The Nalliah FamilyDear family & friends in Christ around the world,

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and blessed Christmas, in addition to a victorious New Year in 2010, overflowing with the supernatural power and glorious presence of the Holy Spirit!

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart  for believing in and supporting the vision of Catch The Fire Ministries to take Australia and the Nations for JESUS!  Thank you for your support, prayer, action and many forms of contact that have been such a blessing to me, my family and each team member.

I pray God’s richest blessings upon you and your family (including those who do not agree with CTFM) during this extraordinary season of remembering the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ!  If you or someone you know has been offended by my outspokenness for the righteousness of God, PLEASE FORGIVE ME. I just love Australia and want to see her come back to Jesus in real repentance, faith, and salvation. I mean no ill toward anyone at all, except the devil of course!  I just absolutely love to see souls won into the Kingdom of God.

I look forward to working in the Spirit of unity with all of the body of Christ in the New Year 2010 and beyond until His Kingdom come on earth as it is heaven! United we stand; divided we fall. Sometimes people tell me, “Pastor some people are angry with you. What do you have to say?” Well, I am not angry with anyone. I just love every one, those who do not agree with us, those who are angry with us, and everyone else.”

Let’s all reach out in love to those in need this Christmas season. Invite someone in need to your home. Invite your neighbours home for a meal and those who do not know Jesus that He is the reason for the season. Make peace with someone you have been angry with. Share the love of Jesus as we remember His birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!

May we all seize this Christmas season and make it our primary purpose to talk to someone about the wonderful joy, peace and love that Jesus Christ brought to all mankind 2000 years ago when he came from heaven to earth! This unchanging message still brings hope, excitement and blessed assurance of eternal salvation to millions of people around the world, as He died, rose again, ascended to the right hand of His Father in Heaven, and is coming back soon as King of kings and Lord of lords!

With love from,

Pastor Daniel & Family, and all at CTFM


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  1. 1 Anita

    Hi Everyone,

    This comes to wish you all a very Blessed Christmas. I sincerely hope that 2010 will be a good year all round, bringing much peace and happiness to all of you. God Bless you all.

    But what to those who find? Ah, this, Nor tongue nor pen can show, The Love of Jesus, what it is None but His loved ones know.

    If we focus only on Christmas, We might lose sight of Christ


  2. 2 Bev

    Dear Friends

    Here’s wishing you all a Happy Christmas and praying that we can all wade through the commercialism and hype of Christmas enough to discover Jesus in a new and beautiful way this year. I also pray you have a blessed and fun time with family and friends.

    Heaps of Blessings


  3. 3 Dot

    Ps Daniel, what a great message – ALL for Jesus. May you and your family be blessed too and may doors that have been shut to you in the past be blown wide open by the Holy Spirit. God bless you – Dot Holmes – the violinist who plays with Kathy Susnjar – Perth.


  4. 4 Malcolm

    Hi, Pastor Danny-

    just to wish you and yours a very happy and blessed Christmas; we certainly live n very interesting times, don’t we?

    God bless you!


  5. 5 Ian

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    I have been reminded by the Holy Spirit recently of the words of Hebrews 12:3 – “for consider Him who has endured such hostility by sinners against Himself, so that you may not grow weary and lose heart”.

    I have this marvelous book Booth’s Drum” on my bookshelf, which gives a history of the Sallies in Oz 1880-1980. 2 people died in our streets establishing the right to preach the Gospel then. The churches reacted very badly to them, saying they were too noisy and why couldn’t they do their business inside a building like them? They would go to the roughest places in town first. The opposition they faced was incredible. They called themselves Pentecostalism with Practicality.

    If you are rattling the kingdom of the devil, you MUST expect a backlash.
    God bless you and yours always Pastor Danny. You will do me for the REAL THING.


  6. 6 Babette

    And a Blessed and Holy Christmas to you, Danny, your family, Jason and all at CTFM. Thank you for all you have done for Australia.

    Babette Francis,
    Endeavour Forum Inc.

  7. 7 Meryl

    Dear Pastor Danny, family and team,

    I, for one, always rejoice when truth is spoken and God is honoured. God bless and encourage you now and always as you seek to serve our wonderful Lord and Saviour – ‘Praise be to God for His indescribable Gift.’

    In fellowship,


  8. 8 Lionel and Lyn

    Dear Pastor Danny and family and team,

    We appreciate you and your ministry.

    We wish you and your family all the best for this coming Christmas and may the Lord bless you and yours always and keep you in the Palm of His Hand and protect you and guide you.

    Thank you for your honesty and you have not offended our family.
    With love and best Christmas birthday party you have ever had


    Lionel and Lyn

  9. 9 Anne

    Dear Pastor Danny, Jason and families, Have a blessed Christmas. It is a privilege to get your letters. Blessings, Anne

  10. 10 Eva

    Dear Pastor Danny, Family, Jason and the team I wish you all a wonderful Christmas spent with your familys and the joy of fellowship that comes with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. May He shower His blessing upon you all and give you His Shalom peace – for He is our Prince of Peace.

    With Love and Blessings

  11. 11 Sharon

    Dear Ps. Danny,

    You are such a strong man of God. Thank you for all your hard and costly work for the Kingdom of God. Thank you that you persevere for the Gospel and that you stand tall for the Lord.

    Your note to us and apology was very gracious. I know in your heart, you probably never intended to offend or upset anyone – because it’s a spiritual battle. But even Jesus was not liked by many in his day, despite all the good and miraculous things he did, let alone his great sacrifice for us.

    Thank you for all the wonderful emails and news of the work of the Holy Spirit as you minister around this great south land of the Holy Spirit – Australia. May God grant you and your family, rest, peace and renewed strength and continued determination, in the Lord.

    Yours in Christ,


    PS. Thankyou also to the dedicated staff and volunteers at CTFM. May you be blessed and receive God’s best for your lives.

  12. 12 Lynne & Pete

    Peace, Joy & the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon you all as we honour our glorious Jesus in celebration of His coming to this earth to indwell us.

    Pastor Daniel & beautiful family!

    Thankyou for being our voice in this nation. Thankyou for proclaiming Jesus in ths land. Thankyou for serving our Lord Jesus so faithfully amongst us.

    May the Lord God favour you & your family in 2010, May He open doors of provision & blessing for you, & may He flood your soul with a refreshing rain that will strengthen you for another decade of blessing in this land.

    With our love & grateful thanks, our dear brother in the Lord

    Lynne & Pete

  13. 13 Leighton and Diana

    Dear Ps Daniel, your family and all at CTFM,

    Thank you all most sincerely for your Christmas wishes, and thank you too for standing up for the things of God. You have NOT offended us in any way because we know the love in your hearts is for the Lord and this nation. Rather, you have stood boldly against the evil one – even when other church leaders should have done likewise.

    For this we are most grateful, and the Lord’s name has been glorified because of it.

    The Lord’s blessings to you and all the CTFM team. May He strengthen you and fill you with His wisdom in the year ahead

    Christian love from
    Leighton and Diana.

  14. 14 Ian

    Dear Pr Danny & team

    Thank you for your heart for the Lord & passion to see Jesus lifted up over the nations
    releasing souls & extending the Kingdom

    Blessings in Jesus to you & your family & the CTF team

  15. 15 Pr David

    Hello pastor Daniel

    Blessings to you and your family plus the ministry it has bean a blessing since i came acros your websight and begin recieving the catchthefire emails or teachings we are blessed to have you in our ministry in uganda,

    if there those who are hangry with your teachings for us we are blessed may the lord blesse you please,

    Am enjoing the catchthefire family and i fill cnfatable with its teachings, we invait you pastor Daniel in uganda so that pastors and leaders hear may also be blessed with teachings of rightiasenes,

    Hapy christmas and blessed new year dear pastor Daniel
    stay blessed and in torch

    pr David

  16. 16 Dr Des - Clayton Presbyterian Church

    Dear Ps Danny and Family and all at CTFM

    Blessed Christmas and joyous New Year! Keep up the good work of promoting the Gospel of Jesus! Persecutions, sufferings, trials, hardships etc must come, but the Holy Spirit will enable you all to overcome in the joys of Christ!

    Yours in the loving bonds of Jesus
    Dr Des Gaffney
    Clayton Presbyterian Church

  17. 17 Barbara

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    Thank you for your email of Christmas blessings.

    Do not apologize for what God is doing through your ministry because every ministry is unique and is fulfilling God’s purposes It is time for the church to rise up into holiness and speak forth God’s righteousness in truth and love. We cannot at this time be soft in our approach to the unrighteousness that is prevalant not only in the church and what we see in our nation. God is preparing His Bride so we need Pastors and teachers who will not compromise on holiness.

    Thank you for paying the price and I pray that the ministry will continue in zeal as we come into the perfection of Christ Jesus.

    In Christ, Barbara Victory Life Centre and Bethany Church, Western Australia.

  18. 18 Gertraud

    Hi there, pastor Daniel and your lovely team. Thank you for your Christmas greetings.
    I quickly want to thank you for your ministry last night. Wow this lady you and your team ministered to had the peace of God on her by the end of the day. Thank you for being so open and yet relying on the Lord as you ministered.

    I just came back from visiting my daughter and son in law. Daryl has never seen anything like what he saw last night–and was not put off. He just could not understand that City Life would not stand 100% behind you. But hopefully by the grace of God this might change–through our prayers. The Lord has made it very clear to me that I had to leave City Life, even though I had to quickly jump in and help in a minor way these last six weeks. My daughter too looked very peaceful today–thank you so much for your ministry. I know of no other ministry here in Melbourne who still do what you do.
    God bless you Pastor Daniel and your lovely family. Jason too is a man of God and will grow under your guidance. Yes there is greatness in him and I love him too. You are a true Father as you nurture him.

    PS. On a very private note; I love the way you come in when your daughter sings “Amazing grace” and looses her confidence at that one certain spot. I adore the way you just turn your face to her and sing a little louder so she can catch it. That love that flows from you through to your family is amazing. I am always deeply touched by it and thank God that He allows me to see this.

    God bless you Pastor Daniel (always be Danny to me) you and your family and all the prayer-warriors that surround you.

    Merry Christmas to you all.


  19. 19 Robert and family

    Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus.

    May Jesus be born in our hearts this Christmas–

    God bless you a your team members.

    thank you all

    Robert Roselyn Richard and Rachel

    Ps: Keep us also in your Prayers

  20. 20 Dorothy

    … and may God’s rich blessings be upon you Pastor Danny all at CTFM this Christmas Season. I enjoy receiving your emails. They are uplifting, encouraging and I also appreciate the relevant news items from Saltshakers etc. Keep up the good work for the Kingdom in 2010. I think it’s wonderful that you have the courage and integrity to ‘rock so many boats.’

    In His Mighty and Wonderful Name

  21. 21 Carlo & Paula

    Thank you dear brother. The LORD bless you.


    His Carlo & Paula

  22. 22 Elwyn

    So, some people are angry with you, are they. Well I’m not!!
    Thank you for what you are doing here in Australia. I am with you as much as I am able. Keep doing what you have done until the Lord tells you to be different. You are a blessing, blessing, blessing!!!

    Yours OHMS,
    Proverbs 3:5-7

  23. 23 Steve - Satanist from Mt Ainslie in Canberra

    Ia, Danny!

    In true festive spirit I have decided to email my enemies and send them my best wishes for the end of the year. May you and your family enjoy these peaceful times and may joy abound in your home. The blessings of the Aesir upon you!

    Have a very merry Christmas/Yule, and a fantastic New Year.

    Steve – Satanist from Mt Ainslie in Canberra

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