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Isaiah 62:10 … Go thru, go thru the gates, Prepare the way for the people, build up, build up the highway, take out the stones

Blessings and love from a cooler and wetter Israel. 

Proverbs 13:34  -  Righteousness exalts a nation  -  My friend sent me this report about our PM,  Benjamin Netanyahu, and I was quite stirred to learn that out of his mouth he is declaring the prophetic word of the Lord before the nations.

Our PM Benjamin Netanyahu last week traveled to Poland to commemorate the 65th anniversary of liberation of Auschwitz. Speaking on the actual site of the Nazi death camp, the Prime Minister warned the world of new genocidal threats against the Jewish people and the importance of acting early enough to prevent such threats from coming to pass. In a stunning and remarkable moment, Netanyahu also declared to the people of Europe and the world that the prophecies of Ezekiel 37 have been fulfilled. The Holocaust, he said, represented the “dry bones” and “graves” of the Jewish people, and out of that horror the State of Israel was resurrected, just as the Lord said would happen through the Hebrew Prophet Ezekiel. Rarely has any world leader given a major address on an international stage declaring End Times prophecies from the Bible have come true. But that is exactly what Netanyahu did  …………..

Along with  that -  Netanyahu’s, 15-year-old son  has won the Jerusalem Bible Quiz in the Jerusalem Public School District. He will represent the district in the national Bible Quiz, to be held later this year. Avner, the younger of the Netanyahus’ two sons, outscored 50 opponents in the final round, scoring 98 out of 100 points.   Prime Minister Netanyahu said in an interview nearly a year ago that he often read the Bible together with his son.  His daughter from his first marriage, just last year gave birth to her first son, (the Netanyahu’s first grandchild) and I noticed that his daughter was dressed  as an orthodox religious  Jewish woman.

Could the God of Israel be using Bibi’s children to be instrumental in him knowing and understanding the times/seasons and prophecies thru the writings of the Tenach (Old Testament) ?  It seems that something has been deposited inside  of our PM concerning the truths, promises and prophecies for the land of Israel and the Jewish people, and he is being bold enough to declare it.

If you do not already pray for our Prime Minister, can I ask you to begin to pray each day for him.

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3 Responses to “Intercessors for Restoration of Israel PRAYER BULLETIN – FEBRUARY, 2010”

  1. 1 Sarah

    The Hurva Synagogue was first destroyed by the Muslims shortly after it was originally built. A hundred years later it was rebuilt a second time. Then it was destroyed for the second time by the Jordanian army during Israel’s war of independence in 1948-49. It lay in ruins until 2001! That year the Israeli government and the Jewish people in Israel began rebuilding it again. Now here is the fascinating relation to end-time Bible prophecy…….

    The Hurva Synagogue has just been completed, and is scheduled to be dedicated and officially opened in a grand ceremony in Jerusalem on March 15, 2010. Significantly, the Jewish Rabbinate in Jerusalem has already announced that the plans for rebuilding the Jewish Temple will be presented to the nation of Israel and the Jewish people on March 16, 2010.


  2. 2 Sarah

    Quite significantly, the Jews back in November began building an altar according to the exact specifications set forth in the Scriptures. That altar is now complete! On January 12th, a committee of the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem, sent an invitation to Jews all over the world to come to Jerusalem on Passover this year to reinstitute the actual, literal sacrifice of the Paschal Lamb. They plan to buy enough lambs so that every Jew who attends will be able to partake of the meat of their Paschal lamb exactly as specified in Exodus 12. They are anticipating at least a million Jews coming to Jerusalem to observe the Passover this year, which will occur on March 29-30.

  3. 3 Marion

    Thank you Jason for your email regarding Julius and the ministry he is bringing to Melbourne and indeed Australia. I have travelled of and on with the Catch the Fire Ministry and am a good friend of Jill and Jenny. I am currently in Jerusalem for a three month stay to connect into the Houses of Prayer here. My first season of this was last year. As I reply to this I have just returned from Jericho, four of us having gone down to “prayer watch”, with the man who has lived there for 21/2years to establish a prayer house there. My reason for writing is to share with you that I believe God is moving across the nations and blessing them in raising up 24/7 “Prayer Houses”. I have been involved with the intercessory happening for Melbourne over ten years, and I know there is a lot of believers with a heart to pray. My prayer has changed in the last week. Please Father, grant a 24/7 prayer house to be established in Melbourne. In His granting it He will raise it up and call in the “Watchmen”. I feel there is a slight move from the faith in believing for this and desiring this, back to asking Him, Hashem, The Mighty One to GRANT it. So I felt to share that with you and may the Lord who made the Heavens and the Earth bless you from Zion


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