Churches combine for miracle healing revival in BrisbaneLady healed from deafness in both ears

Dear friends and family in Christ,

1) What a mighty God we serve, the reigning King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Name above all names, our Lord Jesus Christ!

It’s so good to get back into full action after the Christmas and New Year’s break. In this New Year 2010 we at CTFM are prayerfully trusting our faithful Father in heaven for an unprecedented outpouring of His Holy Spirit, an unprecedented harvest of souls, and an unprecedented advancement of the Kingdom of God in Australia and across the Nations of the World!

Well, all glory to God for the weekend gone by which was absolutely awesome in the presence of the Lord!

Pastor Daniel ministered at the Forest Lakes AOG in Brisbane, Australia. Many gathered expecting a miracle from God, with some travelling a long way to get there, and were mightily touched by the miracle working power of God! Some were weeping, others shouting for joy, while some could not simply stand under the Anointing of the Holy Spirit and just crashed to the ground. Pastor Daniel stated, “I had not even started laying hands on people. It was the Spirit of God at work amongst the people of God at the altar.”

At least 2 people were supernaturally delivered and set free, as the demonic spirits left their bodies screaming and shouting! People were so excited to see God move so powerfully in delivering and healing His people!

One lady who came up for prayer had to depend on hearing aids for more than 3 years. As Pastor Daniel laid hands on her ears and prayed, they instantly opened! Then she took off her hearing aids and the crowd who had united in prayer for her, shouted and praised God!

Just after the meeting around 20 members went out for lunch with Pastor Daniel. At the food court amidst all the noise, this lady carried on conversations with a few people for more than a hour. When she suddenly realised that she was not using the hearing aids, her husband told Pastor Daniel at lunch, “I am one of the most happiest men today, as my wife can hear once again.” Many from the church witnessed that she could have carried on a conversation without the hearing aid!

Another couple responded to a prophetic Word from God regarding their marriage. They had been married for 44 years and were on the verge of seperating, but God touched them both and healed their broken hearts. They hugged Pastor Daniel the next day and said, “God sent you right on time. We feel a real fire back in our marriage and relationship.”

A few others who had never prayed in tongues before got instantly baptised in the Holy Ghost and prayed in tongues for the very first time in their lives!

We give Jesus all the glory for the great things He has done and continues to do by His Spirit for the glory of His Father in heaven!

Pastor Daniel stated, “people are so open to hear the Word of God. I witnessed to a young lady seated next to me in the airplane. Just before we landed she let me pray for her and then she prayed to give her life to Jesus.”

All glory to God for the Rise Up Australia prayer meeting re-firing in Brisbane (Forest Lakes) on the last Sunday of every month. For more details contact Pastors Alan and Beverley Wilson at or 0429 065 260

2) We are now looking forward to the special Miracle Healing Revival meetings with Dr. Jackson and the ministry team from the USA on Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th January 2010. CTFM Apostolic Centre at 23 Melverton Drive in Hallam. Melway ref: 96 G 2  Click the following for brochure with additional details for printing and distributing through your church, ministry, etc.

3) The National Australia Day Prayer meeting in Melbourne is Tuesday 26th January 2010 from 10.30am to 1pm at the Springvale City Hall (Town Hall) Springvale Rd, Springvale.  Click for brochure with more details and to listen to the Light FM audio promotion.

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden

Catch the Fire Ministries

5 Responses to “Deaf ears open and demons flee as the supernatural power of God manifests in Brisbane, Australia”

  1. 1 Rosemary from PNG

    Hi Beloved one in Christ,

    All the Honour and Glory to our Big Big GOD for ever and ever Amen.

    What are mighty, miracle working God we serve. God is real, Holy Spirit is real.

    Can’ t stop praising him can’t put it in word of the great miracel done.

    I’m still connected in the Spirit with you Pastor Daniel and the team in prayer.

    God bless you all,



  2. 2 Michael

    Well done Danny!

    God is good…


  3. 3 Pastor David from Kenya

    Thank you for up dating us now I know that our prayers are at work glory be to God for healing the deaf and doing a mighty deliverance to that lady.

    We do thank God for what He is doing in my ministry for the power of healing and deliverance of His people in our services. Mostly the last two Sundays we have seen the glory of God.

    Praise be to God

    Last Sunday we had we didn’t have enough chairs for the people to sit because of the new wave of the Lord doing in our services please pray for God’s provison of more plastic chairs.

    thanks be to God

    blessing to all
    pr David

  4. 4 Lyn

    Thanks for your good work and dedication to our Nation and winning souls.


  5. 5 Ray & Angela and family

    Hi Danny & friends,

    Would love to see you guys in Mt Gambier one day!!!(or close by)

    Lots of love

    Ray & Angela and family

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