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Dr Cindy JacobsDr. Cindy Jacobs – April 5, 2010

God Says: “I Want My People to Pray In a New Pentecost that will Sweep the Face of the Earth”

On December 31, 2009, the Holy Spirit spoke through me and said, “I’m going to shake the earth. You will begin to see earthquakes—I am going to shake everything that can be shaken. Look where the earthquakes are hitting because God is going to release a wind of Pentecost in those places.”

Since that time we have seen an increase in earthquake activity on a large scale. Haiti was and is experiencing horrible devastation. After the earthquake, the president called for a day of fasting and prayer for the nation. This was a miracle in this country that had formerly been dedicated to voodoo.

With only five days notice, Christian leaders were able to gather around 1,000,000 people for a prayer meeting. On that day, the winds of Pentecost did indeed blow as 3,000 were saved—among them 101 voodoo priests. It seems the back of the strongman of the occult was broken in that land and I believe a new Haiti will arise.Other shakings in places such as Chile have also been horrifying. I was amazed to awaken and find that a Tsunami had rolled over an island called Robinson Crusoe. The night before the shaking, Mike and I had done something that was unusual for us in our schedule—we had been home and watched a movie about Robinson Crusoe.

Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me where the Tsunamis took place. Literally, they swept towards the Hawaiian Islands where I had prophesied in 1992 in the Aloha Bowl that Hawaii would be the first Christian state. Many prayed, and with early warning, the Tsunami did not sweep the islands. Other places, such as Japan, did have strong waves and strange colored seas.

God is Speaking Through Nature

Here are a couple of Scriptures that many prophetic voices have been receiving for some time: Haggai 2:7 and Hebrews 12:26-29. Each of the verses are talking about shaking.

Habakkuk 2:14 says, …the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.

There is no doubt that God is speaking though nature. The earthquakes also tell us that the earth is “groaning” for the manifestation of the sons of God.

There was an earthquake in Eureka, California. The motto for the state: “Eureka, I found it!” This is another of those signs.

God is about to be the God of creation in ways that we cannot imagine. These things come to wake us up. One of the prophecies I have been giving was to “look for the earthquakes in unusual places” and that these would be places of visitations of His glory.

Baja, California just experienced a 7.2 earthquake. There have been many people praying for the borders of Mexico and many in Mexicali. Prophetically, I say to the drug lords on the border—Beware! “I, says the Lord, am going to deal with the cartels and those who would shake their fists in My face. The shaking has begun and it will increase.”

Another place of shaking was Los Angeles, California. Jaeson Ma, my son in the Lord, noted that a 4.4 earthquake hit at 4:04 on March 16th with tremors hitting Northern California at 4.1 at 4:01. Then God gave him the Scripture Psalm 4:4, In your anger do not sin; when you are on your beds, search your hearts and be silent. Selah.

After this earthquake on 3/16/10, Jaeson wrote in his prayer letter, “It just so happens this year Easter lands on 4/4. God is warning us, waking us and urging us to wash ourselves clean of all sin and unrighteousness to prepare for a great glory that is about to be revealed in our land, but it will not come without impending shaking and possible judgment.”

He went on to share how he spoke about this in a prayer gathering for Hollywood and people in the arts/entertainment industry and the significance of 4-4. One leader shared how important “4s” are on music. Music is notated in 4/4, 4/8, 4/32 time signatures on a large basis. He feels that the “4s” that are rocking the city of L.A. are significant and need to be listened to. After that time, another earthquake rocked Los Angeles on Easter Sunday, 4/4 .

Look to the areas where these earthquakes were felt and ask God to shake the things that need to be shaken to reveal His glory. It is time for His glory to be revealed so all can see it!

Winds of Pentecost

Recently as I prayed about these signs, the Holy Spirit spoke to me once again and said, “Winds of Pentecost.” I immediately thought what I prophesied at Mrs. Freda Lindsay’s (the former president of Christ for the Nations Bible Institute in Dallas, Texas) memorial service, “The winds of Pentecost are blowing and they are going to take the seeds that she has sown and blow them across the face of the earth. There are mantles falling if you want them.”

This is what the Lord spoke to me on April 5, 2010, “Cindy, Pentecost. Check out the dates for this year’s Pentecost and call My people to cry out on that date.”

Pentecost this year is May 23, and it is an unusual one in that there is a convergence of the eastern and western traditions with the celebration being held on the same date. This does happen, but rarely. Then I noted that the last Global Day of Prayer event (these prayer meetings have been going on for ten years and this is the last one), will be held on Pentecost Sunday in Cape Town, South Africa.

God wants His winds of Pentecost to blow at Pentecost. The Lord says, “I want My people to pray in a new Pentecost that will sweep the face of the earth, for I am coming with divine visitation that will touch Heaven and earth. Many will be swept into the Kingdom of God and My glory will pour out with signs and wonders both in Heaven and the earth!”

In the Russian Orthodox tradition, the night of Pentecost called for a special “Kneeling Prayer” service in which everyone makes a full prostration, touching their foreheads to the floor.

Let’s all participate and call for a day of fasting and prayer as the Holy Spirit is speaking and a Pentecost of wind, fire, and glory will break out across the face of the earth in unusual ways.

Cindy Jacobs
Generals International



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