The Lord Jesus Christ Baptizing the Earth in Holy FireDear family & friends in Christ in Australia,

The ‘Scrolls of the Nations’ prophetic word from the Lord was received by one of our CTFM intercessors at our weekly prayer meeting yesterday on Wednesday the 28th of April. The CTFM team was in deep intercession and prayer for more than 2 hours when sister Jill Curry was taken by the Holy Spirit into the heavenly throne room for a brief moment and given the following prophetic word from the Lord.

Pas Daniel stated, “I have heard many different prophetic words before, but this one was so amazing that I believe everyone in the Body of Christ should take it to heart and pray about it.”

Just after the prophetic word was released by the Lord, the prayer team started travailing in the presence of God, and when this intercession finished we all knew that God was birthing a new move of the Holy Ghost in Australia!

Please prayerfully forward this throughout your churches, networks, and additional spheres of Kingdom influence.

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden
Catch the Fire Ministries



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  1. 1 Ian

    Dear Dr Danny, Jason & Catch the Fire Team,

    I am continually encouraged by the Lord’s working through you & your faithfulness.

    Jill’s word is timely & important & really encouraging. I’m praying how to get this word out to people.Has the Holy Spirit said who to send it to?

    Many will hate the reference to Israel, but I pray their eyes will be opened.

    I’m thinking potiticians as well as pastors need to hear this word. Unless we have personal contact with a poly- this word won’t get past their minders.

    So I pray:

    1. who & when to send; hearts & minds prepared to be opened to it the working of the Lord in their lives;

    2. for other prayer networks to take it to heart including the Round Table of prophets mentioned by Storm Harvest Ministries @ Cootamundra NSW

    3. For CTF & its impact on the Body of Christ in this land & beyond- particularly for Dr Danny & each other leader; the worship team & all others involved – especially those working quietly in the background.

    May you will be wise as serpents & innocent as doves (Mt 10:16 This may sound out of character, but with the Holy Spirit will continuing to direct your ministry of worship, word with signs & wonders following, even enemies will be convicted.

    Blessings in Jesus


  2. 2 Ilona

    Thank you. This is a confirmation to me to continue the work with the nations which we stepped out to do 12 years ago. While many foreigners have come to know Jesus and we have marvelled at that, we have felt alone because Australians have never been part of the mix; my husband in fact ended up twice in hospital; but we have still continued to teach these people about Jesus.
    I did not want to start another group in Sunnybank where we had success in three places before sickness stopped us; but finally I agreed to welcome a new group starting May 8th, to meet an Aussie who cares. We advertise in the Chinese newspaper.

    This word confirmed that we must never stop, even in discouragement; even if we think no one is listening while ever 2 or more are gathered Jesus is in the midst.


  3. 3 Elizabeth

    Thank you! It is amazing!!! The Holy Spirit will cause hunger to worship like we have never seen before, as the church lines with the command of Jesus!!! God uses throughout the the world to inspire us and to encourage us. It will be much more of this move of God will springing up all over the world. Thank God for the Catch the Fire Ministries!!! Blessed be the Name of the Lord!!! God Bless!!!


  4. 4 Peter Gross

    I remember a prophecy about the “baton of the nations” that was published a few years ago. An intercessor was attending a prayer meeting at Generals For Intercession. She began to weep because the baton had been taken away from the USA and it was passed to Australia. Part of the reason why the baton was passed to Australia had to do with the condition of churches. There is rubbish in the churches here too. There is rubbish in the hearts of church leaders here too. That is why I would like to attach a recent article to this email (see below). “Father, I ask you to remove the rubbish that is in the churches in Australia.” Part of why there is rubbish in the churches is because of self-deception.

    The Ladder Of Self-Deception
    Peter Gross
    April 22

    On April 20, the Lord showed me a man climbing up a ladder. The wooden ladder was very tall. The man was wearing conservative golfing attire from the 1930’s or thereabouts. I asked the Lord for interpretation. The man represents church leaders whereas the ladder represents church teachings ( a rung is a foothold of knowledge ). Because the ladder was of wooden construction, this represents the ways of man. Because the ladder was tall, this may enable the man to see further. Because the man’s clothes were outdated, this represents old ways. Golfing attire speaks of leisure activities rather than “running the race.”

    This minister thought that he was getting closer to God by climbing a ladder. He thought that his knowledge of God was increasing. However, he was climbing in his own strength. When he reached the top of the ladder, he started climbing down ( try lateral thinking in that situation ). However, he did not consider this to be “climbing down” because this would be an admission that he had made a mistake. He rationalised in some way that he was going “deeper” with God. There was no way that this minister could get himself out of this situation. If he climbed up, he could not proceed past the top rung. If he climbed down, he could not proceed past the bottom rung ( or ground level ). This leader on the ladder ( golf has a “leader board” ) needed God’s help. Although the man had managed to climb higher, from God’s perspective, the man was going around in “vertical circles.” The leader had deceived himself ( James 1:26 ). By mastering or handling ( we use our hands when climbing a ladder ) church teachings, this is real progress that can be measured on the basis of the number of pages read!

    I remember when God gave me 8 ( = new beginning) revelations for a minister in a conservative church. Revelations 1 to 6 were concerned with car ( = ministry ) engine parts being covered in oil ( = anointing ) to prevent the engine from seizing-up ( = running out of power ). I don’t know much about engines. However, I knew that the oil in the engine had to be at a certain minimum depth, otherwise the parts could not reach the oil. Revelation 7 was a blue ( = spiritual ) plastic funnel turned upside down ( = rejecting the anointing ). Revelation 8 was similar to revelations 1 to 6. Even though the minister had already decided to reject the anointing, God gave him one more opportunity to receive the anointing. The minister finally said to me that he was “not anointed.” His words confirmed my understanding of dream number 7. He was deceived.

    At another conservative church that I visited, I remembered some of the church doctrines that I had learned when I was a child. I had attended that denomination for nearly 20 years. The thought that came to me was that those doctrines equated more with man’s stubborness than with truth. Sure, that denomination had a doctrine on the Holy Spirit. However, I don’t remember any preaching or teaching on the anointing. The Holy Spirit was treated as a doctrine or olive oil rather than God HIMSELF. May I remind unanointed ministers that the word “anointing” appears 28 times, the word “anoint” appears 35 times, and the word “anointed” appears 98 times in the KJV of the Bible.

    I have said previously that the global church will be divided into the true church ( or anointed church ) and the false church ( the church without anointing or with counterfeit anointing ). How could the anointing be a divisive issue in the church? It could be if we deceive ourselves. Both “Messiah” and “Christ” mean “Anointed One.” Either we are following the Anointed One or we are not. You cannot follow the Anointed One by climbing a ladder. Aren’t all christians anointed? The sheep may be anointed, but the goats are not. The goats are the “deceived ones.”

    On February 1 of this year, the Lord showed me a drum or large spool of thin, white rope. I recognised that the rope was “curtain string” or “draw string.” Many ministers are operating on the basis of a “longline” of church teachings rather than the anointing ( white = religion, rope = binding ). The veil of man’s teachings, including acceptance of defective doctrine, can impede spiritual sight. How can you follow the Anointed One when there are curtains across your eyes?This revelation may contain an allusion ( not illusion ) to the curtain that was across the Holy of Holies in the temple. In that case, the Anointed One parted the curtain.

    There are additional problems that can only be rectified by the anointing. First, if there is no oil ( = anointing ) in the lamp, there will be no light. So we will not be able to see the Anointed One ( Matt 25:1 ). Second, if there is disease in our eyes, we will not be able to see the Anointed One. So we will need to cry out to the Lord for ointment or eye salve ( = anointing, Rev 3:18 ) to treat the disease. The anointing gives both sight and light. Without the anointing, people will be bound by deception ( 1Jn 2:20, 27 )*. If you reject the anointing, how can you follow the Anointed One? You may think that you are following the Lord, but maybe you are following a manual on how to climb ladders.

    We may think that, to climb the ladder of success in the church, all we need to do is to read the manual on how to climb the ladder of success. Usually, the Lord’s manual is exactly the opposite to the church’s manual. I remember a couple of statements in Rick Joyner’s books: The more people who drink from the river of God, the greater the flow of the river and, The more we mature in the Lord, the more we need Him. So I decided to turn my ladder upside down. Now I’m getting somewhere! Or at least I thought I was.

    In summary, the ladder is a counterfeit of Jacob’s ladder ( Gen 28:12 ). When anointed people ascend the true Jacob’s ladder, they do so to receive revelation. When they descend the ladder, they do so to share revelation. In contrast, when unanointed leaders ascend the counterfeit Jacob’s ladder, they do so to advance in the church’s teachings. When they descend the ladder, they deceive themselves into thinking that the church’s teachings are God’s teachings. When the doctrines of men are put on an equal footing with the doctrines of God, this is idolatry ( Jer 7:4, Mt 15:9, Col 2:3 ).

  5. 5 Bro Rob't

    Thanks for the word. Interesting when one fits this into the context of all that the Lord is saying. It is not so amazing as sobering in its content.

    Clearly we as a body need to rise up in the BWV and declare all that is to said and done.

    Bro Rob’t

  6. 6 Peter Gross

    I don’t want to distract anyone from the “Scrolls” article. However, if we don’t send our filthy rags to the cleaners, how can God use us to take nations? We need the anointing to destroy Satan’s yokes on the nations. We will need a greater measure of the anointing before we can do that. However, God will not pour out a greater measure of the anointing unless we repent. Otherwise, we would contaminate the anointing. If anyone is interested, here is part two.

    The Oil Of Deliverance

    Peter Gross

    April 25

    In the article entitled, “The Ladder of Self-Deception,” I mentioned that the anointing gives sight (eye salve) and light (lamp fuel). The anointing also gives deliverance (Is 10:27, 61:1). In regard to Is 10:27, there is some confusion as to whether it is “oil” (NKJV) or “fat” (NIV) that is the agent of deliverance. This is a translation issue rather than a prophetic issue. However, prophecy should agree with the Word. Typically, anointing is associated with “oil” rather than “fat.” Although oil may be extracted from animal fat, in the Bible, oil is typically extracted from olives. The main points I would like to make are:

    1. When God delivers people, He removes bondage (NKJV) rather than just letting bondage fall (Holman Bible = HCSB). I think the HCSB is weaker than the NKJV on this point.

    2. The Anointed One is also The Deliverer and he tends to use “anointing oil” as the agent. On the basis of word pairs and frequency counts, I did not find a close association between “anointing” and “fat.” I did not find a close association between “oil” and “fat.” There was one occurrence of the “fatness of the olive tree” (Ro 11:17). However, I did find a close association between “anointing” and “oil” (21 word pairs in the NKJV).

    Let us compare the NKJV translation of Is 10:27 with the HCSB translation:

    27 On that day his burden will fall from your shoulders, and his yoke from your neck. The yoke will be broken because of /his/ fatness (HCSB).

    The NKJV reads:

    27 It shall come to pass in that day That his burden will be taken away from your shoulder, And his yoke from your neck, And the yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing oil.

    The first issue is the difference between “break” (HCSB) and “destroy” (NKJV). The second issue, which relates to the first, is the difference between “fall” (HCSB) and “remove” (NKJV). The third issue is the difference between “fatness” (HCSB) and “oil” (NKJV). Notice that fat is not paired with anointing in the HCSB, but oil is paired with anointing in the NKJV. Nevertheless, oil itself doesn’t deliver the captives, it is the work of God’s anointing through the oil that delivers the captives.

    The only prophetic element in this study is that I was at a prayer meeting when the Lord spoke to one of the members of the group. The Lord said, “The anointing doesn’t just break the yoke, the anointing destroys the yoke.” The connotation with the word “break” is that the yoke could be repaired and reused. Similarly, if the yoke just falls off, it could be reused. The word “destroys” implies that the yoke is beyond repair. This interpretation is supported by John 8:

    36 Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed (NKJV).

    Joshua was anointed and the curse he spoke over Jericho is recorded in Joshua 6:

    26 Then Joshua charged them at that time, saying, “Cursed be the man before the LORD who rises up and builds this city Jericho; he shall lay its foundation with his firstborn, and with his youngest he shall set up its gates.”

    The fulfillment of the curse is recorded in 1Kings 16:

    34 In his days Hiel of Bethel built Jericho. He laid its foundation with Abiram his firstborn, and with his youngest son Segub he set up its gates, according to the word of the LORD, which He had spoken through Joshua the son of Nun.

    Without the anointing, I don’t think the curse would have had much of an effect.

    Another issue in regard to Is 10:27 in the HCSB is that it refers to “fatness” rather than “oil.” The HCSB notes in the margin that the meaning of the Hebrew term is obscure. The Hebrew word is “semen” G/K9043 and S8081. Here, the NKJV provides a cross-reference to Ps 105:

    15 Saying, “Do not touch My anointed ones, And do My prophets no harm.”

    The latest dictionaries indicate that the Hebrew term can be translated as “oil.” TDOT reads:

    In the OT oil is called either semen or yishar. With the possible exception of Est 2:12 (“oil of myrrh”), these words always refer to olive oil…(vol. XV, p. 250),

    and NIDOTTE reads:

    Derived from the olive tree…semen was a staple of life and an important crop in OT times…The sense oil/food preferred here introduces in its extended sense for repletion of body or mind, for prosperity, and for the receipt of honor…The presence of the Spirit is sometimes linked to anointing with oil…In the case of prophets the term is used metaphorically (Is 61:1), probably because the emphasis was on prophets being possessed by God’s spirit (vol. 4, p.171-173).

    These dictionaries agree with each other that typically, the term can be translated as “oil.” So we need to examine the broader context of Is 10:27.

    The context is that the remnant of Israel, the exiles, will return to God:

    21 The remnant will return, the remnant of Jacob, To the Mighty God.

    The nation that was holding Israel in bondage was Assyria, but God will humble proud nations:

    33 Behold, the Lord, The LORD of hosts, Will lop off the bough with terror; Those of high stature will be hewn down, And the haughty will be humbled.

    In this context, the Hebrew term relates to deliverance. But is it deliverance through “oil” or “fatness?” By extension, “fatness” could relate to God’s blessing. However, “oil” can also relate to God’s blessing:

    Oil was…among the most highly prized gifts of God (TDOT, p. 250).

    In his NIVAC commentary on Isaiah, Oswalt states that in relation to verse 27, “…the meaning of the Hebrew is obscure” (p. 177). This is consistent with the HCSB (I don’t know if he was involved with the translation work). He proceeds to explain that:

    …the idea is that the ox is so well fed that its neck becomes so fat it breaks the bow that holds the yoke in place.

    However, in a note in the margin, Oswalt quotes the Targum:

    “the nations will be destroyed before the Messiah.”

    If the Hebrew is referring to “Messiah” or “Anointed One,” I think “oil” suits the context better than “fatness.” In support of this view, there is a reference to the “Mighty God” (“The Deliverer,” Ps 144:2) in verse 21 (see above).

    Metaphorically, the anointing oil is by extension God Himself. The LXX lends support to this interpretation:

    Greek S3588 S851

    27 And it will be in that day I shall remove his yoke from your shoulder, and the fear of him from you; and [3shall be ruined 1the 2yoke] from your shoulders (modified from The Apostolic Bible Polyglot, 2006).

    Using the pronoun “I,” the LXX refers to God Himself. Further, the word “ruined” is stronger than “breaks” as in the HCSB. The GNB also refers to God Himself:

    27 “When that time comes, I will free you from the power of Assyria, and their yoke will no longer be a burden on your shoulders.”

    In comparison, the NASB has:

    27 So it will be in that day, that his burden will be removed from your shoulders and his yoke from your neck, and the yoke will be broken because of fatness.

    So the HCSB is not the only translation with “fatness.” It is interesting that to “become fat” can take on “a sense of self-satisfaction, arrogance, and apostasy” (TDOT, p. 252). However, that is not the sense in Is 10:27. Although I am not a scholar of biblical Hebrew, it isn’t too difficult to identify the differences between versions. However, a scholar might be able to explain those differences better than I can.

    In the context of “deliverance,” I prefer it if the Hebrew term is rendered into English as “oil” rather than “fatness.” This is because anointing is frequently paired with oil and God’s anointing can relate to deliverance. For instance, Luke 4 reads:

    18…he has anointed me to proclaim liberty to the captives…and to set at liberty those who are oppressed (Is 61:1, NKJV)

    The anointing can transform a person into a deliverer. Cyrus was a deliverer (Is 45:13) and context suggests that he was anointed for this purpose (Is 45:1). Psalm 18 can be given the title of, “A psalm of deliverance.” Indeed, the word “deliverance” appears in the heading (KJV). Further, in the body of this psalm, “deliverance” appears X 1, “delivered” X 4, “Deliverer” X 1, “delivereth” X 1. But, where is the link between anointing and deliverance? That’s easy.

    50 Great deliverance giveth he to his king; and showeth mercy to his anointed, to David, and to his seed forevermore (KJV).

    In contrast, the words “anointing” and “anointed” have not been paired with the words “fat” and “fatness” in the NKJV. Put simply, the “oil of deliverance” is the anointing, and God doesn’t use three-quarter measures. The HCSB may have value in utilizing optimal equivalence.


  7. 7 Anne

    Amen and amen!

    Thanks for sending this on.

    With God’s blessing and love,


  8. 8 Jeanette

    A friend has just sent me a copy of The Scrolls of The Nations prophecy and I am excited and would like to receive your mail for myself.

    Bless you

  9. 9 Ian

    Hello Jason,
    I can see the truth in the Prophesy because I can feel in my heart the blessings that have to come to Australia from the faith in the lord by the Generations before us. I see the heart of the Nation expressed in the plaques on the walls of the churches from those who fought in WW1.

    We as a Nation need to pull up our socks and get real with what has blessed us rather than so called good luck, I see the success of the 1950s was due to the sacrifices made to free Israel.

    One doesn’t have to go into some type of trance to see the lords blessing at work


  10. 10 Dr P. Gross

    Scrolls Sign

    Museum unveils Phar Lap skeleton news
    Updated September 16, 2010 07:54:00

    It is the first time the hide and the skeleton have been displayed together. (AAP: Te Papa)

    Map: Melbourne 3000
    Related Story: Phar Lap returns for Melbourne Cup

    The skeleton of champion racehorse Phar Lap has been unveiled in Melbourne today.

    It is the first time the skeleton, which is on loan from a New Zealand museum, will be displayed with Phar Lap’s hide.

    The exhibition, marking the 150th anniversary of the Melbourne Cup, is expected to draw huge crowds to Melbourne Museum.

    Victorian Racing Minister Rob Hulls says Phar Lap’s achievements and the mystery surrounding his death have made him a national treasure.

    “Phar Lap is part of equine history in this country. He is synonymous with the Melbourne Cup,” he said.

    “To have his skeleton and hide on display at such a time in Melbourne will be of great benefit to local international and interstate visitors.”

    The Scrolls of the Nations prophecy

    “Your sister New Zealand has also been set apart and I desire for you to work together for My end-time purposes. Join hands together again and set your nets for those I will send your way.”

    Jill Curry


    I believe that this sign should also be viewed in the light of “The Melbourne Cup” prophecy on end time prophetic vision.

  11. 11 Dr P. Gross

    Hello again — Confirmation

    This is my 4th response to “Scrolls of the Nations,” but it is also one of my most accurate responses. On April 30 (see above), I mentioned that the “baton of responsibility for the nations” had been passed from the USA to Australia (and New Zealand).

    On November 29, I found an article by David Wagner” Prophecy for Australia” dated September 12, 2010. Peter McHugh, founding pastor, read out this prophetic word for Australia that David Wagner gave on August 10, 2010:

    “This is a season of awakening for the nation of Australia. There is a generation and a nation that still has not found what they are looking for but God is about to open their eyes. The mantle that the U.S. was supposed to carry but dropped is falling on the church of Australia.”

    I hope Australian churches won’t drop the mantle as well. If churches don’t listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying through apostles and prophets, the mantle will be dropped, again.

  12. 12 Peter Gross


    31 31 31
    1. Coordinates
    Beer Sheva City, Israel

    Registered Location
    “Latitude: 31° 15′ 0″ N (deg min sec), 31.2500° (decimal), 3115.00N (LORAN)
    Longitude: 34° 48′ 0″ E (deg min sec), 34.8000° (decimal), 03448.00E (LORAN)
    Elevation: 280 metres (919 feet) — validated against 280 metres (919 feet) from SRTM.C_20TO43_3”

    However, latitude depends on where you are in the city.
    “Beer Sheva is one of the Israel city. It is located at the longitude of 34.81 and latitude of 31.31.” [there is an offensive icon on this page]

    2. Map of Israel

    3. Why is the number 31 significant?
    31 Australian Light Horsemen gave their lives at Beer Sheva on October 31, 1917.

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