National Australia Day United Prayer in MelbourneDear family & friends in Christ in Australia and around thPastor Daniel Nalliah receives Honorary Doctorate of Divinity - Congradulations Dr Daniele World,

We thank our faithful Father in heaven for an amazing unity in the Body of Christ at the National Australia Day Prayer Gathering in Melbourne, buzzing with more than 3 hours of Holy Spirit empowered prayer, praise and worship to the reigning King of kings and Lord of lords, our Lord Jesus Christ!

Between 750-800 Christians from many churches, denominations, generations, and ethnicities (many travelling from interstate and some from overseas) packed the Springvale City Hall in Melbourne, Australia to pray for this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit! Many brought their Australian flags with them and waved them throughout the entire service declaring ‘Australia for Jesus’!

The CTF750-800 Christians unite at National Australia Day Prayer at Springvale City Hall in MelbourneM worship team led the interdenominational Christian prayer gathering in ushering in the manifest glory of God’s awesome and holy presence, as God’s people passionate for Australia’s transformation, joined hearts and hands in Kingdom unity to worship King Jesus!

The 20+ denominational representatives from the Salvation Army, CRC, Catholic Charismatic, Baptist, Anglican,Denominational and Christian Ministry Representatives with Dr Jackson (USA), Ps Wayne (USA) and Dr Daniel Nalliah AOG, Seventh Day Adventist, Uniting, Indigenous, and Christian ministry representatives from Culturewatch, Catch the Fire, Australian Marketplace Connections, Gospel Ministry, and Salt Shakers, led their prayer segment with the passion, fire, and love of Jesus for our nation of Australia, to absolutely storm heaven in prayer, standing on the sure promise of God’s Word from 2 Chronicles 7:13-14. We asked the Lord to protect Australia from natural disasters, especially during this bushfire season. There was also much intercessory and prophetic prayer for Rain, Farmers, Persecuted Church Worldwide, Government, Harvest of Lost Souls, Armed Forces, Pastors & Unity in the Body of Christ, Families, Children & Youth, Business & Marketplace, Indigenous People, and additional critical issues in the Kingdom of God.  The Samoan Choir stirred up the crowd with 2 special songs of exuberant praise and worship!

I thank the Lord for giving me (Pastor Jason) the exciting opportunity to pray for the Children and Youth of Australia to become the Holy Spirit Revival Fire of the Glorious Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the Nations of the World! At the altar, more than 150 young people (under 25 years old) received impartation prayer and commissioning to do and to become the supernatural miracles, signs, and wonders of God in their generation! (Acts 2:17-18, Isaiah 8:18)

We thank our loving Father God in heaven for the few beautiful atheists who gathered outside the National Australia Day Prayer Gathering to protest! Most of the Christian crowd ignored their opposition by simply worshipping the Lord although some had the opportunity to share the love and truth of Jesus with them!

Dr Jackson from the USA encouraged the Body of Christ in Australia to trust in the Lord as our Shepherd! (Psalm 23) Many were mightily touched by the prophetic Word from the Lord and the presence of God! Pastor Daniel also received his Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree from St Thomas Christian College in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.  Dr Jackson officially conferred this degree on him and then pronounced, “from today you shall now be called Dr Daniel Nalliah.” At this point the whole crowd erupted in a standing ovation of highly emotional shouts of joy and praise to God!

Then the lovely wife and beautiful children of Dr Daniel joined hands with him, along with his sister and her husband who had travelled all the way from Sri Lanka for this very special day, to thank their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for this wonderful honour.  With tears of joy, Dr Daniel shared, “I do not deserve this.  It is nothing but the grace of God. I thank you all for standing together with us as a family and ministry. I know for sure that we can reclaim Australia for Jesus. We cannot let another generation pass by. I believe that we in this generation will see the promises of God and His prophetic destiny for our nation of Australia fulfilled in this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit.”

The service finished with the singing of our national anthem as many were in tears, thanking the Lord for our great nation of Australia!

To order the DVD ($15 plus $5 postage) of the National Australia Day Prayer Gathering in Melbourne please email or call (03) 9794 8211.

Click the following link to read a local newspaper report on the National Australia Day United Prayer in Melbourne (Springvale). Although the newspaper claims that Pastor Daniel cures people, this is not true, as he said that he prays for people and the Lord heals them, as only Jesus is the Healer!


Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden
Catch the Fire Ministries

21 Responses to “750-800 Christians Unite to Pray for Australia at National Australia Day Prayer in Melbourne”

  1. 1 Jayne

    Well done everyone…what a truly wonderful event, will see you perhaps in 2011! God Bless You all this year and beyond…


  2. 2 David

    Great News,

    To God be the Glory.I believe that change has already come into your country.


  3. 3 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Jason, Thanks so much for this email. It was wonderful to hear how the Lord blessed that Australia Day Prayer Gathering. We would love to have been there. May God bless and continue to use all the work of Catch the Fire Ministry for His Glory.

    Audrey & Maurice

  4. 4 Sharon

    Beautiful email. Wonderful words. Great encouragement. Well done good and faithful servants – Dr Daniel & Pastor Jason.
    God is so good. Psalms says God is “more awesome”.



  5. 5 David

    Glory Hallelujah.


  6. 6 Dorothy

    I attended the prayer for Nation on Australia Day & witnessed the honorary doctorate invested on Ps Daniel Nalliah. The day was powerful in many sacrificing the time & day to gather in prayer. Thanks so much & may the Lord’s work continue to prosper in the Ministry’s hand.


  7. 7 Samson

    I was in darkness,the sinful nature had darkened my path it had blocked me from seeing the holy spirit. I visited the website on this peaceful midnite that God has granted me despite my sinful nature and I feel my heart and mind free of all the burdens I carried.

  8. 8 DK

    Excellent! Very encouraging to hear. Bring it on, Lord…and help us to be ready!!


  9. 9 DW

    As a Family we watched Kevin Rudd on the 7.30 Report.
    Kerry O’Brien asked him whether he would be happy as a
    Christian to have Australia become a non Christian country?
    His reply was, I have not got a problem with it.
    Well Kevin 07, we have a problem with your answer!
    It is now on record what Kevin 07 has planned for
    Australia, which we have always known about.

  10. 10 Vivian

    Dear Jason

    I am happy to received information what God has done in Springvale Town Hall, God bless you. Cheers Vivian

  11. 11 BDO

    LOL The Atheists are doing a wonderful job in getting the message across for CTF Ministeries.

    They are also doing a wonderful job for Our Lord in drawing attention to the great healings that is coming forth from God through His agents.

    Keep going CTF there are many more out there…How I would LOVE to see you in Mount Gambier which has a HUGE alcohol and drup dependency problem.

    God Bless ALL of you. I pray that God bless the Atheists as well :)

  12. 12 John

    Dr Daniel Naliah,

    It was great to be a part of the crowd praising God on the Australia Day at Springvale. It is great seeing an increase in passion for this nation. As this explodes, what an exciting time we have ahead.
    As praying for the bush fires has become one of your focuses this year you may be interested to hear about a fire at the Grampians on Friday January 22nd. It is believed to have been light by lightening on a powerfully windy evening at Roses Gap. Fanned by a strong wind it traveled easterly then toward the north heading toward the town of Dadswells Bridge.

    My son is a firefighter for the DSE and it is his job to fight these bush fires. He said this was a fast moving strong fire. They dropped six plane loads of fire retardant on it, only for the fire to jump straight over it. Only when it got into open country they then had a chance to control it.
    Thank God for his protection and honoring of prayer because;

    Three houses were in the burnt bush and survived, The fire burnt to within 50 metres of the motel in town before being stopped, and A fireball threatened and damaged a firetruck in which 3 people where able to drive 600m out of danger before it’s engine failed.

    I thank God for his faithfulness and answers to prayer. Even though we have had many bad weather days up here there has only been a few large fires.

    My God continue to lead, guide, bless and protect you.


  13. 13 Adrian

    Referring to the newspaper report in the Star; the comments of the atheists are wrong/ mistaken, it wasn’t religious gathering, it was Christian gathering. Religion is demonic cults. Christianity is not religion. Sometimes when I have to fill forms there is a section called “religion” and i have to explain why i can’t fill that in. there needs to be provision for christian (non-religion).

    Again this is a mistake, Christianity is not a not demonic cult called religion. God made us, people went into their own tribes and created religions depending on which popular demon they are worshipping.

    People are not entitled to their own beliefs, God commands people to believe in him only. Jesus said “If you don’t believe I am, you will perish”. When witnessing to Jehovah’s witness I learned that it’s important to prove Jesus is Jehovah God, and if they don’t believe He is, they will perish

    Catch the Fire Ministries doesn’t have religious views, they are not interested in satanic views. Catch the Fire Ministries are part of the body of Christ following God

    Satanic opinions don’t matter. His confusion doesn’t matter either.

    The wicked (atheist) are against the other wicked (religions).

    Thank you for your love, you know how much the sinners will suffer as they are burning. Your compassion can show the light of Jesus.

    Jesus makes homosexuals normal again.

    This is secular thinking “exorcism”. When they are saved and born again, their minds will be renewed.


  14. 14 Sandra

    Please play me on catch the fire distribution list-my husband & I were born again at billy graham’s crusade in 1959-we have been married 47 years & without Jesus Christ there would be no health or happiness


  15. 15 Carol

    Hello Jason

    Yes Tuesday’s meeting was an awe-inspiring event. It was SO uplifting.

    Also perhaps CtF could begin even now praying for a larger venue and a larger audience. The City Hall Melbourne, is noted by everyone and has a great impact on Australia Day.

    I would like a copy of the Aboriginal pastor’s confessions which could be applied by everyone.
    See you soon.


  16. 16 Leanne

    Thank you for all that you are doing in His name!! God bless you all!! Will Ps Danny be anywhere other than Kangaroo Island in Sth AUst? Leanne

  17. 17 Carol M.

    Thank you, You mighty man of God!

    I just love your fire!!!

    Carol M.

  18. 18 Tully

    Please place me on your mailing list. I am in asia on exchange for a year spreading the WORD of OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR and want to know how I can help.


  19. 19 Pastor Wayne from USA

    Dear Pastor Danny or should I say Dr. Daniel,

    I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for the opportunity to minister with you in Melbourne this past month. It was a privilege to be part of something great that is happening in Australia. I was truly blessed. I was truly honored. You are an anointed servant of God, a gracious host and a tremendous leader in the Body of Christ.

    I pray that the Lord will give you great clarity of direction as to planting a church as well as advancing Catch-the-Fire. I pray that the Lord will continue to increase His anointing upon you and those around you to advance His Kingdom work. May the grace and peace of God fill your home and family in fresh new ways.

    If I can ever be of service or if the ministry the Lord has called me to lead is needed in Australia please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Pastor Wayne
    Living NEW Ministries International

  20. 20 Joyce

    Thank you for your most informative emails, I had the pleasure of being at the Australia day prayer meeting for Australia, I live in a town of Robinvale 80 Kilometers from Mildura, there are 56 different natonalities, and not much in the way of prayer groups, please pray for this Town earnestly and seek the Lord with us for a much need Harvest, imagine 56 nationalities taking the Gospel back to their countries, I feel this is very strategic town for The Lord and we need to put it in the Lord Jesus Christ Domain, much prayer is needed from the Body of Christ, and I am calling out to my prayer warriors and intercessors from the Body of Christ to help me win this town for Our Lord Jesus Christ, prepare ye the way of the Lord. Hallelujah Praise the Lord for All that He is doing and going to do, as we join hands with Him and together in unison for our Town Robinvale and Australia, and the Nations of the World, Amen your Sister in Christ Joyce

  21. 21 Evangelist Shagufta Sumen Jabran

    God Bless You!

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