Thursday, May 6, 2010 By Dan Wooding Founder of ASSIST Ministries

Jesus Christ Television has just celebrated its sixth anniversary.
Called Jesus Christ Television (JCTV), it is based in Lahore and run by Pastor Javed Rauf, its managing director. He is also the general secretary of the River of God Ministry which is also based in Lahore, the second largest city in Pakistan after Karachi. On Sunday, April 18, 2010, Jesus Christ Television celebrated in Lahore its 6th Anniversary which was attended by more than 1,500 people attended by Pakistani Christian ministry heads, Christian celebrities, artists, writers, journalists, pastors and musicians.

Pastor Rauf, founder of JCTV, has endured persecution for his vision of Christian television in Pakistan, but he is undaunted.

“I am thankful to God for the day God opened the door for media ministry in Pakistan through Jesus Christ Television,” he says in a story carried by

A couple of years ago, I caught up with Pastor Rauf in Seoul, Korea and, in an interview, he first explained how the TV channel came about.

“The River of God Ministry has been working in Pakistan for many years now and we are doing a great work over there arranging lots of crusades, conventions and seminars,” said Pastor Rauf.

“God gave our ministry a vision to start television in Pakistan and so in 2004, we started Jesus Christ Television“At first we had lot of difficulties but, with the help of God, we are moving ahead and I can say definitely that already about 30,000 non-Christians have received Jesus Christ as their Savior through our television broadcasting.”

I asked him what kind of programs that Jesus Christian Television carries, and he replied, “We have a variety of programs including those for kids and youth. We also feature worship songs and also we have a daily talk show, as well as a devotional program and also many foreign ministries programs dubbed into the Urdu language, which is the main language of Pakistan.”

I wondered how the network got the name Jesus Christian Television.

“It’s rooted in the Bible for there we read that Jesus’ name is above all names,” Pastor Rauf said. “So the Holy Spirit guided us to take the name of Jesus Christ Television and we are working with the power of Holy Ghost and with the full authority that Jesus Christ has given us.”

I concluded by asking him how people could pray for this work.

“I appeal all Christians around the world to pray for us because the situation in Pakistan is getting worse. There are bomb attacks almost every day, so we are the real victim of terrorism,” he said. “So pray for a better situation so that we can work better as we are going to satellite now so we want a good situation, a good atmosphere.

“I also ask people to pray for our work with Jesus Christ Television as there are 170 million souls living in Pakistan. Who will care for them? So we have to move forward and tell them about the love of God and about Jesus Christ.”

For more information, go to . To contact Javed Rauf send an e-mail to:

Note: I would like to thank Robin Frost for transcribing this interview.



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