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Removal of Free Speech in VictoriaSalt Shakers E-News – Helping Christians Make A Difference

‘Hate crimes’ are under review in Victoria. If what is being proposed in one of the review documents is introduced into legislation, it will mean even MORE RESTRICTIONS on the freedom of speech.

In fact, if you OFFEND or INSULT a homosexual you could be hauled before the Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission – and with their NEW POWERS, the EOHRC could launch their own investigation into behaviour they think ‘offends’ someone! Churches and Christians will be under even more threat if this is put into legislation!

Last year Victoria’s Attorney-General Rob Hulls initiated changes to the Sentencing Act regarding the sentencing of hate crimes. The amendment requires a sentencing court to have regard to whether an offence was motivated (wholly or partially) by hatred of, or prejudice against, a group of people with common characteristics with which the victim was associated or with which the offender believed the victim was associated.

But that isn’t enough for Mr Hulls.

Mr Hulls has asked Hon Geoffrey Eames, a retired Supreme Court judge, to conduct a review of ‘Identity Motivated Hate Crime’ in Victoria to “determine whether current hate crime laws are adequate”. They are considering whether ‘hate crimes’ should be a specific part of the criminal law. Click here  to read Mr Hulls media release last December (sorry, we missed it then!).

We believe that a crime is a crime – regardless of who it is committed against. The criminal law should treat all people equally.

The review, which will consider criminal and civil law, is being organised by the Justice Department and is “addressing offences motivated by hatred or prejudice”. 

Prejudice . . . Now that’s an interesting word. What it means is that this review is actually considering ‘vilification laws’, not just crimes covered by the Criminal Code such as murder and assault.
Attorney-General Rob Hulls has asked Mr Eames to “consult with key representatives of community groups who might have particular experience as potential or actual victims of such hate crimes”. Mr Eames has to report to the Mr Hulls in September 2010.

The review has been asked to “have particular regard to”:

1. The principles in the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities and

2. The discussion paper, With Respect: a strategy for reducing homophobic harassment in Victoria by the Joint Working Group of the Attorney-General’s and Health Minister’s Advisory Committees on Gay, Lesbian,Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (GLBTI) Issues [published in 2007].

Regarding the Charter, the review site says that “Amendments to combat hate crime must be carefully targeted to behaviour that is criminal and not unreasonably limit the general rights of members of the community such as the rights to freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and freedom of thought, conscience, religion and belief.”

The question is, whose rights will be pre-eminent?

Those of homosexuals or those of Christians who oppose the normalisation of homosexuality or quote the Bible? This sort of legislation always pits competing rights against each other.

This question is even more relevant when you consider the second document, which sets out what the homosexual lobby wants: the report calls for legislation to deal with ‘homophobic harassment’. Essentially, they want vilification laws based on sexuality. However, the report claims that the sexuality vilification laws that already exist in NSW, ACT, Queensland and Tasmania (similar to Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act), which are based on ‘inciting hatred …’, are much too difficult to prove and get convictions.
So the report recommends that “harassment be defined as ‘conduct that offends, humiliates, intimidates, insults or ridicules another person’.”

Since anyone can easily feel offended or insulted, this proposal, if enacted, would see a flood of complaints to the EOHRC and give the EOHRC even more scope to ‘launch investigations’!

This issue is posted on our Campaign Page click here.


There is still time for churches and organisations and individuals to make a carefully considered submission. It is important to be very polite and present some arguments about why this sort of legislation is unacceptable.

There isn’t a formal deadline, although a ‘mid-February 2010’ date was mentioned. But the review continues until September…

So you can still make a submission!

The Review website – click here. It has a full description of the Review.

Read the Terms of Reference (PDF 23KB)

Please act now to protect our liberty.

Send submissions to:
Review of Identity Motivated Hate Crime
Criminal Law Policy
Department of Justice
GPO Box 4356
Melbourne VIC 3001

Please write to MPs…

Please also write to your MPs in Victoria in the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council.

Click here for contact details for contact details and information on finding your OWN SIX Victorian MPs.

* Please write to Liberal leader Ted Baillieu, asking that they oppose this development.
Email –

* Write to Premier John Brumby, telling him you oppose such moves.

* Also write to Nationals leader, Peter Ryan. Email:

PS: If you’re wondering why there are two images of a man with his mouth taped, it’s because this is even more draconian and will FURTHER restrict free speech!

Jenny Stokes
Research Director
Salt Shakers
a: PO Box 6049, Wantirna, Victoria, 3152
p: (03) 9800 2855


10 Responses to “Victoria – Review of ‘hate crime’ laws”

  1. 1 Joseph

    Maybe, just maybe we could file a discrimination suite for having halted the passion play were you live? I know! Christians should not react that way, but we must obey the laws of the land and rulers according to my book, naturaly we must speak now, don’t we?

    Ok I am a Messianic, and do not believe in being a doormat, so I join you in your battle, lets go to the streets and come against these things. Joseph

  2. 2 Enrico

    Dear Pastor.

    If this law is enacted then the greatest priority is to fight to have the Koran banned as a book of hate under the new law.


  3. 3 Maurice

    Dear Jason, Thanks for this. It certainly fills one with concern that gradually more and more attempts are being made to silence the church of Jesus Christ. I am praying for the work of CTF. God bless. Maurice

  4. 4 Susanna and Howe


    Have you heard about Roy, the 11yr young martyr?

    Roy lived in Indonesia our close neighbour. Here is an outstanding example of kingdom living. Militant armed Islamic soldiers came into Roy’s village and pulled him out of his people to stand before several of them. He was told to deny the Lord Jesus Christ. Roy would not do so stating openly that he could not, as he loved his Jesus. He was told to extend his arm and one of the soldiers drew his sword and removed Roy’s left hand. It fell to the ground bleeding and shaking with its last moments of life. Roy’s stubbed arm bled on to the ground before the group of villagers who were horrified.

    Again Roy was challenged to deny this Jesus he claimed he loved. He again refused to do so stating openly that he loved Him too much to deny Him. He was told to now extend his other arm and again the soldier drew his sword and removed Roy’s only remaining hand. It too fell to the ground shaking as life left it. Now Roy was instructed again on bloodied ground to deny Jesus Christ, his Lord and his Saviour. If this time he refused, the soldier told him he would spill his intestines on top of his dying hands. Roy again stood firm compelled by his love for Jesus and stated that if His Jesus would die for him, then he would die for Jesus. As the soldier drew his sword for his final assault on this 11yr old boy, Roy’s cut intestines spilt to the ground and Roy died.

    Would you also please connect with your own network in this and pass to others?

    These vilification laws being expressed could be very similar to the vilification law proposed back in 2005 in Victoria where Daniel Nalliah of Catch the Fire Ministries stood in the courts for freedom of expression and won the battle for the body of Christ in Australia to speak openly about our faith and to share the Gospel of the Kingdom. His stand and the prayerful and financial support of many in the community saw this freedom in our nation remain in tact. Now the issue is again being challenged through law.

    Many hundreds of Christians have just attended two weekends of Holy Spirit input into the revival meetings which were freely extended to the nation’s capital where we were challenged to take action for the freedom to preach the Gospel. Daniel Nalliah gave testimony after testimony on many parts of the world where this freedom does not exist.

    Daniel spoke to those who had been witnesses to this “hate” crime. This is hate in action and is possible anywhere where such militancy is permitted by law. I pray that we never deny the One we have come to know and love. The martyrdom of this young boy, Roy speaks to us now in this proposed action to remove the right of every Australian to hear the truth of the Gospel and to meet with my Jesus. As the church, we have a responsibility to Roy and all Australians, to fight for our rights that have been so graciously given to us. Jesus said through His Spirit, “If YOU deny me before men, I will deny you before my Father who is in heaven.”

    Daniel Nalliah has given many testimonies about his own personal witness to beheading of Christians in Saudi Arabia and other parts of our world. Not all nations have the freedom we still enjoy to speak openly and we cannot sit back through fear or intimidation and let this go.

    Daniel also stated that the church is at crossroads now in making a decision to stand or to sit back and hide our Gospel. Other people groups are very active for what they believe and the church is being called now to stand for the incredible news of our Gospel to be shared freely. If we do not act as the body of Christ, persecution will come to force our hand if our hearts do not willingly respond now. If all the church sits back does not act, leaving it to yet another church or another Pastor or another Christian, then this passive display will allow other militant groups free passage for such laws will be passed. But if we stand together knowing that Pastor Daniel Nalliah who has a mandate in this nation, will also prayerfully ask the Lord what He wants him to do, we will not stand alone but powerfully in the knowledge that our God will stand with us as His body takes action.

    Bless you all – we are part of the KOG (kingdom of God) more than dwellers in a denomination.
    This was a restoration of relationships.
    Susanna (and Howe)

  5. 5 Fayre

    Thank you for this email. If as a church you had stood up for what Rob Hulls let happen to me and my family you may not need so many prayers.

    They were allowed to almost destroy my daughter and even my family’s life and not one word was said. I spoke up years ago and not one person would support me. I think what they are calling hate crimes are not nearly so bad as letting teachers do what they did to my daughter, destroy her dancing, let her education be severely limited because of what they did in the schools to her, not pay for what they did even though a teacher dropped her after promising to hold her then vilified us both for speaking up about it all.

    What went on for me was no less than disgraceful and what’s more Christians allowed their Chinese whispers and gossip (which they spread everywhere) go on without so much as a word said. The least any person should have is the right to justice in this country and sadly when you let this total violation of our rights go without any protest or explanation at all you allowed these totally dishonest people the rights they are now enjoying.

    At the very least we should be allowed to have a letter saying the crimes (and they were illegal at the time) were investigated or we should have the right to the press which we are not; nor are we allowed to have our case brought up in the Parliament. When you let this go you accepted their standard and gave them the go ahead to stop you speaking God’s Word on anything they so desired while letting them treat Christians (of which I am emphatically one of) any way they so choose. You should have said they had to defend what they did and why they did it.

    They speak of criminal law and how we should all be treated equally – well where is the equality in what they did to us and how much it cost us on every level. No doubt what I am saying passes as a ‘hate motivated crime’ and yet what I hate is what they were allowing to teach and do to children in the name of education and totally against the Word of God.

    No good just praying you have to openly tell all Christians to vote them out and not allow them to implement there so called democratic and politically correct agendas when in fact they are a violation of our freedoms of religion and speech.

    Moslems seem to get all the freedom they choose including solicitors defending them while we cannot even get a reply.

    I could go on but it takes more than prayer.

    We are God’s voice, hands and action. He could do it all as he made the world without our help but He expects us to ‘give up our lives’ for Him as he explains in the gospels.

    Regards Fayre

  6. 6 Susan

    Dear Jason

    Thank you for your e-mail. It would be helpful if you could suggest a legal text which Christians could use to forward to the list of people mentioned herein.

    We have had the same situation in the UK and there is a Christian organisation which sends a suggested draft text that people can use to make a stand but without committing any offence. As I am not an Australian citizen yet it makes it all the more important that I do not commit an offence in the use of the wrong words or expressions in my letters etc., as I am not au fait with Australian law.

    Your help in this matter would be appreciated.

    Many thanks


  7. 7 craig

    It is not the Muslims who are pushing “hate” laws in Australia.Do your homework and the Truth will be revealed to you.You will be shocked once you know who the true enemy of Jesus Christ is in this country and every other christian country.The answer is in the bible.

    I practised as a lawyer for many years.I quit in disgust.Open your hearts and eyes and you will know the not let the media or muslim baching influence your thinking.Please guys .trust me on this one.

  8. 8 Glenda

    Freedom of religious speech is rapidly being oppressed by legislative measures in every major Western nation at present, including Australia. (see articles below as just a couple of examples).

    When the Lord first told me about the National Day of Mourning and Compassion for Abortion in Sept 2008, I knew there was an urgency. I sensed that we had one last window of opportunity for freedom of speech in this country before the bars come down.

    The Lord showed me that we are witnessing a spiritual emergency akin to 9/11 in the flesh. Only much bigger. We are now seeing that Christianity is under active, overt and strategic attack through the governments and peoples of many nations.

    Let us all:
    – be vigilant in prayer, knowing that the prayers of the righteous can change even God’s heart and plans;
    – stay well-fuelled on God’s Word and continually re-oil our lamps through praying and worshiping without ceasing (may we not be found asleep, distracted or burned out during our watch);, and
    – put on God’s armour and be ever ready to stand for God’s laws – to speak and act in defence of His Truth and His Kingdom, no matter what.

    This is our time….. Do not delay…..Keep our eyes and ears continually open to the call of our living God…..Be discerning…..Wait on Him in all things…….Trust and obey.

    Jeremiah 29, esp. 7-14 (Amp): “And seek (inquire for, require and request) the peace and welfare of the city to which I have caused you to be carried away captive; and pray to the Lord for it, for in the welfare of the city in which you live, you will have welfare. For thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel: Let not your false prophets and diviners who are in your midst deceive you; pay no attention and attach no significance to your dreams which you dream or to theirs, For they prophesy falsely to you in My name. I have not sent them, says the Lord. For thus says the Lord, When seventy years are completed for Babylon, I will visit you and keep My good promise to you, causing you to return to this place. For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thought and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome. Then you will call upon Me, and you will come and pray to Me, and I will hear and heed you. Then you will seek Me, inquire for, and require me as a vital necessity, and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. I will be found by you, says the Lord, and I will release you from captivity and gather you from all the nations and all the places to which I have driven you, says the Lord, and I will bring you back to the place from which I caused you to be carried away captive..”

    Most of all, let us remain joyful, soft-hearted and full of peace and hopeful expectancy because our confidence and faith are fully placed in the King of Kings, Whose victory is certain.
    …And His Kingdom shall know no end and His glory shall know no bounds for the majesty and power of this Kingdom’s King has come! Hallelujah!

    Love and blessings in Jesus’ holy name (again, saying it while I still can)

  9. 9 Alex & Ruth

    Dear Ps Daniel and Catch the Fire Team.

    It is very exciting to hear of the awesome things God is doing in the meetings. Thank God for the pockets of revival. We had the opportunity to come to the Sunday April the 11th evening meeting at Hallam and had a great time, you were in Canberra that weekend.

    We have been particularly grieved with the state of Victorian politics and the interesting outcome of some of the recent changes to the Equal opportunity laws. We receive and support updates from Salt Shakers, ACL and Family Voice. Thank God for these vital ministries and the work they are doing in the political area and also trying to keep Christians alerted to what is going on. Without them we would not know what is going on. Unfortunately the 5 of 6 members in my electorate are really hardline Labor and any emails we have sent to them in the past have not made any difference at all, apart from Bernie Finn. Sadly, the godly voices in our parliament are outnumbered.

    It is fair to say we are not doing well and are losing vital ground to the extreme left of politics in Victoria. The Christian response as a whole is not where it needs to be to defeat some of laws Mr Hulls has introduced.

    Which brings us to the point of writing to you.

    Last Saturday we went for a day trip to the Dandenong rangers. We visited the Mt Dandenong Sky High view of Melbourne. looking out over Melbourne, I felt stirred as to why we haven’t yet had a “taking the high places” of Melbourne type meeting yet? It is interesting Melbourne has hills all around it. what would happen if Christians gathered at the high points of Melbourne hills like the You Yangs and Mt Macedon etc. Would we see the same results happen here on our home turf as what happened at Mt Ainslie? During a prayer time later that evening we felt that a spirit of Haman was operating through some of the leaders to destroy and silence the people of God. Using the changing of laws in government. With the Church largely apathetic and divided, this is working in the favour of the ungodly agenda. We began to pray for the Esthers and Mordecais to rise up, the Daniels etc, that will pray and for a breakthrough, seeing this as a decisive moment for the church in Victoria.

    Dear Ps Daniel, can you commit this to prayer and seeking the Lord, to hear if he has a divine strategy for Melbourne.Who knows we could be here for such a time as this and like Esther we must to what we have to do. Ps Daniel, the biblical account of Haman shows all he had to do to (nearly) destroy his enemies, the Jews, was to get the laws changed in his favour through manipulation. Not too different to what is going on in our own home city. We have written to you, because we believe you have the support and influence to make a ‘taking the high places of Melbourne for Jesus’ assignment happen. Please let us know what you think.

    In Christ
    Alex and Ruth

  10. 10 Hillary

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,
    Thankyou so much for your prayers for Australia to not be subjugated by ungodly laws……that the blessings of freedom that we enjoy in this nation can be continued…..

    Many many people have been praying into and working to expose the realities of what a Human Rights Charter could mean, for a long time…. Please see below……so may we all say Thankyou to Jesus and bless the Attorney General and his advisors and all those in authority in the government departments making the decisions for the next Framework Strategies outlined blow….

    Let us pray for the fear of God that is the beginning of His wisdom to be upon all involved so that ungodly agreements are not made, but righteous and just agreements are put in place in line with God’s word, for Righteousness and Justice are the foundation of God’s throne Ps 89:14

    This last Tuesday, the day before this announcement below was made, I sensed an urgency to go into the Parliament to pray with a friend who had also sensed a call to go in there to pray from the Lord. We stood in the gap and re-committed ourselves and this nation to be under the blood covenant of the Lord Jesus Christ and no other…..reminding the Lord of His word for this nation to become part of the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit…for the Glory of His name to be revealed, and souls to be saved.

    As we prayed it rained, thundered and lightening burst and then the sunlight broke through…please do pray now…this is such a strategic time in preparation for the lead up to the next General Election and will impact the next generation….. Australia is at a cross roads or gate through which we will pass through….that will either restrain or permit the powers of spiritual darkness contending for nations and governments in these days

    I was so relieved when we came out and against a dark cloud there was part of a rainbow of God’s covenant piercing down into the light and then through another dark cloud… we paused in the sunset and worshipped and thanked the Lord for His goodness in this sign, we rejoiced at the golden light from the dropping sun’s rays that concentrated like intense fire upon one of the metal arms above the building holding up the flag pole…and we sensed the glory of God to be revealed some how….it was such a relief…sadly I had no camera…..but today as I read this report below I am praising and thanking God for His mercy upon us that Australia will not have a Charter of Rights…

    Let us continue to stand …..we still need to pray that Jesus Christ will be Lord over the new Human Rights Framework outlined below, that the will of the Lord will prevail and that His Kingdom will come here on earth in Australia into our government systems & all areas of this nation…especially our position agreeing with the division of the land of Israel …please see Lance Lambert’s word I will send onto you, April 18th . Please pray according to Joel 3:2 that Australia will no longer follow this ungodly agenda.

    Standing together in the Unity of the Holy Spirit for God’s destiny for this nation of Australia to be outworked in this day, according to His word,
    In Christ’s Love,

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