Teresa Neumann (February 8, 2010)  – Source: Tristan Taylor – Baptist Press

Evidently it is rare these days in Haiti to find anyone who doesn’t want to hear about Jesus or be prayed for.
(Port-au-Prince, Haiti)—Baptist Press has published the remarkable story of the saved son of a Voodoo priest, 26-year-old Jean Junior Cineas, who has dedicated his life to bringing his fellow Haitians to Christ. (Photo: Baptist Press)

“It gives me joy to [share Christ],” said Cineas. “I love to do that. It is my life.”

As noted in the report, Cineas says voodoo’s influence has diminished and many Haitians are now calling on God. In fact, it’s reportedly rare for him to meet someone who does not what to be prayed for or hear about Jesus.

“There are a lot of people who came to Jesus from voodoo,” he said. “I heard that during the earthquake, my father called on Jesus. He said ‘Oh Jesus. I know what You can do.’ But I wasn’t there. I do not know if it’s true.”

According to the report, Cineas first heard about the Lord from Baptist missionaries Mark and Peggy Rutledge, whom he leaned on to escape the voodoo life his family embraced. “I owe them [the Rutledges] everything in my life. Without knowing me, they took me into their home,” he said. “I love them so much.”

“There are many people who have not heard about Jesus,” he added. “Many people are lost. This makes me sad. I want to do what Jesus said. I want to evangelize. He gave us the Great Commission.”

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