Pastor Daniel and his wife leading the CTFM tour in IsraelEastern / Golden Gate where King Jesus rides through after His 2nd Coming to Jerusalem, IsraelDear family & friends in Christ,
I was so happy to read all the encouraging feedback from my last email titled ‘CTFM Israel mission great success – Part 1 / Mini revival in the aircrafts and transit hotel’ and I hope that this Part 2 report will bless you too!

I just do not know where to start once again, but I will try my best to share as briefly as possible as to what happened over our 8 day mission to Israel.
Although entering into Israel territory was very exciting, we were all very tired and ready to sleep the day we arrived.  There were many security checks, but they were not too bad. As soon as they heard that we were from Australia, there was great favour given to us. I must also say that with Jesus on our side, we did not have any major issues at all!
More than 60 of us were on this intercessory prayer mission trip, including my wife Maryse and little girl Brianna. I must say that the Catch The Fire team were just absolutely fantastic as everyone worked together so well and helped each other, which made the trip so pleasant and very exciting

For the first few days we stayed in the Palestinian controlled areas. The Jews & Palestinians were all very nice to us. We had many opportunities to share the love of Jesus and to pray with them. In fact, our bus driver who was a Palestinian Arab Muslim gave his life to Jesus!
Every site we visited in the Holy Land was so special and almost every site had been secured by mainline churches. Thank God for them, because if not for them, there possibly would be no Christian sites to visit in Israel. However, it was most depressing in many of these traditional religious places, as everyone was told to be silent in respect of the holy sites. We at CTFM did play by the rules at first, but then I remembered that Jesus is alive, not dead, and we needed to bring back the joy of the Lord! So I went up to the priest at every site and very kindly challenged him that we should celebrate that Jesus is alive! This strategy was successful at almost every place as we were given permission by the priests to praise and worship the Lord out loud in public! This was fantastic and brought great excitement into many of the traditional religious parts of the trip as we took over lifted our hands to worship the Lord!The Upper Room were the original disciples of Jesus received the Pentecostal experience of the Holy Spirit seemed very much like a quiet boardroom until we lifted our hands and prayed in tongues! I don’t think the Holy Spirit had shaken that place like that for a very long time! I said to the CTFM team, “This is where the early church believers first spoke in tongues, so let’s storm heaven.” Everyone together in unity stormed heaven in tongues in the Upper Room. It was just glorious. All the other people were left speechless.
At the church on the site of the house of Mary, Martha & Lazarus, once again I asked the local priest to worship the Lord and he said yes. We had a glorious time of worship and then prayed in tongues. The priest got such a shock that he ran out of the building to get the guide, but since I knew the guide was far away, we just continued until he came back. Then we stopped, but by this time we punched many holes through the spiritual darkness of the religious spirits and brought down the light and glory of God’s presence. Then I took a love offering and gave it to the church so the priest was very happy.
It was very exciting to visit the place in Bethlehem where Jesus was born, the Garden of Gethsemane, the tomb of Lazarus, the place where Jesus fed the 5000 (plus women and children), the Sea of Galilee, the place where Elijah hid from Ahab & Jezebel, the place where David hid from Saul, the Dead Sea, Mount Nebo in Jordan (from where Moses saw the Promise Land before he died), the journey of the Cross or better known as the stations of the Cross, His empty tomb, Cana where Jesus turned water into wine, the Jordan river and many other amazing places from the Bible as we worshipped the Lord all the way through!

Everyone was so excited to get baptised in the Jordan river. I counted it a great joy to baptise those who went on the trip with the help of Pastor John from the Gold Coast, who also joined us on the trip. I praise God that I have now baptised people in the Red Sea (when I was in Saudi Arabia) and now in the Jordan river in Israel! Glory to God.

We also had the opportunity to meet and pray with Pastor Tom Hess from the Jerusalem House of Prayer on the Mount of Olives. Pastor Tom gave us a very good overview of what’s really happening in the Middle East. I must say that we all on the CTFM Israel mission have all received a greater heart and love for the nation of Israel.

I was amazed that although the attack on the flotilla boat took place while we were in Israel, there was tremendous peace everywhere we went. It seems like the media makes the situation look far worse than what it is as I noticed Jews, Muslims & Christian Arabs living and working together peacefully.

We visited the Wailing Wall and were so sad to see so many Jewish people (religious and secular) so lost without knowing their Messiah who died, rose again, and is coming back very soon as the King of kings and LORD of lords to Jerusalem, Israel! So we all joined hands at this place and prayed for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem.

The highlight of this life transforming trip was the main purpose for our going to Israel which was a very specific prophetic intercessory prayer assignment from the Lord. Our tour guide had secured a private garden overlooking the Golden Gate or better known the Eastern Gate. Here we were very free in the Spirit of the Lord to do whatever we wanted to do without any religious restrictions. So we had a glorious service facing the Golden Gate from where Jesus is expected to soon return, not riding a donkey this time as the Suffering Servant, but riding a white horse as the Victorious Warrior King, to rule and reign over the nations from Jerusalem, Israel!

Through a glorious service of prayer, praise, worship, and scripture declaration, we prophetically welcomed the soon return of King Jesus through the Golden Gate. We also had a very large golden key from Jerusalem that we were given by sister Jill at CTFM back in Melbourne, Australia before we left for Israel. We used this key to prophetically unlock the gates in the Spirit and then we buried the key and a special rock that we received from Jerusalem through another sister from Sydney, Australia. Many were weeping, others were praising, some were laughing and shouting for joy as the presence of the Lord just absolutely shook the place!

Glory to God as our mission to Israel was a great success. All I can say is that we have just fulfilled what the Spirit of God revealed for us to do through two of His servants some three years ago. I believe with all my heart that Jesus is coming back very, very soon as the reigning King of kings and LORD of lords!

I sincerely pray and hope that you are ready!

Your brother in Christ,

Pr Daniel Nalliah
(writing from Sri Lanka)

For those of you in Melbourne, Australia, come join us at 7:30pm tomorrow Friday 18th June for our weekly intercessory prayer meeting for our nation’s transformation.  Our weekly youth service is at 5pm this Saturday 19th June.
Our weekly worship services are this Sunday 20th June at 9:30am and 6:30pm.

All of the meetings in Melbourne will be held at Catch the Fire Ministries Apostolic Centre at 23 Melverton Drive, Hallam   (Melways Ref: 96 G2)


21 Responses to “CTFM Israel mission – Part 2 / by Pastor Daniel”

  1. 1 Michael

    Hi Daniel,

    It sounds like you had a victorious trip! It sounds amazing!

    God is good!



  2. 2 Dorothy

    Thank you Ps Daniel. I laughed, cried and shouted praises to God as I read your encouraging report. Yes, Jesus is coming.

    Blessings from Dorothy

    We’ve got to get ready.
    The King is coming.
    He’s on His way.
    So open your heart’s door.
    Sweep out the rubbish.
    We’ve got to get ready.
    He could come today.

  3. 3 Ilona

    Dear Ps Danny and team

    I was so encouraged when I read the plane trip report, first I smiled then i cried, thank God someone is doing something to shake the status quo!

    When I just read the second report that you welcome feedback I immediately wanted to let you know again I was thrilled to be part of the adventure and prayer focus. I so wish I was with you all and really want to be part of the next contingent.

    Praying against the flow of the world seems at times an impossible task but when our small remnant in Australia can have such a big voice it is exciting times to be sure. Praise God, I took one of our Korean friends to be amomng a christian noon lunch time of fellowship and someone prayed and we saw her foot grow 3 inches. All her back pain and inability to move has vanished and I am pumped to see such a God presence over a simple unorchestrated lunch.

    I welcome your news.

    My prayer of late has been:
    Lord, let me continue to trust in you, let the team know that you are with them, let them be given words of knowledge about complete strangers and be brave enough to speak them out, let them pray for the religious leaders, police and security staff in a humble and trusting way and let the Lord allow the signs and miracles to follow as the team ministers in each and every part of this travel route.

    In everything they do let the glory reflect totally on Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

    Let your favour remain on all the team in Israel and back home in Australia to family and loved ones.
    We acknowledge we can do nothing without your blessing Lord so let all honour and praise go to you. Amen.
    Forest Lake

  4. 4 Helen

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    Fantastic Wonderful,You are so spot on with your Israel mission. What a revival story you have, I enjoyed it sooo much, Bless you all at Catch the Fire,

    heaps of love from Helen

    PS. WE are off to mexico missions in august as a family, All preachers taking the Kingdom for Jesus..

  5. 5 Peter

    What a wonderful story of your trip


  6. 6 Ian

    So good, Pastor Daniel.

    Love in Jesus

  7. 7 Edurado

    Hope you can minister in the Phillippines…

  8. 8 Ray & Patricia

    We thank you for keeping us informed of the true events that you have witnessed.

    To GOD BE THE GLORY as you continue the good work of THE KING OF KINGS & LORD OF LORDS.


  9. 9 Nicole

    Awesome! What fantastic witnessing!

    Thanks for the update & will keep you up in prayer. Really encouraging stuff!


  10. 10 Ammy

    Wow! it was wonderful to read this, what we have cannot be compared to anything else.

    with love from

  11. 11 Maddy







  12. 12 Koresh

    Nice to read this story Ps Danny.
    Are u in Melbourne yet?


  13. 13 Bishop Samuel

    I bless the Name of Yehovah!
    Greetings in the name of Jesus Yahshua!
    Am happily glad to read from you and know that I will be updated on the happenings of your ministry
    Paul says Fun the flame… keep the fire burning.
    Am blessed.
    May the Lord increase you and establish His covenant with you as based on the Abrahamic promises.
    Bishop Samuel

  14. 14 Denise

    Hi CTF team

    To capture in words [My Isreal trip] is hardly possible…but I this is my attempt: A crazy mixture of exhaustion, joy, deep compassion for the people of these lands, and great contentment to just be with this amazing family of God. I only had met Ps Daniel prior to meeting up with the group at Malaysia airport!

    I was so meant to be part of this tour, and now that I am back, realise that somewhere along the way, I have become ‘ABANDONED TO GOD’ and so richly aware of His precious love for ME!


  15. 15 Natasha

    Why did I go to Israel? My Lord asked me to love her. I have now joined the I love Israel Club.

    When I made it to the upper room and praying there I felt I could go no further. I continued to walk stronger every day since then.

    The spirit of God wooed me through Israel, wed me at Sri Lanka, my walk is a testament to Catch the Fire team, walking and moving in
    LOVE, I believe in this Love Revolution, it’s as good medicine as I lost my precious medicines on the first day. Perfect love casts out

    I Have been told since my return, I was given a double dose of power, love and a sound mind

    Praise God

  16. 16 Betty

    Pastor Danny,

    Your testimony of your travel to Israel is very very encouraging and comforting. I will print copy of the emails and read to my Sabbath School Children who are praying with me for Israel. It is comforting to know that there is peace within the walls of Jerusalem.

    These children they go down on their faces like the Muslims and pray for Israel. The news of the war shook the children with fear for suffering children in Israel; so they will be happy that Pastor Danny gave us good news from the Holy Land.

    The LORD spoke to us on Wednesday night that when praying for Israel, as Gentiles, we ought to be neutral and stand in the gap for both parties (Israel & Arab nations) They are both his people, because they are descendant of Abraham. I felt and sensed the pain that Abraham felt when Sarah threw Hagar out of the house with the child, Ishmael. I broke down and wept because this is the second time after fours years the Lord is reminding me. The LORD would love the Muslims nations saved. Sarah’s unbelief to help GOD caused the effects of today. The result is on going wars between Israel and Muslim nations. I wept for “mercy” on Israel for their unbelief and the LORD heard me and Assured me that our prayers are answered. We will continue to stand with Israel in prayer!

    GOD doesn’t make mistakes, he’s humorous.

    Pastor thank you for your updates.

    Be Blessed with your wife and team. Thank you CTFM!


  17. 17 Jill

    Dear Danny

    The first Rise Up Australia Prayer Meeting was held last Sunday 13th June in the Cootamundra Baptist Church Lounge at 5pm. 27 people came to pray. There were 3 Pastors from different denominations there and we prayed for 2 hours. People even came from other towns to join with us. We prayed for the 3 Pastors who were there and then prayed specifically for the leaders of our Nation. One lady saw a large fire with lots of little fires around it. Jesus being the larger fire and us the smaller fires. There was a call on the men of God to stand in the town and to preach the Word of God. We prayed that God would raise up men and women to have the right heart for our Nation of Australia. Willing to stand no matter what the cost. We prayed for ministers to be encouraged. That the town would see how we loved one another. There was prayer for the Mayor the police and all those in authority in the town. That the men would stand and no longer be complacent. For fathers to be fathers and leaders in their home. We prayed for each State individually. Defence forces. For Daniel Dalliah and his ministry in this Nation. All in all a good start. We will meet again on the second Sunday of July in the Baptist Church Lounge Cootamundra at 5pm. Have heard wonderful things about your trip to Israel. We hope to get Diane to come and talk to us soon.
    Blessings Jill

  18. 18 Jeannette

    Hey Danny!

    What a treat to read of your recent experiences. May it continue!

    Blessings in Jesus,


  19. 19 Anne

    I have been incredibly blessed by joining Pastor Danny on this trip to Israel. I am proud to be one of what would seem relatively few pilgrim groups of Australians to trace the footsteps of Jesus whilst he was on this earth.

    I shall always treasure the moment we sang “He Is Lord” in the church at The Garden of Gethsemane, as the acoustics worked perfectly to make it sound like angels. I suspect many other pilgrims who were visiting that day, were especially blessed by our worship, in a place where normally silence is requested.

    After this, Pastor Danny made, what the priest in charge said, was quite an unusual petition; for the group to be able to pray at the very rock where Jesus had knelt and agonised with His father, in the hours before His death. I was so humbled and privileged to be able to do this.

    Thank you, Catch The Fire and Travelscene At The Glen for such a well organised, spiritual experience!


  20. 20 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Danny, Thanks so much for this. We rejoice to hear how the Lord led, guided and used you each step of the way. Love and prayers.

    Audrey & Maurice.

  21. 21 Dot

    Great to hear. Fantastic. God Bless

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