Catch The Fire MinistriesDear family & friends in Christ in Australia and around the World,
All glory and honour to Jesus the King of kings and Lord of lords for the ongoing Revival in Canberra, the capital city of Australia, in this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit!

Pr Daniel is still ministering in an ongoing Revival of salvations, deliverances, healings, miracles, signs and wonders in Canberra!

Tonight Tuesday the 13th of April the meeting will be held at the Canberra High School, Bindubi Street, Macquarie, at 6.30pm. Contact Pr Glen on 0414705847 for more details.

Yesterday, the consuming fire of the Holy Spirit swept through the place as many people soaked in the manifest presence of almighty God during the  worship service that went on for more than 4 hours. Although it was a Monday night, the place was packed out with people desperate for a life changing encounter with a miracle working God. Many people were asking Pr Daniel to stay in Canberra throughout the week to continue the ongoing Revival meetings, but unfortunately due to other commitments he will not be able to do so.
There was deep intercession and travailing in prayer as the holy presence of God gave people a real deep love for their nation of Australia. Many people reported that they could not sleep at night, as they were crying to the Lord of the harvest for souls to be saved.

One girl who was mightily touched by the power of God started manifesting as many demons left her body which had been in her from birth. Her grandmother was a high level witch and when she died the demons were passed on from her to her granddaughter who was named after her. But glory to God that she was set free by the power of the blood of Jesus!
Watching what was happening, her brother who was a notorious gang leader and drug dealer, surrendered his life to Jesus as his heart melted in the awesome, powerful, and loving presence of God. Pr Daniel said, “This guy was so big and strong, a tough guy that no one would want to mess with,  but as I gave him the prophetic word the Lord had given me for him, his heart just melted in the presence of God and he started crying, sobbing and then fell to the ground. All who knew him were shocked, as they had never seen him cry. I continue to praise God in amazement at what He is doing in our wonderful nation of Australia.”
Please join us at CTFM in continuing to prayerfully seek our extraordinary Father in Heaven for an ever increasing outpouring of His Revival Glory and Manifest Presence in Canberra, across the ACT, all around Australia, and throughout all of the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit!

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden
Catch the Fire Ministries

18 Responses to “Revival Ongoing in Canberra, Australia – Notorious Gang Leader / Drug Dealer Surrenders to Jesus”

  1. 1 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Jason, Thanks for this report. We rejoice to hear what the Lord has done. We continue on in prayer for the ministry of CTFM. Wishing you every blessing. Audrey & Maurice.

  2. 2 Kay

    Praise Almighty God for what He is doing in Canberra and Melbourne – may this be the beginning of a revival in Australia.

    I know Billy Graham’s grandson will be coming to preach in the country area of Tamworth, Moree and Gunedah during May, so this too may be the beginning of the revival!


  3. 3 Michael & Elisabeth

    We’re prasing God for sending this information. It has been a great blessing to all of us. Jesus is Lord. God bless all of you at the Catch the Fire Ministries. With love Michael & Elisabeth

  4. 4 Pastors David & Dawn

    Glory.. Hallelujah.. praise the mighty name of Jesus..

    God bless you

    Pastors David & Dawn

  5. 5 Brian K

    Praise God, Praise God, let the fire fall right around our nation.


    Brian K

  6. 6 Cora from USA



    Cora from USA

  7. 7 Rosemary from PNG

    What a mighty God we serve, all the Glory unto the Maker of every Life.

    Rosemary from PNG

  8. 8 Ps. Benjamin

    Praise the Lord!

    Keep supporting and praying for the pastors, especially in Canberra.

    May the Lord bring in a mighty harvest of souls into the Kingdom of God.

    Ps. Benjamin

  9. 9 Marla

    I am asking everyone now to pray that God pours out HIS SPIRIT on ALL JEWS in ISRAEL in Dreams and Visions of Y’SHUA this SHAVUOT/PENTECOST!!!!!!!!!!!! ………………………………………BEFORE the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(BK OF JOEL)

    That God would forgive their bloodguilt that He previously had not forgiven, that HE would remarry ISRAEL as His Virgin BRIDE (Isaiah 54-5),

    that they would get visions of Y’shua on the Cross and weep (like I did for 6 mos), and COMPLETELY REMOVE THEIR BLINDNESS as promised in Romans 11………………

    Thank you

  10. 10 June

    Wonderful, so encouraging, Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!! Amen & Amen Thank God for His Ministers who are Bold and courageous, as we all should be.

    I just love the testimonies coming in, keep up the Great Commission.



  11. 11 Betty from PNG


    I like this, I love it especially when we make waves with what GOD tells us to say. Our GOD is Humorous and Mysterious. There are times I laugh and laugh at the way He says things that you and I must tell people. You never know what people think of there. Just throw in what GOD says and walk away.Let those who are, hearing and seeing come out and speak their minds what they are hearing and seeing.

    Praise the LORD for the great things GOD is doing thru Catch The Fire Ministries.

    Remain Blessed!!!

    National Capital District
    Papua New Guinea

  12. 12 Pastor Jesna from Kenya

    Thanks for your message. I have invited you to come here in kenya. To come and preach the word of the Lord. The word says that let us go to all the nations and preach the word of the Lord so that people can be praised. I am happy to hear that you are coming to kenya to preach the Gospel. Also we are praying for you incase if you will get any assist please do assist because we are worshiping under a tree. May God bless you, also send for us the Bibles to our church. We are abour 68 people in the church with some few peoples. We are praying for you as soon as you get those Bibles you can send them to our church.

    Where we are worshiping the rain is raining on us. please you can consider us and also you can tell some of your friends to assist were they can. May God bless you and your church and the place you are preaching the word of the Lord.Thanks.

    Yours Pastor Jesna

  13. 13 Joel

    Thank you for continuing me updated.

    I am truly blessed


  14. 14 Marla

    Great News!!!

    PLEASe pray that there is a Gogantic Outpouring of the Spirit in ISRAEL among the JEWs there on SHAVUOT-They must get a REVIVAL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    here are those of us who have been praying for almost 30 yrs for that-I even went to Jerusalem during the Intifada from 2000-2-expecting it-I was as a Missioanary to the orthodox Jews there

    The Jews are pressed out of MEASURE and are losing all HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They need the RUACH now more than any other Nation because the whole World is vs them and they are out of resources and DO NOT have an ANTI MISSILE SYSTEM

    WE as Fellow Israelites are OBLIGATED to pray for our Close Relatives-the JEWS-to have the Same MERCY and GRACE that We have received (ROMANS 11)


    He who BLESSES ISRAEL will be BLESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. 15 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Jason, We rejoice to hear what the Lord is doing in Canberra. We stopped and prayed for Danny that the Lord would again use him there tonight. We also prayed for those who have come to Christ that they will really grow in the things of the Lord.
    God bless. Audrey & Maurice.

  16. 16 Setelu

    hey I read your thingey about the satanic cults i first herd about dem wen i accepted jesus in 2007 i am only a 19 year old i belive you brother they do more then burn them they torture them pee on them saying there baptizing them many people around the world has been blind from reality brother theres only little wen kan do but great works may god bless you i had compassion on you jus by reading wat u have worte dont let no enemy overtake u brother keep storng i know u kan do it cz the father dwelleth with in you know the lord be magnified 4 vengence belongeth 2 god

  17. 17 ahava

    This is what I have been trying to tel people all along who are skeptical! If Gods’ Grace can extend to dangerous gang leaders- HE can certainly give Dreams and Visions of Y’shua even to the Orthodox Jews in Israel- who are like Paul/Shaul was BEFORE he got saved. I see them all as potential Pauls-Zealous to Spread the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem. While living there I met many Zealous Yeshiva Brochers from Aish Ha Torah Yeshiva that printed Torah Tracts with the Word of the Lord from the OT-They are already Half way there-Please pray foro SALL the Rabbis in Israel to receive Sound Doctrine from the Ruach!!!!!!!!

  18. 18 Charles Vallins

    I live in Brisbane i ‘ve a meeting that is close to the lord not man made only in his holy spirit so no can can get the praise for all praise is Jesus

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