Pastor Daniel preachingDear family & friends in Christ,
1) Are we in Australia currently living in the end time outpouring of the Holy Spirit before the 2nd Coming of Jesus, which Smith Wigglesworth prophesied nearly 100 years ago?

Yes, we at CTFM and many others in the Body of Christ believe it is so, as our nation of Australia is beginning to experience an ever increasing and unprecedented move of God’s Holy Spirit!

Pr Daniel ministered in several revival meetings in Canberra over the weekend where the Spirit of the Lord did exceedingly abundantly above all he could ask or imagine! Many Christians from many different churches in Canberra stated, “We have never seen anything like this in our city!”
Each service went on for more than 4 hours as people were born-again into the Kingdom of God, and many others were healed, delivered, and set free from demonic spirits!  As many demonic spirits left the people, they screamed and shouted, and some people had to be held down by 4-5 people. Most people who had never seen anything like this were amazed at the power of God demonstrated in the meetings.
People just burst into intercession and warfare prayer at every meeting. The worship team from the Samoan church led the people into high praise and worship to the King of kings and the Lord of lords as people at the meeting were absolutely consumed by the mighty presence of the Holy Ghost!
Pr Daniel stated, “I am so excited to see God move so powerfully in our Capital City of Canberra. This is certainly God’s kairos time for revival and reformation in Australia. We cannot afford to miss this opportunity. I was so excited to hear the testimonies of lesbians and witches who were born-again and set free from their bondages. Jesus loves everyone. People are desperate to encounter the living God. I have never seen such a hunger for God in Canberra in the past 13 years I have come to this city. This is the first time I felt such an open heaven over the place. I believe with all my heart that our spiritual warfare prayer mission on Mount Ainslie from last October 2009 played a big role in seeing this breakthrough.”
Pr Daniel has postponed his return flights to Melbourne and has re-arranged his busy schedule in Melbourne to stay back for 2 more nights of revival meetings in Canberra as he feels that this is God’s kairos time for Canberra. Tonight Monday the 12th of April the meeting will be held at 6.30pm at the Pavilion Hotel at 242 Northbourne Ave. We will inform you of the venue for tomorrow night or call Pr Glen on 0414705847 for more details.

2) In Melbourne the Spirit of God once again moved powerfully at the CTFM apostolic base in Hallam, as many gathered to worship the King of kings and Lord of lords. The Lord used Pr Bernard Ong from Malaysia to bring an amazing word from the Heavenly Father’s heart to His people. Pr Jenny Jack from CTFM stated, “We are certainly seeing the strongholds of the enemy pulled down as satan is losing his hold Australia! Glory to God!”
I, Pr Jason ministered at 3 services in Geelong, Victoria on Sunday where many desperate souls were saved, backslidden Christians delivered and set free from addictions, many others healed (physically, emotionally, spiritually), filled with the Holy Spirit, and radically transformed by the miracle working power and presence of our Lord Jesus Christ! It was so wonderful to see the mighty hand of God set so many people from the streets of Geelong free and bring them out of darkness into His marvellous light!
Also on Saturday a team of 20 members from Catch the Fire Ministries was led by sister Elizabeth for an outreach at a nearby shopping mall. Here the team for almost one hour worshipped the Lord at the entrance to the mall and then went on to share the love of Jesus to more than 400 people. Many people let them pray for their healing and other personal needs in full view of other shoppers, with a few giving their lives to Jesus!
All glory to God! It is time to take the ministry of Jesus to the streets of Australia. Pr Daniel stated, “Time is running out. Please, please, please spend much time in fasting, praying and reading the Word of God, but also make sure to share Jesus and His amazing love with everyone you meet. At the airport I met a 12 year old boy and I started talking to him about Jesus. While in the plane I felt the anointing so strong I almost got up and started preaching, but just then this boy came running from the back of the plane and asked whether he could sit next to me. I said yes and just then the Spirit of God said, “lay hands and prophesy on him.” I laid hands and released the word of the Lord in Jesus name. The boy was shaking under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I believe this young boy will be used mightily by God.”
3) For those of you in the Melbourne area, Pr Daniel will be ministering at both the 9:30am and 6:30pm worship services this Sunday 18th April at CTFM in Hallam.
Our weekly intercessory prayer meeting begins at 7:30pm this Friday 16th April and our weekly youth service begins at 5pm this Saturday 17th April.
All of the meetings will be held at Catch the Fire Ministries Apostolic Centre at 23 Melverton Drive, Hallam     (Melways Ref: 96 G2)

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden
Catch the Fire Ministries

6 Responses to “Mighty outpouring of Holy Ghost in Canberra, Australia – Revival meetings extended for Mon & Tues nights”

  1. 1 Sylvia

    Great to be at the meeting for the last two nights.

    Love your boldness and inspiration.

    I am off to Kenya next week and hope to connect with you there later in the year.

    I will be praying for you and your family.


  2. 2 Glenda

    Thanks for this email and the great news. I appreciate being on your email list.

    God bless you and your work.


  3. 3 Neville

    The Lord is good and He love you all for all the grerat work you are doing bless you all.


  4. 4 David

    Wow! This is powerful. Praise God!

    I preached a similar (identical) message to Kerang Baptist this past Sunday. To ‘Press on’ (Phil 3:14-16), Commit to the Lord & Time was running out’.

    Kind regards


  5. 5 Martin

    Danny Nalliah

    Although I turned up to the meeting on the Sunday night and heard that you were going to stay for another 2 nights and the first extra night was to be about “How Close to the End Are We?” I did want to come along, but also was conscious of the fact that my father may not go along and that I have my wife and 3 month old daughter to take care of, as well as needing to get an early night.

    Is there any way of getting a type-out or audio of what you taught at the Monday night meeting of the aforementioned subject, 12th April 2010 (How Close to the End Are We?) as I am really interested about the times we are in. I know that one clear sign is that President Obama wants to enact the “Mark of the beast” by microchipping the people as a mandatory measure, and he denounces Bejamin Netanyahu’s call that Jerusalem is the capital of the Holy Land of Israel.

    It was nice to see you again. You are right on one thing and that is our city is hard-hearted. Our government is one stubborn lot and I have become a member of the Liberal Party, who have Christian values here in Canberra to help take up the fight to the Stanhope Labor government. I have written emails and urged community people to take a stand and write to their assembly members to how they feel. And when it comes to the local election, I will either urge further this cause or I will run for office myself, given that I pass preselection.

    Your brother in Christ


  6. 6 montree jannee

    hi pastor Daniel lm pastor montree jannee live in North Thailand.l Would like to your ministry and l need to join the your ministry together,now l preaching many Tribe people to the Church and no pastor.l need to your Church pray for That.
    Thank you so much meet you.

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