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40 Days for Lifeby Aimee Herd/David Bereit : Feb 24, 2010 : 40 Days for Life

“Jesus is really, really using us to save lives!”

The 40 Days for Life spring prayer vigils began last week and fantastic testimonies are already pouring in—there have been at least 55 babies’ lives saved so far.

Below is a report from a vigil in Florida. To find out more about 40 Days for Life, and to find a prayer vigil in your area, CLICK HERE, or follow the source link provided.

Report: Early Sunday morning, local coordinator Ernie Cyr sent out an urgent message to 40 Days for Life volunteers in Pensacola, Florida. He had just found out that abortions were taking place at the city’s only abortion facility. Yes, on the Lord’s day.

Ernie’s request for prayer volunteers at the 40 Days for Life vigil was quickly answered.

It would soon become apparent that their prayers were being answered as well.

A woman drove up and told the vigil participants, “I called my sister and convinced her not to have an abortion!”

It wasn’t easy—her sister was already inside the building. The woman got on the phone and tried to speak to her sister, but the abortion facility staff refused to let her take the call.

Finally, the woman told the center’s staff it was an emergency and she MUST speak to her sister URGENTLY. The staff reluctantly permitted them to talk. The woman explained to her sister that there were far better options than ending the life of her unborn child.

She listened…and called off the abortion.

The woman then went into the building, came out with her sister and returned to the pro-life volunteers.

“When the young mother came out she looked dazed and confused,” said Ernie, “like the weight of the world was upon her shoulders.”

She was still very much in shock after almost aborting her child. “It was so terrible in there,” she said. “The noise in that place was awful.”

A counselor from a pro-life pregnancy center was able to tell her about the free resources and free medical services that would be available throughout her pregnancy, as well as community services that can assist her until her child is ready to start school.

Ernie asked if she was able to get her money back.

“She said she paid $525 for the abortion but they would only give her back $300 or so, so I told her that the pro-life community in Pensacola is absolutely behind her.” He’s already started a collection.

“I told her all will be well because she just made a life-giving decision,” he said. “God has put the pro-life community in Pensacola behind this woman. And we will not fail her!”

Fantastic report! But guess what? There’s more!

“There were six—yes, six—other mothers that chose life for their babies,” Ernie said. “Praise God! Women were absolutely fleeing the abortion facility today!”

Ernie called it a “slam dunk miracle.”

“So come on out and pray in front of the abortion facility every chance you get,” he said. “Jesus is really, really using us to save lives!”

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