Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Australia For Jesus!Dear family & friends in Christ,
Today at 3pm more than 50 prayer warriors from Catch The Fire Ministries will be departing Melbourne for a prophetic intercessory prayer mission to Israel.

Pr Daniel, who is leading this group, will be getting the whole team in the aircraft to pray over Australia from high up in the sky, taking the high places for Jesus!
We would greatly appreciate it if you could join together in prayer from about 4pm to 5pm.

Let’s storm our nation in prayer from high up in the sky and right down here on earth!
Thank you for uniting together with us in prayer to take Australia for Jesus!

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden
Catch the Fire Ministries

12 Responses to “Heaven and earth unite in prayer today Thursday 27 May from 4pm – 5pm”

  1. 1 Mark

    We are flying with you CATCHERS!!!

    Have you heard about Thanksgiving this weekend??

    It’s an Australian prayer network initiative evry year?

    Worth supporting… We will be at the Warragamba Dam Reserve Thanking
    God for the rain over Sydney!! He deserves all PRAISE!!

    We will be there from 11am til 3pm, please let people know also from Sydney anyway u can.


    On the wings of EAGLES HE will lift us up^


  2. 2 Anton

    Yes we will.

    Thank GOD for this great ministry

    GOD Bless


  3. 3 Sharon

    Hi Jason,

    Only able to pray now. I asked the Lord for divine protection over all the group going to Israel and that no Muslim/Arab Terrorist will know of there whereabouts; that God will silence any whispers of the group’s location; angels will surround them and that the Holy Spirit of the Great Southland, Australia, will move with them to Israel, to do a mighty work there.

    Will continue to pray for them over the days ahead. Great to hear of God moving through you too Ps. Jason!

    I will type up the prophetic dream given to my daughter, soon and then send to you.



  4. 4 Rachel

    Awesome……so sorry we could not be part of the group…..myself and Anthea in Perth will be praying.

    God Bless

    Kind Regards,


  5. 5 Kris

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    Please read the email from Catch the Fire Ministries re their airborne prayer assignment over Australia between 4pm and 5 pm today.

    Please join in this assignment by declaring that Jesus Christ is Lord of every part of Australia and praying and interceding as the Holy Spirit may lead you.

    With love in Christ Jesus,


  6. 6 Jan and RUA Team from Darwin

    Hi Pastor Daniel and Jason,

    Will certainly be in prayer with you today and wishing you all of God’s Blessings for a wonderful pilgrimage to the Holy Land – I was very blessed to go there in 2000 with a small group of Aboriginal people from Santa Teresa, NT, and to be able to “walk in the Footsteps of Jesus” was a powerful, life-changing experience and one that will live with all of us forever.

    Our monthly charismatic “Rise Up Australia” prayer gatherings in Parliament House, Darwin, are going really well – a lot of beautiful prophecies for the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit. We hope to have another one this Saturday afternoon, May 29th, and will be thinking of you and holding your great mission in Israel up in prayer.

    It is so encouraging to read of the ongoing fruits at Catch the Fire of that powerful, Australia-wide, “Taking the High Places for Jesus” Prayer gathering on 17th October 2009 – we too notice many Victories for Jesus, and especially for the Pro-Life cause in Australia, since we all joined as one throughout Australia in prayer on that amazing day.

    God Bless you always,

    Jan and the RUA team in Darwin

  7. 7 Brigitte

    Hi Dear Brother Jason,

    Thanks I will stand in the gap and pray with you at 4pm and let my Home Friendship Group to pray for the trip when we get together at 7.30pm and what an opportunity to travel to Israel what a blessing May the Lord have his way and keep them safe in Jesus Name

    God bless
    From Sister Brigitte

  8. 8 Ray & Patricia

    We appreciate the wonderful work that you do.

    Our prayers are with you and may the Israel journey be a time of celebration & victory.

    May the BLESSING OF THE LORD be with you & keep you safe.

    Ray & Patricia

  9. 9 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Jason,

    Thanks for this email. Unfortunately I didn’t catch up with it until now as we were counselling until after midnight last night.

    The Lord has provided a holiday for us at George Town up north. We leave Sunday afternoon and return Friday morning as we have a meeting here Friday night. Truly the Lord is good. Love and prayers.

    Audrey & Maurice

  10. 10 Janet B

    Hi Jason,

    Just got home from another Outreach to Chinchilla! My Hosts are going to “House on Fire” in Kingaroy so I’m believing by faith to be there too!

    I should be home from the Outreach to Normanton so I WILL BE on FIRE! Sometimes I can’t even tell people the wonderful miracles that God performs, without any help from me!

    A 95 year old pastor asked the other day, if I was still “pregnant” with the Campervan & I had asked the Lord for! The thought of an old lady being pregnant (move over Sara,here is a BIG baby) let alone with a campavan streatches the limitations of my mind BUT I know he is able. I will feel much safer in Crocodile Country!

    This weekend I preached on taking the HIGH PLACES. One Spirit!

    Janet B

  11. 11 Paul

    Hi folks.

    We have a prayer meeting for revival which meets in Millicent each Thursday at 2.00pm SA time.

    This week was especially powerful, and we found ourselves praying for the thousands who have been hurt by the church and go nowhere. We prayed for reconciliation and redemption for those dear souls who are; “the walking wounded.”

    I didn’t find this Email until after our meeting was over, but we would have been praying at the same time as those in the air.



  12. 12 Kara





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