Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear family and friends in Christ,

1) What a mighty God we serve, the King of kings and LORD of lords, Christ Jesus!

Many of you know that Pr Daniel was interviewed by Derryn Hinch of 3AW Radio on 10th March 2010. Well, all glory to God that one week later the podcast and photo of Pr Daniel are still on the front page of the 3AW website under the caption ‘God does work in mysterious ways.’  80-90% of the comments have been very positive in support of Pr Daniel and his uncompromising stand for Christ and the advance of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.  Many people are actually discussing the Bible as many Christians are quoting scriptures and sharing the love and truth of Jesus on the website!

Most amazingly 3AW confirmed that their website has approximately 2,000,000 hits a month. Additionally, the personal website of Derryn Hinch had 4,200,000 hits over the last 12 months. In total that’s around 75,000 – 80,000 hits a day. Glory to God! Just imagine the number of lost souls (non-Christians) who are receiving the incredible opportunity to hear about Jesus and the Word of God on the secular radio station, especially the interview conducted by an Atheist broadcaster. God does work certainly in mysterious ways!

Congratulations and well done to all those Christians who took the time to stand up for their faith in Jesus in defence of the Word of God and the man of God.

2) Regarding Family First Political Party, Pastor Daniel stated, “Today I spoke for a long time on the phone to Pastor Andrew Evans, the founder of Family First Party in South Australia. He has assured me that the FFP in South Australia has a very good team running for elections and that they are totally committed to standing for families based on Biblical moral values. We pray that Godly men and woman will be elected into Parliament on the 20th of March in SA.”

3) We have now emailed the Credential Application form to those who requested one, to be ordained under Catch The Fire Ministries. Click the following link to download the application:

4) For those of you in the Melbourne area, this Friday 19th March at 7:30pm is our weekly intercessory prayer meeting at CTFM apostolic base at 23 Melverton Drive in Hallam.  Melway ref: 96 G 2 

Join with prayer warriors from other churches and denominations in the Body of Christ in crying unto the Lord for Australia’s transformation!
Pastor Daniel will be ministering at both the 9:30am and 6.30pm services this Sunday 21st March also at the CTFM apostolic base in Hallam.

Also do not miss the opportunity to hear a fantastic Holy Ghost filled message that Pr Daniel preached last Sunday, titled “Do not let your vision die.” Now available for $20 on DVD (including postage).

Everyone will be personally prayed for, so come trusting the Lord for your supernatural breakthrough!

It’s time for Miracles!   Don’t miss this hour of Visitation and Habitation!  

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden
Catch the Fire Ministries

8 Responses to “Derryn Hinch / Family First Party / Credential Application Forms / Weekend Ministry in Melbourne”

  1. 1 Ewan

    Hi Jason & Danny,

    Don’t let Evans bluff you. With a SA State election this Saturday, the man is presumably concerned to counter any criticism of FFP that may find its way back to SA Christians. If FFP is such a great Christian Party then why did one of its former SA candidates feel the need to leave it so as he could run on an overt pro-life platform as an independent candidate? I’m referring to Trevor Grace:

    Funny how the same people who distanced themselves from your comments re abortion and bushfires and had your credentials withdrawn, come groveling if they think you may influence some Christian votes.

    I don’t agree with your previous email that FFP has “lost the plot”. This assumes they were ever in possession of the plot in the first place! Unfortunately, right from the start the FFP has not been built on a foundation of God’s Word, but on a foundation of secular humanism. FFP leaders constantly remind us their party is “not a Christian party, it is a secular party”, but what is this supposed to mean? That they think Christianity and politics shouldn’t mix? This is exactly the implication of such a statement. It is borderline denial of Christ and His claim of Lordship over Creation.

    So it is not surprising then that Fielding is either unwilling or unable to defend the role of Christianity as it applies to politics. In the view of the FFP and Senator Fielding, Christianity is a mere “personal faith” which can have nothing to say about politics. It is nothing short of duplicity for the FFP to be showing a “secular” face to the world, whilst behind the scenes assuring Christians that it is a party of Christian values. The FFP is either a bunch of Christians trying to be secularists, or a bunch of secularists trying to be Christian. Either way, they are utterly confused!

    “Unless the LORD builds the house, They labor in vain who build it.” – Psalm 127:1

    Regards, Ewan.

  2. 2 Kay

    Dear friends,

    It’s great to hear about the way our Lord is working! Nothing is impossible for our wonderful Lord and Saviour!



  3. 3 Lilian


    Transforming Sydney

  4. 4 Jean

    Dear Brothers and Sisters at Catch the Fire Ministries,

    I am a Christian who is very grateful to be on your mailing list. To hear how Pastor Danny is uncomprimising in his stand for the Gospel and on so many hard issues in our society. I pray God will continue to work through him and bless him and his family.

    I see that you have your services this coming weekend, where you will among other things be praying for the sick.

    Please could I send in a request for prayer for healing for a dear lady who is suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Her name is Christine. Her and her husband love the Lord and have been tireless workers for the Kingdom of God since their youth. They are much loved by many, many people, and it is so sad to see her suffer so much.


  5. 5 Trevor

    Shalom and Blessings,

    Please send me an ordination form at your earliest. Thank you.

    Praise Yahweh for the way in which He is using Pastor Danny and Catch the Fire Ministries. What an inspiration and confirmation of the Scriptures. The devil is on the run. He must be becoming petrified, Glory to our Messiah.

    With Christian love,


  6. 6 John

    Dear Staff,

    I will undertake to fill out the application form, because I see it as something of great value before God for me to do, it will require that I answer the questions on other sheets of paper as there is little room on the form. It will take some time as it is not some light thing, but it is an exercise before God.


  7. 7 Ray

    It is good that God helps you when you are persecuted in the name of the Lord. God Bless you Ray

  8. 8 Kevin

    Shalom Jason,

    Thank you for coming to Perth and bringing the fire of G-d to this city!

    We really appreciate you pouring yourself out with such passion and love for the Mashiach Yeshua. He is really pleased with you, and people have been revived in their spirits. Thank you for the note and blessing to Kevin and Danny and I. We receive it with thanks.

    Thanks for water baptizing Daniel and all the wonderful fellowship. So last week in our home we had 3 Messianic Jews in it, you, Daniel and David. This is the beginning of new things.

    He definitely is changing by the power of God. Kevin keeps calling my husband “Pastor Danny”, you never know!!!

    I believe you coming to our home is making a big difference.

    May Yeshua continue to open doors for you to minister in Israel and the nations!

    In Service of the King of King and Lord of Lords,

    Bro Kevin, Danny & Kathy

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