Australia Day United Prayer LeafletDear friends and family in Christ,

On the 26th January 2010 we will once again join hands and hearts with Christian family from all denominations to unite in prayer for our nation this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit. This is possibly the only annual prayer event in Australia where the body of Christ comes together to cry in intercession to the Lord of the harvest for SOULS to be saved and for God’s protection over our nation, especially during the bushfire season.

Click the following link to download the Light FM Ad for Australia Day and play it in your church, ministry, business, prayer group, home, etc.

The Guest speaker Dr. Jackson from the USA is a mighty man of God who is the president of an International Bible College and oversees 348 churches across America. He is a man of prayer who has experienced many mighty miracles as he travels across the nations to minister the Word of God.

Many denominational leaders have already confirmed participation for Australia Day. Please let us know how many brochures you need for both events and we will be very happy to post them to you for free.
The venue is the Springvale Town Hall at 397-405 Springvale Road in Springvale. (5-10 minutes walk from Springvale train station)

We will keep you updated with further info over the next few months.
Look forward to seeing you there!

Rising Up Australia as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden

20 Responses to “National Australia Day United Prayer on January 26th 2010 in Melbourne”

  1. 1 Michael

    Its Amazing to see How the Power Of JESUS works.

    Thanks so much for your prayers for my sister who is suffering from cancer.

    I am based at THANE, which is close to Mumbai- India.

    Praise the Lord.

    Thanking you


  2. 2 sl

    Keep up the good work! Hallelujah! Australia please join in the prayer for January 26 2010, if you can’t make it to Melbourne…pray right where you are.

  3. 3 AMY GAYE

    Hello family in CHRIST keep up the good work Hallelujah in GOD will i am gonna be there with my husband and my son on 2010 day of prayer in JESUS Name Amen.Pastor Danny we love you GOD Bless you. Amy your sister from Spain

  4. 4 Renee

    Hello Pastor Daniel,

    While praying recently I’ve been prompted to pray for Revival here in Australia. I’ve also been praying for dreams and visions. I went camping with my girls on Melbourne Cup weekend and on the Saturday night, I was woken up in the middle of the night with a picture. I couldn’t get it out of my head. I was awake and all I could see was this picture before me. Once the picture left my sight, I had a picture of your face, as well as my husbands. I’ve only been to Catch the Fire once before, my husband brought me two weeks before. But I felt the need to share this with you. I was alive with excitement! I couldn’t wait to share with you and my husband what I had seen. I then prayed that if it was indeed from the Lord that it would be just as clear, every detail exactly the same as the night before in the morning. Needless to say when I woke up, the first thing that came to mind was the picture that The Lord had given me the night before, just as crystal clear… This is what it was… I wish I could draw!! I hope the written explanation does the vision justice.

    I saw before me a meadow with rolling hills and trees all around. It was peaceful. The very next moment a Flood came rushing through but it did not sweep over the entire meadow. It was like a river. A river that got fuller, and fuller. The grass and trees went from beautiful to magnificent. And on either side of this massive river were two directional signs in the shape of an arrow that both pointed toward the massive rushing river. Each sign had the word “NEXT” in it, and it lit up. It was grabbing my attention to the words.

    I was amazed as both my husband and I generally attend evening service at our home church yet tonight we both felt led to be at Catch the Fire. I couldn’t believe my ears when the guest speaker spoke out my vision from the text out of Ezekiel 48:1-12. She read the text, then was overcome by the Holy Spirit. In her anointing, she described my vision. My husband looked at me, I looked at him and we both looked for you. Confirmation that we were there tonight to hear this message and that my vision was indeed to be shared with you. I pray it encourages you and your family as you stand in the gap for Australia for Christ. You have stirred up my family and we are grateful that Catch the Fire is in our area. Our hearts are stirred to reach this nation for Christ, to see revival, and the sooner it happens the sooner Christ can come back for us…His Church! Amen!! I can’t wait to be at the feet of Jesus and worship Him face to face! Bless you Pastor Daniel!!

    In His Service,

  5. 5 Philip and Teena

    Thank you all at this ministry for declaring the word of the Lord and showing no compromise. My husband and I appreciate all you do and intend to become a financial support to you in whatever way we can in the near future. Ps Daniel ministered in our church recently “On The Edge Christian Centre” Toowoomba QLD and we were really impressed with what he had to say. I have been slow to write as I am new to computers and am slowly learning to navigate my way around as is my husband. Thank you again God bless you all always, Philip and Teena.

  6. 6 Terri

    Ii just watched the archive msg from alyn jones. wow, I really can relate to his style of teaching and how he presented going out to do Gods word. I have never asked this before but i feel so strongly to write in for a word of prophcey. i dont know anyone else to ask and its like theres a magnet. There are two very powerful things going on in my life. One of transformation and going deeper with God and one of a very serious situsation with my 12 year old neighbor and her mean alcoholic father. her mother just died 4 months ago. can you help me with a word of prophcey? I just feel so drawn to write to your ministry about this.

  7. 7 Jan

    Dear Pastor Danny and Jason,

    We had a very successful RUA prayer meeting in Parliament House on Saturday 21st.

    Although only 5 (of the original 11 who came on the 17th October) could come, we again felt the Presence of Jesus Christ the King most powerfully and many messages were received.

    As we prayed in tongues and sang at the beginning of our prayers, Lynde felt called to prostrate herself on the floor in obedience to the inner calling she was receiving and heard: “Welcome My precious ones. I bless you, I thank you, I go before you…(she also heard “I praise you,” at the beginning, but felt that couldn’t be correct)….Commit yourselves to My Holy Spirit.”

    Denis confirmed this, as at the same time he felt called to say: “Father, into Your Hands we commend our spirits.”

    Peta and I both felt that it was significant that 5 people had come, because 3 weeks previously we had met to pray and the number 5 had kept coming up – the 5-fold Ministry as in Ephesians 4:11, “And his gifts were that some should be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and teachers”, and we had also discussed the 5 smooth stones that David had selected from the brook to slay Goliath, and the 5 Wounds of Jesus.

    As we prayed about this on Saturday in Parliament House, Our Lord impressed upon Peta these words: “My children, just as David carefully selected the 5 stones for his sling, so I have carefully selected the five of you, for this time, for this moment, for this purpose,” and Peta was shown that we were all quite different, but that was important, like the stones, we had to be a certain roundness, weight, size, etc.

    This was a reassurance for May as to why she was there, as before this she said she had been wondering why she had felt called to come this Saturday as well as on the 17th October, as she has only recently moved to Darwin from the Phillipines and was so concerned about recent natural disasters in her own country which have severely effected her family, and we were concentrating on prayer for Australia. (After sharing more about the Copenhagen Meeting, she could see our prayers are also for the whole world).

    Lynde received a sense that we were being really protected from spiritual and physical attacks, now and in the future, and Peta at the same time received an image of Jesus holding us high and hiding us in the cleft of a rock, as God once instructed David to do, and he was protected as he watched the battlefield below. Peta read Psalm 27:5,6 :”For He will hide me in His shelter in the day of trouble; He will conceal me under the cover of His tent, He will set me high upon a rock. And now my head shall be lifted up above my enemies round about me; and I will offer in His tent sacrifices with shouts of joy; I will sing and make melody to the Lord”, and Psalm 18:31 :”And who is a rock, except our God?”, and then she added, “and we are His little stones!”

    Peta also felt that the ‘cleft’ of a rock is usually a wound caused by violence like an earthquake or something, and the Wounds of Jesus were like clefts in His Sacred Body caused by violence and He wants to hide us in these Wounds, just as David hid in the cleft of the rock.

    (Regarding the number 5, we also felt it was significant that Pastor Danny had sent us all 5 Scriptures to meditate upon while praying about the Copenhagen conference!)

    Throughout our prayer meeting on Saturday, we were aware of water cascading down from above through the large window in the “Ormiston room” on the 3rd floor. At first I thought it was heavy rain, but was informed that it was the cleaning, from the rooftop, of the white walls of our Parliament House, and Lynde felt that we should claim this cleansing and purifying of the outside of the building where our Governments meet, not just here in Darwin but around the whole world, and especially when they meet in Copenhagen.

    Denis read a Message he had received from The Father a few weeks ago, regarding the Copenhagen Meeting. He had just finished watching Lord Monckton’s speech and interview and was naturally feeling some concern. He completed his prayers and then asked Our Father if this was really going to happen, or could our prayers avert the signing of this Treaty. Our Father gave him these words: ” My son, be of good cheer for I have overcome the world. No, My son, the world is in such a state that this retribution must befall humanity. But I repeat, “Be of good cheer for I have overcome the world!” Your efforts to bring change will be rewarded and you will see pockets of ‘freedom’ among My people who are doing My Will and reaching out to others. The times will be difficult but not ‘impossible’ for My faithful ones. So now, go in My peace and love!” Denis said: “Thank You Lord!”

    Our prayers, praise and worship concluded at 4pm – exactly 3 hours, like last time, although we had not planned this. We were meant to finish at 3pm as some had commitments, but we all felt the prayer was more important, especially for this Copenhagen gathering of world leaders which we prayed very intensively about at the end. We all joined hands around a chair, which represented the seat of power over nations, and sang songs and prayed in tongues, holding each others hands high for a very long time. Our arms were growing very tired, but I received an image of Moses praying from the top of the mountain overlooking the battlefield, (Exodus 17:12), and saw us as being like Aaron and Hur, holding his arms up so that they would not fall in his prayers of intercession for the Israelites, as we were supporting each others arms as we held them up high in our prayers of intercession for our own Nation and the world.

    I only intended to sent a short email to ask if you would mind forwarding the information from to the other members of our newly formed Rise Up Australia team in Darwin, as I don’t get around to forwarding things on to them very often and also our computer has been breaking down a lot lately and they have all asked if they can receive you emails.

    Thankyou so much for all your encouragement and help in this very important united prayer-front in our Nation at this very crucial time. RISE UP AUSTRALIA!!!

    Bye for now and God Bless,


  8. 8 Patrick

    Dear catch the Fire Team,

    My name is Patrick and have been coming to your meeting from time to time. I was also with the team in Canbera on Mount Ainslie and has always enjoyed what the ministry is doing.

    Last Thursday while I was having a meal at McDonald in Endeavour Hills sitting next to a lady and her kids when she approached me and started a conversation. She then pulled a newspaper and showed me an article about teen abortion in Australia and she mourned about the fact that there were so many women involved into abourtion – about 30 000. She was very distressed by that fact and told me she wanted to do something about it and she wanted to speak in schools to educate the kids. her name is Leanne and lives in Endeavour Hills.

    Because of the change in her behaviour not only due to her concern about abortion but also about teenagers wasting their life in booz, drugs and sex and the attitude of their parents to allow it. Also she mentioned about she mind shift in regards to money where she realised it wasn’t all in life. Now because of these changes her relatives has turned against her and her own family thinks she has gone crazy. I don’t understand what’s so crazy about this. Her husband is thinking of having her locked up in a psychiatric hospital. She has asked me to support her mentally but I feel very limited in what I can do. I have mentioned in an e-mail to her about your meetings and ministry and told her she could go there and find support and love from the members there and she said she will contact you or go to your meetings. I hope she has!!

    I can see than she is genuine in what she is saying and it seems that God is touching her but she might not know it yet and would like the team to support and pray for that lady. I have attached the emails she sent me and hope that can be useful.
    God bless you all and God bless Australia

    In Christ


  9. 9 Pastor Elijah from Kenya

    Dear brethren,

    Praise the lord! Recieve this WAALST greetings in the might Name of Jesus christ. I am glad that you are encouraging me with wonderful and exciting messages. Thank you first for that. Kindly you sent me amessage concerning Scientology! It is acult it is hidden in spiritual but it is against God religion. Kindly we are praying that this religion burned off. Also we are letting Australia in Prayer and all world Nations.

    In love and blessings,

    pastor Elijah From Kenya.

  10. 10 Betty

    As a “Papuan Australian” I am humbled with awe to know that Ps (DR) Daniel Nalliah has been awarded with an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree. I hold this man with high regard because I had the privilege to witness how the LORD used him to minister in PNG.

    I led a small team of four (4) to Popondetta to prepare for the crusade and prayed the LORD to open the heavens for Ps Danny before he arrived with the hosting Pastor, his wife and others . We waited at the church grounds with the villagers and local Pastor who gave Ps Danny a traditional welcome.

    Ps Danny stood there and boldly with authority addressed and bound the strongman in heavenlies to give way for the LORD to move mightily and declared his LORDSHIP over Popondetta. I saw the hand of GOD and people set free that week as Ps Danny ministered. Local pastors with their “intercessors” were set free from bondage of the spirit of witchcraft and sorcery. The people of that township were amazed with the understanding the LORD gave them to see the difference between the spirit of GOD and the spirit of deception. The LORD taught me and caused me to do some unspeakable things that I had not experienced before. I just did them in obedience as the LORD gave instructions. The people came with such hunger and the LORD met their needs because Ps Danny moved in the power of the Holy Spirit in both Popondetta and Port Moresby. The effects of the “prophetic act” pulling down of alters is evident to this day. That experience I have never forgotten and I am blessed to hear of his achievement in the LORD.

    He has got guts, we need men like him to lead us. Many of us especially, we women struggle today because men do not stand up to the position GOD called them to minister. Ps Danny is a great example!!!.

    May the LORD continue to bless him with his family, his ministry, Australia and the world at large.

    Have a Prosperous New Year!


  11. 11 Sally

    Dear Pastor Danny Praise the LORD such joy to know that this honour bestowed on you I thank the LORD he sent you to australia greetings


  12. 12 Charles

    Dear brother Jason

    Greetings in mighty Jesus Christ, I have never seen a person like you who is richly in love,mercy,truth in Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I am happy to know that God uses according to the way he spoke to you similarly you spoke to our sister Jenny who is prepared to come to Kenya, Uganda and to me also. I am praying to God when my sister will come she will come to enrich us with the gospel which is the Catch the Fire Ministry. God has allowed me through the Holy Spirit to do His work as He has directed. God bless you.
    Yours in Christ


  13. 13 Pastor John

    Hello Ps. Jason. The Lord Bless you all at Catch the Fire. We will try to get to the Australia Day meeting. If not, I know the Lord answers our cry to Him. And we are and will be praying for Australia.

    The next Rise Up Australia prayer meeting in Moe is at Moehope Christian Church, 42 George St., Moe, at 7.30 pm on Friday 29th January.

    Pastor John

  14. 14 mobile phone

    wow, I had no idea that was today, but I do remember doing that when I was in school, and it really meant a lot to me.

  15. 15 Reg & Mary

    Dear Pastor Daniel Nalliah

    It is wondrrful to hear of your Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree for what you do from the heart for the Dear Lord.

    I Pray the 26th of January willbe a great Victory for you all in more ways than you all can think, I pray the Good Lord will open many doors and blessings too, And thank you for C.T.F.M news.

    May our Heavenly Father Bless you all,

    Reg & Mary

  16. 16 Annie

    Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

    Thank you for the opportunity to come together as a nation and pray on Australia Day!

    I have somethng I would like to ask you to consider, if that’s OK?

    A few weeks ago i read someting about how the enemy snuck into a church: Men of about the same age ‘all of a sudden’ begun to get diagnosed with cancer and died. This happened repeatedly. The Lord reminded one of the women praying about it, how in another town ‘all of a sudden’ teenagers began to die by suicidal or accidents. He showed her that a door had been opened & the enemy came in; that the door has to be closed again and that we do this by binding & loosing.

    The next day I was just talking to the Lord as I do n I was reminded of what’s happening in Victoria; First our city of Melbourne and then onto Ballarat; First to some Indian students then Indian taxi drivers…

    I sincerely believe we are to bind & loose this off our city, state, nation (and beyond) and I ask you to please consider this. I pray that you will seek the Father’s will about it & perhaps include it in our Australia Day prayers as I have a sense that it needs our urgent & uttmost attention. It’s got to stop & denied access (or “Access Denied” as I heard another pastor preach sometime last year).

    Thank you for taking the time to read this email & giving this your prayerful consideration.

    Love in Christ,


  17. 17 Doug and Lyn

    Dear Ps Daniel,

    I will not be attending on Australia Day , please accept my apologies.My best wishes to all at CTF and congratulations on your honorary Doctorate. May our God Bless you all and watch over the days activities.


    Doug and Lyn

  18. 18 Rex K.

    Dear friends and family in Christ,



    1. for wisdom to all voters to make the right decision, as well as the freedom to do so
    2. that the voting process and the process of counting will be free and fair
    3. that all candidates and their supporters will refrain from violence, mud-slinging and unethical behaviour, all of which have been happening in plenty.
    4. that God’s will may be done through this election


    yours in Him

    Rex K.

  19. 19 Pastors David & Dawn

    Pastor Danny,

    On behalf of all of us at Living Hope Christian Fellowship in Blaxland, and the Rise Up Prayer Meeting, we join together with you on Australia Day in praying for our Nation – Australia – Great South Land of the Holy Spirit.

    Tomorrow, we will be outreaching into our local community at Australia Day celebrations in Glenbrook.

    Klaus and Barbara Piotrowski are our representatives on Tuesday.

    May we also personally congratulate you as the Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree is conferred upon you.

    Our Christian love and greetings to you, Jason and all of the Catch The Fire Team.

    God bless you

    David & Dawn
    Senior Pastors
    Living Hope Christian Fellowship, Blaxland, Australia

  20. 20 Rosemary from PNG

    Hi friends and family in Christ.

    I am connected in the Spirit with the body of Christ at 10:30am on Tuesday 26th. Yes I agreed and unite in prayer to see the move of Holy Spirit over the Land of Australia. Holy Spirit we are open and ready to see you move across the nations.

    Shalom be with yous.

    Ramu Sugar

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