Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear family & friends in Christ,

It is with great joy we report that another young woman from a satanic background experienced the supernatural power and life transforming love of Jesus last Sunday night at the CTFM meeting in Hallam!

This young woman who was born into a satanic coven and grew up as a Satanist, has reconfirmed her decision in living in the light and truth of the Lord Jesus Christ rather than in the darkness and deception of Satan. This is another breakthrough in relation to the spiritual warfare prayer operation on Mount Ainslie in Canberra in October 2009, ‘Taking the High Places for Jesus!’ 

Satan and his demonic powers of darkness are definitely beginning to lose their hold over Australia! We believe at CTFM that as Christians rise up in their God-given spiritual authority in Jesus, stand their ground in the authority of the Word of God and the finished work of the Cross of Christ,  pray, fast and sincerely love these precious people, there will be a supernatural harvest of souls coming out of the kingdom of hell into the Kingdom of heaven!After Pr Daniel led the young woman in rededicating her life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, she wanted him to pray that God will protect her this Easter weekend, as she was scared that she would be tortured by the satanic cult.  Easter weekend is considered to be a high weekend for witchcraft and satanic cult activities. At least 3 former satanic cult members have requested prayer from CTFM during the Easter weekend as they believe that they could be abducted and severely tortured. 2 out of the 3 have already received threatening messages to that effect. Please uphold these precious souls in prayer, including one of the other young woman who came out of the satanic cult who received more deliverance over the past week.

Pr Daniel stated, “I would really appreciate if the body of Christ could please fast and pray through the Easter weekend for God’s supernatural protection for these dear ones. Please pray that Satan’s plans will be completely nullified, that no one will be abused, tortured, or sacrificed this weekend. I am calling for a full on prayer assault against the demonic powers of darkness over Australia, that Satan’s plans will come to nothing and many more people from the satanic cults will be radically saved, delivered, and set free by the miracle working power of God.  I am prayerfully trusting the Lord of the harvest for a bumper harvest of Souls, Souls and Souls this Easter weekend as we remember the sacrificial death and celebrate the glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour!”

Both services last Sunday at CTFM in Hallam were glorious! The presence of the Lord absolutely swept through the gathering of God-seeking people as many were mightily touched by the power of the Holy Spirit! The evening service went on for more than 4 hours as passionate worshippers were just glued to the presence of Jesus!

God used Pastor Bonface Kinyua from Kenya to deliver a powerful message anointed by the Holy Spirit for a hour such as this. Many shared their exciting testimonies of how they cannot stop talking about Jesus! 

Well, all glory to God as it certainly sounds like revival is here!  ‘Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord!

We would love for you to join us for a special Good Friday Prayer service at 7:30pm on 2nd April followed by an all night prayer meeting from 10.30pm – 6am at CTFM in Melbourne (Hallam) and a Youth Service beginning at 5pm on Saturday 3rd April.

Pastor Rex Douglass, from Potter’s Gate Ministries in the USA, will be ministering at both the 9:30am and 6.30pm services on Easter Sunday 4th April.  This mighty man of faith and the Word of God is anointed by the Holy Spirit to minister encouragement, healing, deliverance, freedom, and victory to the whole person, spirit, soul, and body!

Everyone will be personally prayed for, so come trusting the Lord for your supernatural breakthrough!

All of the meetings will be held at Catch the Fire Ministries Apostolic Centre at 23 Melverton Drive, Hallam     (Melways Ref: 96 G2)

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden
Catch the Fire Ministries

6 Responses to “Another young woman from satanism experiences the power and love of Jesus / All out prayer assault needed this Easter weekend”

  1. 1 Liz

    Dear Jason,

    Thank you brother for this exciting awesome update!

    Praying in the Spirit over this email – yes and amen for these ones to escape the prison of Satanism. Praise God for His amazing breakthrough still ‘shocking’ the devils strongholds! This Easter – better called Passover, we will indeed be holding you all up in the heavenlies for MORE! God’s continuing rising up in you and on you. ..

    Blessings Liz

  2. 2 Graeme

    I have been reading your website and if the story of the lady is true, which I do not doubt, I would like to come to Melbourne to meet you and assist you in the fight against satan. If satan really has a church in Melbourne I would like to go to it and minister for Jesus and The Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

    The Lord has given me a mission.The Lord has informed me clearly that the end of days is very very close and time is very short.

    It is time to get down to work.

    Regards Graeme

  3. 3 Mark

    I am very pleased – indeed thrilled – about this call to prayer for the victims of Satanism.

    Blessings for a holy Easter season,

  4. 4 Boas in PNG

    Praise God. This confirms what I felt yesterday morning that I must fast and pray through out this week. I am not quite sure what to fast and pray for but with obedience I began by fasting and praying specifically for lost souls yesterday.

    Be Blessed & Stay Blessed.
    Brother Boas – PNG.

  5. 5 kim

    Dear Pastors Daniel, Jason

    Thank you for taking a stand against all odds so that many oppressed, captives can be set free. It is so very wonderful for satanists and witches are coming to Christ and be transformed. What the CTFM have ministered to these precious souls, the Harvest Warriors
    ministries have started in the 1980s and have set thousands of former satanists and witches free by the power of our Lord Jesus
    Christ. The Lord has taught them many powerful spiritual warfare tools to fight against the evil forces. For example, the full armours
    in Eph 6:10-18 are real in the spiritual and physical realms, if the Holy Spirit direct us to use the Sword of the Spirit then the Lord will put
    His sword in our hands to hold up against those who want to harm us. Also with the shield of faith, please tell them to read the book by Rebecca Brown title “The vessel of Honor in the Master hand” To prevent the cult members from breaking into the homes of these newly Christians from satanism or human spirits astral project into their homes can apply the oil symbol of the Blood of Christ and Holy
    Spirit to seal the homes so they can not enter. Read also the book by her and her husband Daniel Yoder Unbroken curses is the hidden source of trouble in a Christian’s life” also have powerful spiritual weapons: The court of heaven, Dealing with the thief (satan). These
    books can be obtained from the Word Bookstores here are the tel number in Victoria 03,98944900, NSW 02,95453066, Western Aust
    08, 93617899. The ways they set these free is not casting out one demon at a time but cast out through the sins the demons enter
    by this the head demon goes then the underlying demons will follow suit. We can access their website and learn how to war successfully
    “Harvest Warriors” The best is the books teach self deliverance. God bless, from Kim

  6. 6 Prayer Revivel


    Okay article. I just became aware of your blog and desired to say I have really enjoyed reading your opinions. Any way I’ll be subscribing in your feed and Lets hope you post again soon.

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