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Culture Clash - Mixed Blessings: Mt Ainslie Exorcism Faces Its Own DemonsDear family and friends in Christ,

The last few days have been just so exciting to see what the Lord Jesus Christ is doing in our nation of Australia, in this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit!

Please do take the time to read through this email as it will bless you heaps to believe and know that all things are possible with God!

On 17th October 2009 we at CTFM decided to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to pray on Mount Ainslie in Canberra, Australia and to pull down the strongholds of the enemy (devil) through spiritual warfare prayer. I’m sure most of you remember this as it was well covered by much of the media across the nation.  I was criticized by many within the church body for putting faith into action into what many thought was terribly politically incorrect. However, when the Lord tells us to do something, we should do it despite what others think or say! In other words, as followers of Christ, we must step out of the boat and begin to walk on the supernatural waters of the Spirit of God for Him to show Himself strong on our behalf and for a nation to bow down to worship Him as King of kings and LORD of lords!

I received many threatening messages before I led a Christian intercessory prayer team from around the nation to Mount Ainslie in Canberra, the capital city of Australia.  Particularly, one of the satanic leaders in Canberra said that the Satanists would attack us if we Christians came up on the mountain, but praise our Most High God that we did not back off but carried out our spiritual warfare assignment from the Lord of Hosts!

While praying on Mount Ainslie on 17th October 2009, on several occasions I came face to face with this same guy who had a group of rough looking followers that tried hard to stop us from praying. By God’s grace we did not give into the spirit of fear and intimidation, but stood our ground and confronted them with LOVE and with GUTS! On the ‘Taking the High Place for Jesus’ DVD you can see this rough looking guy with a tattoo on his arm that read, ‘god hates me’. He had long hair in a pony tail and something like a knuckleduster around his wrist. At the end of the spiritual warfare prayer operation on Mount Ainslie he wanted to challenge me face to face. When I asked him his name, he responded, “I am Lucifer” and then went on to mock Jesus and Christians on YouTube.

When I returned to Melbourne from Canberra, I received an email from him which stated, “we will definitely not let you come back to our territory again.” I wrote back to him that we loved him and that we are praying for him. Also whether I could meet him for a cupper as I was willing to fly him down to Melbourne.  However, I did not receive a reply from him for two months.
In December 2009 I received an email from him which stated, “in the spirit of the season I am wishing my enemies.” I responded that even though he thinks of me as his enemy, I consider him as my friend and that we love him and are praying for him. This led to a few more email exchanges between the two of us and then suddenly he sent me an email saying, “I am sorry for the way I treated you on Mount Ainslie. I hope you understand.” I responded by telling him that I was so happy to meet another friend and that I was not offended at all.

A few days later I received this email from him, “How could God love someone like me, and why would he bother?”

In response I sent him the following email, “Hope you had a great holiday season. In response to your question, I possibly had the same question, “How could God love me?”   In the bible it states in John 3:16, “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” Jesus did not die on the cross for the righteous, but He died on the cross for sinners just like us. There is no difference as to BIG or small sin. Sin is sin. Jesus died and rose again so that we could ask forgiveness from God for our sin, then repent, turn away from it, and come into the hands of a holy loving Saviour by inviting Him into our life. I was a real mess when my lead guitarist accepted Jesus into his life and started talking to me about Jesus. I gave this guy a very hard time but thank God he never gave up on me. Many months later I accepted Jesus. Today I can say from the bottom of my heart that my life which was a mess is now full of joy. I love Jesus, and because of His love, I genuinely love people beyond their failures or short comings.  You are very precious to Jesus. I personally believe that you are in the right place to receive God’s forgiveness and grace just as He did it for me.  Take care bro. I will be praying for you.”

Now for the most exciting news. I received the following email titled ‘A Major Decision’ from him on 5th February 2010. Following is the email.

“Dear Danny, After much consideration I have decided to rejoin the Christian faith. I want to thank you for emailing me, even though I was very rude to you when we met, but I think through the patience and advice of you and a few other lovely people around me, I have felt the love of God and I yearn to be closer to him. This doesn’t mean I’m quitting the band…in fact, I’ll be using the band as a tool to fire my passion for Jesus and expres elements of my past. I just want to thank you for everything, and if you ever come to Canberra we should definitely catch up. Yours now in Christ.”

All glory to God. What a wonderful testimony of God’s amazing love. Did you read the way he signed off on the above email? Yours now in Christ.

Some tell me not to use the media for God’s glory, but God has clearly shown me that he will use the media as an avenue to bring Australia back to Him. If not for the media, this young man would have not met me on Mount Ainslie. Today he is born-again Christian, beginning a new life with Jesus!

I am sure all of you who were a part of the spiritual warfare prayer assignment on 17th October and personally saw this guy on Mount Ainslie are rejoicing in the Lord!

We also have another very powerful testimony as a result of Mount Ainslie which I’m currently working on and will send to you soon!

Many blessings/ Pas Daniel

52 Responses to “Breaking News- Satanic cult leader from Mount Ainslie in Canberra, Australia accepts Jesus / by Pas Daniel”

  1. 1 David

    That is so awesome. God bless you Pastor Danny for your faithfulness to God’s call on your life!


  2. 2 Chrissy

    Awesome news!!! so good to hear a praise report and a testimony about what love can do to change a persons heart, this is certainly an encouragement to the body of believers out there to continue in LOVE because LOVE never fails!I think you could compare this story to one that you would read in the bible.but it’s you being a living letter to be read by all men, I love testimony’s of healings but when you read how your words of encouragement and genuine care for this man”s soul has given him a hope it’s awesome… thankyou for sharing this I will be sharing it continually to others..all Glory to God, …There is no fear in LOVE for perfect LOVE casts out all fear amen your friend Chrissy Queensland

  3. 3 Gaye

    Daniel, that has made me cry, this is just so wonderful.. God bless you and protect you. We have done beach work way back but I think that it was not as bad back then people were more supportive and I believe that you should use any media that you can, well why not the enemy does so how dare they tell us we can…

  4. 4 Jayne

    My Christian Friends at Catch the Fire,

    Hi team. Thanks again. I have just finished reading Pastor Danny’s encounter with the chap from the ACT who experienced a conversion to Christ…what a wonderful story! Please send it on to EVERYONE! This story needs to be read as widely as possible.
    Best Regards, From Mrs Jayne

  5. 5 Andrew

    Wow how inspiring our Lord has no boundaries and go Danny that’s great work and a big harvest


  6. 6 Richard

    This is wonderful news, Danny.

    God bless you for your determination to love a lost soul.


  7. 7 Malcolm

    Well done, Danny- this is great news!


  8. 8 Dorothy

    WOW!! How great the power of love. Shalom to all at CTFM.

    A Sister, Dorothy

  9. 9 Jo

    A wonderful story, PTL, Jo

  10. 10 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Danny, We rejoice with you as to what great things the Lord has done in bringing this young man to Himself. Praise the Lord Greater is He that is with us than He that is in the world. May the Lord continue to bless you and all the work of Catch the Fire Ministries. Audrey & Maurice

  11. 11 James

    Very encouraging story. Praise God.
    God Bless,

  12. 12 Boas in PNG

    Thank you Pastor Danny for the great news.

    My family and I are always praying for you, your family and your ministry since I received a photo of your family with baby Brianna which Brother Kris Schlyder sent to me a few years back. The calling of God is upon your life and nothing will ever stop you. Doing what the Spirit is saying or asking you to do is very exciting because God will lead the way.

    Blessing to you all at CTFM.

    Brother in Christ.
    Boas – PNG

  13. 13 Howard & Susanna

    Yes, I too have made a stand many times while working on the streets of Canberra and was ridiculed and mocked, but there is fruit when we do what the Lord says.

    This is just a wonderful testimony.

    Howard and Susanna
    Former Elijah’s Thunder Family, Canberra

  14. 14 Pastor Mel

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    I rejoice withYou!



    In His love,

    Pst. Mel

  15. 15 Donna

    Dear Danny

    This is Donna from albany, To encourage you, I thought you did the right thing by praying on the mountain in Canberra. If God tells you do something we should do it. I don’t know why some Christians think you shouldn’t.
    Anyway God bless

  16. 16 Pastor Peter in Sydney

    Dear Danny,

    That’s a really wonderful testimony. PTL for your patience and persistence and willingness to go however many rounds it takes with the unlovable people of this world. Thank you for your example.

    Peter Magee (pastor in Merrylands Sydney.)

  17. 17 Pastor Stephen in Bordertown

    Dear Danny and team, that is an awesome testimony, I’ll share that with our church.

    God bless you all, Ps Stephen, HCC Bordertown

  18. 18 Dorothy

    WE SHOUT TO THE LORD – PRAISE GOD!!!!!! – Dorothy – violinist for the Lord.

    Yes, our group have amazing testimonies too. God is moving all over Australia! Thanks for that wonderful, uplifting testimony. It would be a great testimony if the ex cult leader could get a tatooist to put a line through the word ‘hates’ and put ‘Loves’ above it, and does the same with the word god, putting God above it. Then everywhere he goes would be a great witness and an incredible conversation starter.

  19. 19 Pastor John

    Praise the Lord

    (Pastor) Jon

  20. 20 Sharon

    Hallelujah X 7 billion

    How great is this true story! Salvation rules over Satan. May the Lord continue to strengthen this man and keep him on the Biblical path. This is a response to the “politically incorrect” Christians, who were sadly against the prayer event in Canberra.
    Wake up dead church! The Spirit of God is upon us. Exciting times now and ahead.

    Thanks Danny for sharing this mighty news.



  21. 21 Judy

    Thats so exciting!!


  22. 22 Tanya

    Praise God, Praise God, Praise God!!!

    Bless you for your faith and obedience.

    I’m often in prayer for you and the team



  23. 23 Pastors David & Dawn

    Hallelujah. Glory to Jesus.

    God bless you

    David & Dawn
    Senior Ministers
    Living Hope Christian Fellowship, Blaxland, Australia

  24. 24 Chris & Lex

    Wow, Praise the Lord and God bless you!

    Chris & Lex

  25. 25 Mariek in Perth

    Praise God Pastor Daniel and the team. What a beautiful testimony.

    love from Mariek in Perth

  26. 26 Pastor Merrilyn in Tasmania

    Hi Pas Danniel,
    Wow, what a testimony. I am so glad you are not seeking to be politically correct!! That is really encouraging for us here because we have had increased satanic opposition lately and your example is a wonderful testimony to the power of reaching out in love.

    Pastor Merrilyn

  27. 27 Delia

    Wonderful and exciting news! All praise and glory to our God. Thank you, thank you Jesus!! Gods’ richest blessings to you and your family and your team! Love Delia xx

  28. 28 Cathy

    Praise God!!

    Pastor Danny I admire your stand. Regardless of the persecution you come under you still stand and I for one am grateful for that. I am often disheartened by the hearts of Christians and feel the grief of God. But I am always uplifted when I read your emails and encouraged by your faith (in action!!)

    Keep up the good work. There are people like me that you don’t know that support you all the way.

    Warm regards,


    PS Such awesome news!!!

  29. 29 Jill

    Dear Danny

    Halleluliah! To God be the glory for His great love. This has certainly lifted my day.


  30. 30 Carolyn

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    I was very happy to hear of this story. How great is our God!

    Keep going with your wonderful work you “good and faithful servant”.

    Many blessings to you,


  31. 31 Margaret

    Thanks Danny, for that email about that guy with tattoos at Mt Ainslie. that is just so great. I was up there too and stayed on at the YWAM accommodation. I’m so glad to hear about that result and the prayer and the correspondance you have had with him and the last email you received from him.

    Your sister in Christ

    Margaret from Kyabram (owner with Tom of the two black labradors)

  32. 32 Maureen and Yam in PNG

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    I am from Mt Hagen a small town in PNG.Last year while a sister in the Lord and I were praying for you and we were praying espescially for you and your family’s protection,a word came for you and I beleive this was from the Lord,and this dear sister speaks pidgin which is our common language.
    “Daniel you are today’s Daniel, when you are thrown into the lion’s den you will not be eaten, the fire will not burn you when you are thrown into the fiery furnace. You will stand before rulers and governers of the day so that God will be known. The Lord God is with you”.

    Praise the Lord!

    yours in Christ in Prayer,

    Maureen and Yam

  33. 33 Ps Bevan & Sandy

    What an awesome testimony Ps. Danny you are such a great witness to the goodness of God. We respect and honor you as a true man of God. When you were in Toowoomba at On the Edge Christian Centre we were touched by your humility but also by the Power of God that is working in your life. We have no doubt that this Nation will turn back to Jesus and you are a mighty instrument God has ordained to have a big part in doing that.

    God bless you abundantly

    Ps. Bevan & Sandy
    Senior Associates at On the Edge

  34. 34 Nathaniel

    May every knee bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father in Heaven!

    Australia for Jesus!

    Everyone everywhere for Jesus!

    Come Lord Jesus,


  35. 35 Anne

    Dear Danny,

    I am thrilled to see the New Testament church in action. I’ve sent it to all my friends.

    The Lord is with you,

  36. 36 Brendan

    Praise God!


  37. 37 Phil _ Sydney

    Top News Danny

    Even if only one soul comes to Jesus the praise meeting and effort on Mount Ainslie in Canberra was certainly worthwhile

    Phil – Sydney

  38. 38 know

    O how the Angels must be rejoicing over this man. Good on the CTF team for being faithful to God.

  39. 39 Ramona

    Oh Danny – that’s fantastic!!

    Praise God for this great outcome. I praise and thank God for the passion that you possess for the lost and the courage He gives you to accomplish His commands.

    Mighty blessings

  40. 40 Gwenda

    What great news, and how hurt people get when they stray away from God. From our prayer day at Ceres lookout on the same day as Mt Ainsley has come a meeting at Ceres once a month, speaking scriptures over Geelong and praising over Geelong. I am not taking this meeting but go when I can, very, very good so far. I don’t know whether I told you that the Wed night before the prayer against witchcraft at Ceres I had quite an attack – even with a wind that was trying to blow me away. It was quite an experience but the Blood of Jesus prevails. Obviously the witches knew we were going to meet. Keep going Danny, love and blessings, Gwenda

  41. 41 Fayre

    I ran into a cult where I lived and every part of my family and me were attacked on every level. Not one Christian would help us in any way. My young daughter was set upon by Gothics and when I complained she was blackbanned in schools and ended up going to 10 schools while sick; she is a very feminine girl, who was sick with quite a few deliberating things and so could not defend herself in any way.
    I received unspeakable treatment by the government ( instigated and overseen by the Education Department).

    You know not one person would help us and I was not the pastor of a church. Gossip was spread about me everywhere but you are right no matter how hard the task may seem you have to act when you are confronted with a demonic predicament. God has done so much to restore everything in our lives and the people that stood back and watched no matter what they do lacked love and so it all counts for nothing. We never did one thing to hurt anyone except the devil and his helpers but church going Christians actually did the most damage.

    Only those you love can ever hurt you.

    I could walk through hell now and know without a shadow of doubt that Jesus is everything He says He is and I know how loved I am by Him for standing on my own against all that was before me.

    I could go on but with everything that happened the only ones that have been the devils helpers because they now know the one they were obeying is weak against anyone ready to stand up for Goddddddddddd.

    Regards Fayre

  42. 42 Pamela

    My dear brother in Jesus,

    WOW what a beautiful testimony. A lesson for me to stick at what The Lord places in one’s heart.Tears in my eyes as I read the email you sent, more than the many you send on us in this country part of The Great Southlands of the Holy Spirit.

    This is my first letter to you, and pray The Lord allows me to send encouragement to you and your staff.

    God’s richest blessings.


  43. 43 Raeleen

    All I can say I wow wow wow God is truly using you to reach the lost God Bless and many blessings to you


  44. 44 Gayle & Mark

    Dear Pas Daniel

    We received your email re the above from Jim and Norelle and continue to stand amazed at the power of love when it is shown to the world. The angels are rejoicing over his salvation!!!

    My husband asked me to send an email to you and said should you ever come up to the Gold Coast to minister, kindly advise us as we would love to meet you.

    God bless and continue the Lord’s work for His Glory.

    Kind regards

    Gayle & Mark

  45. 45 bdo

    Praise God!!

    This reminds me of a christian that was seated next to a satanist on a plane.

    The satanist said to the christian that if Christians knew the power of the one they prayed to, then the satanists would all be running away and hiding, but the christians he had met knew not the power that was theirs. so the satanist bragged.

    Today we KNOW the power from the one that defeated the devil and death, and the only way to defeat them is to love them and show the Love of God to them.

    Love to all Christians everywhere and may The Lord our God Bless ALL people everywhere.

  46. 46 Tony

    Fabulous news, you will know them by their fruit, Praise the Lord Jesus,
    regards tony

  47. 47 Pst Mel




    Pst Mel

  48. 48 Stephen Samara

    Hey guys,

    I’m the ex-Satanist that has recently turned to Christ, and I have got to tell you all that I feel the strongest resurgence of love, security and motivation for greatness in my life, and now my mouth and hands seek to proclaim the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ all across the globe! To Hell with the Devil, I say! We are stronger than Satan because we are one with our creator, Yahweh!

    God bless everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing weekend!


  49. 49 Shuga in Cairns

    Hi Ps. Danny,

    Many thanks for the very inspirational email/testimony. The Great Revival in the South Pacific has started, esp. in Australia, as prophesied by previous evangelists.




  50. 50 Sureshni in Sri Lanka

    Dear Pas.Danny,

    I am from Sri Lanka.Someone here spoke to me of your site and I just dropped by. I was blessed.

    Your article on christians speaking up for the Truth and being in govt. made many things clear to me, bcs. here, with the current political situation, christians have been asked to pray – and wait for the Lord to intervene, like the scriptures say.

    I would like to know more on this subject and would be very grateful for your help.

    Please would you pray for True Prophets to raise there voice in SL and speak fearlessly in the Name of Jesus.

    Thank you so much.

    God bless you all


  51. 51 Aimee

    How wonderful:) Praise God!


  52. 52 Maryann

    Dear team,

    Will keep praying-can you pray for my mum-she has a tumour on her bladder wall and an affected right kidney-seeing the specialist next week-praying Jeremiah 29;11 for her,



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