Hungry for Holy SpiritDear family & friends in Christ,

1) We have great news for those of you in the Canberra area.  Once again the Holy Spirit revival meetings are continuing this weekend on Saturday 24th at 6.30pm & Sunday 25th at 10am & 6.30pm. The venue is Canberra High School, Bindubi Street, Macquarie.

Pastor Kinyua from Kenya is a mighty prophetic intercessor who has tremendously blessed the people at CTFM in Melbourne over the past few weeks and will now be ministering in Canberra in the Holy Spirit Revival. This man of God ministers with an apostolic anointing of intercessory prayer and revelatory teaching to take others deeper into the river of God’s holy presence.

Do not miss this great opportunity for you, your family, friends, and others to receive a miraculous life transforming encounter with Jesus Christ, the reigning King of kings and LORD of lords! 

 Contact Pr Glen on 0414705847 for more details.

2) Please pray for Pr Daniel as he ministers this Saturday 24th at 6pm and Sunday 25th April at 10am at Bellingen Christian Life Centre (House of Hope) at 1 Dowle St in North Bellingen and 4pm at the Anglican Church at Walter St in Raleigh in Coffs Harbour, NSW.  Contact Ps Paul on (0412) 25 66 41 for more details.
3) For those of you in the Melbourne area, Pr Jenny will be ministering at the 9:30am and Pr Jason at the 6:30pm worship services this Sunday 25th April at CTFM in Hallam.
Our weekly intercessory prayer meeting for Australia’s transformation at 7:30pm this Friday 23rd April.
All of the meetings in Melbourne will be held at Catch the Fire Ministries Apostolic Centre at 23 Melverton Drive, Hallam     (Melways Ref: 96 G2)

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Angelene Carr
Catch the Fire Ministries

2 Responses to “Revival in Canberra this weekend with preacher from Kenya / Pr Daniel in Coffs Harbor, NSW / CTFM Schedule in Melbourne”

  1. 1 margaret angenent

    really exciting to hear of the outpouring of the alm ighty Holy Spirit on the hungry people of Canberra. The testimony of the mother of the 4yr old son who got baptised in the HS and then prayed for his mother in power and anointing. Awsome to say the least. What an exciting time to be living in.

  2. 2 Susanna

    Hello Kingdom of God

    I am writing to ask for prayer as well to share a good testimony of God’s love towards all races and all faiths, even the Muslims.

    I met up with Julie, who has moved back to my city who I haven’t seen her for many years. We hung around in church together for years, so it’s God’s way that we as the body of Christ come back together whether we worship in the same place or live in a different part of the nation. We are people of “His way”. Over our long lunch she shared a dream she had been given that week. In a group of Muslim people, she had stood up and declared “Allah” is not the all powerful God and is not the true God. The crowd of boys had chased her and she was forced to flee while they through “balls” at her which she interpreted as “words”.

    After lunch, we were the only ones left in the café. Holy Spirit has cleared space around petrol pumps, shops and other places to give me a place to speak so I became aware that he may use this opportunity. As I went to pay the cashier, the Holy Spirit gave me a prophetic word about her studying at university. The cashier confirmed that her parents had been advising her to do this. Jody works full time and was happy to stay there but we talked about her future in God. Then I got another word about her “dreaming” and gave her a basic interpretation about some of it. She then talked a little about her dream.

    I felt so strongly to share the Gospel as I have done before with many people but never had this been so fast that after I had finished, I had to reflect on whether I had put the main “essentials” in as I spoken. She wanted to get connect with this Jesus who gave me the word for her and who gave her dreams. She asked Him to forgive all her wrong doings and she was born again!! I had to move so she could continue to work so I left my details with her and got her name.

    My friend went home to share with her son that it was the fastest prophetic word and salvation she had ever seen!!! She had been encouraged by what she had witnessed. He said that he knew this café and that it is Muslim owned. They are so radical for their faith that they closed the café and danced on the streets when 9/11 had happened. Now I understood the Gospel of the kingdom had to be shared so quickly and why she had received salvation so quickly. Had I been heard, it may have fuelled the situation.

    But THERE IS MORE to this story.

    Today my friend rang to tell me more about the Muslims. She went to a park today with her grandchildren for her son’s birthday. There was a large Muslim family wearing their traditional clothing. One of the young boys near her took a fit and began to froth at the mouth. She bent down to lay hands on him and prayed in the name of Jesus while she comforted him. The father moved over and although she is unsure that the father heard her pray in Jesus’ name, he had accepted the comfort from her when she was clearly not Muslim.

    God has a heart for Muslims. He had blessed Hagar and her son, Ishmael when they were thirsty and desperate for help. He loves the Muslims as much as he loves the lost liar, hypocrite, unrepented adulterer and thief. God is moving on His church to love Muslims, to dare to share the Gospel and to allow them to hear the truth of His unfailing love.

    I am asking you who are reading this to pray into this situation. We want to meet up with Jody again to connect her for her growth in her relationship with Jesus. Please pray that I can get back to her safely and there will be no hindrance to her growth in Jesus.

    Glory to our God whose name is “Jesus”!!!!

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