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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Pastor DanielDear friends and family in Christ,

Click the following link and scroll down to read a reprint of part of our media release that appeared in the 9th March edition of the Australian Newspaper:

Following is the link to Pastor Daniel’s recent radio interview with Derryn Hinch of 3AW News in regard to our recent media release titled ‘Global cooling shows Divine protection restored – what would Derryn Hinch think?’

Pr Daniel stated, “Even though Derryn Hinch verbally attacked me with many harsh words, as he had the advantage of controlling the interview, I thank the Lord for every opportunity that He gives me to proclaim the uncompromising Word of God.  I feel sorry for Derryn who is obviously so lost in the spiritual darkness of confusion, uncertainty, doubt, and unbelief, as he seems to be a very hurting person who desperately needs the life transforming love of Jesus. My ministry team and I are praying for a ‘Damascus road salvation experience’ for him, also like the former Satanist on Mount Ainslie in Canberra who surrendered his life to Jesus.  Derryn could very well be another Saul, who became Paul. When you listen to this broadcast, please do not get mad with him, but pray for him.

Yes, at times the interview was very heated, but I thank God that He has given me broad shoulders to cop the flak.  According to the Bible in Matthew 5:11-10, the Sermon on the Mount from Jesus, “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteous, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.” I thank the Father in heaven for giving me the right spirit to love the person who persecutes me while at the same time speaking out the truth with boldness. I am sure you will love this interview Ha! ha!”

Please note that all of the comments of those who called and spoke on the talk back radio interview do no not appear on this link as they (especially the positive ones for Pr Daniel have been obviously edited out by Derryn Hinch)

We at CTFM continue to prayerfully bless Derryn Hinch with the amazing grace, mercy, forgiveness, truth, and life transforming love of the One True Living God, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

We thank all of you who listened to the hotly heated interview, called or tried your best to call the 3AW Radio Station to make your voice heard, and all the faithful Christian prayers who continue to pray for the spreading of the Righteousness, Justice, and Truth of the Word of God that Jesus is Lord over Melbourne, over Victoria, over Australia, and the nations of the world!

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden
Catch the Fire Ministries

25 Responses to “Article in The Australian / Derryn Hinch 3AW Radio Interview with Pr Daniel”

  1. 1 Adrian

    I posted this comment on that website.. but doubt if that guy would approve the comment to appear…

    Derryn, don’t confuse Jesus with Religion. Religion is another name for satanic cult. Christian is a race not religion. When you surrender your life to Jesus, and you are born again, you are no longer white, black, aussie, chinese etc. By being born again you are a new creation, a new race, called christian – with citizenship in heaven. Please don’t confuse christian with the demonic term “religion”. Religion is created by a demon called “spirit of religion” sent by satan to keep people away from true God, and that is why there are many religions – atheism, muslin, buddha, homosexualism, etc.. When someone is born again, their spirit becomes connected to God. So since you are not christian, you are not saved, and no arguements will show you the truth. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. If you want to give your life to Jesus then you will be saved and be led into all truth. If you’re still confused (which you are), then know this. Chrisitianity as a religion is not same as being Christian. Anything related to religion is demonic. If I was in Pastor Danny’s place, I won’t give you a minute of my time cause bible says believers and non-believers can’t mix. But thank Jesus (your creator) that Pastor Danny wants to save you, and will pray for your salvation.

    If you’re not sure where you would go if you died today, the word of God says that the only way, the only way is not by being a good person.

    They only way is by the confession of your mouth
    • that Jesus Christ is Lord of all,
    • that Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose from the dead,
    • and that the blood that he spilt from his body was redemptive blood that covered your sin.

    It says that the only way to the father is through the son Jesus, who is God manifest in flesh.
    Jesus said “If you will abide in me, then I will abide in you”

  2. 2 Ben

    Dear Danny

    I was sorry to hear you being trashed by Derryn Hinch.But they didnt like Isaiah message, nor Jeramiah nor Jesus message so I guess to a degree we ought to expect the same on occassions..

    Thank you for coming up to Bendigo. It was an awesome time in the Holy Spirit! It absolutely bucketed rain after you left. I’ve attached some photos of our property and our new catch the fire River which our livestock were checking out.

    Look forward to seeing you soon again. I will shortly email you some links of the awesome minister who prophesied Haiti’s destuction some weeeks before it happened.

    Yours in Him

    Ben from Bendigo

  3. 3 Merryl

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    God bless you for trying, and the people who did speak backing up what you said. This is what I would like to say to Derryn Hinch:

    The way that Derryn Hinch spoke about Pastor Daniel Nalliah, and to him, and over him on 3AW this afternoon was nothing short of disgusting, demeaning and displayed his arrogance, ignorance and rudeness much more than it said anything about the issue supposedly under discussion. He focused on his own so called logic, but showed that he either hadn’t bothered to read the press release by Daniel Nalliah or had decided to totally disregard what was in the statement. Derryn, God has not changed His mind about abortion as your ‘logic’ deduced, but as Daniel saidm God responded to people doing what God said to do, that is repent and pray for God to heal the land. I am concerned that by your unwillingness to listen to anyone who seeks to speak about God’s Word, God’s ways and His promises, you are putting yourself in grave danger. And as for saying you wouldn’t have time for a cup of coffee with him because of the opinion you have about him borders on pathetic. I thought you were bigger than that. Do you only have time for people who agree with you?

    It is time to take a look at ourselves, and above all the Bible, before it is too late.


  4. 4 John

    Hi Pastor Daniel,

    I listened not too amazed that Hinch was extremely abusive, (controversy promotes ratings), and that Hinch gave you no opportunity to respond completely. I was extremely disappointed that Hinch said, “what Derryn Hinch thinks”in such a noisy and abusive manner. He had you on the Abortion Laws still being in place but refused to accept that prayer and repentance were responsible for saving many more lives than would have been lost in what was predicted as a worse year than last year for bushfires. He never even acknowledged that God was responsible for our rainy summer when doom and gloom were reported to be the scenario with a worse summer than last year for bushfires!

    Phone calls were balanced in reporting but polarised.

    Hinch didn’t give an inch but we need to pray for him and other Christians who are reportedly critical of you – and I have met some, unfortunately.

    May God continue to Bless you and the CTFM abundantly for the truth will set you free,

    In Christ,

    Jehovah Jireh

  5. 5 Barbara

    Dear Ps Danny,

    Have just listened to the radio with Daryn Hinch and feel so disgusted at his treatment of you. I can’t believe that someone could be so rude. Please be assured that you have many brothers and sisters in Christ who are with you. You must be doing something right to cop so much abruse. The evil one is not pleased. Keep up the good work.

    I am praying for you.


  6. 6 Mark

    Reign Jesus, Rain!


  7. 7 Terry

    Whew. Ps Danny has some ‘guts’. Well done. Ps Danny was misquoted, maligned & insulted but still standing for simple truth. Many thanks. An inspiration for the rest of us.

    Best regards

    Inner City Joy (Sydney Gospel Radio Show)
    2RSR 88.9FM

  8. 8 Irene

    God bless you brother…i commend you on your faithfulness to our Father Abba! Many are praying for you and stand with you in this raging battle as the devil knows his time is running out.

    Hallelujah Praise Jesus King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

    Your Sister in Christ

  9. 9 Meryl

    To Derryn Hinch, 3AW

    The way that you spoke about Pastor Daniel Nalliah, and to him, and over him, on 3AW yesterday afternoon was nothing short of disgusting, demeaning and displayed your arrogance, ignorance and rudeness much more than it said anything about the issue supposedly under discussion. You focused on your own so called logic, but showed that you either hadn’t bothered to read the press release by Daniel Nalliah or had decided to totally disregard what was in the statement.

    Derryn, God has not changed His mind about abortion as your ‘logic’ deduced, but as Pastor Daniel said, God responded in His mercy to people doing what God has said we need to do, that is repent and pray for God to heal the land. Pastor Daniel is not claiming any credit for the rain coming, he is rather giving credit to God who showed mercy in sending the rain in response to some of His people humbling themselves, admitting their wrong and turning from the wrong that has been happening – i.e. repenting, and praying for rain.

    I am concerned that by your unwillingness to listen to anyone who seeks to speak about God’s Word, God’s ways and His promises, you are putting yourself in grave danger. And as for saying you wouldn’t have time for a cup of coffee with him because of the opinion you have about him borders on pathetic. I thought you were bigger than that. Do you only have time for people who agree with you?

    I have just read your website editorial ‘God’s Mysterious Ways ‘ and it sadly reiterates some of the way you spoke to and about Pastor Daniel on air. However by describing someone as a ‘rabid nutter’, ‘rancid preacher’, ‘heartless, twisted man …’, ‘dough brained’, are you perhaps in danger of ‘the pot calling the kettle black’! ?

    Derryn, it surely is time to take a look at ourselves, and above all the Bible, before it is too late.

    Malvern East

  10. 10 Meryl


    I realise that you thought you were responding to Pastor Daniel’s question, however you challenged Pastor Daniel last October, “Let’s see whether your God can stop the bushfires.” Pastor Nalliah’s response to your challenge then was, “We are praying to God that the bushfire season in 2010 will be very mild and that there will be no lives lost.” That is the issue – What do you think in response to God answering those prayers and sending the rain? It was and is not, what do you think of Pastor Daniel Nalliah?

    God bless you Derryn and give you the gift of humility.


  11. 11 Meryl

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    This is Derryn’s extremely polite and pretty predictable response to my email. He is so good at evading the issue and sticking to his own sad ‘logic’. There is none so blind as them that won’t look, or deaf as them who refuse to listen. It will be interesting to see my letter on his web site.

    God bless you,

    He did put out a media release saying ‘ What would Derryn Hinch think?’ Well, I said on air what I think about him. Your letter will appear on the letters page. Derryn Hinch

  12. 12 Leighton and Dianna

    Dear Jason,

    Unfortunately, Derryn Hinch showed himself to be an appalling shock-jock, while Danny was given very little opportunity to answer the questions; but throughout it all, he still kept his cool. I attempted to make a listener’s comment by phone, in support of Danny but was advised that the subject was out of time. (Why am I not surprised?)
    However, I have posted the blog (below) on 3AW’s website.

    Unfortunately, anger towards guys like Danny who speak the truth (which is sometimes uncomfortable) is very prevalent, but don’t be discouraged. Stand firm.

    Leighton and Diana

    My 3AW blog:-

    Derryn, unfortunately your interview with Danny Nalliah left a lot to be desired. While I am not a member of his Church (I’m Anglican), I have never heard him say anything yet that was unscriptural. What he says does challenge and unsettle some people, but he speaks the truth from God’s Word.

    He’s a man who bravely stands high above many other church leaders and I greatly admire his courage. I think he deserves a fair go.

  13. 13 Evangelist John

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    Even though I’m working in the Philippines and out of touch with what’s happening in Melbourne, I did listen to Derryn Hinch and I was utterly appalled how he treated you and I’m sure he must of broken some of the cardinal journalistic rules. Really, he just showed how biased he is and as you say he needs a Saul on the Damascus Road experience with the Living God.

    yours sincerely,

    Evangelist John in the Philippines.

  14. 14 Kay

    Dear Folks,

    I was not able to listen to the interview but I feel quite sure the Lord gave Pastor Daniel the words to say and also praying for Derryn Hinch to come to know our Lord and Saviour.

    I am from Sydney but trust all went well.


  15. 15 Ken

    After the interview, I tried to think what I might think about it, if I were an unbeliever listening to it.

    I would guess that such a person would think that both Mr Hinch and Pastor Daniel were nuts, but that Pastor Daniel did not resort to name-calling, and was not ranting.

    Yes, as requested, I will pray for Mr Hinch.

    Thank you for standing up for Jesus in an indifferent or hostile world.



  16. 16 Dot

    AMAZING STUFF! Bless you for your continual courage in the face of such tirades. Dot

  17. 17 Irwin

    Hi Danny/Jason

    I agree with you , I saw the programe as well. Steve’s responses were often poor and sometimes didn’t answer the question at all, just side steped it altogether. Even when a great opportunity of witness was thrown into his lap, he just let it fall on the floor. As you say, Julie Bishop and Tony Burke did a much better witness of faith. Even the compare displayed better understanding than Felding.

    It was interesting Dawkins obvious arrogance and constant forceful berating of all things Christian. He often said one thing and then later contradicted himself, forcing listners to be on their back foot all the time. His conversations are deliberatley confrontational, designed to be forcefully attacking you all the time. When he is shown to be wrong, he turns that into an attack on the person.

    PTL that God is in control!


  18. 18 Bruce

    Dear Jason and team

    I have just viewed Q and A regarding Faith and Evolution and I agree with you – Fielding was a joke! He really didn’t have an answer and everyone could see that. I think it is typical of the FF platform. In NSW we have Gordon Moyes who would probably say the same thing but more eloquently. When you, Danny, were in Sydney you made comment that FF would be happy to consider Muslims as candidates. Gordon Moyes has said he would ask Muslims to be on his state Council. What a travesty?!

    Even though Dawkins is off the beam he made more logical sense that Fielding. At least he was consistent and more convincing that he believed something.

    No wonder Steve is confused – he has a Jew and an atheist on his advisory committee! After 20 minutes of listening he said nothing intelligible. I gave up listening at that point.

    God bless you

  19. 19 Bev

    Dear Derryn,

    That interview was beneath you!

    Words like rabid, dough brained, heartless, rancid, are so vitriolic and so obviously full of undisguised anger towards Ps Daniel. They are the kind of words that hurt you Derryn, not Ps Daniel.

    As I’ve mentioned in emails to you before, there are many Christians who pray for you continually. We pray for your health and pray for the important issues you bring to our attention. Whether you know it or not, you have God’s favour, especially when it comes to issues regarding the protection of children, and the charges you face for breaching the recent suppression orders.

    We will definitely keep you in our prayers over the upcoming court case and it’s outcome.

    I hope a time will come, when you feel you can sit one on one with Ps Daniel, not when everyone is listening, just two men having an exchange of views, in a respectful, calm, and dignified manner.

    Perhaps then you will see that Ps Daniel is none of the things that you describe him as. Like you, he is a brave man, who is uncompromising in his beliefs. He operates in love, and the freedom that knowing Jesus Christ brings.

    I hope and pray you will come to know the same love and freedom.

    God bless you Derryn.


  20. 20 Rose

    How absolutely disgusting – when will Fielding get a backbone -” deny Me before men and I will deny you before my Father in Heaven” Standing on shaky ground Steve

  21. 21 Zona

    Have just been watching and reading the report on the interview. I just want to say God is with you and I know He will bless you.
    I agree D Hinch is a lost man and as such needs much prayer. As we know very well nothing is impossible for God so let’s pray.

    God bless

  22. 22 Deidree

    Thank you for the article on Q and A, Steve Fielding has lost the plot.I was recently approached by my church to join family first to elect Gordon Moyes I declined as I am a member of CDP .Christians need to know who they are voting for,My church Penticostal was sent this info to give to its congregation Thankyou for the amazing work you are doing for the Lord You have been sent to us to turn this Nation to God Bless you Pastor Danny


  23. 23 Sharon

    Thank you for your prayer for Derryn Hinch. God loves him so much .

    I watched the program on ABC and was impressed by Julia Bishop’s strong stand for Jesus. Wonderful to see her bravery and hear her clear concise arguments.
    Praise God!

    Bless you at CTFM.

  24. 24 Mrs J, NSW

    Dear Pastor Danny and all friends at Catch the Fire,

    Thank-you for standing firm in the Faith…God Bless You and your Witness to our nation.
    Derryn Hinch is one very lost soul and yes, he needs prayer desperately. Thank-you for lifting this man to Our Lords’ feet for healing and revelation. We support you Danny, keep up your wonderful work, you are a true Man of God!

  25. 25 Michael & Maria

    Hi Jason

    Thanks for the update

    In the end God will always prevail

    Give our love to everyone


    Michael & Maria

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