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Receiving the Baptism of the Holy SpiritJ. Lee Grady Charisma Channels – Spirit Led Living  Saturday, 17 April 2010

Find out the simple steps you can take to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

When we meet Christ and put our trust in Him, we are “born again” (John 3:3) and we receive the Holy Spirit in our hearts. This is the most important decision we will ever make. This happened to the disciples of Jesus in John 20:22, which says: “[Jesus] breathed on them and said to them, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit.'”

 But before Jesus ascended to heaven He told His disciples to wait in Jerusalem until the “promise of the Father” had come (Luke 24:49). He told them that if they would wait there they would be “clothed with power from on high.” In Acts 1:8 Jesus told His followers that they would receive “power” to be His witnesses.

So the disciples waited in Jerusalem for many days, praying near the temple. On the day of Pentecost, which was 50 days after Jesus had died on the cross, something amazing happened. The Holy Spirit was poured out on the early church . This is described in Acts 2:1-4.  The Bible says that when the Spirit came, the disciples were filled (another word is “baptized”) with the SpiritThis shows us that there are two separate experiences we can have with God. One is salvation, in which we receive God’s amazing forgiveness a new nature. The Holy Spirit comes to live inside us, and He becomes our Teacher, our Comforter and our Helper.

The second experience is the baptism of the Holy Spirit, in which the Holy Spirit who is already in us overflows. “Baptized in the Spirit” means “completely immersed in the Spirit.” Jesus never wanted us to rely on our own ability to do the work of ministry. He wants to do it through us. So He fills us with the Holy Spirit in order to empower us with His ability.

When we have this experience, the Holy Spirit’s power fills us so full that He spills out. Also when we are baptized in the Spirit, unusual “gifts of the Holy Spirit”-which are listed in I Corinthians 12:8-10) – begin to be manifested in our lives. We begin to experience His supernatural power. These gifts include prophecy, discernment, miracles, healing and speaking in unknown tongues.

When people were baptized in the Holy Spirit in the New Testament church, the Bible says they all spoke in tongues (see Acts 2:1-4, Acts 4:31, Acts 10:44-48 and Acts 19:1-7).  A lot of people get hung up on speaking in tongues because it seems like a weird thing. It’s actually not strange at all. It is a very special form of prayer that any Christian can experience.

When we pray in our heavenly prayer language, we are praising God and also strengthening ourselves spiritually. Speaking in tongues helps us become mighty in the Spirit. The apostle Paul, truly a giant in the New Testament church, told the Corinthian believers: “I thank God that I speak in tongues more than you all.”

Being baptized in the Holy Spirit is not something you have to qualify for. Any Christian can ask, and Jesus is ready to do it. You can pray by yourself or you can ask someone else to pray for you.

Here are the simple steps you can take to be filled with the Holy Spirit:

1. Prepare your heart. The Holy Spirit is holy. He is compared to a fire (see Matt. 3:11), which means He purifies sin and burns up that which is not Christlike in our lives. Make sure you have confessed all known sin and made your heart ready for His infilling.

2. Ask Jesus to baptize you in the Spirit. You do not need to jump through hoops to get God’s attention. He is eager to answer your request. Jesus is the one who baptizes us in the Spirit, so ask Him—and expect Him to answer.

3. Receive the infilling. Begin to thank Him for this miracle. The Holy Spirit’s power is filling your life. If you feel your mind is clouded with doubts, just praise the Lord. Focus your mind on Him and not on yourself.

4. Release your prayer language. The moment you are filled with the Spirit, you will receive the ability to speak in your heavenly prayer language. You may feel the words bubbling up inside of you. You may begin to hear the words in your mind. Open your mouth and began to speak, trusting the Lord to give you this new, supernatural language.

Some people ask me, “Do I have to speak in tongues?” Certainly God will not force you to do it, and it has nothing to do with salvation. But I believe He offers this gift to anyone who wants it. It could be considered the least of the gifts—but it serves as a doorway to the supernatural realm and helps usher you into the deeper things of God.

5. Step out in boldness. After you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit, one of the first things you will notice is a new boldness. The Holy Spirit does not like to hide. He wants you to speak about Jesus to those around you—and He will give you surprising courage.





  1. 1 Cliff Hilbert

    Yes, the Bible says they were filled with the Spirit and spoke in tongues on Pentacost. However, what all the charasmatic and Assembly of God churches and teachers miss is that they were speaking in languages they didn’t know, BUT WERE KNOWN by the people outside who heard them.

    “All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues” – they spoke in other languages.
    “5Now there were staying in Jerusalem God-fearing Jews from every nation under heaven. 6When they heard this sound, a crowd came together in bewilderment, because each one heard them speaking in his own language. 7Utterly amazed, they asked: “Are not all these men who are speaking Galileans? 8Then how is it that each of us hears them in his own native language”

    They were speaking in known languages, not their prayer “tongues”- languages that the apostles did not know. Therefore it was the Spirit who was speaking through them. If they were speaking in “tongues”, which is what people like to call their prayer languages, then no one would have understood them because “tongues” is a heavenly language that man does not understand. Tongues and interpretation is something entirely different, and it is obvious that there was no one there interpreting on the day of Pentacost.

    For too many years people want to have this “experience” of speaking in tongues to prove that they are “filled with the Spirit”. Someone who is filled with the Spirit exhibits the fruit of the Spirit, love, joy, peace, patience, etc. The gifts of the Spirit are something entirely separate which the Spirit gives as the Spirit wills.

  2. 2 Sharon

    Hi Elizabeth,

    My daughter (aged 12) received her first vivid prophetic dream on the 3rd May, 2010, about the last days and when Jesus returns.

    She did not go to high school that day, as she had a stomach upset. I kept her at home and she went to bed after having some breakfast on the Monday morning. I remember that she slept unusally long and deeply.

    She eventually got up around 12.30pm and told me exactly what she saw in the dream. We worked out that the dream occurred sometime between 9am and 10.30am, because she woke up from the dream and then went back to sleep again, waking up finally at about 1pm.

    I have the exact details which tell of the beginning of the destruction of the world, how Jesus appears and simply says “Come” to those on earth, how people are locked in a church building (caused by the devil), what finally happens to the earth and what heaven looks like. My daughter recognised 3 people in the dream. One of them was her school friend, a girl now aged 13, who is not a Christian. She went with my daughter to heaven. I asked my daughter how old she was in the dream. She said she only saw people and things happen around her. So I then asked her, how old was her friend. She said “C……” looked about 16!


    I would love to type this up for sharing with CTFM and interested Christians, as it also confirms 2 dreams I had of the last days, which I had over 20 years ago, when I lived in England. Please can you advise me how I should go ahead with sharing this important dream, which will help people to be more prepared. If you want, I can also send my typed prophetic dreams via email attachment, as they have been typed already.

    Ideally I think Ps. Danny Nalliah should be made aware of the full dream’s contents first.



  3. 3 parliamentary prayer network


    SOURCE: parliamentary prayer network

    This word was given by Cindy Jacobs at the Government and Nations Conference held at Parliament House Canberra on 11th August 2005.

    God says, “I am calling Australia to be a Philadelphia nation, a nation of brotherly love. Where other nations will come and they will look upon this nation and they will say “see how they love one another”. For I’m going to begin to break the iniquity of the tall poppy syndrome. I’m going to cause an ascendency of mateship, where one Australian will look at the other and say “good on ya, I want you to got for it, be a champion, rise to the top”

    And God says to you “even as in Flinders Field, the poppies came up, what had happened in devastation, there was that which flourished.” God says, “I want to cause a flourishing of the nation, a great rising up!. The blood of the Lamb that was spilled for the nation of Australia. I’m going to cause champions, many champions to rise up” red, yellow, brown, black and white. There will be such a spirit of love and reconciliation with the aboriginal people and the pacific rim people and the people of the nations that I have brought here from the ends of the earth.”

    “I desire this nation to be a model, to be a model. Beloved, let us love one another for love is of God and so I am going to release amongst the pastors, the shepherds, the ministry, the politicians and the Parliament” says the Lord, “if you will pray, such a love for one another and even in contention there will be respect. There will be surely a release of my glory and I shall have dominion from sea to sea (Psalm72). I am coming to bring a great wave of my glory. If my people will pray, I will surely turn the evil away and I will release my inheritance in the land. Ask of me the nations for your inheritance. I’m going to send this wave”.

    …..I see the waves of the ocean, they come in and they go out. This wave of glory will come in. God is going to move on the hearts of people and there will be a wave of harvest. “A wave of harvesters will go into the nations of the earth to bring this modelling of brotherly love, and reconciliation and the love of God that will turn the hearts of the fathers to children and the children to the fathers and begin to wreck the spirit of abandonment, the spirit of rejection and begin to release into the nations of the earth, the father heart of God” says the Lord.

  4. 4 Judy Curmi


    May 23, 2010 by Judy Curmi

    The British Petroleum Deepwater Horizon oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico has been caused by a mixture of the worship of mammon and the profane. It is shooting out an artesian stream of toxic crude oil estimated at between 70,000 and 90,000 barrels a day. While I was pondering this situation this evening the Lord began to speak to me.

    Man has his “gusher” and I have mine. Mine is on the way and soon to arrive. As man’s is toxic and deadly, bringing death to everything it touches, my gusher is going to be the reverse.

    Children, I am about to pour out my Holy Spirit without measure! Look at the flow coming out of this uncapped oil well. It is nothing compared to the power or quantity of my Holy Spirit which I am about to pour forth. As man’s oil brings death, my Spirit will bring LIFE, LIFE to those living in darkness and despair, LIFE to those on the edge, abundant LIFE, overflowing LIFE to my children who love and follow me.

    Everything about the Gulf oil spill is catastrophic, but the outpouring of my Spirit will be the reverse. As the first is bad, the second will be good. As the fruit of the first is going to bring great despair and tears of woe, so my Spirit will bring tears of joy and laughter. I intend to remove the chains from my children. I intend to set my children free to follow me with all of their hearts.

    As the amount of oil that could come out of this hole drilled into the earth is almost endless, so will be the outpouring of my Spirit. You will be swept away in the oil of my Holy Spirit! As Aaron was covered with oil from head to toe so he could minister before me, so will you!

    I intend to pull out all the stops. I intend for MY children to be shining lights in the gloom and darkness ahead. While others weep you will rejoice. Why? Because you will know me and walk in total peace and confidence. This confidence can only come from our relationship and knowing me intimately.

    Get ready to DANCE for I am going to pour out my new wine. I am going to pour out MY Spirit in such measure and with such power and force it will dwarf even the Gulf oil spill!

    I alone can bring good out of evil. Walk with me and talk with me. Don’t give up hope. THE TIDE IS ABOUT TO TURN. When I pour out my Spirit on you, you will not know what hit you. You will be swept away with ecstasy and joy.

    Get ready to experience the LIFE I have promised you in my Word; newness of life and LIFE without measure. No one but no one can stop my Holy Spirit once the flow begins. The river of LIFE is headed towards you now. If you’re not excited – get excited, for surely it is at your door step now and the outpouring is soon to begin.
    Your ABBA

  5. 5 Malcolm

    Hello Jason,

    Thank you very much in Jesus name for accepting me in your email address. You know what I would say it wasn’t by mistake that I came
    across your website. I really knew that it was the Holy Spirit of the Lord who directed me. When I read your articles at the first time, I was eager to read about revival occurring there. In other words God arresting his children by means of his Holy Spirit to the foot of the Cross of Jesus. Anyway thank you for the articles which you sent and I enjoy reading them with an open heart.

    I will also pray for your Ministry in my daily routine.

    May our God continue to Guide and Bless you.

    Brethren in Christ.


  6. 6 Mat Varnado

    Thank you for publishing this simple guide on how to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. I am going to use it to disseminate it to members of my church so that those who haven’t experienced their Pentecost may know how to do it and those mature leaders will have a guide I didn’t have when I got baptized in the Holy Spirit.

    May God continue to bless you and guide other people to your ministry.


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