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The Council on American-Islamic Relations warns that making an issue of Islamic terror incites “hate crimes” against innocent Muslims, but federal data disprove that. And commendably, the Obama administration is ignoring the Islamist pressure group’s latest bluff.

The White House has added top CAIR donor Saudi Arabia to a list of 14 mostly Muslim nations whose travelers will undergo extra airport-security screening in the wake of the Christmas Day airliner attack by a Muslim passenger. CAIR slammed the new policy as “across-the-board profiling” and griped “Muslims will pay the price for this one.”

That’s standard post-Islamic-terror bluster by CAIR, which remains under a cloud of terror suspicion itself following its 2007 federal designation as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror finance case in U.S. history. The group is quick to argue that increased security only serves to demonize innocent Muslims and put a bull’s-eye on their backs.

But it’s a red herring, and one that can have the dangerous effect — designed or not — of taking authorities off the scent of radical Muslims.

After a Muslim Army officer last November opened fire at Fort Hood, while shouting “Allahu Akbar,” CAIR warned that coverage of the terrorist’s faith would trigger a violent “backlash” against Muslims. Many in the PC-drunk media dutifully refused to make the linkage, and the Pentagon still is refusing to do so.

But after the Washington Post published all 50 slides of accused terrorist Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan’s hateful PowerPoint screed against non-Muslims, CAIR could no longer hold back the obvious.

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