Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Catch The Fire MinistriesRev Dr Daniel NalliahDear family & friends in Christ,
It’s with great joy that I take this opportunity on behalf of the leadership and board of Catch The Fire Ministries to announce that the Australian Government has officially approved the Ordaining of Ministers of the Gospel for CTFM! 

Legally credentialing 5-Fold Ministers of the Gospel for equipping and edifying the Body of Christ (Ephesians 4:11-13) for extending the Kingdom of God has been a great desire in my heart for many years!
Although the process was quite lengthy, including providing much legal documentation, attending board meetings and other meetings, etc., it was certainly worth the challenging effort. In the past several years the Lord has been speaking to me about the desperate need for the restoration of the 5-Fold Ministry in the Body of Christ all over the world, and especially in Australia.  Over the years in Australia and around the world, most of the Church (in nearly every Mainline, Evangelical, Pentecostal, Charismatic Denomination, etc.) has been run primarily by the Ministry Gift / Office of the Pastor and has unfairly put a severe load, yoke, and burden on one particular Ministry Gift / Office, causing major personal breakdowns in marriages and families with many Pastors leaving their God-given call to Christian ministry and spiritual leadership in the Body of Christ. (Matthew 11:28-30)
Obeying the leadership of the Holy Spirit and the authority of the Word of God in Ephesians 4:11-13, Catch The Fire Ministries will be ordaining Christian Ministers of the Gospel to function under the anointing of the Holy Spirit in their respective 5-Fold Ministry Offices of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher.  This New Testament Church Government model will inevitably reduce the overwhelming and unhealthy local church ministry load of the Office of Pastor, by appropriately distributing the spiritual leadership throughout the 5-Fold Ministry Gifts /Offices, thus restoring God’s biblical divine order and spiritual government to the Body of Christ.The Lord has been clearly speaking to me, our CTFM ministry team, and many others in the wider Body of Christ in Australia and around the world, that now is God’s kairos time for a Radical Revolution of the Father’s Love which will rise up a Holy Spirit Reformation of the Church of Jesus Christ to supernaturally transform men, women, and children all throughout Australia, every nation, tongue, tribe, people and land!  God cannot pour out the New Wine of His Holy Spirit into the old wine skins! (Matthew 9:17) The DNA of a biological father is naturally passed onto to his children, just as the spiritual DNA of Christian leadership in a denomination, movement, or ministry is passed onto the associated Ministers, Pastors, etc.
We at CTFM are calling for, ‘A New Move of God’s Holy Spirit to rise up His people to save and transform our beautiful land of Australia!’ Catch The Fire is calling on all of those who are willing to rise up for Jesus in God’s holy love, bold enough to stand for Biblical correctness, not bowing down to political correctness! (Matthew 6:33)
We are currently working on the necessary logistics and proper process for someone applying for Ministry Credentials with Catch The Fire Ministries. Soon we will give you all the details. Once you apply the CTFM leadership board will review your application, then conduct an interview with you in person or by telephone and follow up your personal referrals, after which we will make the decision whether or not to grant a Ministry Credential.  If you have been serving the Lord, or know you are called to serve the Lord, even if you have never had a Ministry Credential before, CTFM will consider your application as our heart is to release an army of labourers into the Lord’s harvest field. One main criteria will be practical experience on the field. We are very interested to hear from those of you whom the Spirit of God is clearly calling to be an Ordained Minister of the Gospel with CTFM.  You can rest assured that you will be fully supported and encouraged to stand strong for Biblical values, Godly character, and being led by the Holy Spirit at all times for the advance of the Kingdom of God.
The view that CTFM has always held on alcohol and cigarettes is well documented and known within the Body of Christ. Needless to say this view will play a role in our decision to credential any applicant. We see this as an uncompromising stand for righteousness. Throughout history, spiritual revival occurred with the faithful preaching of righteousness, sin, and judgment. Elijah, faced with 450 prophets of Baal, challenged the people in black and white terms: ‘How long will you waver between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow him: but if Baal is God, follow him’ (1 Kings 18:21).
It’s very interesting to note that throughout the history of the church, spiritual revivals, reformations, and new outpourings of God’s Holy Spirit were led by those whom the Lord raised up as  forerunners such as Martin Luther, John Wesley, Charles Finney, William Booth, Smith Wigglesworth, AA Allen, and many other pioneers who were considered to be radical and controversial in their generation. They paid a heavy price and some were even excommunicated from their denomination.

However, this persecution from within the Body of Christ set the stage for a new movement of God’s Holy Spirit to breakout throughout the various denominations, spiritual communities, wide society and across the nations of the world. Are you willing to pay the price to see a new move of God?
I’m sure you will agree with me, along with many others in the Body of Christ whom the Lord has been using and is raising up at the present moment, that our nation of Australia and the nations of the world desperately need a new move of God’s Holy Spirit! We at CTFM are totally committed to supporting, encouraging, empowering and releasing Christian men and women of God into their God-given calling and ministry assignment in the Kingdom of God in order to see the Bride of Christ prepared for the Bridegroom King’s soon return! (Ephesians 5:25-27, Matthew 28:18-20, Matthew 24:14, Revelation 11:15)

We at CTFM look forward to working closely with all our brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ, to the Glory of the Father and our Lord Jesus and in the power of the Mighty Holy Spirit. It is not our desire to start another denomination, but be a ministry to the body of Christ.
May God bless you mightily in leading you in His perfect will to join hearts and hands with us  in this Holy Revolution of God’s Love for a Kingdom Reformation that will transform Australia and the Nations for Jesus!
Awaiting your response with much interest.
Your brother in Christ,
Rev. Dr. Daniel Nalliah
President of CTFM

29 Responses to “Catch The Fire Ministries can Ordain Ministers of the Gospel / Pr Daniel”

  1. 1 Lindsay and wife

    Good morning CTFM team,

    This is truly wonderful news, AMEN. This as been a long time coming, for the groaning has been deep and extended for this hot and dry land of Australia.

    Praise the Lord for He is good, faithful, merciful and righteous judge.

    Go in his grace and power,
    Lindsay and wife

  2. 2 Drew

    Yippee!!!! All Glory, Praise & Honour to our Lord, the Most High!


  3. 3 Tony

    Praise God for a fantastic opportunity He has given us at CTFM to train up His people to be His priests, and to spread the Gospel and take the kingdom of God to others throughout Australia and across the world. Already feel like I am a part of this exciting new initiative as God uses me to preach and teach His word across Kenya and now in Bugembe in Uganda.

    Have had so many offers to stay and become part of various church pastoral teams, as well as becoming the Chancellor of a college in Kitale, Kenya, it may be hard to come back to Australia. However, I remain the Lord’s humble servant, and will only go and stay wherever He wants me to.

    May our Lord continue to bless CTFM as it works out His will to create an Apostolic Training Centre in Hallam.

    Every blessing,


    C/o Children’s Restoration Care Centre Ministries (UG)


  4. 4 Andrew

    This is fantastic news and very encouraging to see our leaders seeing the importance of the ever changing Spirit of our God, praise the Lord


  5. 5 Jim and wife

    Dear Ps. Daniel,

    Praise God!!

    What an answer to prayer!!

    Perhaps the following discourse will reveal how much your letter stirred our hearts as we have had the urge to step out and do instead of sitting passively to be entertained. Only last voill that you have voiced in your letter.

    Let us introduce ourselves and the ministry God created around us. It would be great to say we had the vision but all we had were hearts available to do anything and go anywhere.

    In 1991 we gave our lives to Christ at a CLC church. We did not own a bible and were immersed in the New Age movement. However God impacted us to go to Bible College and we completed our Diploma in Ministry.

    From day one we started ministries alongside Sunday services. In those days Hills leaders allowed anyone to do anything and we started a soup kitchen for the lonely, assisted in Regeneration and then moved to the Central Coast where we initiated a ministry for drug addicts, gamblers and alcoholics; a Feeding the Poor program where 26 families were fed weekly; a New Christians program; a tea/coffee ministry for the church- while these were new initiatives Jim also headed up the finance board and trained leaders in the Children’s ministry.

    At an AOG Pastors Conference in Brisbane under Rodney Howard Brown we seperately got the call to go to Vietnam which we did in 1998 to 1999.

    In the middle of a worship song I heard the word ‘Vietnam’ and said that’s ridiculous – if that’s you Lord speak to Jim!

    All through bible college Asia was the last place and I would pray ‘send them’ just don’t send me!

    Jim approached with his coffee and said God just spoke to me ‘we are going to Vietnam’. The call was real!

    (I had lived in India as a New Ager studying under Swami Partasarathy the Vedantas and Upanishads)

    Jim was active in the Everyman’s army ministry around Australia so the call to Asia was random.

    We got our TESOL qualification and our love affair for all things Asian started. We pastored a registered AOG church – Friendship House – which started as a house church over the last 12 years.

    Not by design it just grew around us – Taiwanese, Chinese, Korean etc., The aog heard about us and asked us to go into a hall. We had a meeting and were approved for credentials.

    However after a couple of years Jim ended up in hospital for 6 weeks with depression

    By then we had 2 churches and it was in this time I first saw Ps. Danny at a church at Albany Hills at a Pastors meeting. I was intrigued with his call to ministry and wanted to talk to you but did not!

    We had many salvations, baptisms and good things happening but we believe what we were doing was so new and not always in a church hall that the aog got puzzled. We asked for help many times and even the Buddhists and Christians in our fellowship would say ‘ Pastors. You talk about a mother church but we see you are getting tired but we never see the mother church!’

    The Director for church planting came and preached a few Sundays as did Ps. Mark. The other problem was geographical as we had to travel to Albany Hills for prayer meetings but could not get help over our way. Our childrns church was growing, half the congregation were communists or Buddhists and we just needed some Aussie influence.

    So we moved from house to hall – 45 attended our first hall meeting, all Asian, then we started a night meeting in McGregor where Africans, a Japanese etc joined us.

    Our first church birthday saw 75 attend with Billie as guest speaker.

    While we had a approval for credentials at an interview meeting, and an invitation to lecture at the local district bible college Jim became sick and we never heard further even though we had paid our fees.

    One Pastor we knew from Hills said we should shut down all spiritual oversight. This was a blow, but basically Ilona was told if she was a good wife she would take Jim away and relinquish all ministry.

    Ps. Jim closed down Bible studies, we had all sorts of different things going.

    It was a painful, confusing, disturbing time!

    Were we called?? Back then we felt very alone. What happened? Dozens of salvations, now we had to let it all go???!

    We trusted God – laid down the ministry and tried very hard to sit in the pew!

    WE asked if we could at least teach English and were told no. We must point out that Neil never wanted us to close down friendship House as it was a another aog church but there was much pressure about from other areas. In hindsight what God was doing was so new and some pastors just did not get it.

    Ps. Billie loved the work, as did Ps. Bob a lecturer at the Baptist Bible college, and Stuart a house church advocate.

    After 2 years laying low, God started to bring people out of the woodwork and back to our door the ministry he had would not die.

    The last three years have been non stop bible teaching, outings, discipleship, etc.,

    In an attempt to connect with local ministers I attended a local aog church and heard about Ps. Danny’s ministry. I bought the books and tapes and took them into Jim in hospital. After hearing the testimony I felt an urge to go to Melbourne with Jim and talk to Ps. Danny face to face but it did not make sense as he was still in hospital.

    In hospital Jim got a stirring for his call again having laid it down.

    Our walls of photoes are testimony to our love of the people in our ministry – all second language speakers. They continue to be part of our lives as God brings us new people to our regular nights.

    Right this week end we questioned our call. Were we called / how could something so wonderful seem so obscure, with or without credentials we have pressed on.

    Then came your letter and we felt maybe just maybe someone will understand what God has been doing.

    Ps. Frank Houston was our wonderful lecturer as was Ps. Ivan. There are ministers who have loved our ministry and it is possible to get references should you need them.

    Either way it is wonderful to share our hearts, and God’s call for us to work with God’s immigrants in this land of Australia as Ilona came from Germany in 1950.

    Thank you for your invitation to respond to your news.

    Jim and wife

  6. 6 Ben

    Dear Danny, board of CTFM, Jason and all the wonderful team at CTFM.

    Thank you for all the great work you have been doing.

    Especially thanks for the efforts to be able to ordain those who are called according to Gods purposes. Kenneth Copeland also gave a word of knowledge concerning the disproportionate balance of the five fold ministry.

    For many years now, I have kept in my heart, after recieving what I would call a supernatural Word of knowledge from a sister (of all places in a pizza restaurent). A supernatural Word to raise the standard of God’s Word throughout His Church. To preach the Word uncompromisingly without any sugar coating. I keep the letter she passed to me still this day.

    I would be very intersted in CTFM considering my application for ordination.

    As an aside where will you be ministering on Sunday in Bendigo as I would very much like to be there. Is it the Oasis of Love?

    Kind Regards


  7. 7 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Danny, I don’t know whether we congratulated you on your Doctorate or not. If not we do so now and also are thrilled to hear the news that you have been approved by the Australian Government to officially approve the Ordaining of Ministers of the Gospel for CTFM. My Wife Audrey has her ups and downs and is limited by what she can do. However, praise the Lord we believe He hasn’t brought her back from the brink of death for nothing. We are praying that the Lord will guide us as we face the future.

    There is nothing too hard for Him. Audrey is now 78 and I turn 80 in September. I love that verse in Corinthians which says in the Amplified Version that we have this treasure (the divine Light of the Gospel) in frail human vessels of earth that the grandeur and exceeding greatness of the power may be shown to be from God and not from ourselves. 2 Cor. 3:7. May God continue to bless you and all the CTFM team in all your ministry for Him.

    Audrey & Maurice.

  8. 8 John

    Dear Danny Nalliah,

    This is a most timely move by Catch the Fire to prepare a 5-Fold move into the churchs.

    Blessings in Jesus Mighty Name


  9. 9 Marion

    Congratulations and my blessings to you and CTFM on this news.

    May the Lord who is Great and Mighty equip you in the days ahead to walk in all He gives you to do.

    Blessed be His Holy Name



  10. 10 Glenn & Renee


    Hi mate I am almost fully credentialed with Full Gospel Australia as a pastor but believe that my gifting is more Apostle how do i stand with going through CTFM.

    God bless

    Glenn & Renee

  11. 11 Joe

    Thank you very much Pastor Danny,

    My name is Joe. I run a House of Prayer in Seven Hills. I network here with Pastor Bill and attend the catch the fire here in Blacktown. I also run a church from the prayer house facility on Sundays and we were at the combine church meeting when you came and preach in Pastor Bill church where you came and launch the dropping of flyers into letterboxes.

    I have been trying to get credentials for Christian ministry, called a lot of people and a lot of government departments but nothing is fruitful. I really appreciate if I could be part having credential for Christian ministry through CTFM.

    Thank you very much for your endurance and patience in paving the way and breaking through walls for ministries and churches.

    Always in our prayers.

    Together for the harvest.


  12. 12 Joyce

    This has to be the most awaited email or words ever spoken in church history almost, my name is Joyce.

    Pastor Daniel I first connected with your group at the Australia Day Prayer Meeting at the Springvale Town Hall, and left my email address with you, and have been receiving emails from you, also I have been responding to some of them and asking for help in prayers, these emails have been a lifeline to me, as i live in a small town, called Robinvale, there are many churches here as such, have been affiliated with some of them over the years, when I was here, many have come and gone as quick as they come.

    In 1998 My husband and I were asked to go to the Philippines for 2 weeks with 8 other christians from different churches around Australia, while there The Lord Jesus asked me if I would stay and be His Desciple, I said yes Lord what do you want me to do, He clearly said do what I did, and go amongst the people, I told my husband what the Lord had said to me and he said that The Lord had told him before leaving Australia I might not be coming home, so with a suitcase only and no money I stayed, knowing only less then a handful of people, who really didn’t want to know me as such, for they had seen the Power of the Holy Spirit, already in my Life, when I preached at a meeting for the first time. Anyway to cut a long story short I stayed there as a missionary for aroung 3 1/2 years, and also spent 4 months in Israel, 1 week after september 11 2001, when the suicide bombers started operating in Israel.

    Since coming back from the Mission fields, no church wanted to know us, for me anyway it would seem that i never belonged in a church as such although I certainly wanted to belong, something was always wrong, for me I have allways beleived that the Holy Spirit needs to come and take control of us in all that we do and say and give Him time to minister to us and for us to reply as a Body of Christ, just like your saying now the ministries have not been functioning, how can God bless the churches not following His Commands, we are all living our lives individually instead of helping each other even to living together, and uplifting one another, our finances also shared just as the first church in acts did,

    Anyways there is so much to be told, my husband has been prophesied at least 3 times by different prophets over the years, in one Prophecy it ended, only are you willing, when you are, it has been almost 26 years as a christian and still he hasn’t said he is willing.

    I can’t answer for him, and I know God is calling me again, and I am willing to do whatever the Lord wants me to do, I know I am an Evangelist, Intercessor, and have been used also in the Philippines as an Apostle for the churches started there are still functioning, which are in need of great amount of help, and rest for my partner and interpretor Susan, who still is feeding the poor and has adopted children in great need of labourers to get a rest. Susan was the Pastor, I am an Evangelist, together we both left our homes, and went to preach the Good news to the Poor to heal the broken hearted and to see the captives set free, and those in prison also, saw many people come to Salvation, experienced many Miracles and Healings also some unusual Deliverances.

    I am willing to do anything and feel if there are people who want to be Missionaries, can take them to the Philippines, there is so much work that had to be done, we need to have some young people to go to the mountains, were access is not easly attainable, were we have to walk long ways, ride motor bikes and rickety buses, that are not fit to ride on.

    Pastor Daniel I will or teach those that want to go I am willing I know very the costs involved there is in giving up your life for His Kingdom and I know what it has already cost me, this time around even moreso but I am still willing, I am 64 years old and my body needs healing to be be able to walk those mountains once again, but there is a lot inside me that needs to come out and be told.
    I am willing to leave my home to meet with you anytime, my husband will give me permission to leave, but hopefully he will come to that place with the Lord that He wants of Him, for me there is no more time to waste. I am willing Lord.


  13. 13 Sharon

    Congratulations Ps. Daniel and CTFM board – great achievement and national/legal recognition!.

    Well done, good and faithful servants of the Most High God.

    Blessings to you all.


  14. 14 Maree







  15. 15 Shiela

    I am a missionary and have been to many opportunites and preached the Gospel the last one in Burma. I also feel called to Australia to Preach and teach in five fold ministry. I operate i n the prophetic and am ordained in the apostolic. I feel God calling me to preach and it is getting stronger and stronger. Please pray that these oportunities will come to pass. I dont seem to be able to preach in Australia for whatever reason. perhaps because I am a woman on my own or I am different and passionate for my God. May God bless you greatly mighty warrior for God. In his name amen Started preaching and takimg seminars just over ten years ago


  16. 16 Joanne

    Every time get the messages fm yr just like having an icy pole in a hot summer day. Tks Jesus! We die to know what God is leading us! Tks so much for sending us all these precious new!

    Love in Christ,

  17. 17 Robyn

    Congratulations and Blessings.


  18. 18 Ps Sarah

    Dear Rev Danny,

    Wow, that’s awesome! I would be very interested to see the application process. Praise God for your hard work!

    Ps Sarah

  19. 19 Ben

    Dear brothers & sisters in Christ.

    I want to encourage your enthusiasm in wanting to do the Lord’s work, but please be very, very careful in thinking that one needs some credentials, given by men, to fulfill the Lord’s work. A piece of paper stating that one is an ‘Apostle’, or a ‘Prophet’, or whatever it may be, does not mean for one second that someone is such in the Lord’s eyes. One has to be set apart by God and called by Him for each position within the Body of Christ. Also, we shouldn’t be too quick to utter that one is an apostle or whatever. Look at what happened to the prophets & apostles. Are you willing to be humiliated? Are you willing to be called a ‘nutcase’ by those outside & sadly inside the church? Do you live your life in such a way that you can honestly say before God that you have completely ‘died’ to yourself and this world? When you speak, do you say only that which the Father tells you to say? In the worlds eyes, who or what do people see? Do they see Jesus, or do they see someone who may know the Bible, and be able to speak a doctrinally correct message, but doesn’t live a life of truth? Remember that even the Accuser/Deceiver knows what the Bible says. We must live it, and not just speak it!!! We should realize the high calling and price that one pays for being given such authority that comes with such ministries. Please be assured that I am in no way attacking CTFM, I am just sensing a real danger when we seek to get certain ‘titles’, thinking that by having them we will be more enabled or effective in our ministry. I applaud CTFM for seeking to re-establish within the church the 5-fold ministries. This is how God established His church, and God will do what it takes to see it re-instated within His true church. But please remember dear brethren, that one’s life, and NOT the letters one has before or after one’s name, this wil be the demonstration to the church and the world what their true calling and place within the church is. I offer you that a true apostle or prophet will be the last person themselves to pronounce to everyone or personally tell you that they are. Such humility & servanthood is required to truly be one. The person who is called ‘Apostle ………..’ and is seeking to gain recognition or notoriety before others, he/she is not the one who the Lord looks at with favour, but rather the simple, humble person on the street, sharing & living the life of Jesus, who when asked would tell you that their nobody and not special at all, he is the one who holds the highest position with the Kingdom of God. What counts in God’s eyes is someone who is totally yielded to Him, and submits every single aspect of their lives to Him. He is not looking for someone with a special title, He is looking for someone who says, “Here am I, send me.” He uses the simple & foolish things of this world to shame the wise. Please seek the Lord’s heart as to where He wants to use you, and in what position, instead of dictating to the Lord where you want to be placed within the body. May ALL the praise, glory, and honour go to our Lord & Saviour, because He is the “King of Kings, and Lord of Lords!” Praise God! May God be exalted in everything we do & say.

  20. 20 Pastor Giligan

    Hello Most Reverend Doctor Daniel!

    I am the MOST EXCITED about this! All my life I have been PRAYING that there will be a NEW WINESKIN. I am ACC-AOG but like you I want to be KOG! Can I change my ACC to your credential? It is a HARD WINESKIN now and will break. I have ALOT of pastor friends wanting the NEW WINE SKIN as well. We are always wanting to LEAVE EGYPT and all the COMPROMISE. This is the NEWS we have been waiting for. Please I want a NEWSLETTER for all the elders.

    Your servant,Pastor Gil.

  21. 21 Barbara

    Dear Reverend Danny,

    This is an answer to prayer. I desire to apply for this application. Please, email the form that I may surrender my details.

    Your sister in Christ,

  22. 22 Colleen

    To you Pastor Danny Praise God for heart for the Lord and the committment to His word l thank God for your courage and boldness in the Holy Spirit for all that CTFM has acomplished through your obediance to God’s leading.

    This is wonderful news and is much needed to get the body of Christ up and moving. Many believers are just stunted in their walk because of church politics and are held back by mans rules. l hope many of us who have a call of God to go out into the harvest field will have the support by the true church and we all can bring in the harvest.

    Your sister in Christ

  23. 23 Elizabeth

    That is so exciting! Praise God! It’s so wonderful to see that the 5 fold ministry will finally be restored to the church as it should be! – As God intended for it to be in the bible. I was always so aware of the unequal pressure being put on the Office of Pastor and none of the others being recognised.

    Hallelujah is all I can say!

    God bless all!

    Kind Regards


  24. 24 Ps Paul

    Dear Danny,

    I have just read with great interest and excitement your newsletter regarding CTFM being approved to ordain Ministers of the Gospel.

    I have been ordained by the AOG for more than 20 years, and retired from pastoring an AOG church in 2005. When I left that position I had a strong sense of “Un-finished Business” yet was unable to put my finger on the cause. God soon began to speak to me re-revival, that is my unfinished business and that is all that I have been able to eat, sleep, dream and think about ever since.

    I am deeply grateful to the AOG for supporting me, and giving me the opportunity to fulfill my calling for all of those years. Now however, that movement, which seems to be becoming more and more heavily structured by the day, and myself, are growing apart in philosophy and purpose. There seems little room in their planning for an outpouring of God’s Spirit and a revival centered entirely in God. I am convinced that this decaying society in which we live doesn’t need more structure; it needs the redeeming, transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

    My calling today is to minister to Churches of any denomination, and to help them position themselves for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and the transforming power of God, especially smaller country and remote churches. To that end I have recently ministered in Four Square, Uniting and Salvation army Churches, along with some AOG as well.

    I suppose that I am jumping the gun a bit, but I ask you to consider me for ordination with CTFM. I am married and Margaret my wife of 47 years is completely supportive of this application. You will need to consider that I am 71 years of age, but healthy and energetic.

    Yours for the Kingdom,

    Ps. Paul

  25. 25 Bernie

    Congratulations Ps Danny,

    What an awesome achievement for CTFM in Australia. You are an example of God’s blessing for all you have done for and through Him.

    Praying for you

    Perth PCCC

  26. 26 Pastor Mel

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    Pls. let us know the requirements, kindly send us forms to fill up.

    God Bless,

    Pastor Mel

  27. 27 Edna

    Dear Rev. Dr. Daniel Nalliah, I am very interested in received details of an application to become part of the ordination of the ministers of the Gospel. and hopefully receive Ministry Credentials with you. I am at present pastoring a church in Connolly in Perth, Western Australia, and have been involved in Christian ministry for 20 years, but have not until now, been officially ordained into the ministry. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours in Christ, Edna

  28. 28 Mr Damien

    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Damien and I am writing because I believe your ministry may be of some assistance.

    In a few weeks time, I am due to give a teaching at my Church of Christ caregroup, and I have decided I want to teach on Christianity within the current political environment, particularly within the state of Victoria.

    Now, what leads me to CTFM is that Ps Daniel Naillah, the public figurehead of CTFM, has generated a fair share of publicity regarding his very outspoken take on Christianity, and given thus, I was hoping for either inspiration or resources that would aid myself in preparation of church teaching on such a topic.

    Any assistance you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mr. Damien

  29. 29 Robert

    Dear Danny, The blessing of credentials would be most welcome. I have ministered without these for over 20 years. I would like to apply for the same. I have ministered in S.A. Having been sent here by the Lord in 1986 to live by faith and preach the gospel. I tend to be prophetic in function and a teacher by profession (NZ credentials – not Australian). I have run a series of house churches in the Mid-north of S.A. remnants of the charismatic renewal, which have subsequently closed due to folk moving away and retiring and dying. We are now (My wife and I) awaiting the Lord’s direction. Robert

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