distributed so more could read it.

    I have spoken to a few Christians over our current National predicament and I’m finding lack of concern that we now have an Atheistic, Socialistic, Feministic, Pro Abortionist, Anti Marriage, Free Spirited Woman who refused to be sworn into the office of Prime Minister by placing her hand on the bible.

    Most Christians I mix with are what I would call ‘fair dinkum’ for Jesus; however there seems to be a lack of knowledge on their part to the character of our new Prime Minister. A lot of people are just caught up with the radical and sudden change from a Male to a Female Prime Minister; because it’s a first, I think people are excited by this aspect.

    Are Christians simply disinterested in the country’s future with the pressures of every day life taking pre eminence in their thoughts and prayers? The Polls already have revealed that at present Julia Gillard has the Women’s Vote. My fear is that like Obama who romped it in on the ‘Black Vote’ in America, Australian women suffering some what from an ‘inferiority to men complex’ will vote in Gillard on her female gender alone.

    I believe we need to pray specifically for the women of Australia, that their eyes will be opened. Pray that they will understand, this coming election is NOT a sexist battle or about women being better at Management etc, or women getting a better deal.

    Australian women need to have their Spiritual eyes opened to know the Truth. This is a battle between Good and Evil. Australian women need to be aware that if they vote in a Far Left, Socialistic, Feministic, Pro Abortionist who believes in Same Sex Marriage that Australia’s ‘Christian values’ will be a thing of the past in the world view. Australian Values will take a plummet; Australia’s young people will be even more rebellious and confused for the want of clearly defined wholesome role models.

    Please pray that the Lord will intervene in the lives of All Australian Women, that they will not be enchanted by this ‘New Broom ‘or led by their emotions when it come to placing their vote in this forth coming election.

    AUSTRALIA FOR JESUS ALWAYS. Thanks for all your interesting info. Will find out if we can pre record a radio interview and give you a ring.

    The Lord Bless you heaps,


  67. 67 Gloria

    Hi Daniel and Jason and friends at Catch The Fire,
    Just forwarding this email on to you. Have already sent it out to many others across the nation. Feel it is a timely word.
    Blessings from Gloria

    Dear Friends,

    It would seem to me, that if we want to see our nation’s eyes opened concerning the governmental realm of Australia. WE ONLY HAVE A SMALL WINDOW OF GRACE!

    We should deal with our repentance/restitution/recompense concerning Aboriginal/Torres Strait Australia whose governmental authority has been violated at the highest possible level. With no treaty with Aboriginal Australia can you justify killing men women and children, rape, dispossession as having the sign of the cross and the blood of Jesus authority of blessing upon it? No I don’t think so! To align ourselves with that kind of statement speaks of another gospel! It doesn’t belong to Jesus! His way is to come
    in love! Christians were meant to come in love and to win the people by their example and their servanthood. But instead of being servants, the very people of the land served them and became as slaves.

    Australia, it is like having cancer! This sickness is eating up our nation and where will new life come from? We are now seeing the fruit! By their fruit you shall know them!

    I believe if we get this right, then everything else will fall into right alignment and right order.

    How can a nation be blessed when it is out of order with it’s highest authority in the land. If those in authority have been placed there by God, why has it been forgotten, this very critical door of blessing which flows down like the oil on Aaron’s beard. Have we forgotten the very bible whose words are life to us? In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word is God. I have noticed that the word “is God” has been changed since when I first read it in my bible many years ago. Who took that liberty with a Word as powerful as that! If God who is, came and dwelt among men, then how can the very word of God become so hard to receive. One of the areas is Unbelief!

    Then our eyes will be opened.

    Then we will see

    Then the eyes of our hearts will see revelation in the heavenly realm

    Then the nation will follow in having their eyes opened because the Christian body’s eyes are now opened because they have addressed this. We set the pace! We change the atmosphere as we reach higher levels in him as we hear His voice and obey him! Because He is working in us and through us as He wills and as He purposes!

    That as we deal with our unbelief and begin to act on the truth, then we as a nation will be set free.

    Then our hearts will be softened. Then we will weep again and feel God’s heart.

    Because it is in times of repentance that refreshing will come! As I said before, finish the repentance and follow through with restitution and recompense.

    IT is all about Jesus! What does it take to heal our land and it’s people? If we could start at the top, the right order will follow.

    Bless you as you read this! Please don’t feel condemned to those of you that have faithfully responded to me time and time again. This is simply a message to open the eyes of those who do not see.

    The government situation is an outflow of the fruit of the past! We are at the “fullness of the dispensation of time” as the Lord spoke to me two years ago and is now complete. We have entered the fullness of time! Fullness of time speaks of fruit! What will be the fruit of our labours at this fullness of time! Will the grace and love be what overcomes evil in this land? Will humility and the
    possibility that maybe something this simple has been overlooked. Can a leopard change it’s spots? No! But Christians who know their God can change the past by learning from the past! By turning to a God who helps us beyond our own abilities and selves. Who does far more exceedingly and abundantly than we could ever ask or think! We are perfect candidates for the resurrection power of Jesus to come and heal our land! To turn our past around by falling at the feet of Jesus! Begin to make amends, begin to seek God what is to be done! All is forgiven but the word of God, has not been obeyed! That God Himself can stretch forth His right arm, and raise AUSTRALIA up out of the dust and the ashes! Start with the Head! Start with Aboriginal/Torres Strait Australia! Then we will see major changes that we could never have imagined!

    Know this, that I do love ALL of Australia! My heart overflows for this land! That is why I have continued following Jesus for 30 years! As I love Him, so I love you!

    love from Gloria

  68. 68 NOEL & ROS




    NOEL & ROS

  69. 69 Greg

    Hi Guys, Danny, Jason & gang.

    Great to know Danny is back! His latest was passed on to me & checking back I see that I have somehow dropped off your list.

    I’d be happy to be put back on.

    Over to you. Keep firing!

    God bless you all!

    In His amazing grace,


  70. 70 Irene

    God bless you Pastor Danny, I agree with you one hundred percent. I thank God for men like you who stand for righteousness and truth.


  71. 71 Keith

    Dear beloved brother in Christ,

    I just want to let you know how heartily I agree with your letter re the political scene in Australia. You have spoken forthrightly about the sorry state of affairs in the Australian Government and it is obvious that you are a man of God who hears His voice and is prepared to speak out regardless of the criticism you obviously receive.

    The church is indeed in a strategic time and unless we listen to what our God is saying and awake out of our slumber it will be too late to change what is creeping in to force the church underground instead of proclaiming from the housetops that Jesus Christ is Lord to the Glory of God the Father.

    Please be assured that you are not alone in your efforts to awake God’s people for I personally know of many who are not satisfied with the status quo and will stand with you as a voice crying in the wilderness, “Prepare ye the way of the Lord”.

    May the rich blessing of the Lord God Almighty be your blest portion as you serve Him and fulfill His commission.

    Yours in Christ,

  72. 72 Margaret

    Dear Ps. Danny,

    Thank you very much for giving us a nut shell picture of our new Prime Minister.

    Unless she repents and is changed in her heart before the next election, it’s clear that she is not God’s choice for the position.

    Before last election, in an encounter with Jesus, the Lord told my husband, Norman, that Malcolm Frazer would be defeated and the Labour Party would be elected. This was not God’s will but that he would allow it even although it would be bad for our country and result in a lot of hurt. Initally, people would think the new government was a good thing but this opinion would be proved wrong.

    And so it has come to pass and one more evil than Kevin Rudd has supplanted him just as you foresaw. As the scripture says, “The Lord does nothing before first alerting his prophets.

    God bless you as you continue to hear from God and write His wisdom to us.


  73. 73 Jill

    My, and my Christian friends` prayer is that Julia is amazingly saved and the nation is rocked by the very public evidence of the power of God…that many will come to their knees in repentance. She probably wouldn`t last long as leader of the ALP unless they, too are changed by the saving grace of our Lord and Saviour.

    Every soul is precious to God whatever their sin, public position or unbelief. Remember Paul (Saul)….Christians were suffering under his domination but God had a plan. Exhort your people to pray for their “ruler”. Very biblical.


  74. 74 Sue

    Hi Daniel,

    Thankyou for Godly words of wisdom and discernment. The Lord Jesus will continue to uphold and bless you with His mighty power in this work He has ordained for you and your ministry.

    You have boldly stepped into the lion’s den Daniel. I pray that Australian Christians, including myself, will also be so bold.

    Something to consider: Last month Jim Wallace (ex SAS), organised for Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott to expound their positoins in a broadcast specifically for the Churches, in order that Christians might be able to make an informed choice regarding the ‘faith’ that underpins each candidate. I will be challenging Jim to do the same with Julia Gillard. Would you join me in challenging him to bring the Labor leader to account before the Chuches?

    Blessings on you and your ministry,


  75. 75 Ruth

    Dear Danny,

    Hello, I was sent your prophecy about Australia and the government and I would like to be on your emailing list. I do appreciate what you do in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ and may He Bless You Abundantly.


  76. 76 Patrick

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    Thank you for your message of encouragement. When I looked at Kevin Rudd in the past I saw a sheep in wolf’s clothing and when I look at Julia Gillard now I see a witch (behind a mask) playing the good samaritan, a jezebel. I knew for sure she was one I would never vote for neither her party. I have not seen so much corruption in this labor goverment than any other government before, nor as foolish as this one with a rise in perversion, sexual immorality out in the open, violence and murder like never before, tricking people, sucking their finances by all means and their livelyhood out of then and the list goes on. It has become very real to me that it is only righteousness that can exalt a nation and the blessing or cursing will flow from the leaders first to the nation such as in the days of Moses. An ungodly leader can only bring grief and destruction to a nation even though in their own eyes they see the evil as good.

    It is sad to see Pastor Danny that many still fall in the trap of believing that material prosperity indicates the country is doing well. We often forget that Satan also brings prosperity to those who worship him, but it comes with a very heavy price and with bloodshed, ripping off one to give to another. But our God brings true prosperity. He prospers the land in righteousness and blessings- WHO CAN MATCH HIS MAJESTY?

    I too join with you hoping that all the christians in this country will go on their knees and pray before voting at this election and not get emotional or into an intellectual debate about it. I also pray that as we catch the fire keep praying for the redemption of our land righteousness will be established and the wicked ones be exposed and that we may enjoy peace in our country for years to come. May God keep blessing you for being a faithful servant , your team and supporters of the ministry.

    In Christ


  77. 77 Leanne


    Thank you. Great email and I will definitely be passing it onto as many people as I can. I have also copped a lot of flack for saying many of the same things.

    I’ve said on many occasions of Rudd if it quacks like a duck and looks like one it is one. Mr Rudd from day 1 has been a people pleaser only and only trying to please everyone. Tough decisions were not his favourite.

    I also still remember the day that Rudd gave Mr Costello a cushy overseas job. People just do not understand he wasn’t doing the gent a favour instead he was removing his closest competition. I can still remember Mr Costello being basically ignored when he was trying to warn people to get out of debt and be careful of the real estate bubble – he had the peoples best interest at heart.

    I know you will probably get a lot of emails but just wanted to give you some positive feedback.



  78. 78 Paul

    Hey Daniel,

    Thanks for the email, I didn’t realize what Julia Gillard stood for. I’ll definitely be voting for the Christian democratic party next election or the liberals. I wasn’t there at Harvetlands, Culcairn on Saturday but my parents were there and they forwarded this message on to me.

    God Bless keep up the good work.


  79. 79 Brian - Queensland

    I was sent a copy of your 18 July 2010 letter by a friend & today, during a tidy up of “old mail” I re-read it.

    As I read, my thoughts went to “Jesabel” as I have recently been reflecting on Rev 2 & 3 (see special reference to Rev 2:20) & Matthew 5-7 – relative to “where the Church is at!” in these end times.

    Events since 18 July further convince me that Jesabel is very active both in Australia & the world.

    As I read your letter further (the third last paragraph) there was the refernce to Ahab – the husband of Jesabel.

    I accessed the web & read various articles on Jeaabel & how the Spirit of Jesabel is very active in today’s Church.

    I highly recommended book that I was recently directed to relative to a the church in these end times. Key in to the web for a free download “Living with jesus Today” bu Juan Carlos Ortiz. I downloaded the 167 pages & for easier reading reformatted it into 87 pages. I will freely share this with anyone wishing to raed this book,

  80. 80 Rhonda

    Thank you so very much Pastor Danny!!!

    God bless you with all you need to continue shining the light on the dark places in this country. And I declare Australia will be the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit.



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