Woman healed of spine problemMan healed from hip problems and gives life to JesusDear family & friends in Christ in Australia and around the World,
Over the past several weeks the increasing outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit in Canberra, Australia has been experienced by many hundreds of people from all walks of life! On some nights at the revival crowds of up to 300 people packed the hall at Canberra High School.
Once again Monday night was glorious with spiritually thirsty people drinking from the river of God’s Presence while praising and worshipping Him for several hours at the altar!
Pas Daniel said, “It was like an army that had just won a battle, celebrating its victory, and on its way to Praying at the altarclaim a nation! I was so blessed to see so many young people absolutely drunk with the new wine of the Spirit of God, worshipping the Lord so freely with tears streaming down their cheeks.”
Many at the revival meetings in Canberra received prophetic words from the Lord. On Monday night there was a real anointing for spiritual battle and the people stepped right into intercessory warfare for Australia. There was also an amazing sense of God’s Agape Love pouring out into everyone present as people hugged each other as one big family.

Many testified of having supernatural dreams and visions over the past few nights, including Angels being empowered in the heavens to triumph over Satan’s demonic powers of darkness, bringing great revival and transformation to Australia! They saw that the corporate worship and praise given from the united body of Christ to the Lord Jesus Christ was a key for the Angelic hosts of heaven to be further equipped and empowered to reclaim Australia for Jesus!A mother shared a testimony of her 4 year old son. She said, “My son got filled with the Holy Spirit and is now walking all over the house praying in tongues. I was not feeling very well so I asked him to pray for me. He put his hand on my head and said, ‘Get out devil in Jesus name!’  Instantly, I felt the presence of God flow through my body and I was healed!”
Pas Daniel said, “On the first night of the revival as I had just finished praying for everyone and was leaving I saw a young woman with her hands on her head still standing at the altar. I had the prompting from the Holy Spirit to go and give her hug. As I started walking towards her I heard the voice of the Lord say, “She has really not expierianced her natural fathers love.” As I spoke to her I found out that this was true as her parents were separated from each other. So I gave her a hug and prayed for her. One week later on Monday her mother told me, “Thank you so much as my daughter is a now completely changed girl. She was so fearful before, but after you prayed for her and gave her a hug, something has broken off her.”
“Do we really have time for people or are we so busy that we just bypass so many who are crying out for help? My wife told me a few months ago,
’Danny, never stop laying hands and praying for people. You must listen to what they have to say. Do not get so busy that you forget that people are crying out for help.’ This is so true. I have kept this in my heart.”
Pas Daniel said, “I feel a part of me stayed back in Canberra. I love the people of my nation so much. They are just wonderful. All glory to God. I know we will take Australia for Jesus!”
We are so excited to let you know that there is a weekly prayer meeting now on Mount Ainslie in Canberra. Even as we continue to take the high places for Jesus and hold on to them in the power of the Holy Spirit and the authority of the Word of God, Satan is certainly losing his grip over Australia!

Following are 2 powerful testimonies of 2 ladies who were healed in Canberra at the revival.
1) “I had severe Spinal Cord Injury and had to undergo a major operation January 2009. I continued to have severe pain and could not run, jump or turn around. I needed someone to help me all the time. I even had to give up my job. A month ago I went for a MRI and the doctor said that I’ve had another Spinal Cord Injury during my surgery which could not be reversed, nothing could be done and that I had only 20% functioning properly. This mistake by my surgeon had made me very angry because I was left with a syndrone than the doctors cannot do anything else about it, wondering what’s going to happen to me. When I came to the meeting Pas Daniel prayed for me and then asked me to jump. I told him, it’s not possible, but he said you must do it. So with much fear I tried to jump and I instantly felt the presence of God flow through my body and I was completely healed. I then started jumping, running & turning around without any problem! This I could not do since Jan 2009 before my surgery.  Thank you Jesus for healing me!”
2) “I was at the altar and Pas Daniel asked me as to what my problem was. I told him I am very weak in the left side of my body and that I have pain. He asked me, ‘Can you stand on your left leg?’ I told him, ‘No, it’ s not possible.’ Then he laid hands and prayed for me. He told me to hop on my left leg and I told him that I cannot even stand properly, so how can I hop. He said just believe and do it. So I told him I will try, then I held his hand and tried to hop with my left leg. Immediately, I felt like something happened in my body and I started to hop. In fact, I hopped from one end of the hall to the other! All glory to God I am healed in Jesus name and have no pain at all!”

Read the comments for more exciting testimonies of healings, miracles, visions, and dreams.

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden
Catch the Fire Ministries

12 Responses to “Canberra Revival for Jesus – Amazing Testimonies of Healings, Supernatural Dreams, Visions & Encounters with Angels”

  1. 1 Susanna

    As the body of Christ extended ourselves deeply into His presence that I heard the Holy Spirit say “Look Susanna”. As I opened my eyes I had an open vision of angels filling the rear of the school hall and began to form a guard of honour. The parents were facing the front at the altar and so taken with the presence of the Lord, they were unaware that the angels were welcoming the return of their daughters and the work of the Holy Spirit on their girls. The issues that had made these daughters prideful, loud, argumentative and aggressive had fallen away and with lowered heads in a gentle spirit of humility, their daughters began to walk through the dancing angels towards the altar.

    When they reached the altar, they began to weep and surrendered to Jesus It was then as each daughter came back to the Lord in His very presence that many of the parents, who were still so absorbed in the presence of the Lord began to open their eyes and it at that moment, they began to weep and rejoice and hug each other as they saw their own daughters return to the King. The joy was erupting at the altar.

    He showed me the future of these families, that the daughters are coming home. But there was more – as we, the parents, are in His presence and as our focus in on Him alone, He will do the work of humbling our daughters and with heaven’s blessings, will cause them one by one to return to Him. He showed me the absolute joy in the families at the parents became aware of their miraculous return.

    This was not just a vision – it was a word of encouragement to the many parents there who have prayed and sought the Lord for their daughters. And I am well aware that he wants the sons to return too, but this vision was for those who were crying out for their daughters.


  2. 2 Angela

    All amazing the meetings have been we need to hang onto this now & run with it Im so thankful for how Ps Danny is being used by our mighty God you surely are blessing Ps Danny thank you for coming to Canberra its now going to be up to the churches to get out of their comfort zone & move forward God will have His way cause we serve a big God nothing is too hard for Him blessings to you all in Melbourne too

  3. 3 Kim

    Dear Danny and Family of God,

    My name is Kim and had the pleasure of attending the Mt. Ainslie encounter and all of the sessions at Glenn and Renee’s Church,(New Connection). Danny might remember me better as the Bikie Bloke and his wife Diane.

    On the last night of the sessions at Canberra High School I had a vision as we were praying for the city of Canberra, North, South, East and West.

    As we were praying for each direction for the enemy to get out of town the devils were fleeing to other sides of town. I told them(the evil spirits) it was no use because we were going to cover every direction of Canberra.

    As we covered all directions I could see the shadows of evil spirits like swirling black wisps of smoke and evil filth swirling down all the stairwells of the several blocks of units around our town that are renowned for drug addiction and dealing and other areas I am personally aware of around Canberra.

    What was interesting though was that when there was no-where to go in town, they went into the hills to the North of Canberra in NSW called Geary’s Gap.

    THIS IS THE KEY PART I was allowed to overhear the Devils talking and they were saying….

    Those Christians won’t keep this up for long and we can go back to what we were doing before!!!

    This was proof that we are able to win and boot the devils out, but they are cunning and know that we don’t persist and give in, which allows them to come back.

    We have an enormous drug problem in this town and I am sure that drugs and the Devil go hand in hand and my past life is a testimony to this. Praise God I was delivered from this in Prison in 1997 through the Kairos Ministry and have never been tempted since, as Jesus is the only Lord I serve.

    The point is………………… We need 24hour prayer cover for this City for a time to let Satan know we mean BUSINESS, and we do, Praise God

    Bless You All Catch the Fire People

    All Help and Prayer Cover Gratefully Accepted

    God’s Servant


  4. 4 Victoria

    Praise God for his work. He honestly does work in mysterious ways. I am honoured to be called a child of God. Playing the keyboard, leading his children to his throne through praise and worship, his presence fell. The miracles, signs and wonders are beyond comprehension for the human mind. I praise him for using me, the church, healing and stirring the youth to his glory.

  5. 5 Marla

    Thanks for your Prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My spinal pain is alot better-GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I also need prayer for Osteoporosis-arthritis-knee problems,foot bone problems/deterioration-heart etc-NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD- I pray that The REVIVAL FIRE SPREADS to
    ISRAEL this SHAVUOT/PENTECOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS_ I came to the Lord 29 yrs ago by Visions, Dreams, Healing, Hearing the Voice of God, miracles and an encounter with an angel of the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. 6 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Jason, Thanks for this. we rejoice to hear what God is doing through you Dear Ones and will continue to hold you all up before the Throne of Grace. Blessings. Audrey & Maurice.

  7. 7 Kay

    Praise our Almighty God for the beginning of a Revival for Australia in Jesus’ name!!

  8. 8 Ben in Ireland

    Let the revival in Australia spread to Ireland in Jesus name, let healing of my wife Kumaei and any one who need healing ignite a Holy Ghost revival in Ireland, I pray this prayer to the Father in Jesus name


  9. 9 Michael

    Hi Cathy

    This good news coming out of Canberra

    Love Michael

  10. 10 Michael

    Wonderful! Praise God!


  11. 11 Susanna

    Hi Danny

    A quick testimony from last night where Howe and I serve in a community kitchen in the south of Canberra. We have been serving here for about 3mths now and have been encouraging the leadership to open the gathering of about 60 people each week mostly unsaved to a short message some time during the meal. It is well to fulfil Matthew 25 “to feed the hungry” a nutritious meal but it is also important to feed their spirits with truth.

    I usually make relationships with the people and work with Pastor Barry and his wife, Bev around the tables and the people. Last night I was sitting with a group that I have shared a meal with many times. One of the women began to talk about her health issues. The other woman shared that she also had issues. The man said he was diabetic. I shared some of the healings from the meetings recently with you and the man commented that they were miracles. He is not only a diabetic but suffers from manic depression and multiple personality syndrome which we know is simply another term for demonic possession. He does not relate well to people and is one of our hardest to relate to. But last night he listened and responded well. The first woman Anne began to speak about how she came to understand miracles and had seen some, now believing in them. This stimulated Lee, the other woman who can be guarded to share about how she had never really considered it. I spoke about how God is very much alive in our nation and that we often see Him as arriving in a church service once a week on a Sunday. Howe had served all the meals so he came over to the table to share some of what he had seen and the group were very open to hear him and listen.

    As we were talking about this God of miracles, the Holy Spirit asked me to share with them all a couple of testimonies and to share the Gospel. The Pastor and his wife were unusually, not there and no one else from the church was either so I approached the only leadership in the room which was the kitchen coordinator. He said just to get their attention.

    As I stood to ask for their attention, the silence that entered that room was amazing and unprecedented. These people are not a church gathering or a small group – they are aboriginal in background, alcoholics, have mental health issues and other health issues. The few that confess to know Jesus do not have an on-going intimate relationship but rather some church experience and many are simply very wounded. It is always a volatile environment. Last few weeks one offended man yelled at another offended man and we almost had a physical altercation in the group. Pastor Barry spoke to one man and I moved to speak to the other and we settled them down with the second man coming to me to apologise for the display. I then spoke about forgiveness and he understood about offence on a better level.

    I began by saying that God was alive in Australia and still wants to touch people and gave the testimony of the healings of the deaf woman who had never heard before and the simple prayer based on faith in Jesus Christ that brought about a total restoration of her hearing. Then I shared about Noa, a woman I had known for many years healed from the spinal injury and the injury caused to her during the operation. I spoke about forgiveness and how she forgave the surgeon. I explained to them what we know, that it doesn’t make the action right but it releases us from bitterness which often stops our healing. Then I preached the Gospel telling of His great love for each one in the room and sharing how to get connected to this God called “Jesus”.

    I said that some of them there I had sat at their table and shared a meal with were sick and needed God’s touch. I said that God was active in Australia and was very much the healer of our bodies.

    The amazing thing is that this is a rowdy mob, who are constantly moving around the room, getting a coffee or taking a glass of water to their table, going in and out and getting bread which is left on the table in the foyer and they talk to each other. It is never quiet and we host up to 60-65 people. As I began to speak for the period of about 5-7mins, the entire room fell into absolute silence. The kitchen staff leaned over the serving counter to see why it was so quiet. A man leaving the room to enter the foyer, turned back and came into to listen as he stood at the door. Another woman I noticed at the back who had stood up, remained totally still along with the children who were in that room perfectly still. Howe said that no one continued to eat their meal but stopped and gave full attention. A comment was made from the kitchen staff that you could have heard a pin drop. It was true.

    When I had shared the Gospel, the Holy Spirit told me to say, “Thank you for listening to me.” The entire room broke into loud applause. As some were leaving, they came over to express their acceptance and joy at what I shared and others began to open their heart to some of their wounded experiences in church. Not one negative response to that short sermon.

    Young, a man serving in the kitchen area came out while Howe was vacuuming the carpet to talk to me about what he had heard – utter silence. He said that he had never heard that full room of people totally still and listen as they did. Many have issues that cause them to find that type of listening very difficult and they are not a gracious mob even when Pastor Barry has stood to share that we would pray for people and also when he gave a short talk at Easter time. Young said that he was amazed and asked me what I shared. He left very encouraged by this event and wanted to know more about how you evangelise with people in the community.



    The first night i went to Danni Nahial meeting in Canberra to plgrim house with my friend from Moruya who spent time with me to especialy attend catch fire meeting ,I also took my son James who is usualy in residental care for severly disabled young adults on sat nights.I was continualy experiencing the fire of God,at one stage Danni called people with depression to front for prayer I have been on anti deppressants for deppression for many years.Both my children James and Jess are both on anti deppressants for deppression also.The three of us have all had a lot of trauma and subjected to a lot of abuse in past which Lord Jesus has rescued us from.Pastor Danni came to pray for me and called out that l was being a proxy for my children meaning l was standing in the gap for the two of them to be set free from depression,when Danni prayed for me l felt the presence of God all over me and was slain in the spirit Pastor Noa came and prayed over me her hand was burning fire of God she removed her hand holy spirit revealed to ask her to put burning hand on my stomach again,arter this for days l was continualy experiencing burning fire God all over me continualy and regulary at differnt times of day and night and l was praying for Australia even more than l ever have Ikept going to pastor Dannis meetings and kept experiencing presence of God then burning fire of God during the course of times of going to pasto Dannis meetings ansd sitting in the meetings with Pastor Danni lord kept calling me to DANCE and go Worship the King of kings and leaving James my son the lord is healing into the hands of Jesus and christians Lord calls to be with and pray for James from pastor dannis meetings pastor lrwin had a prophetic word from the Lord for me to not be restrained in what the Lord has me to do which holy spirit kept calling me to dance which in dANNIS MEETINGS had become warfare dancing mostly for people Canberra and Australia in prophetic warfare dancing often seeinf flag of Australia interceding and dancing often seeing prophetic visions as l was dancing of chains breaking shackles breaking fire of God spreading over Australia and Captives being set free.Lord showed me in visions many people in Australia wearing blindfolds under Austalian flag as we are faitful in prayer and the Lordship of Jesus Christ in our country power holy spirit will break the yokes and many will have blindfolds removed and come to know the truth that will remove the blindfols and set the captives and those in personal prisons totaly free.The lords promise is to open the prison doors ans]d sets the captives free,AMEN THANK YOU JESUS MAY THE LORDS NAME BE PRAISED from Rose dancing bride of Christ.

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