Diana with Dr Murray and Geraldine of CTFM in Hospital Dear family & friends in Christ,

I am sure this part 3 report of God’s mighty power at work right in the Nation of Israel will greatly bless and encourage you to know that we serve a God of miracles!

On the last day of our tour in Israel we all boarded the 2 buses and started on our journey to cross the border into Jordan to visit mount Nebo before proceeding to the Amman Airport for our flights the same day.

In my bus was a lady by the name of Diana from Wagga Wagga in NSW, which is 4 hours from Melbourne, Australia, who had joined us on the tour. Also in the same bus was a Doctor by the name of Murray from Western Australia.

All seemed normal, except for the fact that we were sad to leave Israel, so as usual we started worshipping and singing praises to God. I was seated at the front of the bus as I was using the microphone to lead the people in worship.

While we were driving we were also talking about how great it was to visit the tombs of Lazarus and Jesus, as they were both raised from the dead in Israel over two thousand years ago. Suddenly I heard some shouting in the bus. At first I did not take much notice, but then my wife shouted out, “Danny, Danny come here.” She had just noticed something that she had seen a few times in ministry before.

So I came running to the middle of the bus and noticed that everyone was now gathered around Diana as the Doctor (who had happened to sit right behind her) was trying to get her pulse and to check her heartbeat.

At this point a bit of panic broke in the bus with some shouting and others were praying. The Doctor tried hard to resuscitate her for the next 2 minutes, but nothing was working as she was dead.  He then looked at me and said, “Stop the bus!” Somehow I was quite relaxed and I think the Doctor possibly thought that I did not realise how serious the situation was.

I did not have a prompting to stop the bus but I told the Lord, “How dare Satan take a life on this tour, she cannot go right now.” I had the prompting of the Holy Spirit to put my hand on her chest and call back life so I got right up to her body, put my hand on her chest and shouted out, “In the name of Jesus life return! Satan you have no right to take this life on this tour. Diana, come back in Jesus name!” Glory to God, everyone was watching, including the Sri Lankan & Arab Christian tour guides. Immediately Diana opened her eyes, her eye balls fell into place and she gave me a great big smile. The whole bus erupted with shouts of joy as the Spirit of God raised her from the dead!

Within seconds Diana started vomiting, but glory to God the CTFM team did a great job in helping her for the rest of the journey. Doctor Murray became a great blessing as Diana was now very weak and needed a Doctor’s attention. Glory to God, the Doctor was right next to her for the rest of the journey to Sri Lanka.

Diana returned home safely back home to Wagga, Wagga, NSW, Australia. She had an ECG done and it was all clear. Glory to God!

To read Diana’s testimony click the following link:


To read Dr Murray’s medical report and testimony click the following link:


Twice before I have seen someone raised from the dead, once where a girl died on the factory floor where I worked in Sri Lanka, and then another time at the Federal Parliament building in Canberra, Australia where Pastor Bill from Sydney died.

At both places the Spirit of God clearly told me to “Call back life” and as I did so, they both came back to life! Glory to God! This is the third time it has happened and I never thought God would give me the opportunity to raise someone from the dead right in Israel!

At every place where this has happened there was a Doctor on hand to confirm the person was dead. We serve a mighty God of miracles! I give Jesus all the glory! I thank the CTFM team for their amazing bond of love, unity & unwavering prayer.

Attached is a report from Diana herself and also Doctor Murray. Please continue to pray for us, as we are seeing some amazing breakthroughs in Sri Lanka. We head to Malaysia to minister for 3 days soon and then back to Aussie land.

Your brother in Christ,

Pas Daniel Nalliah

(Reporting from Sri Lanka)



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  1. 1 Sharon

    Dear Pastor Danny and the team of 60 Prayer Intecessors (following recent trip to Israel),


    Thank you so much for this incredible documented account of a might miracle. Diana from Wagga Wagga NSW was raised from the dead on a bus in Israel in June, 2010 – and there were eye witnesses, including a senior Medical Practitioner (Dr. Murray) present! Thank you Diana and Dr. Murray for your additional personal written accounts.

    What more proof do people need? God is real. HisHoly Spirit it still at work today.Jesus came so that all may have life and life to the full. Come to the Lord whilst there is still time. Repent daily of your sins and be cleansed by Jesus blood; live righteous lives; love God and people; tell others before it’s too late; be ready and wait for the2nd coming of Jesus, where “all eyes will see”.

    Look up http://www.redmoonrapture.com as additional information for preparation of the rapture. It’s so soon.

    Yours in Christ,


  2. 2 Dorothy

    WOW! WE SURELY SERVE AN AWESOME GOD – but also contend with a vicious enemy.

    Thanks so much for these faith-boosting reports. This has been quite a trip eh? It was bound to be when Pastor Danny was on board.

    A Sister in Christ,


  3. 3 Marie

    PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!


  4. 4 Hazel

    God Bless you Danny & Crew! How time flies! We were part of the Brisbane Crew praying for both Dannys. Congrats on a prophetic & inspiring First trip to Israel. Wonderful witness as usual. My friend Maggie was blown out of her tree!

    Thank you,


  5. 5 Cheryl

    Dear Pastor Danny

    This trip has been life changing in so many ways. God is so good to us. The 1st thing for me that was so powerful was coming in to Jerusalem the 1st night. We were all so tired from the trip but as we entered the city I had this awesome joy and excitement come over me.This was the city that Jesus walked in to on a donkey and here we were entering on a bus!!! When we reached the Hotel in Bethlehem we got out and there was a hot breeze blowing and it was like the wind of the Holy Spirit blowing us in to Bethlehem. I could write much more of these moments but the other time that was so powerful was when we were praying at the golden gates. You were holding up the key and the rock and praying and I saw a vision of a chariot of angels coming out of the sky and they circled us once and then went through the estern gates. It was just an amazing vision and when we had finished the praying and were walking up to the bus, I had a real feeling of completion- we had completed the job we had come to do and I had this releif come over me and I was very happy. As I got on the bus I heard the Lord say “Well done my faithful servant” I was very Blessed. The other time that was so pwerful for me was when we were leaving Israel and Diana Died. Just being a part of such a powerful experience and seeing God raise someone from the dead was just awesome. I went and sat with Yvonne and read Dueteronomy 30 and claimed the scriptures over Diana and continued to pray with Yvonne. It was wonderful to see Diana walking in to the resturant in Jordon and looking so healthy and walking up the steps with the others. I later went up to see her sitting with a table of ladies who were enjoying their meal and I chatted with her briefly. There where many other moments that I had that were amazing, but I am just picking some of the best experiences that I had on the trip to the Holy Land. I just want to thank you again
    for letting me be a part of this trip to the Holy Land
    Love and Blessings from Cheryl.

  6. 6 Donna

    Dear Danny

    Praise the Lord Danny I am glad the lady is alright.

    God Bless Donna

  7. 7 Peter

    Absolutely wonderful. Praise the Lord. Also, as a former registered nurse, (now a pastor) the doctors testimonial is very authoritative for even the most staunch unbeliever.


  8. 8 Bernie

    Ps Danny,

    You are a real blessing to the Church in Australia. I am privilage to know you and to hear what God is doing in your life. We serve a mighty God of miracles.

    Keep up the intensity to unite, encourage and empower our local church in Australia….we need mentors who are willing to go beyond the boundries set by others and focus on the boundries set by God.

    I appreciate your news letter and encouragement.


  9. 9 Dileeni

    Dear Pas. Danny & family,

    Thank you for sharing details of your great trip to Israel. Truely we serve an awesome God who is the same, yesterday, today & forever. It was so inspiring to read the many testimonies and how you managed to witness to so many and lead them to Christ. May God bless you abundantly in every area of your life and extend your ministry as you obey & serve Him.



  10. 10 Fayre

    I have to say that is what happened to my husband. I was at home with him and my daughter after the family had left ; he was totally relaxed and then he seemed to fade away. He started to say the TV was in black and white, except there was no TV in the room, he then slumped forward, urinated and when I checked he was not breathing. My daughter panicked and rang for an ambulance. We lived in Bulleen at the time and I just kept telling the spirit of death to leave and commanding him to live.
    When the ambulance arrived he had just the slightest blood pressure and the lady said he was suffering from Hypoxia, ( no blood to the brain).

    It was the strangest feeling to know your husband was dead and to realize he would be no more but I refused to except anything except God’s Word on the subject and he did live. He went to hospital and revived completely.
    The year before last he had a heart check as a routine procedure by his doctor and he said there had been some sort of problem in the last few years and sent him on for further tests. Nothing showed up when he was under pressure but once he relaxed a clot was shown to be blocking a valve or something. He had it operated on and cleared but my older children now know why my younger daughter was in such a state. They simply did not believe it but the ambulance station or who ever took the call on OOO would have heard me demanding that satan leave him alone.

    Regards Fayre

  11. 11 Brother Elijah

    Dear pastor Daniel, Praise to God.

    Let God be grorified for what God is doing, glory into Him.

    I fill tears are falling as drops of heavy rainfall!

    Kindly we request you to come Kenya and Do the same!!!

    Brother Elijah

    from Kenya

  12. 12 Manwell

    Thats Awesome!


  13. 13 Fayre

    The Jewish Palestinian Question

    Rarely a day goes by without some mention being made in the media concerning the difficulties of the intifada and the Palestinian refugees in Gaza and the West Bank. Israel is always portrayed as the aggressor in these communications and much is made of supposed Israeli brutality and unfairness. Christians need to remember that the world media for the most part is in the hands of Godless men. As such it is a powerful tool in the hands of Satan to spread lies and humanist propaganda and influence the world away from God’s purposes. We need to be sure that we are in agreement how God sees things and are not unwittingly siding with the enemy, no matter how peaceloving and rational his lies sound.

    Some basic facts:-

    1. There is already a Palestinian state in the Middle East – In 1922 Sir Winston Churchill partitioned the land already promised to the Jews in 1917 by the Balfour Declaration, He gave 23% to the Jews and the remaining 77% was given to the Palestinians and became Jordan. Over half the population of Jordan is Palestinian. King Hussein of Jordan is quoted as saying in 1977 that ‘The two people are actually one.’ Again in 1981 he said, “The truth is that Jordan is Palestine and “Palestine is Jordan.” In 1947 the land was partitioned again, this time by the U.N. They gave the area west of the Jordan to the Jews (including the West Bank) and the area east of the Jordan to the Arabs (Jordan). The Jews were given the smallest possible area, yet the Arabs rejected the plan and in May 1948, after the proclamation of the State of Israel, Egypt, Jordan Syria, Iraq and Lebanon declared war. Following this war the West Bank or biblical Judea and Samaria was under Jordanian control including East Jerusalem, making Jerusalem a divided city. Israel won this war despite the tremendous odds ranged against them. They had less people, few weapons, little money and were in the midst of coping with all the refugees of war torn Europe who were streaming into the country, often with nothing but clothes on their backs. Surely the Lord was fighting for them.

    ‘The Lord did not set His love on Israel for just a short time. His love remains down through the generations. The Lord is King forever and ever, the nations are perished out of His land.’ Psalm 10:16

    2. The refugee problem – During the war 1948 the Arab armies, certain of victory, told the Arabs living in the land of Palestine, as Israel was called during the years of the British Mandate, to leave their homes, as they would be able to return in a few days when the Israelis had been defeated. The Israelis, in many cases chased after their neighbors, begging them to remain. Those who chose to do so are now Israeli citizens with representation in the Israeli Parliament. Those who left have become Palestinian refugees. It is interesting to note that from 1948-1967 the West Bank or Judea and Samaria, was under Jordanian control but nothing was done to assimilate these people who speak the same language and have the same religion and culture as the Jordanian people into that country. The same applies to those refugees living in Gaza. The Egyptians made no attempt to resettle these tragic folk and help them make new lives for themselves and their families. Instead they were left in refugee camps to become the unwitting pawns in a political game. They lived in these camps,unnoticed by the rest of the world and the Arab countries until Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza in 1967 during a war started once again by her Arab neighbors. Only then did the Arab countries show any ‘concern’ for these people. The truth is that these unfortunate people are more useful to the Arab states as refugees than as integrated citizens. They have no genuine concern for their well-being. How much they need the love of the Lord Jesus to be extended to them.

    3. Jewish Refugees in Arab Lands – We hear much concerning the 600,000 Palestinian refugees who left Israel during their wars and have now increased considerably in number, but nothing concerning the 800,000 Jewish refugees who were expelled from Arab lands where their families have lived since the first exile. In the late 1940’s, early 1950’s, the Arab states expelled Jews from their borders, forcing them to leave their homes, belongings and money. They arrived in Israel quite destitute and were immediately absorbed by the struggling state. This is still continuing on as Ethiopian Jews arrive and have to be housed, educated and cared for. The oil rich Arab states have had the same opportunity to absorb the Palestinian refugees but have chosen not to do so.

    4. Israel’s Treatment of the Refugees – To suggest that everything Israel says and does is above reproach and has the sanction of the Lord would be sentimental nonsense. Israel has the same faults as any other nation and her people are subject to the same weaknesses as anybody else but her mistakes are widely reported and often exaggerated and her good points ignored. The Israeli Government has done a lot to improve the life of the refugees, building schools, universities and hospitals and granting freedom of movement and freedom of the press before the intifada, Many people from the camps are employed in Israel. In 1970 she began a relocation program offering refugee families the opportunity to move to new residential projects. In response to this the United Nations has passed resolutions demanding that ‘Israel desist from the removal of resettlement of refugees from the West Bank and Gaza Strip. ‘ It seems that the world at large finds it more beneficial to its interests to leave these poor people some whom have never lived outside a camp, where they are.

    5. The Question of the Land – There has never been a land of Palestine. This name was first used by the Romans during their occupation of the land and stems from the name of the country that the Philistines occupied just north of Gaza. It was used again by the British during the time of their Mandate. Jerusalem has never at any time been an Arab capital but it has had first place in Jewish hearts for thousands of year. During the 400 years of Turkish rule the land was poor, neglected and sparsely inhabited – wanted by no one, a land in mourning for its true owners.

    Only after the Jews began to return during the latter part of the last century did the land begin to blossom again. They drained the swamps, planted trees and tilled the soil and many lost their lives in the struggle to make the land fertile once again. The Jewish settlers bought the land at exorbitant prices from absentee landlords who generally sold them the worst land that they had.

    It needs to be remembered that the Confederation of Arab States today encompasses many millions of square miles compared to the 10,000 square miles which make up little Israel.

    Israel is told that if she will only turn the occupied territories there will be peace in the Middle East. When these areas were under Arab control from 1948-1967 there was certainly no peace and no move at all to form another Palestinian State. She has already returned the Sinai to Egypt in yet another peace initiative but is yet to see any fruit from her efforts.

    6. The P.L.O. – The P.L.O. came into being in 1964 under the leadership of Yasser Arafat, for the express purpose of annihilating the State of Israel. They are the fathers of modern terrorism and have no qualms at killing innocent men, women and children. They are financed by the oil rich Arab states, many of whom are known as ‘moderate’. They are guilty of killing not only Jews but their own people who disagree with them. They show no concern for their Arab brothers, forcing them to strike and thus depriving them of their livelihood and threatening any Arab leader in Israel who disagrees with them with loss of life and property. They have raped and murdered many of their own people in Israel and Lebanon. King Hussein of Jordan ordered his soldiers to kill over 2,000 Palestinians when the P.L.O. tried to start an intifada in Jordan a few years ago. Yet Israel is condemned for trying to protect her citizens from these butchers. The world would do well to remember Yaasser Arafat’s past record before it attempts to pressure Israel to negotiate with these people whose one aim is to destroy all Israeli, not to create another Palestinian state.

    The battle for the Middle East’s needs to be seen by and large, as a spiritual one, with the Arab nations and the P.L.O. being used in the hands of the powers of darkness to hinder God’s sovereign purposes. As Christians we need to be wise to his tactics, asking the Lord for discernment and understanding that we might see beyond what appears to be happening tin the world, also need to pray for the Arab people that they might be released from bondage to the strong repressive spirit of Islam and come to know the Prince of Peace who alone can bring a lasting peace into this situation.

    This has been a very broad and simplified treatment of this topic. There are books that go into far more detail of this situation that what is mentioned here.

    ‘Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! May they prosper that love you. Peace be within your walls and prosperity within your palaces! For my brethren and companions sake I will now say Peace be within you! For the sake of the house of the Lord I will now seek, inquire for and require your good.’

    ‘I have set watchmen on your walls O Jerusalem who will never hold their peace day or night; You who put the Lord in remembrance keep not silence, and give him no rest until He establishes Jerusalem and makes it a praise in the earth.’
    Isaiah 62:6-7

    ‘Thus says the Lord of Hosts; I am jealous for Zion with a great jealousy, and I am jealous for her with great wrath ( against her enemies)

    Thus says the Lord: I shall return to Zion and will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem; and Jerusalem shall be called the city of truth, and the mountain of the Lord of Hosts, the holy mountain.’
    Zechariah 8:3-4


  14. 14 Ps John and Maggie

    Ps. Danny, how was your ministry after the Israel trip, I believe Jesus did work mighty miracles as well in Sri Lanka and Malaysia. We are still blessed by the Israel trip, much great reports from some of our group we are in contact with, never been blessed so much before.

    Anyway, we’ve prayed and consider your invitation to join CTFM, and I believe God wants us to move to Melbourne. We have spoken to our Senior Pastor and he’s given us his blessings if we decide to move. Because of our deep involvement with our church, we are only able to make any move later, perhaps early next year.

    Once again, thanks for everything and a mighty “God bless you” to you, Marise and Briana.

    Yeshua is Lord!

    Ps John and Maggie

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