Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Hungry for Holy SpiritDear family & friends in Christ in Australia and around the World,
The Canberra revival meetings have been once again extended for another night, tonight Monday the 19th of April at 6.30pm at Canberra High School, Bindubi Street, Macquarie. 

Do not miss this great opportunity you, your family, friends, and others to receive a miraculous life transforming encounter with Jesus Christ, the reigning King of kings and LORD of lords! 
We thank and praise God for His wonderful hand at work mightily in our nation’s capital city Canberra. Many who are attended the revival meetings commented that they had never ever seen anything like this in their lifetime in Canberra. Well, we believe this is God’s kairos time for our nation of Australia to rise up and step into His prophetic destiny, possessing this land that He has promised to give us as an inheritance, this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit!
Over the weekend people packed the hall once again and every service went on for more than 4-5 hours as people from 29-30 churches, of all ages, from many ethnicities, cities, and walks of life, absolutely soaked in the mighty life transforming presence of God!  Many people received Miraculous Healing, Deliverance, Salvation, Restoration, Reconciliation, and the list goes on and on as many glorified the Lord by giving testimonies of His amazing miracles, signs, and wonders in their lives!

 Following are some of them.
1) 4 people who were fully or partially deaf came for prayer and received their healing instantly, as everyone shouted for joy and clapped to the Lord!
2) A woman who had severe spinal problems, with the doctors operating and telling her that they could do nothing more, that she would not be able to run, jump or do anything of that sort in future, was instantly healed by the power for God! She started jumping, running and praising the Lord!
3) Many others were instantly healed from Hip, Ankle, Shoulder and other physical problems, giving Jesus all the glory!
4) One mother said that she heard a noise in her house at 3am the night before and found her 2 children aged 7 & 8 on their knees in their bedroom crying out for God to use them to bring the lost souls to Jesus!
5) On Sunday night 51 people who had never before spoken in tongues were all at once baptised with the Holy Spirit and prayed in tongues for the first time ever in their lives! This turned into a mighty uproar as the Spirit of God just absolutely swept the place. Most of those receiving their first ever filling of the Holy Spirit were youth, with some as young as 7 years old.
6) One young woman who belonged to the Mormon church came for the revival meeting on Saturday and was so touched by the Holy Spirit that within 24 hours she surrendered her life to Jesus and was baptised with the Holy Spirit, beginning to speak in new tongues!  She has now cancelled the mission trip she was scheduled to go on with the Mormon church and is now beginning a new life following Jesus as her Lord & Saviour!
7) A young woman named Molly shared her amazing testimony. She said, “I was born again 3 months ago. I was the black sheep in my family but when I came to the revival meetings I felt so sick that my family had to walk me in and out of the meetings. I felt like a very old lady. But glory to God once all the demons left me I received the power of God and I am completely free to worship Jesus. Now I am dancing and praising the Lord. I don’t need anyone to hold me anymore.”
The Spirit of the Lord took many people into weeping and deep intercessory prayer for Australia. There was great repentance and soul searching amongst the body of Christ gathered from many churches, denominations, and places. Many were set on fire for Jesus. There were so many people who said that they could not sleep at night but cry out to Jesus for more of Him and for the lost souls in Australia!
Pas Daniel stated, “Around 11.40pm when I had just returned to my accommodation in Canberra, I got a call from Pastor Glen. He told me that when he closed the building after the revival meeting, more than 40 youth had taken a guitar and started worshipping the Lord in the car park. He said that they were just soaking the presence of God. I am so happy to see what the Spirit of God is doing in my nation of Australia. I have no words to thank Him enough.”
In Hallam (Melbourne) once again as the people of God gathered to worship the King of kings and LORD and lords through high praise and intimate throne room worship, the Spirit and Word of God moved mightily through Pastor Kinyua from Kenya as many hungry believers received a fresh revival anointing of the Holy Spirit Fire, Power, and Glory!
Please pray for Pr Daniel as he ministers this Saturday 24th at 6pm and Sunday 25th April at 10am at Bellingen Christian Life Centre (House of Hope) at 1 Dowle St in North Bellingen, Coffs Harbour, NSW.  Contact Ps Paul on (0412) 25 66 41 for more details.

For those of you in the Melbourne area,  our weekly worship services are this Sunday at 9:30am and 6:30pm on the 25th April in Hallam.
Our weekly intercessory prayer meeting begins at 7:30pm this Friday 23rd April and our weekly youth service begins at 5pm this Saturday 24th April.
All of the meetings will be held at Catch the Fire Ministries Apostolic Centre at 23 Melverton Drive, Hallam     (Melways Ref: 96 G2)
Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden
Catch the Fire Ministries

11 Responses to “Canberra Revival extended another night as crowd nears 300 people – Healing of deafness, severe spinal problems and more, Mormons get saved, and 51 people receive baptism of Holy Spirit!!!”

  1. 1 Leitu

    Thank you so much Daniel I am so bless when you preached the word of God I was so amazed when I saw miracles about those people that God knows about there problem it’s really powerful. I was like how? but I was thinking like where is my faith to God? because the God that we serve is a miracle working God I beleive that’s 100% but I want to say thank you so much very very much for preaching His word I know is not your word but thank you for telling us the youth about Jesus because we want and we need more about Him thank you so much Glory to God but hopefully we’ll see you again Daniel thank you so much for your email

    Lord bless you more and your family


  2. 2 Ps Samuel in Kenya

    May God bless you so much or that awesome work and I am glad that am a part of such people like you!!

    Ps Samuel in Kenya

  3. 3 David & Dawn

    Glory to Jesus

    God bless you

    David & Dawn

  4. 4 Pastor James from Kenya

    Servant of God, this email have brought a big revival in my life. l hope as l will read before my church same they will receive same revival! We are praying for you! One day welcome in Kenya! Pst James.

  5. 5 Norma

    Thank you for sending me this information. It is uplifting. Keep up with good work



  6. 6 Llaurel

    So excited to read about the revival in ACT. We are seeking such from God, both here nd throughout Australia & the other South Lands. May His Mighty blessings keep flowing with the Catch The Fire Ministries. Thank you all. Llaurel

  7. 7 Merryl & Pierre

    I read with great joy the reports of what is taking place in Canberra as a result of your stand for Christ on the mountain and the amazing things that God is doing there. Since that is the capital of our country, the strongholds that have been given over to the enemy had to be broken and reclaimed for Christ. Ps Danny and the CTFM team have been faithful to the call and are seeing great movement in the spirit world. You are courageous Joshua’s – it has taken dedicated and faithful people from other nations to hear and heed the call for a nation that was not their own. Bless you all for this.
    Merryl and Pierre

  8. 8 Ben

    Wonderful to hear what God is doing over in Australia, we pray that the same spirit will move all over Ireland in demonstrating the power of God, our JESUS IS ALIVE in us, IT IS TIME FOR THE WORLD TO SEE JESUS IN US.


  9. 9 Anthony

    Hey, that is neat to see another ministry with the same heart as our and the almost the same name, we have seen many miracles and healings in last year that would blow our mind thanks to the glory of God our name is Catchin’ Fire Ministries Inr.


  10. 10 Hamuli and family

    Dear Jason and Catch the Fire Ministries,

    I, and my family glorifiy our Lord Jesus Christ for what He is doing through our brother Past Daniel and all are assisting him in this job giving glory to God.

    May God bless Daniel and his family whom supports him in this job.

    Hamuli and family

  11. 11 Mila

    Praise God for the mighty move of the Holy Spirit in Canberra.I was in the service for all those two weekends.I give all the Golry to God for all the miracles and the mighty move of the Holy Spirit.I felt such a release to worship God freely during those weekend.It has been fantastic.It was like drenching from a waterfall.The move of the Holy Spirit was so intense and awesome.It was dynamite,explosive as I want to describe it.
    It brought me more closer to God.
    Thank you Ps Danny for the great experience and the powerful testimonies and the word of God.God Bless you and keep you.

    Love and Blessings Mila

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