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We’re forwarding the following article from Creation Ministries International for your ongoing prayers for an authentic revival outpouring of the Holy Spirit conviction of sin, righteousness, and judgment, in the body of Christ in Australia and across the nations of the world, resulting in a unprecedented harvest of salvations, deliverances, healings, miracle, signs, and wonders in the Kingdom of God!

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

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Revival? What is missing? by Don Batten

Many Christians today are praying for revival, and that is good. But something else is needed.

Throughout history, revival occurred with the faithful preaching of righteousness, sin, and judgment. Elijah, faced with 450 prophets of Baal, challenged the people in black and white terms: ‘How long will you waver between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow him: but if Baal is God, follow him’ (1 Kings 18:21).

The prophets to Israel and Judah detailed the people’s sins and called on them to repent.

John the Baptist called sin what it was—sin—and lost his head for it. He called the Pharisees and Sadducees a ‘generation of vipers’ (Matthew 3:7). It was hardly ‘seeker-sensitive’ preaching. Note that John was not an arrogant man; he was not worthy to untie the sandals of Jesus, he said (Luke 3:16), but he preached with authority.

When Paul came before governor Felix, who had the power over Paul’s immediate fate, Paul spoke boldly about ‘righteousness … and judgment to come,’ and Felix ‘trembled’ (Acts 24).

Central to all biblical preaching is sin and judgment. Why? Because the sinner needs to know he is in trouble before he is likely to have any interest in being saved. Jonathan Edwards’ famous sermon was titled, ‘Sinners in the hands of an angry God.’ Wesley, Whitefield, Finney and Moody all emphasized that their listeners had broken God’s Law, were guilty before the Righteous Judge of heaven and earth, and deserving of His wrath. These great revivalists knew that the Good News of God’s forgiveness in Jesus Christ would not make much sense unless people understood the ‘Bad News,’ the full impact of their lost condition in Adam, and would cry out to God for mercy.

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10 Responses to “Revival, what is missing? Answer: Holy Spirit conviction of sin, righteousness, and judgment”

  1. 1 Ron and Barbara


    We recently heard about a prayer meeting for revival, held in England. For three hours people prayed for God to do something and then suddenly a young teenage boy stood up and gave a prophecy – a shy, quite retiring boy who doesn’t raise his voice, not the type who would get up and correct his elders. In a penetrating voice he said, “THUS SAITH THE LORD, I WILL NOT REVIVE WHAT I NEVER BUILT!” and he sat back down again. It transformed the entire prayer meeting. It came with such authority in the Spirit and they realised they were really asking God to revive what THEY had built and God was telling them, ‘I will not revive what I never built!’.

    We cannot help but believe that while the church is deliberately disobeying the commandments of the Lord and compromised in so many areas, why should God answer prayers to revive it? We, the church, are compromised on the Word of God in so many ways already that it is almost impudent to ask the Lord to revive it. We believe God is waiting for us to do things – that may or may not lead to revival, the two could be related but if they are then we believe reformation is the priority.

    Reformation can come in either of two ways – from the top or from the bottom. We feel it is very likely, this time, that reformation will come from the bottom – from the many ‘grassroots’ believers who sit in the pews on Sundays yet have a desire and a heart to see the truth of the Word of God (as taught by Jesus, the Apostles and early Church Fathers of the first few centuries) restored in the church’s teachings. The Biblical roles of men and women in the church, Divorce/Remarriage, New Testament Baptism Teaching are just three which we believe will see reform up ahead. And there are many more clear teachings by Jesus and the Apostles which today are compromised, so let us ask the Lord to reveal to us the deeper truths of His Word and to show us the means whereby we can research these issues for a greater understanding and last, but not least, how we can help in this vital task of bringing reform within His church.

    This coupled with the faithful preaching of righteousness, sin and judgment as in this article about Revival, we believe is needed today.

    Shalom Aleichem from Ron and Barbara.

  2. 2 Prophetic Message

    Prophetic Message

    Haggii 2:7 The Coming of the King

    In mid November 2009, I was in prayer in the early morning, as I was lead to wait upon the Lord, the Lord showed me a vision of the heavens, fire was coming out of darkness in the heavens, as the fire boiled and rolled I looked at it and discerned that it was not demonic in any way. The fire went towards earth and consumed the whole earth.

    As i pondered upon the meaning, the holy spirit came upon me as a great trevail, I wept in a great cry.

    The interpretation is that millions of souls will go into eternity from the judgements that are within the fire.

    The conviction at the time was it was imminent. We have has Haiti, and now Chile.

  3. 3 Julie

    Dear Jason,

    I’ve never to seldom sent an email to you people but I know you have intercessors everywhere on look out and wondered if you all were aware of this Flood threat to Alice Springs imminent this weekend. If so you’d be praying already. if not maybe you have teams that could take on Alice Springs please?

    Already one man swept off a cause way this morning’s report and died. They have had 50mls overnight and 200 mls more predicted over sat/Sun

    Thanks for that.

    I live near tahlee and although not as yet able to get to prayer meetings there I do hope to in future times when possible.

    We heard Danny in Sydney in November and my husband has read his biography. Gripping.

    Sincerely Julie (nee Gibbes)

  4. 4 Catherine

    Halleujah!! I have just finished reading a book titled “Hell”s Best Kept Secret,” by Ray Comfort. It is about conviction before repentance. The question, How do people know they need to repent if they do not know they have broken God’s Law? I have seen people fall away from their decision for no apparent reason, disillusioned and angry and nowhere to go because they do not believe what they have been told and they have had seen no changes in their lives. They feel their trust has been violated and they have not been told the truth.

    If they realized they were sinning first before making their commitment, I am sure it would have been different for them.


  5. 5 Julie



  6. 6 Marion

    It is the Feast of Purim this week. Let us go before our King of Kings and plead for the saving grace of God to be outpoured by the Holy Spirit, to convict of sin, righteousness, and judgment. Amen brother. We so looooooooooong for our Father to inherate His Saints



  7. 7 John

    The interesting fact is that revival often comes when we least expect it and we have to first sink to the very lowest ebb and seem to be beyond redemption before we will listen to the wake up call. We have to be like that valley of the dry bones to get revived. So somehow we move from being dependent on God for all our effectual righteousness, to that of declaring our own righteousness and have not noticed that we have changed.

    So whether we are praying for revival or believing that God is going to send revival, then we must be realizing that somehow we are dead in trespasses and sins and need to be revived.

    Now because there is an essential difference of thought with the USA where a revival is a Gospel Crusade, to say with us that revival is new life coming to the church, when it should be both, then we diagnose the spiritual problem differently, and pray or believe for different things.

    Noting that the sovereign will of God may well bring us to revival even when we do not deserve it. We already have the preachers who preach the right things as the great revivalists did, but we become dead of hearing and taken up with this world.

    So I pray revive us again Lord in the midst of the years, and start with me.


  8. 8 Alan


    I will certainly pray for conviction of sin, followed by repentance. I am encouraged to see this call to Biblical preaching of the Gospel, which is very much against the flow of most ‘preaching’ these days.

    I will also pray for you folk to be strengthened by the Lord to withstand the attacks you will undoubtedly get from the majority of Christians in this land.

    I fear the seeker-sensitives, the emergents, the word of faiths, the Purpose Drivens, the ecumenicals, and many others will call you the worst possible things, for daring to talk in such “un-loving” terms as to mention sin, righteousness, God’s wrath, and salvation.

    These are negative concepts and ‘our God’ is a God of love!

    I pray that God will give you the strength and wisdom to be able to hold fast to the faith once delivered to the saints, in the face of the hatred you will encounter from those claiming to be followers of the same Lord and Saviour.

    God Bless you for your faithfulness.


  9. 9 Ewan

    One major point of this article (of which readers will need to follow the link to see the full version) is that the church needs to stop compromising with the false beliefs of evolution and an alleged “millions of years” of earth history. Unfortunately both beliefs are widely held within the church today with some whole denominations held captive by them. The Anglican Church for instance teaches the heresy of theistic evolution and its corollary of “millions of years” for the age of the earth. These compromise beliefs do violence to both Scripture and theology and lead to a general undermining of the authority of Scripture which then allows for further liberal interpretations of Scripture. Ultimately it can and has lead to apostasy.

    So if we are genuinely seeking God for Revival we should also be concerned that the authority of His Word is restored and the church returns to an orthodox view regarding Genesis and Creation.

  10. 10 andrea

    I think that “that the goodness of God’ leads to repentance as the word says.Its not in our own ablitity”for all our righteousness is as filthy rags”. Having said that there are still those in the body who ignore blatant sin. Vile. “let not the light in you become darkness”.The prophetic dream mentioned above on1/3/10 could be indictive of the volcanic activity/ash that is spread around the world(includingOz I might ad). He said there will signs in the heavens. Keep praying/watching. Andrea.

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