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PM Julia GillardMedia release – For immediate release

Five reasons why Australians should not vote for Ms Gillard as PM – vote for Labor is a vote for the Greens
A vote for Labor means a vote for the Greens, according to Dr Daniel Nalliah, President of Catch the Fire Ministries (CTFM) – an inter-denominational Para-church Ministry with more than 60 bases across Australia and reaching tens of thousands of voters across the nation.

Dr Nalliah has given five reasons why Australians should not vote for Ms Gillard as Prime Minister at the upcoming federal election on August 21.
Central to the objection is the realization that a vote for Labor will essentially be a vote for the Greens. “Do you really want Bob Brown and the Greens to run our country?” Dr Nalliah said. 

“Ms Gillard’s close alliance with the Greens means if Australians vote for Labor they will actually be voting for the Greens,” he said.

1. A vote for Labor will be a vote for Greens. “The current alliance that Labor has forged with the Greens is a real disaster for Australia and Australians. We are sure that this election will be a very close one in which Labor will have to go to bed with the Greens to get into power.  This will result in Greens policy constantly reflected in every decision Labor makes. 2. Ms Gillard is living in a de-facto relationship. “Seven out of 10 couples living in de-facto relationships claim that the men are scared to get married because they fear losing half of their belongings through divorce. By living as a de-facto Ms Gillard is setting a very bad example and is a poor role model, especially for women. Most women I have personally spoken to around the country would like to get married, have children and settle down with a husband and family.

3. Ms Gillard’s public declaration that she is an Atheist and does not believe in God goes directly against 80% of Australians who believe in God or a god, according to the last Census, of which 64% claimed to be Christians. Her atheism will reflect in certain policy decisions which will be against the majority of Australians. Are we going to let the minority rule in this free and democratic nation?

4. Ms Gillard does not have children. “Though some may think this isn’t important, it’s a huge problem when one is the Prime Minister because that title means making a raft of decisions on everything from childcare policies to Centrelink benefits taking in Education, Marriage and Family. A person must have a child to understand how to properly raise a child and as PM,  Ms Gillard will be severely lacking in personal parental knowledge. I am sure parents in Australia will agree with me on this. I believe the next generation will be at a great disadvantage with a Prime Minister who does not know what their real needs are.
5. Ms Gillard’s refusing to take the Oath on the Bible. “This is a gross mockery of the Judiciary system and what our forefathers established our nation on – the Judeo-Christian foundation.  Every court room has a Bible because it is considered the true word of God. At every court hearing, you are asked to hold the Bible in your right hand and take the oath by saying, ‘I will speak the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.’ I know all about this from personal experience when the Islamic Council of Victoria sued me under the Racial and Religious Vilification Laws. I spent five years fighting for Freedom of Speech and Religion in Australia, which we won in the Supreme Court. Does this mean that the Bible will be removed from court rooms if she becomes the elected Prime Minister?”

Daniel Nalliah is available for interview on 03 9794 8211.

10 Responses to “Media Release: Five reasons why Australians should not vote for Ms Gillard as PM – vote for Labor is a vote for the Greens”

  1. 1 Joan

    Election 2010: Thank you soooooo very much for this article, so much info I did not know about and I am sure grateful that you have revealed this to us (me). Your own words are full of wisdom and guidance. I’d be happy to take the flak for you, you don’t deserve that. You state the truth plainly. These people need to get in touch with God for themselves and hear Him. I thank God for you. No Bible believing truly born-again believer will vote for Julia G. A question for you please, What is your opinion with Family First as I was heartbroken with their response on that Four Corners program and also with Fred Nile’s Christian Party? In
    the election. I think they will be on the election sheet. I have always admired Fred Nile immensely. Thanks again for not being a man who is popular but being a man who speaks God’s truth and bears the fruit of Him who loves us without measure.

    Love in Jesus Christ, Saviour, King.


  2. 2 Maria

    Your ministry is a breath of fresh air! You proclaim the true gospel of
    Jesus! may God continue to bless you all and protect you.


  3. 3 Lisa

    only fools say their is NO GOD.

    JuLIAR DILLARD is a bad example for women

  4. 4 know

    Labor are funding (466 million) the medical identifiers (mark of the beast) which all Australians will be forced to have. Liberal are not. (Yet)

    Labor want to keep a record of all your online activities. Liberal do not. (Yet)

    And as much as ACL and other christian groups think the internet filter is a great thing. It IS NOT! Sites like this one will certainly be shut down by the government . Don’t believe the hype. It has nothing to do with pornography. It has everything to do with controlling what you can and can not have information to online.

  5. 5 know

    Remember this article?

    The US is establishing a medical identification device. Everyone under ‘Obamacare’ will be forced to take one. The device holds a 16 digit number unique to the individual. In Australia, starting from The first of this month, ALL AUSTRALIANS under medicare have received a 16 digit medical identification number. As far as i know Nicola Roxon has said nothing about a implantable device. But this is certainly the beginning of it.

  6. 6 know
  7. 7 Roger Je Rbal

    Once again, Pastor Nalliah, you speak the truth. All of God’s angels are with you, and I continually have dreams of the day you stand at the right hand of The Lord, and you will be able to show the Earth the true word of the Bible. Please continue to speak your words of truth to the country; I know that my family and I always smile when we read about you in the newspapers. Let the word of Jesus be continually broadcast to Australia so that we may put the unbelievers in their rightful place. I for one am in touch with God every day and I know you are too, and we both speak the word of Jesus constantly. But let it be known, not only is Gillard an Angel of Satan, she is in fact a twelve-foot reptile in disguise, ready to reveal her true nature to the world only if the Australian people legitimise her tyrannical rule at the next election. But I know that the Lord will prevent this disaster from coming to fruition.

  8. 8 Ewan

    You forgot about her key role in EMILY’s list. See here:

  9. 9 fos2010

    Christian should read the bible – You shall not swear – so no more things like “i swear to God i’m telling the truth” type of thing. Very simple – u simply cannot swear to God. A vote is a vote, when it involves religion, please refer back to bible, not the “standard procedure” of the court.

  10. 10 Aidan Volkofsky

    I think there is a lot of weak; very uncertain christians in the 64% quoted there, and perhaps australia is a bit too much of a safe haven for these kind of christians. I mean even to say that we benefit from being under christian rule would be i think a bit naive. look at places where christianity is growing fastest especially in china, where they are under a communist dictator and the holy spirit is working in wonderful ways. as opposed to AUS and US where churches are shrinking and peoples faith is becoming less instrumental. All you have to do is read acts to see the connection between persecution and growth in the church.

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