Dear family and friends in Christ,
Political correctness is the work of the devil and will lead to the downfall of western nations unless we Christians stand up and be counted. Our brothers and sisters are being persecuted,terrorised, raped, tortured, murdered under the banner of Islam!
We need to ask the questions in the following email from Bill Warner of every Muslim we know and or meet. We need to stand firm on the Word of God and share the love of Jesus with them! Even their own book the Koran speaks a lot about Jesus, that He performed miracles, healed sick people and raised the dead back to life! However, the Koran never states that Mohammed did anything even similar to the miraculous works of Jesus!
Action is needed, particularly in effective fervent prayer.
Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden
Catch the Fire Ministries

Questions for Every Muslim

When you study the incident of Major Hasan at Fort Hood, you realize that there were some questions that needed to have been asked. But, no one knew what to ask, since the wrong questions might seem, well, politically incorrect. No one wants to be politically incorrect. We don’t want to offend.

If you look around you will find that no one is asking any Muslims hard questions. Never mind the Major Hasan types, no one asks questions to the Muslim at work. It turns out that there are many questions that each and every Muslim should be asked. These are simple ones that deal with the core of Islam. Every Muslim knows the answers.

“Do you believe that the Koran is perfect?” This is not offensive. Muslims must believe that the Koran is perfect, without error. They also believe that it is eternal and universal. Most of all, it came from the lips of Mohammed.

“Is Mohammed the ideal Muslim? Should Muslims pattern their life after Mohammed?” Again, don’t worry that Muslims will find this awkward. Mohammed is admired, looked up to, and idealized. He is the perfect father, husband, friend, warrior, wise elder and best companion that could be.

These questions establish the Islam of the believer. Every Muslim believes that the Koran is perfect, and Mohammed is the ideal human.

Islam is only partially based on the Koran. Far more of a Muslim’s life is governed by Mohammed than the Koran and Allah. Why is this so important? The practical way to understand Islam and what Muslims believe and think is to know about Mohammed. This is very good news. Anyone can understand Mohammed’s life.

However, once you get to know Mohammed, the perfect Muslim, Islam becomes problematic. From the first days of being a prophet Mohammed not only preached a better way of life, but he attacked all those who did not believe him. He created a new type of human being called the kafir, usually called unbeliever, but this is not an accurate translation. A kafir is the worst person in the world; an unbeliever is just someone who does not believe. A kafir can be mocked, deceived, tortured, enslaved, murdered, robbed, raped, and plotted against. Kafir is the worst word in the human language.

Now we are ready to ask a Muslim another question. “Am I a kafir?”

The only answer is yes, but that is not the answer you will get. If you are a Christian you will be told no, you are a person of the Book. That sounds nice, but if you don’t believe that both Jesus and Mohammed were the prophets of Allah and that the Gospels are false, then you are a Christian kafir. They also might say that you are a non-Muslim, but that is not what the Koran says. The Koran says that you are a kafir.

Now we come to more questions that should be asked, but most people do not have the knowledge to ask them, since the questions are based on knowing Mohammed’s life. As an example, Mohammed repeatedly advised Muslims to deceive kafirs if it would advance Islam. So: “Have you ever deceived a kafir?” is appropriate to ask.

Mohammed assassinated kafirs, tortured, enslaved, robbed and plotted against them. His entire life as a prophet was an attempt to make kafirs submit to Islam by any means possible. It is proper then to ask: “How do you feel about what he did?”

If you are a Christian, ask: “millions of Christians have been killed in jihad. Christians are persecuted daily in Islamic lands. Have you ever apologized for this?”

If you are a black American, ask: “Islam sold slaves on the West coast of Africa, the east coast of Africa and the Mediterranean. You enslaved over a million Europeans. Why do you never take any responsibility for slavery?”

If you are a Jew, ask: “How do you see the war against Israel as jihad?”

The other reason we do not ask questions is that we have become a nation of deceivers under political correctness. We don’t ask Muslims any question that would make them feel “uncomfortable”.

It is completely reasonable to ask anyone about their ideology. Christians, Jews, liberals, conservatives and every other ideology have to answer questions about what they believe. Why not Muslims?

That is the true question for kafirs: “Why are Muslims the only people in the world who don’t have to be asked difficult questions about what they believe?”

All Muslims must answer questions about Islam, questions about Mohammed and the Koran for the only way to know a Muslim is to know their Islam.

Bill Warner

10 Responses to “Questions for Every Muslim”

  1. 1 Hamuli

    Dear brother Pastor Danny,

    I thank you very much for this opportunity you wish to give every Christian body to share to the Muslims about our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ praise the Lord.

    I know that you have experiences with the Muslims but I would like to suggest this.

    If a Christian met a Muslim ask him what Muhamed did for him and a Christian be ready to tell him what Jesus did for him briefly.

    Thank you again for what you are doing for our Lord.

    Bless you.


  2. 2 Ken

    Thanks for this article. I heard an interview on the BBC world service today, with the Anglican Vicar of Baghdad. He said that, of his steadily growing congregation of about 2,000, about 90 each year are murdered, simply for exercising the most basic of human rights, the right to choose your own “religion”. So far this year, already 6 murders.

    He warns everyone he baptises that they are likely to be killed, but they still want to follow Jesus, even if it means death! Praise the Lord for such commitment!

    So all the things below are not about ancient times, they are still happening….



  3. 3 Jan


    Thank you so much for your reply.

    I would love to get your emails. Thanks for including me on your list.

    May God richly bless you and the team, and may many blessings flow in 2010 to your families and ministry.


  4. 4 Margaret

    Happy New Year Jason and Family,

    Hope you had a blessed New Year and Christmas. thanks for all your information, and your prayers.

    I will get my church and pastors to pray for that situation I believe there are good Muslims too, and they just need the truth, just as some

    Christians still need a revelation of the truth,


  5. 5 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Jason, Thanks for this email. It certainly is something to challenge us about. God bless. Audrey & Maurice

  6. 6 Carmen

    Political correctness is only for the west, it is not for minority groups or Muslims… and it is time that people woke up to this and complained… they can march down our streets with placards saying to kill the infidels and nothing is done etc… if we tried it watch out..


  7. 7 Gaye

    Jason, This is fantastic from Bill, he has very put it so well.. I have read parts of their books and will send you something which will blow the socks off you.. Every Muslim is to kill us when their numbers have grown and the time is right, they are NOT allowed to be friends unless it is to help us to become Muslims and they are encouraged to marry our girls, but their girls are not allowed to marry our men…

    Their religion is the opposite of Christianity.. it is evil, deceptive etc.. The Quran says that they are not allowed to lie, UNLESS it is to non Muslims, to further the cause of Allah, in times of war (and they are always at war with us, and during peace times that is just a time of waiting) to their wives etc.. they can even lie on the bible as long as they don’t mean it in their hearts. Mohammad was a very intelligent man, fully intent on taking the world, so he introduced a god for his own purposes as he knew that if the people were bond to a god and what the god said that they would be more likely to do as they were told.. Although the first quarter of the Quran is lovely, peaceful etc much like the bible, Mohammad had every intention to kill all who would not become Muslims, he chose a god who was one of the 360 gods of the time, which was the god of agriculture, WAR and the SWORD…
    His first wife was a catholic, so he knew much of what was in the bible and he lived amongst the Jews and Bedouin from which much of his verses came from these beliefs.. this is why he has a man coming in the end times to make all the world for Allah but it will be by force..

    I feel that the anti christ will be a Muslim, my logics says that different groups of people will not except a Japanese, or a a European, or an American, or any one else from any country, even if he did miracles as there have been men who have done this and they have not been excepted by outsiders, however the whole world has bent over backwards to plicate this religion, they have turned a blind eye to their non stop world wide violence and slaughter of non Muslims, there is no outrage against them anywhere, they can do what they like and all governments do nothing to stop it, in western countries they teach hate in their schools and mosques and nothing is done, no one is charged,… We have been made to be silenced against them and made to think that it is only a few terrorists who are doing this, but where is the out rage from Muslims why are Muslims so quite on these issues and even if they speak out we dont know if they are lying to appease us, the only way we know if they are for real when they speak out is if they do something about it but no Muslim is stopping their hundreds of clerics/imams from preaching hate etc so it must be something that they all agree with..

    Our governments should wake up to the fact that terrorists are only a few as it is part of their religion and these terrorists are counted as the very good blessed Muslims.. we have to stop calling them terrorists as they are not terrorists to Muslims and it actually weakens the effect it has on our people as our people then think that most Muslims are peaceful.. They are killers of non Muslims sanctioned by their religion their leaders, clerics and Imams..

    They are to multiply fast in the lands of the infidels and when their numbers are about 10 to 20% they are to start causing trouble and trying to bring in Sharia law and some stupid countries have even said that they would agree to this, well imagine two sets of laws in one country, and then why will not other races want their laws also.. Muslims know that where ever they have brought in sharia law that it has slowly become the main law of that country as that country has taken it on piece by piece…


  8. 8 Lilian

    Dear Jason,

    We need to give awareness about our monies in Australia, Islam trying to destroy our civilization and build theirs, forcing their faith on us.

    read the following

    World’s top tower boosts Dubai stocks
    AYESHA DAYA Published: 2010/01/04 06:33:04 AM

    CATCHING SHINE: Labourers work near the Burj Dubai, the world’s tallest tower, in Dubai yesterday. Picture: REUTERS
    DUBAI’s benchmark index rose to the highest in two weeks yesterday, leading gains among Gulf markets as investors speculated that the opening of the world’s tallest tower today would boost earnings at Emaar Properties.

    A shock announcement by Dubai on November 25 that it sought a repayment freeze on 26 bn worth of debt at Dubai World, which along with Emaar had spearheaded the emirate’s six-year property boom, has battered investor sentiment.

    Early last month Dubai Holding, one of the city-state’s biggest holding companies, called off a planned merger between its real estate units and Emaar Properties. Emaar is 31,2% owned by Dubai’s government.

    Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, who is also vice-president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, will inaugurate Burj Dubai. Emirates media suggested an estimated 2-billion people would watch the event live , which is hoped to boost Dubai’s battered aspirations as an Arab city with global brand and ambitions.

    Emaar yesterday climbed to its highest since November.

    Arabtec Holding and Drake & Scull International, contractors on the building, also advanced.

    Dubai’s DFM general index rose 2,2% to 1842,77, headed for the highest close since December 17 on its first trading day of the year . Abu Dhabi’s ADX general index rose 1% .

    “The opening of the Burj means that first quarter 2010 results will be very strong as Emaar accounts for revenue when they hand over (properties),” said Fadi al-Said, head of equities at ING Investment Management (Dubai). The opening of the tower was boosting sentiment among retail investors, Said said.

    Emaar added 4,7% to 4,04 dirhams, poised for the highest close since November 25. The company switched to “completed contract” accounting, which allows it to recognise profit when units are delivered, last year.
    Burj Dubai will welcome its first residents from next month.

    Last year, gains on Dubai’s benchmark index were limited by tightening credit conditions, falling house prices and concern that government-controlled holding companies would

  9. 9 Brian

    Dear Pray-ers and Lovers of Jesus, the God of Love.

    This afternoon I had an experience which I would not wish on anybody.

    There was a blog about Google deleting from its sites any references to Islam which gave an adverse view of it. There were quite a number of comments agreeing with the statement, and if you put anything adverse on Google it would give you some favorable sites, They all swore was so.

    So I thought… Hmmn brought up Google and typed in Islam Evil and up came sites with headings about Islam being evil. I clicked on one, it asked me whether I was over 18 (I didn’t take much notice of that, and up came a utube on two caught in adultery. The woman was being stoned, writhing on the ground, and the man… well I won’t describe what I saw next, it would upset too many people, but they did what they do to thieves with two strokes … This has made a tremendous impression on me..Is Islam Evil, ?? from what I saw yes, it is barbaric, primitive, sadistic. and Sharia is thought to be good for UK and Australia????

    I thought of Jesus and the Samaritan woman, or Mary Magdalene and all He said was… neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more…. This was LOVE and forgiveness, yet they declare Allah is most merciful and is a religion of peace…. don’t you believe it…They left the man without his hand to bleed to death, watching him. peace, love.. NO….. hypocrisy.

    May I ask you to pray most fervently that ALL Muslims can come to know the Love of God as shown to us in Jesus, for He alone is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

    Can I say, please don’t click onto any of the sites under Islam evil, especially those who would have a bad reaction to what they see.

    Please be in much prayer.



  10. 10 Stephen

    Great article!
    I have had great success with another question…
    Muslims believe the bible to be true, but believe Christ did not die on the cross. When aske why the bible says he did, they will respond that the writers have been decieved.

    So you ask if the words of Christ, (have a red print copy handy for this one) are all true.

    You will usually get a “yes”, at which tme you show them Rev 1:18 ” I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.”

    You may not get a convert on the spot, but it sets the wheels in motion.

    Blessings in Yahushua


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