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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

The debate over whether Australia is a racist country has been renewed in the wake of the murdered three year old Indian boy in Melbourne overnight with Catch the Fire ministries president Pastor Daniel Nalliah suggesting the slayings perpetrated against the Sikh community might come from fellow countrymen from their country of origin.
As police in Melbourne hunt for the killer of three-year-old Gurshan Sing Channa, Pastor Daniel Nalliah, who is darker skinned and hails from Sri Lanka, said many would see Australia as a racist country with ‘yet another tragic death of an Indian in Australia’.
“I think we need to take a good look at the recent spate of attacks on mainly Indians from a Sikh background. The whole world seems to believe Australia is rampant with racism. Darker skinned people are even scared to travel to Australia,” Pastor Daniel said.
“My question is, if the attacks are from Whites against blacks, then we all will be possibly on the receiving end but how come the attacks are so clearly on one group of people – the Sikhs from India?”
Pastor Daniel argues that people from within the same coloured group are much more likely to recognise their own coloured people faster since they would be familiar with their accents, nuances in the language, etc.
“One needs to ask the question, Why is it that most attacks are on mainly Indians from the Sikh community and not on everyone who has the same coloured skin?”
“Is the Media helping solve the problem or are they giving the wrong message and blowing it out of proportion since some media reports would make some people think it’s a case of Racism from white people against black. At least that’s the message being conveyed locally and globally.
Pastor Nalliah, who has travelled to many nations and ministered to thousands of people as a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, said he has “certainly never faced racism in Australia over the past 13 years I have lived here and I have darker skin too” he said.
“Why then are most of the attacks on one particular group only, the Sikhs? We need to understand that a non Asian will not know the difference between, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Singaporean or Malaysian until they really get to know them personally as a friend.
“Likewise those from  Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh all look very much alike, in a similar vein to people from New Zealand, Australia or England.
“I believe these attacks should not be looked at as necessarily white against  black, but rather it could very well be a group of people from within the same countries of origin where the victims came from who are carrying out these attacks.
We pray that these senseless attacks and killings will stop and the culprits be brought to justice. 

Daniel Nalliah is available for interview. Media contact Neven on 03 9794 8211 or 0433 107 327

8 Responses to “Are Killings from within? Media release from Pr Daniel”

  1. 1 Mariek


    I have been perceiving that there is more to those killings than what the media makes out. I dont believe that Australians are doing it. Anyhow we pray that it will stop.

    All my love from Mariek from Perth

  2. 2 Neil


    An excellent article, I have wondered the same as well.

    I met a lovely Indian gentleman this week and plied him with the question of what he felt was the reason for all the Indian bashing’s of late.

    His comments were insightful, I felt.

    He prefaced by adding that in the seven years has has lived in Australia he has not experienced any unpleasant reactions from anyone.

    He believed that the Ausi media in giving headline news to these issues allows, or encourages the Indian media to do likewise by simply copy/pasting our articles, so we possibly have our local media to blame…to a degree.

    He also believed that such coverage by the India media conveniently “masks” some of their national issues.

    I personally wonder if the ongoing occurrences may be as a result of a “copy cat” effect which will continue until it dies down??



  3. 3 Joyce

    I have to agree with you and as a white person I think there is a lot of racism towards white people, as I have lived in other countries and experienced racism towards any foreigners from other lands, when I have been in their lands then we behave towards their cultures as expected apart from following anything to do with religon, but prayer is the answer to a lot of these problems, and how come this 3 years old boy was on his own, surely the parents need to make sure that doors are locked when they leave their house. Anyways hopefully we can pray about these things, and ask god to cover these people with His Grace and love and bring them to Him.

    God Bless you all Joyce

  4. 4 BCM

    Only these words could come from God. Most Australians (including me) would not know a Sikh from an other person from India.
    I think you are absolutely correct and I hope that the police will listen to what you have said.


  5. 5 Kim

    To whom it may concern,

    Do the police know what Ps Daniel knows? Maybe it should be suggested that Indian send over some investigators to look into this as they would probably have more expertise then most of us Aussies.

    Thanks for the update,


  6. 6 Peter & Dr Irene

    Having spent so many months over the years in India ministering, one’s immediate reaction re the child, was, “I believe the child was harmed by someone in the home, perhaps trying to stop the crying and being too severe such as holding the child to their chest with the result that occurred.

    It is good to know the authorities discovered the culprit. Australians as a whole, including the police, need to get to understand cultures of Asian countries, including India. They do not understand ours thoroughly but if the thousands come here as they do,they must get to understand.

    Incidentally, a Pastor’s wife in Brisbane informed that a girl in the check out of a local supermarket, remarked to a completely covered Moslem woman, “You must be hot under all that”. The reply was, “Oh, you all will be wearing this kind of thing!” Wake up, Australia.

    Peter & Dr. Irene

  7. 7 Linda

    Hello there,

    I would like to make a comment about growing racist sentiment in Melb I believe this is Occuring and will continue to Increase and Result in Extreme Social and Community Tension and Culminate in Violence and Crime because of the Stress which is being put on Society from the Unneccessary high levels of Migration into Aust. Particularly Melb. & Sydney from India & Asia/

    I personnally work in the Business Sector..and have spoken to many longer term residents of Melb. over the last yr who have said they are either unable to find similar positions when fired or made redundant, or cannot find their position of choice due to the fact 100-200 applicants are applying for just 1 advertised position in some Market Sectors/Industries.This is keeping wages low.
    I haave been told by a recently made Redundant 4 star Chef. that Indian students are working in Restaurants for as little as $8 per hr.There is a housing well.

    Bob Carr on Lateline a couple of months ago Said he is concerned that the Infrastructure cant cope Water Supply & Transport.
    I catch the Train from zone 2 most days during the week People are Packed in like Cattle On one Line DAndenong I Exp. the Train Tilting because of the WEIGHT.

    This is all a recipe for a sdocial DIsaster.

    Who are our Pollies REALLY working FOR


  8. 8 Linda

    ….continuing from the comments below …some interesting statistics…It was published in a small article in “The Age” last Yr 2009
    that 500,000 (1/2 million) Immigrants were Let into Aust. Last Yr…It was documented on 4 Corners Last Yr that Victorias Highest
    earning No 1 Export Industry is INDIAN STUDENTS (in 2009)..this means that Globalization is wel and truly the No 1 Pol’l & Economic Agenda in the State of Victoria..and what is this doing to the rest of the Population which is being displaced & Affected by it and The Taxpayers who are being Txed 25-30-50% of their wages to fund the housing & Medical & what ever else in the way og Gov’t Services this New Segment of the User/Population is Requiring …DO YOU THING THESE ARE OBSERVATIONS THAT DERRYN WOULD BE INTERESTED IN COMMENTING ON??? THE GLOBAL ” NEW WORLD ” of MELBOURNE.

    i personally find it very frustrating as I have come from Interstate where the Agenda is not so much in place where with over 20 yrs Exp. I always got every single job I applied for as Opposed to my Experiences in Global New World Melbourne where I continually have spent at least 2-3 hrs a week jobhunting for a job I may be able to rate as satisfactory with no success after 1 yr.

    I am certain there are many others who are experiencing even more exasperation than me and sad to say I have noticed I am developing Racist views and attitudes because of the Artificial Dollar/Greed Centered Pol’l Social Agenda that is being forced on Society in the Name of Economic RAtionalism




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